MegaCast  05/04/17  “What Is A Lart?”

Wednesday, May 3rd

This week Migs shares that he will be filling in for Murray Grande as the co-host of 321 Battle this Friday night with Cody Von Whistler.  Thee Ted Smith needs help determining if he should be mad! And we chat about making decisions!  Click HERE to read the article about decision making that Steve references in this episode. Plus we come up with a new term… LART!

Mega Playlist: 

Push Ups:  321 Contact Theme Song.

Prophets Of Rage  – “Prophets Of Rage”.

Dae Dae  – “What You Mean”.

Citizen Zero  – “Lure and Persuade”.

DNCE  – “Cake By the Ocean”.

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Ladies and gentlemen. What up Steve Murray and others who live and enjoy in this some lovely Wednesday where. I heard his most against sunny and 73 the does not look sunny and 73 at this moment he'll get there Steve got faith I do have faith. It's got to be a weird then it's got to be 73 today even then it's gonna be almost humid tomorrow and some thunderstorms. I know I was like oh cool weather getting better if some. It's like I'm a dad and I don't have a kid's dad lives don't be perfect I can go home pressure wash my back milk. All you gotta pressure washer yeah like a little bit like lot like one of those Home Depot Lowe's specials it's a dismal green 100. Express hundred bucks an ever spent not not really but. We have had lap dances ever done more worth written by. But they edit it then works great it's not like what a giant. Piece of machine to nineteen other people's pressure watchers on like I have room frat its gigantic. This is like just a sudden like a boom box all right ads positive hose and it's not like. It probably would do a good job I kind of commercial type property or to desert really don't Duff. But for a massive entrenched that old book that I have it's great in about an hour I get it cleaned up and in about a year are gonna do it again I don't know if it's loose moose poop. Or repeat or what it is but man. Within like six or seven months that might mice and men turned green. Yeah well just the moisture to ask I know I just I never had it that bad until this house and our offices may be. I don't know how it is going to be a couple thinks you light. That works you're always gene's got right viewers shorts or some. I try not often unless it's like if you're sick in the ninety degrees then all rocks in short I don't Wear shorts like a work yeah. Yeah I was aware sub today but I couldn't fight that was funny our boy Danny I'm BJ may eggs came in today and I see him anymore and a short in my first daughters. You've become a Seattle light it's not even forgive the summer and you're putting on shorts because for just so desperate to feel like it's summer. No I mean. Chrysler models Wear shorts for like three weeks I don't know how did I know sadly miles wearing shirts and their first met him. I'd never seen how allowed shorts. It is studios studio called in the morning. Was that is the main studio called the morning oh absolutely yeah it's it's freezing. And I think actually this all the time to peoples is thereby podcast like. But I Iran war yet you'll never really hear me bitch drop being called Sergio is treason. Derrick Todd brown Michael got to put the sleeves down I typically don't always wearing my sleeves rolled up his out of you noticed but Al and we joke went on B Jimmy I Wear the same thing every day I've decided that I'm not putting any effort into wearing clothes. That I'm going to do is where the exact same exact outside three of these shirts. And where I rotate him every day a mother different colors for the most brits this caller I got a couple that kind of like I never noticed I've kind of even faze those ones out I read an article and it really struck like a nerve with me. And it was. Some of the best decision makers and some of them the most brilliant minds and not putting myself in that category but. I like too good the philosophy behind guys like Steve Jobs we are still alive Bob Bill Gates. Odds I'd be even Zuckerberg Zuckerberg just wears the same great T shirt. That's the thing they. Did beg somebody did die some kind of analysis about this and said. Some people who are Scott and people who are constantly. Needing to make decisions in life. She are some of the best thinkers have decided I'm knocking him. I'm gonna limit the amount of decisions I need to make in other words I don't wanna worry about what I have to Wear in the morning because I know my brain is gonna have to be active and have to make decisions and other stuff. And somehow someone has figured out psychologically. It is help those people on that's a main reason why. You see some of these most brilliant minds wearing the same clothes every day I'll find you the article is sentenced to life I read it was a psych. I've already cut I was leaning towards that the heat. At two I was just lazy. I didn't. It adds a little bit of that I think the motive and remember being in a relationship what's the worst part about being really always remain so costs OK phone calls definitely up there. Deciding what to eat Jesus Christ yes I bet right. National joke if there's an and I never thought about it but. You me and I'm not downplaying what my wife doesn't life but Michael worked constantly being asked to make it split decisions. On the air right. Audit criticizes our jobs yeah I mean whether jokes whether the sale of a poor joke could cut you know I mean I don't think these moments where you want to constantly change the mind. And in the meet these decisions. My wife says hey what are we had for dinner or might now know what you and I got Indian or sushi Jews you get in on one do which is slammed my head against the coffee table. And I don't I know I can pick but then the back of my head a Mike and I and I did it finally Mike. Let's get any in this weekend