MegaCast  05/31/17  “Ellen's Questions"

Wednesday, May 31st

This week the fellas recap DEFY wrestling this past Friday Night...we also talk some wrasslin', share some stories about learning cultural sensitivity at a young age, and we let Ellen ask us (and Johnny Depp) some questions.

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Checked checked oh yeah there you go yeah look at that all right to business off to a good start bigness of. Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. At what else. Positive to seal off YouTube man I'm excited me can't sleep I know we don't have time constriction. And without actually do a full mega cast lots of the talk about obviously right to fire wrestling. Hi I've got a million things we've never tackle but I'm hoping that while time who's gonna fly to a bunch of stuff. I'm real quick before we get into anything I just wanna encourage anybody because you know we have radiates a machine as our intro song not testify which. Still I'd love when people text us on the cast W line when Kaye has to be plays. Testify and all get a bunch a text ads say mega cast your leg mega family. Our zone senator that you would never gonna start talking and oh my god sorry to disappoint Jeff. But if you have a chance to go online. There's a video. Of good members of rating is a C minus accident balsam remaining members of audio slave and they're in their practice space suits Tom it's Brad and it's Tim. Adding the DJ for profits of raids filmed it. And it's done just screwed around playing. Like a stone without Christ obviously it's. It's sad but it's also kind of powerful because you get to other just kind of paying tribute to their friend while warming up for practice so whatever it may be. It's reminds me a how great of a band that was MP. That. Then maybe talk conversation for another day they're running it through music geeky guy might be my all time favorite guitar solo is a guitar solo on like a stone might Tom Morella just. Is sold T Sloan what he does and it's. Carl's stud hi so good and I think you just shines a mad song in the debit chances look it up on mine entry to find it's a really cool tribute. To Rage Against The Machine relative to decrease for now. Raging audio slave that's one of the few bands like. Shia extremists there's other bands they keep the ban intact and get a new reads singer or whatever and it's it's good I don't know that's sort of a rare cases where it's like. I don't know I don't know kind of a tossup to grit it didn't have any yet it's Crist hurdles and the greatest singers ever thought Wesley was awesome but it's like ray is pretty dim also. Yeah dude the power Zach and I mean you notice they were profits of raids are good yeah not bad at all I would go see them. The man you can't replicate Zach Taylor broke his locals know it can't replicate his and his power yeah any of that and dude I've been on a huge obviously been a huge Chris Cornell picked but I noticed that I've really. Focused in on the first two audio C records more so than sound garden more so than his solo stuff there's just something about. Obviously music it's just it's it it feels good to listen to while you're driving especially during the summer all right all right let's take. Now would be perfect if I had an audio sing a song to play as our pushups but no Steve got lazy and yes entitlements up on the third person and I ended up going way it. More since he began. Because it's the Baghdad. Judge I was so proud. They started it and I'm right. Oh man how cool is it did spot her Washington home. All went there and Mirren going moves. I've read it but let's let's get a mega family template didn't get the heart rates in the blood my Bedanova brand launch today do. Can't control so we're still hiring. These ticks me. Ironically we had talked today has to do with how how would the prior arrests went nice and I I just say. The mainly wanted to say today is like. Sometimes I'd probably I don't budget my time well enough. I thought but Blake. May have Friday leg to my buddy Joseph came over yup remove some things honestly but I was dragging ass trying I'd been running around all day like I. I got was like and I really like go to this wrestling thing then but I went. And died digging under I have a fun time yes I mean he just decides having fun just cool to see you up they're doing it's I guess I mean things or maybe just like hey man. But still make time for your friends are do you have Brito go see them do their stuff for ergo kick it with the man another buddy that kind of like it was a really busy bees let's hang out for men and just. I wanna cited say that got a little bit of that this weekend two days and arousal right. Make time paying out those people. Pros. It's such a great feeling being in that ring as a wrestling fan. And I go why it feels great having my homey Darren and I and I I know exactly where you're standing to do in the same spot the last topic it's kind of become the Ted spot. I love because I did other media people mega cast listeners KSW listeners the podcast listeners and they all congregate around you. And whenever I mean maverick I see you man I see US resident very moose is good I knew you're