Loud and Local - January 7th, 2018 w/ Palooka

Sunday, January 7th


Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black
Sanctuary – Ascension to Destiny
Palooka – Slice Of The Pie
Palooka – Brand New Day 
Palooka – Another Day In The Hole
Palooka – Our Time Is Now
Palooka – All Over You
X Suns – You’ve Been Asleep
The Bitter Roots – Informed Consent
The Bitter Roots – Waning Days
RVIVR – The Tide
The Convictions – In The Midst Of The Herd
Eye Of Nix – Toll On 
CZAR – Vultures Never Eat In Peace
Cages – Death Wish
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation
Oxygen Destroyer – Vanquished By The Unrelenting Devastation Of The Celestial Behemoth



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Now mode. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I would just noticed the great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. It is the first official show of loud and vocal of the new year last week we kicked off things here in 2018. With Heath whose ox is courtly etiquette time here on loud and local my name is Kevin gears of last two hours of the weekend unfortunately. But at least we have awesome northwest music to like just. That's kind of favor those last few hours tonight we have an awesome bit by the name of beluga in studio. And they're going to be playing new songs from Trevor excellence at their record really shows coming up this that enables pocket all about it. Today. Some some unfortunate news of course and it's not news but it was it was an event. Of there's no really way to say it was a pretty sad pretty emotionally rod day for a lot of us here in the northwest it was hopeless world seems memorial public memorial. Over at studio seven from four until 8 PM this probably feel some. People over the drink and have a good time gonna play you some never more in some sanctuary in memorial are a world Dane. Here's never more dreaming neon black after that sanctuary ascension to destiny some old school stuff. Our IP moral stain. He'll forever be one of the most epic frontman. In northwest music history in met history. Starting things off. I'm loud vocal. I. Song. I was. We know. You know harness. I am. You. I. Knew. Okay. Okay. It's. Beluga in studio now. It's loud and local here on 99.9 KI SW started show off. With a couple songs dedicated to them from army in world team that we had is a memorial service today it was via public. Kind of a service kind of for his life and a lot of his friends his family his band members in and fans of his. Definitely came out in full support. Of army and the world gains all right. That means the introduction of of a classic introduction so it is Toluca. And they have a brand new record called her beau excellent today. Coming out this Saturday it's actually it's already available but the record release show is this Saturday before before we get. Started let's go across the room introduce yourselves what you do for beluga. Hey I'm Howard Utley base. I'm Paul pastoral and icing or who. Glam in play guitar on puppy dog Otto luckily it. Right arm will welcome to the studio guys that you guys put out your record Turbo excellence in a little while ago what you you came out with a vinyl. And actually it looks greeted skits got a great lay out its its. You can get a physical. An LP but it also comes with the in MP3. What did you guys wanna like actually press these and indeed it out there with the physical like LP I'm sure wasn't cheap. I think MP it comes from where we grew up one we are young and that. There's something about sitting down with an album in your hand putting on some headphones and listening to a written when I was young I used to mow lawns and now. For every five dollars I would charge I'd consider them now and so right now that's awesome to album yards three album yards and and so it's it's I think part of our DNA and it's and they sound phenomenal on the fact that now you can also offer yet download cards so you get the best of both worlds what are your first couple records do you remember bind with those like with those lines. Well kiss alive and destroyer were definitely from some my first purchases I was washing dishes pressed his pizza. Over and government escape king yeah for the old school dazzle however that and a shout out to press these Preston thank senator John Preston I have got a paycheck went to have Fred Meyer market timing process and Bob bad company bad company also think with my own money and -- and I had pitched completely camera walking home and almost getting run over by car process because I was just looking at the album trying to read them soon cool or never for even in the bedroom but it my bedroom to put it on so. And it's just you know there's a resurgence obviously and yeah you hear every year about vinyl sales and about outselling this Ferdinand and and just a sound quality you know like he said there's that. That moment when you put it on and you hear the first crackle and I just I never. I never thought that CDs or Digital's did you know justices some of the old school records that I remember yeah putting you know the final now while pioneer. You know turntable and totally. It's nice that it's coming back for you can kind of style music absolutely especially east it's kind of what you grew up with them if so tell me a