Loud and Local August 20th, 2017 - VAN EPS in studio

Sunday, August 20th

This week on Loud and Local we had Van Eps in studio ! They played songs from their brand new album VAN EPS II 


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Oh yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I would just noticed the great northwest and good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest 99.9. Yeah I guess double B. Welcome back so loud in local my name is Kevin here Sunday night. Unfortunately it is the end of the weekend but we celebrate the end of the weekend by savoring the last few hours of its famous for midnight every Sunday we do begins in local. Music here in the northwest some of the best music in the world. And we just we just enjoy it. We revel in it. Tonight we are celebrating. Abandoned by the name of then as we just released their second record a brokerage. He titled bin have been there in studio we're going to be talking to them it's just a few days late last night. Alongside jarrah flies window pain memory lane members of ten miles wide Jeannie nova and Travis from second coming among other guests. For the lanes daily tribute show that the more so appropriately I wanna from start to show off with a few lanes daily songs are a few links daily of course. Mad season and who won by angry chairs and I'm sorry to buy our. James Avery kid just spoiled by surprise that I'm a ball game and share in downhill hole three in my favorite songs. Featuring Lee steely a full flower mobile and rock. This. We. It's. Yeah. Okay. Can. The news. Yeah news. Mom. Palin. Okay. Cool match. News and and it. It's. A match. Now. Yeah. We. It. It is. You. Okay. The man. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Loud and local continues. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Back on loud and local into the studio right now stand by the name of van as a welcome back to allow the local political crap. Hell yeah last week we debuted some songs we nickel a little bit deeper this week because you just released. Your record vin apps to put out before we go any further I would like to YouTube let me be reintroduce yourself to the audience that may be just tuning in now. Or are not fully aware of the awesome this. These inept so who are you guys what do you what do you do when you're. I'm Jake and I play the drums and do the locals. Mac and I've seen play guitar. An amber Latin. It's. And we're here to show you some new tunes some new tunes well that's awesome guys sound like your appear. You know we do begin paying every week allowed local we're always stoked to have a brand new me bring new album by a band that is have been Killen that you guys actually played last night. For the lanes daily tribute show alongside jar of flies window pane memory lane members of ten miles wide Jamie nova in Travis from second coming. I mean we're I know it's in the past in the rearview Mir was last night but let's talk a little bit about it like how did you come about like learning about this there's 98. In their career although I wasn't able to be there of course they do metal shop on Saturday night so give us a little review until some of the highlights. What we are told about it. Jed JT. From leveraging. And jar of flies. Called me and was you know just we want to be part of the night and of course he said yes right away with the and I mean that guy just puts so much work and time and love into the thing and made it the beautiful night that it was mean. So many amazing. Local musicians are part of it and you know memory. Memory lane Maryland skis yeah Kiki from LA those guys are awesome to. And it just a really special night and how to the more you know with that that's such an historic venue in RC in our community and everything. It was amazing they. Everyone just killed it everyone's on an amazing. The crowd. Killed and you know their very receptive and it's super and it's all night great energy yeah for a oh. So. Tell me a little bit about like the songs you chose to perform. From from Wayne State Luis you know musical. He is such an intense amount of awesome music out there but also what he is such a a strong voice were you intimidated in what songs did you choose specifically that you thought that you deal kill. There's death plain intimidation factor I mean. I mean that. Your range and everything like that it's just an all Russian zone you know us. It's it's has kind of daunting to be like yeah okay what he has won a saying here. It should. Usher I don't know how did that affect but we chose rooster and heaven beside you that's awesome. And then saying some back ups and down now to. The we you know. We've we've doubled on rooster before yeah we didn't like fully fully learn it likely did for this event but it. So we knew that we knew we could like do it but there's still use that. Don't screw and it's trying to in front of like his his mother I know right. Some of his past friends and ending the you know people that saw has been in grew up within in musicians in the community. Mean obviously was a big deal but I apparently crushed it as a hey Matt you overnight sensation he said how did they do have they did. Man I got cute kills led the gym early when they started harmonizing on rooster so and that's. That's no small task that far out of like he naturally their tuners throughout like. Have put a man admitted it started they totally did it just is out