Loud and Local - July 31st, 2016

Sunday, July 31st

Welcome back ! On this week's episode I started things off with brand new music by Mos Generator and Dust Moth ! From there I played a tune by A Province Of Thay and went into some old school Hammerbox ! Plus a ton more.  Keep it local !


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Load. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining us this is allowed. Featuring music bowl. Pacific northwest 99.9. KI SW. It's loud and local is two his end of the weekend on an awesome new mining is given years and I am proud to present you an hour of all. Local northwest rock and roll music. Tonight on the show I have the level will be of the week which is called dust Moffett an incredible new record. And dignity I have W dot com to find out info on that bans tonight we have everything from the to a six that you have three. The 145. Please excel and a little bit at 509 from feeling kind of reigned. Right now I'd have been called mas generator they put a show last night at the the fun house here in Seattle. And coming up next weekend they're going to be played Bremerton the minute saloon is Tacoma. Luigi is black mound that's too as well as jazz vote tonight after that's a bit of feature a song off their newest record the record is called a busy on us. It it is. Awesome so here's a noose on the first so a lot of local tonight. March generator. As above so below. But just by about those risks. While local hero and rock. You know. Loud and local content you. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. It's all right igniting boy knock KI DS okay yeah. Every week here on KI SW dot com. Vijay ended wolf. Or will allow local. Band of the week what am I even say and it it is late here and it is liable called the end of the week and every week here. On loud and local on Vijay in mid morning show. Let's try this again. They feature a level will be into the week. And we have info on them like yesterday dot com we have show listing Iowa a photo and also a link to buy some of their music now this album. Does not. Is incredible. It's been does not is so awesome. They have a record cold scale of that on the Miley and she label and the awesome label they actually put out the new air his record as well. Does fluff. I hit save a good thing. It's like my new favorite record of 2016 and I know there's a few months left between sixteen but this is such. Incredible record I have not put it down and I wanted to play a few songs who needs a bit of featured 3000 deaths Moffett noted a little bit more than I usually do. But I just wanted you to promote this bit as much as possible and get this out to listeners because you got to pick up this record's called scale. And then a little bit of good cellular showed they're going to be playing coming up with a band that I just played. Called the province of days so here it is dust mop the so called live off the record scale. Doubt now. While local. Loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KI DS devil. It's. And. News. Okay. Yeah. Incredible. I'd just month beat Vijay ended in local bin that we get a KI SW dot com to get out. Info on them inform their newest release full scale launch Miley and she. Records and other also going to be playing Michelle so I wanted to let you guys know that. This is going to be killer show with some very awesome heavy hands also one from Brooklyn. On torso province that they had an athlete earlier. Alongside heiress family. In the big you've just heard dust mop point Sunday September 4. And that's going to be the highlight on Capitol Hill so. Very very cool show this is one of my favorite record that I've heard in recent times so I I'm all about. I get the records called scaled dust mop credible female vocal just an incredible soaring. Awesome kind of post rock. I don't know she's. You know what I'm talking about you were listening and there's no way to describe it other than just. Freaking awesome vocal music does market with the another one right here it's called shelf life. Your unlock mobile franks thinks solicited. And this is loud and. He's bought the rock 99.9. KI DSL. And yeah. Seed. Yeah. Would Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. Reform where it's a commercial break here on loud and local I've played have been called year of the cobra wanna do quickly mention they're gonna be playing a show. Metal shop present mono lord's peace maker. Sweat lodge in here of the cobra eagle on the next Friday. At Barbosa and it's Friday obviously if it Barbosa which is right underneath numerals it's never been there. Awesome panic intimate venue there right underneath him so very very cool didn't do a throwback. Track of the week. And at this an incredible band called hammer box if you never listen to him about that we check them out. It's a solid releases and over with so called trip so this is the throwback jam of the night. You're allowed local. Yeah. Okay. Okay. This is loud and love. Small Little Rock 99.9. KI ES stuff. Yeah. I'm. But. Yeah. He's. It's an manage. Ten miles wide here on loud local as we wind down at the show and go until the last few minutes that was back burner off their brand new record called the gross. In it was put out by themselves in an awesome and you definitely need to check out director. It's called the rose you can order right now I go to their being can't deacons to a Spotify all of those things all those ways to check it out in support that ban. And see them when they play show here in the area there always Keegan around town and just definitely go see them what is there in Austin today and before that. Answer damn allow local band from few weeks back. Very very cool being as well that was burned the night off the record of the same titles of the title track here. A lot of local organ and the show without band that was also the live local the end of the week. A few weeks back so you see kind of a theme here we feature the level will be of the week a lot and we love to support our own here allowed local thinks a lot from listening to the show again. Well local airs this Sunday night at 11 PM we did it and things again go to KI SW dot com to check out more info on dust mop Matt. Is up next. To be your overnight sensation. And send him your request that to a 6421 raw score at 999 KI SW on the Twitter device right now as a vehicle VHS with crooked echo. Allow local.