Loud and Local - June 18th 2017 w/ Rest, Repose

Monday, June 19th

This week's guest is Rest, Repose! I also played songs from Young Go Hards, Sanctuary, Ten Miles Wide, Devils Hunt Me Down, Devotion and Ayron Jones. 


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He now mode. Yeah. Armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Oh it is 10 PM here on 99.9. TIW. Unfortunately. The weekend is about to be over but. The good thing is we have two hours of all what homes in use of the best in local music. Last night I. I'm pretty stoked that tool show man and it was it was amazing to see that but it's nice to be back here. In the share where I get to wait all we could jams tonight we have the rest of repose in studio we're going to be points in some of their brand new album. Carter about some shows coming up. And is some good teams man I got a couple of guys resting pose hanging out here. Right now every week on KIW dot com BJ and makes morning's teams up with loud and local that we picked at the end of the week this week. Is at the local kind of punk. Ish fans I would say they'll like free hunk but there there on the phone. Edge of things they're called young go hard and they are kick ass I got to sound from them back to back is the loud and local the end of the week young blow hards kitten militants. And then what are you from here of young go hard the week. Obama local. Yeah influenza. You know winds now. Loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KIS double. Back on loud and vocal in studio right now my friends rest repose. There hanging out to them and Iraq and it still hoping that. And I can tell right now. Don't know how bad I AEA and we got fluff got Anthony Darren did from breast repose. And. It's cold weather guys in the studio Manny your new album has been Killen self titled self released. Its banks again yeah we division outlook because you know certainly. Of course I mean you guys got to be proud of this thing it looks like. Would she it like it this this looks awesome it was I mean your. You're lucky he was with great sounding but like it was just like a little paper copy of a you know ride it was cool as far as the physical that this thing for our work is beautiful. It's it's it's fancy flat stock it's not lost it's nice yeah we definitely that would appear to be. You know we did Elvis on current ones. Make sure it was perfectly. You know from that actually reported feud that even the packaging and we it was like if you make a decision on how many pages you made the one and it's been. And then there's a lot of DZ gotta go featured baby. Now. Since we had you on the show we you you guys played obviously a major bread fast last summer and then you guys kind of I don't know I mean you guys broke up with it it was it a break up. Yes it is it was a falling apart after a tour via via via it was a lot of personal the parent lives and Adam. And we definitely in the win which is like that rookie is news that your ever. As a band or is Andy anything like. You know it in amalgamation of people communion to do something now that's like that. Riskiest thing ever is to just feel like who will Wilensky really hard so workers can be done acquitted Nam. It would get your job yeah I mean right when life hands you lemons. You make lemonade and and so on the street makes money would eliminate. Yeah that's the and you write music about those hard times right yes. That's actually out what most these songs and there there is a common. There's a commonality we're clear I think tenor. Went through the hardest of the times and several members. Does the price cuts fell apart in New York charter and it was hilarious we sat and there's a lot of common themes of overcoming tandem. With the relationship stuff so Mika it's really rings true when going through. Italian man. Well I can certainly. Really to you you're doing your life falling apart but you know. I think a lot of this kid yeah absolutely. Rest repose any you guys got back together though so. That's cool how did that come about I mean you guys to go to the break obviously. You know breaking up and then how do you combat together because it seems a key guys are more of a force than ever yet the me myself. And down drummer shared were worthy of the two kind of seeds of the band hurdling when we first started and when we kinda had. It it was it was a complete miscommunication. And instead of actually sitting down and talking week. People made some assumptions and ancient one oversight and we just a couple of pets to Oca and the band split and we didn't talk for months and I actually saw him after financial and Anaheim a local. And both he saw me and I'd just gotten out of a relationship and he had heard about it and the first thing out of his mouth was him annum from Broussard to us to hear about I thought while. That really gloomy Wexler know how would go her arm and we hugged it out and I had some Beers but man nice it wasn't too alpha bros related. What you thought no there was an Internet and then eventually once we got back home we actually sat down and have amendment our analyst talked everything out his hand. And again that they have a lot of passive aggressive nature. That an actual break like you know doing well is a north last yet no kids. And