Loud and Local - July 10th, 2016 w/ Ten Miles Wide

Sunday, July 10th

In studio guests: Ten Miles Wide! 


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Oh yeah. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. Analysts noticed the great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. No rock featuring music full. Pacific northwest. 99.9. Welcome back to loud and local wedding is Kevin gears here on what nine KI NSW here last stop on the weekend. It was awesome weekend. But it's time to almost close that out and now we're going to enjoy ourselves one hour of possible local teens everything from the to a 63253. To 36 so. The fortune five. And even maybe some five when nine tonight we are celebrating. The record release of the being called ten miles why don't have them hang out here in just a few good play about five songs from their new record and to be talking about their show coming up. On Saturday at the sixteenth. Every week here on KI SW dot com Vijay and needs. Feature allowed in local the end of the week on Friday they play some of their teens in this week deep end of the week is called. DH as violent. Human system they're very or add a bit of a brand new record out on suicide squeeze record's gonna play some from them to start off while global. Crooked echo. Here by VHS to allow local band of the week. On 99 point nine KI SW. Loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. Bought the rock igniting point nine KI DS don't. VHS violent human system the KI SW loud and local band of the week and KI SW dot com to find out about their brand new record out on suicide squeeze recordings. My name's Kevin uses is loud and local before that you heard some rest repose. So called the generator they are gonna be playing on Friday July 15. At studio seven alongside which ripper. And for the likes of you again it's ten dollars at studio seventy go out and support off some local music another beans can be played a show very very soon. And will be releasing a record is called ten miles wide who have been in the studio will be talking to them in just a few right after these commercials to allow local. And tears were. AI SW. Back here on loud and local and like I promised the studio right now we have a banned by the name of ten miles wide welcome back. To cast W welcome back to level local guys thanks ravenous need thank you. Hell yes so what you guys have been appearing there are no strangers to KI SW obviously when would Jolene was around she had he does a few times formally known as the mother ship. Correct correct. So I guess you guys have been appear what you guys are about to release a new record Telus or for stopping reintroduce yourself and tell us what you do for ten miles wide. I'm John I plague attack the git fiddle and thing. I'm will like major arms. I'm Ryan hold on the low end. And it completes a right to so why you guys have a new record it's called the gross and it's going to be coming out to you guys can be releasing it is there are you does it have physical copies on Saturday. Yeah yes it school very awesome and it's like he's eight songs. And there's an in between stuff out there who that's pretty funny to breakup the series monotony. Nice to you so intentional filler there awesome. And yes he does have a show coming up on Saturday and it's with doubles let me down van Epps in. Into Sar into some dishonest Fossum and that's that new nose on Saturday will be talking about that a little bit more but we're gonna be playing some of these jams so first off. It's only a little bit about his record like it's taken and you guys a little while the record how long is it was the process we're pretty broke OK fair enough to do things in a statement at your local best moment. But yeah now it's been about a year process. But yet it's come together it was kind of example they like and insist this item list but then just recently. Week it started coming together with our panel yeah and it feels like a cohesive like I don't wanna say liquor. MacPhail so it's I soured by as opposed to a compilation yeah it's it's got to apocalyptic alien five blue room you know the only real thing that could you know. Unita Saul. It is unions yet to pretty much from him think about it you know it's perfect timing I feel. Definitely. So we're gonna start off here with an ankle with a song called back burner it's the first song on the record is there anything you wanna sit introduces solar. East want to mis speak for itself for its. Kind of like. The period at the end of the mother ship be we should be in America the membership young regarded you know that yes but I it's it's kind of like the period on the you know that's him. Cool and a reintroduction. I don't so here it is here's a song by ten miles wide we're gonna be sit with them this is have an album. Listening party so I sit back in joy brew and let's listen some ten miles wife and awesome local music here a mom local. Yeah it's. Okay. He's. It's an manage. Loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Incredible new songs here by ten miles wide very proud to have them up here. I'm loud and local this is an album that's been a year in the making and they are releasing it. On Saturday July 16. And new modes going to be their record release show the album is called the gross appeal to pick it up you'll be able to support local music. We'll see if you