MegaCast  03/29/17  “Yummm”

Wednesday, March 29th

This week we get another poem from Ted, we recap our Mega Party at Virtual Sports, and we express our love for Red Robin…yummmm!

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You put it gets up. Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. I like I try to sign language and footage an explosion and I thought. Kinda you know. We're not I didn't have you here and a warrior like frogs now going up reviewed the machine don't defense meant a trip. Acts everytime we play testify on the men's room whatnot doesn't it tested selflessly I can't help myself. I'm always like whereas whereas sex all right that. It is very just look into a keyboard texting so did you so did just check it out see that's going on. That makes my day whenever I see that conflict I'll call people are listening and and we learned on Saturday that people are listening because yeah holy smokes man thank you to everybody who came out to our big mega party over a virtual sports and to quell a monster turnout. Durable we first started like we had. Capacity. For a laser tag which is oh you give you forty to play laser tag India games. And rarity Macs that it has to match as the afternoon went on we probably double that if not tripled. Tripled but we've definitely doubled. I do I do like the way it worked just like everybody that really wanted to get in laser tag got in yup. Like. What's it Augustine and Cesar yup yup brought in the Somali dollars in mom or grandma Mason should that is what they really kind of hold. It was nice it was exactly what I think guy and hope for at least it was like there was too little on you laser tag them for sure how leak. And then there's a group like nice deep religious and hang out I did know we'd have tamales and just like gotta drink some Beers and Jill. There's a news rademan nick and I towards bringing in bags of tamales and I was great in an op props to us Allen Chris from other not playing stupid podcast oh yeah also snore podcasts and men and no actually were inspired by us people I guess enemies get to create their podcast which is beyond flattering. Com Dave Dave bottom onto drink tickets and yeah about the people I'd I was so bad IDs and after their drink tickets are just a bet I'm talking a random people. And everybody had the same thing like I've been to other listener parties. I've never been around a cooler bunch of fellow listeners. Yeah as like yeah I don't know what to how to explain it but I mean. I think it's just a testament to what we do it in the people that listen everybody's cool there's no jerks right. Nor'easter sheriff Cesar granny that's okay we'll let it slide. Six it's a player sees her tour I average. Did the king of saying inappropriate things and I respect him for that yeah carrier inappropriate about the Mexican community and he is a part of it. Like that yet that's what started with I was sitting there talking to him and somebody else is that all right I tell you one jokingly it's like all right that is funny. You have some exit joke immature baby just like I have a this setup that's. As his way of saying hi to me. Pretend shocking to me. I feel I had in the back and my back and I turn around and it Caesar with a fake nine going into the oh my god sees her of course to use the Shanghai down easy to grams Killen. All the food yeah see I got can't look at his instrument among great oval makes me angry yeah. I think I thought I knew good Mexican restaurants that seems like every meal he is the best Rex gonna seep right and it's all like crazy food trucks and all of that yet. Yet patent seasons of mad props to Caesar at everybody who came out that was a blast it like such it's not so much fun part raw eggs get things golf and let's remember Steve. I want air hockey. Lies. Lies on the champions. So I'd virtual sports haven't. I air hockey game for four more corner to it instead of a rectangular rank. It's a square and each person got a spot those four bus plying and because it Neal Pollack sometimes used dominant. Doing one motion. Well Ted I happen to be. In the direction of the mode that the motion that may mean my dominant emotion. So all I kept aiming for ten tips are important to me that you stop trying to score army might I can't score on the other guy. And going a long ways is more difficult salsa it's I. It at this point I that's beverages doll making peace took some creaky he had America oh it's like let's lay air hockey. During the game I almost get confused I'm getting scored on a quick call. But it's I think it's not what it's more important at all and it's already filed. Thought I'd come out we find out later. Ted it was already eliminated from the game. When you get eliminated I guess in a weird little like a little mini wall goes off in your in your goal. As so I'm look. I didn't notice it either so army and I'm just as dumb as everybody. We're all thinking Ted he's just dominating as a group as a goalies. Stuff but he's stopping stuff that may no centric phantom saves. I'm like why can't I got scorers Ted. Fast forward to later on in the night learning and out for dinner at Red Robin with MC TP and his lovely lady elm no. For the food read I would but the wintertime and I said lovely lady you know yeah home. Brett Robin I know it's I don't think I think it offered could've offered a lab that we did apply Deseret talked about it. It's giving crap about that. They yelled you Obama. What they did say they explained to us how this air hockey game marked and I have. Lowell. Your city which you moron she actually just like. I wish you explain to people the excitement in my face are outlawed Fiat and actually know make you knocked out real are currently you're the first pollutants. You wanted to losing I want illusory. Not gonna win it you medal winners and yeah they should be first somehow when you're correct first of Leander first. House. No maholm. But I've for the record fell. Phenomenal dining experience the red Robert items. Do you use pin it was a moment of panic so Ted and I. After a dime like hey you know Mac and Tyler let's go let's go get some food yet and our pilots go to Red Robin. Yum thank you. I put my phone for directions on Mike. Some of a bitch aren't my GPS you know tell you like hours sometimes a huge information it said him red letters low post. Mike can't be close call at this is not automated phone no Mike it's too loud for me to figure without the prompts are some yak. My look guys it says it's closed. So we decide okay lost group we can go either we're gonna drive four more miles which shows how lazy we are like no we can't do that funny or right there itself setter right it was like literally literally like two minutes away from virtual sports the so we decided all of scope try this place called twin peaks yeah. And I think