little bit about this record eight came out it's is it self released or is it on a label herself released. No itself released an awesome it's just something that one of the things that I think all of us have had experience with this actually playing music professionally and trying to become rock stars back in the day when a lot younger yeah. And analysts some we do because we enjoy it and to be able to self release it into an on our terms actually affords us. A lot of control and and we'll release a product that we wanna release and hopefully it resonates with folks pick and a. Yeah I mean there's a lot of talk about people like Sam like the music industry is dying quote on quote. But I think that the music. Big news the bidders are thriving the labels might not be so much but that's okay because there's there's more bands Al they're doing things and actually getting. The music in the hands of the consumers the fans. And getting it the way they actually walked two and you know there's no middleman there. Yeah a lot of it to me comes down the control and you know I'm in no way a control freak I got festival and Poland's. I trust other people's opinions and stuff but having worked in labels and LA back in the eighties and stuff. You know it it it broke your heart have put something to write something and put your heart and soul into it so to speak in the yeah. And then it happened to go to a label who you know is represented New York management whenever it happens they. Yeah but we want this where we don't wanna put this out and so we have gonna need a single yes I'm moving you know I'm not hurt us single. But so weak we have a control and we we did it our way kind of thing. And those are some packages. Should. They go well we it would you're gonna be playing some songs from at the will be talking NYNEX and hear from us will be telling you all about how you can pick this record up. On Saturday. It's at the high dive but we'll give you some more details about they were gonna play two sons the first few songs from the record that we chose our us slice of the pie in brand new day there anything you guys wanna say about these are two songs here. While while you're in studio. But the first one was a song that I wrote and we pulled it into the band setting and really didn't we do and pollute the witches. You get five guys in a room. You're playing the heart out of the music that we has a lot of soul and feeling and and and what comes out of something bigger than I can rid myself are some. Kind of organic and a bat and I think that's what we try to do in the band is you know trust the folks that were working with and you bring ideas and in the and the better on the way now so yeah I'm for anybody who's listening dozen other history in England was an overlord and and that you know Duffy stand and Howard was in juvenile and it was going to be done and into the we're all in and then there's this lipstick then there was this is a man I've had little pardon but I exit it Glenn's point we we did have that trust thing where yeah I know what you did before and I know what you can do now and we've seen. You know what everybody's kind of grown into as a musician and as as a songwriter slash creator and so that it. To me that was the most beautiful thing without getting too you know. Crazy romantic and and meeting here but it sure is that we you know we kind of went in and said here's my song but it. Do you have an idea for and it was like yeah well I hear this way they'll do it I'll do what you want and then also on my thing. You know Glenn Glenn wrote the first pollute the record by himself and he can wrote this woman so he's got so much material and so much talent but for him and a allow us all the kind of command and you know bring our parts are beyond that same level bring ourselves to the song and whatever that to me that's what makes this so. Special I think they are in other than other stuff I did which again in the past is more like I'm gonna write this end nobody else has any say it. You know back to the creative control things. The beautiful things beautiful thing we hope you like it take a listen all right let's let the music speaks for speak for itself will be back with more Luka but here's a couple they're jammed slice of the pie in brand new day to sounds from Turbo excellent day Islam local on the Iraq. I. You're listening to loud and local mrs. Hulu two songs from that and Turbo excellent take the name of their new record in Luka is in studio so. If he didn't like the music column up and talk trash can so bad. You'll have to face then this Saturday Aureus battle is yelling Attica. They're they're a record release show is this Saturday it's also about guys. So it's going to be at the high dive and. Great venue we got. The National Guard plane with us in Jericho hill Kelly excited to play with those guys and yeah I just. You know. The sponsor very Rainier beer Villa boss of murdering his guys can't count for the ring and I like you asked have you got some ads on yes as do. Yes it. Just going to be great fun show wanted to come down enjoy it pick up a copy of the record and you know just. Get out your house and off FaceBook and come check out some live rock general imagine that getting off the and a half ass. As easily communicate. So you