and take on him. He wants CC equivalent kind of feel like something fresh. Mike from my demo get sushi. Well it's over you won and I don't care what we have we have sushi every Saturday so I figured this Saturday a lot of Indian because of the baby you're getting the company went to a spot and pressure from certain already distressed about it right now Ted I'm boiling come about ready to break come Lincoln Park. Yeah it got good reference thank you. What I've read this whole theory on that once it was just like. It's basically like it's it's some. Like seeing stock and our brains that's why it's late every relationship has the same conversation over and over. And it's basically like she wants you to make that decision but she won't let you just make it shall testy and she almost wants you to make the decision. That she wants. It is just the I've been through this girlfriends right and it is the most lake is like like what I say I don't care I mean it. I know even even a solid food animal like a big. The guy we're gonna go to via Russia like I'll find something like I did that that is what he Reagan dinner the charges go I mean. I don't get incision right to. I look I don't know this is they're after you look at what it gets to be just talk about this before. Is greatly we get our shows up at six yes we got to do some things afterwards raising it now Mike seven ish right ever. Now like to chill out and smoke a little weed but the point is like I didn't see you smoke pot a deal until pot walker. I'm getting used to like eight ash a cracked but every god ever dated fashion they are one promote some always been like. But can we go get dinner and how much he said goddamn snack. How are we going through this all the time. You are they expecting you to minute you leave the station go straight to you. Does it like right to go home and kind of chill out right eye is about myself like I'll I'll buy fruit after a perk and Ringo ovitz at their forty minutes rob you get him. There is it like it would always just annoys me like. How you would not starving to veto it why are you starving this is that normal routine you know rights and it's like yeah it's just frustrated. I did and then I'd a dad that's my I've read that I was like oh my gosh okay it's not just me and so I decide I'm Mike you know what now on the Bill Gates I definitely don't have bizarre bank account. Close to open not exactly a no Steve Jobs them alive Bob know Mark Zuckerberg I suck at FaceBook but yeah. But I was like that is. I don't know if they've intentionally done it or somebody's over thinking this for them but it really didn't make sense and ever since I've done it. My mornings my morning routine is so much better just sleuth because I know where I keep those shirts on the lawn durum. But I just three there are always hanging on missile Iraqi my laundry room today air drives and don't should shirts underneath change yes of course but you know sometimes if I did laundry. And that's the first shirt on top of my stack of folded like. I think I wore this donkey shirt on the this year yesterday. Below wall I don't know what's not right guys five light rotation shirts are basically like to Wear but I am now I've been wearing this in shoes every day. This and you know I'm all my socks and black like I really just completely. I can get rid of my entire closet is I don't use any of it I only know what's in my closet anymore I just wanted to seems to think and and my mornings are so much better to the Mike. I wake up I know exactly what I'm wearing and I'm not that kind of PJ he is because he's crazy met you and apologies anyone else who does this but I think you're crazy. The people who bought their outfits the night before and set it up in can already. But that just seems not stemming relaxing I wanna do is prepare might might outfit for the next day. Yes. The vice religious larger than 94 off the worse my biggest fear is that all three of my shirts are not marched. Yeah I'll come in Smart nothing. Yeah clicks or socks like more than other than just now when you wake up it's a guy have a scrap piece I gotta go with the plan B sock yeah I know dude I know that really did I got like twelve fresh socks and I've got about the others that are like. On the verge of having holes on the do we have time to bring this up let's. Kind of Matsushita or India. It's their Indian sushi Steve could we have that tonight paper and they're making I try burritos has got booted them to the Mexican sushi fusion ten months nine Ers these open opponent park went to nice today. Yeah everybody I'm now I don't know I couldn't a man and out him but everybody you know yeah Jimenez are lovely lady had a bet on what day. Trappers and open because the lip Jerry. And argument was like will it open before may fifth or not and I guess they got into our. I heated debate about this next and here we is what they decided sew his thing was if it opens after may fifth. You have to put your mouth to work I mean. If it opens before may fifth. I have to put my mouth to work being my body yet and so he told me mister house dynamic that's a great as bad as it gets a win win for him. Thank you I agree total win win. I Arab it's a win win for her adult. It's I think it's more Leo I think women for some I don't want to speak undeterred I just know some women that are offended doing. Put an amount to work excel are about how he had and that's why is like I can't beat I don't want to got a Turks I don't know I haven't asked her and I he's got a bet that I'm guessing and I he's like at town. Yet I could be but I maybe a boat ads media yell so. When I saw the announces that may third I sent to a writer Lego you lost your album warmed up. That's not a place. And I can never likes. They really wanted to know why there are Mike I want to tag him what I saw it on FaceBook Mike why can't because I know she