Loud and Local - September 10th, 2017

Sunday, September 10th

This week on the show I played songs from Success, Shook Ones, Georgetown Orbits, The Exquisites, Dead Rebel Saints, Devils Hunt me down, Substratum, Old Iron, Year of the Cobra, Sandrider + more ! 


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Now. Okay. You. Yeah. Please. Okay. Yeah. Leave them lives. Yeah. Here is. SW. And. Every week on loud and local we present you loud and local in DJ inmates. KIS delete the end of the week. He's crying a realistic you don't KI SW dot com. You also gave me little feature shout out commuter band played on the DJ in mixed program on Friday morning. And now of course you get programming it's. God last eight weeks here Sunday night allow local ten this week we have a band that plays. Yesterday. Touting Nina clock and deal men's room read fast elusive cool day I mean it was crazy clowns going around wish. You know I decide it on Friday I don't know if I was OK with that hey it's all right Paul accepted. There's a little scary. Little promise hasn't had some killers really isn't good for years. Some awesome bands window pane headlining a handout like I said yeah dead rebel safe place and shout out to anyone who came out installed this may end yesterday. The deep men's rooms red festival all the way out in an implied it was a little bit of a drive for me totally worth it. Leap of faith in a couple more by dead rebel safe to KI SW dot com to find out more about as bad as being in command of the week. Allow mobile I'm. And when I am. And. Yeah oh yeah. You know. Whole war room. This tournament. I'm naked. Must be okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay the okay. And okay. Okay. Loud and love. Okay. I ninety point nine KIS. You are listening so loud and local few hours of all the best northwest music my name is Kevin years. Well let you know well rounded up a little severed their doubles up and down rusty nail incredible wind just put out to eat peas this past summer. Those off first when rescue nail in the name of that track. I immediate reds in the media raised to. Dead rebels safe before that with three jammed Baghdad back to back. I even got a KI SW dot com get more info on that image looking on the beach jail inmates linked. The end of the week if you want your band to be featured at the end of the week on KI SW dot com go ahead and out also followed the link to send the music. And you can also send physical hockey team. The address listed on the website. Sub brand of one of my favorite north less like more like traditional. Anti heavy metal fans. It's about a record last year it's just totally killer and they're going to be playing Monday October sex games. I know it's always nice. I know it's a ward nine in new with the school night and make sure you feature astle was about highlight on Capitol Hill. It's Lucy sub strap them alongside future savaged master. Anything in by the name of dad. Beginning next Monday October 2 at the high line is sub strap them room in my eyes. Are there more informal poll. And here is. AI SW. End up loud and local is proud to present these fifth annual red CB rethought. You might not faithful wife so rocks too hard against war. Why senator Barack. When the rock pretty hard next Saturday and Sunday. The sixteenth in the seventeenth of September gonna wreck city recon dot com for all the info but I'm gonna read in South Korea. Real quake. Either at the southeast roller rink in the drum teaching shoes for barbecue. A which are right across the street from each other. Do you awesome venues you can don't give some barbecue drawn or you can go engineer roller roller skating around as you watch out. Seventeen fans over PC his errant throws the other brackets cages dead asylum dry land in the Dell tech. Pound wore bow maximum mad at me manifesto. Now smaller nor which featured members of who. Window lesbian and walls in the burn through that talk goes teacher void checked the headliner isn't borders. And this in the cold iron that I'm all about all I am no friend of the show. And then they just direct home this Mets wore them. Again you can go to new. Rex if you recall on dot com index futures resells tickets for next Saturday and Sunday. Going on at drunk PG she's barbecues and beach South Beach roller rink in this. Weis and then we got these songs from old iron into plain red if you recon checking out. It's a maelstrom of the black fan base by all the no mobile. Nine and UHD one C a her hair her. Loud and low. Okay. And 99.9. KIS. She piece just drums NBA's premier so that I have been doing this kind of boring and they're gonna be releasing it there. Album. And as TV records reported by doing Anderson in Portland. Excited about one that's from the in the shadows below from last year's election warrior is the name of that jam. Have we. Another incredible show she is unknowns over at studio seven and got some time after this night off though November 7. And studio seven maybe I'll blues star it's. The incredible metal pin from Europe. Playing with Celine Dion a flourishing scourge from here in Seattle. He will be an in depth could be and you're about to hear a sense of gravity gonna be a killer killer technical metal shelf. You just if you love the shredding you love them. This peak we're gonna play some sense and gravity you can get a KI SW dot com to find out info on net by your pre sell tickets. And was not a sense of gravity data lines. I'm a mobile. Now. And it's. News. You know. It's. Use. Yeah. Time. Gain. Okay. Okay. It's. I. Okay. Okay. Okay okay okay okay. Okay blue. It's. OK. Okay. It's. AI SW. Word on the street. And by that I mean now. Just a couple people on the bands that in greater global British masters. Any news indeed Tim reiter is going to be out releasing their new record soon. There either finishing up or just finish up relief recording in mastering is in and put the finishing touches on their new LP. Spent a couple of years. Only three same release of their last one. That was called it was a call. You go god phantoms are in their last record was called Dodd had them take a look at it right now physical copy in my hands right now. God hit on didn't die records in the played awful songs off that. TJ stokes and bring you CN writer you're listening to loud and local. It's getting anything. It's. It's. Move. I. The it's. Sound regarding our IP Chris Cornell. Israel worldwide suicide prevention day and suicide awareness and I apologize and if you were not able to listen to today there was a program. On the space station called I'm listening to handle it will be available for for your listening pleasure to check out. On KI SW dot com soon featuring on the music goes. Halls Lee and metallic. It's hard not for the music shows but the voices of so is Vijay Sherry and many other. Many other DJS from across the globe all coming together to spread the awareness of how real they she suicide is in doubt. How it affects many of us and and how it's okay to talk about. I just didn't wanna mention that after playing sound garden and unfortunately we lost a life. Chris Cornell and the Seattle music scene will always feel the effects of that. But we can live through his music and enjoy the amazing art that he he left for us that was the disarm first ritual. Just didn't believe lake. You know honestly I think it is undisputed lead. Be heaviest. Sound garden songs and I want to jam that one before that you saw was facing and writer like I mentioned before. No word on the straight and is they have a new record coming out very very soon. Summer is coming to an end unfortunately it's it's pretty much done I mean it is raining a little bit out there are as he soccer and men's room read festival is Saturday. So get your skateboarding in while you can here's AB and that's all about the skating it's a grind line the band local stuff here. Come on local speed freak. I. Loud and love. Ninety point nine KIS. Here is. AI SW home. About ten minutes left a loud in local this past week I got the unfortunate news. So what are my favorite local bands home Brothers. Can be colonists. Did at least early but a year or more. And unfortunately the band is going to be had taken a hiatus. Indefinitely who knows what other members of any movement out of C easy. Country I'm not quite sure he's moving far away. Not gonna feel the play as a standard together they have some other projects are going to be working on but. They just not a cure record called punch punch bear downed NFL like. You know it's time to kind of shine a light on it's I'm gonna play three zones offer that to end tonight are loud and local they're going to be playing their last show. In LA and at least a year. Saturday October 7 at our boats out alongside fever steel and cloud person. While. Hope Brothers band I was just talking about him gonna play three songs off their record punch punch bear down turn out. It's Polk Brothers sending us. A good you know you're allowed multiple. See there are showed.