Loud and Local Podcast w/ Sun Mother

Sunday, August 19th

Sun Mother is an incredible up and coming 3 piece rock band from right here in Seattle. I had them up on Loud and Local to play 3 of their best songs and to premiere a brand new one. Enjoy! 

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This is loud and local. Saw the rock from ninety point nine KI ES. I'm. That local back here on 99.9 KIW the rock of Seattle two full hours. Of the best in the northwestern tonight we have awesome up and coming band. We're gonna be planned for songs from them tonight is some killer shows the before we get to any of that I want to welcome Colby Katrina and David Frum son mother. Welcome to allow market. Uh oh name and The Who world. It's awesome to have because up here you've yet you haven't had a good Sunday you guys I know Kobe you leave you on their handsets this week. Escude they have the rest of sounds very relaxed right now. It's companies in this house haze and smog. I area very tan. So son mother welcome up to you loud and local let's get a little bit of the bases covered would you guys consider yourself a Seattle Bender Tacoma been under what. Lucio accidentally Seattle blocked here yeah. Actually you know what. I didn't even need to ask is you guys were talking about you could look out the window and see your apartment or your house keys. So you almost see the brewery to practice with almost have both. Let's all three guys live together. There you as a man. Re in all right grant Cameron Highlands. It's right about word sends these time let's get the address into and your Social Security number anger hurt and at least. I got you. Three guys been playing for about a year together what's the formation what's the that origin story and son mother lets get that out. Some reserve might January 2017. Kansas. One of scrutiny and name east and I don't mean for a time mental. Is that a solo project. They had to remember is different drummers and you know bass players and stuff for a long wobbly some of it was a name moser was arriving within China. Turn into something and influences to run a positive name in al-Qaeda inspired by my grandma actually which passed some ways and became. What I you know my son Skylar talk tumors that's awesome. And then you know this idea grew into something more in the kitchen came bass players. Nine on purpose but just you know lovely way it is and and we found David after some. You know self of our old German power canals so when he's become again it's kicks kicks butt. You guys were about to go on tour you guys will toward probably don't LA end and whatnot in India had to have a feeling drummer for the time being and and got David when he came back right yeah. We're mama him up on the way back in Israel I Wii and we need many new Jammer for talking with them and stuff and I it's there weren't that great. It was like a week after week inaccurate toys and we just every single day show hard rock news and they and it have you learned late. Seven or eight songs in six days is my birthday so once good thanks for that obviously did well though and so you're just gonna be kind of a felon and an end you loved. Yes it is yes that's my kind of I mean I didn't I wasn't really planning does this kind of put myself out there as maybe a recession German insurer beer aside and and this is the kind of music I love to play hard hitting rock it's got some Grimes got some funk system. My kind of stuff 52 so it's worked. We also black man and staying OK and. Feel like we have some interesting photos that we got off to you or your feel lead. Shouldn't let my phone now is there. He's so you guys can be playing in a few weeks at at a ball over and Fremont so if you wanna put some pinball awesome awesome rock and roll September 6 at at a ball yes I'm excited never been there arcade Moroccan wrong so it's a great velvet painting of Patrick Swayze and our he got a ticket pictured next to it that's the that's the deal that it absolutely. From and then September 20 at the hard rock seems to be kind of like your place right as a whale watchers there. If predicament as we plan mr. massacre friends of ours here forums around will be talking more to who the big Indian son mother but we have a song from them real quick pick yourself up. This is was this was released this year raised lasted two opens and team we're gonna have record. Erica. How guys are. All right so mother pick yourself up at a local. You both jobs and yeah. You're listening to loud and local. Son mother in studio right now and this is the deal with a mother it's awesome is there heavy rock music that you can dance to there's still a dancer than you can still dance is still good vibes but it head he is rock. It's it's raw wheat field in Seattle like that island like. That it's funky but also like super heavy rock and stuff. We like and being picture yeah. Napoli also shaking your bone shaking your group shaking your booty shaking and shaking your boot that's where he kicked back to boot it's like Reynolds strike. When I'm sure does make music in drive people who count on. Us now good night and welcome asked that she wears. You hope they let. Him dance for us dammit. So yes I'm mother in studio that was some pop pick yourself up and this is the time where I'm gonna pick your brain a little bit more. Acquainted with. Who