MegaCast  04/12/17  “Be A Savage”

Wednesday, April 12th

This week Ted & Steve recap Defy Wrestling’s Defy 2 – which Steve was the host for last Friday.  Ted shares some impressive knowledge about Disney World…and Steve learns a life lesson about being a “savage”.

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Ladies and gentlemen. These men. When I'm Steve how are you doing fine man. You know. I'm fight back but I still feel awesome are still battling that out from GAAP and sinus infection that's why ruin your last week Ted Lou Dobbs. Well this is struggling. Young man as I told my cousin failures how sick Daria and eleven smoked weed a couple days and went to the doctor. Pretty sick I was sick yeah yeah I kind of like let's go off. She's ever won it's just. Everybody's getting that would test not just here at the station and everyone I know is battling some kind of a crowd. It has fresh on our show MB GM makes it seems like I'm the only one that has been hit with it but of course. Yesterday as sort of feeling a little weird and we've got a big trip ahead of us. Had a night. Go to Spokane so I'm doing everything in my power I've had so many cups of tea I've been drinking water to put words like emptying every five seconds yes it's this is a walk about eleven at night I never wake up and that the peak. Oh look at and I actually debated whether I'm trying to pita bread. Normally I don't wanna get a bad tired. Often times like my recycling when I take it out in just a bunch empty beer cans or you know couple cans of like you know beans or whatever. Last week when was it like Thursday to got our recycling in it literally whistle blows. Coconut water things in Gator aides say they are just like fluids like I just got. I get a big our nonstop flow it's man. T reason. The I've been battling some kind of do they now get he would is that that's why I mean this yet I know sniffles. Feel pretty good a little tired but I'm tired beak so we cup differed in 2:30 in the morning like I'm not gonna like chalk it up. May I ever tell my wife what I meant is a guy you don't I don't feel good to why would what is it that makes you not feel good chemical tired too late. You get up at 2:30 in the morning of course you retired. After your point. Yes for for me it was like Alex that doctor house like I don't know like. Celek ahead. Allergies and then that may be a cold front pretty sharp haven't infection now. How great and she showed so they might reduce test or whatever NGOs you're kinda right. That allergies that he got a bad call on top now you have an infection. Like all right when I need do. Yes doctor Ted Smith over here well it was a pretty simple speedy yet I have agreed to and that's vows like all right. Some some act right hand side top prize pick your cap honestly that was the trigger point. I hope they go to my job WebMD they're diagnosed agree drew. That's an I think I was diet yeah I mean I. All sides. Put indeed either you have cancer your beads yet another matter what is going on make I can make all I've bit my tongue. Odd man out that now you'll mold my canker sore leg would sag has it all as a sign of having HIV gray and you know I didn't give my African song. Right and I can't say let's go to the people that I Gaza and you had an infection is literally my stool strong collar Brooklyn did you eat something really going like no. I'm sure each of the greens like spinach I special time. It's beats. Right but at or asparagus make your peace mowing his marriage breeds may get everything term Bradley your internal bleeding yet have you had a lot of broccoli you know now that green poop right exactly is like Canada like chassis like poor. More on incident that diagnosing you that way it's happened twice. That's us like to silence doctor like it's pretty clear creek. Like a pretty easy sign like oh my god. But to his green. I think I have an infection that doctors late day you have an infection could not who are really hitting a lot of Brussels rob Ted K give any spinach now. You wanted to be more brown belt may receive more brown food for high heat nickel. It's happened twice this is why not everybody should be a doctor myself included yeah there's obvious YouTube people and abroad do you. I'm glad are not doctors or millionaire to see that much green vegetables each. Gray metal can you might wipe it always elegantly about examining her prove that be weird body had not let me check out this too. And of course she doesn't Lucas she's a woman and that doesn't happen now right but if you did I'd imagine that it's not green. Now to exempt not can be an opponent let's say it was say hey you know there was a warning satellite got some bizarre right here. Our map of course so it's all leading up to our big trip to Spokane we don't have yet to go to Spokane so where we're gonna take you over Spokane for the big hockey tournament called the north west classic. The donkeys get on the party bus thank you Levi lion and lion pride music because they're gonna be so messed up for great trip and the rescuers set out to. Well about Levi Levi even though he's not coming with us because he's in the middle hole. Of goods in Conakry smoky mountain high eight. Festival in Denver and and Daria lost in and physically go everywhere with the big party by sortie in the smaller party bus. But if you were shut out to return bus driver he's he's flying rich which is flying back. Because you won a mr. classic climb back from Mike I don't know where they're going to be this week I think Boise maybe sell out there at all and Idaho yes so he's flying back. Just so that he didn't miss the classic and could CS so much fun with us nice and I wanna give a shout out to. Our marijuana deep well all right I think there are only seeing I'm not positive be can glue it but every year they end up hooking us up with like. Duty magic Easter baskets as we caught because it's Easter weekend yet with all these other missed five marijuana. Products and this time around it's marijuana depot so nice shout out to those guys. Written mostly guys knew that my Marilyn deep so it is James so Charlotte James marijuana. To for the woman and the military he won't touch it yeah. You'll thank you know bring attended chick on the bus until eventually steal people's money. Did yeah. I ask you about that last site. It's obvious that today. And Alfre hit a guy we had him dissident army podcasts after hasn't yet it seemed on that trip he's easy many used rob a girl again Oz like 10 AM. Do we I talked about that this morning I began men's because you're talking about. There's a story in the news about this guy wanted to date with a check that they met on tender. She went to the bathroom. He took her person bolt did. And the two got a bunch of money and casinos gambling like 800 dollars as a and they could Jesus and I'm like dude. I don't know man our trust anybody until there. We've had an experience not nothing to do with me just had to do my buddy our body getting a check from Tim Herron to turn up to me it's if yeah yeah and how things crazy till. Right exactly tenderly do you feel comfortable but that's not our home that's our boss it was awkward to begin Melissa yeah it's like great late. You can't leave it had a drink with this girl. Did this your first date is may come hang out with me in ten other men. On a boss yet where people are doing questionable things. Yeah and make this year what happened to smaller bus number one having it be easier for Richard drive yes and number two