Loud and Local Podcast w/ Jericho Hill

Wednesday, September 5th

Jericho Hill joined me in studio this week to debut 5 songs from their brand new album! 

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With the Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. Back here I'm loud and local and a ER the end of the week he's special guests here because they have a record release show happening this coming Saturday want you to be there. To support local rock music not only is it to this band but it's also why only and the wreckage woodshed crossing crusade and I'm speaking out he's Jericho hill welcome to allow local Jericho hill what does that. Thanks for having us be and it's all right well before we get into things in Wheaton grill you guys about the hour we talked about the band and whatnot. Let's go around the room starting with Malcolm. But and then started with Malcolm let's let's did give your name and tell us what you do for Jericho hill my name is Malcolm mass a sink for Jericho and I'm also the president apples to ski don't you. Yes I sing Ritter grew out on sounds good today I played days at the please. I'm Adam night please. The skins separate rooms nice. Steven the guitar. Brown on will welcome to the show guys again the album is a coming out this Saturday called the suicide jacket and pretty big release for you guys is like your first big album corrected your first full length. Yes the first Floyd album in re the only guy whether we are gonna go into an EP just kind of a short deal. And we said if we're gonna go and this is going to the full thankful OP yeah and so we got an nine songs we picked out of all the teams we've we've worked on together and we can be more proud enough. Let's very awesome so who did you work with with the album and how about how long did it take his. We went in and April to finish the I'm we got a couple a couple pieces we did two tracks. Last December. Synergies studios and shoreline which used to GB and Sean Walker. Awesome and yeah its it's been a great experience for them they've been really accommodating really cool at some awesome. Notes to give us and really helped I think shape the record into what it is and I don't know that I just. Amid have been doing this for ten years now and then won the predator record for a long time something that's awesome ride on we'll tell me a little bit about the named the suicide Jack what what's the deal. SuSE Jack so there's a couple playing cards. You see the suicide king out there and pound. There more rare suicide jacket and label I managed Federer the cool title there yeah all right Warner face no BS man easy. Yeah we we we only won the first on zero it is a band is called the suicide jacket and when they came in India album has like you know we could do we could play with the playing card thing. Mac over here really took the art. Collaborated with with some people who make the hour happening. Yeah I don't know I think I think the suicide jackets prison he's in all of this man. So now can you casually drop that you've been doing this for ten years now does that mean even with Jericho hill for ten years or what's the what's the outcome origin story of Jericho hill have when he doesn't meet. How long you guys complain together was that a 2014 I mean it's yeah. Some like that yeah it is that it we men and 2014 I've known Steve Snyder since. He got back from Iraq and I think I met him in 2008 depth he's as mean and worked his recordings you for a little bitten. Yeah I'd years later turn. Other bands and things were known. And a meeting of a Mac and him and we put this band together and got Adam nick onboard and it's just it's been a ride it's been a rider since. It's awesome product slowly cut their teeth into. Absolutely and other show again is with why only and the wreckage woodshed in crossing crusade I'll watch it these against your record militia. Well you know leave the evolved in super duper tightened close with us. We like to think you each other in the scenes of extremely hand one big happy dysfunctional thing Chris thanks and that's definitely loud and really a lot of insisting that their material and and you know all the billions of mentioned. Have been just completely solid deeds nothing but actually support of their personal time and you know yeah. They wise the first first when they're really gave us a shot and put us on a bill them and Tony v.s which is really dope. We buy it but he's a first got a TV send your songs yeah yeah he's an he's been really cool really cool the whole band. Kyle rob really think. Analysts. Downright awesome beards prosecutors say is we ended a meeting about playing a show into coma and you know and his started. From there are no now. It would shed been like like I was missing would say it was the very first show that I ever played as musician in Seattle as a with. Mean Nathan Reno from which it is now the bass player yeah we had been called colossus cool. Arm yet and so we the first show I ever played lives and it's at a place was us opening for wood shed and a big call still look at the which I am now part of with. Malcolm over here here behind Helio ranked Ernie. I'm a yeah but Soviets funny just the the first band led. One of the first bands that I ever saw live in Seattle was was woodshed and I was like you know eight years ago or something like that we're still playing with them yes the rather like. Punter Jake unique and awesome a great guys absolutely we wanted to. Pick up place as locus of the Haida have dessert our first place river plate does Japan really we wanna pick a place and bands that have been. Super duper supportive through her journey and the bad part of it and that's that's how that decision so it didn't. It's a great venue to especially on a Saturday night not only are you going to get dedicated fans that