remember like back in the day when people would actually go to a show and enjoy it live in the moment and not have their like like streaming it for everyone. It was a good time it was a great time here Qaeda is when I first met Paul was back in the east via place on the cycle only kills ruling can a can of metal shows and other site that shows happen there but yeah. The thing was it was a community. And people traveled from all over it's like Saturday it does show and people drove him from hearing can wherever the and East Timor kind of immediate and we miss that little I'm all I do anyway. Absolutely and that at the end. It just as. Just like going back to the final release thing emea and now we can have probably saved money and done just digital and you know probably would have sold better who knows. But it for us this ban I really believe is about trying to. Bring that back the community thing. Were all in this together it it was a when other brands and in the one thing I will admit this. When I met Glenn and all these guys who are younger. Always talked mostly the other you know let's let's put let's you know it's like a little rascals let's put on a show. And an and that's again there that there's a reference for everybody isn't. At a ethical conduct but. You know it's announced the same you know like my aunt who shall have some fun I mean I know oral older now more responsibilities whatever it may be bit. Come out for awhile licences some rock rules say hi and and you know. Go home and your thing minute you know everything about this band is kind of about that communal thing in total union. We got together as we we all go back literally to like you know that the eighties and stuff. Even I mean Duffy told me stories when I first met him like rice argued this and there in there and in and I had a band is back in the day and to me that's what. Music is about. You know what's on his we're seeing a lot of folks of every generation want rock and roll again want to live music with. Written songs original music and what's fun as are coming out to the shows and really getting involved in the buying record players playing some violent. Getting Dallas some hard rock and roll you know look I think the other cool thing about it is you know with the National Guard Jericho hill is. We are. Ridiculously blessed in this area for having so many fantastic fans we practice. In Ballard and I'm just walk in practice and every story pass every hand is just. Phenomenal so bad as the fact that we have that much of the community here I think cast at a substation yes yes gestational people are should do themselves a favor and amount listened to more live music whether it's us or other people it's just. There's so many great hands in this area and do yourself a fair and they'll go check it out there and start with the Saturday. That's. At let's start. I I don't know if anybody's heard the news national garden knicks great singer and and added and some cool used to open. Jericho hills and new to me but I guess today our office and Ahmadinejad and and their energetic their you know. Pushing the show just like we are it for the same reason count out you know let's. Let's get this thing you know you'll keep order one of our shows you're gonna see some rock and roll you're gonna get into the rock and on beat dance and jumping around yourself and that's what it's all about. That's what we bring back that I think is something that we've always. Owned or songs owned or music and as people come they've become part of that energy and that's something that I think everybody wants to be apart. Alia hell yes of this Saturday again Turbo excellent record release show. I'll bring some money pick up his record experience it yourself again Saturday January 13 at the high dive. Before we jump into the songs you guys are some old school Seattle rock heads I wanted to know what's your 81. Favorite northwest album of all time and I'm putting you guys on the spot but we're gonna go for around the room. And I wanna know what your favorite like top it could be underrated it could be a lick of mainstream success. Whatever it is but just that one go to a one northwest rockers but starlet Duffy. Man aren't Duffy. Go off half one. I mean you played in sanctuary or dinner which was nice to rock out to that when I was. Like scrub in scrubbing the floors it favors when we're there you know. When I was a muzzle roster restaurants Arcadia I know. Where we sponsored by the man I gotta think about that there's so much because I mean. Like these guys are seen and I grew up. Listening to all of our peers you know wanting to play music with them LP pick a fun connect. Something I don't know you know ominously the lipstick Tate I. I have the advantage on the spot I have that tape and we wore it out. Now let's make user well and for me. Hands down it would be tko lateral. You so much. It's not only great album but it's also a foundational to. Kind of changed the way I thought about music on. And then they also have a newer album that's been put out by north the same people putting on northwest metal fest yes metal works. And that's what's called the round two tapes and those round two days back when it was just a little cassette got me through some pretty tough times just remarkable stuff and heads