Loud and Local - August 14th, 2016

Sunday, August 14th

I started this week's show off with some music by Great Falls and Wild Throne, then threw in some Ayron Jones and Windowpane, mixed in some Dogstrum and X Suns and so much more. Keep it local ! 


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Oh yeah. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticeably northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. ACC now. No rock featuring music full. Pacific northwest. It 99.9. Dad is her rags thank you very much for the nice introduction it is loud and oh boy here on point nine KI SW the last four over local. The last allowed local and Travis again for the data caffeinated tonight the last while global before being in the grass. The year unleashing big big big shebang. Next Sunday's that's when he first and white river amphitheater gonna be incredible. Day of rock. And I will be playing you the loud and local representative window panes. A little bit later on right now I'm gonna start to a big start off with a band. Who's going low fired him. Right about now great fall for you right down the street and awesome local loud loud loud ants in your face loud. Being here considine the concrete it's Great Falls. You're allowed local. Loud and local continue. Just 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. He's on the rock and 99.9. AI DS. This time next week via the draft so prior to coming to a close scurbel broadly on stage or ending their sets. And we'll all be over for being addressed point sixteen its much Philip forged in two stages of arsonists. Me being a draft when he thinks he is going to be off the keen of course I'm excited for anthrax. Get a feel disturbed. Breaking Benjamin scenes Sonya so many awesome fans. Go to KI SW dot com if you are not Keaton got your tickets yet I don't know what to wait for. You definitely gonna wanna do that before they sell out and you've got to show up early to show support I mean if you're listening to allow local. We knew already are supporting local music that you need to show up early because window mean. Is gonna be on stage rocket for us early in the days a window pane awesome band we're gonna play them for you never heard of them. Well do yourself a favor and turn it up and show up in support we give me. At paying the rest went sixteen next Sunday the 21. A white were rated theaters underfoot nearby window pane. Allow local. You. She yeah. And I'm blessed to. And now. Now it's. When you play. It's. And all the. Yeah. We. And who's. Well it's. It was unjust. When he went on to its. Do they. Yeah yeah. I'm wound. It's. Not. Don't. Or. Yeah. Loud and local continue. Two years 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah it's. Okay. He's. I. It's an manage. Ten miles wide. I'm allowed in global Libyans new record I can't say it. Enough. The growth is the name of the record in that song right there back burner is the name of the song we have on the show a few weeks ago in. So loss of that record. From start to finish picking up the gross you can stream it on Spotify you can listen to it on their bean candy just to support them go at cedar shows. And it's just an awesome. You know there's so many good local being but I just gotta say that record. Really really. Really get for that Iran Jones another awesome wolf will be in here when light learn. Pain in the grass alumni he played last year. So we don't mean as he beat local representative this year Iran was last year it's cool to see a local bands playing a night huge stage right there for him to be there right now. I gotta be and it's going to be playing a show. Alongside. Air base in a province of say September 4 at the high line. This is one of my favorite new records locally. Just such an awesome band dust mop. What their new album out on mylan chief records is the so called space legs you're allowed local dust mop. Lose. The. And. Loud and local. And tears were. The loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KI ESW. Fifteen minutes left of loud vocal tonight for this week we have a bandit is on tour right now mother corona has been hit the road. Non stop from 2016 it's very cool to see them doing that itself. Only do this shout them now and say you know it's awesome deceived local bands get out there and I really put some miles on those bands mother grow and more power to you this is a so called descending the north. My mother grown turn it's multiple. This is loud and local. Well and 99.9. KI DSL. Ten sons here on the loud and local and awesome and you may read their name his ex suns but I guarantee you. They are known and has ten sounds very good bands here in and a Sony just Curtis called wine cave. Well locals been the name of the show if you like you can join the FaceBook group loud in the local community and -- you can share your love your music that you court order you can find out about some awesome shadows play got to do is just request to be in the current someone who'll. Will obviously say yes because everyone is welcome I just had to create that community recently. So if you don't have mobile if I'm sorry if he could be addressed next Sunday which he definitely should you need to show up early because window pane is going to be rocket. The means agents can be very very cool deceit and represented for a lot of local. Some get in the ninth off on a good note. As we always do it with was awesome bands that I like US spotlight here on the last song of the night right now being called dogs from just put out their first record. You can actually check it out on their game camp or on Spotify or you can pick it up or other shows they're gonna be allowed local band for this week. Little tease thriller little spoiler songs colts crawl. The last song and I'm allowed Mobil stock extra.