we would have likes bats where we wouldn't like something and we would we would bring it up and then it would be which Buick. Yeah but you don't know like W came player party you can't but you don't ever do this and you Nike you know what have you ever done and it was very ambitious it would poke we poke fun at each other instead of just telling the worst group text ever if it was there's guys Cindy I we would jump we would see if people would get singled out within the band. And then everyone kind of single them now and then just Rouse them. And mercilessly and I think whatever is done because it was like yeah but I still you know like oh very funny well whatever and then if I'm still pissed about that again right now nothing would ever get done so we definitely. We learned how to be and clearly evident to like respect each other's individuals are musicians and that's why I think that that there's a strength to elect a new music and and the production point everything else because it was like we're not gonna. You know what do we last thing where it's like it's going to be somebody showed just because they not do that thing matters and counts of public. Yeah I know I don't know whenever boom you know produced or recorder now over played the drums but I in China and or open an oil like yeah you know it's simply. One of those situations so we definitely hear each other a little bit more and I'm making. Big steps to make sure that we aren't reporters of them on couple situations again and that's everything from like. You know when we swami or paying each other and like when we how we travel weekly book I think we travel in. In where we stay in them a lot of little things just because those things can be huge difference is when you're on the road of a man Marty each other and no incidents for its. He gets the care of it now otherwise you might continues down the Libyan seen anger we have to pay her 50000 dollars a month to get a cat in a therapist to hang out the end I was just about to make that there. Well what's the music speak for itself here for a minute I wanted to play it some songs from the new record again this is rest repose. They have a new. Album and you can pick it up we're gonna tell talk all about that organs out by the success of it. The new album as well as three killer shows. They have coming up but I'm gonna play two sons back to back right now we got the cycle in the gravity to the school to 06421. Cropped tops and trash. He's a resident of your own mom rest repose a mild local. With the Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. And it's. You're listening to loud and local hero on 99 point nine TI. Game time we'll get into that just moments I. You're listening to loud and local here on KI affiliate and we get banned by the name of rescue boat that's what you've been listening to for the last few songs. That is off their. I think that you won't play because there's an appeal before that sleep city correct it and that is their deep view. Album that's believe it or not it's. This self released self titled record but it's been here in Seattle it appeared on the billboard. Was it top 200 chart it was specifically heart ruptured but awesome. So what you who's the craziest thing completed. Them we industry's broker Jack and which are active the toys funkadelic a blast. Because I'm an episode dislike him I mean my young days you know ultimately noon infinite it's really cool stuff in there that I. And he was like hey we unify it was like game we need we need to do. XYZ for billboard and I was like oh why would they want and I thought there Tressel yeah he was like a little defensive first. Because even we think getting him a people a lot more or your outward as it is. And more sentiment album certainly great for eighty dollars global anomaly here are you kidding me like you said it was going to be free yet. To do something like whether it's her viewers something ever wants a piece it yet there's been so he was like well if they said that the album chart. And might be like the big thing is OK it's not sure but let's let's be real. And then on and the message likely message. The bill we're back and forth and some inning and in your waiting waiting waiting in the holiday weekend you know so it pushes the economic Monday and it like yeah hole so we won't see it Ortiz equipment when it's like waiting. Dislike tacitly and in just throwing at them and then did you find he knows he's like you today in photograph. And it was number twenty you. On billboard hard rock and we all are now. Willow and definitely it's weird since late you're out there with the heavy hitters man and we're yet it was it was crazy to see who angrily. You know rubbing elbows with on this on this thing and and the fancier beating out yet and and it was just like. But also to see like you know this dike and name plate record's been deeply records and there's like rushed those rest oppose. Self titled an athlete arrested and nothing else the political self released him and so when they. Do you guys the flop viewers you are saying like. The guys from billboard we're asking like who are you guys is that right he was basically in the nicest most professional way the dude was of the gentleman through and through it used he basically. An