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Monday, September 17th


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Yeah now mode. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great northwest's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. Featuring music ball. Great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Yes it is 11 PM here. On point nine KI SW my name is Kevin gears here to it your weekend off on an awesome in totally local. Level. Again the showed loud and vocal for one hour we celebrate all that is within the northwest and from the 206253. To 360. The fortune five in orbit of the 509 when I'm feeling. I just got back from the Melvin in napalm death GO napalm death should be playing. Right about now it's always points and Melvin a little bit later another local awesome show going on torch. As well as a bit cold why you. Grow wild throw these from telling him it's all he played some of them tonight as well right now. I'm going to be playing at the end I just found out is playing a kid June 11 of sufficient pavilion down by Seattle that are going to be an incredible show. Honoring the memory of me as a part of us. Think he would still let's get going with an old throwback. 58 seconds Kidd lives coming from a height soundtrack. Trinidad. And from. And didn't. The loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. Rated games by the young evils and often banned from the west Seattle area before that rock hits. RIPs. Rockets awesome day and they were from the Buckley area. I believe he knows the Buckley boys dot com was spared their face their their old website. Good free MySpace yeah. Tell how all that band is very very cool ruckus up put out a couple records one of which was called the punk rock for our higher EP thread got that out of and they also have a fully pull monsters do exist to keeping track that down I definitely think he should check it out Austin Penske punk stuff. But before that I did start off the show with the gates they're going to be playing sort of her reunion tonight show with Rachel floats are Flockhart. Flow toward a measure really hate pronouncement which he can be handled vocal duties as CB. Enigmatic. New leak near as a pot that was that was murdered. Capitol Hill many many a year ago so I think it's going to be playing June 11 at the Fisher pavilion down in Seattle. Center alongside. The raven that's in a few others we will have more info on that to come we have tickets enjoy tonight so future texting fingers ready for those. I'll tell you a little bit about that but when I get back here Ahmad in local a between you two songs from the loud and local the end of the week they are very metal. And they are very region they are the doubles of lewd will be right back from a local this is loud and. On the nagging voice not KI DS. Every week cheer on my book we feature a lot of local band of the week you can go to KI SW dot com click on the DJ envy. Section under shows you can find out some about every being that is featured. Alongside having their own part of KI SW dot com mail to get some airplay. Friday on Vijay in mid morning and it's very very cool. This week we have the doubles of gluten these guys carried it home hard hitting often symphonic. To death metal and part of death metal they just got back from the West Coast tour. He just played an awesome show this past weekend with a raft. And they have a new EP called enduring creation can get on their being can't get off their please welcome the web site. And you can just check the mountains and sea which is being the games all the devils will lose one more title beautifully Tucson back to back. And proud to announce they are a bit Vijay and makes a lot of local. They end of the week this song is called. Katz's go thrown to the boys after that one against the devils of losing this would go that's anyone that's on napalm death or they'll attack tonight. All the metal heads in the northwest. Turned out. And Sears. KI SW. It. We. I. And but. A province of eight matches the name of the song. The province of day if you like that son you definitely don't wanna go see them. May fourth that this Wednesday with gladiators he fires slow code instead spells again that's province of they awesome record they put out friends of wild local we have them up. In 4015 very very awesome and for that guns of their assault after newest EP don't avoid is the name of the song and of course that before that. The doubles of Luton to. Two songs in a row the are the bottle band of the week chicken out on KI SW dot com under the PGA in migs morning's tab. You find out all you want about doubles of wouldn't they have some shows coming up in that you can definitely buy that new EP my name is Kevin year's level visiting the shelf. I'm gonna go to quick commercial break come back I will tell you how you can win tickets to see the goods they die. Fifth anniversary show including DT is what drugs rose so end. The only TC and a writer it's loud we'll be right back. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local is back into it's it's awesome. It's awesome to be able to use today. So we have record labels here in the northwest widgets it's totally represented. Although it is awesome in heavy music and all of sausages kid rock and roll good to die records happy anniversary their fifth anniversary show. It's happening at the end of this month April 25. And you can win tickets to go to guys wrecked record fifth anniversary show I just texting the word good. It's GO OD in case you can't spell right now you're a little. Three sheets of the win text good 277999. And you can win a chain you can keep your chance to win. Show. Tickets for that it's actually sorry it's June 11 my dad it is not April 25 that. My apologies. I am an idiot is actually June 11 this was published on April 25 I'm a dummy I am reading. Just like anchorman he just put the terrible thing on there and I'll just read it now it is June 11 at new modes and features seem brighter. Absolute monarchs DPS blood drugs and murder so again it's in brighter. Absolute monarchs DP is blood drug and merciless and redder as a band to play right now. I feel like such a dummy for CNN but again it is June 11 it just takes a good 277. 999 right now we're gonna place in writer. Off of us split EP they put out called melting song you might notice owned by Jane's addiction and it's a heavy cover it's very awesome. And it's on loud and local on the Iraq. Some heavy head to head race age there by eighteen votes no and company that. Is Melvin is originally from Aberdeen knowing LA but I'm just gonna go ahead and stay originally well. Awesome band started here in the northwest revolver as the name of that one before that CN writer in the mountains on. I Jean's prediction contract provision and and just. Heavy got a bunch. If you wanna go CC and writer alongside DP is the blood drives an absolute march to fix good. To 77999. You can defeat them on June 11 that new modes. But get to that record fifth anniversary show this was been allowed in the local my name's Kevin years I'm about outing here but I have to end. With one son so I just played some buildings they played tonight. Won't take napalm death and melt banana in a truly incredible in. NC really weird show. It was awesome totally sold out over pillbox another Wiki show that went on tonight with a floor with bella attack from Norway. Being called torch that is just super secret code and you got a kick him out. And then from Bellingham cold while room used to be called dog forever but they're they just album on roadrunner records recently. Under the name wild room so it's awesome stuff the so called born to died on that LP definitely check it out. If so does that to anyone if there was anything we showed a night or this weekend we're just played awesome music or did the music. Or is this were sitting right now anything showing it takes losing two out of local my name's Kevin beard and I will be back next week with one hour. Of all things northwest. Jim it. Yeah.