Oklahoma. I heard a couple stories from as people in the crowd that was like they heard people behind my folks are in the crowd actually there and and they told me after the fact that that the woman sitting behind him just as you start playing those first chords she's like. You know see what happens here which is very happy. Just thought we weren't gonna do well in but I guess who starred in she's she turnaround so that's honestly we did it justice. Kellyanne. What we're talking about your brand new record van Epps to it was released on August 11 will be talking a little bit about it but I wanted to play a couple songs from first. We're going to be playing. Blood and anchors or anything you want to us say before you get right into the songs. I mean just let them I hope just let them speak for themselves I'm we're super happy at the record in those two songs seem to you you. Right once the kicking off with scissors Canada. Gut punch and it's work it's kind of opponent that kind of like it's rocket hit after. We have bandits in studio will be planted songs and I will be talking about the record next time you hear from us it's Lara local. On the rock. N apps. He has never. It's August. I want Joseph. Want Joseph. So do. It. Oh. Two songs back to back off the brain and you see an add some record and those sounds you just heard our anchor. In blood thin lips in studio thing now with us there our guest tonight it is those so called heavy guy spec in we we had you on here. When you debuted their first or your first album. You know it's called have you guys back. In you know the the record was released on the eleventh because it played a killer record belief still won't say doubles hunt me down a double record release show them. That's also Erica it sounds. Awesome those guys are yeah it was a rat had guys wrap they around. Hell yeah it's awesome to be part of like this you guys a part of this like a positive music community where everyone supports each other we were just talking off air about it now. You know you guys and why it only in the wreckage in devils coming down in it just seems like there's so much positive positive vibes going on here in the northwest right now. And in just to have that support and help from everyone and realized that you guys to yet as I do you guys are part of this command mania. I mean and that's community of good people Philly makes stuff like that happen and I think we've really agree community of people in this. I don't feel like there's a lot of like. You know. You know radio station that your and is level that supports local music like via astute to what is credible. Well we got to do our part because the northwest is is rising right now would anything really always has been kind of a taste maker four DO global music community. So we we got this new record in dollar to as he goes a little bit about lake how long it took you guys. From from inception or from by the creation of it to like actually having physical copying your hand in being able to release it how DS work on the record. How old are these songs and maybe we're just go to recorded what now. Tell me a little bit about the record. Well whistler we recorded it excess energy that studious cool with. John Mark Jones locker and yes it was a case it is it is JV of course. Yeah both house and its run on. And yeah just a phenomenal experience great studio. Fun. Yeah we've been working on the songs for quite awhile now I mean we had pretty much. Pretty much its record was ready as far as like pre pro goes when the first record came out who want to set up. We're itching to get them done and Dan so I mean. This whole studio experience is probably. Mean stretched out within a year as those by you know we you know just because of money cost issues and stuff like that we added you know start to turn. That. I don't know how maybe like I would say in total it probably. Took about. Two weeks whose actual tracking. And lenders like the mixing and mastering. Get out on part that accurately that the Arab emirates and angry disarray in the studio hang in. I think. That is splitting hairs trying to figure out you know which of the seventeen takes is the best. The last one yeah that at all times is the first one really entered the and you're required that we Spanoulis time tracking all the stuff that was advanced yeah. We got to make sure he and utterly. Awesome will be NFC guys that are I guess are hard at work I mean you guys or get our take a little bit of a break but we do have something to announce here in the next coming weeks. Nothing yet but we guarantees that something very very very cool is going to be happening with a bunch awesome local bands. And you can be very cool so not to tease you too much but you will be able to see cnet's in a killer venue with a bunch awesome woke Libyans in the next. The next few weeks will tell you about that that I. I wanted to ask you guys about like what your favorite venues are. And that's a play now that I you've you've been able to outplay a bunch of local venues and also you've done some touring. What I would've been used to appreciate the most here in the northwest and Indian name a couple of your favorite local bands. That more theater places after it radically upset brits see Iraq. Neptune the amazement and school she'll box market has been great trial I crack house probably just just. We've played there a bunch times in the rude they've always