M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold

Thursday, October 12th

Steve Migs chatted with M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold about the deluxe edition of their record, The Stage, which is due out on December 15th.  The record will feature seven additional studio songs plus four previously unreleased live tracks. 6 of those t new recording are covers: Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", Mr. Bungle's "Retrovertigo", Del Shannon's "Runaway" (featuring a guest appearance by VANDALS guitarist Warren Fitzgerald and lead vocals by AVENGED SEVENFOLD guitarist Zacky Vengeance), the Beach Boys'  "God Only Knows", and The Rolling Stones' "As Tears Go By".

Migs and M Shadows chat about the infuence those songs have on him and the band, when they are coming back to Seattle...and they geek out about pro-wrestling and the music of Mr. Bungle!

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On December 15 prevents them cold including at their record again he had with you can you don't have to deluxe edition of what division moved into. Credible published unreleased live tracks. A bunch of great coverage and a very eclectic group of band that they paid round. People Lleyton Hewitt here mister bungle. Bristol vertigo I can we talk and joke about that version it's great run away good golf shots and songs. Before you. Roland Garros as the years go by and of course all the great song there were already on this stage but we had shattered the front man ground offensive. And just have a doorman. Good area I am doing great I I have a funny story to share with you I heard that you get a kick out of it just shows how small the world do we have. I I played drums in a church and and and Washington and of course summit I would have bunch of tattoos so I'm always like the resident. Whoever in the church want to talk about Rockies don't come to me. When I got my church went and played. Golf in Florida and he came back and he's like hey man hey check out this picture do you know who this is and it's a picture view in my car yet and shadows he's like. I got the play golf with this guy what a great guy great golfer Bubba block he has no idea of anything about the world of hard rock and metal he's a sale of the hard right social. So hope that we're talking about I think that he must've done really well Mike the tech boomer something like you speculating on how you know how life has been great to you. And I'm Mike. You don't have any idea that events unfold is one of the biggest bands right now and and they play Arenas and his eyes lit up and he's just like. You gotta be kidding me that guy is it because you think you such a nice guy I didn't realize that he was a big rock star and they were just a funny thing oh my god that'd been cool for you to be able to be in a situation where you know somebody doesn't know you but just in Georgia company for who you are. That's funny I mean I guess I got a lot of retreat. And you know I I usually know people on the plane were probably have no clue who ordered them pollute but don't push if you have to leave your leg. I've played her rocker on the oh cool cool very cool you know ended need you have no clue so I I've kind of given up even telling him on them. Do the look on his reasons Brady's liquid that's his career being in Alabama did they play Arenas men are going door with Metallica they're huge. I got a while an amateur it. I don't know laws public that's got to be funds is that those kind of moments where you are you're on top of the world I do a lot of meet and greets they're always knee deep in the world of amend several but you have that moment and I would imagine that's why people I love playing golf it's a chance to get away from all the insanity. I love it man I really do other MS and you're right a younger player and anybody and usually meet these people are in the second this year they're doing certain things search client apps that let you hear a lot of stories and then there's the other resident rock our no one ever heard of golf let me. That's ought to do I'm very excited about god the re issued a deluxe edition of the stage which is coming on December 15. Obviously you're just everywhere playing which you were here and it's I loved the version you guys do. I am a huge Mike Patton gave no more mister bungle fan like that's my guy like I I love anything that Baghdad doesn't California records on my fear mister bungle records so when I saw. You guys are covering retro vertigo Mike all curious to see how this goes and holy smokes man you guys crushed it I absolutely love your. Out of all the people talk and no one who brought up in the bungle. Cover of night I think such a big reason why we did it like not only do we grow up. And Mr. Bungle that you do good son and he. The rather than them and Brian. You know we've installed and now the two time real platform. And we really wanted to you Tom energy use. Mister bungle to our can't you know and so whether they like it or not there's gonna be you know. Quite a few people that are introduced Mr. Bungle and hopefully they look at those records because. It really mind bending stuff. It real and and in no way you guys tackled it was just say it it it brought the elements of amend several fall but it it was very true to the song which I thought was very call. Yeah I mean a whole thing is like all that I mean. Yeah the no spin the dissident and not how he got a cap robot stops are talking makes mister bungle so great good. His vocal melodies over these strange chord he's. Cooler progression so we wanted to queued up at the same time you know don't you cover Internet. You written exactly the right hand. And there's no way we're gonna ask you know there's no way we're gonna capture the Erie near sugar convert and so we decided to make it a little heavier and and disagree a little yeah a little peace security and you cannot cool that's fun never own version of that. Hog got absolutely love I'm a guy that played music him recently been playing in a band and we just decided that it tackle version midlife crisis my feet no more and it was thanks Gerry and I first but once you accomplish Felix. I'm gonna play if it no more sorry this is for an awesome. And I. I know I admit quite liberating the players like playing those old songs and playing not. And the great Brandon you're doing a lot of younger armed substance here before help console when we're doing the stage in Japan and transcribing all the the notes and what they were doing in the tying signatures so random. But just so good and you are into your mind like a you don't do covers. If you're you're really understand what the Leander doing it really helps you quickly get over your mind a lot more I think all help a collects records. Joseph Garcia connected to admit maybe I over think things I mean guilty of that moment and a lot of my friends or Tommy that but I am gonna listen to the stage now where we're hearing some of