you guys are personally so. I've been asking these questions salute local bands come and every weekend and I like to set the table this way. Because it it. It kind of gives you assay an idea of who you are as far as like your musical tastes in and what and formed you'd become a musician. So let's go around the room we got Colby Katrina and David from sun mother let's go Colby first what was the first band that means you. By gold god damn I wanna play and ensure meant or what is the goods like that the first thing that took over you and meet you want to. Jews actors. Two days from. I'm. My first cons there was a cranberries must that's on sale in Austin game changer that while it purples almost all right Pete Dolores or your piano man so so. That so that was really liked this man Soviet power of music. Even so can we squeeze my fibers over ten crazy. And then stopped. Nominations. The the placed problem yeah of course I Shia that maybe one play drums so bad eyes so cool he may just mean I think with not watch them. In their exit at a totally in the case yet of it's. Those were the stump and crew members that I think that's where a government that's how I like that that. W Katrina. I'm definitely. Coupled nice weeks I was super in his sinister gates' hand played guitar first before it's happening base percent other. Mountain and inseparable Louis is much bigger fans there are about as its. Is there likes them he easily pay Halloween he's he just opened sinister game here and I laughed like yeah I'm. Let's take a crack in Libya and out of it. Nice to step in my guitarist Leo. He's here. And tell you David coding Camry as my. We've biggest and they just about any single obviously do they have like three new songs thinker and yeah I've heard the news on. So yes but of course it's something and you're OK okay. Another round on political hat to them for a while calls jobs now other faces yeah. As he's met with their signatures in there. I think that. Are well David let's go back around the room counter clockwise with you starting with you what was the first album CD vinyl tape cassette whatever whatever the first. She's a music. That you ever purchased on your own not like you hand me down from cool older brother or your parents here grandma. The first actual physical piece of media music wise that you purchase diner around what was it. Well. I guess I cannot be wondering of that real quick life. When I had an accident that jobs piracy extra. Well my first memories of loving something a lot was the first I think it was the first instinct. Album yeah unlike mr. Toews is my side by Lucas apparently that stuff all day. And I'm sure and that's how you started anti Israel has its us credit for that costs are synchronized dancing. Let that the first album I remember right. Going out like Tawana by Olivia unwritten law also yeah here's to the morning album and it they don't really. Hard rock album absolutely melodic but also super super crushing guitars and he it's true. Via. Awesome. And W Katrina same question. Fourteen. And I didn't know anything about music and lately that's bad news there now. It's us. Talk about it I just I limit the gym the other and technologies camp and loved it but ha. I don't like to. But that's the thing that I love is that you're being honest it might not like it now but that's. And I beat a foundation percent of what I really hope I change people who. There is Hulk isn't. Exactly so and then you found have been simple and then it became an act it was it changed cost. It was like that rage as others eighth grade and there again it was awkward time and we were all awkward I. I was Nirvana bone thugs N harmony back in Fullerton and. Reyes it's Phillips dividends this year and how old are you Colby. Being questioned on time remembering which one is CD was and is either. I'm Metallica master it's. Or Good Charlotte. An Arab just an obvious I chose one style liking. Without a more pure and if those groups which is easier to hit sounds and I. Now the rich and famous and depends if you hit exactly we ailments some ailment that if you're on. Certain time period if you're like inning in nearly early thirties late Tony you you know which area code. We even as cool as you try to pretend he they were all over the place. Around that's awesome and so again the band is so mother in studio now there can be played September 6 at at a ball in Fremont September 28 at a hard Iraq. Cafe downtown Seattle here was mr. master these or any place we can go to online to can only. And Jackie guys out quite a music or Ellis and your music. And now or on mass Facebook's. Instant Graham. And camper tag as the Exxon mother official also nose and sound crowd also and some YouTube it is and we're trying to go Spotify so make that happen. Brown on an innovative new instruments. It camp. As it may yet banking and came to dickens' great man I love is just searching like just the term Seattle or to calm mind being can't just finding all the local stuff there's some local dealers so on and campaign. And I think being carefully takes a small percentage of the money so there could come earlier platforms. It's Arden fines of two. Now we don't MySpace and you know I'm this is game change. So we got time here we're told were sound old now time this is real recorded it was they artists who Seattle session