knows that I know that they had his matte so anyways my buddy who know both of those people she goes yeah yeah as she got over it. And it's a good point they've been pretty open about who they are and then I love both of them but that the text is the funniest banks coming of the greatest. And that was just so good last thought it sued him got it I am I wish I could go right now beyond F it. On sick let's go to trappers and Parkland. Tell you man if you take the sex out of it I do get a real quick scene we just decided where we're gonna eat now get a law we're talking about style there's so much easier. That's it they've probably even knew about I said. Yeah now Ted remove him from 13 lettered name person to another yes we live a sex this'll marriage but we love each other what we're not day. Mower Dave we just don't do the final thing. Yeah and then eventually I do like we're so gay Steve shut up. Now so we went outside a margin for gay rights or be like the Rachel dull as Al fully gay people caught slick. And it. Mean that's XP don't look down note PDA. Or even have love in their eyes for each other all they do a high five him bro blog for how to get kids. They're they're pretending to be honest so that they don't want to make decisions over dinner. Yet we would be the bad people automate. Who we are. Pretty. Good gay community geez we're just sets them back. But right women got to want it back nine straight YouTube faked gates sees and kept it there what's for dinner you look at what's unanswered. We come back about how we're gonna push jobs and we had a bad Ted talk on it's that talk about Tiger Woods Steve bosh should be met. I hope all we're doing a final yes I still have a couple of emails to me you'll dole segment about whether or not we should be mad I seriously doubt I'll. I'm excited out of our house upgrade audio of somebody on television getting forwarded on in the face oh yeah. And it's awesome hit it was a major cash returns. Guys on the profits of right. Hail the profits of being. The net income. East seems airlines are apologizing every day for the treatment of the passengers. Just got to be a better way to travel around and now there is her UPS and FedEx are merging to create a new way to slide at a fraction of the cost of the national airlines can't it's do you express. You express a little box you open chip you wherever you wanna go. Folks this is the captain speaking and then pull all that's right yeah. Miami bureau on the cargo hold. You express is ready when you are. And you'll be ready as soon as we tape delayed to the topping your yeah we handle every passenger dead package which shares for an extra fear an extra peace of mind. Purchased the fragile sticker for the ultimate upgrade this end up there. And you flip me over all the blood rushing to my head. Our cargo planes have no Lyles and see you know you'll never be dragged down war and best of all week charge blown away. So if you are small enough to sit in an envelope you slice rain. You express when you absolutely positively had to get there you're on the use terror. When this dude tries to singing happy sounds small bread but teach. I mean. Feet deep dive as though learning. The mega concert is now. Amid the and in the. Stories are on their. Neighborhood listening to to make fast in the baseball and so we knew. The exact day day. I I know like I dated a dagger right. Hi I'm died I think and what's your rapper name might never have lived I doubt it it's got. It could be the eight DA could have SDA GA dot Bob was a band in the ninety's you remember them. Now you probably don't you are really down with alternative rock music back in the ninety's right. You're more urban hip hop he. Pod dot I was a tire JT didn't show up til early two thousands are bad sorry I saw that's. Stuff I can not force Steve. I saw they Justin Timberlake putting that we got that says hey guys it's made yet is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on Twitter. 'cause like wow that guy if he couldn't get cool where he just did. You share that means they don't know be in sync songs. Do it took me forever to understand why people are posting Justin Timberlake things am I don't get it if they cannot name may now Mike. It's like hey you know April over and there's a picture and it didn't have the it's gonna be may ever learn some like. Are you had to say it's April's over now looking at pictures of Justin Timberlake from the ensuing days cool I don't get this and finally on non mimics. All are right what doc doc was a massive one hit wonder and add a song called Disneyland and it installed Disney like you know it was DIZ. And then think K and he's yeah. Indeed all right do is meet planned out dizzying dad who is great he's looked. And behold I come on the Singapore everybody out this summer and I'm going to Disneyland. Being man DVD. I just crashed my car today I'm gonna. Then land then it was just a big alternative rock hit you back I'm Chinese and weird short stop Jimmy to stir super short but when my band Peter Parker was starting to get a little bit of us steam going mild and and you know hard reading just got big. Desk after Q you were building up a buzz saw a lot of labels were trying to find the next. Bomb Seattle band that kind of falls in line with that sound. I think and we would the ultimate riding the coattails of Harvey danger chairing a already dangerous front here. Oh yeah I never knew that's easier said that how do we used to play shows a dumb in the ninety's all the time we shared a practice dates with them. Are there basis Aaron may rest in peace when he was alive he would fill in on base when our basis was pregnant or when she just made the senate to be in a band anymore. All I kid I played John determine their practice fees from time to time make. We were like all three band shared one space together like we were all super