is that only calls tracked as much attention which I'm okay I'm a Mac I'm absolutely fine with that I would get a gets a little out of control on the big bus because you just have the most random people coming on the bus and whether it be just drunk dudes or not cook the media women. I doubt I'm okay we're not having a deal with that this time around. Yeah that was totally laughs I like last year with a big bus like because we just gotta park it near the bars and stuff up. But I certainly jet like a half hour forty minutes is standing across from the door as the cops are part finest the whole time yeah. Just you kept coming off to like put that beer back on there yet in an ambulance stupid brightly you don't think about it but it's a great late. You step off that possibly get a beer night is avenue container. Right yeah it is not easy it new not New Orleans did RA yes debt so I'm looking forward to it so when we get our heart racing a blood pumping and our brain functioning and I figured this time what better song to go with them to. Get more excited for the north west classic. I'll yeah that's our job I think that was a Vietnam he's got to go with that we're back. We employees and employees that gives adds. Want to. Oh I can't wait for this weekend. So like we need to be and I. So they've never too late to give. When we just creatively edit ourselves into the video that's. Take a tour it's still hiring. These ticks me. Ted talk this week's why not touched on before. Just about friends and end that was it's a personal story with Steve right here but. Man that you don't still got to fight this thing. Was not feeling awesome last week yup. Steve's host in the fire wrestling so you know I I'm still gonna go listen that. I fully anticipated that you're gonna make it and I and I Lou understood because I knew that you went to a doctor and you stop smoking weed. Therefore had sickness was legit. And even afterwards right like amnesty would be part so we went it was a great time after words that are put on my sweatpants and stuff that he's like yeah I mean for a beer sales lead for. It seems a drop in the cities grow now that exchange went out we had a great time. I had three Beers he'd have like I'll be here now he got some food bubbly here and a half yeah. But either way you know sometimes just to see David somebody it's a body did you like that much is just don't and go. Make time for your friends. There is awesome because after the high. I Tekzilla hey you still around I end and I think you win because site I was running around like my head cut off at the end of its saying goodbye to people yelling already backed him. Towards more I live. When you meet up for a drink and I'm like oh tired coming meg yeah. Actually I do and I guess it's like a text in my life which is already asleep so I mean you need to Birmingham is gonna go get a quick beer with Ted. Come celebrate tonight. I thought for sure may we like being there and in my head when I left there are not always a good twenty minutes together at British at that barb like an hour and a half. We there along you know we would there until they can get us out Greg did you want didn't like midnight and then write one priority now 140 eloped. The other crazy things. Exactly means the personnel at the last time we saw last caller bar everywhere even like drunk as you know I'd literally doing you have like three Beers during your event. Not like they're just we I consider the tighter the manager hosts like this is weird I'm here last caller probably wasted. Leg when the margins at last call we we took it as a very reasonable request and we needed to leave where I got caught on camera shots. That's sort of virus is awesome thank you to everybody who came out heard a few people chanting rock hard which is hilarious outright he's a straight face. Guam in the ring being the ring announcer Bob hearing everybody amid an MM. I got only a super Emo about what it's like to be in that but like I'm a Mel what have you they're Ted I saw you up in the rafters when I was in the ring I almost wanted to win big. It will make. Got to act apart from the ring announcer on the host. Much was have been speaking out because my friend is here we give you a secret side yes America that boxing ref federal easily tapped his nose or whatever but then again Carol Burnett did that. Our ally if so how old am I guess you missed. Good reference Steve's. Yeah we we employees. And we like Carol Burnett. And black and white the collateral right now where black and white show so Bob yeah I got you bring your odds of a demand. Like me an area like that and life I think we all have our insecurities and I definitely have many. And I was going to these things expecting the worst and I don't know why because meant that the fan base for defy wrestling makes me feel so good it's and that's unbelievable it's it's an adrenaline rush it's a drug that I wish we could bottle and sell because. The minute I stepped out that back curtain. The summit came out to immediate emergency doubles and the love that I feel and act an as a genuine I think that the crowd and I I I talked to a lot of people out there and like. We love having you there because. You're one of us you love wrestling just much is awesome and you love yeah not just WWU wrestling but independent wrestling which is a whole different animal. Bomb yet I had learned yeah hold. That's the thing man is like you know we do a lot of stuff together a lot of stations up together. So like cash iciness I'll just say it like I've got used to be in with you unlike you'll get some love people show me somebody up. But it was kind of cool even for me to be in an environment for like. It wasn't just slate has your Steve from the radio it's like your they're got a bright your wrestling guy you're one of common stuff and it was just. I was kind of wild for change we just sit up there bird's eye view is kind of watching people like watching their reactions do you in this hasn't yet. I got your shot onto the the whole streamer club those guys I mean I stream Ursula Topper. All right I do wherever they won't get what some streamers of you don't have any idea those guys are amazing and I told them I tweeted out of a couple of the guys I said. The reason why there's such a hot fan base for a defy. I only goes on notice that those guys are like. May kind of created that like just what they do with the streamers and how they are it's infectious like the whole crowd is just. You know it's and it's cool feeling if you ever have a chance to go I know it's almost sold out already for defy crazy they're very sun all the seats outsold general admission and antenna was in GA doesn't. GA is not like it if you like far away and you can't you know ring you're on top of that ring no matter where you are sitting in the yes. There's like 45 rows deep and managed GA it's not like it's like GA is like in a distant. Far away place. Now I may do a good job but there's a bar set up a little I got to say too is that I never been no independent wrestling thing I don't really know what to expect. And like the number one. It's much more exciting and I thought it would be so much fun it's no it's it's not. Anything like the WWE now that it's all about the action in the ring in those guys are insane yet and it right in there they're yelling at my audience members and soft which are right lake. Like Eddie van glam honey I love him when he's on the the recall at the turn buckle or whatever. And they streamer guys