the songs off for the deluxe version that the other wish you were a year in the richer vertigo. It's almost like making kind of what I listen now to the original songs on the record like even like the little guitar break down on the stage. Or or a good the song sunny disposition which is my favorite off for the record the orange and and the way that you sing I almost feel like that song has a mr. rock among the vibe in. There's some of Floyd vibe at parts of other songs it's I don't know if begged the songs that you chose. Helped also kind of om and influence you would do that did the writing or I don't come over thinking but I almost feel like the songs that you have is that covers on there. You can you can almost feel those influences in the rest of the record on the original material. Our near a 100% correct everywhere we've got under our record we were. All you can I mean we've always been you can think when we really want the user and included command the nuclear mumbled something obviously committed Christian. Could be colder out anonymous on the record currently understood and ordered the murder and the only way that the transition kind of go to each other when we got Gallup looks like a man. We are we're gonna go all on you don't bring out long goal. Griner and Jameer to dental pick listeners. We're gonna get all the elements is really more permanent. You know when you trans. Transcribe a lot of conflict that they're doing this seems sort of stuff just in a slower work drug doubt he'll hand the payment down garden all that all you know it all at Seattle. He only does it. It comes under the notion comes down to that distance and not what we're really. Concentrating on this record com and so yup those songs weaker while we were courting us is we don't see them because. We were included a lot weirder and. And Demi mentioned satellite and I incredible show playing with metallic over a century link field mobile U did you get to enjoy some time in Seattle what was your experience like job I made it seems like Seattle. Quite a doesn't seem like it I know would Seattle loves events unfold so must've been a fun night to be a part that shall. How we had a great time we got in the night before it went to sushi. I'm somebody is lions from their from Idaho and they came and we had a really fun night with a minute before the league are not our bomber went all the smoke. You know yeah they don't ultimate buyer than he asks so I was kind of staying indoors like or wanna lose my voice problem. Before Mexico Britain and you know little to do with a blouse but I definitely by the end of our hour but I doubly so beyond. He expects the smoke where you know I love Seattle Oklahoma spirit you know together doing a good golf also the guy I have I don't know clintons feel culpable. It's a loss of its funny branch in the smokeless as a few days after I went to the gorge. Which I know you guys played out for pain in the grass in the past and knock Dow would we are to be so close to where the fires right when saw our Guns 'N Roses and it was like you can even see the skyline because of the smoke he was just so weird. You know we understanding right now are Ari Emanuel or upon its. Kardashian sisters now to pool didn't crosses are no women going down to look like dirty you know definitively you know favourite and who looked prettier now. Nods as you said it's a weird time that's for sure arm out do you look at Torrey you you you you finish up this store on February 17 in Vancouver. I do I need to drive up there and see kidnap you guys the players show the next day in Seattle it's Konami had to play here. Well we're gonna do from all the major markets again in the summer we all night we're glad you're coming back we're clinic and not try to Wear them. Think in our recruitment do really good drummer to work can be rendered Bichette and just blow this thing out and to be honest. Yes summer's a better time to Europe because a lot of the country is it. Gonna be you know what I'm personnel are warmer during the next two or selfish I would like nation and man are trending the spring tour. Promoter who read it or let the big tour next tremors through to every city that we don't talk talk about an oil. That makes sense now knowing alliger run one last thing I just wanted to throw out thereof because I know that you've been on Chris Jericho is podcast you stranger Chris Jericho and I'd. Ab -- I might be going crazy but I'm pretty sure I saw bronze stroman and your last music we ever wish you were here. Are you're wrestling fan or who's a wrestling Fannie your crew because that's pretty awesome. I'm wrestling champ wrestling Sam are brought in front of our brave very widely viewed as well for a little rich any notice when he did it help would be in it brawny if we governor David duke. I mean your music news. So completely blown out Bermuda crazy how. I'm like yeah okay. Blues sorry we didn't have a history here and there have been no the cool thing ever so. And Denard too much on Tarawa and Ontario the other night -- not respond. Is my only in your and he let it. It looked when he during the Buick. Yeah. So he's agreed to go into the identity on attitude and are you Republican guy and let my little fund urged the dugout and so after on can we go about it and broad and doesn't like. Catch your Stearns bad guys. And you like totally disappointed in you get on friends. And I guess. I don't wanna route apartment on the not a real right at the same time it's kind of cool it doesn't Clinton got guys. Are there when you come back you've been in the summer out I'm not to find a way to steal your way I do wrestling podcast here in town and not I just love DK Allah rest I had Corey Taylor and Chris Jericho together one time doing a bad episode with me and it was. One of the most fun experience is just a nerd out of our wrestling with rock stars and if you have time I would love to. Not a hung out next summer we come back and spirit. I had deal man mommy cannot and and and I'll bring my my my buddy from church and you guys to relive your golf experience. Vertigo. Amanda thank you so much to take it some time it's it'd never sex chat and wrestling him mister bungle with one of my favorite band to monitor frontman from an amateur bands and shadows event seven fault. Director once again cause that's deluxe edition of the stage featuring so many great songs unreleased stuff live stuff as well December 15 is when it's coming out I really do appreciate you tickets a timeout man. No worries that makes a lot have a good run. Did you and your little sample of that mr. bundle songs for those few that have not heard retrograde ago I know I I know that for some of you have it could help move the ball roll. Due to a favorite pick of the California record it will just open your eyes and it's so awesome in their version of the red river Adobe. Once again thank you. And others have been seven polls. And other things deluxe edition available to purchase.