Loud and Local - December 31st, 2017 w/ He Whose Ox Is Gored

Sunday, December 31st


Rest, Repose – Polaris 
Rest, Repose – Lock and Key 
F’d and Bound – Abuse of Registry 
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Zelatype
Marriage + Cancer – Command + Comply
Old Iron – Gravewax
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Off The Wagon
Soundgarden – Birth Ritual
Dirty Dirty – So Wild 
Bruiser Brody – Don’t Go There On Your Own
Devils Hunt Me Down – Rusty Nail
Witch Ripper – Swarm
Sanctuary – Soldiers Of Steel 
Po’ Brothers – Carry The Weight
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Paralyzer
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Alpha
Hobosexual – Monolith
Good Touch – Translating Frequencies
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Weighted By Guilt, Crushed Into a Diamond



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Oh yeah. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I was known as the great north what's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Welcome back. So loud and low colts the last loud and vocal when he seventeen typically SA and it's the end of the weekend. It's kind of a bummer but you know what it is New Year's Eve which means that we are all out party and and we are supplying the party soundtrack for you is two hours. Of northwest music mining is seventy years and in the studio we have some noise makers we got deeds John and Brian from he whose ox is gored. And then he got Sean from the sharp teeth what's up low. We got some some loud dudes in the studio tonight we're going to be playing lots of good stuff from Tony seventeen they've brought in some music. We're going to be playing lots of infinity plus some heavy riffs from the start things off with a band. The with the band of the week back in June. And this is a new record of 2017 bringing stuff my breast repose of the Tacoma area that got Polaris and lock and key off their self titled record. This restaurant for. Trying to stop. Now I'm. There. We. This is loud and local. Volatile. 99.9. KI DS. Loud and local. Here on 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle happy new yeah well not quite yet. We ringing in the new year with a few hours of northwest music. I got John and Ryan from he whose ox is gored I got shot to my right and he's an event called sharp teeth. Has it would do tonight. Free and got some good years. It's really nice this red that you put out here with those streamers and stuff and that's a smorgasbord. That. Catered Ricans Fargas or together there'll cold cuts got the good stuff that's aerial variances yeah so she argued he pretty much comes straight from the studio you're doing you're working on the new look for Pete's records that are Thomas a little bit about that. Yeah that's correct it strapped up three solid days of tracking guitars through brutally loud commercial buyers and it's. Gossiping. Yeah I know it's it's going to be habeas can be allowed to can be some some good like and hormone harmony stuff on londoners melodic stuff some heavy stuff it's it's all over the place but it's like. Tied together and it's all super garlic that's cool you know you you're just. You're just working with Robert cheek on the yes yes the man Robert cheek you know it. Special shout out to Denver on Madden and die halfway through tracking day while locked ever. And he spotted listened to news sent awesome and I love you is like a block away from this partners Boston zoo staff yet. That's red and then of course Brian and John here from he whose ox is gored. I got to ask you guys is there any idea of like may be new he whose ox gored record when he team here. Some like that that's what we're working nice and there will be songs recorded. This year. Yeah we actually we already got some studio time booked with Robert cheek army and he's he's kind of like everyone's like fifth beatle. But everyone that we were awesome just goes through through Bob. Hell yeah we're going of that studio. Actually Wednesday January 24 25 start in the demo process in the couple tracks down cool. And you stayed busy this year with the like a new kind of grind hardcore band east started. Alongside Lisa who's also when he whose ox is gored and a couple other awesome met Matt is Matt Chandler yes and Tim. Yet many chance as are some mr. Mehdi chant and Curtis Parker of whipped which ripper. Another killer local shredder so we're gonna record we're gonna play some some from his band and I got to mention we can't quite see the name of this ban on student in in FCC friendly world. They're called S in down that you can picture what that sound you can just Google it in order thought about actually don't Google it. Because there might easily accessing legally insane safe search. You know makers say church is odd but we don't on the website yet. That makes your there's not standing behind. A yes abuse of registry is the son we're gonna play after that some key whose ox is gored. You wanna give us a call T 06141. Rock or hanging out here plan local jams. And of course we're gonna get to a point 22017 releases we got some requests for doubles Hamid down guts and request for why it only and the wreckage. But for now with asked. Inbound allow local. The okay. He whose ox is scored one of my favorite northwest dance up the camel the volume the child came back came out a couple years ago. He whose ox is gored got to the dude in studio now Brian and John from the bins we also joined by Sean from the shark teeth look out for their record coming out. This year. He whose office scored awesome band before that have been down Ryan also place. Inept in bound to be CPU year for you what the project seek you still look great god damn. We are here and working on now when as mine