Loud and Local August 21st 2016

Sunday, August 21st

I started off this week by playing one of the coolest Nirvana covers I've ever heard by Sturgil Simpson ! From there I played some Rest, Repose and a classic track by Queensryche ! I got requests for Windowpane and Candlebox, so I played those next and finally featured the Band of the Week Dogstrum ! 


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Road. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. Rock featuring music full. Here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Greetings rockaholics my name's Kevin years and I'm here. What loud and vocal every Sunday night he finished the weekend strung with one hour of all the good local from the 206253. To 509 to 360. The bug fortune five it was a kick ass pain in the grass all they wanted a white river into theater from the beginning bed window saying. He'll let it. As the loud and local representative all the way to do that disturbs. There was another century car stars stage which was often seen some great bands going on butcher babies headlined over there. Very cool to see anthrax is this by sight today. We gave him high five you'll. End up picture if you have any photos here your posted. Used hash tag. Pain when he sixteen I know there's a lot of people stuck in traffic right now so if you had any calls you have anything you want your local bands it's 206421. Iraq right now this one's. Go to them miles of the men's room as miles Montgomery request. This is a little bit weird. So on my local tonight started off this Virgil Simpson covering a nerve on a classic. Forget we're twelve local on the Iraq. Sin. He yeah. Where it's. It's too. Street. Me. It's. Thanks in seeing. Us and let me. Okay. We. There. June. Through. If I. Sounds. Don't know and you. I. We Kevin gears rolls. AI SW. Reds repo. Generator out there free CD EP. Well hopefully the name of the show and these men have what ninety ai is still the rockets Seattle. Very very easy just incredible day. Down a pain in the grass made 4016 was so awesome. Obviously I had to leave a little early to get told disturbed but I came here if you do. Served you up with a soundtrack of local noises. To help you out on the drive home I know that the parking lot in white or greens here seem to be kind of a pain in the neck sometimes. If you receive for all the fans. But if you if you did. They pro disturbing you're stuck in traffic can you call to a 6421 rock of course you can Austin, Texas 77. 999. Rob local bees is source source. And I always and down the police and requests especially a request of old school. Queen's Reich is going I've just gotten said that her sons had never heard the voice of the school jets beat. Back on the original whose record it's under the play this. Greens are still going strong obviously with the new vocalist and their their newest were zero record out on century media is killer. Definitely have to check it out kind of revitalized now for queen's Reich with some of the older stuff that we don't cry. You're about mobile. The loud and local content you. So 99.9. KI ESW. Well subplot local. Library of pretty good man are you there. Well in the parking lot of white river who's this the right man. I don't and we wanna hear on any geared towards that and more when a name and figured you know Brothers gone it's an Audi damned bad on stage today and now. Awesome and we're gonna get some wind up paying for you right now while local affiliate thank you. Devotion game. Incredible bit cathedral grove is that song and I've had those guys over the station. Very very cool guys it is loud and local here on on KI SW man it is Sunday night at 11 PM. These few last possible moment of the weekend and what it weekend it was super hot but today got called up a little bit. But not when it comes the white river into Biederman it was pain in the grass all day long from the beginning of the the whole event with window pane all the way up until disturbed totally killed it and I didn't get some solid requests. I got one for banging league. Who lives in Arlington dried up there right now. And his six year old son has passed out of the backseat to that's what I love be your man do you bring in there to their six year old that little kids. Experiencing live rock and roll in day just such an awesome weight. Two to spread the love of rock and roll music sounded a poison candle box. A song by. A local band obviously so if you have a request to a 6421 rock and played all music that is local so here it is going out to leave. In Arlington. He'll be up there shortly. Understanding McKinnell boxing parallel local. It. And a I. It's this it's. It's. Such. It to. Us. Give me. You. Yeah yeah. And they'll. There. New music by Helms believed what Seattle's best. An awesome song of their new record meats and mills is the name of the song still aside is the album out on sergeant house recordings. September 2 is the release date for that was Helmsley's can be plant record release show coming in in the next few weeks. Gonna be a very awesome show I'll I'll share that one on FaceBook with the off if you're not part of being loud local community on FaceBook go ahead and add yourself to that it's. A hub for rescued to talk about shows talk about upcoming events some art. Showings and you know just just cool stuff and if you ever want any recommendations. About awesome shows going on or just a good good music to listen to share music with each other. India she geek thing to me right now it's hollow points. Allow local activists. You'll the next hour media from me I'll have the level bit weak dog shrimp for yet. Right now PowerPoint so. On the local. And tears were. KI SW. At ten minutes left of loud and local. We have a lot mobile game of the week it's been an awesome days down at white river amphitheater in the grass being sweet sixteen is over. Which means we have 365. Days to look forward to pain from seventy know we need to relax. And Buick or some birds is now Rivera on. On your skin in just wasn't some awesome local rock for the next ten minutes I present you with. The band of the week go to KI SW dot com is every week we feature on the beach in mixed portion of the website. If the end of the week and this week his dog drama a very very cool band that just put out a a new ref so called. Merck's dot Merck dot which is actually doctor backwards. There are gonna play of couples on from doctor right now it is crawling after that it's Eldorado. Awesome day and here is this Vijay makes loud local day of the week. Dumpster. This is loud and local. It's all the rock 99.9. KI DS stuff. Vijay in the latter local the end of the week dogs from that a KI SW dot com and up find out where you can just dogs from next. Also pick up some dive for music while you're there while local was the show every Sunday night here on the rock. I'm going to and they show with the sun going out to anyone with that being addressed today some old school metal. I have an awesome band that's still going strong actually here he needs to be. Seattle scene. This is record that was actually produced. By our mandate in this day and it's actually been called sanctuary. Off the record into the mirror black. And typically would jam called the mirror black. 6141. Rock is the number to call. He had anything you want a year for the next few hours. Sanctuary. Allow mobile. Thank you listen.