email us because who liked who are you guys like. Millen ever Libya we need you PC info can we get album artwork can we get a copy of the album for our and what Lee Larry one. We are now able. Exactly it was a it was like wait so how did you who. What would you guys do like that she's distributions are reflect what's digitally cyclical outlook stores them in stores you guys and as senator Barbara and sores reviews. Reduce the a couple of you to movers and the but YouTube channels anyway. Okay well. Apparently used only for pretty. He's like seeing his job disappear right. It was a pretty funny conversation no. Yeah that's awesome and so yeah I mean a lot of the successes and your band is based on the fact that both. Flip you injured are successful you tutors. Jerry does a lot of comedic style and lights it's kind of spoof videos you do. Guitar review in gear reviews yet. The super super guitar and nerdy stuff it's kind of my Forte on just. I'm so into big here as much slammed the playing music you know and I've managed to kind of monetize it as. Awesome. And so when you guys come start a band than you already have this built in fan base of people that are interest in your stuff and and at this point. Why would you even need to be a label I mean your your stuff is out there it is so many people that are viewing your videos all the time. You've got ice although the breakdown based on your one sheet you guys got like two million views on your your music media stuff it's crazy. Yes it's it's pretty cool and it but yet you know he still ran into this industrywide. Old school wall like you know and you still can't get into. The cool guy club. The little guy clubs tanker you know in the magazine articles you can't get into the old and old media the caller without having some sort of. And there's a photo like. Like a a a political. Spheres as well it goes on because we. We have all these things that you're saying YouTube presents an in numbers to back up we're doing in. We see all these bands getting these tree. Two hours and an awesome opportunity easily TV. Trounced them on every platform in the you know this is not regarded it is but it is frustrating because you're asking why do we need to label it and to some extent I don't think that we even know. Because we're like we yeah we what would what will labelled as for us and and then we try to go do things. Like him really wanna be on this tour and the like. Yeah okay but criticism about things aren't yet from the out date they said that without a label they can't you know trust the old draw and Brian like. It's a game of throw into the record labels man there's only successfully created an industry where you have to play their game two birds and anything in their world. And it's like this weird like it's kind of relationship like. Chicks will not talk units are in a relationship of the appeal that I had asked if he's good enough for her than in the end you know that's the kind of thing at that time. Yeah on American. Resigned. Well I gotta say man it's cool do to see you guys Killen get on your own and you revenue vocalist what he's not necessarily do. He he did join the band before you guys broke up at at first gained so. It's to what you introduce him because the last time you were here you had a it vocalist. We did we had. Vince last time we got off to her and he split and we got tanner and tennis from Eugene Oregon a cool and there is is not a lot engine but there is an amazing vocalist and and Collins. And we love and you're doing he's just he brought so much to the table so much like that this on the did he try out like India you do. Yeah actually yes he posted a video. And any turns out that he's actually mutual friends with Jacob former Franzen a local bank into the flood. Also he. His submission was actually. Like months old. We relate them. Great you know this is collegiate eased for the theater things like this for six months is listening because. He was gonna initially he was going to trap the first time in tandem and I guess he just missed the mark delicate game you'd like literally was like. About the send button and he has announced that it was yeah. Lower to man. Yes it will he totally but you know you all scaled a wall when we out of reverse BP and astounded and angered 400 recently tenors. Like that he's unreal. You'd never expect to. Bring a singer and has sold much poise and like you so put together in it in. We're sending out these songs that are just bare bones like besides it's like this album you know this one is going to be like up track. And he sent back to us like this is a believable you know like. Yeah to put this point is he's been number two on the record because that's awesome he's doing these things he's making it very hard for us to pick what song once you know play with giving that extra element that like maybe guys in the NC. We know that I was because with with you know with the tees and I think it's amazing singer but it. We needed somebody. Who had. The poise and you know could could do it teetered as it is he's a song you know he's he's leaders of the public though. He brings a lot more that they want regard him and I think he fits or sounds almost better totally awesome. Well it's super. I'm glad the relationship with a band