and shoulders above anything else have ever heard commands equivalents. So for me. Because he picked that and I'm gonna say. That comes and a close second but for me it was rail arrival the and I'll stay alive because Rick knots and everybody in rail. Reached out to me as a young scrub and and lifted me up musically like Austin Terry Young I'd literally went up and say how did you become such great singer and he's that I went mr. David island in teaches everybody. So you know Coughlin and I called him an advocate you know so. Rick not so it was like a do you teach in these and I teach right in the street site took lessons. And I asked him questions how to argue this oyster man and they were so cool that. I've I wish I lived in LA and it was I met reasons we're not cool you know and they didn't do it didn't reach out didn't help at all. For me it was rail. Tom and to this day I still you know love those guys into the arts and their fund and there are you know the great musicians great people. And let it roll is my go to 4 o'clock in the morning when I am you know just wanna rock and put the headphones on that's it so I would agree with Clinton. But I woods' real first. And Malia and Israel have suffered when it tko is that is another one that's across all of us in real it was important and when I was very young yeah and you know I would say is still others that you know probably the first unit on albums two Italians. Who calm yet. And again early so regardless. Steps to go every day not every weekly they come on him heritage and awesome. And is expected Duffy. Morning I got a Alan Moore didn't at a Tuesday news they would like well like if I gave Pauly some some props up oh that's right and restless. Is going well so would Jason nervous yeah its members were missing our heart is hurting right now there's drummers not here he does. Speak for him but he's not a northwest guys if you would what would be it is Caroline's. And I don't know what answer form text and text them and ask him are different iterations so good and the next segment I'm sure preachers have the Paul and I ended earlier career. And probably huge. It. Pollute get in the studio now Turbo excellent is the name of their record their record release show is this Saturday alongside the National Guard in Jericho hill at the Hyde died ticket's gonna go fast he'd better get your ass down. The high dive on Saturday the thirteenth pick up your record bring some extra cash. Tour tip your bartender that'll be there all night so here's our T sounds by pollute get back to back will be back with more what the day and Islam local on the rock. The. Swear at all. Do you now. Okay. This is loud and local. Smuggled. 99.9. KI ES Dell. And we're back with Hulu guys what you've been listening to we played four songs so far and if that's not enough for up. I don't know CD Jack and with and we'll go. Yeah you gotta Y it say it yet. Five taste of it tonight on my blow local and they're gonna be playing. A record release show this coming Saturday. January 13 at the high dive alongside the National Guard. In Jericho hill the records called Turbo excellent today. And I mean. Tell me a little bit about what the name of the record what brought you guys the idea to name that record that in debt. I do I do I do think we have it's a little bit of the story of one of the last sounds we. Planes but we do have a story I wish the story of the mania the album was a little bit better just actually sounded. Nice but. And I wanna get into this and actually wrote short stories about. The whole thing OJ came up short story that it's okay it's a little bit too long to tell me fair enough and maybe born. Do you have the readers I forget exactly but it came at a recording and it landed bridge with John and then and Kelly grade in December and has great album come together and there's just like what describes as music artist and to upgrade explode on the final. There you go and it was Turbo excellent and it was two bullets one day and. Either way speaking of recording island bridge we've got to give Russia today at a Chris Quinn who played amazing guitar and absolutely wrote some parts some great songs and arts on the record and then. We had grace love singing on it. This all on my and a whole song we heard earlier now. We had Kimba rent communities and I think locals. Christopher Todd Davis came in and saying. And Cathy Moore came in and played some amazing piano at the end of another example absolutely. Yeah to some great friends again communal you know local. People that we wanted to reach out to as we're writing everybody kind of heard their voices and other people and said. God wouldn't that be great and and you know it's to our advantage to our our great look that dale said yes and and and ended amazing works thank. Thanks to them they just kicked kicked. And recording and a legendary studio like that hearing things like that piano sound on that song. It's just it's one of those things in this area that's our version of that you know was essential piano sound is that London Bridge piano sound and that I haven't Kathy played out on that song for us which is a very deep song process. Really into just a moving piece of that another part of this whole story. Absolutely they're talking about another day in the hole one