gonna. Fly out to handle when that music can call I lost first match us first match and negate it pains me to say it is because demand won't shake my hand he's been a jerk to me in the ring. The mics and Tiago Mike. Might be the best. We're definitely without a doubt top five wrestlers coming out of the northwest right now he is so for Kim good thing. I'm really likes the idea that he's a great guy last summer I cheered trip I just your former gets moves in the DM image map this connection. We're gonna hurt you chanting dramatic moves Larry talk about that in the back. Through its funny thing. In the middle world doing our tank. It's it's surrealists and like you know were backstage during the Grohl position a lot of a threat tonight not me as a wrestler and taking two classes I guess I am arrests an out at us wrestlers I am out. We're watching a match go on and are what Matt farmer who's the Booker. And it is one of the main brain Timmy Jim Bob defy wrestling right what we're watching good hey man. That's awesome about Ted in the men's room get the syndicated. In my yeah. Dude it's an Elvis and other doesn't like what's going on who who what an emotional like. What's going on a Mike you know Ted the government math things they yeah yeah. Now Mike always show oddly given syndicate is a car that's still nothing like how like. Ted would love knowing ads were backstage. It's unreal focusing on what's happening out in the ring. There's like five of us just jam about how excited and happy we are for you and all the success for demands remained resilient kind of a fun moment like where it's like. Yeah you know what. Together they were in a weird way we're working and we're just be guessing to kill time as those guys are killing themselves in the ring. Bros so awesome looking up there when moos is music hit majesty you'd hardly know everything else at a great time he's great. And hit and San Tiago were fired again adamant they were. I can't wait that's also it was a great way to set the tone for the rest tonight and honestly. Said John always the first match in the night that the time before the guy just brings it yeah I mean. I I need is somebody great wrestlers and in Seattle I had I hope knowing gets like feels like. Slighted if I am but. You can't figure absolute fear of command center I was at the top of the list he truly is he still behaving can cash. I talked to him you wrestled this last one but us talk when a backstage in my. I don't know I dislike heels bad guys and those guys really do get. The emotion out of the fans should I you don't even need to know Mike Hsu Tiago always the mini walks out. He's just like after you guys yeah I mean right I was shocked some the first set I was shocked try Gotti was a local news. And then out of phase of devastation looked to Andrew listens all the time and loves us on the morning's meta Matt Payne and grants a few years ago. Completely I remember the congress and the sounds wrestling the Mac guy section are very yeah. We got become part of the sentinel squad what assurance for you're boy against Leo oh baby yeah yeah that's like my section up there are really matured more. The Dow was hot how tough does the match of the night Indio verses. I've Davey Richards was insane. And I had dude did you shows like yes and a lot of things keep our I kept close to the vast even amongst. Like we ought to do the main two of defy which is Jimmie Matt Jim Jim to make the owner yet Matt helped some book all the wrestler he's got great connection that was a former. Wrestler around town Matt farmer part about the suicide kings tag team and just a brilliant mind and an end. And then after that town like I'm the next guy. I help with a lot of production stuff as far as like. The audio production of the on demand contents. But also helping the ideas for dings outside of the wrestling ring now we can provide for the online stuff you know helping out when I can. Com I had no idea. Until pretty much right when it happened. That Davey Richards was gonna win this easy W championship against Leo rush now. This super wrestling nerdy stuff it's easy w.'s comments arm wrestling it's really it's it's like ECW from back in May next super extreme matches and based on the East Coast for the most part are. I have a championship I thought for sure all this is cool would we partner with them for a lot of video on demand stuff and a Mike. Let's go Leo Leo defend the title here at defy. No way Powell. I was another kid a Jimmy like give you said. Didn't you have to bet all of your money on one match. Which homer to be a wreck all of Leo's definitely walking away is the Internet can add Doug pageant titles here in Seattle. And and then he did and it just blew up the Internet it was one of the top trending things. On Twitter just so it's a Leo and I like Leo right but he went to MacNamara which is in the same conference is to match that is important. Up ought to also acknowledge here for Davey Richards plus sorry. I don't know what it is I like the overtly sexual dudes with chest hair and the mustache and like I always sucking on Al-Maliki earlier I enjoy horizon are now. I just like the whole thing I think I. It just. I was reserving is that it's not