Loud and Local - December 3rd, 2017 w/ Year Of The Cobra

Sunday, December 3rd

December 3rd
Himsa – Dominion 
Wolves In The Throne Room – Born From the Serpent’s Eye
Year Of The Cobra – Cold 
Year Of The Cobra – The Descent
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
Year Of The Cobra – The Howl 
Year Of The Cobra – And They Sang…
Sunny Day Real Estate – Pillars
Seaweed – Magic Mountainman
To The Waves – Koda
Witch Ripper – Space Debris
Palooka – Brand New Day
Palooka – Our Time Is Now
Vendetta Red – Seconds Away
Devils Hunt Me Down – The Border Line
Woodshed – Self Taught



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New media metropolitan area encompassing that was noticeably northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. Featuring music ball. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. It is 10 PM here on 99.9 KI SW it is loud in local unfortunately the end of the weekend. We can celebrate. Awesome Seahawks victory is great we came here in the northwest it is December. And I have an announcement there is no Christmas music to be heard for the next few hours we are 100% Christmas music free. But what we do have is all the awesome rock and roll music from here in the Pacific northwest Europe over in studio tonight you'll be hearing. Five new songs their entire new EP it'll record release show coming up very very simmering talk and all about that the band the weakest beluga. But this week. He also has announced that they will be playing. Northwest pare bets reunited them so show after fifteen years building play. According tragedy and disaster in its entirety when the second couple of himself and walk from the throne room out my request. Well local on the Iraq with its a metal stuff go and. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. This is loud and local. Smuggle. 99.9. KI ES. In studio now friend of the show know. Friends of the show year of the cobra one of the most bad as do those here in the northwest welcome back to the fellow. Amy and John. Thanks so much and they are very welcome. It's and he can have microphones on. And Mary are you there dad IRA will. I'm still getting is still get in the bearings of things here in the new studios but it's awesome to have you guys appear. You guys were here in the old studio what do you think of the new lucky ISW digs antsy and here. He's trying to keep it wouldn't you birdied out then make it a little bit more punk rock great yeah who wanted to believe that day that I'm applicants stickers up and I. I'll blame it on you yet I'm at at at at at. But I'd identify it's been huge here for a year the cobra it's crazy I mean in the shadows below was the last time. As you guys were appear weak we debuted that record it blew up it's it's awesome album he gets torn on it. This this year it's been a whirlwind right toy seventeens kind of been a landmark year for years to cover would you agree that game. That's mr. Hit the road hard and that's been super stoked on. Shows. Well it's been received and everything's so. That's awesome you guys have toward a pretty much all over the US are pretty much focused on the on the West Coast would you say all over the years. Some yet included. Three West Coast viewers and two full US sewers and then. Struggles in Europe you. So flying the banner for northwest rockets awesome to have you guys out on the road kind of felon. What that that the northwest is still Qichen still got some heavy rock coming out from this region. I tell me a little bit about you were your excursion to Las Vegas for Psycho festival. Cycle Las Vegas you guys were like would be. Northwest band aside from Michael Chirac king diamond that would murder scene double swans you guys played right of right after receiving double dip. Tell me a little bit about that experience in in what was it like sharing the stage with so many. Incredible bands. And that was kind of mind blowing and deathly humbling. Elevator doors had an Arabic speakers of all the bands with that on the iron and I or Amazon and Utica rose like okay. That is actually happening Israel that the FF as the trip. It was cadet is be leading the tour around it so we actually you know tendency for all the shows he became an on Sunday share and one and we played a and left the next day. They're pretty cute in their rock and then Leann and matching now. Cool well what did you guys get actually eaten in an. No he didn't actually did it on our last US tour we did get in now in the attic and that's the stuff for you know. Your brother a little bit it tax free CC AD and does it affect you don't know are you an eighty apparently happened but he gets due to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches woody -- get a seat on tour you get as if he's trying to stay away from fast food. Yeah we we do make a lot of sandwiches. Yeah yeah and we found little to go salads that you confine it had a story on him now an area protein triggered yeah. Protein shakes those little Arthur Miller's the they we will make wraps you know aren't. Well what we would love to talk about you know lake actual lake food all the whole time but we're here to tell you lot talk about the new record. You get to the new EP the show was going to be. This Friday I believe the eighth at the high dive your record will be show. Alongside witch mountain in areas. Can be a killer show get this five song EP in my hands. Tommy little bit about it because it wasn't. Too long ago he gets put out a fully felt only guys to step. You know he thirsty for more needed some more cool stuff to get out there and play on the road yet you know we. We have signed up to do this pink later read