Loud and Local Podcast for January 14th, 2018

Sunday, January 14th

Sunday January 14th 2018

Infinite Flux – Odin 
Lo’ There – Pound for Pound
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Draygun Raygun
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Livin’ and Everything
Grindline The Band – Speed Freak
Snail – Smoke The Deathless
Rest, Repose – Oh, Gravity 
Rest, Repose – Lock and Key 
Burn Burn Burn – Chasing Hornets
Burn Burn Burn – Amber
Burn Burn Burn – For Whodie
Substratum – Pain God
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation 
Devils Hunt Me Down – I Am That I Am
Heck Yes – Pining For The Fjords
Heck Yes – Jesus Gave Up His Weekends For Your Sins
Chastity Belt – Joke
Ten Miles Wide – The Mothership 
Supercrush – Brutal Honesty
Earth –There Is A Serpent Coming
Harkonen – Baristas Get Stalked
Himsa – Skinwalkers
Dust Moth – Space Legs



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Oh. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticeably northwest's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season Lao. Featuring music ball. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. It's another episode of loud in local and yet here. I'm 99.9 KI ESW. My name is Kevin gears and tonight. Much like every Sunday at 10 PM he's celebrate all of it is northwest you can virtually this weekend coming to an end but at least. We've got loud and local food enjoy. Sit back relax for a drive around do whatever you need to do as long as you have crane tonight I'd start off with two. Awesome band from Tacoma represented in the 253. Is infinite wealth with something pretty Yorvit. Let's go kind of atmosphere with a low bear. It's infinite what's been low there with the former 12 punch to start us off on loud and vocal on the idea of what I ai is W. The rock of Seattle. I. Sears. ISW. Loud and local bank here on 99 point nine KI SW Caracas Seattle till midnight where rocking it. Bringing you everything in the north west in the 360206. The 145 the final nine yes 253 started off the show with two dance from Tacoma. I'm making noise down there in the south end and I decided he'd he'd keep with that theme for just a little bit that have been called big wheels don't feel put out a record called. Drink during the great guys you can pick it up on their being camp. Big big will stunt should O'Dowd became so common belief belief you can always Google big wheels dug shelf. Are some really interesting band. I'm gonna let the music speak for itself is two songs off. Reagan Reagan and the self taught order ansari the title track of the record and then Livan and everything. More music from Tacoma he will stunt show on my mobile. This is loud and local. He's on the run 99.9. AI DSL. You listening to loud and local the soothing sounds of this mail. Nail smoke the death list. My name's Kevin gears and you're listening to two hours of the best northwest rock. Music before snail you've heard of physical grind the lines of being straight up ski core. Steep rock speed freak is the name of the song you heard in and that is all about skateboarding. All about it. Consulate's gate going on right now because. Unfortunately it's raining all the time if if you had an indoor park. Thumbs up to that. A ban that was just on the road this week with the home team with the rest repose just got back. And congratulations on another successful toward god for breast repose wanted to play a couple songs for the rest of those guys. One of the best northwest fans keep it real and dad doing huge things. They're sell a ton of copies of their record and couldn't happen to a bunch of the better guys seriously good dudes great band wonderfully couple songs off their record low gravity and lock and key. Back to back from rest repose. On my mobile. So it's. Bag here on loud and local server and you up the loud and local the end of the week every week we team up with BJ inmates morning's. To present to you. The loyal loud and local lovers. And listeners. The the end of the week go to KI SW dot com you can give prime real estate for your local band and he did he air play not only on myself. While local sunny nice power fail. Rather. Also you get mentions and you get play airplay Friday's. On BJ and meets morning's. Very cool position to be in for a local band a lot of commotion there so if you want your being to be considered. Ford that gonna KI SW dot com there's only fifteen submit your being in those submit your music or you can do it the old fashioned ways and new discs and music. A final either way whatever you wanna deal I would love to hear your tunes this week we have a bit by the name of burn burn burn. Brad punk band and they are going to be recording their brand new record. They're full length this year they put out a few records and rad stuff so I want to feature them this week burn burn burn. No other reason than just dig in and chasing hornets. Amber and for Rudy after that the devil look out for the new burn burn burn this year. I'm sure all he told you all about it in the weeks leading up to its release. It's a loud vocal Ben weeks burn burn burn. You're on the Iraq. And. ID. 99.9. KI DS. She. Aren't. Wow. This is allowed in the smuggled. 