Loud and Local - August 27th, 2017

Sunday, August 27th

This week on the show I featured music from Van Eps, The Exquisites, Skelator, Substratum, Breag Naofa, X Suns, Windowpane, Amsterdam, Dangg, Un, Year of the Cobra, Rest Repose, Lo' There +more ! 


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Yeah oh yeah. Our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was known as the green north what's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Featuring music Paul. Specific northwest. 99.9. 10 PM Sunday night. Which unfortunately means the weekend is coming to a close we have two more hours left of the weekend so we cherish it. And we know we revel in all that is northwest music my name is Kevin gears is loud and local. Every Sunday night we do begin playing from the 253206. Of the 145. The 50936. So all. Of the there's been neighborhoods here in the northwest represented at least I tried my best tonight we have so much good new music we have stuff for must break me five day in the armed. The old. How old iron at the end of the week bid that was the studio last week is what I wanna started off with new music by the end adds it's blood. This really catchy. You did. Yeah. Loud and local content. 99.9. KI ESW. Last week I got to be a filler metal show over at all quarters million few of Seattle's best metal band. Eligible for himself rather they opened up for classic UK's new wave brief heavy metal bands diamond head. So just awesome Michelle and I love some seven so much I want to play a song from them we never played often some Shannon record. Is available now on store big machine records you can ordered off there. I often been campaign some try to kill and it would be up from a classic for heavy metal sound. Female fronted so powerful just amazing stuff first of this team's hair and come and play hard for free of this triumph in. Three parts on king is grave. Subtract them. A lot mobile. Just. Tylenol. You miss most. Here is. AI SW room. Okay. Kick ass man by the name of old iron they were unknown metal shop last. Saturday got this knot yesterday but the Saturday before you can get a KI SW dot com click on. He deep metal shop page you can you'll see an interview he conducted with that being beaten just play. Bull I'm sorry. This missile lore of my dad I kind of based on the new album titled the film business forum is the name of the new record is gone on good to dive records. An awesome wolf label and all the iron just happens to be be loud in local the end of the week every week. I'm KI SW dot com we give Brian we will see. Bad -- local bands making waves in the old iron just put out their second record I want it to us is shop and that's a good KI SW dot com again. Obama allowed or I'm sorry about the PGA and big pad. You'll find info on the oldest iron named and when they're playing next and how low I think of this record. So that's so we'll pole Friday Glendale maybe get into another one off you can buy your record maelstrom of the black ten days. It's a heady stuff you're allowed multiple. Loud and local continues on the road. 99.9. KI SWO. Yeah. Coming up Wednesday night. We got a pretty killer show it's a fun house Wednesday night braved nature and awesome local bay and they just put out their brand new record. And I it is a break Nathan Deal is their second album so I had six appropriately titled. They can be played with the danger in the delta in Rosemont. I want to play songs from the Reagan made the song they they don't actually have song titles for the for the iphones have been released but he's called twelve because that is the twelfth. Sons that they've released modest in his case gases the very very heavy stuff we can get a little theme here Garland. You'll lighten up a little bit that he and a priest in the right now we're gonna continuing almost edgy to break Nissan. Played Wednesday at the fun house was it's in the delta club local on the Iraq. It's. It's. She and her. Sears rolls. SW room. It's. And and bad ass indoors was instrumental Big Ten silliness definitely. One of the coolest things going in the northwest as far as just like it's for me just awesome might hygiene or driving me. Just kind of trips me out but it's really good stuff even as truly there had started off the second hour on loud and local. He just had two weeks left. Get your tickets to men's room read festivals in the outdoor drink in in tons of cool stuff. All the cart full of randomness and five minutes ER freaks me carnival games junk dealers who got still Walker's. Arial if zombies belly dancers. Course BM engine's going to be there's KI SW rock girls albeit there lots of lots and lots and lots and lots of beer. That is. For sure but as far as music wise. I most of the seeds and red dead rebel seeing super facts just. Of course outshine an amazing salad garden tribute in jar of flies Allison Jane street and the new originals. Over. KI SW dot com. It's only fifteen dollars for education men's room ready festival. This window baby words and nothing more. I'm a mobile. Loud and local content. 99.9. We'll heavy news tomorrow night at. Life loser show it is toilet and over but if you are under siege is going to be an incredible one highlighted on Capitol Hill. Broadway engine program Broadwind Tomas I'd say about the highlight has a great show and tomorrow is no exception weed eater. From the south they're gonna come into the northwest they're bringing lots of weeds and lots of rifts. They're going to be playing alongside two of the northwest. Heaviest tooth heavy hitters here in Seattle today in this. But DA NGG. Anything called well and they just use it and the playbook does bids back to back Dane. Just released a demo. A couple months back so the first time a plane had come out mobile fun. It's been awhile quit before it's always nice to hear from. Real long and big funeral do. Then a little bit more rock and roll stuff check them out tomorrow with we leaders in the bed you're about to hear after that. Find the high line Islam local. On the Iraq. I. Okay. I. Sears. SW. Mr. grey new music piped under the featuring members and hates this it's a brand new music debuted tonight. Sammy this song and I was so still to play at that's all came down under these can be unleashing carnage. This year and and going to be coming out of the record very very easy. Cool things to come from them and before that alongside DA needs both bids can be playing tomorrow night again at feet and we either show. The highlight right now is being called year of the cobra so pumped to hear their follow up to in the shadows below they just finished reporting it would Billy Anderson who. He's our he's most known for being the man who recorded a dope smoker light sweet he's done. Amazing work for so many games and I recorded this record you're about to hear why you need the uniform off their last record. Varies so to hear what's to come from this new record they just finished up to zero the cobra. Allow mobile. 99.9. KI ES WO. Little over ten minutes left of the show here allowed local so I wanted to to give in she's awesome music of the end. Couple games that are going to be playing offense called back to the locals as open. Everyday it's home Levy's coming up very soon give you more info on net in the least come but every its. He's gonna be rocked by a load there as well as the rest repose can be played two songs from them. And and Sunday in the another one surprise if I can sit and if there. Is alas some million from Lisa thanks again for listening to loud and local Sunday nights from ten to midnight. There's love there. And now on the oh there.