Loud and Local - November 12th, 2017

Sunday, November 12th


November 12th 2017
Year Of The Cobra – The Howl
Year Of The Cobra – Cold
Devils Hunt Me Down – Border Line
Hobosexual – Monolith
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Off The Wagon
Superfekta – Caffeinicotine
Windowpane – Words and Nothing More
Seaweed – Start With
Undertow – At Both Ends
Sandrider – Mountain Song (Janes Addiction cover)
Thunderbeast – Blood Eagle
Thunderbeast – Carnage
Dead Moon – Dead Moon Night
Dead Moon – 54/40 or Flight
Dead Moon – It’s Ok
Good Touch – Translating Frequencies 
Losing Skin – The Mirror Reflects
Old Iron – Maelstrom Of The Black Tempest
The Devils Of Loudun – Until The Night Ends
Klover Jane – Walk Away
Van Eps – Burn
Custom – Flat Out Fast
Rocky Votolato – White Daisy Passing



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Oh yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. Analysts noticed great north west's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. Featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. And what it is loud and local. 10 PM here on 99.9 KI SW on Sunday nights and fortunately it means it's about the end of the weekend. The last few hours to sit bird that sweet sweet weekend you'll. But we have few hours of here north west music you can fight Rita throws six the fortune 50509360. Tonight we have new music by the bid for the week the thunderbirds. Perfect there was nobody quiet or be in the wreckage a photo bands that are playing Y date will be talking a little bit about that tonight we'll double the level playing on Tuesday night. In the brain and music debuts tonight by doubles hunt me down. Fed move unfortunately for a core from the legendary Portland fans didn't have to wait this week. So I definitely have to play some of that but right now. Some new music by ear of the cobra. Ruin your dead EP is healthy now Q cells back to back. Is that how warm and cold to songs by you the cobra just start us out all wild and local. On 99.9 KIW. Rob the Seattle. It's. I. My. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. I love when we get to. And doubles hunt you down is one of those theories best dance currently. Just killing it in releasing three eat keys in this series called in meeting this reds. They've done an immediate risk to immediate threats one in on December 16. That's a high dive they will be releasing in being used reds three. The only planet a record Rooney show with some other wonder how it would shed. The the week before December 10 allow local we will be in studio playing a bunch of those songs but tonight a month before. The entire rest of the record comes out. I AM proud and stoke. And jewels and act as part of its. All those other words to dig brand new music quite doubles hunt me down off the immediate threats three. ET. The final of the three. Disarmed by the name of the borderline turn it up. Picture cassette tapes ready the only place you're going to be able to hear it here allow multiple its new music doubles let me down. My local. Engineers were. AI SW. The title track off the brand new record by homosexual. Model lift. You're on loud and local. Before that doubles hunt me down borderline new album in neediest runs. Three coming out December 16. He'll be in studio here allow mobile December 10. This Thursday. He's going to be a treat it is going to be inexperienced. And it is going to be all 100% live it is lied DD thirteen people KI SW live day is going down in Tacoma emerald queen casino. And for the first time ever you can be in the audience watching all the train wreck. Is he gonna be a disaster is you can go down without a flop. We Woolsey and you can be in the audience could KI SW dot com along with all the fully artists in in the men's room in MPG. Vijay in migs in the morning. All of those. Crazy crazy shenanigans will be lies with the were also be some killer being some killer northwest dance. Do the damn thing alive onstage including custom C perfect out there next window pane at clover Jane. Many many more including the band I'm about to play why it will meet at the wreckage. They will be playing original complaint covers. And get got to be there again go to KI SW dot com the next few billions all good at playing there at lies day if you like to hear. Due Thursday awful work could jerk and wanted to be there it's an incredible experience to if you to be a part of. And you just to see it happen all confronting your face I've seen it. Anything go awry it's like prairie home companion the rock and roll version. Here's why it only in the wreckage after that's too perfect stuck in the window pane slam local on the Iraq. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And we. Yeah. Yeah. Zero hello. Love Wednesday. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Back here on loud and local weddings kick in years along with playing VITAS bands. Of the open coming scenes the current scene in in all the bands that are currently playing out there. In the northwest I'd like to wax nostalgic here and there and play some day and some legendary dance. With my throwback segment of the week tonight. On the throwback segment I have a bid by the senate seat lead. From Tacoma these guys were on sub pop records a little bit under appreciated in my opinion because they're one of the best. Beings ever from the northwest but that's just me personally I love this means so much four is my favorite record that spin away is certainly. Probably the most popular release and beautifully song from the spin away record start with. After that or court in by the name of undertow. Featuring John T bone went on to he was seeing for himself currently sings for areas to get seaweed. Followed up by undertow. For the nostalgia old school segment of the night here. Allow mobile. Down. There. Yes WUSWATYCEO. Engineers were. AI SW. The defense though. Thank you say so myself Jane's Addiction never known song by the almighty. Sander I've. My name is Kevin gears lab local at the end show you're listening to. Every week here on KI SW dot com I team up with Vijay and maids. Mornings in doubt we present each round were being told that we get a KI SW dot com click on the PG inmates won't allow mobile tab that you can get all the information you want about under beats that released. Maybe they're alive debut. Last night with within the ruins. The much other kick ass bands at the studio seven venue and civil area. If you were there horns up to you if you weren't heated here's some thunder he's now in doubt check the check out the info on the website follow them. Was there music and find out what their play next under these two cells by the wild local band of the week blood he girl and carnage back to back for got a little lit up a little bit. The ration out here. Allow mobile. Out and. All right igniting ploy not KI ES. Yeah. This past Friday EV. Northwest music C. Ian took a blow. When Fred cool died at the age of 69 for a cold. Was an influential bad ass musician who fronted in athlete guitars saying forbidden by the news that didn't do. Dead moon was a band and I started in 1980 said in the Portland area. And you know just. Super super DIY like the destination. Of grassroots DIY. These guys produced and engineered most of their own music. Their first recordings and they also mastered them on a mono lays. That was used for fifteen Zealand's version of Louie Louie. They produced so many records over the years the they had a documentary written about them in and greatest hits put out by sub pop records. These guys are so so cool. From 2006 the band broke up with their legacy lives on in and Fred Cole. Rests in power and to play three songs. I did move three of my favorite didn't songs I know there are Portland and it was a Seattle radio field they are an influential band in the northwest and in our include Portland. When I say northwest because this is just. So cool so rock and roll. So underground so bad ass dead moon night 5440. Your flight and it's okay. On the on the local. All right Pete freckle. Mobile audio bites. Both audio right there. You all predict all the pick up body up quite. Hello audio fight. We both body fight the broke the I'll pick it up well. Full full body to fight the we'll put your fight. He balked at that thought picked it up or do you make. And it's. Having endless do. Okay. Since then. Okay. Yeah. Loved it's. Feminine and yeah. I mean. In the stands injury. And does not. How. And tears were. AI SW. Amusement. He's specializing in music here on Larry Noble but it's old iron. Heavy heavy stuff on good to die records maelstrom of the black to have proof. Before that of the influence of cocaine and don't play too many Spokane bands that I hate. You got to remember there's an entire other side of Washington State. Eastern Washington represent losing skid the mirror reflects good touch also new music. Starting that little block there translating frequencies featuring Jacob seven. It's on the demo good touch definitely check them out on the end camp levels of Wootton. Good levels of lead to be exact are playing Tuesday night at studio seven with eight stacked. Lineup. The Kennedy's vale aren't surprised if you see anything origin. Of course the devils of lewd and studio seven Tuesday night metal shop presents they should all be there. Buy me a soda now on just keep you don't need to buy new soda a bite rubio though he says looks up and say wow mobile. We via keyword level local media by Libya is double that wouldn't until all of the night and since then Tuesday night. The studio seven with our expire in. Porridge it is it's metal show off stuff. On allow more local. Loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah. Lamb local about the overt about. Thirteen minutes or sell to count. I and that's you sound. As optimistic as much awesome local music in the last few minutes as I can't. His last summer you'll hear me out so I wanna tell you would begin Thursday is going to be so killer. Lies day all day long. Go to KI SW dot com he can be their lies in watching it as we do things life is still rock and roll prairie home companion. Something to that effect. I'll be there hanging out helping out some of the bands get on and off stage. They'll be Foley artists sound effects so he lives leaves of commercials will be live. Music so much like music indeed. Then it's hard to even mention it. How many billions are gonna be playing. You can watch live at emerald queen casino kingdom KI SW dot com customs super effect does. Window pane that why it only in the wreckage. Clover Jane's been lips so many more begin available at KI SW dot com get in the show with a couple billions. Clover Jimmy invasion ebbs and then. Of my request to Samantha over Puyallup furious and rocky fought a lot of it ended on kind of the actual minutes of your clover Jane with a walk away burned by then it's off their newest. And rock not a lot of Islam local on the Iraq. I. Okay it's. I am. Okay. It's. I. I mean. Yeah.