had a covered in the frame but I assure you legislate that. To me that is still the image of the night. That was my favorite moment yeah and then him meg and that's. I just love the improvisation or skills of those guys have a lot of stuff like we were fleshing out moments before we went out there not to give a whole peek behind the curtain like so be as funny as like. We're in the remembered for were out there on top of an idea Mike which are by his outfit because he had a really cool out to be yes it's a battle maybe alpha for 321 battle which is happening. Next week when he first when he first yeah they're gonna go. But you don't Jay short plays a second I will be if he got the time to come running out I associated Douby Austin do you come that's a good day one. And so he's like I was gonna save the battle many music. Sold out crowd. Great photographers great video I'm busting and now for defy and John we're talking Manning this email what do you think about me draping. The jacket on you when it's taken off and Mike. Now do I think you know we'll be really funny is if you put an army and then we fleshed out the whole idea them in the ring you think you when where Emmett Till I Wear a jacket early. You look at draws so much fun we don't give a lot of moments like that adds so much respect for a lot of those wrestlers man there are so Jay Strickland is one of my all time favorite people. Source that source city man and the guys in them amazing performer and then backstage and talk with him he's given me tips about. He's a pro Europe I do you mean a huge jump from the fire one whichever you were really good to defy tune it's cool to feel a lot not only from my fellow wrestling fans of from the Russell is a good choice they see it there respect. How much enthusiasm I had because it makes him look larger than life yet you know I mean. My way you chose your curse words are very well that's that's like you get Kursk is like Kenny. I can Davis it does that ring announcing for cage are right I got the M seat as the ring announcer bureaucratic jealous that you got to curse snapped. But also we are many good again to talk to him to meet him yes yes it was also not I like the way did you like punctuated something's with a but it wasn't like over the top units cursing the curse. They use a mass bombing an F bomb. They may jump. Yeah yeah when you see your ticket now that's a door off gaffe I love that moment Alice fired up still are dead in my head on the drive and I had a whole different Smeal I I. My camera my driving others voice text myself I ideas. And now we can as I'm driving in. There was a trying to flush it out to make it work and I was nervous it was. Everything about his so much fun and an I have so much love for everybody that comes to defy its it. We've created something really special like not only with the wrestler but but the fan base there's like brawl in it together which is cool and a fire alarm and that didn't even slow things down. Fire alarm right and people just filed out I'll shout outs of the guys on Twitter forgot his name. They are between a solid day they are going always ATM yeah yeah severe in the fire alarm he fights outside he's like. I got Beers and charge you put your half point doesn't yet and they have Miller Light into red cups they were they thought they are ready mentally not a perfect that's awesome now I don't have a bit like that where we. Refund an eyebrow. I'm not pre Colombian at all. I've need to prepare like I I spend up and I get there at 5 PM. From five until eight I'm basically be guessing with all the wrestlers coming up with them how you want me introduce you some of them wrestler don't even have any idea how they wanna be introducing them we flush something out together. Sounds really cool yeah bomb one of my favorite observations at the Ted Smith had was the difference between WW wrestling an independent wrestling is. There are no. Gender gaps. Yeah which is awesome yet what your beat up a lot of these feedback CC us of these bus. Yeah and she's one of my favorites I saw her at a 321 wouldn't shock. Event a few months back and I was an off like she is so good. Yet outline that's a crazy thing right is the crowd is she eighteen curse words at some point what Hillary over event yup. And then I'll watch a woman get beat up but everybody's really not easy to just like part of the show that's kind of blew a new outlook piles like. Kenny is this normal things we did to the senate wrestling but it's tough I know we can cheer on do you beating a woman outside I got it right but then late. Yeah it is for my first time I've all my cup of coffee off the record I look. I don't think about it we give them just so used to it. I seem warming get into like bloody wrestling matches tend to celebrate look her up on YouTube there's just. She got no match for her face is bleeding to deport when she uses it to market like just teacher Twitter feeds bloody size eight by ten Murphy's is bloody. I think it's so empowering. For women make you an idea like I'm not Steve the feminist but I think it's cool that. The women are just says much of an ass kicker to the men and the man ass kicked the women like there. There's no all I shouldn't do this because she's a woman or she's not like I can't do that because he's amenities bigger and stronger quote unquote but obviously is throwing people around. And just. Doing insane stuff off the top rope jumping out into the crowd it was awesome. Right it's not just the chicks silly sometimes when they get into the ring for you which matchup was legislate. There's no way that's the Felix skinny like 160 pound dude could hurt this guy right. But because it's dress leaned suspend all believe right he's thrown her talent sub it's pretty cool. I do tournament I just can't get over how lectured that crowd was and how nice everybody wants everybody was great. Yeah I'd like to just filing out on their own order leader in the fire alarms is unbelievable and it's funny because I think if you walked into that crowd like I am terrified. It looks like a punk rock. Audience like everybody's hot stock right everyone's wondering why do you know. Britain's got closed door blacked she's certainly we all look like derelict right in any you don't know wrestling by the way. All the collective Lou Lou it would all the clubs it looks like dollar and get us another book club. A we're dug myself and our Rommel McConnell who wasn't playing but Josh was there he was psalm one of the news the mean white guys for defies that night. I think he's going to be doing here on out and he's very talent to a lights. Realize man if the book club could sue everybody who couldn't make book club has to be the most competent. And I'll Harry Reid. T shirt designer and I do wooden club there's streamer club dinners. Big cat club there's this club that populate the course logo by the minute they got even a dollar from every shirt that's been made. Harry beat being them they be millionaires who never had to wrestle again the young bucks to be set for life yeah it's awesome. Super kicks its mailing to make America has club shirt. I would say a lot I or the original may cut and I cash Jack people or ask him. I know I had a few people are saying can you sum you cashiers at the fly yeah I know we're working on having Lulu club transferred the may 26 show which is to fight trees were city were taken on John Morrissey you may remember in from the Debbie Davies Johnny moved on each on the ground so. I don't know