anyone who doesn't know which would be Sar Google it its chain restaurant it's basically. Voters both girls dressed as like as if they're like Saint Paul these girls I would call sexy lumberjack sexy lumberjack and lumber jackets Lemerre checkers. Number lumberjack. Phils number jails leverage originals. And twin peaks is in reference to the boots. On all yum yeah it's a physical. Bert reed park and then match like hey MMI GPS it doesn't have red Robin's closed. Am like oh well maybe we should try it's only the old Clinton one more block away from and so he's a though. I won't. I think I am sure Ted and Ted was in the car still doing something. That might have something to do it stuff at epic epic. Making a splash maybe I don't know maybe maybe allegedly. So then Michael Ted Price Yahoo!'s us wooten here is Ted seem really excited about twin peaks my but he was also more excited about Red Robin. Gum thank you car. Joke reopen of the door right Ted we dig Red Robin might be open and that it beautiful tennis in your stated at this point it's yet here is like. Well that's what the plan was through something along the console like X. Get in the car again drives a Red Robin. Yum. And it was a great choice. If you forget to click some red Robin's packed yeah but although it's great it's short adults are you just go into the ballpark. It's sick and get his seat the Wii is. Britain why did we want to and obnoxious. We passed people while we're all going adults here adults here we are adults for adults are adults not children covered through. Reno where we're going to the bar. It's still need to get a table and the bar pretty quickly now. An end tower onion rings burgers Fries fried pickles strike pickles I Ted and I went with the royal burger yeah but I ask my wife I got the whiskey barbecued chicken wrapped up a couple. But that hell I could cut. It takes several Redman all my god it's so good that I egg him both of us from this is example number two I Ted and I morons. We didn't bother to cut it. And so we took a bite and we went straight for the oak as it is. Explode room for our hands got a lot of Yahoo! co ma am upbeat here consider it. Islam that's at their discretion Latin and had dessert yeah off. And the shape yet received it was solitude with the all of those things that we got. Go to bars. Frost's. Ruffles ruffles ruffles yes yeah. Shockingly good really get so but if you get them get them with a group don't get one just to yourself being that there's they were rich super rich and like five albums and won his 26. Great experience out to support the stubborn about who the kind of wow yeah I mean I think Graham. I was I was pretty states do but I don't know your fine print more excited adults to complete at a critical time. We stayed there for ever I. We all wherein that right three hour experience as a heat up. Up to three we had so much fun this is awesome time in Vega again thank you everybody who came out pot everybody ever got to talk to it was. I mean didn't you guys on our unbelievable it was ensues it seems cool to know that what we do you guys appreciate because we appreciate the fact that you guys listen I. And they're not react to something up north next next definitely. Right so I don't know where army will to a Red Robin. Maybe yeah alms. IR YR which is under way at a decided to be selfish and I get myself pumped. All right Bob for wrestle mania weekend because you know I am heading to Orlando tomorrow I get on a plane you know be broadcasting live. For BJ migs from Orlando on Friday morning and will be a special episode of the makes cats coming out. Either Friday or Saturday depending on make it ended up. Myself our buddy AJ Francis former seahawk current Washington Redskins next he lives there are some stay rarely turns that's right tour. Costello arsenal fan yup. Are so we're gonna go and do radio row and interview all the wrestlers and put put out a special episode of the mis guess Regis Francis. And also added we're gonna use some of the interviews also on their podcast starting out so who play ways to hear. An and also. Obviously he'll be interviews heard during Vijay makes so much the way steer the wrestler saw Stephen. Gonna interview everybody in Orlando no moon. No Jack can't my wife said if you go to Disney World without me. You haven't seen this kind of anger. It will be unleashed on you. They don't sell your wife's phone this is true. Photo Mickey would save you when the Red Robin home. Let's get ready for that was so good Levine's arm due to wrestle mania he didn't at all you need. I'm are living. The Florida of course I really should have low rider goal that everybody is like the movie on this call Sharon and I need there and we love you Martynas. And I hope so I let it is a real loud. I get the heart rate go up market and watch it 8888. Got satellite. Like retired and now. I don't know why I'm doing an old man walking down. Today's Ted talk. Some personal Oren is just a warning. You need to find a place to live here have turned her head did she got to that it's so expensive food Jesus Christ what is going on out there. 00. My god so tough for the moment and looking at a park new apartments are rent that bad. Steve it's a nightmare. I mean no offense but I don't have a car wreck like almost Brendan one assailant. I'm not trying to craft more alike should you know like the nerves a little motor shoreline early bitches like I have a car. I teach you don't trust vagina do you Ballard no bad for you yet China finds a downtown just nightmare we out of I don't know what's going on I think the markets in a fallout to Amazon's moved in. It's expensive folks that's my point. All I know is the youth Communist prices I remember when I was living in lower queen in very close to where you living now yes and apartments. I thought it was really war that's a lot of money for a one bedroom 800 dollars a month and this is like. This isn't that long gone not talking about like musical I am to my years ago but I'm not talking about life in the sixties. But ten years ago. Edit. It's ridiculous how much it's gone up over the years how do you expect anyone to live in Seattle. It's a separate Cisco it is did its eight it's unbelievable religious crazies like alluding to my last place was like 2010. Knocked. So the market was still pretty down and stuff and it was like you at. Out on out there there are the options were planning fall. That's why ES 2010 when I'm moved into our house in it and drop in housing if I was when everything was kind of falling apart not like this is time to get a house like yeah right let's just do it. And you know whatever. I look at them like I was curious because they they get those new buildings being built around our our our radio station and I. And just any curiosity for putting giggles I wonder if this is