Loud and Local Podcast w/ Method 13

Sunday, August 12th

This week on Loud and Local I had Method13 in studio to play some brand new songs from their self-title EP. Enjoy! 

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With the camping gear is rolls. AI SW room. And we're back here on loud and local all the members actually know minus one. But most of the members four fifths of the members of the bin netted thirteen welcome to the studio Geist is. Only now that go around in the house. Well we're missing one member so we gotta make it appointees to a special shout out so let's let's do that let's get that covered. So my brother miners Mike my brother Girardeau the bassist he's that Italy's in the hospital right now. Jauron or we let your brother the larger and hope you feel letting mailer and you listen in right now. All right so that the thirteen in studio now like I just mentioned what do we go around the room and introduce yourself. NTELOS we do from method thirteen. Ominous Craig cabana and played guitar net thirteen. Eight and I'm Aaron all day on the lead guitarist for thirteen. As a gone on Aron stock market and I ammo both the united McCain. Again Michael polite is a play drums that place circles permit that they. Yes articles on that. It. Code word so again method thirteen there they're going to be playing. Why did it and that's this Friday. August 17 at 7 PM. Reading time you do get off work and then I'd go get all blazed up and now watch them at a high tunes speech. Again it hence fats in myrtle Edwards park as we can you guess pretty stoked the plight. Oh yeah no absolutely. It's going to be on hand fest is like like it's the right is the Summers of. Kind of winding down but it's like the last real big shebang aside from pain in the grass. It's like yeah it's it's essential summertime. You know kind of a festival so it's pretty cool. Yeah. We were both play last year but unfortunately are based their sick last year also. Hum so we're pulling hard for him and it's going to be his last or right with those Wednesday Ford and so why haven't come out supportive and form thirteen sport lead in sports is that you don't wanna do. Hell yeah man so tell me a little bit about the the formation of the day and how long have you guys been at been playing together and how did hasn't eaten start start jamming out. Hum well I started the band. Three years ago in my anger with the guitars. So he got to do it in a cell phone and am nice I would. And other projects throughout the years in the north with music scene to an advance not actually making it happen. But I got tired of that so eyes that it them build this project and start ground up and I would remembers and Girardeau actually I got a hold him on Dan Hayes Mick website like that you pay money to find. Musicians that you got to do is a lot of trees ones out there so careful. He's like outlook to join your band but that kind of Lehman Brothers which like the tender for musicians. With with separate separate problem with that I've been looking people dead very daddy around so he's taken my brother come along for the ride Michael and I was like. They played able basins like. Elliott and I'm like all right well come on in and then we went from there and it threw three more members and and maybe they go from here we came in. Yeah I mean I'm pretty much I mean this formation I mean since it's been a year so I mean we on this kind of found each other and our own way as I mean. Aaron Aaron is the founding member S that they. During his perseverance I guess we've all kind of on each other. Stick together for a year and having gone pretty strong Justin joined our don't mean not much more into it that. For a de mission Craig and he got jumped in before Aaron jump to any kind of start up as a manager forest OK and he's been he was atlas air over. Many years and he's. And only to use him earned. So we got him rolling through and he hit a lot of good moves for a two cuts are for show Spokane. From you know being an astute you know dispute in jail room like Libya he made it kind of real for us. Which was really cool and so we've gotten hit rock and from there we had a few big shows in between. We got to open for steel panther that's great though as Joe Buck Soto China looks at a much less so but don't give up right accidentally it was a fun yeah fun save our show off those it was just us than them and you know. We went from playing clubs the plan that the plank of the games. Feeling. Hell yeah man good feeling so your home base is kind of the north and air era. Mike near every it yes we got this and oh yes and no parents from the south end okay and I'm I'm we're up from the north and you know we're more confused now Bandana. You know district man you OK there you don't just represent the north was LT India at six of syndicate pressure I hear you man six cent certificate. So we're gonna play a couple songs you're buying meth and thirteen off the self titled album he can actually