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Friday, December 8th


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Hey college kids here in daily and a super mom dad he chatting with mark Torre in of bullet boys mark. First of all where Ariel. Karen how are you. Jumped on my. And you're good. And I'm in LA right now. And distort I was born Richard. Or and LA right now just to the children. Counting change having a lot of thoughts and prayers of the people here that have been devastated by the fires that we've been out. Honestly I I have to tell you we we have here in Seattle when I had so many you know musical and friendship connections to that area in it is being. Horrifying to watch on the news what you what we're seeing on social media are you guys some third seed then it and is ever when you love and care about savor the moment. Yes thank you so much thank you for saying meg yeah everybody. Jam right there at surrender our creator but he went during this created a firestorm or having richest just unbelievable. I never seen. Anything like that Karen just and just and should. The people that have. The people that lost their homes are just like cash just. You wake up in east she'd just. There's really really bad image just completely crazy but you're thinking about these people most of all that. Have lost their homes and in and just in a blink of an audit. So. Are we really wanna make sure that. We're thinking about them most of all especially. Army thing. Our heroes that are our car buyers year I'm in now accounting and and abroad and people that's come to accomplish here we just reluctant to fire tires out there to bloody guy so much. Thank you for during which during. Absolutely I mean. You to get to you on this topic for a moment I mean we were. I was watching the news last night when I got home and it wasn't even like a regular news at this a sports news or they're talking about. You know sporting events not being able to happen and and in it's it's just trying many people. And in it says eat it it it's the holidays I mean this is the time of year where this doesn't normally happen so yeah. Parents should buy tickets at the time now or religious production channel two now month everybody gets you just kind of ticket keep proud connection out for a couple minutes and then this happened choke. Yeah it's been it's been really so. But you know nobody cared. You know. There's a lot of people here were that would strong shaken Daewoo and will be built. We will rebuild and you know people have very strong hearts out here and especially here in. Kelly in Los Angeles south. Oh absolutely you know mess of LA. I mean LA we'll kind of get Janice. I don't literally millions community for sure. No absolutely everybody's just been. You know helping each other out and it's you know it's just the nomination just he had a look and see that Turkish. People straight complete strangers are are helping each other out and really trying to cheer. Facilitates and cut the problem then and help in this awful awful time. Well we look forward to having you guys have been our neck of the woods next week and that I know you're gonna feel an outpouring of love and support given the circumstances. And were excited to have you guys back in the Pacific cars last. What are we that care and we are just stoked we are. And me personally I'm stoked gently to play the Clearwater casino and then to play at all or are announced. Family and friends of the catalyst and it's been a minute. And I were really really excited we can start going on right now. We just we completed our our new body of work. Which is shot called modest kind. And it's going to be at least from China culture that we marched. I next year to. Tortures us around and discussions cart doing RR mini movie video. Or really really excited about to react coach touched up. Our first single and you can really special torture and and just averaging just you know. Unbelievable pressure now it's kind of the people channel yeah I'm living the dream and kind of a negative connotation to it where actually living the dream to hook. You know weeks I've been very very blessed to get its record. We recorded the checkered extra restrictions which is almost bloody coup plotters. And and David Goldman and it is studio. It it's just like it's unbelievable that. You know she took a chance with Dutch and loved what I was doing and the diversity of the record. And was able to open at his home I switched never ever happens I'll show you know certain like just like. It's just like you you have these two. Mature at at just the Pitney it's like. Champions going on. It. Or not I don't know what's going on but. IPod or worked pretty ridiculous in my heart. I'm my music and especially this there's new records marks guys and cable that should talk with David and and explain to me lighted a studio and out. You know how grateful I am to him providing. I need to adopt may be some very very dark times. It can sit there and talk about things or excuse that John McCain. About me that you know. That key which led commission got an apartment complex and I was living at the time in North Hollywood and these are start to lose she is putting in the park. Apartment complex right next to me choke again if you got a chance she has some of that. All chilled out would thank. Unbelievable. Challenge like. It's great you know and I are reluctant. Are sure to include laughter off so. Who got you in the studio. A lot during. A Christian Fletcher. Gave me the idea to go record their one had a chance to sit down Panama. Taylor Hawkins invited me to come and Chang. And then after about Colbert. And I would actually Merrill Christian China oxide and then but the record mission and once you come to. What you come and you can. To grow like you know but it ought to out of now you know I don't know like a torch to light that is pledging to do duplicate that did not talk to Luke's in oh it's and do that the mature adult should have just gone like natural. Potential to love I can even Tony I can't catch the next day it just term. Coming from my genre and to be except it. Basically hadn't. IDs. Unbelievable heroes replying it's just like amazing and then you know we go to Q that should just issued its electric dreams so eager to death who. Chang and our first and and I can tell that it would be heralded talk about that I. Could not get stuck in the debt and he I had this idea it's. Having him come in and we're seeing on our first goal and I I didn't know it was gonna happen or whatever but she can't students showed up like an Angel she comes to action isn't structured church couched. I can't which everybody cherishing