Loud and Local - September 4th, 2016

Sunday, September 4th

Let's take a trip back to the 90's ! This week on Loud and Local I featured all 90's bands from the Northwest. From Sunny Day Real Estate to the Gits, Murder City Devils to Gruntruck and so much more. Listen up and reminisce with me ! 

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Okay. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I would go to great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. KE I guess devil you know it's. It is loud and local here on the rock what nine KIS double what it was Kevin dearest. It is Sunday night it is an awesome weekend because tomorrow's a holiday. It's Labor Day weekend here on the rob Summers over but it is ninety's we get here. And I have all whole bunch of ninety's an hour's worth of nineties rock here allow local to special episode. So they start things off right with a bit cold skiing yards from 1990 was the it's an awesome solve the teachers of course Jack and you know being used for producing. Records like we've read about everything. He's ever produced. I mean I play eternity here allow mobile stuff. Very very cool it's his physical skin yard and the name of the song for the whole club local started off. Yeah. Okay. This is how they look. Small. 99.9. KI DS don't. The it's. The yeah. The it's. Or. Yeah. Kevin Sears through. AI SW. It's been nice piece of the weekend on the rock and so I have brought seem to. An awesome look at some underground music throughout the ninety's in the northwest from the 3602253. To 145206. It MI has the final nine minutes to when he was getting geared loud locals show. Right now I'm going to do with three songs walk of some awesome hardcore bands you may have heard of I'm going to to make you aware. In 1992. Being by the name of undertow started. Undertow. Great bands I'm gonna play itself from them from their 1994 record the title track from that went at both ends from there we're gonna go to 1997. To being called trial and finally. Finishing off the nineties in 1999 watch put out their first record American vote system to replace him under joke. Trial and it's a botched doing a little. What was hard core ninety's version won a war. It's undertow. On the Iraq. This 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. Just bought the rock 99.9. KI DS okay. Yeah. And. Don't. And tears were. AI SW. Free cell block out some northwest hardcore fans in the ninety's botch. Of course they went well past the nineties. They're not around anymore but that being very very influential. So many fans understood the say so many fans owe them money royalty. Just century written them off botch sudden great. Great heat and Jeanie first track off from the American your post a record. And excursion original. My name is Kevin here at this level political ninety's tonight in one of my favorite dance in the north was ever. He's been called the murder city devils and the play track called threats gain often 1997 debut OP. It's a murderous city riot. Elmo mobile. I. My mind. I just wanna fly in my dreams. Flag. It's grown truck tried here I'll allow local almighty zip so when my favorite bands in the ninety's. Was a bit of a tragedy he is a product murder Capitol Hill. In 1983. RIP muse upon here is second scheme. I think his. The loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KI ESW. It's the all mind he's not he's something special because it's eased. Awesome weekend eating and it's it's a holiday weekend it's ninety something weekend all weekend long we got tomorrow off a lot of us do. And hopefully if you are working eating pizza and half. Because it is a holiday and I'll stand up tonight playing some awesome local music from the ninety's and I got pretty heavy carefully too hard courts of metal in some high heavy rocks on get a bring things down a notch and getting to a record from 1987 by being called super deluxe. This is a song it's an acoustic song off the record. It's called years ago it's a 1987. Actually was the major labels back in the nineties when major labels actually signed bands. Awesome song one of my favorites from their record after that I'm gonna get into a little bit more punk. Style stuff from the ninety's we got flop. As always sick joke and a band that you just couldn't go nineties. Seattle. Show without clean and fast back so I got those three back to backs and she short fast problem since. After the super deluxe on. There are a lot of local. Her mom he. Love. Around it he's. Aid them on sale. Let us. It's changed now. On it he's. I see. He joins zone. Engineers were. AI SW.