of those songs we've heard off the pollute the record. Now what you all we also played our time is now which is a song that I you had an interesting story about we were talking about during the break. What you share the kind of the idea about our time is now. In how that a chorus came Tia. Sure you know again mentioning Chris Quinn and Chris came up with the original was part of the new secondly that we do things Lucas via. They'll try to bring in something in the and then everybody tries to add to it like we spoke about earlier and Chris had his. The chemicals are written music partners trying to pull it all together enhancement of parts to written. Does the Seahawks aren't what a team and fortunately there. Sitting on the sideline now as well and now they're golfing now that it's. At one time they won a Super Bowl and there was parade obviously that came down the middle of Seattle and I was on the motorcycles cool crisp day and as on the motorcycle and then habits on my and most think of you know. What we do with this and and kind of hit by the moment that our time is now just this moment we've all waited for collectively is actually happening and to. It's it's sort of came from now we're. I don't have to answer on sitting there my hands are just. Freezing but this course counselors pumping through my head of our time is now an Italian with I commend ounces parade and a you know experience in this communal event with everybody and Seattle fein gets its due that's the inception of it and it it. Yeah it's. Really tells a story of decades of hard work that paid off and get something that. You know weeping seahawk defensive but also just fans of something where it comes together in the whole community gets behind it necessarily more general message of the song is exactly. That feeling of breaking through and really making an after working so hard and we jokingly call it everybody's hand from Kazaa a only about sports is about you know those times and anyone's life when. This thing you've been working so hard for actually occurs so Lola. And anybody who buys a record or of the digital I would ask you to because it it it's kind of specific but it's not and Glenn her base throughout the course Ira some of the lyrics in the verses and I think. I just think they're really cool and that kind of inspirational thing and again like Glenn said. I iced it for me when we are right it and I ask Glen we know what where it is our time is not come from and he said well I was going to pray tell the story in last night. Schools are wrote some rulers about that and then I'll also. Thought about anybody breaking through whether you have a new job. You know getting out of a bad situation whatever it that. Lyrically I tried to kind of focus on the positive like you know this is your chance this is your shot and your time is now our time is now and things so I would you know hopefully people can take a closer since the layers I think between new England and Chris Quinn. And it readies their contribution wrote a really great song. Oh yes that's awesome and it is a great song I think it's a good record it's ten songs you hear you're gonna your five of that tonight if you've been listening. Again the record release show is this Saturday. Anything you. Let's say your albums available locally that all the local record store so you know shop local if you can't yeah if you can and you looking for electronic varieties it's on iTunes and Amazon's CD baby you can gated January in the world. I'm so there's you know all the avenues are out there. Amaro also available on Spotify pandora and those things he can reach out to pollute it anyway you like him we have political rock star com C that's a really landing spot were also on FaceBook and Twitter and other social media so. You really can reach us anyway you like in modern ways but you can also feel rock that transcends everything from our influences in the seventy's and eighty's and ninety's all the way up to. Today and that's what you see is a variety of hard rock that we do very honestly. And you can do that Saturday night you can hear it in person which is the best ways to feel this lat and the rock. Absolutely swear it's actually very restless about. Alma influences early influences didn't Jason reverend Jason Jason did get back to me via text new American chain okay so another. Fantastic Google felt I saw that as a Paramount and I was like wow at the these guys are really. And I was we're gonna Linda's tavern again here's another restaurants like bar and shout out but. And I'd I'd met the guys that knew them and I didn't know they were in abandoned it got invited to that should not show apparently. Seriously put on a great show and a great records and also it's about and as well. And cannot see guys thank you Jenna and Kevin you and have asked masses of the last things thanks for the format that promote the show and record in in. It's like your own level of volume fans to come out support local music with us and all the other artists and starting with Saturday night c'mon. Make it happen. That's this Saturday January 13 at the high dive with the National Guard in Jericho hill teacher ass over to Ballard a late no Fremont that's free money it's free markets free hard and fast it. Fremont which. I've put on my eggs