treated us really well how awesome they've always had great shows there. That's probably my favorite place to play for sheer. I mean Charlotte market's great team like we love playing there. Crocodiles kind of our goatee and in my tractor and tractor tavern in some nice and nice and easy game plan REIT daddy we're very lucky were real happy if that tractor tavern is a definite up their team because again it's just like. Part of it is like the staff is amazing you know just they treat you well it's a great just like the vibe at the and he's really cool. You know so of course studious and cores it's like some of the staples for our rock music. Yeah in the Seattle area of those of those places well with the rate you guys are gone and I feel like next time you guys come in a mile he'll be like a century linked to metallurgy and why we're at some of her favorite venues you have to view vernacular and a well Iran zones at the right exactly so rapidly September 3 with kind of a small ban on guns in Arizona miracle and now pretty austere so great for those guys that spent countless rat. China to Iran he's listened sometimes so that's very very cool. Then it's in studio again you're listening to loud and local and now we got two more songs from then the Wu Lee talk in a little bit more to them. But I will be talking in the next about where you can get the album in elected stuff but for now we're gonna play a couple more songs from it burn and evolution is ripping you wanna see about the songs maybe what do. What burn an evolution or about. We had I guess security told. We are on me it's just look back and I I said what Byrne was about and because and realize that that gonorrhea yes exactly that and then got her parents. I. Way out now that's that's what it's about gonorrhea go that evolution. Is. That's just kind of and thanks the them. You know. I don't know how to put it as those it's just likening it kind of like talking about our generation of things in uh oh you know. Like the alliance's blame on him deletion in. It's just it's his company sees young like stick it to you. Lots of drugs and weird stupid things and judge okay now didn't play at all. Take our parent all the things you know all the things that people think about sometimes. All right the right time then go to punt on it's it's kind of fun to get people do in the lows on the island. All right we'll sing along if you listen in right now you'll you'll be able to get it. Burned an evolution van Epps. A loud in local. And it's. Know. You grow. It it. Medic so that. It's. It's loud and local then adds we've been playing jams off the new records in apps to end he's he's been awesome to have the guys in the studio think he's a minus and Erica thanks. Absolutely is there anything you wanna plug real quick obviously the record you see where we're we've purchased the record if we're listening right now like man I had a lovely. I'm on all the normal things I mean there's I teens. In camp is a great spot to. To get that stuff. Spotify. All the all the normal avenues. We also wanted to assure but he did it to beaver thing that ever at the the yeah I mean all the NORAD although I don't. Some understand it they couldn't find on Amazon Sony so there on Amazon can go to their actual website and click on music for download you can get there but apparently the Amazon music does. Can also a best ways to get used in Russia and cut and that's come to this. If I hit hit it and now. But if you can't come to a show. I per IE I insist you buy it on being canned because a lot more money comes to the band and also being camp is a rat. Company and so on that donates to a lot of great causes. So again van Epps think he's so much for coming in we're gonna play one more song that now I. I think this has an interest story market. Can we tell it talk a little bit about you the story behind this song because the lyrics for interesting to me yeah. What you tell me a little bit about market before you bust into picture. Actually I'll try to keep really short it's kind of want service I'll try to condense it we put it shoebox market. Quite I mean a few times but when times he played there was window pane. This get half that I this guy or that came out and we hung out a few times and and she jokingly it was like we need to write a song about me knows that. I don't know I don't know you now and yet her guess. And so when I went home and rotors on its used in the crowd and market night. But even really know that well McQueen has. That's an. So I don't we take some graces of their bet. The gas it's about her but the funny story uses Jake made his current girlfriend and at that show. That's when he actually Matt Coke may just don't think there. It's become a real the real story for an ample them. It yeah that's killer by yeah it's it's it's a fine you know it's one of those songs we kind of pay go to the eighties with you know with the girls girls girls reference absolutely all that fun stuff but that. Actually my favorite part about recording the record Louis Brad nailed the solos and one today don't just looked over and Mike. And yet it was handsome favorite so well. That's good juju man you that's awesome van Epps in studio we got one more song from their record in this is cult. Markets. So let's do it van Epps are in hips to. Yeah. Kevin tears were. Still continuing on here on out and local every week on KI SW dot com about local teams up with