Loud and Local Podcast w/ Greenriver Thrillers

Sunday, August 26th

It was my honor to have Greenriver Thrillers in studio this past Sunday night. They have been at it for 13 years now and there's nothing stopping em from continue to rock the Northwest. We talked all things local music and played some songs off their album "Distorted Diva." 

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Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah. Well mobile last year. Mean address weekends too close to there are some awesome shows to tell you about and a band that is playing a few of those. He's the Green River thrillers welcome Green River thrillers and a theory once Phil Darian Alan. Can I get it right he did. Ran on a three piece here in the northwest. First off welcome to the show and one that you introduce yourself give us a name poised username and tell us what you do for the thrillers. I'm Phil currently growth. I'm Gary activates. One. Ride on will welcome to the show it's been a long time coming you guys have been solid up playing a lot of shows Indian been going along. Go in strong for a long time but we've never actually been up to allow multiple. Well well first off of that that sucks but I'm glad that we corrected it now in how long is the band then they go on and write music playing together. Sixteen years sixteen years started in 2002 yes that's awesome. While some people than any of them alone. It's true it's I don't know why laugh that's very sad and dot dot dot opera silence. So tell me a little bit about what brought you guys together where you guys friends before. Before writing music together or. And we have crossed housing budget times. What I met Phil. He was walking on the street analysts lawyer and amp in my car. And we had memos going on and then I obviously wanted to jam sometime and Rory are let's do it saluted and then somehow limit. Here. Are your new year I was a couple other bands before bill. Nice but I do you remember that time when I went to those who is themselves few times took a walk to optimize and manually jam. That's how it was awesome drummer. Hell yeah. That's awesome. And Brad on so it's been sixteen years hard working you guys are playing a couple shows here coming up. Did groans and devil would. You're playing alongside those two bands that's this coming Friday the 31 at Barbosa that's the venue that is beneath new lows. Again that's Friday and if you're just tuning in right now Urich who whose plane with a meets Green River thrillers. In studio now and then now you guys are also part of rat city recon tells a little bit about what the whole deal is with threats city recon if if we're not quite aware. It's white southerner it's a roller skating rink they have. A few different stages there's one full tilt ice cream has the stage and in Turkey to issues. And then inside. They have a roller skating and so bands are going to be in their active. That's awesome. Some of the other bands include seats and writer and in so many more is that one or two days this year it's one day the fifteenth this number. Awesome indeed it's going to be jam in the out at Itron TT issues we are we get we get the pretty tasty teach you stage. That's awesome eat some barbecue watch some rock enrollment and editors. And then I you guys gonna be had not on the West Coast war. We are beginning in October 3 through the thirteenth that's awesome round EST to be hidden. I'll go on all the way down to LA error we are and we're gonna start off an organ and then. We're gonna hit Reno. Pages and then circle back to California. That's also not honorable we're gonna play a couple songs 12016. Album. What what was the name of the record again. The story diva distorted diva it's awesome are working brought tea. A nice piece of vinyl over there for me to listen to some glad to the just got a new turntable. We got stillborn and Lumix coming up what. Anything you guys wanna see about the songs for jump into three and a turning up the screen river thrillers plan a couple songs by them will be back to talk more about their foundation. As. Musicians slot local on the Iraq. Two ahead he had songs back to back Lomax and body parts went Green River thrillers are the album distorted dvd pick it up. This coming Friday when they play at our Boson underneath new lows. It's that's Friday August 31 for those that are checking with bedrooms in double would Green River thrillers are in studio now. Hanging out with me and it's nice to have these guys in studio with. Awesome record awesome to have you guys finally opened the show and a I guess to double a little bit deeper. And didn't just the the surface levels things a wanna ask you guys a little bit about your. I don't know sensitive parts I'm just put it. All right so let's let's go around the room blitzer with Phil so first off let's ask down. What was the band kind of made you really just goalie do I need I need to learn a plea drugs I need to learn how to play in insure me and I. I love this. What may what Dan was like delightful moments for. That'd be sound garden. I saw them played the more theater with one fun. In that is awesome sooners are some Cameron play just the regular five piece kitten written up like that. And