every morning regarding the three large banana I hot. Art all over you is the last song we're gonna play by the look at anything you wanna say about this thought. This is always an appalling yeah also the discos are it's a riff I've had in my head and I'm in my hands have been finalized and goes back a couple of years but I had a conversation with a friend in LA who I didn't know. That he was kind of are more right wing area turned into a right when Republicans sure I didn't notice about him yet and we've been friends he's from here is remembered organism is a rock and wrote guys and yet. So we're having this conversation and there are some bum like nations that are being. You know rank and and he goes off on a tangent and I go off on a tangent and I hung up the phone and knows. The lyrics literally came out of me in about 35 seconds because this is a really shirts on him but I you know that it was about like. Everett Everett has an opinion yet and your opinion is all about you and in my opinion is all about me. And when we argue it's all over you kind of thing and yet it so odd to me it was one of those. Moments in time where you know something came to me I don't know where and a I give thanks to the universal subconscious mind out there and Asia that through that to me and I was like an instance folks that think he's at a lag issue is something that excitement. Enjoy on the role this Saturday all over you busy and I didn't biscuits are right you should do better. And I don't let your career and pollute got all over you will see you on Saturday thanks again yes it is Saturday yeah. Loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. And it. Thanks again in to pull little guy for coming into the studio in sharing their new record with just her beau excellent take you ordered a bit. They can pick up the other half their show there are going to be releasing it Saturday January 13 at the high died get a physical copy on LP. Showed up money is Graham and listen to it most importantly listen to a National Guard in Jericho hill are there. To support that gig again this Saturday at the hi guys. Every week here on KIW dot com and KI SWB team up with Vijay in the bigs morning's. To present he had. Loud and local the end of the weekend if you wanna be featured or considered to be featured for the BJ and makes loud vocal the end of the week. Could KI SW dot com there's a former you can send your chance to us. I'd love to take a listen to luckier project. This week. We have been called the bitter words they've a brand new album called waning days and Nancy songs by them. Again this is the bitter roots the DJ mix it overwhelm local into the week while local on the Iraq. Everything in them. I mean are angry. Okay now Amanda king. And. Darlene news stung by the convictions they have a brand new record Alex. The convictions some straight up hard core pond from the northwest from Seattle here and you're listening to loud and local that's what we do know. We view two hours. Northwest music they convictions are going to be played a show. With a band were about to political I have mixed it feels kind of like weird psychedelic the bonds are black metal age. I don't even know it's hard to describe and that's why I like to let the music speak for itself I didn't Nixon to break new record called wax Omnia. And now we're gonna play new song from that the show is February 2 at the high line up on Capitol Hill he got some time. To make sure you got that ticket for that one high of next hole are on that is what you're about to hear it's. While multiple on 99.9 KI FW. Iraq the Seattle and the few years. I. Okay. And. And. I. The okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Yeah. And and I. Or. No I. How are you. Okay. It. Yeah. Yeah. Little over ten minutes left allowed local red means this is the last time you'll hear from me. Thank you for joining me in defending the last two hours of your Sunday night of your weekend actually. Listening to awesome rad northwest music last few songs that I played before or what to break ages a Seattle out kind of pulled fans. Ration it out but that's off their point seventeen demo death wish is the name of the song and board before that czar CU ZAR. But Tacoma band it's just all over the place. That's a killer metal shows coming up in the next few weeks. And one of them is a record release show for one of my favorite bands in the northwest subs for Adam. They have a new album coming. I'll call permission to rock all kind of old school power metal influence here Al January 23 on soared in sheen's record. Records. They're going to be played a record Lee showed January 27. And that is gonna be with our AP whether bitch weapon aboard in iron nightingale. Gonna play a song called the source of all creations put a new song off permission to rock. Coming out on January 23 after that you'll hear some oxygen destroyer. The song title is being squished by the unrelenting devastation of this alleged feel the human spirit god village leaned. Northwest metal band got a lot of thanks again for to pull hook up for coming up to the show their play and their record release show. On the thirteenth Saturday with a high dive go check it out drove me away with. Subset of oxygen destroyer. And I'm out of here while local on the Iraq. I.