Loud and Local - August 13th, 2017

Sunday, August 13th

Welcome back to the land of Loud and Local . On this week's episode I played songs by Headphase, The Exquisites, Po' Brothers, Van Eps, He Whose ox is Gored, Snail, Year of the Cobra, Devils Hunt me Down, Mark Lanegan and a ton more !


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The now O'Dell. Yeah. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I would just noticed green northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. You adds another episode of loud and local Q and the weekend unfortunately. Yes that's right the weekend is coming to a close but we celebrate. We savor with few hours of northwest means everything from the 360. To the 2062253. Of the 145509. Even sometimes. When he was seven years and I have a boat load yes a metric Butler. Of good music tonight new stuff by the end apps they are people out of local band that we used up by double thumbs down. Just played a record release show on Friday with fair that's a good start they start with a bid for the eleventh that phase. They just released a brand new demo a brand new record. It's coming out of alternative labels it was released today online check it out. Have they adopted can't dot com. This song is called the song I needed at fifteen start a soft after that the exquisite it's in some brainy music by Pope Brothers it's loud and local. On the rock. Look Kevin tears were. Ai has done. You are listening to loud and local mining is Kevin gears every Sunday night we give a damn thing we play all local music. And that's what exactly what we're doing young go hard what are you from here. Perfect stand for the summertime carried the Swedes and at the bottle drain new music. By the Pope Brothers two songs back to back oh Brothers awesome band they actually moved to. Washington State from Indiana a few years back they just put out a new self release record called. Hunch hunch bear down you can buy you can buy that isle mine you can check it out Spotify on iTunes can buy physical copy whatever you wanna deal. Now the young allowed in local band of the week. He's been at this every week here on KI SW dot com we combined. Foresees. With Vijay in needs mornings and and present the the end of the week now not only does that give you some awesome awesome. Brian re was the only KI SW dot com but it also gives you. A spot on their show on Friday's. And also some ways here allowed local melting NFC's a killer bands. We've been hard at work on this brand new record in on Friday he. Being a co record relief it was doubles hunt me down who was in studio last week Yeremiah Bell also get a play three songs off the three new van Epps. Album is called the and it still. Kind of a Van Halen feel there with title but that gonna play is so called blood after that burns and mark can excuse me. Market three songs by van Epps off their new album Q it's allowed local. On the rocks. August. I want Joseph. I want you. So you. Yeah. Like I said before the songs that he'd be loud and local B into the weekend at kick it out not KI SW dot com that he. PGA inmates mornings that he can now find your way you never get over to achieve the end of the week. Then asks is there you can purchase their new album medical bandits to. Self released record by an awesome wolf will be and they played a show at the crocodile. This past Friday alongside army doubles let me down also record release show for them and. Ten miles wide all incredible incredible local bands crocodiles and some cool things in and tell you a little bit about a another killer show crocodile. In just a bit but tonight. Over at the fun how to use of banned by the name of the rest three coats restaurant closes. Is kill and it with their new record is self titled. And they just played a show with hundreds sons and get a quick couple songs here. Off the new recipe post record. Here's Polaris after that if the gravity soliciting allowed local. On the rock. And now I'm. There. It's. Us. Loud and local continue. Years 99.9. KI ESW. This wings game one of my favorite fans Paul Baier coming back to town if you can be do we had be an awesome and opening up. None other than he whose ox is scored from the shelf loud and local. We love this man and I love the stand and I just can't get enough of them I'm so stoked to see them open up for Paul where. Who might fit in to check it out. It's keeping his options scored if you're not acquainted. Study out until May yet. On my mobile. My DV. There might be. 99.9. Eight idea. She. Oh and I'll follow you shouldn't rule in jail I definitely a hot columns and rules. We're getting here is rules. Loud local returns. And guess who us. We have year of the cobra years the cobra releasing a brand new album just finished recording it with Billy. Who do you Billy Anderson sorry from Portland he he has an office. If you up there he recorded sleep dope smoker he's recorded a ton of awesome do bands and use. Hard at work. Finishing this one the new year of the cobra but this one up there from the mighty debts record from last year its vision of