Loud and Local - September 11th, 2016

Sunday, September 11th

This week on Loud and Local I started things off with some punk and ska from the early 2000's - Instant Winner and Shook Ones ! From there I went all across the board with Dust Moth, Helms Alee and much more. This weeks featured band of the week is Mechanism ! 

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Load. An armed man is actually from being surrounding immediate metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. You yeah. As dissidents being wig and coffee is 11 PM here the last hour. Of the weekend and it is loud and local were commanding his seven years your host tonight. Your host every week and I won't kill you with a 206. The 253 to 360 the 45. And sometimes even. The five or nine tonight we're gonna start off. I go to a little bit back in time for 2002. I've been called instant winner after that 2006 we show courts and certain things up. With some stuff from the mid two thousands and then I'm going to be playing Britney music. Is closing level local bands that we can mechanism. This week we got some shows to talk about some Britney music in all kinds of goodies right now it's. It's still winter demand down. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Personal favorite of again. The relief ten years ago the relief that record. It was just an awesome moment for me because it is quickly became one of my favorite records in the northwest facetious. Volley feet by shook ones here are loud and local before that would have been called instant winner off their free for all record to. You awesome bands that just can't the other good news. When I'm gonna stop look and pass to him get a move forward to an album that was just released on the second of this month. By being called Helms a Lee. Did this album is so killers pulled still aside and its new one by Helms goalie out on sergeant house recordings. That a play it for you so that is called or fuel while it's actually the last song. On the record. The record is called still aside picking up what you kid I know this one's going to be an Arab friends shortly because it's gonna sell the hell out. I don't know if that's true. I know there's a lot of demand towards the here you know belief. Allow local. This is loud and low. On the rock igniting boy not KI DS still. Every. I'm loud and local Wi fi to allow allow local the end of the week you can go to KI SW dot com. And under the Vijay in section of the website we have BBJ it makes latter local collaboration. That being the week in this week we feature have been by the name of mechanism. Mechanism is playing a huge show on Saturday. At studio seven that's the seventeenth. Of this month of next Saturday you wanna show up and see no. Law and moto greater alongside mechanism and a few other off local grants though that again that's on Saturday the seventeenth. It's tedious having no fly moto greater in this bid you're about to hear two songs from the loud vocal band of the week mechanism. Awesome guys great fans. And nothing more to say what's the music speak for itself there's two songs by the band mechanism. We had double with a gun and nothing changes. On my mobile. And yeah. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI SW. A lot of local band of the week. That. Reference is mechanism he can get a KI SW dot com click on the BJ and makes section of the website. And they're you'll find a featured profile. On mechanism for the next week they have links to their FaceBook to their website they're gonna explain again on Saturday. The seventeenth alongside dope moto grader and why it's studio seven so he'll definitely wanna be going to balance. So many good local releases and I wanted to shine a spotlight on two of my favorites. Dan by the name of moss generator and dust mop. Lost generator of our record. A little while back called there's no return from its I'm sorry the how it's called a deceased. Of this emea. It's it's hard to read that one does not actually work and a a visit Armenia. It's the name of the record and now we're gonna play a song called there's no return from nowhere after that dust mop up the album scale. I'm gonna features song called lift so we are mosque generator and dust them off to incredible north was in here. On my local. This is loud and local. Volatile. 99.9. KI ES. Just in mind here are loud and local such an awesome record. Scale that went on might mean she. While local as the name of the show my name is Kevin Beers and what I wanna do for you right now ugly mix it up a little bit going a little lot faster yeah. Don't like he was better than an energy drink. Or a shot of espresso could even do things. It depends how lowest priority give a brand new demo it's available on bin damn people go to one of their shows. Just an awesome day and local hardcore band pretty short and fast paced off. And raw like hardcore (%expletive) beat the strength is the need to dissolve. Game it is lowest priority. Here on level gold. Yeah. And Sears who. AI SW don't. Saturday October 8 at studio seven mark your calendars it is. BJ may eggs I'm sorry it is and exist. These big birthday and KI SW level local present us. Window pane ten miles wide clover Jane is the EP release party to the fact. Mock society. And the debate and you're about to hear why only and the refugees could be a huge event Saturday October 8. You can get if you can give resell tickets now. And it's it's gonna be an awesome shows a Saturday October 8 a better scene where. We're all gonna have a good time and we're gonna celebrate his birthday for a migs that's right now white only and the wreckage after that. Ten miles wide. A so called the growth rate of why only. And. I. This is loud and local. Bought the rock 99.9. AI DSL. So I'm. News. Ten miles why did the roads the title track from their new album. Catch them. Along side window pane clover Jane super fact the white Albany and the wreckage mock society. At league's best that's right it's Steve's birthday. Steve mix from the morning show of course BJ inmates here on KI SW. And we're gonna celebrate the migs that October 8 at the Saturday. So you have no excuse not to be there had a good old time as studio said. How local is about over for the night but I wanna finish it off with that with an awesome band years. By the name of devotion the avenue it's new ish record called head space astronaut one of my favorites of the year. And get in the night with a song called some kind of state. I actually have this record on on on cassette tape. In my car only has a cassette decks now I was Yemeni this past weekend. Thought it would be appropriate to end the show with its devotion allowed local. Unsolicited.