love those guys that night and are BM and Leo is wrestling though we're the only here's my thought my crowd there when he lost we like. We went crazy as you same thing I'd assume wheels to show up defenders say don't go home. The debt that seemed to me the most like honest I only knew just moments before it happened because I was talking with engine no love who's Davey Richards saw wife who was also showed up. She's been wrestling and she could be at the next five events to solidify wrestling dot com the information about that. But she was talking to me about what we were going to do in the ring after the match suggests that today so when Davey wins you know you come Loudon. Will have some band turned and Mike. Little you know maybe they won't. Davies got up that big naming game and submit you know Mike I gotta get out there are so when you heard my voice sounds like oh I glued did it. She looked it was all some. Who thought the chemical and a lot of people know what's happening behind the scenes and joining me now. I mean I can't explain to people that whole arena we share for Leo which it should of yeah he's dominating he's great he's about to become one of the biggest stars Russell is just uneasy as easily be in his guise of they are cheering her and then he won it was all some now. A raid in my other buddy straight or Michigan have had a beer out their car. Thought I love for you during intermission and I went upstairs I doubt I'll. I don't play how I live that's embarked electric and speakers you're dating a guy. That's why I think you're re still in the venue during intermission where you go get free Beers. Addison and it was an odd WTO and deny that that group yet but it wasn't there wasn't raining this time. I know it's nice out and everything about it was great it was awesome and I hope I know we got to next went into coma and all ages one on the 29. And I got to be great Cody Rhodes could be a both. Welcome Joseph Ambon to other enjoy Ryan's coming back. So cool how are these guys wanna keep coming back but they have a lot of fun I mean look I don't know I've never been independent wrestling and other places but I'd. I just think it's hard to beat that crediting the streamers the streamer club was on fire. Brag they gave us a whole picture I stricken mom back through our whole narrative cools bunch of guys and may bring it they. They're the reason why defy is as awesome as it is and I mean I. It's so simple idea was that funds or streamers in the top row could do this so much like. Being in the ring and there's like. Thirtieth or fortieth street is flying on my face I felt like it shaken up overnight things are coming out about my guy and I got to hit it right and swat it away to the. I face it's not my chest that's Oliver may pay the ultimate I don't reason that's good. Got Kozlov made apathy. Is now my district are right chess isn't speaking to override jazz you know while we're talking about wrestling. And I don't like is as the British Open to fun event it is even if you're not interested just go you don't have any and yet just go check it out its zip you just wanna. Enjoyed. Being a part of allowed. Fund crowd debt really everybody let's all their inhibitions go nobody's too cool for school. Everybody's just happy for him like people surgery can't stuff but it's now late. I have I don't want just anybody else but it's such a hawks get a Seahawks game this kind of get angry energy rife it's like people are just having a blast you don't feel like anybody's going to. At any given moment punch you in the face now. And and it's funny because we're there watching people punch each other in the face credits choreographed and all that kind of fun stuff but you know it's an aggressive. Form of sports entertainment. And nobody's getting aggressive outside. And and then you see the same faces all the semi people becoming friends because they go to these events and they see each other their all the time it's really unlike anything else hopefully you can make your friend. I doubt you'll be able to make the Tacoma one. I cannot be awesome you know you've gotten I got you right but it's not you gotta come for the thirtieth which is gonna be here in Seattle June 30 yeah. Our Friday night. Outs and other Friday night Gloria. Says that's commerce Thursday is that it was Thursday our Seattle Friday snot give a lot of Friday Steve yesterday. You know I have so much wrestling stuff that is funny that you your hundred arrests linked into enjoyed. You knew obviously watched every WE. Yes pot right now are you up up to speed with smackdown. I am not because one morrow got released. I stopped DVR oh cool sign up like I don't care to make him a grand statement yes I felt today you don't know about gender mall. Now you know tendered all right yeah I mean I know he's champion and that's all right so my nephew right I told my nephew what is he he's thirteen now. The one analyst Seamus. Yes to eject. Yes exactly I I tried to get Jim Brown to wrestle mania I try to track about it he was in the building from radio row but he didn't come to our area are but I was fully prepped by Mike. Just ran appease Iran I gotta get Seamus assignments for CJ. All right so you'll