are coming out but a bad. Honestly there's a lot of foot traffic in that area so there's people to just wanna come drink a beer they're gonna actually watch a really rad show so yeah. She can kick on over bizarre after for some some doubling don't blink on the for the show to talk all the time goes red star amendment listen I'd love I love playing places I love playing out. It you know get on stage and and playing music is is that there's a thing from me about it. At 35 years old I gotta be honest you know like picking places with good talkers. Yes I think. So the forty booked them ask yourself do we have populace if that. So we got a couple songs here at the start things off by Jericho hill and the album is called the C was hijacked again I will let you know they are playing this coming Saturday at Hyde died Saturday September 8 the record release show of this album suicide Jack. And ultimately take notice and be still my beating heart is there anything you guys wanna say about these songs before we jump into. Does it take notice is up you take notice Vegas is the best way to put it at which is up right now on YouTube if you wanna check it out actually listened to it here all right round on its Tucson which Erica hill. If you wanna talk to the ban to a 6421 rockets while local on the rock. I mean to me. In the I have everything. Learn. It's level here on nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle Jericho hill in studio and and playing a couple jams from them that record sounds huge congratulations guys. Thanks man's huge it sounds awesome they I'll meet again is called the suicide Jack in if you like what you heard definitely come check it out it's alive. The record early show I'm assuming you'll be plan it's mostly songs from the south I think we're if we're gonna we got a couple tricks of a slew of our sleeve and I could only hear a lot of the album at the show that's awesome guys gonna be yelled you pick up physical copies of the CD err yes there we got him ready to go we will have them. At the show. Fifteen bucks think puts one in your hand little Manhattan. Are right like that Jane's Alibaba respect that so again I Jericho hill explain. Saturday September 8 the record release show ended that is going on at the high dive in Fremont you'll be able to see why army and the wreckage would shedding crossing crusade it starts at 8 PM. So what I have Jericho hill here in the studio wanted to go a little bit deeper about kind of like grown up what what music got them into. You know want to become musicians because if if you listen to the music. Personally I can hear a lot of of influences in there it's kind of middle kind of punk just driving melodic rock but. Definitely a lot like Haiti. I can hear some like even some like Iron Maiden influence or something in the area of the bush ready stuff so. I would score on the Republicans are what Malcolm I guess since your closest to me what. What the end. Would you say really kind of gave you that has that that lightbulb moment where you heard it sot lies and you legislate. I got it pick up an instrument or I got to start seeing in a wanna do this I wanna play music I want to be the DN. Neither. There's three that are on par or me a it. Different number I'm very collecting I love all kinds of music mean everything kinda gets me going Billy jolt. I don't know I say at a piano man dude I can't I can't get enough they got the very first CDOs ever given ever bought myself. Was Styx greatest hits OK I gotta go sticks yeah and then when I finally pick a my first made a record not us. Yet negatives imagine it would make a record you'd I got on one day. A guy. Canned and extinction yeah Metallica and justice for all. It was a device and then I got a appetite for destruction on one trip to Circuit City and I'll blow your hair back you know I knew my African mine man about it they buy it when this this. That's awesome ride on let's go to continue around the room. So I think army. The first time that I eight went to a concert or everything clicked in the place for me you know Imus thoughtful awesome day it is and and crawling experiences like visually stunning he had authority and that kind of music sure. It's just. You know at the root heart my soul. Them and Alice in Chains with an keyed in with neem no is just because it was thought that their music is. Like reminiscent of things that most people enjoy at a music yet eclectic and interesting and unique at the same time okay yeah I agree it's amazing. Alice in Chains tool can go wrong with those two out. Are you back texts. Yeah. If you if it's embarrassing you can still delicate and it doesn't. Back in maybe move. The only and he answers thousands before it became. Three okay little outdoor concert at this from the age in Tennessee right. And Lleyton comes he came Eckert and on yeah bring. House for a room full crowd which it begins the age squished. Memories feeling this is awesome yeah my parents were buying you know electric today at progressive places crappy acoustic when that's been in at a gathering rust now ice and those started it. It's all uphill or downhill from there they look at depends on who you ask I guess. Maybe if you ask your parents at the time they think downhill differ from that they. Aren't. Continuing on meant I was got a late bloomer right policy was not into music all as a kid and then. More to beamer ethical everything and Ripley would complete sports that the security teams all that stuff and then I think Ellis most of them. Nine or ten or something like that and I heard. I heard so cold by Breaking Benjamin on the radio well I think is on 99.9 C. Yeah lifetimes say yes I just over here in that song it just something kind of clicked you know at at the it's it's not like you know a drum focus or drum heavy song or anything but just