Monday, September 17th


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Hey this is Vijay Singh train now changing their name to a mattress firm that is right. But all the cool stuff you like from sleep train. Also going to be part of mattress firm and you know that low price guarantee that got even better right now you see any matches that you buy at mattress firm. They will if you see cheaper anywhere else they will beat that price by 10%. And refund you the difference all the opposite of the great sleep professionals to help you out. And during their presence they grand opening sale. They're gonna show you that nobody sells for less nobody 500 dollar storewide savings in the best brands like Tempur-Pedic stirs in Foster Serbia and more you get queen sets as low as 17999. Pushing and sleep happy with no interest financing for five years call at 8667806220. Get the credit costs in terms subject to credit approval. Oh yeah mattress firm that's right sink drain is now macros for him all the cool stuff you like and more from sleep train now at mattress firm to check the nominee got a lot of locations mattress firm. Save money. And sleep happy.