low 300 million a year and a Mike. Was idle one bedroom I go on their website and click on the floor plans for the three and like low 300 let's take up 400 square foot studio. Yeah yeah that's ridiculous right that's in Asia have rightly did you have some like are using an Abaya and stuff for like for a one bedroom he. But she was I found it's only because I nobody's salad and is still like 330 that she's yeah I think I was told Steve and I know what's. But I don't upon Ben thousands of dollars every year to rent but also I. At a new ideas have a hard tough pins are being 330000. Dollars for a one bedroom like 600 square foot place in the. But somebody who doesn't have a problem with that that's part of blows my mind if you're good you're doing well enough to afford that and it doesn't bother you drop that kind of coin. It blows my I just don't get it like how do you look at that go yet that's believe that's fair market value unless you just you have no choice but to. Think it's I think it's that it's also because you don't care but I early work in. You know like a lot of Amazon people coming in and they work for three years and get paid a bunch of money and they leaps little mark yeah what did just kind of dump the money into those places but now two in Seattle you're getting like Chicago or New York City you get a lot of the would call on the coast apartments or whatever. Solid Chinese money's moving down from Vancouver's Vancouver enacted some laws then the chat a bit basically trying to get people that live in the city or work in the city you live in the city. Now all that money is coming down and people just buy these expensive condos and stuff and it barely even use up so that's like comic to I think it's dose departments I'm excited yeah. Emmy for a term yeah. It's not try I feel bad for you like I even items like always a one bedroom or two bedroom and that that place right across the street from us. To bring him to two million over two million a year and a year two million abide. And I'm just like. It's still less square footage in my house which is way less then what you have to pay for a studio. In downtown Seattle. 2000 square foot house. I couldn't for the amount that I paid for my house. Com I might be able to get like a closet and I really bad neighborhood. In Seattle. Yeah that's so linked to selflessly besides that the money. I totally belts out I want dividend baseball bat. Out yet Ted talk it expects about their trucks Ted talk if anyone has a place that they want to rent out for very reasonable price for prepare for it's not the defense. So our folks at debt talk is very personal it's nice to Gabrielle let it out. You know what though I don't have a full poem I know with a little a little rhyme or riddles all caught on and. I got you ready for that. Syria out. Okay. It's. Now. Enough okay. No holes. But it doughnut. No holes. Yeah. Just how I like my name. Readers nation now you can. When we understand where we're Jeep hybrid can sell. Going cross bones militant elements change who's black hole science anti. Blackened silver space becomes even scary guerrilla hybrid asks pat fox points for hair bikes for a stands my extra gloves bikes for. Here's Mike's first fights like you were more items and get a free manner that says if you will we won't. Oakland Raiders. Former Fannie and Florian right across the same old crap the Oakland stadium on disappointment boulevard and coming still marketing this. Yeah. The whole. I'd love to ride him all the colors to. If he got rolling good since naming its. And then it comes to that. You want it's. Gonna have to wait fairly busy moving and yeah so anybody can help Ted my new apartment. I heard before that there's like. Real serves. That okay help people find friends yes so if anyone knows anybody reach out to expect. If we cannot Ted leaving Seattle and we'll never come back Gerber maybe nobody's stuck him in federal way no way to get here. I don't like ABC Ted's new place like jets are awesome and I get to three bedroom apartment that's fallacious lake. But ABC Ted like no man he lives in federal way out of the senate and the car it was that it's either of them I mean I guess I see you with a dog he's more. Yeah you can hang out of the game easily Beers with us after the fact that she's also become a fixture at the Red Robin has Chevrolet no no movement at. So I am grace is like foreign media do I had. This is that the greatest collection at the greatest moment in my life hogs have had a lot of great moments in premier says there's a moment of my and my marriage might get me in the lot of trouble I. I how often you have women for which deal. Not enough right out of the blue they don't know who you all wait and pray its not like benefactors of that right I'll rarely. Yeah I'd say never yeah and Lisa I'm also oblivious this time it was so. Over the top obvious really. And it noted I'm not obvious that just maybe they aren't tell me Joseph good it felt like what the hell and it was like she was flustered. It happened at a Starbucks. No. Greatest moment then it was hilarious unaccustomed territory no breeze stuff. How nice city and 88 yeah Starbucks and a that a bikini briefs December itself. All right and should have pretty girl was like either by Gary elm I don't know why it matters but it. It does it does in a way I mean anyone make you you seize on it digs attractive and aid began flirting with music while cool let me feel good thank you appreciate that so. You know I say hi I paid all that mentions they are looking to get my drank he had to damage it could you know. Send the in my main source of ham and Swiss the scope. Oh. I hate small talk man I just want outta my drink now on ago because she had zero I drank a day. I 10 AMR rate so she has in my drank. And that is site. Here's your smile. Now like. And as a whenever I normally the most talked about song like banks who say I mean big coffee I mean. You're really nice smile. Fool them like all of thank you think you're very handsome. And oh yeah. She got flustered and I Mike. I didn't I looked behind me like is there another person in my whole. Well I don't like you very much. And got my drink human remember her eyebrow and I get mail Mike your sugar he can't suppose you're just smile and you copied them a nice smile. Very handsome. But he yeah I do like I swear it was a girls like you didn't play me like I I've seen a girl flustered like that didn't forever. Mike of course me being. The man who hates himself president on who she acting with me is like some kind of hitting our addiction you drive it away from the sandwich and drinking your coffee let you do. Just like. Taste good. Better when you're this attractive for half. Is that moment lasted for like thirty seconds and then all of a sudden insecurities came in just. There's no way that