are right now OK I got right from the we were taking a little break with that and we have an EP is recorded and word just trying to find the right schedule again two it workers but it's. That one is called we keep growers volume two and I guess it's. One of the coolest shows I went to this year was Paul bear and he whose ox is gored you know an incredible show. What course of your guys is favorite shows that you played this year 'cause I know that you're there were some big ones. I would say the Helms a league record release of the last that was the crocodile as well that was a cool show. That was really good idea we did that were with him victories. Oh here and it was that one was super intense desire at the plane both of those fans. And just hanging out with those guys all over the country plain probably with cemeteries and at saint by this New York. That's awesome yet. Right honorable Tony seventeen been huge year and you know you you were mentioning that we might be he earns them. Some rumblings about a new record and when he eighteen. And Italy were or were working on it we're trying to edit we wanna get it out by the end of between eighteen finished pressed all of these things. We'll take your time don't rush it we wanna beautiful ornate wonderful package no pressure no I don't measure of that's what we want as well. And we demand it. Okay yes. We never thought that her fifth I don't exactly a guy right there we got and put the we got another band here chosen by Brian. And it is a bit and then I've never played here so it's debuted here. I'm loud and local in their bid from Portland marriage in cancer yes this is one of my favorite things in the north last I saw these guys a couple of years ago we're Tory victory rounds out and one of the great things about working at a venue sometimes you you clocking and he had no idea what's going on it's like your friends. Are all of a sudden they're partying sometimes this year killer and you never before. This was one of those experiences. I worked a shift. And it was sort of this band marriage in cancers that thing you know I heard I heard they were great and they were one of the best life shows like I'd seen at that at that spot. I'm so we I got ahold of Robert singer. And we sat at the show earlier this year after being down played with gorging cancer Eddie gross so have a track from them call commanding comply off their upcoming I believe it's self titled. Album out on self sabotage from records that's coming out February 9. And it will be back at the victory on February 9 to celebrate the releases so check out the track from Czech open and pre release here it is. Oh yeah we got that after that we got another that's when he seventeen released by old iron of one of my favorite records of the year off of ms. Flores. Lupus metal around the and that's it solo old iron after this marriage in cancer has chosen by Bryant. Slob local rock. Grave waxed by in northwest vandal old iron. They came in at number 27. On the metal shop top thirty albums of money seventeen yet counted that down last night. Good KI SW dot com and I check out the list we have all thirty releases out there are free to check out it was awesome show the went almighty so lots. We're doing the same thing tonight we got some studio guests we've got a bunch awesome snacks and we are up until midnight counting down. The new year as I said before those old eyeing an off their news record Lucas met to Laura shout out good to die records always been good to us and send us. The new records on that label why only and the wreckage huge year for this band released. I'll welcome to Seattle so released welcome to Seattle and put out the music videos killed on the local scene end had been. Play in of what should amazing shows and you know whenever I go to a local show oil we see these teachers as they welcome to Seattle mother after these draw why only and the wreckage supporters. So we're gonna play one off of the record welcome to Seattle it's off the wagon by white only and the wreckage heaven huge point seventeen. Let's hope the same and Tony eighteen Islam local on the Iraq. I'm. So much. The loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ES WO. Campbell at its. It's going to be a lot of crazies on the road tonight to make sure to walk call in Newburgh call a taxi call list. Just text to friend you silver DD DD make sure I wanna see everyone out there get home safe. Or if you know you wanna get wasted stay or are just you know party your house hang out with the level of don't go driving around. Because that's the last thing you want. He's nuts even get a deal ride. To get correct you heard anything like that. And aim and it on a more awesome note it is loud and local here on the rock 99.9 KI SW end. Here has been incredible for northwest music there's been so many good albums so many good shows but also. It's been some sad some sad news in some some. Some sad things. In in the northwest scene of course. What it comes to mind is Chris Cornell passing away this year obviously Chris Cornell of sound garden of obviously. A lot of lot of acoustic stuff that he did and he was incredible voice Chris Cornell. Passing away at such an impact on. On. This radio station here as he was a friend to the station. He was up here quite a bit there was many times where he would come through on tour. And we this would be does station he would be and editors photos of him. Just here at the station there's there's audio recording of him performing. And just. When incredible voice an incredible musician. And I got to get from he whose ox is court appear and we're gonna play some sound gardeners or anything you guys want to say about Chris Cornell or anything memories of listening to sound garden this trial. Well