Loud and Local August 28th, 2016

Sunday, August 28th

Welcome back to Loud and Local ! This week on the show I started things off by featuring two brand new songs by Helms Alee ! From there I went into more new songs by Lesbian, Post/Boredom and Lowest Priority ! 

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Yeah oh yeah. Our man is actually from being surrounding immediate metropolitan area encompassing that was noticeably northwest's. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. Yeah featuring music full. Pacific north away. 99.9. Loud and local its backup we know app. But the resurrection minus seventeen years and it is Sunday night 11 PM. Last potential the last possible hour. Of the weekend is that with me for one hour of awesome local music from the 2062253. To 36036. So. Fortune five and a little bit of 509 here and there from feeling Randy. Today I have. About load as a metric boatload. Of local music that is coming out this week or was just relieved somebody good releases. This new album by Helms believed. It's called still aside coming out September 2 so that's this Friday on sergeant house I want to play two songs from his record. Because it's that damn good needs in mills by Helms only followed by creeping your company was the first to sounds you can here against those side out on Friday. They get up and support local music it's Iraq. Loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. And this is loud and local. It's on the run from ninety point nine KI ES. Before commercials and mentioning here. I have so much music music that was released past weekend music that's coming out soon now on Friday. It in lesbian an awesome day and that is being crushing it in Seattle for quite a few years just released. The album who loosen the Genesis of force on obese it is just it is not a EPA it easy for some OP these songs are. Our long journeys into the minds of some crazy. Mushroom loving metalheads. This thing is such a great record and they're playing their album release show Thursday at shops duly. And it's going to be a television show all be there Thursday chops Julie on Capitol Hill. I'm gonna play some cosmos Sarah tops which is a song about the corneas dinosaur and by warning I mean I had like fifteen horns on its head. Check it out Google. We'll be surprised publish your thoughts off the record whose for the Genesis new music. I lesbian. From multiple. Out in local content. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Making their loud and pulled his view. Awesome band host board. The song was but me and that hole. Yet to go out for yourself which the words you know back about post mortem a new album. Called casual Friday was released this past Friday. So you know about a Friday parties casual Friday and on Fridays and eat pizza. The times postmortem awesome band in you can check out their record. It is out of Spotify you can also listen to it on being can't you can purchase the album when they play shows here locally. Another thing that came out this week an awesome demo bio rad hardcore band. By the name of lowest priority and beautifully before song off the record. You can check them out on their feet and give as well what was priority. Ran a good morning local hardcore band destroyed. I lowest priority also another debut. You're about vocal on the rock and yeah. This is loud and local. Small. 99.9. KI DS. Yeah. I. You're listening to loud and local on the Iraq has got a call at 206421 rocks from a dude named Josh. Plays and being a mother crown. And he is they do and what is this van and they are awesome well. I'm glad you like it is wild thrown all the way up in Bellingham a couple a couple of hours north the wrecking ball and changed the name of the song. That dean is so good and they are they put out their record on roadrunner records last year. Just the best so good wild throw and you gotta check it out the Getty full. US tour with torch last year and I'm sure there will be much more to come. While local we'll continue on. Thank you Josh from other crew on your being is awesome you are awesome and and we have about enough time for two or abeyance. And both these bins will be playing may exist. What makes this you'll find out just view club local. And tears were. AI SW. Ten minutes left of the show which means enough to fill your. Nights with you more awesome fans that are both going to be playing at. Assure you must attend. If you love the local music mig spent Saturday October 8 at studio seven yes this is digs are Vijay inmates mornings here on the rock. Makes this year's zone DM fest. Going on. At studio seven clover Jane window between ten miles wide super effect on why it only in the wreckage and mark society all friends of wild local rumble holes presenting this one alongside made so it's gonna be very bad ass. I Branyan is quite clover Jane this was going to be coming out in the end of next month. So right time for that show. They have a record. But it's called sporadic insanity after that gonna play you a newer one by ten miles wide off their album the gross for right now let's focus on global Jane. This is debuting here are allowed local. And after bats. Of course ten miles wide both. At meg says they'll see you there this the last you'll be here for me. Let's end with some awesome local tunes while local C next week. I. Food is okay. I am. Okay. I. Now.