Libyans as well what we're the other fans are gonna be fine with the guys again. Fan apps via doubles again and insists are sort these all bands you guys handpicked to it's a plea to show. He apps though they're all are all real good armies of ours we've known them for a very very long time and we'd like all their music and they're just the perfect fit to have on the show. That's cool man that's awesome so yeah again it's Saturday. July 16 and limos if you've never been in new most you're listening right now you got to go to this then you guys. It's an institution here in the northwest schooled they're going to be playing. There and in India and really supporting that venue it's right on the ran on Capitol Hill on the pike pine quarter. So I was wondering you guys recorded a few of the songs from your record with Jack India. We did yeah we did. Back burner that first tract we're doing we did two more with him actually one called dandruff in the moderate a little later called a suicide board. Yeah and it was great working with Jack guys like extremely confident that if you wanted to institutions of the north why. Absolutely there's a reason he's done so many records. System is agreed to work with. He really knows Stan you know that's cool men so you guys got so who else did you record with. Well actually we did all of drums at the art institute in a lot of bass guitar with three awesome students. Drew Newman Kyle him and and a Dylan Bundy that's awesome. The treatment they did a great job for us. We took those tracks to our trusted. Engineered their Mori and yeah recorded of course there's the home and he's super he's he's just a great job. Austin mixing getting a sounds he just he just knows we like you know. So great to work with everybody in that we had at Brooks master the record any dislike. Peace to all these rain attract the other in the most perfect way towards his makes. He's here and it sounds fluent in south apparently now Obama doesn't sound like a mixed choppy you know demo isn't that stuff like that you the last the last song on the record it's kind of like this little peaceful thing it's called inspirational masturbation. And I'm sitting there with Ed Brooks of all people whose penalties amazing things with his life and we're sitting there kind of like debating how to use them how it's. How to spell masturbation all like the correct way and it was just such a weird by my. These analysts this stuff with his life from here master with Jack who have is that you. I. So you guys have a new a new sort of new semi new member here in the in the studio and so happy to join me. More of been big fan of them for a long time we've been friends knew each other's through the music scene and then. I think that that the that this incident that really sparked Slater a tightness. Was that the time that John. Came to see my old man the filthy none at the hideout in Fremont and I happen to live right at the street and I came home and there was just a bunch of people chip in on acid in my apartment I own a child welfare and John was kind of relating missile incidents us this kind of go with the flow capture and says valley 3:30 in the morning. And she leaves with another guy in and all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. So these desert checked in and they just thought I'd be funny on the way out of the building to pull the fire alarm today. Endeavor the in their brain it's only gonna go off in my apartment yeah that is I think about Ali that the whole rest of the building was you know yeah see what happens. And part of their reality. And so anyways so vote. My manager landlord was pretty upset about that you can imagine all the neighbors allowed to say about it yeah this year finding. And colonies guys. First thing in the morning and am I hate Hamlet I'm gonna come take you're damn about your house and opted if you don't come up with some loot from you is pretty map a history of sedated. I just gotten a new kitten room and it's like I'm still feeling the effects of it but I'm like sitting there crying with my Keaton in my bed like. You. I think and then the other guys from the Bender calling it his they can I hope someone call you back some but you know what you're welcome 'cause your new house is so. Many houses appreciate it John you well. And then we just kind of got titans and you know a lot of. I like the back story that's awesome and he he's he's next level. Musicianship you like he fits it perfectly property Turkey and he has a little bit of complexity to. Awesome. Dialogue what we're gonna play another song the couple's sons and gonna play the growth is gonna go into use suicide board so we got two more songs here right ten miles wide if you like which year. Come out on Saturday July 16. And new modes and he's going to be a hell of the show so here is some more music by ten miles wide. Among local. So yeah. Can score. This is loud and low. It's on the rock ninety point nine KI DS don't. Still those I Bullard by ten miles wide were in the middle of what you might consider the ten miles wide listening party for their new record coming out. Saturday July. Sixteenth and knew those are going to be playing an awesome show that was suicide Borger and instrumental song definitely showing your chops instrument only. Incredible song very tricky. Yet those are about three tripped and hit Africa. Suicide epidemic