girl got that and I should go back to say what are you saying what do you mean by that ho ha ha you want more money for tip. This in front of angry and aggressive how dare you say that I smiled and then I'm handsome. Jet which killed a man on the way here. Got a lot of people say their loved the good judgment interview and they were convinced that almost for stone together. Steve was. She was stoked Steve is here and he's gonna come out and look at Xstrata not stone put it like now they are probably less a war. We weren't into it we did go straight there really straight from where I'm even I have a beer from now that we were like. On a mission yeah you can beat your reply back some of the interview he isn't then so that you guys that are room token up. So far. Is awesome I did. I gotta say I think I did laugh a little bit. Tucker to the great time he via tedious lessened as memo as friendly pro I was. Honestly when night the wreck no I think a lot of people when they find out night OK we're getting. We're getting Chad Smith this stations getting Anthony keep its most people probably be like. No I'd rather keep this because he's the front and yet he courts you know I mean he's the face of the ban him inflate yeah. I was like when I wouldn't object of we got channels were key to us. But I knew we would ration way better with Chad and keep us. Yeah I've Sid this before late. Miles in through all. In and the men Germans showed us all some interviews there's only so much room firfer talk in questions now it's icy got to step back and those who can't. So there's an awesome interviews on the Manger but as far as you're taking part interview that was hands out I don't know I don't know what alliger got to feel that was a fun it's like best in every I've been a part out. I said it that's a lot on my Dustin has no disrespect to all been. And you know as I know a lot of great interviews have been a part of I mean very very lucky and very happy to be in helmets looked interview went to wrestler in the open in two days. How is the most fun I've had doing an area and it accuses the build up. The nerves. Knows how it's gonna go they never do interviews with radio station in she got hurry up and waves you know. All right this who knows how it's gonna go and. Went so well right and we we're so deep backstage yes we went to look we got a final. Leg just make good the last. Of all backstage again back backstage you can get. Yeah because I mean I've done interviews before I've done stage cancers is the key Indian backstage a nerve in like that deepened in like the backstage where we were an African rehearsal room it's -- I saw somebody posts a picture radio show off a god. It. San Diego when the the did you over there she posted a picture of her interviewing sad news on his drum throne. Oh my god I would've been fun hug I'm not I don't ever I don't regret anything about that interview could everything went so well we had so much fun and do such a cool guy. But demo we found out after the fact it typically he does it sitting on his drum set and entitled to start playing a Mike dammit. What are mikes weren't already set up he probably would have done that but he solve our style set up in my beeline to the table. And it just starts I mean literally when you hear that interview that two pitches out start on the menu walked and I hit record yeah he just starts talking about the mikes in the broom Iran knows just yeah I was so much so much me and I guess I get like you'll think it was three stoned guys and to this day. I don't know jets that he would so sweet this is just speculation. Like you want to know when a bomber joined him what's up close. Right straight it's the top pictured hit no walk in the room this. Yes just crushed a royal Red Robin Byrd prefer prefer for how did get out Soviet where backstage for that long I I never smelled any. Now I have at all and yeah I guess I mean he does might be just that type of dude I mean how we sounded stone and reward yet so yeah. Some G deathly smell it Backstreet tall fir sir my favorite it's owned experience for the band. And unfortunately I hit it is the basis of the death tones is not no longer with us I passed away but when I was working at the end we did and then section. And it was it to death tones and I got to ask do I can interview while they would do their performance and I brought up something about. I think the first ever saw you guys when you open up for tests and NBA all little hole and like yeah I was 96 key issues reunited with the makeup. And I was so punter went from pot for New York Toronto and all the it's a three hours. Got there had no idea for playing until we walked in and saw the mertz table and it is adaptable to certain might well. I don't think kisses of some intestinal shirts so I bought one immediately as we gotta get out I was obsessive the Dow Jones is like I drowned when their first album came out and dot. Watch some. Crowd heated up needed them there's not kiss yeah. And the best part about that concert I brought up Tim Mike but when I know I DL yeah we remember how to best part is when you face to set chino goes. We adept on do we know were acting good and drops the Mike. I. Where now. I don't there was a such a gangster move. So we're all having the time and sessions dime and then I think it was Kim more McEnroe who is the music director and it worked at the station I think it was her at the time she's like hey you wanna go back Darren and meet the band. Makes shots of course when you stand. So we walked back into like the old. A little like green room at this recording studio open up the door to be sued that turns first guy sees smoking a joint. And oh nice yeah axis cloud of smoke I walk you know NGOs Stephen neck I have bad the big some dude just gives me the joint. Now in this weird dilemma of are being moved him around people that are like. More people yeah. Putt for game one of my all time for your band is handing me a joint. Time to smoke yeah so I started smoking and yes he with the guys and it had a like a super long deep. Conversation which you know of the death tones nice bamboo and sort of conversation about Weezer. Right so we're going up Mirren and I could try to call a nod to the Mercer arena which aren't fortunate Scott torn down. The sacks last week what a bummer although I don't even know how they were doing their recently. I don't either I I just crush somebody at a night. We route literally their Mercer arena. That was Thursday I think these courts haven't you update us having drinks and dinner reform count how hot this guy goes yeah we saw a show of the Mercer of inner. Mercer arena what happened that plays the other two are down yesterday all hooked for pocket which is about Rick sorry that's our bunch that'd cut. Are thousands till now we. See bill wakes even Q