streaming on Spotify you can find it. On another FaceBook. You can find links to it from their FaceBook Indy can purchase it at I believe he can probably be able to purchase and that's is that correct. We're actually waiting for the hard copy okay should be done this week coming in the mound but I mean there on iTunes you know and restore movement and we've got posters first dispensaries and well here's the thing you can just listen to it now yeah. Yeah right and I. There Fiat is best truck exactly here. I'm local method thirteen turn it up we got watch it die in math did in the will be talking to the B and a little bit more it's meant to thirteen in studio. Mom local. Netted thirteen in studio right now. It's loud and local we're hanging out with the future method thirteen killer northwest band playing this Friday. What could be described as one of the most northwest events ever. Hence vests. This Friday August 17 man at 7 PM catch them at the high teens stage. And you know what and test easy it's free but also with donations to bring like 1015 bucks don't say it's a good cause man. And indefinitely just goes support you know he can get some glass for a cheap price and hang out with these guys and tell while local Santa are. Our act. So I gotta put you guys on the I gotta put you guys in the hot seat today man that we have a lot here. We got a test here your knowledge or interest in music and let's go around the room guys Kazaa these are some questions I've been nabbed tenant have financed in lately. So what's her on the rue what is the band that made you like fall in love with music and meet you like. Be like whoa that is something that I might wanna do one. I guess I'll go first this trend. Since her but he can't see in February got. I would say. Black Sabbath night Seattle is absolutely scared the crap I mean when I first heard iron men and cry and apparently occurred after. Ever since I was three so. What the I like Iraq it and that's awesome and it went on to the camera over here and. I was so they are all this year probably. A mixture of things that I would probably have to go with one. I'm in my local guy Jimi Hendrix okay probably just. Change in music changes sound distortion and you know not the norm definitely fit in blues style and twists in and around so. And I don't label is an open Jimmie but I had to console and so definitely Jimi Hendrix I hear men. Taken some good influences here so far this. You Aaron vocalist. And had to say probably going back I mean. Lincoln Park was probably than the first and that on would actually stay up late Bahraini industry enters songs apps the measure peace. You know younger notice that's what I waited for on the radio yeah it's meant something or so it. Would you say he influenced unit cannon like tester vocal range absolutely. You know and a funny thing about it is this is the first man of action the screamed in oh oh and I've only done cleans before and the and that it was a little rough around the edges I mean it's still work in progress but yet. His range I mean you know there's a multitude of Oakland something about it. I think that ban was the first and Aniston of late just get that night sometimes announcer. Definitely man I like it. Mike here. For me I remember being in in my brother's car basis Gerardo. And he's older than I am you know vote. Though 1415 years so he don't attorney wanted this. Eight on Z I remember being in his car and his bump in Metallica and yet like you've t.'s double pursue that double bass was kicking and demand that turned me on drums like animals this and a episodes then yeah double bassist Justin. Thing. That's awesome that's cool men will sounds like you guys are like. Really just it's I mean obviously rock is the kind of thing that that brings it all together but that's and diverse sounds and you can certainly tell it in your music is very diverse sounds of from song to song on the album now. This is the one that might you get embarrassing Woolsey what is the first CD album tape whatever first piece of music the actually purchased on your own not giving you what you Big Brother. Not given to you by your mom and dad or a president or something like that not pass down something you actually sought out on Europe. All right let's go around the room like before. All right I'm. For myself it was black flag nine sex tape yes. And with the GM happy about it those courses and examined me axis in and no damage to the album damaged now things and then of course. No was not that was actually number three for me that on the one I got was. And had a drink and drive and it okay nice now. Can't remember the names aren't old school SST records and and that's also lose yeah and that is. That was quite an accomplishment for me fat ban because I was borrowers Thalmann and dump in people's tapes and stuff like that. So. Natural intake and you get thrown out another gonna have the book that's learn exactly in this precedent that that banks. It was up