love this site my mom calls me. And I did see Blake in my niece like the Sally get money rightly savored or whatever I'll Hossa he's saved up enough. Hand a Ramallah six you know what he bought I got an as a cool shoes or something just about the Debbie Debbie network. I think I think 999 right my societies resistor balls lays everything music you set out to buy whatever I wanted to put save them money. Said he likes let's look that much I think his buddies aren't even as much into it now but he loves it. Dozens all of us rob I knew you'd like that story that arm and he is like my big sigh I always wanted. Yeah I mean I tell you he's thirteen going on 25 he's ready to start drinking Beers chicken at much sort. I gotta get him up for consume a sonogram I got a blog I'd believe PR friends MB I'd look into anything which Seamus autograph can you please send it to me. I'm gonna become the Oakley didn't have that he always knew we needed dog go Steve really try to fill. I don't know I don't look blue but that's true but is really gender into your WB network wanted to according to the network does is they offer. Bob different languages that you can listen to. The live broadcast of like the paper views are right so like your Spanish you can click on the Spanish leader German German speed Russian Russian people they also have a feed Farai India are right. And you know genders must be a bad guy here in America. Yeah it's Indian or is it. It didn't do him. Can I don't know which I mean. Anything can hide I don't know it's like days isn't it like one of the largest church in the world we'll definitely be getting his own people as she sell hi Terry. Siri what language do Indians can post it is a Punjabi. Here is what I found. NBC. Yet Andy. That a bunch other things I can't pronounce but loses in Hindi broadcasts are okay yeah. Her command just don't know berkadia now it has reached far and for I live in India this week. What do their announcers. Lost me they've lost a memo that says they didn't Mahal the bad guy kind. And sub par and missed so I grabbed the audio and Ted you're gonna love it they forgot that their broadcast and are talking over each other they're midget Mike. But how we lost our mind Ed Davey Richard Reid Leo rush for the CDW championship. They are they were prepared for. Let's check it out. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. That. That is the most pure. Energetic response you can have to a guy winning. Did you see any use to do the hockey broadcasts on guys yeah I love those got a kick yes it's weird and dream Captain America. But I first saw it did you know the would determine how the Captain America is against Indians broadcasts on the Canadian general Abdul problem with this guy Dan that's great sell if they aren't sure. I just to get re. Okay John Kerry throw it back got a nonsense that happened but it was like stats. And part of this market and while the ones are good beats a disgusted this just sitting. Let's not look down Stewart Garrett. But it was leg got a bad Dresser-Rand is sleazy guy broadcast you can document giant turban on Mike. Well not used to seeing that they're related but then those guys are great I loved what they talk about on Twitter yeah well there's simply a hit since. But boy just right on that time I saw the dumbest hockey movie called like the breakaway. High and it's based on an Indian hockey team. And leave the spoiler alert. They harnessed their powers of the hockey team when they realize they can't Wear helmets. They got to where they're turbines to play better with their turbans on also know how it's just steps. But the worst let's take a break I hate those three sat. When we come back you know Allen did some big temple in the great tradition Steve Allen did something that W fund. Double bomb us and Johnny Depp. Okay all right I mega cash returns. These guys know. There's enough time that's sexy. So you graduate he's still live at home because you can't find a job. Consider a summer class for a Ph.D.s now not another degree. Pessimism. Hopelessness and do objection your optimism spend crushed him by alerting pessimism hopeless this injection if you'll learn how to facing inevitable failure and forget about the confidence building you learn in college. I'm learning you have failure and to embrace my sarcastic and cynical self yeah. Where are all. No rapture. My life has meaning again. It won't clear Ph.D. dale those probably could. We waste side CI got my PH deal last year maybe you can even get dead big hell yeah stamped on your forehead. Or Pelosi has said. Ton. Okay. Commonly remote road summer I forgot the label these things this mean he's got a silver tongue up that thing. Dad dad used to be like yeah like going to silver spoon in your mouth was like oh your Rich Boy that. Oh no I was such a silver tongue is BM Ike and MLB person. Now nobody it's like comic Jimmy like a cop honors yourself there might be careful around him he's got a silver tongue which he'll tell you what you wanna hear in this and but like he's a slick talker gets what he wants not yet been kind. Oh yeah. Well due to I mean not like a comic con men of distinction of Alli looks some like I don't know that I disagree