meanwhile. Come back till. Still a rush militants were put on probably the best match whenever highlight it was unbelievable that I was good that they had intermission NASDAQ today and almost had that on stage rather when it. It was an out of disrespect to get a wrestler isn't that a respected them but I there's nobody that can follow that match. Now literally. Clearly that's a mean Kenny we're talking about that matches so let us that they got to take it in like you just texted me and then you came out like where it's at intermission we elected you got to take a break that it's not clear to any any other wrestler to go on after that now committed unfair expectations are low on a quick break when we come back. Com. What's Obama wrestle mania weekend at AJ Francis is house because I had an insane experience. With dobbs Brett Grimes from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yeah today at a summit told me I am so excited to share the story with you it's high it's one of the coolest stories and it's only gonna make you love Brent Grimes even more if you don't already love them nice I may cast will be back. Thank god for girls who runs the tendencies. And then it costs will be back. It. Here are some possible new slogans for United Airlines. If you weren't afraid to fly before it. You will be now. We put the hospital in the hospitality. Just imagine how we treat your luggage and keep your feet out of the Iowa and we need dragging room. The United Airlines are now serving punch. Welcome to our news fight club and express checkout service. Will beat any price can be any customer. You carry on how we carry offs. Early boarding late boarding waterboarding it's all the same to us port visit doctor. He's as a patient this is then possible new slogans for United Airlines. Leash. Don't worry it's. On the. And then there's constant Spanish. He goes beyond. I'll. We're going to be our Ted. Still we actually are Kendrick south Q1 yeah it's it really get one idiot sales. Bomb. It's old when I went to Orlando and get to spend time hang on a differences is house I know the few things I Texan you one of the nicer out gonna get dinner. And he's playing me. AJ Francis is only a great football player obviously he's in the NFL he's but tell us our our terps he's now on the Washington Redskins. Tom he's also great podcaster with his wrestling podcast called Johnny out very knowledgeable about wrestling. He was great to work along side when we did wrestle mania radio row just it was fun to have him there and I won't put a simple homicide before like other Heyman. Let me know to bother you that I bring up the type a year in the NFL he does now I wouldn't feel comfortable saying it to be wrestler but I like you do because I feel. And the reason why would bring in up is I felt like it would endear the restless too less because it's like yeah you're a superstar Nora wrestling but I have a guy who plays in the NFL. So it's it's kind of respect right exactly. I mean look even me and you right if we're out a bar talking to people in some males is at all actually working TV your regulate your. Automatically gonna be more inclined to it to open up more excited talk Columbia has a girl athletes pro athlete so like I. I really did think that a lot of the helped with the success of all the interviews we had a great time. So an hour drive and around his car and he's playing his music and analysts are like this can take as many might. Excuse me your by him he had a he's working on a new record or his first debut record I called frank and the season send signed. We just kind of cool so I'd reduce gonna be franchised we realize someone else is using that for Francis franchise but. Yeah like Stevie Francis yes so he's going with franchise going to be his breast terror and you know Steve Fritz is the only franchise mail district all right well then he he learned so. And he's claiming some of the stuff and it's unsound cloud and it's tricky really good pint sized claiming this other song and I'm looking at the label on his right on the readout on his stereo and it says stitches. He's my plans stitches semite is stitches. I put a brick in your face trips that you just yeah man I met him he Herrmann Stephanie and I wanna wrap on it I had to pay him the rap on. I might want to ISI tech studio my brow. I gotta get a copy that he put out a coupled with other sons and a really good but the sun media would stitches is first an amazing I ain't and it's just it's just it's just. It seems there is some stitches quick side note. Marie to borrowing one of our new rock girls who just. Just down there are stitches she was she flew to Orlando to be in the music man now yeah. I saw the other day he she post it like Orlando's stitches in Gaza site. I don't understand how everyone that I know no stitches I don't I don't know how into a dry heat. I mean I I just stuff on my guidance device talks. What's the point or like off my podcast people or email and it like I enough for the stitches stuff guys right tired of it now so it's funny that. I got spent a weekend and then the next weekend when our rob grows telling us how she's down there and hang that would suggest and I saw a picture on her snatch that. I think. I think you have like a strip club in his basement but I'm not shocked by that right and there's. And I want which institution this picture. And it's the stripper pole surrounded by guns at the moment mr. love seem like a very good environment for you Rachel take every stitches is not. He doesn't care who I can't get over right trickier basically just a week. Haas I'm how important our. So also. It just proves a point steel. White you know even when you see people and you're like wow I deck as a jackass or whatever it's that you pick easy jackass but it. He gets it aged six. You know what I mean go to I didn't she was sending out slabs of the other girls that were there with her yeah economic print notched. I'm guessing about selling blow hole yet no kid. So I'm listening to some us updated and honestly I would be terrible drug dealers tribute to worst yeah we whenever solid we've been giving it away to people. Yeah like just yet. Sweet now if I trust you she yeah yeah ever paid me in six years contrast you write edit the big dog be like hasty Ted where's the money. May. How are now nobody got a joke to tell you try to protect America hurt that data we heard so we we have to use these guns yeah. Can we easily get one of those nerves guns they do want to have a little ball that virtual sports a kind of hurt but I can we just sterile now I think maybe him in the head with that yeah. I don't shoot anybody. Yeah I seems aggressive. For a drug dealer for high heat. So. Where your friendly neighborhood drug dealer analysts say a fun time so I mean you really want someone that's more aggressive to talk to stitches he seems to know some people get a real drug dealer dude did you security deal if you picked us housing. Did you not listen to us we call ourselves in the cycle of fund that would be a funny thing to look at slightly silly is such that we sold cocaine. They'd let me hit it straight you just didn't do any now we don't we look we don't touch sets though terrified of it but you still have no money you gave it all away. Well yeah Sinatra we wanna ensure people have fun minera on the doesn't have a party I mean people are pumped yeah. Did you Zach this just and he wrote us a song for high. Stevens had give you blow away for freight traffic. We love giving