Loud and Local - October 1st, 2017 w/ Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage

Sunday, October 1st

This week on the show I had Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage in studio to debut brand new music from their upcoming release "Welcome to Seattle." I also featured music from the Band of the Week Arisen from Nothing + much much more! Keep it local! 


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Oh yeah. Yeah. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season. No rock featuring music bowl. Here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Go hawks victorious tonight in Seattle very very awesome night here in the north was my name is Kevin viewers want to get into loud and local. The weekend is about to be over but it's okay. Because we have two hours of the best music from the Pacific northwest brand new music by a risen from nothing within the week. Good good touch debuting here tonight as well as the new. Doom metal tracked by bill which is just an excerpt from their one track 83 minute you're. Get that we also had instantly so why it pulled me in the wreckage debuting Britney music. From welcome to Seattle we're gonna start things off you're allowed a local. With the rest repose. It's loud local on the. And this. Loud and Lou. Here's what the rock igniting point nine KI ST yeah. Loud and local back. Here in studio we have a ban by the name of why fool me and the wreckage they are no strangers. To loud and local as. We've done they've been very nice today and we played a lot of good jams from them they've been. BDP music from them we'd DD DDV units from them and dad now we're going to debuted a brand new album at least four tracks from it. And he's going to be released at migs fifth to first off welcome back to loud and local guys thanks for ravenous man hell yeah yeah. It's awesome I think it's the first time you guys have been up here as a bid in the brand new space right and it's gorgeous opinion and it's pretty nice pretty nice definitely doesn't suck. So why it only you guys sorry I only in the wreckage paid attention because you singular purpose. As though you are to my right and direct line sites there was. You guys were in a little bit of a rush to get here tonight thome a little bit about that distract them from going on about twenty minutes ago so so we were very excited because we got physical copies of album early tonight so we were doing and on boxing and so excited about it. And that was our rehearsal space and soda we didn't really think about the fact that the football game and ended. About five minutes before he tried to leave he had hands first avenue became a parking lot. We got here in the nick of time there's a hilarious FaceBook live video that everybody can watch and enjoy it seriously about they got here about six minutes before. Before everything was set to go down and they are up here and we are about to rage with Ford brand new sounds of the EP or a full line is that a full edited the following Fidel like twelve full songs killer and it is called welcome to Seattle. Tell me a little bit about the record of Mike how long it took to to get. Because it was a feud of recording sessions America yes sue we ended up recording. We started recording in January and we did a single called off the wagon but most people probably heard yeah we are it quiet turtle actually played last week. So that was the first thing for this album and then we recorded it. The rest of it between April and August. So we did three different sessions for songs each and it came out really awesome really proud of it. Pretty much everything is inspired by the Seattle music scene which is why we've called welcome to Seattle we wanted to. Really pay tribute to where we come from. Cool well if you've if I may be you were at red festival he's probably saw a few people walking around with a teacher it's a welcome to Seattle mother ever. In the end that T shirt must have been hit in my right and it was we can't keep them in stock awesome. That's killer what we got the radio edit it here so we're not going to be get in trouble with the SEC anytime soon. But is there anything you wanna say about this track before we jump right into the first song we're gonna be playing from the new album welcome to Seattle then. No honor and I I think it really speaks for itself it's it's dedicated to every band in this scene right now who's just trying to be hurt. Rat on here it is welcome to Seattle. I'm I'm local. Well throw. Seattle oh. Jose well. Seattle. Okay. Okay. Via whites only and Iraqis the album is called welcome to Seattle. And they are in studio now that song is called lights out you just released a video I think today boy yeah. Yeah we did we just dropped it today it was a lot of fun to film until. I was still picking broken glass out of my scalp what you did lacked. Can you give us a little more about what what the hell you're talking about here but I hope that there is a whole lot of light bulbs around us as were performing that end up getting smashed essence. So sometimes brutal out bad news is he's busted open. Not super badly but I definitely was still picking broken glass and my scalp which you know obviously the who's super hot. Hello you guys any anyone else get injured during the filming and I want no injuries and injuries other than our pride and a little bit of pride and a little bit more extra layer on the guitars. Well I have been friends and so it didn't ever ever occur. But if people wanna check it out didn't get a W would ET WR column and its that are now. WOKETW. Dot com yet right on and I agree. I think tickets