is working out well in these new songs are killer and the play two of them. Lock and key hanging by a thread after the commercial break we're gonna be telling you all about some shows coming up. And how you can get ahold of this record and how you cannot. You know keep in contact with the band because they're your new best friends it is read street post and it's loud on local. Loud and local content you. Years 99.9. KI ESW. Back on loud and vocal with an ankle wrestling coach even listening to them if you. We tuned in the last hour they have a new album it is their debut formally. It is self released. But it is blowing up everywhere you can check other video on the KIW FaceBook it's it is it is incredible video and you can. Be a part of them rest repose legion. Can you guys are growing dislike it crazy infection. And in doing thank you yeah. The infection. There. The rest repose I mean you know he's. Often have you guys up here he doesn't eat plans in pretty huge shows Louis jeans and Tony v.s and the is ultimately plane downing. On an organ yet with ever last. In really manual what it's like you who were your limit to Perot jump jump a law. Nice to hear what he plays issues you think he'll do like acoustic cover of jump around he probably will actually. I'm you. Has he because he is and how they hope opened up all that song was here with the with DJ lethal who they are leaders and lupus in hell yeah. I was there. And you don't this is like someone be. Some lady I like it low voice and you know what nicknames for each other. September 9 at Luigi is in fight because it can be playing. A big one way it what's the name of the fest against them. Titan fast. Titan fast yeah yeah we got moto greater bleed the stone a ton more shows actually to be starting at 2 PM. A heat is going to be co headlining that along that mode of greater correct yes it's very quickly second the last awesome. In a Gannett September 9 to make sure you you keep that on your calendar no two ways out but also September 15 and sixteenth if you're in the north and to going to be playing in Everett. This one is a pretty equal on the back to the locals fest with. Low there tiger writer clover Jane ten miles wide. So Maureen and in and rest repose of course yet we played game one on the September 15 for that. Auto on the sixteenth is in disagreement Campbell is very cool. And gut telling but this table rock music that's in work on man. So it's so it's at the. Empathy year. Down in the octopus to known and it's down it's like it's almost Medford thing a while it's way down there. And there's like there's like a lake there. Some in the singer opera actually finished in the lakes with. Every year they have like these really huge fans. Every year they have these really huge fans coming in and that if wrapped and with via. Accurate news that every they have like some somebody be wiser and following a metal band you know ain't it. They really got killed at 2000 and like you know Malia at the end. Yet that's exactly what we're absolutely you you start meet and then all you exactly. Yet I think equilibrium yet. Yes it's it's always like some type of like hard all rock band like tractor. And by poppa roach and yet these are the new owner and that it. Did you ever so Kevin he's he's mature and that's the data that's a little bit earlier that's not new metal that's more like. Soft operative. We have doubled our points of what is one in the nineteenth via the interviews after every August 190. Is that. Was that via as he told me in August and it's a little bit sorry. Volume it before. So yeah play now one. An answer refunds everlasting and about today. And are the days now they're sick yet they're really cool and awesome and in this amphitheater. In the middle. As Alec organs are red rocks. Rocks. So I got to ask you guys what's when he seventeen look like he does and he had nobody Europe you guys can be due analyst extends its warning. Which we knew. The answer that question OK so move will find out shortly entry does have from a you know all kinds of in the fire area we have a lot of plans and enough and fortunately nothing we talk about it but the one week in is that. You know can be big year yet able it will take. A death in the me and to stop us from tour this year whether. We have to go by ourselves. In and Booker and shows a jump cancels two were working here again the plan is the news the Terri it's potentially refuted it. Europe is probably a little further off just because it's it's you know just get players. On the point here and then. Getting geared players like back line on transportation. It's just a lot more money in were ready to invest in here so I happen. But the Oscars. At a meeting he'll sign neat whose label digitally now. I asked. Them how to how to we've quality guys and how do we pick up the record. You can follow us on Twitter that mr. posed in and and and FaceBook just register to vote. Our own Spotify all all major sharing platforms. Them. And if you look at the record gate of the best is yet but he please. Physicals emerged now okay that's like her. Home base for all of a teacher in on all of a physical copies awesome. And you can hear its digital tunes. In. Google play yet he can get defense and get that he would digital project. Yeah in