tight playing shows together and Olympia and Seattle went. Bellingham and all that kind of stuff but they took off. Harvey danger especially took off may get them almost like Paulson. All of us and bunch of labels are trying to no different them when they're of the real battle I mean I was a doll a different level obviously this is a smaller level but still labels like while there's been joined Wallace find another quirky Seattle pop rock band. Introducing. The world to Peter Parker Chris targeted Dubya and TV giving a shout outs on TR how it was unreal you'd better Saratoga IK above and again I was less. Yeah of all we we did Seattle Peter Parker is the critical server in a park and keep a few other bench it would give some up to. Well do I think was MCA records are one record label that was. Found out about us and then started to send an A and and Tryon might you know schmooze us yeah bias beer I trained we never got to the buying the lobster dinner level lake so I horror early stage but. He was in love with us so. We're talking I'm BSE was always what your back story you know. It it really ice do stand banged him and that's how I got into and are with muse economic woke everybody was out of ice to sing an event go to dot dot dot. Like Disneyland and he's a job make our guys were recorded ran a guy who were Disneyland this slump. It grabbed a couple Beers amid a primary return to buffalo new super great and he worked up the chain to the main one of the main guys for the label. And said we need to sign the standard grade. Loved us and back I was kind of intuition I can remember it was like their LA offers a New York offices it's been so many years and this is like 1520 years ago. And no one of the main guys loved us to the other guy did not see. An ounce of success in his Bennett and our future enemies and there's still this problem is right behind them. But an out he came back to your man it's not going to happen. These people live via. These people don't mom unfortunate raising that don't dislike you they just don't think that sound is the future they won a band more like Buckcherry. I'll never forget that line coach Tony coming here Buckcherry all I think he's you mother at first you cost me my chance at making an art rock mountain. I was right there and did you have never made it well big failures. So I look at I'll never forget we're at the crocodile the old version of the crocodile. That's ever Judy just put out their album us something about airplanes are debut record we played a CD really show with them. And we talked with them there was so much like a split seven inch and all this we're gonna hit the road pretty soon in Tora do you guys on a tour with us. And we're all like I just got the job at the end. Other than one of our guys is to move our guys working on Amazon raw like. Mac. And now battled back on that it's now it's not massive what if could I still don't think we would've may think. But it sure is how they give ourselves an opportunity to and it's like I did they come back off that Torres late. We never soft cast. If it's a little bit of an exaggeration but for the most part we never saw them again like we used to play shows with them all the time and it wasn't because they were like Dex did just. Just blew up the world changed for them everybody's point not on merit you know shoulder or whatever and they're they're entered during their sleeves trying to get something out of them. So I mean we meditate a couple more shows with them here and there. But no. It it just. At that point Dade they were. Going down the road of becoming indie rock stars and we were. Staying in Seattle including onstage every couple. It's so weird how that happens of dance it is good I can't think of the band right now. And they were sheet they were massive flight. 67 years ago right and here they are and they end and I can't member who it is but anyhow the end to claim their record. And then they left the states so why they were gone the record blew up. They had no idea. Is iTunes is the story goes a gala of the band but they do elected and session and everybody air whatever. It is the first army really played in the states in like months nude and like everybody knows their son home to make it almost like freaked him out they were like oh my god like everybody knows it there what happened while we must. It was like a giant like chairman Joseph prank on us just crazy we haven't either Stuart I mean I hear the same stories our body does Damon Stewart would tell me about like Nirvana. Yeah don't like they've left on tore him by the time they came back they really the biggest band in the damn country. And for that it took a guy in England to proclaim them to be awesome before it. America decided audio we should pay attention to this band yeah there's Everett true I think he was a guy from Mike melody maker some. Music publication in in London and somewhere in that area. And music at a dead initially sort of raving about Nirvana and then. People that might follow him because he was kind of a trend setter in the world the music there right always pay attention to dispense that there is just down the street from us. Yeah it's crazy man is it to say it's this is a bad example both legs and L likes them. Exactly I mean we always thought that our careers were parallel with Vanilla Ice. But he put out a record it was like back in the debate but an actual record. And it wasn't ice ice baby even some DJ in Houston just flipped it over and it was like I like this one battered it was ice ice baby and then all of a sudden. She she he's. Here connect the basket is a great example that are aren't Marco Collins. Had a bloodied. And I think San Fran are some aren't and down in the Bay Area. Came across a 45 man. I'm final it was just a small printing like it wasn't like anyone knew back was this guy it was a full peace singer