are available now for makes festina was our current yes they are in it's not quite sold out the last jury did sellouts and make sure you get you tickets the info is. Saturday October 14 at studio seven last year makes this one was. Insane like the party of the year at studio seven so he's doing it begin our own Steve migs from BJ in -- morning. It mornings is having is he's in his party at studio seven he's getting one year older and we got the CD release show for this very bans. Why only in the wreckage CD release for welcome to Seattle he can pick it up there also playing the last international. Window pane. Then apps and the debut. Of Steve's own van bruiser Brody featuring other members of exceptional Seattle based utility entire lineup of bruiser Brody and his skates on so it Steve. Mix yet it is Glenn cannon from window pane on it and Travis and rocked from second coming. GT Phillips from clover Jane and fifty other bands. School and Jeff Rouse from the guessing game and stuff McCain's loaded elected stuff but yeah I was in the studio there courting her record and it's gonna blow people think is gonna be there live debuts at her yeah so worst of trauma. Awesome and again how can we buy tickets from you guys totally we have a small handful laugh so if everybody. Still leads them had us up to stream as you possibly can because we I think literally of under ten school. Well that's an awesome. Think dead to hear because I mean you're gonna have all your friends there a lot of killer local bands can he be here in this stuff. And well you know what if you guys play early people are gonna be like. How like impeachment that could. A Q and are pretty awesome so we have some more music from the record. India it is of course is called welcome to Seattle. Now tell me a little bit more about the next one that we're about to play it is it is called Helen back to me about the lyrical content what it's about. And held you back is I think it really is is. A way to tackle. Dealing with your past. I am notorious for having an issue kind of running from. My yesterday it's so. That's something I'd choose to kind of spilled my heart out on sheer amount on some some dark secrets of the old why it hasn't exactly and it's a rift machine thanks to cal given. Round let's hear this rift machine or are you guys down with that. Just let the music speak for itself that's why it only and the wreckage here's another jam welcome to Seattle it's vocal music. I'm on the local. When and what. Hell and back he'd get some from the rim why it's only and the wreckage album called. Welcome to Seattle available. October 14 at studio seven in physical form the physical copies are in hand right now let's wait a couple of weeks okay. Right. Okay that was opportune. Romeo and Societe Nell Nellie how awkward because I'm like trying to gloat about how I have something in everyone's like this aren't you way if close the day is and it's only thirteen days exactly it's October guys so it's like. I'm gonna ask you guys like what are you gonna be for Halloween anyone got your gimmick ready anyone got your costumes ready we have in disgust that yet actually because we can't have a show we have to play that. For that weekend and opening for John five and in the average which we were exposed publicly announced but hey that's all. Brett I don't know Joseph Salave'a well I mean come on up terrorists we're gonna play of John five and have a fun time and you know you have to be in costume for that trailer that's a Dallas fed have to let go to hold that level of cost him because. It is so we can do the same I feel like why agency's equal and from window pane. Is. I feel like I'm meeting house Glenn if you'd kill future glad and I'm. And brought us American mortgage stuff we exactly what we just need to put some fish Ericsson has Lipman and then. Can just Goebel was accustomed. We don't the first year and sexy we did how we ensure we were zombies the next year we are dead rock stars were we gonna do this year. Colin tell us that missed its feet missed it expects third you know. I don't know something anyways it'll be a good time it is fallen and we'll get into the the whole vibe of everything with porn movies and what not carve your pumpkin. That don't do sexual things with pumpkin is deputy tested after that could. Who sees my ego and a really creepy places. Who are bonuses. Why only in the wreckage of course in studio now wanted to ask you guys had we get in contact with the band where where we buy your album and we follow you on social media had to restock Q. Are now you'll forget that February TW dot com. I think if you do the full band name it's still forwards so I think you go to Y and only and the wreckage dot com it's still forwards. And not just FaceBook or find this little local channel one of those who usually it. The majority of what really cool local shows the going on right now on the scenes on fire so pretty much every bill every weekends like. A can't miss that show. I dig it man. Are any charity as well indeed for your your time is here on the local guys in wind up paying the guys in van apps the bears in super factor that doesn't ton miles wide. The guys include. And have burials stoic FB. What's it real idea of course just everybody in the scene who keeps making this fantastic I've. I couldn't be prouder to be from the town from question and answer your duty bullet. Don't go in there if labor is listening to this at home alone go to willingness to you can. That's my voyage he's sleet and now you're responsible and yeah I think. Don't with the the horse before the care she. He can listen to this online next when