it away for free. We don't legged dog. And it works right it is also a. I'm hanging out with AJ and the only guy that's what you but I Jimmy combined commit. How Medicare memories crap I meant when I did a place for the New York Giants which they are is also real and there. Man it's it's fun when you're with somebody that is their friend and you get to see the real side not. Guard is up. Or I don't know I can trust you because I know you. Couldn't be cooler guys right now obviously we know waging he's awesome. Then all of a sudden shows up is Brent Grimes. From the Timmerman Buccaneers. And his son so we're hanging out and we just playing rock band doing some days there almost some and ones like we got to go outside this is like midnight make sure we gonna north silent what. We gotta go take out the sub beehive. Make what we look. They get is a beehive and I'm like so why now once thought about it. OK so almost go outside and our. Biggest shark the sound the front desk all right whose majority is. Hit a pond that is jar which parent educators yeah Florida right overtimes I am I going when you're that meant a whole other story but yet their time I'll tell you about that as well but. So now we're outside met like OK we gotta get these beehive it's awful flight doesn't believe. That I connected now to the house. Ups. All right Mike okay. No I AG's brits say has this idea this is I don't know who came up with the idea I went to change do we just got back. And all the sun their homes that we need to go outside Chile's beast in its. Mike all right so we go outside so now we have AJ as a blue room. Brent has the Holmes there might have strange. Jesus Christ is not gonna and I'll bet I'm thinking comment why are we doing this at midnight. Why do about the government what what is going to happen in the next six hours that we can't do it tomorrow morning particularly pleased to he had a buzz saw an apparent. The it's home. Or outside. Every branch. Takes charge all right it's fun to watch you know I can't leaders lead and he's very apparently a leader I need to lead with a mouth. He does lead by actions and I had so much of suspect that a ton of respect for the guy that carried dog abuse super cool super friendly nice dude. But man at that moment out like I am the president of the Brent Grimes fan club I'm buying a Brent Grimes Jersey. Based on justice experience alone so he grabs the hose and just raise it at ethnic high pressure sprays and at the BI. The hive goes down Ari. Third of the these have to be sworn bright and it was a small highs but there's still some bees in it including our big mama drama looking. Be equity and a Mike. Also we teases and I'm right next to Brett Wallace is going on in a Mike. I kick myself and filming this meg no I'm relapse after a drug which have been filming this and we should add the music Bobby roots glorious. To be played in the background as this is going on because you have to glorious moment I'm so the beat goes down. Brent without even missing a beat out even though he put his hands on the banister of the defense around the did the front desk. Pops it I'm Bret sub super tall ism about your I don't think I but if he can jump height. You don't hike the price jump over me it was ridiculous watching this guy so he just pops over this this high leg defense is like probably about. I don't know four feet high. Maybe three and a half how SARS is drop from the deck. I did the double minor it was like. I I only called a debt a patio more than anything you are here I mean so now he goes from the out outside of the patio. Jobs over on today over the fence and is now. Right there. Him against the BI. I astronomers say it stopped. Wow. OK am I crazy for thinking in the oh exiting saint. Stock. Pitchers on. No need now Airbus they got to be buzzing around it like if there was a big Bihac there was a time a beast but there was enough he took on one fell swoop. Am looking at this and raw looking at a so it's not just me produce you to AJ it it's gland into Aaron and the whole crew it's this guy Jeff has while good dude. And all what it not help like. It was BI goes down hops over so I'm like basically what he lands he stomping on the beehive. And I'm just like you. So world laughing and like oh my gosh adrenaline rush and this is the greatest moment he is looks at office and goes. Sometimes you just gotta be assigned Mitch. All right top things. And jump on yes. That's is quote. I wrote it down sometimes you gotta be a savage it Sylvia Mendez and sometimes you gotta be his savaged lot of things. And jump on mass. I give it Aaron poster. From pardons I mean our crew did to weeded out that night but we do the rest at night that was the model sometimes you gotta be salvaged. I like that I know I feel that should be like our. No I'd. Meg stay beautiful for the men's room yeah yeah and the show. Makes tested positive I do I trust. Thank you for listening and sometimes you gotta be a savage to be a savage everybody. Now like it very amazing broad I wish you were there are you were there to witness Oscars so insane like an hour running hot. Yet it's midnight is midnight or go back in my guitar band and I suck data bank voters responded I was there was a great time we get rid we had a blast site I just. Resign and in same story but it's insane story athletes just such a higher level of athlete next level it. And the guy I was listening not just an ethnically Jiten jokingly pissed me off. It didn't matter what we were doing bring crimes is awesome man yet it is Jim Shockey yeah I guitar band or rock band. He's an expert on guitar. Playing songs and it's like oh what how in the hell are you to play that. Or singing. Sings a smooth voice no kidding was awesome there was one I agree it was a great time that's awesome did they look great great trip sometimes you gotta be a savage yeah. That should be our thing I like that. You touched got to be sent it should have lied to this weekend adding we have decided stuff I don't know that means and could get us into trouble but we gonna do savage stuff yeah if you killing them bee hives. Maybe that's our hope they are savage stuff is just like random. Graciously got. You know how chicken wings Jones. Now that we just it's savitch yes dude. Got to meet region tweet at some point out a wonder our Twitter maybe we take over the donkey hockey Twitter page dancers at Tacoma donkeys. Just knocked over garbage now pat cash savage yet. If you got a losing game one of the games you lose and you should probably going to happen. Chug a beer. Savage chug a beer or just I don't know if it's a cool team just talked to a lot of its you do it. But when you stay in front of me I got Jacqui yes I'm gonna trip you yeah because I sometimes I gotta be a savage yet no kidding right. But that's up and take between us that you're doing things savage yeah it is that domain guest if it's aggressively savitch is. Keep it legal right yeah I'd like doesn't look you know look let's work with in the comp kind of democracy don't purchase of sprint rep with who get arrested. Our our daybreak when we get back. You know every every time. It's a bummer man Charlie Murphy passed away right before we started this podcast it become a fund is read them. Reminisce and then go back in time to one of the greatest moments on the Chappelle's Show. Are we Charlie Murphy he's a frivolous stuff pool will be savages about. She thinks the may just expect. Nice to see what the. Irish through your captain probably. Quite