among its motions and robots what do you want and a key ingredient in mushrooms on all. That's for certain is that is that correct Reynolds you know Kevin and it's all these songs which I really have to Pickens have. There's plot that there's there's plenty more on the record people there it is and you can find that out by Saturday you can. He can pick up the album are you get is going to be playing all the songs from the record on Saturday. Pretty much yes yes well except for. The joke tracks. There are no due to share don't tellem told. There's a secret spoilt as our small secret series here and has to pick it up or download it it's Friday going to be you know late zero dollars. Brent CD's the physical coverage memories Oden you can doubt be an or you can you can if you want to well. All right as a so what we're or something and that got you guys into playing music. Oh my god The Beatles and Nirvana to and on Sabbath. Zeppelin. Net. Of guns N roses big deal for me mica and I know I know yea that is it tests. And at an apartment and then. Just inside the game for me it's in the police King Crimson. James brown and as though and it's Ella killing joke sleepy sun. A just me and respect Angeles mother of all over the plant clones Miles Davis that's awesome. You guys are all over the place I dig it man by with Johnson. So much Robert cream green creamed. Cancun and yes since our name hundreds of awesome very very wide so much that question can religious and let's just. The rest of our should just be after it but it doing a single American lives are you prepared to Bernard Nat about it that's awesome ten miles wide in studio right now we're gonna play so called mother ship what are you introduces. It is a song that is whose named after being daisies to be and yeah it's just that whole apocalyptic side and you know it's it's it's. It's it's not as disturbingly. Negative as. As it might stand there there's some hope in there you know. ID I don't know you know we it's it's it's it's kind of pessimistic we used to be an ankle the mother ship in her first record was called ten miles wide okay there better be funny with in the script there at confusing and this is a revealed. Old old song it's director Paul by the way calls listen don't Nepal he was in the militia and levee broke and the people. Right on so here it is the mother ship by ten miles why don't loud local. And tears were. AI SW. Ten miles wide the mother ship. Here on out in local Barry called having guys in the studio thank you very much coming up thanks so much for you absolutely so if you like what you heard here allowed him local show up on Saturday. At new Moses going to be some awesome bands van Epps doubles let me down into Sar and the end you just heard for the last five songs ten miles wide. The gross is the name of the record available Saturday at new modes is there any place that we guy we can go online to follow you guys in. And any shout outs you wanna make before over for a kick your state gas adding years. Or so we're gonna drop the album on. Ten miles wide dud in camp dot com it's going to be pay what you want cool or you can use that took us a million dollars if you want to me pretty cool. To open suit on our web site is ten miles wide band dot com it's like awful pleaded to a totally redesigned that. And then to confront and face him housewives not the number ten like the word and GE and that's otherwise you get this other bands like jags you know wanna. You know you don't hear that stuff. You wanted to be somebody. I mean. Not any. That's not who went out and yeah. So thank you again that guys coming up is very R&R stinky vets in here of course we just got at a rehearsal so he's so it's literally is stinky so I was Reena mine but he. We're really awful on point all sweaty. Right Donald thank you very much again ten miles wide catch him on Saturday at new memos July 16 when we come back we got a song by mother crowd. In the eighties and he results escort from conceded in their slob local. Here on the rock. Loud and local continue. 99.9. KI ESW. Back here on loud and local ten miles wide very awesome band they're exiting the studio now so you can go catch up with them. On Saturday July 16 again at new most ten miles wide right now being and that's going to be playing the night. On Thursday is a bit cold mother crone descending the north is the track I'm about to play for you you can catch them over in three months. Thursday with which river at the high guy. It's an awesome band and they are friends of lab local they've been up here before so let go catch those speeds over three months. On Thursday I know I'll be there mother grown here on my mobile. Mother grown here on loud and local awesome local band get any plan again Thursday. I thought dive. To go to that show another great show happening there. Week. Is with a band called the key results is scored on Tuesday along side. The touring band called ghost bad for Hughes out Gordon goes fans can do little mini tour. To go and support this torch kick off at the crocodile. On Tuesday he whose ox is gored is gonna be the way I end tonight. Well local. Ten miles wide the band we had up this week he'd go check them out on Saturday the sixteenth. And new message definitely check that out and pick up their new album until Kevin says Jeff Fisher wasn't allowed local T whose ox is gored here on the rock.