Loud and Local Podcast for January 28th, 2018

Sunday, January 28th

Sunday January 28th 

Custom – Flat Out Fast 
Jericho Hill – Fuel To The Fire 
Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage – Off The Wagon 
The Home Team – Wade In 
The Home Team – Letters From A Friend 
The Home Team – Jimmy On The Radio
Success – Believe In
Aloha Mars – Last November 
Burn Burn Burn – Amber 
Hilltop Rats – Long Way Home
Cashing in Karma – Earthbound
Cages – Death Wish 
Dangg – Good and Pissed
Breag Naofa – XII 
Year Of The Cobra – The Howl
Substratum – Exxtremer (Permission To Rock)
Substratum – Zero To Infinity 
Substratum – To Nothing, To No One
Heiress – Made Wrong
Zeke – Devil’s Island 
Marsalis – Saint
Walking Papers – The Whole World’s Watching
Palooka – Another Day In The Hole



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Oh yeah. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great north west's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. Featuring music ball. Great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Yes it is allowed in local buying a 59 point nine KI SW. So we stand now on our wives and it's still weird but. It is hit two hours of northwest music that precincts so the 2062253. To four point five. The 509 minus seven years the weekend is about to be over unfortunately. The sad thing but we get to embrace of these last two hours enjoy the moment. Because it is few hours. Of all the best local rock music tonight I have so much good stuff music my wife or the and the wreckage. Sub strata Marsalis the whole team of Obama Mars burn burn burn rate they fled to aid agency you're the cobra and so much more coming up. Here in what is Saturday February 24 at twelve TV's garage in Everett it is quiet all things. First day trios are happy birthday. A little while while formal gonna be playing alongside. Plus there are big miracle there. Here's captain miracle little. After that why home in the red keeps losing blood work this. On the wrong. Yeah. And. And that. I. Yeah. And and in the yeah. You shouldn't make a. The loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KI SW. I. Back on loud and local every week here on the show we feature. When they selected by a loud and local and BJ in migs heavy duty BJ in big slash loud and local the end of the week. Funny how that works and go not only does he keep you prime real estate on CIA as W dot com with a bio a photo. And you know links to all your social media all accounts in a music. But it also keeps you airplay on Friday's in the morning on BJ inmates mornings as well as here. Allow multiple if you want your band be considered for this very very prestigious. Honor. But KI SW dot com there's a form he can submit your music or you can just go ahead and do the old school way it's a new CD. You know. The stuff like that. This thing and the whole team is the big end of the weekend these guys are awesome. They just finished a tour with the rest of repose up and down the West Coast in Dow. They got a full length album coming out leader this year. They just working on it and I believe it's being worked on right now mixed and mastered in we can expect good things from them if you're a fan of the more. Melodic pop punk this these are jam. The home team represented the north west in a big way. Got a song called lady in they came out early. I'm sorry I'm late 2017 match that this is a so called wade in after that letters from our friends. And Jimmy on the radio three sucked back to back by the end of the week. Is the home team. Oh my local. People read exactly. I. This is loud and local. It's ninety point nine KI DS. Yeah. It doesn't. Independent. We should not have been. Yeah. It. Awesome bit by the name of sixth at believe in. Such a good jam. The so does actually used that as one of their songs for this past does season and they showed their their band upon the big screen. And it was a very very cool so success. Obviously having a lot of the six success there but I am very much. Maybe not so much success can be opening for good riddance and the last two games Friday march 16 at oh cores on that show was announced this week. And so still beloved good riddance and success is the perfect remains open for them you're listening to loud and local. Two hours of all the best in northwest music my name is Kevin gears in that we're until midnight. So make sure you stay. Tuned and you can listen to all the good stuff. Another great show coming up here is aloha Mars. They're going to be playing at the crack in. And aloha Mars a new wish me and they just have a couple songs released. Can't wait to I hear the rest of their album. Playing with burn burn burn with boss's daughter and marbles marbles. Sunday February 18 at the cracking in the industry so logic to play you some aloha Mars and burn burn burn. Looking forward to that one in McCracken it always fun bargain too especially on a Friday night you know it's gonna get pretty rowdy so here's a Bhopal Mars. But last November with the burn burn burn. Hit me up 77999. Let me know what local bands you wanna hear it loud local on the Iraq. I. There. And. I. He'll drop rats out of tickle big peaks in the Hilltop rats awesome dude friends of the show. In those so called long way home you're listening to loud in local idea. Would totally suggest you make a request to new call to 06421. Rock. Or of course via text needs 77999. Just. GM's Charles. Wants to hear some cashing in car route from Tacoma they're going to be played a show march 16. At Luigi east down there and fight so grab a slice and go seek cashing in karma. The player right now and others the so called slowdown