three years of the cobra. A drum and bass duo. It's all you need when it stripped down to it. He hit it heavy and loud multiple on the rock. Okay. I. Yeah. Yeah. And. Loud and local continues on the rock we can't indeed years 99.9. KI DS don't. You lose. And it. Yeah. I. Yeah yeah. Me. I. I. It's. I really. And I. And and okay. I. And I. Maybe jam by a woodshed. You're listening to allow multiple again woodshed with the name of that and trains coming. Every week I get a few emails from people wondering what that song I heard what was so liable luckily for you. You can both here. The entire. Audio of each episode of loud and local each week and KI SW dot com I didn't get. Quite get the episode up from last week and fortunately it was a little bit bow down to technical difficulties but I will give it up. ASAP as well as this week's self if you if you wondered about that'll have a lot. As soon as possible. Freer on demand listening needs. Also the the playlist is updated weekly. And hey guys W dot com and allow multiple section. I get my name is Kevin gears in I do this for you because we all of local music the northwest is such an incredible scene. In one of those billions that really really laid the foundation for for the northwest rock scene these days sound garden. So gardens what you heard before woodshed with the so called birth ritual you can find that song. On on the singles soundtrack which was recently re released. All right Chris Cornell. Of course you have to go revision of the restart enough that I that heavy set right there and they did are going to be releasing a brand new record. Being worked on right now. Devils hunt me down was in the studio last week in they played eight record release show over at the crocodile on Friday alongside van Epps who also. Released in record doubles let me down put out played us three sounds off their new EP in media ray as one. The they told me hey we gotta keep something we got to keep something back. And mine breaker is the name of the song they wouldn't let me play last week but guess what it's out now to check this out. Beautifully new doubles let me down debuting here allow multiple mine breaker. On the rock. New. Yeah her. The melding into a throwback to there's still order which record rainfall don't have to dust in an eagle claw really monitor some Elvis technically not a northwest into anymore. As they are all located out of of Los Angeles area but hey. It pretty much started the whole Aberdeen thing if it was offered an Alvin's. We wouldn't have a reform that we wouldn't have a lot of things here in the northwest of course Melvin spotting from that region so. Now I proxy they are northwest Spain and originally. Might not be now before that was banned by the name of eight machine. Very very cool in very heavy brief speech going on there. No might not be as heavy but I heavy emotionally. More like it mark win again is that coming back to town Thursday are August 24. The mark lanigan bans could be playing with. Duke Garth would lie in Mikey Djokovic in Martin's. Favor year I think I pronounced that correctly mark when he can of course from the screaming trees also collaborated with Josh Charlie. From Queens of the Stone Age Gregg do we do Garwood. A lot of awesome musicians. He is out performed with self he's going to be doing that show at the show box again but it's Thursday August 24 and display one of his first record. Mark when he can solo record is a song called fix. Are allowed local. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. You know it's. Wow. No room. This is loud and love. He's on the rise but 99.9. KI ES. So. We only get about seven minutes left of latter multiple here on the Iraq you know I. I have to play this game because I've been listening to them a lot grind line the band. They are a ski rock band they are just. All about speed boarding literally literally. All their songs are just about skateboarding and that's that's awesome because this summer and in the northwest we have really savor. Really really savor those few months here we we actually can go outside in speed yet there's plenty of indoor part. And they did use around the northwest but I love skating outside in that age is so cool to be able to do that and listen to grind line the band. Gremlin they and you can be playing. Alongside peace with sessions and into the hole. At the parliament tavern. That's going on August 46 of you wanna see this thing and they treaty check it out again. CI a.'s W dot com if you wanna check out the film just to give you like me and I want it wasn't the risk that. So there you can also check out the Newton new record by then at info is posted on kids will be dot com as they are deep into the week. We are also premiering new music by devils let me down all kinds of cool stuff while local related. One to finish out the why it or Lee and his little son listening every week. Saw them mentioned that on FaceBook chat out to Wyatt. Good dude. They can listen to allow local against the grind line that they end. The speed freak. No not the drug it's feet. Local rock.