BJ in mixed. We present the end of the week. You get KI SW dot com to get info on the current trend that we called Jericho hill. And out there get a view reporting a brand new record they just have a few songs out right now with a plan a ton of awesome shows. They got a killer shows coming up to go to KI SW dot com click on BJ in makes speech. You'll find that not only to thank you prime real estate on these young KR is W dot com web website but you also get played on Vijay in mid morning on Fridays. As well as loud and local so if you're interested in being considered for the end of the week and KI SW dot com. And click on the taxi insert your music there and send it on over I would love to hear it's a right coach Jericho hill. 52 songs back to back carnival and fuel for the fire what are these a demo to don't consider it to be the final product. But I do wanna play for you Jericho hill allow local. I need to import. KI DS don't. Want to see yeah. And I. And. Oh. And. And then yeah. And can. Yeah. Okay. It's. This is loud and low. On the rock 99.9. KI DS so. Free one of the northwest head is being old iron. Released a brand new record this week and could get to that but before that I wanted to make kids. The song he'd just heard before you went to commercial break year of the cobra. And right in the beard. Get this array of the beard right after metal shop last night he flew pretty much immediately. He he stayed up. Until 5 AM and they went to his seat that and then flew directly down to Vegas for the last day of Psycho. The biggest festival he got to see a ton of awesome band some of his favorite warning you get to see mastodon a bunch of great kids but he also got the seat. Year of the cobra itself. Representing the northwest down in Vegas this weekend for your of the. Before the often cycle that's your week heavy rock festival down in Vegas. This year over someone if you play that they've had to shout out to them another. Look to be. I've been a pretty killer weekend. Speaking of heavy heavy bands. Less than a metal shop we had banned by the name of. Old iron in studio they just released their second record this past Friday on good to die records it's called you this Mets lower them. If you wanna hear an interview with them to the CI a.'s W dot com we'll have that up this week. That in his court ruled iron and I wanted to play a couple songs off of it because they're awesome. And that's certainly one of the heaviest in the northwest here's what Friday Glendale and maelstrom of the black campus fight or iron new music. Northwest music. Allow multiple. The train him. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI SW. Okay. Friend of the show kind of PI is W awesome band you've got to. See them overlooking the grass is here so often to see them on that means the. You know the summer's almost over but let's think back to all the killer sponsors that happened this summer and there's still many more to you know horses Guns 'N Roses coming up shortly. We got some really killer. Local shows in one that is happening. This third day. From the UK classic new wave through British heavy metal band you know him as the band. You might know with the big and of itself covered with the in my evil saw diamond head. Coming to town it no corps' old alongside some killer local bands skeletal or feel or 98 machine from Portland. And the almighty jobs to rat on sub fadiman so killer so ought to play a song and is quick hits that show again it's Thursday. And no courts no metal shop with a diving head scale toward feel 98 machine and this being subject to random. This is loud and local. On the 99.9. KI ES don't. It's been an awesome episode of loud and local we do the damn thing every Sunday night from ten to midnight and you know. Been in and beautiful weekend we had him says going down by the waterfront we had the Seattle tattoo expo. Heads you know tomorrow is going to be. Pretty epic around 1 o'clock we got the big eclipse so it can get your beef with sunglasses. Eclipse classes ready to go maybe this is a little break from work. Check it out it's not going to be full eclipse here in Seattle but we will hit a partial eclipse and no one can do that. On the roofs and that works though. Definitely cool check that out. When he was Kevin gears and if you are just tuning in now a good KI SW dot com mid week I will have the entire episode of the for your on demand audio listening pleasure. Thank you for two then that's for coming up to the show tonight is awesome to have them in need of a new record called bin execute its results of that tonight and my pleasure. At the end of the week is called Jericho hill so that it KI SW dot com click on the DJ in pigs link. Yes you can definitely hear some songs in Jericho hill into support local music. This Thursday as I mentioned before the break we have a game called sub stretch them opening for diamond head skeletal or. Salem nights in this being eight machines from Portland to upload a little bit of a stretch but it is of Pacific northwest. Bid and they're gonna be in our city on Thursday at a core zone tickets are available now. Definitely check out one of the most. Legendary UK metal that is diamond head playing with sub strata skeletal or seal a nice in this day each machine to songs back to back off there. Killer killer record everybody believes. And got a new doubt it's eight machine and yes a lot of local tonight. Keep it local.