that being released by magnetic guy. So that's like painfully covers that's right yeah so they finally have Indians doing painfully cutters or during the long been tired of the law one hour. And then there's also about stance with a double CD which album which songs deacons did. Can you tell us he and we can can. For the wall we knew we did when the tigers broke free which is actually not a song on. That album of ads the first on in the media is the opening song and yeah. And enough for the best that we data how to cigar cool. Themselves and make him popular receivers so now we're really excited about it. But we figured since we're going into the studio to record this Tucson that we might Islam. Record Mars so we recorded you know seven total to think flee Tucson and then five originals cool. And this is again with Billy Anderson in Portland current yet or outside of Portland that are yet. I don't that's awesome and as so you did this five song EP and was it what was the approach to a did you guys have. Little bit at different approach coming from you know this whole past year being so some heat for you guys is there anything you as one of the matter just. Stick to the bad asked for millions now. You know. We deathly took more chances on this cool on this record just because it wasn't he Pina I think. I feel a little bit more free a little more freedom journey you know Iraq and locked into a panic treating the entire problem which is kind of a short little. Snapshot into where your act yeah appointments though. Is cool I think thoughts on really well I think kind of opened up become more doors for our full length were kind of goes even. In different directions but yeah grant them. Cool. What we're gonna play a couple songs from that the first two were actually gonna go and the order we're gonna play the entire EP so if you're you know a year cassette tape. Just did an old school way of press record now. DD old bootleg but we got here the cobra in studio again give us a call teaser 6421 rocket you wanna talk and abandoned and talk some trash cold and the descent. The first two songs often bring your dad will be talking more from the band. Amy and John from the band in just a few but anything you wanna say before we jump in the Sox. Thanks for listening all right what's the music speak for itself but you're the co run some local. I. Team. Loud and local continues. It's 99.9. KI SW. And in the studio. Listening party for the new a year of the Covert EP burn your dead in that you can pick this up. On Friday December 8 Hyde died in Fremont killer venue. Was three killer stands one from Portland called witch mountain areas here from Seattle. They have when should you eat peas you can pick up so that's going to be pretty cool but also to. While you're there make you pick up this new album year of the cold Berber and you're dead river listening to you tracks from it we're gonna get through the whole thing. So juicy it can Giuliani's. We got Amy and John in studio and their they are friends of the show it's its Austin had he gets back. He's you mentioned that you did a little bit it's pouring out of Europe. This past year now you guys are going to be gone back to Europe in May yeah that's right. That's huge yeah I know I'm really excited it's the sun's going to be along our tour because the previous one was I think only that a week. Citizens an ego 120 some days. That's killer is gonna be will with any bands you guys can be gone out on your owner. You have we're kind of currently putting together a package to her with his band called Coke from North Carolina. That are also on STB records. Super rad young band just having gone for it cool so that should be banned. That's awesome what areas in now you're pretty going to be plain and and you also mentioned you're going to be doing a couple festivals. We have one main festival that we're going over their four Tom called freak valley. They've announced a couple of headliners but ohm is one of them. With a lot of super stoked put down. And other than that most that's still kind of been booked. We're hoping to get the UK and just kind of it is many cities in Europe as we can't. Yeah cool. Over the past year of the guys I know you kind of put put you guys on the spot but I was wondering. Like maybe may be places you wouldn't expect to have such a rock and show that kind of blow your mind any media a little little towns are a little places along the way that I you get to play in front of a I don't. Yeah cool audience Lawrence with warrants and Little Rock a non leno's lines the Monday mettle Monday. We've played with eight machine. Our little yeah that places not to have Monday's you know when you're on tour Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays you don't really expect too much and just your practice for a Yankee and even until Lawrence and and it is sick they evening it was a great show in other you know an killer little dive bar and a lot of people that came up in some people that came opens office Psycho. You know it was it was nice it was really cool. Now Little Rock, Arkansas Q I have out and his dad is always surprising me and meeting via. I've heard I heard some good things about to show you had a few weeks back in Tacoma at the valley. I love the valley had a good Sokol had some friends go out now they've never heard Jermaine actually the power and they were just blown away chronicles who. That's that's nice to hear. Absolutely I mean if you've never heard near the cobra than Europe at the right place in debt united just speakers is supposed to sound that are Lee and that heavy. And where I was wondering. What pins. That you played