go because. It's just. It just gives it didn't teach you. Please I love mad. Air earlier. I mean journeyman some of those names that have that influence. You know my love of music over the years and I can handle just going to be one of the coolest things in the world and what I gotta say about Dave Grohl is that he is a different perfectionist I mean for anybody that knows. The history and his musical career with Nirvana and and the food letters. I mean he's he is a perfectionist and half my battle that not only their stamp of approval on what you're doing that also be so interested in in. In the beer that your but now there. That's got to feel pretty. I should mean just such a shame at all first. Bullish. Completely mind blowing to me. Because you know I'm I'm playing somebody demonstrates some post capture channeling trend we're going. You put this together this is gonna be really special treat. Now what do you how are you sure are cute it just like I touched a wanna put something really special but no one's really heard too much to our. And how do you write so. Fact that. David duke you know to me he's like can people get interest operations kicker so I can't you can't report to Paul McCartney never generations. Ever say I agree with you on how 100. Thank you and I and I and I can that would all my hard in. Song after song after song after. Doctor you know have to petition which is to it it made me into it compounds linked. It's musical polished and especially your heart. That's depicting. That really touched me which like. You know I cared up after he laughed I'll just touch and I just like you gotta be kidding me. Unanimous Kitna married though were these beautiful mentioned large. He couldn childhood reports are he has shut. Are there in the studio so you know we're running between there aren't he cheated signatures on the board from from you name yeah know. It's. Unbelievable it is now gone are out just this it's just really special. We were able to go on their start and you know that. You know that the drums at our cherished at a stretch were just amazing sounding just. Like I should go on and on and on about just how. Grateful I am and and that challenged a detriment that it is like you know we're we're kind of like you know Karen we're kind of liken our John branch. Can look at our jobs and you know a lot about what kind of liked it don't trust him or anything like I think acting out because. Well. We're like real deal people. Won't be you know we're about barbecues and family. And what we're not about. Egos and that kind of thing we leave we were aware eight. Beyond that you know much at all about traveling to its terms and and our plans and it's not really. And egocentric type of situation with just that works we make fun of ourselves we don't take ourselves seriously only when we're performing. And such as she reached during trash you know we want to be polished sound like it but Russia and kill. Sometimes people take that as a while you know those guys that lists and her real big pit bring in we describe our plans and we just love music. And unconditionally. So we're we're all pop music or in people that are creating new music and better trying to step in and competent people and in the usage in Armitage on external. Tour. You know and shoot you know I don't I probably don't Alter the ripening and some are a lot of people don't let kind of market called Portugal. It's you know. Why I have to give you a true confessions so I am how old mine now I'll be 33. When middle school I had our rat T shirts. That was it it was it was a long sleeved T shirt but it was cut down arms and sea change it back together. And Iowa or oh my god I was the I I person I'm pretty sure I was the only kid. As incest or Brad as I was back and missiles like twelve and I'll need ninety's or we think I've got a show. Would you be to be I young girl and be obsessed with that style music like it resonated to me to this day and that still inside the music I gravitate towards that she. Bullet boy is your next week Cummins and not to my hometown and this is really big for me for for like my my entire white. Do you have initial data aren't they must all thank you for for key that Roland but you tops and serious. Fans have followed you on through this down with various projects that you've been apart of and you know how. You can actors some of the same fans every time you come to town. She know how quick it it it depends which are pictured a lot of are monitored Chandler are not employ an extra long time. I totally reduction we're all are talking to people were such you know we don't we don't sit on a politician and hotel room and we we left hanging out so that's one of the things we do we're very punk rock and urged. Absolutely and it in and shut it you know. How are you can't make it much. And I really can't actually rich and I'm a group a month ago chill out aren't actually. That's worker choked Montebello as solid you know and shore. Old school punk rock scene. Latino and jazz music content. Tricky hard core. Just straight at Procter and rules are brought you know pop R&D trunk. Show can come back to its roots shortest U record and it's really really. Done a lot of eye opening to me in my mind. Two key. Two took to look at my genre as a whole and few people during an right now communion and pitched two key. Top. I'm in a different place now on and that place has a better place show me. Musically. And and spiritually in my heart I'm shops and choking back McDonald and crossed the band together in the picture for eight years we've been to the together. So we can really creeped rather disband and that we have three. Really looking forward cute. Hopefully being lashed by the rock content and and then depend good lord in the striker Chris leak kicking option people understand English. Body work can. You know it's a cure uplift which are too you know there's a lot of this stuff out there right now churning out and we're not a dark. Branch in our parking canned pork we're not a dark yet and we I tell stories and their plea to poetry and what I've been through and hopefully people understand you know attrition to about. Tunnel that and have a light at the end of the art channel channel. Without getting cute crazy hadn't been preaching and start attached to every rule. Now you've worked out over the years I mean just in out of 88 at your and he workers so many different musicians you've been on tour with incredible bands. Oh who may be the one that got away in good that the person you haven't worked with the band you have a work with yet. Maybe there's been some top over the years though was the one that kind of got away