Loud and Local - July 17th, 2016

Sunday, July 17th

This week I started off with a few throwback bands to get things going - Himsa, Waxwing and Pretty Girls Make Graves ....I then spoke with members of Malfunkshun and discussed their upcoming shows. 


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Oh yeah. Yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. Analysts noticed a great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. KE I USW. How low it is loud and local once more amazing beautiful weekend it was my birthday week I am now officially 31 years old I had it. Had a good time 1000 Y pro wrestling get a high. And and to that together item with youth he's so great loud. And local awesome northwest teens tonight to end the week and one hour of everything that is northwest centric. An awesome from the to a six to did you fight to meet the 45 to 360. And a little bit of the five on nine. From feeling Randy from human up to it tonight we have a bit by the name of malfunction. You know malfunction. Andrew would rest in peace we have Kevin would inject stark. Just start the new vocalist of malfunction. Can be gotten to them shortly about their upcoming show they have going on this week we also have some tickets to giveaway. 2 AM alas that's going on. That is Saturday July 30 at vessel winds and Ailes in wood and build and to start off. With a song by a band called him son Hamza played an impromptu. Reunion show last night. And it was awesome. Yes yes yes if you did not go well you can go see himself on October 29 at L core zone but last night they put it slims last chance in the back of a truck. For about thirty minutes and it was very very cool as the first names is said that even happening he ears so what here's some old school hymn says hell bent. And hammered off their debt is infinite EPA's in so start us off allow more local. All. This is loud and local. He's on the wrong 99.9. KI DS. I. I. And. Yeah. And loan. And I. No. Then Hume they. Seeing things you'll never seen. Know what you honorable thing slow this. And so I mean. And so. Yeah. Is back. So all you. And. So humble man. Malone. Hello. None. Very mean. Paying. The re awesome day is no longer live well this is sort of with us as they played a reunion last night as flames last chance. An impromptu kind of super secret line that about eighty. 75 people showed up to they've played in the back of the truck. And it's. When questions is very very cool that they're going to be playing an official. Reunion show October 29 Halloween weekend. At L cores on very fitting it's Halloween weekend out before or after that you just heard a vehicle pretty girls make graves. And in between there was wax wings three bands that. You know honestly I didn't didn't have too much of a common thread I was just taken their ball re awesome bands. You know no longer with us that I got to think in an airplane or if they pay all his fans rocked the Redmond firehouse. So many times during when when I was young going to always shows up in Redmond. And in the east side. Yes very awesome bands like you can start off while local news sometimes with an old school bands that are not around anymore as a bit of a history lesson. Before we get into the fold so when we come back we have a Mormon history lesson but they're going to be playing a show on Friday the 42 malfunction. Will be speaking with me. You just feel. You know mobile golf. He is rolls. AI SW. It's loud and local here back on the rocks were speaking with Kevin wood and just start of the band malfunction. Obviously when we say the ban malfunctioned there's a lot of history there are very excited to speak with you guys and very cold had to allow local. But first thought the guys in the plant showed high dive on Friday between second. That's right that's right click and had I don't know I'm. Where are just a little bit part of a premarket. We're. But there. Yeah very cool area that place has great sound so definitely. Everyone needs to show up on Friday for that one. Yeah I love that I you know I played there many times over the years I was here integrate our great sound like that it got a big great show. We're playing we're sure that bill was it was apparent well I'll blow blow up well. Yeah Jack you played based on not so does her own ears that he's pivotal embryos you know music scene in London. Partnered actually the he engineered they're back through additional. Compilation. Luge not functional famous for. We recorded. Me and came amid group. Absolutely Neeon malfunction and Jack indeed are definitely big. Friends of care is w.s will will always support. All that local awesome this but first I tell me a little bit about you know the new singles. Well you know we've got children into coming out and we. The one call occupy reality we've got a little uncalled glow. And we should first when chapters. You know contributed to. And what you outlined important from. That you have a range of mandate which you came out a couple years ago yeah income. And then ever wanted to live version of merry go Margaret my brother Andrew and suddenly I'm not only cover. Every good little bit of a different take truly. You're actually a lot of low bond and you know and yeah tribute in the do you agree and a Jew and I thought we could call him your mouse function Burnham yeah. Don't. They it's sort of conflict. Some of the all