Loud and Local - August 7th, 2016

Sunday, August 7th

On this week's episode, I started with a song by Ten Miles Wide then went into some Dust Moth. The Band of the Week is Mos Generator so I played a few songs from them, then went into a brand new song from Lesbian and ended with a throwback jam by Shook Ones. Keep it local ! 


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He now mode now. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great north west's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. The rock featuring music born. Great Pacific northwest 99.9. Yes that is right it is loud and local we are fast forwarding a couple decades in weird jumping straight out of the decade of decadence of the eighties was awesome all eighty's weekend. Which we are back to end the weekend right within all local episode is because it is. Locals. Allowed in local here on KI SW locals only. All the time. Sunday night 11 PM. Literally these last moments of the weekend and we spent together celebrating everything from the 206. To the duke 53 to 145 to 36 so. And even a little bit of five or nine right now I'm gonna start off with a vehicle ten miles why they were in studio a couple weeks ago weakens. Defense in the couple weekends ago I got too much coffee in my system right now the gross is the name of the record. And other going to be playing a show very very soon at the sunset tavern we tell you about that one. It's devils went down after nations the Mercury tree in ten miles wide Friday August 26 at the sunset. Years ten miles wide. The title track from the growth. About local. Sounds good. Ten years. And Sears home. AI SW room. Loud and local continue. 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local is back your Sunday night dose of all the is awesome here in the Pacific northwest. It started to rain today in conflict hit one awesome summer we have here. Now that takes the northwestern got some great weather though in the recent weeks so I can't complain too much money was given gears and that the and the incurred before we went to break. I sprinkled dust mop they have a brand new record called scale. Out on Miley she recordings and possible label it's unlikely feat was called lift and actually can replenish with with heiress. And that's going to be at the high line with the province of day and errors again it's just my. Sunday September 4 at the highland it's violent in 21 and over show. Here are wild wolf hole every week we feature a loud and local DJ and needs. More in the mornings. Vocal band week. He can get KI SK ISW dot com and get some info on that you go to be a PGA needs PG there's. Info about this being. You get there links to all their social media info on their new record that you put out a brand new one the pinnacle of mosques generator. On Friday they played an album release show with ancient war walks their new album is called at a city. And it's out on with them with suitable records of what you couple jams from it right now. First song is called strangest things which is that going out to anyone who's watched stranger things. On Netflix I know it's very show after that is moss generator with easy evils so to jams by this level will be into the week. But it KI SW dot com if you like what you hear and in order of their new record as its acting phenomenal. Club local on the Iraq. And Sears were. AI SW. Yeah. It. The. When you're driving all over town or haggling with a dealer buying a car is a pain in the until now introducing BT dot com browse hundreds of cards right from your phone or does stop shop all you want you won't find a better deal go to BP dot com slash Seattle today that's beat double EB I dot com slash Seattle. Metal church cost them local band you know where they are one of he first. Killer metal bands in the northwest area and it's awesome to see that that's a mock their newest record came out this year. And that was his so called no tomorrow by metal church they're gearing up. Four he's slick toward they're going to be in support of suicidal tendencies a motto mark in big debt. They're going to be plain Seattle's lead in its Tuesday September 27 that the while movie theater again that's naked at suicidal tendencies Amado Martha and the big you just heard there. Middle church that this can be such a killer show and they obese so many circle pits at that one especially for suicidal tendencies negative. Hopefully a little bit action firfer metal church get some old heads in the pit and I see what can happen maybe. Make sure you don't break your hip left. I came back here. Got a new record by the lesbian coming out here in August 26 the end of this month on translation loss record is highly anticipated. And had a new record is called who listen Genesis they've definitely mixed it up on this one. Definitely need. Go away from their just straight up do. Formula end of quote this is the way that they describe and at this is in quote lesbian says this about the new record a new dawn of creation begins with. Pier middle it stinks to lose them upside down flying black pyramids are shifting dark to light in back again. Many names but just what in the same nature's harmonizing lights. Inverted circles and birds guys parasites embryo extraction in the mind altering fogel Bert reed begins. Now that the light starts to fade the darkness looms once again so that hand defeat takes its tool. I've you don't really understand now what what what's so let the music speak for itself. Here's some brand new music. Pyramid with steam nationalism. And lesbian. Among multiple. Loud and local content you. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Meg here are loud and local we got about ten minutes left of the shots I want to a dose with as much possible local music is possible coming up. Tuesday August 23 of the valley in Tacoma right by the Tacoma dome we got a great show with head honcho neutral boy get dead. And the danger about a year this is a band called Hilltop rats. Taken back by Hilltop Rex you're allowed locals. And tears were. AI SW. The. Bellingham band show choir ticket. I don't even know fighting there Bellingham anymore they're pretty much Seattle B and the pretty much and not even a day ended more. They pop up from now and again they recently played a show without title fight. Think that was at the end of last year though so how re recent was that real. Loud local is the name of the show my name is Kevin gears every Sunday night we do the damn thing and play all the good stuff that he's local. That is within the the confines of the north west the Pacific northwest this town. This city this area this location this region. That we call home and if you would like to send me your music feel free to do that at KI SW dot com is the info. Is the page you can navigate and find the level pool subsection of the page. In listening to music and news CDC in your MP3 your records your cassette tapes. Now or I'll trying to goes on here would have a tape player but. I to declare my car. I don't know we'll figure it out either way we've been by the name of earth that I'm going to end the night with this is an awesome day and end up earth is actually going to be playing with a bid from Japan called Boris performing their entire pink record which is my favorite Boris record. And in a landmark. For the band that is August 22 at new lows. Again that's Boris in opening up that show will be her fit into your about the year right now they give the listening to loud and local it has been a pleasure as it always is. To flee the jams from the Pacific northwest is earth allow local.