about personal relationships like that Boudreau the radio version for me in my head I might I just asked the ultimate question I do not expect that kind of response Islamic while we're gonna get there a monument to talk about Alan screw everything I have planned a misguided and that's about Ted being content. I happen. I've never been like swindled out of money are okay hosted damn dead it's better to match. He said every action there yet as the people who got that economy. Yeah yeah critical years ago like all year out now one doubt that somebody that I would say that it's had its overtime. Great point okay now extends a 100%. Yes Baghdad will tell you anything you need to hear to get what he needs yeah yeah leave us of the self. Multiple times. Put our coworkers attack it more than once not now which is the same person. The last time they got really heated when a couple people that we work with them we called the mine after or before a sounder match yet. And they were just complete Dicks about it like look. We're not saying you did it intentionally but somebody walked out of this club and left a forty dollar bill. All our our party we have no idea who did it but Ted and I paid it. If anyone did police step up and pay us back. Up and everybody got real super aggressive and defensive about it. Yeah they asked them they date. Up in my no I don't think they did. You're all drunk. And we had to pay extra. Yeah this you know the like bars we'd go to. Right so we can't like we like reverse which is our go to other people's cars and but now the house. We'll build my blown out to and it's clearly have no morals. The I imagine summertime I keep group I have this audio forever so arm. Off some amount Paris coming in this and this could be the first time that I'm going to take part in summer meltdown it's very excited. Op recent they had the opportunity speak to one of the ban step plays at summer melt down. I'll I'll lady about him Bridget she's in a band called elephant revival IE and it was a real fun just chilled conversation it's a test every dot com if you look in DJ migs interviews are posted it there appeared denim belt everybody I think really enjoyed their very. Full C. We you're kind of trip be but like mostly a folk dance I. And when I was talking all right I asked her a question of hey what's the strangest thing you've seen happen while you're on stage and it was a pretty funny story that she shares I wanted to share with you before we talk about Alan. Playing shows and get the feel the energy of the crowd and giving it back to them have you ever been asked. Completely distracted by something happening in the crowd and what was it. Could have. Arianna barrier actually playing in Columbus, Ohio and a gentleman decided to bring it to him bay and other students and parents and young standard length and you realize that. Slashed the blues did you lays it goes like move. All. I know I didn't realize and knows. The ball he had. Major deal. All of the what did you as I always like to draw a drum sorry to drum up maybe it was at Asian one that they played it kind of sounds different with a little guitar thing no men. I hand weren't the only. Syrian what's the gym bag. Here is what I found to drum. It's a drop much yep yep okay so you're trying to play along while they're performing on stage instead Bennett plays big venues are. The red rocks and is saying summer melt down and he's recently did the job. That should the Foo Fighters have their power cut out over Abu Ali yeah California writes in his absence. It was pretty good stacking. I'm not that I am I am I meant you'd there are just rarely are more positive things they've experienced. I'm dated January ended and I'm a little uncomfortable violence by an I mean there's we worked it out after the song I want politely. Mentioned that we have band practice here. Let me check many hours and should. You know Greg thank you your lean courageous I'm. Out. You're part of the Melbourne rubble problems and charter written body. What I should think you can just get on stage and do that drugs. Yeah you're right you're right it has to be a data repealing the moment and just dot. Arm examined they probably can usually do that's when you like to come out down to like Natalie is there's a late night tent it has kind of a party music right. But then they have a stage now out in the woods they have what kind of folksy bands play it that way one of the more or whatever all they'd be good for them. Yep but even besides that a lot of people from the bay and just walk around he'll be you'll be rein in the insurance and I do walk by camp in the dusty somebody put on a show does that bring an instrument. I'll now guarantee you're not going to be condition to be played insurance. Steve this is say this is an explorer. Did you feel like kind of deal for audio. It is inevitable drum kit dubbed from Aaron. Yeah. I don't think your truly envisioning Milwaukee gonna have to take from left in the parking lots of campsite it's not that help our but he did see these. Uneven at Tamarine. Steve you agree tampering grade ten. I'm pretty emerges again a sign iron and got rid. Isn't travelling band shows up to our campsite. And odd