that. Here in that I listen to like a lot of other stuff that was really similar to that in just. Like I was thought of music is just this thing that like people go to close to gain steam with them when I heard how much emotion much feeling you can put a song kind of and lessons and just kind of clicked in there and and drums especially religious kind of access libel moment you know that I have to dia meal here from Russia or something and eight feet if it does well on the song in India. And here at the end and guess he's been able to put feeling behind music is pretty awesome absolutely. Product and even. So you know. The this might be alone very phantom and a nother about there so when I was probably seven years older so my sister who's four years will mean is it. Actually huge New Kids On The Block and and bill rides style yeah yeah and and you know it's it's what 190 yeah I'm an immediate myself though that Geithner only 901991. They can play at the Tacoma dome and you know I can look that to my sister at times soloists are we Jordan here in town. And if any I never really can commit. But my mom confined to babysit her forming that an American I I went to the the NK a TV show at that comfortable in my sister man I'm on and I rumors as a seven year old kid. Like looking up at the stage. And thinking like this is the largest thing ever in my entire life. A girl's screen yet and the and then you know looking around to seeing thousands upon thousands of girls screaming and I was like you know that there's something to this. Obviously but if it wasn't it was really anything to like connected later to. But what I really dug about reform it's my twelfth birthday my my parents took yet Garth Brooks show yeah. Smell and also the Tacoma dome I remember seeing when thunder rolls hit like little stage effects they have that was like me is really cool. And then you know the other moments Werner. My aunt gave me Led Zeppelin four for Christmas. I'm almost happy about it my uncles and was open and he was. He got himself in the trouble. But I remember he didn't play on an album hand black top black dog was the first song on nine hits that hit me in them was. That was at. So you heard it here first folks Jericho hill somewhere in between tool and New Kids On The Block please. Acts. Are lightning round let's go quickly this when Steve let's start with you favorite northwest band of all. Time. I'm. Let's go botch Ollie has together and it's incredible all right. They'll like us probably bloomer and listen to a lot of the like early ninety's culture when I was grown up innocent got a year like that on semen mighty. My fevered band that comes here's ten miles an awesome incredible and it me. And is it just makes me feel the way it needs exposed me to give each in the fuel spot yes right. Brown on. I heard presidents from the bad. Meaner and lump yet loan and teaches those early this contract and schools. Yeah. I'm gonna have to guest house Jane's. Actually it was April OK yeah passes it's something at an eclectic music. Theories oh absolutely. It. Incredible good choice I got to see Malcolm basically drag you have got to. Yeah I learned cover them and they're going to sit down. Man I love him I love him it I'm gonna go local band though they're no longer bag and it's a river Bender and drive apply to my favorite render. Chris Tillman. And you're listening to Jericho hero here huge. The you're listening to Jericho hill here on loud and local to going to be playing Saturday September 8 at the high dabble got a couple more songs from them. And we'll be talking with Demi just a few double in disguise and undress my bones. The album is the suicide Jack anything you guys wanna say about. No man I I don't know this. This is our real nuts when your bill in the sky since. I hope you're ready to dance Riviera are right here it is not swaying them it's a local on the roster. The and. It. This is loud and local. Bought the rock 99.9. KI ES. We are back here on loud and local it's a rock. We are ready to continue on with his mighty proceed due to new album of Jericho hill we have five songs. It's what 99 songs the album yet nights at nine song album so what are gonna get you all tonight not all of it you gotta wait till Saturday night. That the couple tasty ones that we just he's just the tip. Just that just wants to zero dislikes or jealousy or out gesture on my hair to it. It's at the Hyde died Saturday September 8 that's the next Saturday solicit a week and definitely make sure you head out to Fremont for the high diving credible venue awesome sound. Good drinks ticker bartender and watched him awesome bands about why it only and the wreckage woodshed crossing crusade. And he's been Jericho hill is a pretty pretty pretty huge a three guys to be releasing this record plane I don't with some of your favorite bands and that's. Got to feel pretty good manic it's gonna be a good week for you guys I can see yeah aid it. You know this album has been a lot of a lot of arguments. Lotta hours spent. Tightening up lot of discussions and I don't know that I'm I'm ready to get back in the being creative and Ryan and an expansion the next records are tired of these saw caught a lot of what I know there are other songs that. You know and the best part about coming to the end of of the record in luncheon is knowing that. Okay we've done this. Now let's let's keep moving man Olympia people enjoy it. You know that that's due more you know. Nice upward. So I'm gonna ask you one last question let's go around the room let's start with Michael it's a Michael. Now come with so with Malcolm at one last time. Favorite song off the record. It's like picking a baby but what's it what it is it and I know he got a favorite. Do I think my favorite is honestly. Can be still my beating heart aka round. Continue. Uneasy. Click