whistles they've been a couple of different situations I've had. The first he's ever bought activity Columbia house her yeah I got. You show. Ten TDs for 110 yeah yeah owed money so owned by the radio me penny Columbia house because daughter's not rat I've never expected but yes soda can absolutely patted it ranged from gangster rap only to your normal. I'm poisoned so that was department early ninety's influenced that was the part of me that. The first CD or tape ever bought it acts of human mama with media and Myers was easy. Nice. That's awesome and he's yeah clerk was like the moment I usually when a finesse on. But yet. Philly you know mom modernizing our and he left Baghdad Bob from there yeah that's what you are an easy boy that I was I was on my own man and if you wonder why he is how he is as wise that's Arafat to stand up what you meant. Hot and start out as hardcore as these guys. I am I mean the first one I've purchase myself was. Where was Backstreet boys and extremes that. I know it was always out of sweaters and you've ever seen us live and you watch and watch I'm biker. And and you go in and out in Florida for your best friends Jim and you know for a woman's luncheon. Hey you know what goes so thick air India has a lot of people would become an appearance like hey I got it there yes sir and linebacker to line but I. It is these pictures I was partied with moats and Nokia the balls enough to be like now if this. Yes my question to be real it was actually boy socially team is and and better taste came out afterwards you know again that's my dad started me thinking fluids at. It's like that you answered it correctly I. And an eight truthfully. That's her that's awesome that's why ASCII man. So Mike here first first album. Was a compilation by a sublime called secondhand smoke yes vote yes I remember that I have Betsy actually founded. Go to some boxes got in my car right now abundance of our member of that Stuart -- He imparted to Harden the saliva. Yeah I mean building it is a little bit if Annan well like I said med thirteen in studio I kind of just ask these questions to get like an idea of where their influences are coming from gonna play a couple more songs off the record. Here's hate inside in embraces or anything you guys wanna say about these songs for jump right into the inside here is very driven by a Gerrard or basis awesome idea this is. Greets on showed him yeah absolutely Girardeau we wish you well man left Gerard oh we'll see you soon. And good luck in there Killen it no that's a bad thing to say when someone's in them in the hospital not alienate any news edit the guy. I have helped the bass player because I truly is gonna be clintons and know on Friday though that that's those are our Korea's. And the thirteen in and we love him all right Ahram just gonna stop talking let's listen to music is meant to thirteen two more songs on loud multiple. This is loud and local. Although rock 99.9. KIS Dell. And. We can hang in with message thirteen in studio. What's the what's he adds I also have a guest in studio. Ravenous. How so tell me is anyone any friends staying up late to listen to this idea. Out of there we got a mini mob and in Amman. Gonna tell. You guys have a name for your fan bases like the message crew. Actually do it called the men that was the quote when you name it we had and as always we definitely think tonight we know we kind of got two names actually resorted to method that Noah you know that the fifth. That's okay. Yeah Saturday there. I could be. Ahmed thirty maniacs I don't know yet though it's what's met method mania that meant that millions note stop that their secular and if that's not all day camera when method thirteen maniacs we got a got a little of guns now I'm I'm going for hash tag match heads yeah that works man that. And whenever whenever hash tag it's turning in space that's what it's about right. And he's giving you crap it's awesome to have the guys in city it's cool I feel like. It's been a little while lake if you like come already friends with the guys have been talking with iron for a little while about setting this whole thing ups. It's nice to have a report with the guys it's very cold have you guys in studio. And again your album is available to stream. I'm pretty much any of the major streaming platforms I as a IE Donald some of the songs off Spotify. You can get that for Spotify not that I'm like endorsing Spotify an epidemic paid endorser but. Like I said if you iTunes that are or orders Spotify or. User then what dividends and everywhere user. It's easier to listeners what's easier shot I just about at least another looking through the end is placed on distracted. And multiple drop in everywhere so mean. Product intricate yeah it's rooted in that you get they're gonna have their physical copies enhancing themselves and make sure you go to their shows they're playing this Friday at held fast to us out of league you average ready he. That's awesome I