and is warehouses meaning that your on the the address is out to feed us a call the annual my way you are awesome pizza business and the Frankfurt Pete hasn't cafeteria at the pre. So you get any shout answer anything you wanna say the north with audience before we play a couple more jams from the Aaliyah had I think I am FM am yes my sister's on with my lovely beautiful fiancee is listening as well if she thinks now. If she's better she's. Onion Tillman. And limiting my dad's listening to you have a Fuzzy to hand and all the dads. Kevin's dad fluff and you thank you again. And and rat. Brent and four. Who's that. Health care a solid kid and it falls in schools all its outcome Everett Duncan. He's an ambulance. Such and I but he he knows me well I don't know invites his brand in Utah health care. It. Yen in China that's the local scene answer them in the told us. All the deeds still put on the shows in the grinding for the scene in. You know get back in the hands on the you know on the play pain band payments at the U out of having grows. Think that. Our. It's although. He ran it. Well we got two more songs and this is off the rest repose record even picking up again of their merged now hanging by a thread in retrospect express repose. A mild local things like ice the. Sunday night one. KI ESW. UE one CEO. ER. And tears were. AI SW. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. We are less then one week away from pain in the grass 27 team. What does that mean to you well you gotta get a ticket if you don't have a ticket yet you gotta go to TI is W dot com we got Alice lob premium packages. Still available now is he most pimp and set up. Yet all the cool stuff he gets a mob Barbie T get to hang with the bands and I get to hang with BK IWTJ's. Watched in interviews watch them not. Some rare cool stuff to be a part of it's it's it's a blast in is that a kick off for the summer this year. You know I'd like I just got in the mood yesterday and saw a tool over at the gourds and I was like man next week. We get this he corn we get to see stone sour we get to see baby metal we get to see yellow will be Dixie Fawzi we get to see pretty reckless fifteen is in total in starting the day off. He's ten miles wide the representatives of loud and local they're holding it down for the northwest scene and they are getting first band to play next week on the 24. Now white river into theaters so make sure you future tickets this week and KI SW. Dot com to play three songs back to back by ten miles wide if you are not. Acquainted with this bid if you are not. You know knowledgeable about the space you gotta learn up on them because you're gonna love CNN first thing. On on stage on main stage at. While mobile. I. Into. It's an manage. Okay. And Sears were. AI SW. So this. News. The. Such a good song right there rusty nail. Devils hunt me down the name of the band you're currently listening to loud and local mining is Kevin years thank you so much to rest repose for coming up here. A coming up here in spreading their awesome music. And other planes red shows follow them on in Seagram onto an arrest repose and Adam on FaceBook. The band who hurt at their doubles hunt me down before that three songs by ten miles wide go ahead to KI SW dot com you got to make your. Your pain in the grass next Saturday at white river and repeater if you can see them opening day of all day long it's gonna be awesome amounts of a rock and fifteen bands in total and so to see Chris Jericho Debbie Debbie wrestler. Things for foggy in the big Jericho stands that's an equal also the aspect but his big metal. And of course corn in stone sour to close out the night. Right now got a bit by the name of devotion going out to Derrick. These are hanging out Tacoma tonight just drink it appears in his garage with some friends when he hears and devotion. He's got a heavy wreckage and some awesome awesome songs on this devotion record is what's called cathedral growth. The club local on the Iraq. Loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. It was a huge weekend of for the northwest music scene one of these. Most influential. Best and biggest and just most popular and most important artists from the northwest he was. Was represented it very very strong. The center industry this weekend it was a grand opening for the Jimi Hendrix park in the central district here in Seattle as you're able to go to the opening day celebration yesterday. Then you must have seen Iran Jones playing alongside a ton of other red northwest bans all day long. So real quick I wanted to shout out Iran play a song from his new record. Then to add to show off here and beautifully some clumsily. Their plane is still very soon here alongside teams are scored at new host. And Amsterdam and then some red saying. As a shafts being complicity involved. That's what we're ending the show with tonight is the last time you'll hear my gum voice. Thanks again for listening to allow local mining is Kevin years I'll see you next Saturday at white over everything here. And he addressed A-Rod Jones come out mobile. I. I believe it. Then. Come applause from the pews it's. Can you you need. Feeling now. With the Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. Yeah. Yeah yeah. There. Which. Yeah.