thirteen post on his FaceBook page via video on it Al washing is going. I got really kind of almost emotional I saw some great concert salmon it was such a great contraband you can lose like. There's almost like short summer. Ever step foot profiling that the dead since we've been I cast a beyond the anything that we would wanna go to who has been going on there used to be used for overshoot. A lot of bands that were big enough to fill up the Key Arena would pay the Mercer arena. Our it was great. So death tones played earlier that night and there which is greater with the queen and a two time which is low rent sorry that our. Country that was her manager. Walked over there calm you know. And opt out about Tuesday's announcement and a wind Doocy got me ivory ban has. And I never know bands are picking it but I think most headlining bands pick the music that's being played as eternal swing right yeah. All of Weezer. The Pinkerton album is being played all right on the loudspeakers right and I'm like all know about Tuesday's announcement he chino McCain candidacy again he just. Playing this for you man. Want yours yeah now we user you hear it might. And Jim big broad. Gap. Go out there I'm I'm walking on cloud that I am stoned out of my mind in front of a sold out room of at times. Had to write her off I got aren't adept Collins and say that without an agreed staged announcement that's also is great tutors there's a good time. Armed with him as I said to be or should balanced view also took the party which shined out. Yeah not me you know and about their boss. It was that concert at that band was operator all okay yeah I forgot about those guys yet. Who won in the chugging. Oh win I don't know who's the constant it was a contest legislate you know you have late meager feeds off souls like Palin a grass should follow rarely the nicest guys and they are already done this awesome live right. So who. A buddy of mine who are you just like I'd love Chanel but like my station replacing immediately an autograph Souza short. So I forget which record person was but as I was walking by they're like hey do you wanna get that pitch curt the autograph Newington picture with the girls like show arc. And then raped tens of religious cared about kids appears very revered as the week. It's just a check to buy them beer with that I think I got excited just shut it. They're also opinion about it I know all three of them drink a little like what I think that is just like rich guy it's. That radio host is real aggressive what is drinking. I think he's excited but cruel and hang out all my he could crush one Vieira left. Crafted beer got a picture and autograph from up to. Sod pretty awesome dude could kick it it didn't sit back it. He's. All there was not bid had been operated net Tuesday it wasn't signed on show yeah. And you ended up on their Bosnia made news in the loss to home yes I ended up on their bus it was a Sunday night I was rather rough our byline piece. And they don't like. Discover Spokane let us. And I'll say yea yeah. So we're driving the toward the Haas when you already agreed and dozens of people have on the bus and then his or get. Each step driving at a seriously guys I can't go there like where you live. How I was so wasted I couldn't really get it finally eventually we're just like on. Well we know Mike Oliver born in the in the drivers like they're gonna era like north commanders are now. The Dodgers like hate you I can't keep making and turned think this is a bus. How's that I just let me out. So they can they let me out in the next day hit like a call from the record percent. And that lake he Johnny's strong from operator to sort of check it out you know what I do you got my number. Did he text in the senate bro you all right we're positive let's relive it we had to get go or another. Yamana (%expletive) pranks you know it's funny for like three years somehow he would remember my birthday was on Christmas Eve far Hough and I would get a message from well known. Yes would you like they did they would some hope I keep in mind Johnny does not drink he does not smoke weed nothing there's a couple guys the band like the party writes obviously the hour. Animal that they had wound up but. Bitter blow smoke into his space bag over his head. And discreetly got. That it would call like Arthur yours that are ropes I've ever what you can wake you up book Christmas we elect had impediments should just get pretty awesome dude it's a bit. Do you even know what they're up to these days I don't. They had a moment. They did and that was the first in the grass they ran out yeah man and there are good they where we're at right. I still play at TV sometimes I'm like yeah they were opera listen to them on the way home it hit it and there are solid and death that's. I I knew some of the story and realized it'd be used rob threw up somewhere in and he checked up on you. It's cold dude it was also. I also still just a surreal moment of real ID I just let me off here and I trick I was I was pretty close to my house but I just. I wish you would away at how high area dear man could you imagine yeah. Maxine you know you like our momentum in Spokane. Right in the thought process. Was should've rapidly ever. They get me fired up it's like you work in Iraq station this is the most rock and roll thing you can do your boss won't care within a week nine. It was a Sunday night or disease I mean. This is. I mean is it I was later on Sunday but I was still okay right Steve can attest that this was way back in the debate with things get a little. The political crazy yeah yeah this is like still go to that first break up cowboy yeah yeah. So yeah no structural thing you do the right man it is okay and I want to we don't even make the highway just got guys let me out. So if we ever become a touring band which I know seems very possible down and I have got to be our thing. But whoever town we go into you and everybody DJ and and the goal is to convince that guy to go with you to the next city. Yeah just to see if they welts. Tell me so I voted in you'd like. And they don't like what banding of Pearl Jam did that I don't really care for work the next day I've like I'm common and you guys whenever you want me to leave is when I'll go home. Right I think that was the realization I had was somewhere on the bus ride the on the highway out Alec. How many at home and there are always get help you with that didn't know her. I. I have I have ever summoned a vicarious Johnny one of them was like dude seriously greed we can't get your home we might read dig you out there that right all right I'd better get out. Anybody could have got a flight home I could of yeah it's not that expensive from Spokane but I mean obviously that would not be ideal now. Coliseum what you probably could've done a flight