songwriter doing weird as. Whatever. I hears echoes my best chemical wanna tell my buddy who works in radio about this guy pay market east check out this stat guy. Marco years it thinks wow there's something special about this is different puts on the radio next thing you know. Guys the biggest star in the world at that time the song is a monster again had not been somebody that's just like you know at a record store. Looks kind of interesting I'll check it out there's no PR there was no record label pushing back on to anyone it was just. Pure. Right place right time 100% lock. Of course a lot of skill but there's a lot of skill a lot of talented people there that never get noticed yet exactly on realty I'd love that hole I love hearing about bands and break it in the most unconventional ways. Yeah also yeah because being in the band really is about a treasure adventure kind of thing plague which fork in the road a regular take it. And clearly Peter Parker decided to take the spoon. Full that would put to me so I read heroin problem. I got a you're there I just thought it was sunny and that's I think about sports that's I think about match days can't seek. Carl. Martin regularly support in congress dead. Is that harder my wife thinks you know let's get a push ups or sit out at 10 o'clock Pacific at the heart raced in the blood pumping and the brand college should pay a heavy. What did the very sequential song because this Friday. Yours truly it's just posting. 321 battled hard dogging Tony bond whistler we'll see good money very dry day is gonna be gone not hurt due to motorists will be coming back. So I could hear me out. This is the theme song for 321 battle which happens also behind the old 321 contacts are. It's a great summer and it's sitting. All right let's get some of the family. No need for me yeah. Okay. My. We've been perfect timing though unbelievable. I tour it's the hiring. These ticks me. That was pretty awesome. I said laughing area and I've got myself ready for that sock I love every don't go through doing battle and that's on starts and everyone's dancing people are losing their minds total like the debate zoo is starting megabit bit everything's boiling. And it's like contact. Did did did just. Awesome bunch of punk rockers singing along to a cheesy. Children's educational television showed theme song hit deaths. You know man this week yes. And sometimes. They let that go your way here you might feel or not but you know just just try to stay positive and and sometimes it's hard to do or had a friend tell me to do with the situation. And it sucks sometimes even in a bad situation yadda yadda is search for the positive and yeah give people benefit of the doubt. I didn't want our damn I mean. Sometimes they don't want to I know I'm guilty of this I do six are I assume. That people are how to get me in oh yeah. Might give up on five of them not caring about me yeah and then I had to really kind of remove myself in and remove myself from that you go on and on inside me it's a single guy no different and you. But I reject you know maybe it's just. Just so happened that they they realize them didn't take my feelings into account because they realize that my feelings are going to be hurt. So yeah they had to bring it. And it it sucks but that's just a way to some types yeah I mean Edmonton today immunity if you feel that way and you might be wrong you might be right the best when he knows the punch a person in the folks. Well let's see you've got to give Nancy I stayed positive like. You know I stay above the go F themselves yet if you think it's gonna go that route don't worry though let's you'd still get the chance of proved themselves be a jackass the idea and then you punch him in the face punched. I think I'll stay positive and a bunch of them you have fans that will rule. So when your backed off mr. stay positive we are gonna ask us whether or not he should be mad about something I think I should I will find out. When the minutes after. It's tough to know that I'm this way when you're. The team attendant. FL draft Anthony Denver brought. I am just so thrilled to have been chosen and hope that I can contribute to this amazing team and help the. Home another super ball. I didn't exist before. I'm Galen. You know yeah. I'm from the book and then. These guys with corruption McKay I feel I shouldn't have never and then to cup is that. Eyes everytime. And our friend romance the porn star. Yet either the jets can't. The pharmacist. If it's like comfort food for me everytime I hear it I feel good. You heard a new beaver song. DJ Khaled. Beaver. And yes to DJ Collins starts at the summit saying his name be exit the best. I just love that every song he puts out all started to dutrow alert but it's ready to give I'm curious is that right the American heart. Chance to wrap her apologies. Quad go from dios. Little way. This mrs. Susan song called printing money basically they are in the video just laid an egg Khaled house and they're just party it. Did you see the picture of our machine gun Kelly and that hill each week that things on the chain smokers songs and some hero under the cover a mile of it just Peter. How is that neither one who should Skip Holtz up and beaver I would die in the bunny is very gambling error. Article on the one I L yeah let's say I am curious I haven't heard yet really this could be the new summer bank there really that good I think. I love it but I out of beer defense but I saw somebody I'm on FaceBook or Twitter somebody who's a rockaholic listens to radio stations and I hate Justin Bieber. And having a hard time accepting the fact that I like his song. She thinks it's TJ talents and so catchy army see if it starts all I wanna know is does he started saying his name to begin the song. Currency. Boy you know mind. Hundred meter dash Wi-Fi because you know got we are well