it comes out this week's them. We're gonna win another song off of welcome to Seattle. Again October 14 at leagues fest two at studio seven. You can go to WOE. TW dot com yeah I got it and I you can order tickets from them and at pick him up from them the last international. When bill Payne. And that's bruiser Brody and the B and you are hearing right now let's white only and the wreckage. This is track eight off the record is southbound. Let's rip it it's about local on the Iraq picture coming up guys thanks sadness and it is Iliad. We'll and reading. Now obviously. It. Yeah. The. The loud and local continue. This 99.9. KI ESW. Killen is with local B and year of the cobra can be put announced a very very. Limited release of the new EP I'm so still love these dudes love this band well the kids the safeties who. Is that viewed and a woman so you're the cobra gonna play some of them. Thank you very much to why it only and the wreckage make sure you go to their show we got out more info on that. At KI SW dot com for makes sense to you it's electric warrior by year of the cobra continuing things. I'm out local. Nine and JIBMWHD. One CEO. Yeah her. And tears were. AI SW. Com. But the road back and song of the now I'd like to throw wants something. Flu school once in awhile here on loud and local that was forced entry. From the record as of both so boat load that was bone cracking fever or start things off in the second hour. Of loud and local my name's Kevin tears thinking so much to Wyatt will be and the wreckage probably hit a home right now. They finish up their segment started out here. I get up for work in the morning and DV. TV dad being. Very very cool again there are going to be playing makes best to. The CD release show were welcome to Seattle songs you've heard tonight Saturday October 14 at studio seven. With the last international window pane why it only and the wreckage as I said Ben Epps and bruiser Brody. Still to come tonight we have bring you gym by Dell which he's an excerpt from it I can't play any tie it 83 minutes. Stone or rock dirge like him play. A piece of it. We also have music by good touch it needs they called band featuring members of crutches and marginal way. No doubt we have the the end of the week next time you hear from me I'll be playing in wind and jams from the new EP bio risen from nothing. The band the week but right now out by request if homes relief. I'm Bob vocal. The loud and local continue. 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah still as I promised the loud and local band of the coming up right now risen from nothing played through killer record really shows. This past weekend one at looney jeans and won it Tony beats. KBBs coming up next now. But yes we cheese is Tony these one in 51 in Everett to record really shows through one EP's broken was released this past Friday. And it is five songs of awesome news good KI SW dot com. Click on the DJ and made his dad you can get all the info on getting this album. On on where you can see them next. In just about the little fact points about the band also while you're there you can set those music to feature here on loud and local user risen from nothing. With chaos. An American patriot off the new EP. Broking. Available now from local on the Iraq. Actually this is loud and local. He's on the now do you avoid not KI ES. Oh. And Sears where. AIS double. A band that is 100%. Dedicated to skater in ski boarding is all about skating grind lines that they and speed freak. That is pure steep rock music mining is Kevin hears it loud local and speaking of ski boarding a bit and who loves to ski through all of that skating. Just released their brand new album their debut EP. Released this past weekend or a sort of weak September 28 on Thursday the new EP I didn't touch. It was was released and this is out featuring former members of crutches marginal way a bunch awesome. Local punk bands from years past have now come together and formed good touch gonna play three songs from this record. We've got failing a word 100 years in times past dentist is really good stuff and it is killer I am still. On this. And you should be to its new music by good touch. About local. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And finally got him. My love their human beloved 100 yet. Well. Straight we make yeah yeah. This is loud and local. On the 99.9. KI DS don't. Out out here on loud and local thanks again why only and the wreckage for coming up in sharing brand new songs. From their new key. It's called welcome to Seattle it's going to be available October 14 at migs best tool. A studio seven also thank you to a risen from nothing. They're new EPA is out now and they are DK RE SW band of the week at KI SW dot com click on BJ in migs and there you'll see of profile terrorism from nothing coming out on the October 20 just in time for Halloween 183. Minutes. Doomed to merge into the bleak nothingness of guys. OK maybe it was a little melodramatic that mirror reaper is the new album by bill which Seattle these two peace. That is a just a relief. Recorded this album it is it is in mimicked it is amazing. It is engineered in a mixed by Billy Anderson. He he did sweet dope smoker did the roast his record to go through the cobra key is the. Fantastic. Engineer. And producer. And this album is again eating three minutes to one song in total I cannot play 83 minutes. People might call in in very very man. But I like it. That's growing we're gonna play all 83 and now I'm just it we're gonna play a portion. Of that very sung by Phil wage. So gift still be with me it's loud local on the dock and solicited.