first thing in the morning and Malia to wake up doubt be a hard part John you know look yup let's yeah. Lest I would've gotten so Kandahar no reveal what we've got to stay for the show since. At some point Tuesday morning ambitious slate opera Wear out slips to suit Monday night and I'm it's okay an airport trying to get a flight. Most people call in sick Ted's going in because I'm in Spokane operator kidnap me yeah. A long time and it's awesome that was a fund like our let's quickly get back I want to play some audio from Brandon Marshall from well what teams he uneasy on the giants announced. Just switch from the jets and giants staff I love that dude and doc and accept change as well he's great on the NFL network. Radar and I said the NFL. Me yes yes you're absolutely right I said I just dig dude dude I was kind of bomb when he was freeagent ugly guy but he chemical the Seahawks pick them up I mean I don't immediate. But you know it would I just deal with that guy does end and it out always is upfront about him now as young and dominance at some dumb things over time you. Madame I've grown up mature adult dog. I think it's lame when people continue to pigeon hole somebody further action when they're in their early twenties and their riches after their mega millionaires. Superstar football players who haven't yet learned to grow up yet yeah. Actually if people destroy seven and a half or less ST just Shrek and make it will be back we have two great audio from Brandon Marshall. Why and how he reacted to seeing a buddy of his. Buck naked in the may cast returns. Its content its way to. It's time the team. That's okay. I can't believe it. I got yeah. Seven delegates for my show me. We've got a little red what's the years. Turn your medical implants chips these plates screws even dental implants don't cold hard cash and cash for implants dot com I had no I admit that my feet more would mobilize. What titanium like tele on the call balls and other exotic implant medals at a record highs and now maybe the best time to decide what you need more. More homework and left knee or cash. A catch cash. Jasper implants dot com and pays top dollar for your medical implants. And because we all our old refinery we can cut out the middleman when it comes to melting down your medical implant kind of straining out all the random bits of cold and scar tissue and and that means more cash in your gay thing won't hold out I just treated my grandmother's pacemaker yeah. Xbox-360. So I don't let that titanium spine implant go to waste just sitting in your Mac. The door and my attorney get a big cash chitchat for a class dot com. My uncle was dead anyway. And nobody at the funeral even notice turn you are medical am glad to get cash had just for implants dot com. I wanted and Steve to return. I also want to be human and stopped seeing. And then it comes to is that. Missile. Third. Onion sour look. Boy who read. Brazil's. Whiskey river. Chick Iran. Bomb was fried it's what. I would. Got a few up and make dealt what do we make your leg OR OK if somebody were apps. It is who to a Red Robin trap rap song. After they did we first got to do our treats this all right we do every two song we also have our rom RRR distract against dug deep deep nation. Over the weekend I was here out at the radio station. I'll talk Cody from my the end I add up in my but he Jim from defy wrestling and Matt farmer who's a former wrestler. Great dude does not India rhetoric it's a good putt really to podcast our with our boy judge in San Jose rubio Jeremy are excited to talk to farmer defy. Dude farmers who do you do don't make sure to introduce you to be because we always together social media but I'm not positive that I've actually hung out with I never met him until defy one. So he's skimming Cody are going to be announcers for our defy. So we went and did post production because you know we already filmed all the stuff and actually drops on Fridays I defy one is to be available to fly on demand dot com. As we came here to record all the op play by play stuff and I helped produce it and put it all together we get here on a Sunday right now make our gavel pioneer of places to record. We get here we walk up we want to production room that we were going to use which is a warrant attached to cast W and who's in there. Mirror it's so we also. There's a room full of nerds. We get up to forget that not everyone knows our inside joke with the joking my marriage right try it so I look at you know like I'm always being user like always he's in my. Nerds. And they hall looking like he's Steve what are. Okay did you Diggnation. Not really like I'm not ogre from animal house are from revenge of the nerds yeah it's just as we call them. Bob but yet we recorded all turned out great out Cody Cody and Matt were awesome. Met yet coach stunt so good I love that if he is such a good dude you know he's on nights I want a 770 it actually everybody there's also. The super Cole right here's a man mainly anecdotal. Due to memorize a genius yeah like we see some of the stuff that the my favorite thing that he could not only is he on the air but he also is behind the scenes. Coordinates a lot of stuff like is comfortable a lot of these great ideas at the end comes up what one of the best radio promotions I've ever experienced was a 21 pilots. And session that he did in our. Conference room over there as I get five in the afternoon yeah and what they did for those that don't listen the end the dome of the back story. Paid had a bunch of people win. Passes to come to the station. To be a part of a Skype interview. With 21 pilots yet today QB's that's you know you have a super fan that you're trying to win tickets to come to a room. Where you can watch on Skype your favorite band answer questions that you might have freedom. So they show up. All this Skype comes on to get the project her it's the members it's like Ohio herb from Tony on pilots and then all of a sudden that the connection cuts out there was a we do is going on this is all mailings idea. So they're really would go. Paralyzes all his idea now I ask mixing you know. Out walking out of the curtain. When you want pilots to ban. I got crews are trying to talk him out of broke I mean if you're that. That event or there was the most beetle like thing I ever hurt. Yes and it was like a roomful you know sixteen year old girls. And a four year old many Steve. Freaking me out how I see I knew so but I think I got kind of caught up because all these kids are crying and Mike man that's so cool. That that band has that much power as. You know vote that kind of emotion from from their fans and they did a couple songs he threw for songs and answered questions and took pictures and they were big that seem like it was right before they like went into the stratosphere on the cost