the like all of them. It's. Take notice and we played balance and a congressman. We also played that continent audience. And a I think that. I think. For me it seems she runs which we haven't played and yup get the record here that one outlet Dallas won it going into recording it was probably mighty my least favorite of the bunch and then after that he recorded here yeah it turned out became my number one. It's awesome yet it's it's it's one of the slower ones in the and it's kind of got a fairly heavy subject matter and we put a better group to and I don't know man a I was really proud of everything that dude come on so well and the un to go to eastern sky. This has won her about the planet's. It's a more technical guitar part and it's a lot of fun for replay. So you wrote a lot of lyrics yeah that that's the song rather than they. I wrote about. Come back from being the army be human rack and by amazing wife Shelly can help media. Just find me again. So that's awesome. Well congratulations for that new you know fully integrating back. The local rock rock scene man and seems to be doing pretty healthy so thanks nasty negative in my first death metal screaming that's when to its spiritual there you give a ride on. So the first before we go into the last song again and got a mention it it's at a high dive by this record Saturday September 8. Next Saturday suicide Jack that's the album we've been playing all these songs from. Now the four as your as any any thank you see guys have a tiny shout outs and you gotta have some special peep. Listen I'm in our our for the big ones are families. They've been so patient with us and you know letting us take take time waited to make this our happened and without that patients is this doesn't work so you know Shelley Jozy Phoebe. Those are my peeps thank you. Yeah and loves you now go to bed. Has your regular bed that is working not. Obviously Richard fields a resonant mastering. John Walker Jason shady at synergy studios and shorelines yes you gotta think the bands that are playing with us this coming Saturday wide only in the wreckage guys have been. Nothing but Coolidge are going we love you guys. Woodshed. It's its history and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us but you guys well prosecutors say it's you guys. I don't know man you guys gives his. Sunk sunken mistaken in my heart I love you. They're really the epitome of Seattle music's teen romance romance. Proved we got some crossing crusades coming up here after this Jericho hill -- to play a little block of all the other bands are going to be here and Cella why only in the wreckage woodshed and then I'm going to rounded out with a crossing crusades debut. That is yet to come now so continue on with the Yankees whatever you'd like to. To do before we jump into eastern sky I think most users just damage in thing in France there but he has been supportive yes more like a statement a filtered but here in inner circles has been nothing but things done so. Think you're all alone you'll. It's round on. And thinks that everyone. Her including me in guilt slave and circles and just ever won and all the people listen issue who have new clues you can you guys an equal. You keep trying with him or coming and even the haters they make you play harder and Internet happen. That's back up guitars and a couple of its. I just want to thank might my family my parents. I'm also just all the all the demands on here that have been so awesome doesn't have been so supportive. Our end and mean Los lauding these two guys and the man with mean these guys here and I and so look at the end ideas are all awesome and just thank you Portland media. Did you do what I love out there and it's pretty sweet and just like to finish up with the free stacks for life so. Tara and yet to or an Nathan Reno last through quick that we just that kind of confirm maybe suspicions about the name Jericho hill. Yes it oh yeah the dark tower yeah but I'm king of we thought that them. You're right we didn't come across the name lightly though we you know we didn't know how to name the band initially so we have this whole. Tournament brackets set up were weak put all these names against each other. There's all kinds of stuff on there there was like coffin birth and adjusters dead and coop was one of the actually the finalists was group and yet and you're really radical group yeah it was US troopers Jericho hill and an apartment I wanna say it was must've been like three against two yet there there are there those close numbers and future. I personally I think I thought it was gonna just being Johnny Cash reference but you know I think that's what he's the only other Jericho hill that we found dead is he Johnny Cash should be banned in Scotland out you know can't tell what a hard goals as a band just you know it's like with them yeah like this album's out what are we do you know you ask you'll. We wanna get the Scotland we wanna bring your hill in Scotland to here. So we can play with the avenger who hill I mean it might be a mismatch but it's going to be epic ran on to a more fees for them oh. I. Just thrown out the trash in stock. Jericho hill studio. Catch them this Saturday a high dive we got a block of awesome music all the beans are about to hear the next four B and all. Playing this show so what we wanna get your ass over to the high dive in Fremont. I pick up this album we got the last one from this album now we're gonna play tonight eastern sky you heard all about it after that why only in the wreckage woodshed and debut by crossing crusades. Lab local thank you very much for coming up guys extravagance Kevin yes thank you so much here it is the last one that were played from says the suicide Jack Ketchum. Saturday September 8 at the high dive its level local on the Iraq. Yeah.