Loud and Local - September 3rd, 2017

Sunday, September 3rd

This week on the show I played songs by Red Fang, Windowpane, Superfekta, Klover Jane, Helms Alee, Hilltop Rats, Jaded Mary, Thunderbeast, Sandrider, Lo' There, Ten Miles Wide, Po' Brothers, RVIVR + more ! 


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There's so much of it hello a lot of things few hours not enough but that's what we got in some he's savoring. It's always kind of a bummer when the and the weekend comes a week it's enjoy the last few hours of live in for a lot of us. Yeah it's not really the end of the weekend as it is a Labor Day weekend. In that many of us are not working tomorrow myself included I guess hang out tonight. It gets extra extra lit almost coffee and hang out and play some rock music red day. Wade had gay as well version Barbara shoot a northwest is contingent in Seattle taken over Seattle center. And red face rocket. That's a Fisher green from. Pavilion stage. SW. Coming up this Saturday. Don't clock expose inner KIW. Is coming into the cells and we are doing in a hell of a party. He's the men's room read says the boy is going to be incredible. How or drinking all day all the beer you can drink. Plus we'll bring you know if there's a ton of awesome days from the north western window pane jar of flies cover Ellison James Goldberg Jane. How shined. All your favorite sound gardens on the new originals which is the KI SW cover bands and possibly affect dead rebels say play and all day long free listening pleasure but not only that you be interacting with all the weirdest coolest car he's. All around. Of course the men's room on the KI SW rock girls all be there hang in there and you know maybe a video high five. It's only fifteen dollars and there are built what KI SW dot com a given men's room read this is going to be incredible. I can only the last kick off likable for all but one last final hurrah for the summer. It's taken by who has the what do you think. KI SW dot com and get only fifteen dollars in the played three of the bans. Playing at and then you read festival next Saturday. When no pain that super affect death and clover Jeanne back to back loud all golds. Men's basketball Darren. Moon. Un. Bush. Only him. I. Okay. Yeah. No. Clover machine lawful way when that's. OK okay. And all plain red festival men's room right festival coming up next weekend the better than no way to make sure you get a KI SW dot com. Get your tickets it's only fifteen dollars. She's music. Mean there's an incredible bands like as at Wimbledon a jar of flies clover and gave the game this surge outshine the new original perfect day. Dead rebels safe alongside bad. It's some bad as outdoor drinking all day in the beautiful beautiful. Sound then the you get to hang out. Besides. Good people. And that's the big dreams and there's going to be all hide the weirdos freed from belly dancers and zombies in Kearny new aerial lists. I think they'll go to KI SW dot com my dad said. And I think for tickets to men you're about ready festival going on next weekend between them quite expose them. Seventeen by the name of Angel opened Lynnwood he wanted to hear some Helm of a lead thanks so much soliciting Angel. Your sports your wild off the record suicide incredible bands. So maybe one in the northwest fast. So easily allow mobile going out to Angel in Lynnwood. Loudon blew. Now I need Roy non KI ES. Every week on KI SW dot com loud and local teams would be Jay in migs to create. How would drop proportions and in north west redness because. We present these loud and local the end of the week not only do you get primary policy on KI SW dot com with a bio and photo and links to all year she does. But you also get a over a rad shout out Friday's on Vijay in May two mornings you're on the Iraq as well as. Explicitly yourself you're allowed locals so if you would like to be considered for the end of the week. Go inside your music to KI SW dot com there's a link under the loud and local tab. I'd be just go to listen to us this week we have Brad bid by the name of G did Mary. They have their bio us right now CD check that out KI SW dot com we had two sons back to back by the end of the week jaded Mary decently their record. It's asked. Co Nader and floods back to back new. Ish music. My G married. The end of the week. Hum Iraq. Why do. KI DS. CES. Her. Out in local continue. Some 99.9. KI SWO. Brand new band bring new project members of my declare war in eight days. Are now being under the east. That was a song called all came to know you don't have to love those did they know their I had moved. Hanging out over at the decapitated in die hard as murder show maybe just got out there there's something if you're had a show me BA Europe number shoots. Today or fewer brits studio seven wherever you were and what is supported lied before. Maybe local music for pouring billions whatever it may be. A lot of awesome music going on. Today in the northwest this weekend as it is Labor Day weekend stayed up late to hear a loud and local don't gotta get up early. Again I said there was thunder v.s before that I wanted to mention CN writer one of my favorite local games due in Jane's Addiction cover Malibu song. It malfunctioned. Classic trap there. Drove back. Mr. liberty. It's morals. Another thunder beat song is set to go right now one of the plate contract offer this new thunder v.s record. As she is that bad as this one called blood eagle turned it off. And being a free unit under these new music. Hello mobile. The. 99.9. KIS. Colombia and lows there is back and it's releasing a brand new album. He's called Eden and it's coming out September 10 which is this time next. Louisiana September 10 so listen next Sunday they're actually doing a good low listening party. Going on in a coma until you I don't know they're patient give the address and directions poured that I did not get. My dad definitely go and give load their follow awesome and from Tacoma to. And I it's grads and they have six new songs I'd go to a more straightforward. Direction and I know they were kind of runs. Credit more like meandering host rocks dust and in this new stuff is just more straightforward. Good good music super melodic awesome softened it up a little bit of a listening party. Shearer on our own we have played his last three sons off to six on the record. We got pound for how wonderful it. It was white noise three so my load their out of Tacoma bringing music. Hear a loud and local. Amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp and condemned them from contention can compete. I. I. It. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's. I. I. Okay. I. When you. Yeah. I. Ten miles why didn't so we don't play too often hear a loud and local dangerous. They're incredible incredible record. From last year my name is Kevin years lab local as the name of the show before ten miles wide. Whatever man okay. Well that is why we don't normally play on just getting. Kind of phased out there a little bit about. That is definitely ten miles wide often grows album and a minus Kevin gears up locals to show you listening to. We have so much cool stuff coming up but looking back toward the Filipino compass and nice list before ten miles wide and before that. Three songs by a low there. In at a Tacoma. Coming up with an a record cold even. Next Sunday and their Romania listening party on Saturday so definitely followed them and find out when that's going on. Hope brother's killer band with a bit album called it hunkered down. It's a song from them called default search it's a new record I hope Brothers. I think Cheryl how big Guns 'N Roses Harvey and right now we shared Guns 'N Roses over the mayor. Receipts in the win. Hope Brothers over Iraq. Loud and local content. 99.9. KI SWO. Thanks for listening to loud and local my name's Kevin gears in their we'd give a damn thing every Sunday nights from ten to midnight next Saturday. It's going to be huge event again man threw red festival this coming Saturday September 9. At the U imply expose senate chickens are only fifteen dollars. I KI SW dot com get him while you still can do so much outdoor drinking going on with the men's room. Legally get of course freaks in the belly dancers and Carney isn't zombies and still walkers and the KI SW rock girls. Can rock out with us in the rock girls with will change our lives former Jane Ellen shines the new original see perfect death. And dead rebels say it's all going down to even apply expose inner pink Saturday September 9. Another show to get under calendar is revive her I don't know Olympia playing alongside problem Gandhi. So fun to see proper Gandhi Friday November 10 at L core zone here's survivor after that noise and hopefully Jesus Honeycutt. Think that all innocence before the show's over. The survivor. Come out mobile they show us. You know. I can. It's. Okay. He's. Where things. OK. Okay. He's.