man we Disney percussion drill what Augusta yes we just need a little percussionist is falling flat we need zoning keep the beat and then I'm like just. The worst Tamarine oppression our biggest topic about what should look at the way you start that they. This nervous every meeting but you get to every guy's got to go for it stiff like he's out so it's okay. The repercussions on a Bender is shaken. Now he's just scared positive best friend in the whole interview that was when I was trying to call her it's obvious to say out by apparently at age based art. No I didn't face timer. That would be funny I believe I should abroad about the moose how can I give it some right now outside the studio pro member may have facetime duke instead of calling like a normal person. While calling man my stomach was not clear about Ted. I. Couldn't believe it. Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up but dude is but this before the show are actually showed that British. Yeah. Only a temporary. I got a trumpet the. I don't know why that's so funny I don't know why I saved it I think it's funny that you and I. My cards are funny and everybody say like with clearly fart solid drives is sometimes they will we do the show like calcium lean up to fart do us. I could just aluminum parts you can hear it but I'm just so used to it it's that is funny it's funny now how's that for you that's like usually you started. Hope you do this deal. Oh they're great as those in this room by myself and I don't throw yes job Monday at wrestling training amateur wrestling class again yeah a dinner roll and I totally beefed yet thankfully. If everyone noticed nobody said anything and I just is like it's gonna act like it didn't happen I mean must have been it has to have I can't be the only person you're you've thrown your body or you can clinch it. Remember when your liking greats going to have you presidents like physical fitness test or in America. Which is like get a piece of any push ups now says that. I remember I always disappointed the president I was this morning president zero. I blatantly remember the kid hold him hide and seek you first sit ups that are at it it. Facts. He almost had the right upon during the fact for her hot topic you know I mean that's that's about as blood laden bought an offensive. That seemed to think like what you need do is going to be your socks your abdomen and head are you ready for it sit ups. Well. Not against meant. Cuts very good seats may what do you really didn't let up 10 veggies. God's command so happy that we got it's the only thing and efforts I would just bring this up on that's why I'm going way back with the Indian dudes in the. Jamal wrecked in your Toma de ice hockey high that's become aware of how much does it wherein their perturbed and disturbance out. So that's a great school there's a kid it was Indian ranked knocked and he had a turban but before you get to the age that it's like. Into deter ring uses CN it's almost like a skullcap and all of a hair's just a ball on top. Okay yeah I know exactly where you're talking about rights. I can't tell you have many times. Like he got to batter something and I'll put trying to give our coach a hard time is like his helmet doesn't covers the ears all the way. I think I think it's pretty just trying to do like he's cool sit right so we I would degrade so this kid for years writes this happens multiple seasons right. Of course he never gets hit in the head he's kinda held it works it always falls off earlier and stuff is also doesn't get. So one day I can remember. We're each gets a hit or something I don't know it was a good games or bright and of course the office worried about his helmet again he never gets hit my head. For some reason this day what he does run at third base to go play defense. He got right in front of the pitchers for a couple of. It got beaten to know who did. A. It's it's just amazing isn't that what you're so worried about it. Putting was batting can never got hit by Christmas so I thought about fielding different thought about that crops and to accept. Of the picture from Portland up sell it to this day it's like why did you do that yeah. The idea. I'm sure he never did it again no I think that if we were kids of course we joke but he's I he's got his turban on and off. Voted beyond him insensitive yeah. Well we am a hard time ever when the other team ever massive within about his turn our our we need a Michael buddy it was we beat Pitt. It's like a pack of dogs I imagine each other both delta and so instead send. Look out man my commentary. That's our guys do I remember the first time and I was a kid and reference to Michael won my first memories of being in public school. Now obviously it's not I went out Catholic high school book up until that I was always going into public schools he had. All all types of everybody. And my first time ever being around a Jewish kid that had a yarmulke I I had no idea would hope that wise so we could pull up the kid's head and yeah me. Hall. Yes so I learned a valuable lesson that is not the thing to do him and I became my really good friends for many years I've shared stories about him into Matthew Luke. The match you'll