so. Great question and you know. It really it's come in my channel really weird to people but. I talked to social Leonard Skinner. I just you know I've always been a huge Skinner Camry back in the dairy. Way way documentation that are abolish abolish love that band and a very very closely turn in my by the name of Richard that lark place and that can show we can shout out each other directional Michael. C'mon Ricky Ricky how can do I go to a portal during doctors hindered legal. History goes a good app broke reality. Show that children like symptoms like that would be like really amazing courage and kissed. I mean. Review which if you would like to play with anybody much extinction is crossing route Shaun Wright yeah and I think we need to Judah are not in the especially in this community mean you're going to 28. Okay are these tend to play together he he danced almost came ban blah blah I don't much during its go RT -- whenever I mean. What sort. I wished it's a do you promoter doctors and Marcos I'm going to cost you Sean touched on them to a a little too. Pull polish language groups Estonia and then I'm gonna get. Keith Schneider and I'm gonna get Radiohead. Are. Either ignorant can this tournament nobody cared touched. I George Clinton funkadelic. To play or may be close to show. You don't seem like something that's completely. He basically. Beautiful like all these different genres working together you know and it. And I like it to go to watched he. And the documentary that's depicting especially musical documentaries of how big shows work that's what an untouchable and treated our social that was put on here. I'm sitting there watching. What he's what he's. Gentlemen want to which each what is just and a meeting and everybody was having a an amazing time. You know and you know that you could mean. People told substantial option you know much like. In a little bit. It was much organized and let's start and I'd love to document and it's in many documentaries on what start. I noticed that killed just portrait polished repairing it practically to different dance that they put together. With the group's Turk keeps some people being sure that she'd never heard over what we're ready interest. But nowadays it's it's not like all the metal. That's on on the metal touched you know it's like chechnyan. I wouldn't mind caring at all remotes with negative. Hi that that to get. Weird Carolina and we're all I guess I mean for me personally I can't tell you how many times I've been to Michelle. And one of the bands on the bill media wasn't I was a fan and I just maybe didn't know them enough and then Steve online and and it completely changes my perspective one of those vans was Jane's Addiction the first time in his honor and I'd never seen them I'd love or. There's a few songs I knew that I never really was a fan after seeing them lad I was age and all blown sand. Yeah yeah ash Dutch going back turban or just a second thought that's what we I mean to people if you apply that there's no. We don't have a background gone and that connection it's all just club and Paul Clark and then and that's the thing that we that we currently tied on. That's a putting and we'll bring it really special Q I'd like I tried it out right now we're really really excited. Will will pump them all ten all the energy from our record in you know video and you know what kind of quiet about things that don't we droplet things in this record drops people are going to be. Be very very surprised. I mean like operation restore to people and they get really emotional. Liked it liked and cheers to coming apparently can't come out of touch your source Markel much thought I get to really special things shrewd. Try to beautiful women opt in my life and industry to two world that are doing amazing. Do you little angst and I want to get back. Then to let people so it's not all just. You know just about up and screaming and yelling all the time in a time I was able to. He can remind vocal but are reduced to just cut out a little bit softer. Still they hadn't stepped to instill that document that depend. Our armed Jerry Jerry critical opt out what I do it I'm really over critical so. When I listen to record. I really still likely we capture something really special and I hope that term. I looked at the way tickets this in response really church actually this year action you know one interesting to be brightened when you touched and being. That you are kind of calling on Cheney got an athletic well I Dutch politician talk about yeah definitely you know a neighbor of lunch. I you know I've accomplished we were ecstatic on the record because I don't record meat we can leave your angry on the record is it all emotions cachaca polished it and we went conditions records show up on it's something that. You know that I'm debt. Hopefully that I am a little product structure. So for this Thursday at the fourteenth at Clearwater casino resort. If you describe what we are going to receive as an audience in three words what would those three words B. What you. We're bringing a lot of rookie guy too but it's. A town you're able. Will bring an ultimatum. Or go to Christmas spirit Cheryl wanna bring them to learn about Darren in which and a couple out party and just you know apple an amazing time with everybody there and really looking torture everybody coming impact amounts. Well the beach rock music and sports lounges hands down one of my favorite and most intimate venues in the visited north last I mean you guys are going to just. Below the roof off the plays and people are gonna be in for release special shouts of thank you per. For take advantage I would need to think you guys are making the trip out to Seattle we cannot wait to see you next week. Adding that happy at some holidays to you guys and also best wishes everyone. 88 in your neck of the woods that's. You know and a part of these horrible fires we we thought dynamic community. Thank you turn twelve allowed in and thank you so much I can we cannot acute shall we get to chill out before her rhetorical questions come down to challenge. And that. Yeah gesture absolutely mark. Please I am I am inviting you simply can't tell you the coolest thing he's a pleasure chatting it was a wonderful wonderful awesome experience in the connecting the for a little while. An outlet and ray yeah. Now you'll be able to watch today thank everybody out there to listen in and we let you and thank you Seattle where shall try to back on the errant. There's going to be some very special predicting. I don't mind yeah. We will see you next week and have a wonderful rest day. All right thank you Kandahar and I admire and cherished.