I don't. And. It's. A piece it's okay that the children moon. No. I wanna be DJ Collins me like it look. That's awesome so sad guys is a segment that we promised every reduce. More often and as we did the first time we never did it again similar to a lot of things we do if only we can do this podcast every day. We get to a lot of things that we wanna do but we just got point betting or Irish just made more time in our base if it. How do we do that or album we Marie should calm did you have some good that you're wondering whether or not he's we met about correct subject. Often times this could be a personal slight to this event is much more serious issue are all right I am paying attention. Our case the I know which is thinking yes it was chicken. All right is there anything now is there another case to be out there are other than to him are you go to a nicer shops are you get a Carney sat. And it's Lindsay card a solid bet this morning Elena careers on is not state it's just mute. Yeah I always done that Carney sodomy and sneak its lead to meet gab but every time I get a car and inside a talk go it steak tacos. The I think to be sometimes a lot of courage sodomy a lot thinner to them that doesn't it look like a state like a shank stake for whatever it is. Note some us like up like they flatten it out a little bit okay you know I mean sort of sadness and yet that's all right I love that rest struck us auto yet to come up I just found its Argentinean steak out so much a show on. Argentina. So Otto just means a plate of meat. I thought it was a trip to a but the thing could does kind of burst the bubble of the class use of the of the placement on their minimum the restaurant is basically a plate of meat. In my neighborhood as a restaurant go pee joke. Nothing that's Cianci rank and I found out that just again I care of its Spanish I think it's Spanish just a term for a small little thing with a toothpick and a gotta pee joke. I did at an ever milling. You drive some earn my does the south lake union area to the a restaurant or a place called bread and meat economic data the most un original stupid name but when you think about it it's no different than all these fancy restaurants did you see these same exact thing but in a different language yet. Who right I mean like and I I send most of my time to places that end arrests. Got a viral. Trappers. Buckley's book leaves. Belt out club there's an app that's know but men. Close he's close to pass yet man art so what does Casey DL right there when are we never get to anything. So they said hey any add ons is Casey dia I suggests. The 250. I want the avocado. The question why it's so much money. I get it to speed amass season too it's weird okay so now Steve here's the situation. The case to DA shows up. And the avocado is not inside the case idea it's merely sliced up on the sot. Thank you so Michael liked it was or why I want you guys to put the avocado in the case idea why didn't and wonder. Should I be mad at us. Usually best. To. Boycott displays name the restaurant were born and also struck. Regulars have you on guacamole. And that makes sense to me to give you a couple guacamole no different than if you wonder some are sour cream. Do you from there before then it's sometimes it's. Weird yeah it's sort of I know it's a delusional subway I was at the ever Merced chicken breast all right some of the sandwich artists. Decide that they can do is cook food those who are mercy rest pat like whatever breast when they heat up the Brad. Some have to put in a microwave. And Mike White wiser to different ways of doing this like. Michael who has decided can you figure out what is the most proper way to do it it doesn't make any sense to me I don't know why bother me but it does. But I'm with you dude. Avocados and US out of Colorado it's not like you're asking for guacamole outlook it's it's like you're asking for tomatoes in your case via when you put details in the case via. You just repeat go in the Casey DA comes it. Yeah I saw like it should have been inside the tee not getting it. Never agreement right you can't cook it with the avocado and I get that but it's on your flat aren't you could lift up that after Tia. Spread out a Condo when their clothes cut it up but clearly obvious that this RTC the artist is sleazy. That's I think I think due to the kitchen just said to hell with it it's Sunday comes a chop of the sub got to send out decent man and figure out himself. Right that I they'll Build-A-Bear build a case of be like I want to T studio home and I don't have to dissect it and put avocado in their room to act. They have the appeal was an extra minute put the avocado in the axis those people are now. It's like my time not important I don't shall be fired all of etc. so little they are conducive Twitter hash tag probably condos go in the case India. Up up up up up so it's not a wild side this like you gotta be kidding me he didn't put avocado is the case idea. It's by Edwards of them being Manhattan's. I came Chris I'm not Walking Dead fans I don't know if you are never seen the Ivan either an arrow and learn through real solutions CIA and I brought up wrestling with three torn battle which is this Friday at a mall finish it starts at 9 PM come on down because you've never been to a wrestling event and you know I even offend a wrestling you'll love this if you love wrestling you really love this it's it's. They do such a great job with it probably always a big joke about wrestling it's you who want to streak and I and my response is always it's funny my response typically when someone says that is comic. Forget wrestling is not sports sports entertainment. I don't go do you think do you like walking Denver's reg yeah I love Walking Dead and I'm never gonna go to you know you realize streak. That's the same thing tell right wrestling is entertainment it's