Loud And Local Podcast w/ The Home Team

Sunday, September 9th

The Home Team joined me on the show this week to talk shop and play some songs off their album "Better Off."

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This is loud and local. All right from 99.9. KI DS. Back here on loud and local until midnight if you have anything you wanna hear Texas 77999. Minus Kevin gears and right now on the banned by the name of the home team or at least three fifths of the home team has it going guys. And round on it's good to finally have you guys Xena was. And I DM me a little bit with John and he was saying like hey man can I come in like 5:30 PM. The nom and 9:30 AM epithet and I know for those late is where it's on a nine music AM I was like yeah are you listening to show it is. And metal shop c'mon now I'm now I'm just giving you crap if it's John sounds familiar and your loyal listener of KI SW he's actually former. Turn John of metal shops sell welcome back to distinction feels good. And yes so we've got John we got Daniel we got mr. Ryan here. Who are we missing from the home team. So we're missing Bryan Singer and the bunkers are racist run on well shout outs of those guys but you guys are the ones to get to have the funds and I. A subdued. While we were off the air. We word kind of discussing a lot of like death metal death course up like that and it's interesting that you three guys are are in to death metal and heavy music. But the music that you plays a lot like softer and a pop punk music what. Let's go back to the beginning stages of the home team a when did you guys start and how did you guys go from like being adjusted in death metal and metal to like wind played a pop on him. So John and I've been friends for along time to play and a hardcore band called opened fire yeah like 20092010. Shout out Steve if he's. So we met. In high school before that the and we played and that and together and and 2009 John sent me some tracks that he had been writing just wanted experiment playing some pop bug chair. Tom we'd buy demos and stuff out back and forth but then like a metal band started to Torbor. So we ended up taking a break and kind of putting on like on the back burner yeah. On an N in like 2012. Or 2013 we can both got burnt out plane meddle in our core fair and like hey let's start a new band and we. The week after on the home team stuff I'm. Men put on EP in 2014. I think. With and an original singer who it is isn't anymore a cat island and man. Fast forward 2018. Just up the new record. Yeah its gulf. Better off its huge man. And for so it's not odd it's not 88 self released record you guys are on a label and you god has done some pretty huge tours of breast repose and a lot of other killer bands tell us a little bit about like getting signed and and how that work out how many tourists officially have you guys been. Do you like. Thirteen or fourteen hours that's awesome. We we've been like you know like grinding to DIY circuit for awhile yeah like 2014 when he seventeen angered and like. Three or four manufacturers a year cool I'm just different self book the ally tourists and these are glamorous things users dear all creme an inside of a small little band right we have slept. When I first and the band Daniels would Atlantis ran EC. Because I sat at a worse gas mileage two in the trailer. Our task masters my prayers to her with these guys we where. Driving I don't know. A cat and it was a hundred knee. Going through. Eastern Washington and Daniel wouldn't let us turn on AC and injured when you hold on the windows it was just like hair dried hair dryer blowing and it was worse they had to have windows rolled up it was better to have the windows rolled up. It was at that moment and ask contemplate. Doing with my life but hey now you're here today and it's much more glamorous right it is we got to see and hear him with lie. You see in the van now yeah we galactic. Flight is that we leader on and off ethnically and the middle of summer be a 110 outs that were lower and booties the blankets snow cold. I like how it's glamorous to us is the sleeping in a vain with ace the united I don't put it we're not even like we got hotel rooms it's like we got AC you know van. You know what when you're slumming it super hard even the slightest upgrade is just ball and at a controller share diluted per share. So the album better off you guys released this summer right. Yeah came out July 20. Awesome release on revival recordings of is out of North Carolina. So far the response has been pretty good. Yeah and super happy with we did a full US tour with restaurant close this past summer but yeah the one like. Straight to the East Coast down to Florida over Texas and back home. And so long long like five weeks for us as super fund that's awesome well. You know congratulations we're going to be playing some songs that six songs ready to go here tonight if you have anything you wanna talk about with the home team. You know he weakened in top we can going to some you know interesting idea tails we can talk about their love lives to a 6421 rock. There are here hanging out with us tonight and we're gonna talk a little bit more about what got them into music and the foundation. But now we're gonna go into weight gain in that fashion for his or anything you guys wanna say about these songs may be trying to. Tease him going don't. You play in the DJ now. That are probably two of the more earth like. Both ends of the spectrum for us musically lightweight and has more. Pop punk I type song sure fashion for the Lola Moore are artsy. I guess more moral alternative would be to discredit on the flight. Both sides of army and an engagement zones brat on well here's a couple songs it's weighed in and fashion forward a couple the first tracks from their new album. Better off checking out. From local on the Iraq. People leave exactly. Sony. I. And continues. Wednesday instead of staying there and from London. And. Change and. They. It's lab local here on the rocks right now in studio with the home team you've been listening to what their newest record. And the name of the record gain better off better off all right got to learn to how to do my job here on my local would learn and on the go. On the fly. That's a song called fashion forward before that weighed in at. The home team here in studio at least three fist guess 60% would we're doing good pass and d.'s to get it degrees hanging out