the album just came out yeah. It was doing really well they were able to sell out wobble. Or is there or the next you'd. But now. Hello deadline key is the act also up the key if they wanted to death I saw SaaS watch it there headliner being such a great band probably get a sewed up Mercer arena. Did Terry half. So Brandon marshall's in the news because. I'm of this. I don't you see the picture of RJ Cutler it's out there. His and his girlfriend or his wife are Kristi gallery which that doesn't soccer do to gel. It bug you at all but she keeps release late did he OK this is my only question there's a question I read an article once it was just same light. But it. They were to say there's some kind of sign which you really shouldn't post pictures of like your partner sleep being they're like our words shots of them that they don't metal. I would never I have a great picture of sit out of IC bit. Of Syrian Lulu both using my stomach as a pillow out nice it's a cute picture of the got to be kind of fine to put like maybe only lose in sir Graham. And to get deleted merit and up there it is just show it to you because you know you're part of a family. Oh Rentokil yeah but you're right I think you follow the right idea pat they're not I'm not gonna post that as you all you see in my wife's hair. A little bit of her forehead and her glasses that are on yet but they're both asleep on my stomach my my BS stomach. And Mahmud Al. And it's a great pitcher cold and I think it's adorable and to be funny or lose in Seagram might yell mom and me sleeping on dad's Dominique some deny that I. I don't know who writes in my I had no idea what she writes on currency Graham but I would seem to write something like that. But my guy taking a Texas still right dude this picture armies and you don't seized on anything but he's buck naked. On like alleged. Looking out into an ocean. I mean right from what looks like either he just got up or that they just said sexy just on the deck Cilic right switched. I don't know what you regret I don't have the body of Jay Cutler but not necessarily just walk around buck naked looking out into nature. I dealt but it felt like him maybe I would. Yeah maybe we just haven't stayed at least have to. Cut off from everything else that typically where I'm staying to person in the room next to what's can open up the door and stand right next to us exactly what kind of weird he's a little secluded it well and see Graham pulled the picture down because you know it violates their immunity policy which is so silly but whenever yeah man cover about 22 seed ever in a funny. I must say though not an audience ramp sometimes on Twitter I'm scrolling through a judge shocks you a college genitalia right there's full penetration a video of penetration yes. That's OK yes we know people that do videos like that and it's awesome to see Shia. But on NC Graham you came and show. Now it's it's getting shot now chit chatted down so Cutler. Our army certain Brenda marsh and as some Marshal is somewhere. And of course teams he's everywhere they typically I get annoyed with TMZ walking up to a celebrity and asking them questions you can usually see here now. The impatience in the voice of the celebrity. Some reason Brandon Marshall like fully like I was up. Yeah super nice and the TMZ guy pulls out the picture of Jay Cutler who are guessing they were buddies you know I I did he went to college together. And didn't play together in Denver maybe that's what it is OK I mean I mean we are op I'm not exactly sure where you're Yahoo! go Broncos running buddy. I guess east and nobody's a winner on the Broncos yeah and shows. Brandon Marshall a video. The picture embrace it and seen it before and this just his reaction this is is react nice I haven't heard throw it is for him hilarious OK so here I'll start from the beginning. Nobody nobody did it take another buyer opposed the new big preeminence of its. News plus new. It's uncertain they'll let us you do. So these guys are right there like typically any celebrity sounds I'm not I don't know if you saw that the dosing of video Warren Moon and he was sick annoyed by fans. I doll. And I as James he's bug them until it was so I mean the fact I would be into it by TM ZT about those pretty interesting that like Brenda is like yes or mental picture. Yet he's already transitioning after he's done so he he gets it he's getting ready to be a broadcaster yeah yeah. I started I don't know what the like street news during like I don't want to drop some news. He then there. Man yeah I mean look at this that. It could do it. And look inside the Syrian news you know it could penalize her. They would bill you know. The takeover. Yeah right now he's about to give it a little message today I. I just raise your taxes if they've sketches about revealing that his wife didn't really do this literally as she did know he goes crap yeah the same got a dossier you don't do that you don't have to up their permission its not worth the headache now. No news is we've got driven 2006. Saying hey do you know. Hope we get the lives of yeah. Not a rude but then you wouldn't think you have a uniter yeah. I mean we could be wrong maybe he wanted to pose for the picture it just seems weird burning what is Gaza wearing a watch. Tellingly enough to admit it doesn't affect it. Her honestly think McCain it is just a post sex picture you thanked. Trying to really hot chick that's my wife. Yeah I mean I know they are married and stuff you marry but still you're on vacation it's the middle of the day he'd had sex that's Abby just look at his body language she's like I'm a man. Looking out there. Millions of them we're doing. We're both got our hands on the hips were like looking out into the sunlight. And in his old buddy I'm Brenda Marshall. Goes. They would bill you don't have such great reaction to. He has high pitched like call hold what are we doing here. They would dale you don't. I wonder how many people are given Jay Cutler crafting that you gotta love how. I I would have one of my buddies they did many of the donkeys that came out. Our view we would all beat every one of our by our guys and our team his wife posted a picture of their feet. On in cigarette it's a picture of like their shoes and it's a case national Nike day take us out and it's a picture of him wearing Nikes and her wearing Nikes right tying the course. Who screen shots it and put to mom blast in the group tax. Give you one guess. You know. Said yeah out. Is it closer picture there shows he's like that's a really cute pics should. Through video does not have an awful but I you really cute did you guys in politics is at your feet. I did die and it's real let's stick to post a nice picture so imagine. If somebody did that yet we're getting yeah we're giving each other a hard time over a