not. I get that they're doing athletic stuff but it's really a television show no different in the Walking Dead so when I read this story at that it was hilarious because the Mike man. This is proof that anyone wants a bigger wrestling fans are stupid they believe what's going on now you Walking Dead fans are morons and you actually think it is going to be zombies from buying these zombie apocalypse kits to. Do you know being obsessive Tommy support we really think it's going to happen to people sending death threats to our actor. Because of his character doing something on the Walking Dead Jesus there's a guy I don't know him but. He's part of Abraham's army whose name is. And he actually quit social media because it was a story line aren't I guess you cite the spoiler alert I am sorry from spoiling issue and I only don't watch. But apparently this character is getting in cahoots with the wrong people. And it's upsetting a lot of the fans because of I guess he's a well loved character I don't know. But people are so upset that there are now sending death threats to the actor. It's right. And he is so upset about it which I I get it he's getting death threats. So he just said I'm fit I'm dumb but social media and then somebody filmed him and he had this to say about all the net and start over dramatic reading some tweets. Where do you hear somebody saying that he's like a bottle or something like that period. But hold that vote death threats don't that's funny I'm all excited but haul butt hole. Ash tag but it'll push button hole -- death threats don't semi death threats could live wolf I'm gonna report go to the cops come to cigarette. Knew him hey you need and I don't care you can sing where you want but if you when you start saying you hope I guided. I don't know if you saw him about Josh or Eugene entire report did so just don't be NSA. Went down as it goes some complain of some complaining about everything army. I'm gonna shares slipped a similar go spend time and your family or friends or loved ones regular. Awareness that. He's just sitting somewhere and he's leading economic auto AF price insider Jason. How senator using human being that you're sending a death threat to a guy who plays a character on television channel. But hole. You also see the article McCain rally yesterday about social media. Now what happened in just said it there is just like a study done in just like social media won't actually make you happier and listen panels they are very there really know at. Yes like that I don't understand how people. People for years right and I you've heard me say it is a hundred times like FaceBook is the ultimate. Urged it nobody talks about these is vanity you enter comments to be heard I get it is what I do for a living I wanna be able to hear my voice right. But it's the same things it just it's just shocking to me like. Live to do a study to prove this to people like. Obviously in the main thing I would just say the give your needs to ramp purse in her or FaceBook person opposed everything you write for some glorious good. But for the rest of us like don't I and I think those people are owed death threats don't know enough golf dammit. Pretend mentally added Debra ID B bar on a hole I did say for the rest of us don't pay attention to because more than likely. It's not going as well as they say oh yeah I I. I firmly believe that the FaceBook and social media and I said mr. Brad always a social media is meet people socially awkward. But I also believe that it's given a vehicle for miserable people dispute their measurable opinions about whatever it may be whether it sucks. Forgive me for pitino's. To politics to. Whatever else it that's the hot new thing sports. It's just an opportunity for Sony is miserable to have a platform to spew their miserable. Tendencies. Yeah. And it's never stop I'm I'm I'm almost on Symbian to my what are honesty we remember what we do from an argument of FaceBook. What is the worst finish force and any the other I mean. It's so bad that now I just expect that there's going to be something negative said about me whenever there's a post about me make of the station put something up or. Held a 321 battle guys put something up about me guest hosting. And I see it was a comment and I just had the cold sweat some money linked hitting like I was like. Oh my gosh I'm gonna get crucified by the 321 battalion my the fans and wanted to send. Mold Biggs he's going to be a great fit and I'm sure the battalion go off on the Michael. Omen at all part of temperament of the nicest thing anyone that said about me. Go after. Like last week on meet the Tate is right and I had to list one that's a segment on the midterm yeah. One signal was about soda and one was about cookies. So I've bought American or Margaret Brennan I bought a Coke to Pepsi and that I bought two things or cookies right then but take so Robin is our producer now she said hey. I take a picture of you with that stuff so you put on social media. Great and I had to Wear here comes a kind of like the council sharpen its like this largesse diabetes is Liechtenstein it's like. She's dumb ass slick it's for the fridge can say that you have to sit around shut its snorted eating cookies all day as a chance for a miserable person yeah. I'm sucking everybody into their miserable and it's just I'd just like I literally says for this segment that are fat bastard that's nice fat like. Chrysler hit a legally could he how does like are right it makes you wonder what I would love to be a fly on the on that person's home but what makes them so miserable. Why and why is life sucks so much for them that they need to. May the world soccer. Outside of their own world yet the only guy hey boy you know like for years the thing I hated the most would you be like I'll do I love you love the show no homo would you have to say that I don't