so would you guys do this weekend. Which guys get into anything cool. Brian and you work you know quarters on yep is sound guy and the San nano or a you know what went before we get into to what's. What you guys did this weekend. What is a piece of advice he would give to local and as a sound guy deals with a lot of local rock and roll bands what it's like a key piece of advice. You would give to a band coming from the main sound guy oh quarters down that the acting like this is something that. Talk about. Mean p.'s advice for local bands don't suck. Don't sack. Now I mean it's an amateur it's inevitable that you're gonna go through a learning curves your share and I encourage. Fans to get out there and playing music and you know we all started somewhere. Don't. Cheap out on year OK I seal Lotta bands. Who. Have. Good song material yeah and their plane out of like a line six combos spider amp aka and it just is killing it like you're nobody's. Nobody's gonna wanna listen to year cool guitar rift. If it's coming through are really crappy guitar okay you save up a little bit and save up a little bit if you can you know I know that Goodyear is an affordable to everybody but really put a little bit more effort. Into your gear and your craft focus on your craft a correct yes all right so. There we go Ryan one of the main sound guys from a core zone he is the one. Actually no you can't catch and they don't have any show lined up they just played at hard rock. Don't concede how was your hard rock experience gas. The hard rock was sick nights I've never played harder before you have like. They haven't really done that shows like ours it was it was awesome I hope we do it again in the like a lot of people like a lot of like older like her. Am I only play in the hardware so you. Illegitimate president and the legitimacy my parents actually wanted to come to Russia. It doesn't matter the each word the US fourteen times doesn't matter all the stuff you played the hard rock. Yes he sure there as T shirts are rockets from your talent and the DN bugs are and I geared. Glasses and your signs that. Listen and these aren't well before we get into it what did you guys do this weekend aside from the hard rock thing. Well I'll watch the Seahawks makes a mistake yeah leaks again close in there lots you know next week. Box data aren't. Announced that first week in. I've worked all weekend now honey is show worked on Friday went straight to Alicia who worked on Saturday and where can manage now he's here to talk about it and Brian what about you man yeah he's worked last night. Limber lost with the headline last night and of course work that show. And then went to friend's son's birthday parties before coming. Are you are easier sun listening right now and now he's bad I can't do and I was gonna say we need to tell me go to sleep yet. You better be in sleep Caribbean and this idea at the got to go to school would use the equipment than what you get at exactly equal and you don't want to meet. With the current. Here's a question I like to ask some fans because I can potentially be embarrassing or you know you can flex your music knowledge or whatever. Think back to you when you were first getting into music. And you've the first album that you actually purchased on your own weather BC DE a vinyl tapes however old you are whatever I ain't judging. The weather what physical. Album you actually purchased on your own and this isn't something that was given to you by a friend or like the cool older brother the mom the one you actually buy yourself some jobless start with you. All right Aaron member. Got zealots 2009. Ounce before he did he was he DD yes Huff daddy Lula. Daddy and very sick song called come with me yeah grip stuff LED's that you know Led Zeppelin the and I had a habit so that was good victory for that car to find a dollar bills in the accounting quarters and that go into the target. Attempt the single I got a little bump this up on that intimacy is basically trashed yeah young kids though. Shout out god zoo with a thousand soundtrack and what about you man good man. Though. No I don't know I'm at know that Israel and have an. I'm I had two records that I've Ares specifically remember like thinking is needed them all ago. It was. Eiffel 65. I'm Abu dab I had. Yeah I'm the one below that like the rest of the CD it's actually full of bankers like I don't of those that style anymore. Center and at all. Play too much of and then. And I got into the outer lighted at night and today it's. Oregon that is that and the and by the state airplanes yeah I remember hearing like the radio singles. And you know they take Elvis wearing out the Adams song is showed oppressing varies. The armament Graham mom's sister and my mom went to that they'll square and LV together and I convince them lightly need to go into the music store I went and bought the CD OK so excited I've played it and it was nothing but curse words on the ground look. Horrified. What do I get this he. That's funny and then later on your likened to Lacey Tina death metal Michael is like Nora Lee. Stuff and you know that's that's the what got you into the ranks and the success that when he suited him. And what about your eye and men that feel like you have a pretty funny story here yes. The first piece of music that I bought on my down. I was in I think like second grade and had this little cassette I can't remember what I got first the cassettes of the boom box but. We here at a garage sale and bought. They had like a boxing cassettes for like fifty cents and it randomly bought cool in the game yeah and cooler Atlantic record it was about cool and the gang. Minute by. BG's. Is that. This picture and did they get so tight guys now that I literally have like. Choreographed. Dance O clock up hey you know I was like I staying like I know I like love showing that off of the Czech government moves to the song. Maybe I don't know I gotta tell us yes I did as they do it like a little bit like the sprinkler Erica oh you know home money is an idea yeah. So I and then I think after that I got I remember. Specifically I got Papa Roach yen down in fast come highlighted pieces and I got it right before a road trip. And all I cared about was what's the single called last resort last resort. All I care of that song for the whole like three hour drive that was on I'd just played last as. On repeat for like three hours straight. So shut out pro beach