have six I have I've taught or yeah. Meg that's how we first became friends make. I'm pretty. Did the first somewhat subtle and it just one of those things that you wouldn't. You wouldn't tell somebody what. Yeah because yeah. You would tell somebody what is LSU decades at least seem like. I remember the first time I think my reaction was why give a coaster on is that context it's not a coaster it's like you really don't like nobody brought ya. Now I get it like I wouldn't divide gets only a five year old kid when Greg hey Wendy gonna run a Jewish people which Hopkins on. No just one of those things until you see it as a little kid you have no idea is like what is that. I think it a little mini frisbee you think it's a coaster. We're very sensitive podcasts. Are picking up a couple of there but that's how you learned yeah yeah I mean I go after that I never touched it immigrant yeah he's got pissed at me and rightfully so and I learned rather quickly what that wasn't what it meant the war one. No but I always wanted to yeah trying to remember if I did and how cool start after that in the united whenever I never even touched another one after that. Yes you are those let's drill quit now yeah he had a Yamaha fury. Hall. Off. Classic yeah could fury. Rivlin sits again. We'll auditors Teddy stewards and sit ups. It. Still already a quick break we'll come back George O'Dowd pill before we I had mom trying to get rid of some of these audio clips that I do you needed to bring up but we did a lot of wrestling being talked about. You know our boy deemed standard week Quadrani he may one of the greatest Photoshop Deborah where he had you and I as the club gallant commander said. What little that I realized that not only are we striking. Resemblance to the club when you Photoshop our heads on to their bodies of course chip up but apparently they have the same feelings towards people like geek nation. All. And this and this is from a past represented to the raw and I grabbed it because of like I thought of you instantly know Mike these guys would be awesome on the mega cast. So Ron Roman. Golden screwed up United Airlines street minutes. Hank Gallo commanders know the ones on standby I'm not a good good brother goes to. And then he came here for two reasons. To be needy. And may read. Kurt angle he better round up some nerves. So that we can do both right now. Nerd. Pared its I would make him give that will finally hit on that. Hard topic that is Ellen all right Allen British talk galaxy Nat slot and Allen talk Delaware and admit and then we're gonna dance during this great to us. It's obvious Eli Arial are Falwell what alarm are you talking about. Developed it's all so yeah it's hot today. Those particular site that gives deadlocked senate hey man I'm here to tell you know I forgot there. This is pretty revs are if I visas I didn't need to say that out. Item may get me back and will be yours yeah. It's content and this way. Attended. Unintelligible. Indescribable. And to the final ball where Tulsa OK okay. Inexplicable. And conceivably. You can take. Q yes. And so my town rights and due to. So you are seeing. Our guests are being asked me. Regrets from Donald. Progression. Exclusively on Twitter hash tags. It's kind of fifteen to call. Bob the crap day. Favorite. Underrated. Got an online. We'll run that tied him. And how Zalman it will last night Menem playing on Twitter like I usually do in dollar toilets reader chip yeah I didn't make it treat. Have you gotten naked and group get access hatch who lost the morning time for shower probably fully nick could knock out but I always shirts off yeah. People think I'm weird. They get every time or just certain times I say about the when I get home yes because a mom that typically is step one most of one's Lulu a lot of her little convertible as we call it Polonia cool spot or play pad. Our step to them is meeting whose troops have these Richard Steve goes group. Take Obama close because I know ladies. Control your solves problems. And then not I'm eventually morphing into my company's. Our men's shorts whatever it may be. Off. You go full make it yeah. All right. But just sort of ladies relax I understand getting a little. Damp wherever you. A phone are a couple of up up up up up up okay. Hog trying to say there is open and I saw the three by a drop in house like really can you do like a judge showed up so it was kind of fun. And very distracting and maybe it stood on the square a lot longer to see how quickly people ridge is going nuts about it like. I hate that when I put out a tweet and I have a typo and on my FaceBook war in cigarette you can't added it. Eight is I deleted redo it yet I've done that before and people called me on a delight our third time's a charm us Steve my dammit I kept stirring up the word. Yeah I don't wanna cup FAA it. Yet sometimes it just is like third set up for it's like I'm like that happened yeah I got an app play at your Bible is typically if it's already got alike. A re tweet or reply. I don't touch it. If you like it's disrespectful to that person to timeout to comment on my stuff were also radio DJ certain. Is the president thinks. Well maybe just wanted to prove that nobody