I think that ballots sound garden was one of the most important bit for me growing up playing plane to assess. It was something fresh and at that challenge challenge my ears and and and Chris corner of voice obviously carried so meaning. So in moments in the songs beyond that just. To could have that much depth and have it be accessible to it. Young child that's absolutely you know it's and a rock music you know and it was but there's interesting stuff to listen to residential. You know it's it's. It's always yet always interesting to hear like. You know we meet with those experiences like as a kid when he your like your first and they really make you wanna pursue music of course yeah opening your open your eyes and you're like this there's this cool thing out there wanna find this out I think. Sound garden was of one of those bands you know obviously for so many people like. They the unity defined the Seattle scene that's what pulled me out from living in like New Mexico I want to be a part of that likes apples you know you know. In black colts maybe wanna do LSD. There right now it's so bad music video change pilot as well. Was the thing about founder and interesting for me is like is theft went first that that brought me onto it was Chris and l.'s voice but then when you use get a little bit more into weight and you become to appreciate how. How just like there's this wall of sound subsonic heavy news beyond. Then the melodies and hooks it's just so freaky and Idbihi. But didn't and just also soaring in gorgeous at the same time I'm gonna play a song. It could be considered one of the heaviest sound garden songs and it comes from the singles soundtrack believe it or not it is called birth ritual. To turn it up our IP Chris Cornell 2017 was a year of him. As well. We're going to be dedicating another 12 world Dane in the 11 o'clock hour as he is another. Voice of the northwest seen passed away in 2017. Got a lot of things to get to tonight's let's keep it quick RP Chris Cornell are sound garden birth ritual maybe it's like a local on the Iraq. I. I. I. Yeah. Then. Hey I yes. CE. Yeah. Look at me tears rules. KI SW. Jacob yeah. Doesn't matter. Anyway. What do you think you name. That work that you're paying those things. A huge huge mimic here for doubles cut me down doing something really interesting. Instead of releasing wonderful in the record they released 3-D p.'s. Throughout the year they did immediate threats three immediate threats to immediate threats one. And if you get by all three EP's tells the story end just. An awesome band doing incredible stuff here locally they did three big record really shows all the high died throughout the year for those EPs and I definitely check him out in good doubles Hamid downs being camp ordered them or just download them off their. Awesome band before that bruiser Brody eat don't go there on your own bruiser Brody ain't no other killer bandages came out here and when he seventeenth. I look forward to a fully from them hopefully. 22 in the that's from their EP dirty dirty also. Came out in 2017 if you notice a little bit of a theme here it's because it is the last episode of 27 team. We're doing the dancing playing all the good stuff that came out this year and tonight we also have a brand new song that's coming out soon. So we're starting things off before the year even starts with some from 2018 we got Bryant who got John from he whose ox is Gordon got Sean. From the shark teeth and they are hanging out there or did you some brand which ripper thanks for bringing up a hot spicy. Chunky new track. Had TO. And too sexy new tracks sexy future that steam off. Talk about this noon which ripper 'cause you obviously played a bad ankle at the battle with Curtis so. Yeah got you got the details on this new which with a record right yeah yeah Curtis is Curtis is a guy that I like a lot like he has so two years ago. It was moving to Seattle from Minneapolis is like hey Alan hang out like you've been hang out also I thought that was really funny he's just move in a town like. Star in a project and then he got here and he's one of the best musicians I've ever met. He showed up with this killer demo and then he got a group together so the lineup that's playing with which trooper right now Austin and yeah they've been working all around town. They tracked this record with Matt Bayliss cool coming out early next year I think on DE HU records in Europe. They're gaining some copies over here they're doing like them for the likes. You know doubles final splatter limited edition things one I'll look out for that the new which are for record I think we're gonna play the track swarm. This happening so Ellie Ellie our its debut and it's a debut of some pettiness thanks to thanks to Bryant here for I didn't he's been meets. New recording new which for urban music here allowed a local text me 77999. Tell me what to think. He like you like those riffs but still it which ripper allow local news stuff. This is loud and local. He's on the rock 99.9. KI DSL. Loud and local here on 99.9 KI SW about forty minutes out until. The new year we're celebrating 2017 and unfortunately some parts 12017. Are hard to talk about two and most recently. Army in world dean former vocalist of sanctuary of never more he was a solo artist who's an incredible awesome dude in the north was seen. His his name is Warren Payne and he had an incredible metal voice with a false I don't. Just such a powerful dude in the local scene in he passed away while we're while working on his his new. So world record his a follow up to his 2005 solo record. In some it's in. Sao Paulo Brazil by that it if I ended up announced that correctly but world game. RIP world scene in the sanctuary actually came up the metal shop