Coby Dick Jacoby she addicts. And Sony could MTV start it. Are we got home team here in studio we got a couple more songs from their albums called better off. We got Jack of all trades in something to hold onto after that will be talking more with them it's a home team here among local. And Diana. I. So. To. We'll tell. You've thousand. At all. If you've felt. The loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. Back here a loud and local home team hanging out with us tonight. Fedorov is the name of their new album it was released in July you know these guys are local boys and it's it's awesome to see guys doing so well you've been around for what six years now. Jesus yeah out like five we started you there's this like five years ago five years ago that's awesome well congratulations on all the success you guys. I'm kind of curious what's the what's the next step for you guys it has taken a little break from playing shows you guys gonna be. Write some new material or just taking a break in and what's the rest of the year look like for you guys. So got a tour coming up in November that hasn't been announced yet OK you're gonna West Coast or on the 22 and a half weeks in like after Thanksgiving. An and next year just tour is everywhere nice a lot of stuff planned for a Tony in nineteen cool concert and hit the full yet. At the whole US a couple of times. That's the but the big thing next year's going to be a year just grinding in the road. And me in the middle of that to just writing writing writing just keep on an island and how about Europe how about overseas any any plans for that. Media eventually that Alia call. Table next to you yet seen it you'll and you'll see how the first six months ago. But throw in the US but it. T going back going to Europe are going to roster that would be. So sick to Nestle. I start to cut you off but I feel like you guys are in this in between right now where you like your band is getting more successfully more successfully doing a lot of tours. But it's probably to the point where I mean you guys have families. How do you guys maintain like you know like being able to pay rent and then also being able to go watch forty guys have jobs that are like flexible and Finley lies flexible support that. So we work at least gain on network line Mike marketing and stuff like that so okay we kind of pick up locked contract based outselling the case. You know this spring and wanna come for like a month or two in the northwest and needs them to represent the brain is different festivals stuff like that jurors and gain level and help along with that get paid you know for two months and after that contract is done like okay. Zip up enough money we could pay rent you pay for food and ensure view and then we can hit the road you know hard. OK and then I'm actually all three of us are set up to drive for lift tonight lets us a huge sting if you want like succeed in the music industry. Just having like it and if it's night and I'm. Like I haven't driven and you know a couple months. But like it's always there as an option ball back exactly so if we ever you know if we have to go out on tour next week. And I know I need to make cash right now have to quit my job. You know I could just go out and drive lift for four hours in just make as much money is and as I need to like immediately that's the best part about it. Would you ever consider taking that tour bus as a lift clean driving people around while with the no I am I thought about it be that get on the very guys that they. I thought about it like we have bonds in the back. It's also weird to override a little to pull a trailer and everything one star smelled like true. It. Well anyways it and then Ryan your sound guy so yeah they they understand music and in industry exactly am I jobs cool about our equipment rather we side jobs as well I work for both John in the annual Coca marketing programs. Just having a flexible lifestyle I think in and lots of support from Angelina and it's still really hard to do you you know com. But I that's cool you guys seem to be at least you know you've you've you've major lives around this in you're continuing on it's it's awesome to see you guys are gonna continue to. Hit the road right awesome. But really catchy songs he sounds receiver catching this is stuff that like I know what's the end of the summer when it's a good good day and you're about to go just like. Hang out with some friends is good to put these songs on you can not tell me that you will not be singing along to these kids if you pretend that you're not. Like not Milan sing along you are. African lion man I was about Syrian afterward. Anyways so I shout out to you guys where we find you online and where we purchased the music. Is on mr. Gramm's at the home team. Pretty much or brewers at the home team up on team and W easy on records out on Spotify apple music Amazon. It's available in armor story finalist stuff on our encamped here yeah I'm camp. If years if you wanna help the band out that you really like. By the record digitally or physically and and streaming on Spotify awesome those numbers that's like the industry standard now to talk judge band is doing on Spotify yet. I'll go listen to a ban on Spotify helps not more so than apple. Army vet Spotify is the bigger market share like the main numbers that people look at aka. I buy it and then go stream announced a five that's the best move I don't dwell. That's that's good to know is there anything any think use order a charity as when he gave before going to the last couple songs here by the home team. Think human and bird supporting. All of us who practice. My parents house ace or possibly years. Several Stanley thanks to my family. My mom and my dad and my son and my wife her be supportive. But he really matter remain. Oh and thanks to our friends zesty. He's come on pretty much every two or that he can to do you merchant drive and he's basically they hit a member of the band. And hold us together a little bit so thank you to ST. And thank you yeah. Out there welcome in general to the other two members let's say their names were overtime. Brian in Baby Doc are all right we got a couple more songs here by the home team it's waiting game and fade out anything you guys say to the northwest audience before we throw these on to. Thanks for checking us out probably come to Russia Latvia. Annan is the home team here on the bottom local. Only you know.