an actor thanks for flying United Airlines. Mortality. Cruising altitude. Shut down lob I would have expected arrival time when love whenever I get around to it. Not be fastened seatbelt sign his mom so don't even think about it there and smoking of course. Never allowed the don't make me come back hair and now we do have three complimentary movies to choose from and including the classic comedy airplanes and. The. I got back straight save grab hidden in the collection and you do not. It's all about like clothes more nursing board here in the air force we want to get off my way. But that guy he's fine and we didn't get him home we got a little bit like mom mom Spirit Airlines and. I. We'll be back. JC and I. Welcome back. You almost always these tapes made damages DE and then you can't. Couple savages right here yeah. Yeah and we got to give me any tips Leila savitch of the trips as savages yes right we are we're gonna play lest we can win all these restaurants two. Rather work to do and I can yeah we got no heart Steve. I don't wouldn't that from this guy saw Bernard REI Danielle Aussie group in the street who don't know home. It's a guy like that guys he raps so slow you can understand every lyric not learn it. Yeah I. But it's funny I when we were the AJ was like playing a lot of his rap songs or music and the gimme a behind the music all of the lyrical content coming up. From out Ira presence in the lyrics understand what the people but okay. I don't know you're talking about android I have no clue they a lot of this stuff you're saying is going right over my head. Yeah let's like we talked about that a doozy forever and then I try Regis Blake sat down and listen to those that are getting now now I Apogee got a really listen to their references and it makes a little more sense. Way then there was some in my use and somebody Cameron who. And he's like I never bothered and questioned sometimes like these site. Weird relates to the rappers in the rappers or even anyone like lyrically like that and younger generation of music that. That he said that because it's based off of a cartoon character that is fully balls and that's why you're saying that the girl. Is as clean shaven as Bob Bob bought and MIT Odyssey outages can except that I in the cell with value were talking about. I didn't know that don't actually a really can we be clever relate to that. Yeah and they and sometimes man might. That's just stuff that old people deal. But I don't know how to explain images like how these rap songs I don't make any sense is it that you just don't get their references at all right like they're not just putting words together right. Now making up names like adjust and I'm guilty of it seemed like we said here original map and the song and realizes about a scary dude. Right or meego three amigos yeah. Sunny right I'm guilty of it too many it is funny I just. Such EC don't face look at stuff sometimes it's like. He'll reach which is older we don't get the references it doesn't mean that they're talking nonsense and then some situations similar references are based off of my television shows they were watching his kids growing up you know. I don't know anything about these cartoons. That a twenty something year old dude there's ready now hip hop songs is relating to him. Exactly it's silly but it's like I get like I elicit a Paul's boutique. And know every reference that they're talking about because I grew up the same time as The Beastie Boys. I got a good references we even for our age group but I guarantee you there's a lot of people who have no idea who rod grew its. Well I Carol we're at. Earlier I mean out there abstention that savage router was it was savage yes so then you got to be savage you know pop things and jump on us. Can't take care of her best. Which can't spell say we shouldn't have said that this will sound it out she's. Heard. Debts. Due to either one GU two bars due to land I don't now. Com. Are somehow I've mode bottom Maria and a break I told due out like your bomb that we get the film that savage moment by Brent Grimes. But then there's a moment of almost like oh my god we do you have it on video because pages got security cameras that are more him sensors. So as we're all reminiscing about how awesome that moment was it like 1 AM. It is a I got security cameras. And it it's linked up to my phone. Right. Well and I'm freaking out make certain that to me all candidates and I wanted to video of it's going to be a viral hit Brent Grimes is a savage. And then we realize oh it's motion detector and most system that happen happen outside of the motion detector window. You know what section of Orlando he lived in. He basically lives right next door to Disney World I'm not joking you have to drive to Disney World to get to ages house nice if you can see the fireworks from. His house. Yeah I like I ask you Friday night l.'s goal which park Steve you're like Adam Allison well. She fireworks off that it a lot of the parts every night I he had no idea animal kingdom's oil when it doesn't have a because they have animals. Are scary animals yeah I make sense. I've no idea but I was very jealous of that I'll think man this is amazing Disney World. Sorry just a quick aside who I won't say who this person is that somebody I know it's like sounder stops and making. Already are bigger or is it I mean who Lama want a look at that. He's a guy that works really either way he's not a guy that I would ever pick and be like he. But he's gonna buy into the Disney magic and stuff right there he's very adult about solve this and that he's a super super Smart got. But he doesn't say anything that he hasn't really kind of thought out or back it up. But he's getting Disney World for like the last few days. If he's like but he's going to universal look at these excited but he's a man leaving Disney World frills on now and I've been here for a few days yeah. I think they are so good at it and I get aid it's a giant corporation this met. Disney rose kinda like the Kennedys are generally it's stuff I would be against but I have a soft spot forums I love yeah I'm not make sense yeah maybe. Funny you talk about that because I'm. My wife you know. I give all the credit and thank you so willing to be patient with me in my dumb things I love to do like go to Orlando. Per week and just to go to wrestle mania that's a long flight from here to all news so long so all along like thank god for Netflix allowing you know download movies onto that app so you just do Houston or Atlanta Houston yeah Yasser it was just brutal. But it gives you puts up put all that and remember like. Causes the floss likes me I know that she isn't necessarily want me to leave town and leave her for a weekend just to go watch wrestling but did you get said it's important to me. Org could be town infer we can go play hockey Spokane do. They are an excessive amount of drinking and get savage stuff that we will be doing is up for a weekend but she's conscious she's patient. She had one more she's like I don't care what you do in Orlando. If you step foot in Disney World you and I have problems. Boom. And you know ho ho bag. I AJ went to Disney World on I think Saturday afternoon would brand to his kid and the Al I was like. Man. I wonder Buckley I had tickets are good or wrestling event in Indy show him pinned him in talent but bag I think. Why don't you so clarks writes I mean Salt Lake. Minutes away from Disney World the guy who lives minutes from Disney World who. Once