with aren't war should we check out. I know obviously will check out you guys but aside from year the cobra what beans media did you hear about on the road. Obviously each machine France's transit demand for an. Yeah those are two roommates and it's this last little run those guys are awesome. As far as bands. Doing toe hook yet totally grant them an. It's like go bond repaired definitely melted our faces tough seeds yeah and AMP gas at all ripper had a festival that we played that. Does this radler band out of Bozeman Montana called as crows fly wheel their TVs. Yeah in Qatar in transit I misery makes them and aunts and guitars and just and the votes is kind of thrown out program. And he's he's just. Great front man super personality. Awesome. Well. I was wondering. Another. Quick question before we get to more music if there's anyone listening now and maybe they're just wanting to us started dander just 192 media. Like music scene in wanting to get things going is a piece of advice he would give them just to you know maybe inspire them. I in I just say to do it you know I don't wait. To start you know start writing in don't be afraid as you know whether people like you music or don't like your music you have to like your music and you have to just put it out there and whatever response to get you get. You know and just kind of keep moving forward. With the cool to just do it to do it I think there's a brand that has that is attack. You either way you're the code that's their brands them. We govern your dead and if we have time we'll do the Howell either way it will we're gonna begin all through this you might hear some commercials in the meantime back. Here's burn your dead in Dow will go from there each year the cobra here I'm from local turn it up. Bang your head. As slow as can be. Then. This is loud and low. Back in the studio with year of the cobra plan a record relief though this coming Friday to eight. God knows he's this week my day I know you're gonna be able to sleep in on Saturday the teacher asked the high dive. In Fremont it's gonna vehicular shelling chances aren't going to be pretty gay impact. And Fremont on a Friday even if it wasn't a killer killer show it's going to be hard to find parking so make sure you get there early. A place in pinball and at a ball down the street. The gauge yourself the street hot dog and go see year of the cobra with which Mallon an heiress burn your dad is their new five song EP we've been playing songs off of the year of the cobra. I hate that. I feel like I just do all these introductions like I am just trying to like pimp it so much that it's just like. At the end in my. All right so it's just you know part. Feel like an F I'm do trying to do too much talking for you guys how you guys doing tonight and know what's so what's. We are looking forward to the most in the next you know and few months in a year and 2018 what's. We stoked about when he team. I think Tony is going to be really fun and we started writing and you minorities so looking forward to getting into the studio again. Record that and I'm really looking forward when we just buried the lead there you guys are having a new album coming out. Yeah it's not it's not set yet we okay going into the studio that you know we have in our minds and you know plan ago what we wanna do and when you wanna do we just need to make it happen. That's killer. And it's gonna be a full Internet creepy would do a full length we've guide credit you song ideas and in the hopper's work in on them because it just like a songwriting factory. It never stop then you have to find time and being an yeah. Well allows leave you without one yeah. I found crying out I. Have dot dot dot that it happened in. Hey you know that's cool tip that the attic so what it a typical songwriting session for you guys like who comes up with like the Connolly ED jammed the the beginning of it. Like the who starts off typically. With writing the songs is it Amy with the base with a baseline Larry do you guys kind of just. Jim it out yet you know most of the time I'll write like a little written recorded and and did Jon and he'll kind of you know PD curator. Nancy Internet to certain time and time and then we get together and meet manage him now that you know John also record. You know a lot of his staff ideas and it's too simple. And it goes between two. Yeah understands been. The super fun in the sense it's very collaborative there's not just kind of one main songwriter that's just yeah is the driving. Force you don't come in and day out that this entire time Danica is you know we've got this idea what's going and in. And see where it goes in we always end up going in the same direction and we've never really argued about the direction of the song no we wanted to be. And you know both the right idea is always in that you know and of taking us to every need to be Enron is that really happy with and result in an a for knowledge is ditched the font. From a backpack and has been quite a few committees I didn't think that had never made it. It'll be on the besides your it may never got banged. Up at half back at the same can't hit a. There quietly. I thought so. That the. This shows Friday December 8 beginning at the high dive I have I heard we were talking an affair the we're actually going to hear some some Johns vocal. Yeah John Randall and I've been trying so hard to hit this intense they think if I'm I'm not. It's. I'm not like it's wholly against it it's just it's very difficult on with how I play yeah isn't up to in the microphone and get them away. Yeah for us to hit it and you know after we recorded flat DP in Ruth and back as