because remastered re. Colombia we did at the end of art institute. Mean. Look I'm. I'm Sasha most sees engineered and student at Evanston awesome yeah. Worked with us and we did like three days there on to Saturday's fight for hours so we mom went to commencement and great experience that is the broom so cool and still holes studios amazing so. Yes is she just read read mixed it in message and moment when about the weather today and it's on the banking it now and so. You know like you. All right it's time by son mother and and then our. After that we got respectfully respectfully to songs like some others here are allowed local. You. I want a pretty good. You know what popped me. He is. Okay now you can. What I mean. Living there. I. Pattern Wu. I didn't religion that was moved. No doubt. It. You know I didn't yeah. Yeah. Yeah and it. In tears rolls. AI SW. Yeah. Loud and local continue. Years 99.9. KI ES WU. We are back here on loud in lol yeah we're hanging out with the sun mother aren't. Age Obama so you guys gonna do you have plans for the rest of the summer you got plans coming up for the next. Few months what's what's going on some other way what's gonna. It's some of those visits are around some more into the summer manly dad we just be trying to record some more fairness of some songs we are working on studio at the old Rainer brewery so we've been reporting with the region and ourselves we self track and evercore but we were with the easy Q Lawrence he's engineer for mixing and mastering is related. Yes sounded great that last one was in incredible a cute yeah -- good time according respectfully and work with him in the process in the here and it comes lives. Through again it would dozen house. See guys practice at the old Rainier. Remember yeah so tell me about the vibe there because it seems like a lot of bands that we've had in studio here Brooke they practice there is there a ton of practice spaces there. There's like eighty practice on new you know any any other bans the practice. Yeah we know 19 harvest moon moon during its owners he. The rings Neptune. A whole family let's just have eight that's coming here. The festival with all the answers. Abstract is totally what it's only and the seniors I don't know what sorts. Milk and LA Canada early and in Yang cat Charlie had them landlords to some who sort runoffs of the city and a you. They have our day. Is and similar sum total bans let's like let's selloff you know what. All that. It's a metal bands and some jammed hands dad the rain and they're also have venue there to column and two walks the moon is. Gorgeous. Create anarchy here match. Space at laurel is one deserve what goes on times creepiest. So we're bills not crazy crazy man I don't we're building here allow mobile is what we're doing we're building communities mother. In studio Colby Katrina and David thank you so much for coming up to the studio tonight you guys are plain September 6 it add a ball that's in Fremont so bring some quarters for just. You wanna play some pinball and some old school video games September 20 at hard rock. With mr. master another possible will be and weary and now we're going to premiere a song tell spout what we're about to premiere here it is the first time. That you're gonna be playing and it really end up talking about Eric yet we're. Strategy I would term we. Call now which bank and it's it's one of them he's one of the crowd you know favorites and gets it on pumped up and head banging. And we've again worked with the easy he'll lords on mix master in him he brought laughed right. That is bombs and fat ego PH AT. PH eight. Pretty content and adding the on the grounds and brown. Sounds gamers hoping he has. Well we'll jump right into a book before we do is there anything you guys wanna say to the northwest audience before we letter. Man I Kuvasz I was Bruton in this generation constant. Yes to shadow to anybody's ever supported us not to joke for taken awesome pictures tell married after galactic note. Artist and also. Thought. Mom dad I dad. And shouts alive and Lehman friends. And prize fighters problem. Pretty support in this it's pretty cool. Asia to the manner hears and multi day and I am here I'm glad they took me as the drummer and a what's it like being a drummer in the band with T people that are relationship is that where you got them. Going hang our mom and dad. For you he hid anything no he's campaigning. And nobody else platinum has had an. Oh yes sir two start the red he had to start on the PG thirteen Renton man and so couple. Last month or two months ago or months pewter. Aliens deport them in sport KG RG way first started radio on PG or G so. Very very cool. We're going to go into the song this is not what you think by son mother and that's. Birds are wash out this weekend but still yeah. I do it if I pay all my friends when more oil breaker out there area portrait mirror. To mob brutal month Ramos gross this guy. That's the easy you know costs. The brewery Charlie cat. Friends and we the bands we know. And cast a view you and me is there's so much and remember it. Love you guys in it's been great experience. Jarrett to the whim oil that's not what you remember this hey there's an entire area work tomorrow. Nice to let mother or not we keep being allowed local jeweler on. A lot of you. I watch you. Being.