they go because he loves Disney World he's got the pass and everything yeah MI. Car. Why go do I not tell her. So monsters and Atlanta. Not getting an opportunity heading must say you got knocked out of the one of the parks you can just gone to like the board walkers there would like universal we went to like the bar area. Yeah that was fun we played mini golf. I'm very proud to say. Matt I might be the only mini golf predicted that two more ones who can still come in last place of four dudes. What is going on average snow many gentleman cart Steve pro I was it was bad news bad tea at a Biron on the drank. I will say this Disney World they got rid of it. These sad the most bad ass staying. In downtown Disney who it was an island try to legislate was kind of cut out as you know it all those little fig what you donating going. The families can now deny they've dug and stuff so downtown Disney got what was it called. Ever get the name of it they got rid of now but it had like. Fifteen bars on the silent dragging you had to be eighteen yet on 21 to drink. But when you were on it was like every night was New Year's Eve with confetti and you know midnight they haven't accommodate a couple comedy clubs. They have like a rock and roll club BET had a club earth there's like girls walking around with syringes of jello shots what is this years ago and address a hundred the mini. No but they deathly look cute I mean it was like the most adult thing in Disney World ever I mean no luck comes up existed yelled Disneyland there's really nowhere to drink. Did a great Disneyland you've got to go to California eventually get appear Brett Warren and I guess that secret room of 51 club whatever it's called if you. But Steve nobody's getting mad not yet know someone who knows someone yes they are aging can get America they have. I read stitches again and did you ski area Rita Marley too. They got rid of the island which I don't blame them. Does it just was attractive might it was just attracting people to sort of get wasted and then B in apartment a bunch of kids ready so I really do zero saying but it it was one of the core things I ever saw. I'm rob was they got rid of that idyllic town I was all right wow was it nineteen tuchman drink. Our idea. Yet how we fond. It was a lot of fun I love the idea of every night is New Year's Eve yeah exactly and I feel like. Met her we start though like opened up a club and is on New Year's Eve and every night these New Year's Eve in the club. Here's I feel like a place to be hop and it would be the only problem is now though man you know you go to a lot of clubs and they have confetti cannons all the time. But Jeremy healing this is a part of the media world. It was like to give Freddie can't this Sunday night every bad hasn't Malaga badly is this show box they got a confetti gone. How crazy thing about that island they had. Was that was caught Treasure Island belly to go to was not. It was that is all this can't be a great strip club in pleasure island yeah yeah all the confetti you can imagine writes this countdown and everybody's in the street chanting. And then the next day when you got there you go and find a peacekeeping spotless record it's Disney Sony they clean the crap out of it every night aren't always like ever last summer to Disney program different but. As relieving was closing and you see the crew coming yeah there's Michael Wohl the horn every year at. At a Disney park there's always a trash came within twelve feet to view. As they did their research and figured out twelve feet is the maximum people will walk. To throw away some really so wherever you are the park like on main street USA or something within twelve feet is trashed it genius via. Mean that's great but when you walk down main street you have John tapper science that we walked down main street USA you just your overwhelmed with this like. Kind of feeling of being a child in this Matt. And lately jet. Pumping and seeks smells of cookies being cooked up yes because you don't think about it but psychologically you remind you being a child in beam like somewhere nicer they're really we bombers and he's making you cookies where did you learn all this stuff in her document into. All you can try you gotta go online to find a much the stuff for money my my uncle we call Mickey is a Disney freak. So we do we know I don't wait too many Disney crazy fact I like that resulted. Mean do you view is that he's like yeah you can make Mamie Mickey. Because I want to be the top dog yet so I uniting not called goofy. No no no no you're not caught you know what arouse everybody in the family has names right which jurors samba. I don't get their attention now. We have a grown man that wears tournament not a shirts I just can't wait to be king is coming you know me Steve and nearly a Simba. It's remote an everytime I get so you can every park I get to see you there's always like to guest services and they will take any request you have. I was like can we help you a seldom was it yeah. So love Simba. There's not a young Simba character walking around. Could we could we get that hooked there are always like will take this so nice about it but I know there might have to nick. Is he ask you this is a grown man asking for Simba yeah we're reminded me minutes. Had a group. Ku credit I've eaten. You could beat. I think you're a little more action you didn't like how. My luggage you would go over its two putted better. But since. Samba. My dad dads were we did savage. Hall session we are wrapped names who resembled two eczema. Yeah it sucks. Now I don't know what a memo to other domains that people are we know you're you're samba would Disney characters and IP. I mean you know part of Steve's got a couple of duke I feel group. All right you know. Your true I want you might be true I I don't you don't last so we have like thirty some CSI so we have to fall you're you're written that I can be part of the Smiths group. The only problem is due to an all white. Where is crude doesn't have a counterpart Newton so it's got that nice. At one point I had a dollar but I got rid ever that I've ever reckoned they need to battle tonight and that was like house now does it out we're not dating marches symbols on the zone again. Or why we tea. That brings a mere memories of the one time we're going to Disneyland. I'm taking pictures of whom you say here and you're being very flirtatious or my wife. Well let me come on man you now Tiggers are now we it was a professor solid and kissed a man I'd tell her they're about CNET and they relapse. Get your arm over my wife I've seen blew the big dared do that plugs are out of Washington to a room and I wonder how often let that happen might make I laughed it off. But like the guy was being like a little might not like Kirby. But like OK yeah I had like you are not quite yet you being funny hug eat take your make enough. In improve looked like he was getting more awkward about the whole situation my guy. You're sometimes there's matier once I mean I can't help ya that's a say it just do the tears still how often you'd think they make altercation tapped him with like patrons of the theme park and the mascots. It happens. More than we seeing Jessica is. Like people don't know right mood picked the close is what I've seen ranked so. Sergeants and reducing our mother and this is fascinating and yet. I don't really talk dizzy and I. I'm still sets the parks I enjoyed watching movies and stuff anymore but I love the part I I and