99.9. KI ES. Yeah. I sort of tell you that record came out in 19868584. You wouldn't even second guess but they are that would my current favorite old school sounding. Heavy metal bins here in the northwest at sub strata. Here and I mean I point nine KI SW loud locals to show we're on for another hour. We bring you all northwest rock and sub strata of the came off their self titled record on soared in chains records from. Records from last year. Golf team god now they have a new album coming out. It's called permission to rock on the same label and the record really show is actually the 27. And it's going to be super awesome I'm I'm very much looking forward to this one what the lord is also playing. In RIP as well is gonna get the highlands bar on Capitol Hill within this January 27. So definitely put that one on your calendar. Also pick up the record because then it can be awesome I'm gonna play a song from that album the source of all creation. New music here by some strategy takes me at 77999. Let me know what you think. You dig in his new sub strata I sure hands while local. On the rocks. I. And Sears home. Yes W. Back here are loud and local I'd love debuting Britney music here on the show and just a few months back. And then by the name of heck yes. The navy's makes me smile hajj yes. They debuted there EP. Four songs you can check it out and heck yes music not in camp dot com. Can play a couple of them EPA is called get jazz. And Hickey hey yes not again. Not even a hell yes thick yes I know the name dim it. Pine for the fjords. In Jesus gave up his weekends for your sins are also gave up my weekends. But I'm not Jesus nor did I do for you since I did it because a local local music in this some of the its tech yes two sons back to back. Local punk rock. Allowed local. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Some ten miles wide here on loud and vocal opponent. West at 77999. Brine into politics out there. And ten miles wide so it endemic. And did. Chastity belt before that's. Get a lot of buzz. To a big thinks Jesse self congratulations. Flown a lot heck yes before that he songs off their new. EP and did Hank yesterday and got big hit dot com chicken mountainous support that do an awesome. Awesome stuff there there's a lot of Oscar stuff going on here the local scene. One of such bands is super crash featuring mark Palma of devotion to go it alone formerly of black breath. He's in this new kind of power pop rock band called super crash in the agony planet killer show February 10. To Valentine's week shelved. So bring your sweetie she's a crash and hit criminal code casual sex and is that the valley over by the Tacoma dome. Again that's February 10 which is the Saturdays he knows he's got to make it out got a new super crests and right now it's brutal honesty followed by another request. Some of heavy and slow the beautiful. Earth right after super crushed to 12 punch you wanna do is. Allow local. About ten minutes to list of loud and local wanted to tell you about northwest terror. Going on memorial. The weekend that he's a little bit later this year it's at the end of may. And the beginning of June through Thursday may 31 Friday June 1 in Saturday June 2. At numerous Barbosa and high line some huge band play in this one he hee-seop scored integrity. Which Mallon primitive man enough to time. A gore for the nose bleed now. So last week Kris Burd czar from Tacoma and the reuther rumble of feather in bone. And something I'm really looking forward to. Hands. Himself is gonna be playing in this one did it. Includes so awesome and it is fifteen years since the release of their ground breaking records. According tragedy and disaster very much looking forward to him so we'll be playing Saturday after party at the high line started about 1130 self. No rest for the wicked and who certainly as we could think we're listening to loud and local that it CIA is W dot com. And over we get to the podcast stuff you can tune in in Casey just like hurt only a few songs from it for a few bands played north. Mom check it out I got some recognition. Then maybe something of myself. For her and that one you know. We've got some himself then does moth and it on the killer knows it's well local. Barack even local. It's. News.