picture of feet. Jelly to a donkey shows up to the joint account ho ho ho haw haw haw never good in that. We're here are some really funny aren't aren't so Donald Trump. Yeah that's it the news on. Marketing. I've been working on my trumped by the way army here. Getting the royal red Lotta people are telling me it's one of the testers. You ever has you're doing not a threat Robinette. That's right I forgot about bat out of onion rings it's for a view that a work out fine. We're gonna replaced repeal freckles. So there's a guy. Who's putting together songs based off of he's inspired by Donald Trump yeah I remember right a few months ago there was a video spreading online it was hilarious views look up Donald Trump you know tweets yeah. Somebody took all these tweets back in the day. And turn him until earlier X for a really. I mean really had dead on impression of an Emo song here's how sound. It's. It's. It's. Jones'. I I just I didn't make this is the other arm thing let's go what are right now. Is like that's funny but it's also just like I. I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat right at point do you look at the precedent Disco. Dude don't you lost the popular vote you want me Electoral College there was not millions of illegal people like. Is why does it matter. Hayley why would you you have presidential stuff did you and Alec what are we still talking about this. Our guards I get a flight out on the news constant struggle following him on Twitter. Getting annoyed and I'm following him there being icon back I don't know what he's doing put him back on and commuting into the Mike. What are your quit banged up do we end to stop tweeting and stuff bring in our gaps. Duck any justice. Sometimes it just goes to his captures a person Mike. Late you know Mike Cox dorks our show right these are Republicans we talk about the stuff all the time player can just go I just on the ceiling has to bring it up and why. Does everything have to be your over the top. What did you say hey. Let's take obamacare right if it's that bad in every everybody hates you look obamacare we got to you know we're gonna get rid of it tad now this plan. Isn't is great but. Eked its better than what we have now but we never get that it's always. Gonna be the greatest plan B to tell me it's just like yeah Jesus every appointee probably degrees appointee ever would. Told. You think she did to cause an even aggregate all content are lined up the greatest content remembered in general. Hey I'm not talking about other people in my cabinet. I'm talking about a thousand changed lives and you've got away to see the guy the cabinet does before it hit. To color in retrospect do you go that was maybe the greatest catnip to get. Hurt Jay Cutler put out the best naked picture of himself. However she. They would say oh you don't so I think it's the same person made that and the San parties broke my twenties out of love that song they get. Just a great important very well crafted Emo song. So this around the guy took speeches and Donald Trump has said so it's not tweets. He found speeches and whoever made the video is really did a great job so they have the speech and video. Basically lip synching along to the song are as we grow apart from the speech and turned it into. An acoustic Emo song so something Dashboard Confessional or board that rise against swings through waste our our our a year ago. She's all. And well. Oh yeah. Yeah. All league. CNN. My prize that mine came from an old speech or an interview you did back like probably like twenty years ago when used amount being thin skinned yeah and it matches up buddies about the saying is. Donald mouse taught him how fixed India's yeah it's pretty funny how they put together. Great idea so well Don ethic is a guy you heard that on the hand like fifteen years ago yes and no where near him realize it was about news taken lyrics from a regular excellent right from the stuff. He's giving us good contest he you know some others upset that you're talking about him. Yeah I don't I can't say no you really can't answer it's fascinating how does the word. Elicits. Vitriol fumble that it's someone's angry you for either grouping on him or someone's angry use for your bring up that name and they don't whenever you're at again. Don't simple way to drum come from can come from from from from pump trumped our bright I draw. It's funny I denies any bad out trauma snowflake that do the same little bitches. The one shot up about Obama not being an American horror. Or Kurd or thanks Obama thinks Obama. Remain bit about saving I. Eric Scott I accomplice snowflake and by the way are you doing. I barely even mirror knew that term cock until. Those people started using it yelled and download some weird porn. I would really I don't feel like is that really what they're reference same lake Jesus dude. I remember the port. I don't make caught keep calling people they don't like Charlie's a snowflake you're such a it's so it's the same CU CKH Parker right. For cock cold as they term imploring. Where you was a white man's specifically. Have a black man have sex with your wife. They would bill you don't. Right for you etc. now I saw Leo that I turn right I have and I just know sometimes used. These kind of accepts a word he just assume why should note but I don't sums can ignore it. I never bothered to look it up that's what it means yes. Whoa yeah pride absolutely if you keep the home that slither out of. Like so you can download nick tow and well I did see a story this is there's three types of porn users which one are you. Puritan times recreational. Dad's 75% of people they watch it on an average of 24 minutes or less a porn a week. Tony prominence of or less supportive some me nor am not a recreational. Distressed 12%. They watch. Our average of seventy minutes a week but still super guilty about it. As Sallie Mae. Compulsive. Usually to a point where it's a problem they watch an average of a 110 minutes of porno week rearrange your schedule to watch and sometimes see it affect their life. I did more than three. Yeah I don't guide me. I guess recreational. Gas. Yeah I'm out the problem as I watch porn from home probably watching for five minutes I turn off push. Stock I got caught out by the sabres right guys did. But. Thank you got the last thing. Follow us. I'm the mega casts a damn good luck on your lectures us mania then my little brother who get hands on while dropping texting yeah. Nice and trying to get ten mega family you. And you mean. Immune. Yeah I you know. I'm trying to slow down. My body's sore from working out yesterday. Buyer to worsen in the morning for that you just read why this whole walking down the stairs. Almost tipped over in her Lulu how are that you guys loosening as always we'll see you next time they would bill you don't.