physically went to bank ranked using going to show. The one that kills me now is just being honest but nobody asked Jack. You're given an unsolicited. Negative opinion that's being honest that's mean and a halt yeah absolutely. In fact I believe there's a word for that person but hole. Well before we unite here I did promise annoyed deliver casino where where where two men meg. Don't have related that's right yeah the Millwood sub Vietnam I don't take your huge fan of Dancing With The Stars like I am every week every week looks forward to obviously I used to watch on time at such a hot at the hots for Julian half half yet. Home costs. And my wife loved standards and eventually got to imported them on dancing with stars they're dancing or people who may run television for fifteen minutes yet any games is Campbell stupid well. Right now I think really the start because how he was one guy that helped the Chicago Cubs win a World Series that's about former baseball catcher David Rossi ran the dancers on Dancing With The Stars neither funny dude. Not so much that I would not gone actually want to show but I came across as audio and that it was awesome. He is dancing where one of many of Lindsay Arnold she wasn't a dental and I used to watch the show but I saw the clips she's. Definitely also got a looks like she keeps with the tradition of being a smoking hot leggy blond yeah aha. Adolescent girls dance all day all night while while they were doing rehearsals one of them far did in the other one space and and you would think you'll be David ross'. Starting into her face no. She treated. And she's frank didn't face what she was upside down doing some kind of a cart really thank her legs are spread open. Our area is right in his face I see all my gosh who's also and this is. Relatively soon after he dropped her on her finger our head or something I don't know but Mikey got clutch he with her. So in a weird way she got back at him by giving him the gas face and here's the idea. My goal rests always have as much fun as I possibly can't. Surpassed my expectations. It's the actions right. My microphone date up to me on my button and that Monday I was mad and it was payback should sign. She's hard to it by saying what I say give it seems to have been hurt but we chief hearts read his face is right there does yeah and you don't expect this like cute little dancer girl. Did you rip Aston space which call lady starts lady parts smarts. It's a little cool so this sounds like march dude. One more time you miss that car. Front it would just reactions are simply people. Just throw work well you nasty food so this is adequate but if I can be with a mass. Not a brick front. Thank gas so I don't know probably her partner in my face. Not necessarily my thing but a woman you're paying guys Danielle and her. Yeah I don't know the power for sockets that you're gonna make it up all the statements you know he's our point I'm I'm very good sense of smell Alia for you start off. It's been more foreign fart are marked on. The far right now there is a good term and and eating not happening in your world are coming up. Do people know I'm of the Iranian Dodgers got to move this thing about things he can't help of a threat provisionally because I mean make I don't need help with that I should rephrase that. I have nobody does it help make. Shot would be the funniest. Mega cast party we've done laser tag. We've rob me allied and makes guys we've gone to rain year's game and no one and on deep pod catching guys have made too much exodus from Mars yes our stuff. The next mega cast party is let's go help Ted moved right to Nabil Larry it's. Hall. Thank you but I'm okay current and that's that's it's a cut this weekend. Does founders on you and yet at council probably a check that out that no events coming up. All right mind and I got mentioned the end I'm going on his spiritual battle this Friday night come hang out. I've never been to one odds where's that again already vol fitness is just like really just a few blocks from our building here and you know the the town right downtown. Alina union yeah yes it's right over near REI com it's called evolved fitness is a party vibe. Help people that don't don't work chairman through the city Steve not you're right I just Wear that outstripped by ear. Some guys that his car via like I live in Bremerton migs. I'm probably a bone. Or a good job looked around here here is Bremerton for me and it wasn't right by here. I did like Pluto be involved it's hideous but even. Com and it's a great time there's a bar America. All the wrestlers put on an. They all bring it they just are so much fun to watch Lai did during credible performers not only would there at flood a schism but also dismissed. Who they are characters they do a great job of just selling. The emotion that is wrestling. And myself included on whistler Cody who works at the end we're gonna be doing the play by play. Which is dumb lives and it's fun because alcoholism bald so why is it it's so much fun man three to a battle they always do a great job I am. Really beyond honored and nervous to to get to be on the microphone with Cody it's gonna find Alomar recent some permanent you won't be there but. I'm gonna do my best co writes us get our attempt pushups and really get onto the theme song for three to went out which is also the original theme song for. Yeah 321 contact that is already on isn't a Dave he's ready to go. And make your family along the bank oh yeah. And followers on Twitter and the mega cap is in regular contact. OK okay. Okay. I almost got screwed up we're seeing sixes AC three I almost went to war. You know. Think wrestling fans whenever in the on -- breeze coming arrests are out we're segment. They don't keep saying Chandler go say the number that is after that in to have the memories come out like sex to. Contact the whole.