can picture people with a full on average watching guys rocket now like late in their damp rid and there. That would be awesome drummer horns and one hand and the dad every gazillion. That a lie is ray yeah there aperture if you torture is torture is clearly isn't Steve it is torches yes lied and hence that's the Seattle institution this Friday August 17. Down and what's the park it's iTunes staged a man and I Tuesday it is street from parks. Ross and other types and some parts of the hour or more. And myrtle Edwards third a little sensor. House and party. Vita it's by the silence I mean medical local yeah and just shout out who didn't put it on I mean Scott McKinney I mean yeah big unit did not tennis that's Vivian McPeak one no I honestly it got us the shots and that's a licensed this guy in places sites it was. Expenses things so. He put us on an equal thing about it you know his merge and Khamis and music so amused and according gone and. It's always been kind of you know an ice and partnership but he's making an official are absolutely absolutely as awesome should shout out to Scott McCain really aren't lovers. At 7 PM again at ham says so now is the time for you guys teases give shout outs and I wanna give the staged you guys right now to. You know and think using shout outs anything he has wanna say before we go into the last Sunday a little section here who yes so I got a couple shows Mike here of course struggle that support us you know Blake. A shout out to Blake shadow to Jose and chewy people who support me and met the thirteen. Yemen's my gosh multifamily. Folks. You know. Open help in making this happen for dealing with your crap you know exactly your craft. Yeah I mean I mean prime ram and a new I mean everybody in the memento. Not from the statement. And in a big issue out probably to my wife she's in the studio tonight willow. With puts up with my crap and all of our current action this success. But unless most nights I think when an the most genuine people in that I've dealt with is probably Aaron Torres he puts on a lot of shows man for all of us you know on these bands local bands it's Simmons it's very awesome anybody who wants and who dared to ours is enlisted in to insert it. Really yeah Pena at second now I don't envision yourself and everybody counts and that's I mean that's the biggest I got you know amendment. Everybody in the scene is awesome I mean I've come from a close minded seen before and and it and kind of walked in and this one with open arms on a newspaper and it's nice that it's the opposite of that yes yes absolutely it's very. Well. That is its Asia the kit W. And that immediately at a news. And murder I mean with though auto shop and it. Is. Yes it. But note Kevin does in the upper house are and I in Sunday night you know means a lot to me. It's young kids listen to flow and nice earlier and all making me tear up bra well. The other understand there's there's there's unity three furlongs Oca in open. I'm shout outs to Mumbai Asha Thomason Hendrix all day must my daughter Presley. My wife supports Hendrickson Presley that's us animist and he's an all day he's he's he's superstars below its yeah bottom. You know. She supports me dearly in a lot of money and invest in equipment and when that team to brand new little ones and she's downforce so. And he showed that and then I do shout out to every single man now in the northwest. You know on the thirteen. Would love to reach out for us and you're paying them. So. Few of the band that night I personally mask opera. Among the people at him before but there really great awesome. And they chambers say they're formally known as and under the arrangement they are home with the golden. So yep that's kind of where much and a TARP that's awesome thank Jack thank you. I would collective. A status to use the gentleman that helped this a recorder albums name's Dylan fans. Schools and got it assisted in his name's TJ. It remembers less than serie TJ but they are down at one shy studious and anybody that's out there like sanity album thanks goes down and check it out in them when shows what's. Also. People money to help. Any similar in. Malaysia which US there isn't skis that's right. They wanna hear that Stefan Nagle. That guy's awesome. I am my family. Amanda. Let's Dan Simon my daughter Melissa. Tyson and and it did you know heroes love they give me team that's correct we got to get isn't news we just keep bouncing at commanders computers and I don't know I just know that commanders and making me the last man and a are right it is a much left everybody. Absolutely much let you guys method thirteen in the studio again catch them live at hand says this Friday dammit August 17 at 7 PM this Friday iTunes stage. We'll see you there we got one more song fictional paradise you guys got to lyric video on YouTube for this. Civil guild and failures and writing. And on here you go it's not the thirteen thanks guys that's. They'll allow local here on the.