I'm only rented a part of couple times I absolutely love the part that's my point is so interesting and you know so much. Yeah I mean did I idol mostly like let me go to guys to show you how it's done Ali Bob that and I know Sid love to do so at one thing you can do is go to character breakfasts ranked. Or like a character meal. So we'll take that means that while you're eating specifically you've made news this reservation or would they call it priority seating or something like they don't have. They don't have dizzy and they don't have reservations technically. So the characters you know which cast of characters so corrupt your table in the mess around you and stuff. So my travelling mostly bald but there's like goes about baseball caps right you don't touch another Smits had. You certainly don't put it on my kids don't. But there we heard about it OK so my cousin Tim we're sitting there characters that are right they you know Timmy Tommy dedicate. And I Chippendale come by Hummer dealership or did all. But what about got a joking around. Were all laughing and and boom he grabs a cat right off my cousins that bottle. Cup and has this look of like. I can't believe chips stuck to my hat it would be took off my head. But he's psychotic dancing around a bit. Let me just kind of like he didn't spike it but he just got it tossed it on the table. And it landed into Sunday. So I don't know what we're here I caught my guests. And I swear to god for a minute I was like he's gonna take a swing at shepard's tale of. Wow. Sometimes say like I think our ticket but that Tigger guy probably thought he was really funny. But that's on sale a guy I saw somebody wants almost like kinda get to close the Snow White she's got like oh. I back off so I think stuff happened just enough. Just forget plate. It's not really a princess. Bride real person inside a lovable my chipmunk. There's some dude. That might not necessarily be a decent guy yeah he does it no we just wrestle with your hat right you know about Syria dismissed damning America and their obsessive madness yeah I don't. Think he meant to spice it incidents Sunday what it's like he's wearing gloves he basically says three furry fingers like South Pole on the things the best. ResMed touching tribute to Charlie Murphy office actress. Say the bomber right I got this read that right before we started out that I sat and you've had Charlie Murphy on your on the mend are right we did didn't go while. It's OK I mean now it didn't they we never bought Tim because I've always heard horror stories about him as a guest. He just he's doing it. It now is that weird when my guess take one why would you wannabe. Promoting your show. Reyes is our neighbors had to Jerry amendment. Now it's I mean what but he was hilarious our Chappelle should odds one that that's why I wanted to talk about it in 57 years old unfortunately lost the battled leukemia. And operatic set NAFTA money whether or not he was nice us on the radio show besides that liked it just sucks it right that I mean who knows what kind of day he was having pins mean you never know or maybe he's just on guard because he does expect every radio person only won a title of the Chappelle's Show you know. Yeah I can understand why sometimes comics come in a little apprehensive but. Do you wish that they wouldn't because not every radio shows how to attack you. Now I mean look I eased in the comics are funky bunch all for sure yeah now we feel it feel it yeah those vibrations Lou. Motor related permanent relief for the thirty somethings and forty somethings out there it's how are but what I this separate second yeah. Are you narcotics I wanted to share the Montezuma Julia mother full. I just. Always hear what in my career moments and of course we are going back to the Chappelle show but that's really what put Charlie Murphy are Matt. And it was the story when he talked about prince beating him basketball pool let's let's listen to this and a law wrap up the Grammy cast. I've learned something you don't know digital Rezko. This check of boom. It rebounds like Charles welcome especially if there today. It was the ratings analyst whose lives that vision. And let's not forget problem prince's five put too. Are that. My favorite library that the do you have it in there a master out or just at the end game. Blouses something. I loved it it wouldn't be reenacted and that was a message to tell shall. When she was great in the way of those you know Chappelle always talks about the Charlie just started telling me stories right and then they're like all right we got put him in the show must recreate these moments yeah. Didn't. Now she's. We have seen. No we need to do don't make you don't go trying to slow. I was telling me stories about it's. He's. Chose Princeton game whom would challenge you. OK okay. Let me assure you people would this city gates. Might give him merits the trust me its. R&B throughout all the way there who was boom it. It is and how service thank you. Weird. Yet you ascended DM basketball and the surgeon pancakes yeah. And the reason he says game blouses does that in this set up when he tells that story is they think it's an athletic gear. It's like are you in the revolution get a change in their like no so it's like guiding its shares vs blouses. While I mean both that are no longer with us this crazy. Yeah you know I saw prince once it was awesome some life yet where. Out of Seattle. Yeah. At an Iowa say to tell you. But the show box yet now I almost went and got jealous I that. You might have to give fell through and I remember being like I'm gonna be prince fan Gallup purple rain but by how a couple songs of a purple I took the bullet paid for. How much that he acts he was like 250 or 300 bucks worth it. Yes that it was worth it to see them in that small venue yeah it was an awesome show. But prince I don't know. Prince ever had a huge effect don't mean that had seemed to have everybody else either but I respect how talent he wasn't as it may get me like you know. A handful of songs I would be like yeah I understand agree to these are of classic songs. Yeah I mean I just from Ichiro like when he was in his prime. Now as we get China. Stuff them so I dessert there's just a confusing time to me Ross like that pick of the is that. That gave usually women like him like it is wise and MTV movie award musical weren't wearing asks let's chat Kelly right after that. Sexuality was kinda weird and I never understood it when you know when you're 1213 not positive of everything your sexuality guys right that's kind of like well this guy's weird. He has a nice NASA has to do vast right. I've got to put a hot girls like riding all around them pregnancy was so confusing is you religiously that aides are well treasuries into dudes but look at all these hot chicks and then let them elect him yeah. Now they are all Arianna you're chaired Qaeda did that that's what tomatoes does it some time. You've got to be savages savages that's right. Thank you guys are listening op be on the lookout for weird tweets. Yeah all we we and yeah. Follow us estimate cast all the donkeys at home donkeys. Because we'll probably be posted some stuff on there as well. Yeah I mean it's got to be at least one of a shock and and Beers like savages yes. Pilots get ten and will be back next week. Yeah. We tied it all right I think that meeting we're supposed to be that is over. Crude might be around for all right warrants us an idea thank you guys and be a savage savitch.