going out to Charles listening. I think he's on the way home over on the players to check it out it's cashing in karma. My local when. Moved through. It's time. Now. And. And the thought it was. It's. Man. Man. You. It's. Moon. And Sears rolls. AI SW. Lot of popular shows going on this weekend I wanted to represent and that shout out to shows that happened tonight. Over near the F Capitol Hill area tonight at the threatened wildlife refuge on Capitol Hill. He could still be going on I mean it's not even 11 PM so if you're driving around with a percentage do you make a lot of stuff I've read wildlife refuge ethnic imbalance. Dry land into the hands about the plea cages. And dame with huge piece. I think is an awesome band as well as cages. And I'm going to be playing another one after that break in the eighth. Playing with a new Portland being called at the heart of the world and hemorrhage. Also a victory lounge that's going on tonight so. There's a kid I can't promise a group of up to the you know late needs in poll is out alerts on who's on stage at either of them shows but if you look at the subdivision that was stopped by one of those venues either victory or fled wildlife refuge. We got KG is staying and where it may think it real heavy here. It's loud local. Only. Point nine. She and her yeah this is loud and just on the 99.9. KI ES. It's. It's. Certainly one of the northwest's heaviest. Rig made. Their record from last year. Greg Nichols played a show over at the victory laps tonight with at the heart of the world the new metal band from. Portland my name is Kevin dear to listening to loud and local hero 99.9 KI SW every Sunday night we play all of the best kids in the northwest where. In a particularly heavy section of the show right now it can't get myself out of that courtroom. Once I get into the heavy this but just won't list any manner. All right and just get weird now but I'm gonna play something equally as heavy in any lot of low end. I just the bassist and drummer. It's been incredible for a two piece you would think that they have so many more members just because the sound soulful. But they just kill it you're the cobra can be drawn on another war. And that's going to be taken off Friday February 16 at the fun house with well how the rules and smooth sailing. You know play a song by view of the cobra called the howl. This comes off their newest record. Bring your dad. If you're the cobra. On 99.9 KI SW. Allow more local. It's. AI SW. They hear a loud and local business each one of the best heavy metal being in the northwest have to offer currently. Phelps for Adam. Just released a new album is called permission to rock release this week as I said on swords and changed records. This is one of them any northwest metal band playing northwest's Memphis. Appropriately named at a record zone and fun house Friday march 9. In Saturday march 10 and KI FW dot com were so cores on Seattle for info on that. We're gonna have a little mini sub strata listening party for your opportunity right now rockaholics. I suggest you to turn it up. And singer had a little. We got three sons they sub strata that we got all the jams up this new record permission to rock picking up. We got a tape or CD and digital copies. It's dreamer permission Iraq zero to infinity and had nothing to know once we found back to back up the brand new sub strata record. Here are my mobile. Okay. Okay. I need. My my. Proud and love. On the rock igniting Roy not. AI DSL. I. Kevin Sears. AI SW. When. Some darling punk rock I easy. Seattle boy Z in any plane with a lucky boys. Jerrells eat in a cursory Sheila Jerrells tavern opened on north Seattle. Toward north gate cannot offer our stuff. Definitely check out Saturday February 10. Happy birthday of the Jerrells. Coming up here next month at the eighth anniversary show with Zeke before that was heiress. Another killer local Banda made wrongs that song the title track off that record. About at me here in eighteen minutes so if you have anything you would hear it takes me 77999. We're gonna allow slowed things down a little bit. So killer Banda Marsalis has a new album coming out. There have a release show at the crocodile Friday march 16 with night urgent and greet the seat Marsalis just released a new single called saint. And I'm looking forward to hearing their new album again Marsalis play in March 16 at the crocodile for their record release show here's brand new music by Marsalis. Mild local. Saying I. Almost out of here on loud and local but I wanted to play some jams. Get things a little bit more eclectic it's gotten pretty heavy there end. Not gonna get out of that. Got to get out of it I love the pettiness but there's some bands that are a little bit more melodic little pop here. And at doing big things walking papers one of them walking papers back at it haven't seen their name for awhile Leon of course government agents side projects from his. His main band I don't if you ever heard of dozen roses. Obviously at Duff has so much time now that they're not touring the world. In a walking papers is going to be playing at the crocodile Saturday February 3 to make sure you get tickets to that because that is gonna sell the hell out. After that I got some brand new Toluca and big wheels Dutch shell. In the end the episode of loud and local thanks again for listening and as sending me your quest. 206421. Rocky is the number to call me it does tell me which will be here next always follow us on social media. And until next week. Even local. It's the walking papers. While local. Yeah. And today. Yeah. And. Check. It yeah. Ship. Yeah. Swearing. We. I. Okay. The.