I'm an annuity we're you know we've got yeah are important he does a great job have gotten some new songs and singing. We've got you know all of a sudden got songs from the middle period period choose. He week at all we have to get commonplace for good long time. That's awesome Jeff what are. Jeff how did you personally get involved with malfunction back in 2015 was eight I'm assuming their band you grew up listening to and what's it like being the singer this. This icon of the band. That is certainly true you know my. You can do more harm than you know that they would you agree Capital Radio I've yet. I recognize. You didn't go backward as they do so. That have what you know whether it is a good move into applause twirl a woman opened them. I don't socialism you know from there it wouldn't have caught it later in Iraq. That's also been they're great and that's really cool. I'm via phone interview on you think should develop. Yeah. I do my best. Ali can you just bear specs man in India and obviously they chose you furries and yeah. Yet just factory shop she's a great guy you you gotta currency. Slid out Islam you know. He does. He does a great job and he's one of the best singers work what does. Yeah as my brother of course who you know. You don't already moved up land through of course he heard yeah. Has brought his energy into the barrier and he's just can Asia eastern that I get. Can't tell you I'm happy I am about having her in the barrel how great years. And how well he deliberately you saw. And the result we've got come another part. Discovered in mind blowing. That is awesome very cool decide tot he guys I'm gonna play a couple of tracks right now. And definitely make sure you head over on Friday to Fremont is he up well as long as well as the band you're listening to right now malfunction. A north west. Icon like I said an awesome band and they are still going strong to definitely go to that one on Friday is there anything you guys wanna say to the northwest audience before a player songs. Well you know if you're always a thrill to be back up in sea island good place for the hum crowded you know I'm my heart is up there you know I I I grew up in specific month whereas an elaborate during a wait and see. All built prayer room and you know and just say I think everybody who comes true blood malfunction. People who just government function on Friday you know I whose lawyer Alan dealers say Ali I'll. And am looking news he's looking into beloved rock unit. That is awesome right on thank you very much for calling in and we will be seeing you on Friday again that's Freitas 22. At the high dyed his couple songs by Mel functional while local. I. Golf mental. And. And. Why should. Joyous. Yeah. Move. And it's a. It's. I mean. Now. Okay. Well then yeah. Yeah. I. It's. I. I. Okay. The news and news. Then. It's. Okay. Loud and local continues. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and love. On the run from 99.9. AIS. It's. I. With the Kevin Sears rolls. KI SW room. And yeah. And it's. Us. It's. And mom. Okay. In the world. Okay yeah. He's. So Paramount. Greens being put it on their. Leave office and I'm. Explosion took an explosion of Megan will not need locally. You know Arnold trumped up past mistakes and not doing. I. Yeah. Don't drive. Okay. Yeah. Zero. Buddy waters and Muddy Waters Muddy Waters Matt baptized in Muddy Waters but it tongue twisters there is lot of local mining is Kevin gears before that omni. Breakfast of champions lives in a malfunction two songs and then you heard from. From members of malfunction. Very very cool Kevin wood in jets are thinks a colony tonight and we got to talk with you live on the air they're going to be playing Friday the 22. At the high dive I've told you a few times but I wanna it's like bash it in there you've got to be there another show you gotta be yet. He's going to be going on Saturday July 30 at vessel winds and eels in wood and bill. And I will tell you after these commercial breaks how you can win tickets to go see a LS fast a very very good cause. Your modern local. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. What help out agreed cogs in show up. And supports them also local music and like I said a great cause rock out AI LS best. Is going on Saturday July 30 at the vessel winds and angles and wouldn't fail. Comedies and Ali G show features window pane mechanism future leaders of the world be a darned elusive spiral. Bibi and the nobody's and local motive. There's also a viewing of the Jason Becker documentary not dead yet there's guest speakers and videos or food trucks is veer in a Weingarten is raffles and auctions. And it all goes. To help out rock out they'll last the ALS association. In the AL west of therapy development institution for Ellis patients and research for cure. ALS. So if you wanted to go to this. Are you gotta do is just text. Window W I ND OW to 77999. Units window to 77999. And you and a friend will be guests listed to go see. Window pane in mechanism that all these awesome bands. At rocking out ALS best. So right now we're gonna place and when they'll pay this off their newest record it is awesome. You definitely need to be checking it out if you don't have that record he can pick it up at rock out LS best. Slam local on the rock. The only one. This is loud and local. He's on the right now ready to deploy non KI DS.