that's when it actually start playing grounds. Boy Vonn in sound garden yes wow. I'm guessing sound garden headlined aria okay but blitzer brings Labonte on tour with them that's an awesome move yeah it was a pretty pretty it's a. Don't. Round. Yet. Let's go around the room. Yeah I actually play guitar picking. Please okay. And news. In your ice flows. So did. The basement. Is that as players are so nice. In so. Doing slayer or tried it refers down man. That's also the Hendricks. Sound and went to bring northwest whereby you Alan. You know early on instantly easy easy. One's probably more Jesus Lizard cool. And I could tell that through this few jams. Certain innocence some am rap kind of sounds. Noisy knows. I. Definitely. Fits. That fits the viva have been ugly just. Our rates so this one might be a little bit more embarrassing possibly could be you know. But B is on us as possible. I like asking this question because you know it's just all across the board and there's some people that say AC DC was their first album some people said. Vanilla Ice. So we got to go around the room again what let's go back the other way Alan let's start things off with you what was the first album that you actually purchase on your own whether it was CD vinyl cassette tape not something that was given to you or handed down TU. But one that you actually purchased under this app. Well. Wallace. Purchase Michael Jackson thriller well as a great record. I don't know for sure. Right now let's go with now let's go to this missile heavily geared. The case. Rush through pictures nights. I don't. And you still like that to this that. I. Ice. And heavily felt. In Africa the solo record from Peter Chris. A nice suits and does it still hold up to this day now. What was the second one. It from the other solo albums it was probably. Extremely. OK there you go yet to get them all and a Alamo. Run on. We're talking to Green River thriller talents of fun here on loud and local if there's something you wanna hear give us a call to a 6421 rock. We can just trash talk the Green River thrillers in the way. We like hecklers here on the show. We got a couple more songs by these guys and now we got it's misty body parts and patsy. You we're playing couple songs. From the record distorted diva you're gonna be playing on Friday Ari gets gonna have the vinyl and CD copies with swisher will. Ronald and if people like what they hear worked in the where can they find someone. Camp being in camp coroner thrillers man let's check it out to more songs body parts in line mates and start body parts in patsy we are deeply laments. We're just doing things live here at love Oklahoma Iraq. You. Yeah. It. I'm out in local with the Gavin dear is rules. AI SW. Thank here on lab mobile Green River is thrillers in the studio they're going to be playing this coming Friday at propose. We did drones and devil would. We guys weren't general insurer. And Gary Bernadette ground shirt now tell me I did is it dead runs good headline you guys gonna headline looks was a deal for Friday. Yeah we're headlines nice. Rounds can be a good gig Fridays always pretty in our early on Capitol Hill so it's early show it is starts at seven and it's over by 1030 OK cool than the people got to come and do their club Danson and and booty shake annual rate of yes examine it begins to stick around the maneuvering into eastern gate grind and so again that's this coming Friday on Capitol Hill underneath new most app or Bos. It's a dead drones double wood in the B and your Green River thrillers and then rats he recon. All day awesome that's a bullet chunky two shoes. At the at the roller skating rink right across there and then also adds a full tilt. Ice cream it's down in white senator rats he recon with Sikhs and writer and in many more including Green River thrillers. The West Coast Orkut look on your West Coast or Q&A makes it does bring any other bands are just so I'll just us on our. Run on guys anything else so you guys are looking for 22018. That we haven't talked about yet. Yeah we got some songs we wanna record. Cool frown on any of plans that matters is just trying to hopefully whenever you can't. I think we're gonna do a couple when we get back now from tour and kind of their well this it's them. It's fair enough. At any major label listening right now wanna just throw down some cash. Let's do you know the number two a 642 on rock. Or just a drug dealer who wants to fund them you know either way it all works. To ask him intensity. To my bosses listening gorgeous chick. Again anything anything you guys wanna say any of shout outs anything tees are up into Russia. Yeah might have a list of some agrees snow bands that we enjoy playing with the roam out there and cloth. Stereo creeps. Puke snake yes fees of cavalier. Mac lack that it rooms of course. Sky penis. Summoned by giants. A school but. Ask the teeth and it's up well. Don. Imus and a year. That's. Area. So I'm a guy. Well we'll see you this Friday at the embargoes of venue with their dad runs indelible would agree never thriller is anything you guys must say before jumping to plunge. And so are right this is jumping into it it's Green River thrillers among local thanks for coming guys QQL.