this year and they talked about how. Just released this year a record called inception now believe it or not these are actually old school recordings. That Lenny from sanctuary found in his shed yeah. They were kind of discard if they were kind of tossed away it just old school recordings that they never did anything with me were. He thought that there would be rude to waterlogged. But he checked them out he actually sent them over its use over in the East Coast. Use the producer heat heat but he she ought to put a shine on them and they released it as a killer. Brand new but old record kind of like the lost recordings from sanctuaries called inception. It's sad that world dame had to of course leave us this year but he will. Be having we will be having a memorial service for him a public memorial service January 7. At 4 PM until midnight at studio seven gonna be some local bands playing gonna be a lot of his former band mates. A lot of friends who were affected and who were just like. Good buddies with war all all throughout his life going to be there so again. The seventh which is next Sunday. The studio seven we're gonna play a song off of that inception record is soldiers of steel RP war being razor horns. Pick a shopper war here. A New Year's. With the Kevin Sears who. KI SW. It's loud in local ER 99.9 KI ASW that they and hope Brothers about that record it's awesome. And then they quickly disbanded so all right these quote Brothers those deeds were originally from Indiana. They moved here to the northwest together. And they put out you are some records. Let's hope they get back together. And everyone just this hit them up on social media like Aaron just felt. Does the losers were breaking up. Only losers breakup. OK something like I'm gonna. But he ducks is putting studio and in also Lisa for me who's got the record straight off the plane she just like landed what. I gotta you at least I'm there I'm here can you hear me yes yeah. We can hear you you can't hear us though because you got headphones all right well either way. We saw tell us about your like crazy last week's hero over in the north over in the northeast for the last Dillinger escape plan shows. I guess I was I was there actually with the daughters through they were opening the show and then it was code orange Dillinger and closing out with their last final. Sequence there of threes crazy. For until they get back together a couple of years that I think that don't have oh god every one of his that is ultimately loses pick up. There you go through. But I was really epic then and the other main reason I went out there as well was. Tonic action records is putting out at can be. I didn't say it again and a hint. Putting out our records so we went out there and access. Hang out with him and his family they're amazing people cool he did some Wheeling and Zealand's did signed signed like. A contract you know like a 77. Record deal. Certainly millions of dollars through of those handshakes solid is OK okay situation. And he flew back and private yes I clearly. Charter that. Make sure that the they they cover that 14 and I took a six dollar lift your Thea project. Lisa would we were mentioning that we were talking a little bit about me your favorite shows that that he whose ox is gored got the play this year he does that it would Helms a league record release show. That plated Paul bear what was Samir favorite fox chose the food from my 2017. I think we just have to be that the Helmsley show. One with. Mutilate. Yeah that was incredible I mean that's like combining few. World's you have these different bands that I love so much. And putting it altogether and it was caucuses love writing ever canceled a different totally left out really good doesn't numerous right. Yeah that's that's like our home tour. But the mood yet. There are three it was great to see new twin man come back and play for an even bigger audience you know they've been around for a little bit longer on manual record so get it's what which. It's incredible yeah those guys killed I saw big rough yet the show act case yet he was hanging out and down he was having a good time. I don't know we got about twenty minutes until the new year. So we're going to outplay whose ox is gored actually 24 minutes until the new year so we're gonna play a couple jams go to a commercial break. Who bring you into the new year we got paralyzed her hereby heat whose ox is gored the sonic convert seven incher yet something like that. Yeah this is her tracks are paralyzed or seven inch we did this with Jack in you know this came out this year as part of congress were tracks sessions that's awesome here does he whose ox is gored. Couple tracked by damage while local on the Iraq. Okay. Yeah. It. Yeah. I. We're giving into the new year here on loud and local one of my favorite records of the year by being called homosexual came out shortly. Into the new year actually wake her bonds' home run. This one came out a couple months ago and actually came in pretty late in 2017 but it's a good record is called mono lift. And now I want to play a song from it called model lit the title track from the record. God about 1011 minutes until the new year gonna get a count down here with yet and we're gonna play some huge Sox scored but right now it's homosexual. Stay safe out there northwest. Hell yeah. The. TI ES WK ISW. I don't see it. And it is loud and lower and. Here are allowed in little iPad. We got John from sharp teeth we got that he whose ox is gored crew and we are hanging out here and they're gonna start this. Now down because your didn't into its when he eighteen here aren't loud and local thing. And god. Lewis. Ever more from arch enemy into an old playing zionists they say vowed there 2018 moving back yeah.