they some of them be. I am facing now its addiction to have been out there are say it's good. Well aren't we had it at. Get out of here. I think I can get a point I think in the way. And we aired appeared in the year of the cobra I wanna mention. You guys. Now have the opportunity to think anyone you need to shout out had we find you on the Internet. Particular some housekeeping I Tina Allen if the senate to bridge city sound. Kayla and eyes and amazing in his company is remarkable he makes camps. And paddles and I've used both of them you know actually his his incident on both albums the EP and LP. All over it I mean on every single song and his staff had credible he added they're truly. Insane. And the petals I used you know three of them. So I mean you know without him I don't think I'd be able to have the tone that I have is really I think but he's done for everything that they do for us. Now we're piper got protection. Sponsors meet with drums they make an incredible product to percent to the play those drums. But from that a record labels fifty year records magnetic I records. Are booking agent. And then a black state protections is doing that videos for us now via via him. And then. We'll see what the shop. December yes and thanks so much again patents on that thank you you're very welcome. And thank you for providing awesome rock music and at carrying the flag at the banner of northwest rock all over the US in Europe. So if you're listening in Europe he can check him out. I don't know if you're even listen in your place and that's netcast about after a chance less chance. Idea very very different time of the time of the day over there. We got him more song the howl in they saying anything you wanna say about these two songs before we let you know. Now with the howl was by the first song we wrote it's EP really dominate their enterprise after we finished. In the shadows Glen yeah so we're playing that out on the road. So once a year a year ago. So it's old old yeah so only on our sentinel the beginning we got two more of a year the color thanks again for coming up. Check him out this Friday at a high dive club local on the Iraq. It's. Thanks for listening to loud and local hero the cobra again thanks so much for that band it's too bad asses Amy and John a big fan of that day and they're gonna be playing Friday. December he that's this coming Friday at the high diving alongside witch mountain in area cities their record really shows all five songs. You heard tonight can pick up on the burn your daddy either on on final. Currency whichever. Your message. The destruction. Maybe it is now time for a couple old school songs in throwback segment of the show. When we go back to a couple bins that have made influence on the northwest seeing no longer with us we got Sunny Day Real Estate in Simi two bands that were FaceBook requests. Would you name rob listening into Comas in those states. How it feels to be something on record pillar the first on the island and all these spin a record magic mountain man to old school segment. You're allowed multiple. And then. This. Yeah I. Okay. Now they're local content. Years 99.9. KI ESW. And. And and you. And yeah its. Waves whispers. Face to read out what's referred demo loud and local. Little bit over twenty minutes left to the show. Yeah. Catch anyone making requests actually 77999. Or did you call 206421. Iraq. Before. DL with stripper song we have been called to the waves. And then seaweed and sunny eighty real estate where the old school throwback tracks of the night every week here on KI SW. We featured he'd the end of the eat pizza allow multiple teams up with Vijay in. Excuse me BJ and migs morning's. We gave the attention. I KI SW dot com prime real estate there. To the end of the week if you want your data be featured at or considered forbidden leaked it KI SW dot com click on the contribute to our music stab at Indy you concerns. Send your music smiling I would love to hear that in this week that is the day of the week is being called the loop that is a new album called Turbo excellent days. Their album release show is January 13. At the high died in Fremont. Playing with the National Guard in Jericho hill when you couple songs off this new political record is excellent. As the name Turbo excellent taste. Got rainy day. And in our time is now to suspect that by the end of the week both gut check and don't KI SW dot com's cloud local. I. Okay. I. This is loud and local. Any point. Yes. About ten minutes left allowed local sort trade shoots out as much local music as they came and vendetta red is bad. And in full force vendetta red it's been. It's been quite a while since we've under that name here Obama local but they're gonna be playing next Saturday December 9 at the fun house a little throwback action. Cool to see vendetta red back and and do a damn thing they can be playing alongside bin Epps moments. After words in the school of raucous applause can bring in some cans opened and that shows again. Then there are red gonna play in order one by then after that debate and who will be joining us. In studio next week I'm talking about their entire new EP. I won't be out in LA. On on of that of that week indication before the holidays hit no more in my ass off from holiday so. Going to get some sunny weather and match the overnights thief and natural. It's gonna be in studio here for you alongside Matt double coming down salt I feel a couple weeks. Then get a red double suddenly downs ActiveX here allow mobile thanks for listening and keep it local. And. It's. The. It's. DREAM Act. Okay. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And.