Loud and Local - October 22nd, 2017

Sunday, October 22nd

Playlist for October 22nd, 2017

Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday 
X Suns – Twelve Hours
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
A Sense Of Gravity – Shadowed Lines
Rest, Repose – Polaris
Bruiser Brody – Don’t Go There On Your Own
Bruiser Brody – Find Your Way Home
Bruiser Brody – Right Before My Eyes
Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper (Excerpt)
Slumberbox – Survivor’s Guilt
Minus The Bear – Memphis & 53
December In Red – Pelican 
Trick Candles – Dark One
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Off The Wagon 
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Welcome To Seattle
Jeremy Enigk – Amazing Worlds
Isenordal – Pyres at Nightfall
Old Iron – Gravewax


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Yeah no doubt run. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that. I was noticed green northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. It is one more chance. If dance for the weekend is allowed in local mining is Kevin tears the last two hours of the week old. Fortunately but fortunately. We did get to enjoy two hours north west music every week. We do it at this time they end of the week this week his bruiser Brody we have new music you buy sell wage. Year of that over us hear me edict over original vocalist of Sony gave real estate. Talk about some great shows coming up here in the next week in week and a half. When you start things off with rain in new music by being called hobos sexual. Their new album model comes out November 3 and if he's going to beat. As all hell here's trans am Sunday start a flaw allowed local homosexual. And. I. Loud and love. On the rock 99.9. KI ES Dell. What am I favorite local billions a year of the cobra. Killer to appease these drums and peace so. Handy so awesome that. The at a new record called burn your dad coming out this Friday October 27 you can pre order it get cool bundle with a teacher a record. Or a CD or or just download whatever you wanna do you can definitely go see them. Lying in Tacoma November 11 at the valley vertical bar. Cut down their fight Tacoma dome in Europe the cobra ancient war locks some crow Kyle Iraq's. And I begin the new album per year daddy's coming out this Friday and depleted title track. Often the album again this is the year of the cobra. On the multiple. Dream. It. And it's. It's. At. It's. Is John. They're being well. It's. Yeah NS. Mom was blowing his. Being. Cool. Okay. I. It's. Okay. Okay. Being. Now on the. Real. We. From. Rescue those off the unrest in repose EP. Actually I'm sorry it is a full length and it is a self titled restaurant pose album before that absence of gravity can be plane with a name of with a scar us. As well as a lesion on his studio seven good KIW dot com for info on that is a metal shop present show. They allowed local present shows coming on November 25 at studio seven. Lisa bloom and John mister Heckman sons of Mercury and the loud and local band of the week bruiser Brody you may have heard of some of these do. There are members of window pain members of second coming we got the evenings from BJ. In migs of course in there and various other bands. Subdued it's basically it's local super group. But let's put the music speak for itself and not just hype it up too much to edit the record is awesome. And it's up five song EP came out last week and I wanted to up play it for you again they're gonna be. Performing November 25 at studio seven tickets on sale now they're began two weeks of go to KI SW dot com for info on them just that. Click on the Vijay and makes morning's test and you can find out all the info you need to about bruiser Brody and three songs back to back by bruiser Brody from local. On the rock. I don't. Jacob. It doesn't matter anyway. What do you think your name. At work to do your thing goes man. Loud and local continue. So 99.9. KI ESW you know from. It. This past Friday local doomed deal bill which released a mammoth album is an 85 minutes. One song album called me you're reaper and as peaks and valleys in. Goes all over the place but it is just gorgeous it is is heavy handed he's dedicated to their late drummer Adrian. Where are you glad passed away last year. There's a great passage in the album. He recorded. So it's amazing but unfortunately cannot play 85 minutes of one doomed so therefore I created an excerpt from the record. It is still has the an awesome so this is from bill which meter reader. Scored on a journey together and pick up this record if you wanna hear the entire year. Bill which album. Here it is as though which. On the on the local. 99 point. KI ESW. IUE. One CE. Her. And Sears rolls. KI SW. New music by slumber box here are allowed local. Survivor's guilt is the name of that song it is locals here. On 99 point nine KI SW the rocket Seattle at least Sunday night we play music from the team's 53 to 206. The fortune five. The five on her name threes itself. And everything in between it's all Pacific northwest music for two hours. We have about 45 minutes left to the show. You know coming up this Wednesday at she'll balk Soto one of the city's biggest audience minus the fair. I'm going to be coming back to town. Politically for minus the bear for all the listeners out there that well this is they don't get enough for our representation here on the local enough and I've got to request recently. If you're gonna go to that show let me know what's your mind there's something. What a month comes off their menos ill who sold record meant this in 53. Go see them this Wednesday that shoebox of its minus the bear a mild local. Fast and loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KI ESW. I know it's a little early to be thinking about stuff to do for that Christmas. Holidays with December 23. The fifth Christmas that fan appreciation. Show brought to buy gold services. He's going down studio seven loud and local presents this show. And it's going to be featuring in December and red swisher sleep and that the thirteen trick candles. Chris crazy TG OP. And it is free with a ticket and get all the information KI SW dot com we just have to kind of RS EP get a ticket you converted all mind even go to for free so beautifully to the band's playing. To get this December 23 at studio seventy degree in town on the holidays make sure to plan on that 1 December in red and tricks candles back to back. TV is playing the Fan Appreciation Night. I'm on the local. Yeah I. Went seven. Oh no. Okay. And then I know it's. It's. I'm from. She. Jim the. That's why it only and the wreckage wide only in the wreckage can becoming it's heat sound. Actually they are from town that would in my even saying it's low locals the show all the billions are in town. And the houses song off the dark futures record. That was their last album and they actually have in new album that just came out. And it's pretty or I gotta say get a check it out it is called welcome to Seattle in hand so why. They don't need to come to town what are my even saying it's late here allow local. And that was a good one. That I really appreciate that some often their last record but you know what as a DJ as someone's trying to hype to new record. I have to play the new stuff John five former guitarist of Marilyn Manson now. Current guitarist of Rob Zombie but also an incredible solo musician is going to be playing. The great pumpkin John five show October 27. All ages. In fife and Luigi is with American wrecking company and then October 28 I believe that is this coming Saturday. Check here yes that is correct October 28 Saturday. Scorn on Tony these garage open every. With quiet all the end the wreckage so bear the wrecking company play in the one and fight in white only in the wreckage play in the one in Everett. Tony v.s garage I would encourage you to go to both because John five is killer lives. And it just goes support the local fans as well. Welcome to Seattle the title track often why only and the wreckage record support the music invited to stuff. Also go see a line to draw local on the Iraq. Well throw the. They hell yeah. With a Gatling gears were. AI SW room. Siri. Loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Ten minutes left over loud and local and I'm gonna use that ten minutes damage. With heavy potential. Level local thank you so much to anyone listening and supporting the local scene so many good shows this week. Can't tell you all about a NetSuite Ellison to show you can always. And we have the podcast posted midweek. Of the entire show if you're just tuning in now and like to end it. What are here at all. Kennedy called Issa in Norton got out of as members of wilt Brian actually from wealth is in this band in that section with his fiancee she plays cello in the project. And it's so it's beautiful. As I said beautiful yet brutal black middle ish fans. Just check it is it Lauren doll if we have some time might sort of throw some old iron on there. To welcome them home. From their West Coast tour so here's decision nor golf. And hopefully some old iron a lot of local on the rock keep it local. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.