checks and stop the free throw is out there as if that was a question. Your preference if if if it's just ridiculous. So I read they were worried close man. Yeah. I think it's just like dude fake gimmick just stuffed Tweety let's forget you the president over seventy some Tweety. That's a solid point like that to me is probably the most I notice. You'll they'll listen that come our way probably more politically minded and and can give us a laundry list of their issues. Book for me one of the biggest issues is the Twitter. It's like. I read these treats them with what is important. Oksana did you put on a memorial grammar cheese man maybe you should just not just put up a nice treat that you started off with and then called a day. I obviously. Part of it is not trumps problem at this point. Right there's just there's just some people that are so dug in to trumped in just anti Democrat this and that and there's in. For the record by the way. Big Kathy Griffin's way and a lot. All of that that thing is ridiculous it should not be done we were joke in this morning about how could quite possibly be that Kathy Griffin has brought together both sides tonight. The laughs and rights can all agree that what she did was completely ridiculous and stupid yeah she's an idiot yeah I never liked her in the first place but I'd like I like your back in the day on news radio. Yeah are backed out of a great shall yet until broke him. Rogan somewhere Phil Hartman Andy Dick eighty Dicks on there. At that actor that was like the balls out of that he's in a bunch of stuff I forget his name. And a poor guy I now. Is it everything to gosh RB I mean Harvard's along with the seat could really bring the cash back together I mean you could. But it would abbey of funds over like Netflix to do like eight. Episode season just be tempted to satisfy all of us news radio geeks it's does is think part of it to me is it even a trumps problem anymore there's people they're just so dug it Lou. That's late. He I read it can trust faith treats or whatever. And late. Obviously there's people on the left dessert on IE can't spell or this or that but then there's people that are to carry defendant like you got a week that he knows what he's saying in the Szymanczyk the Jesus Christ. Isn't a political argument to may have put in a typo when the bet right. Up there are you're right there are people like that could be code for something you don't know. And he's like. Can we just. Not live life with blinders you can be a fan of trump and still point up the stupidity that he had done and not be anti truck. Honestly I don't think he wants to do it. I think he's in there now and he's realizing that these ease into the business world now you know ice of those tweets itself you know when you when you run when your. Donald Trump and you Ronnie trump enterprises are trump company I don't know what Sally calls it. Bike number will greatly you can bully people around and kind of say I will take your business alliance stuff like that but it's like. This is now how is a country is not good. Jobs jobs jobs. I honestly think he said there's sometimes feel like I just wanted to win. Brad did it just the wind but now I realize this is way more worked and I wanted to I mean yeah has said that he is at odds are this is a lot harder than I anticipated to be a night. I do for a Libyan president would be rather difficult. It's and for him now he's stuck in this weird place right in the contract these got to realize Mike's I want to be loyal but like. I gotta get some actual professionals in here and oh their do Clinton and I think there's people in his own party you like you know you gotta do this you gotta do the fat so he yeah ot. I don't know with them and does from here group. That's a good point. There's American and up because you know he might be OK on Twitter to follow but it's truly the greatest person to follow on Twitter out of you vomit it is a wrestler of course is Lou carper. Well you don't data is. If you haven't done so just good at the new carper. WW read outside that's his Twitter handle it is very apparent that somebody in the WW reads pulled him aside and said look man you're one of our superstars. You were responsible. And needed. To tweet and tweet often. Yes Chris and most still like social media is huge in any business we're told between July and beautify and have this job apparent at FaceBook. I guess is yeah that's just what I like Twitter or try to keep Twitter. Nice pure whites footer script yeah yeah. Forget to do Easter. It's it's fine it's just. For the most I feel like there are trolls and also some media by a joint patrols on Twitter and it's a Graham are far less in the trolls and our FaceBook they are but I got I got a big on him tonight. All of which talk about that we'll look carper clearly was told that needs to treat more and every day all he tweets is. It's insert that date till Monday to do editor of president Sunday. Period. You know what that means. And he'll change up the way he spaces it so sometimes a look like it's multiple lines. But every day in I don't know how long he's been doing this but that's all he does it Sunday you know what that means. I am yeah. It's facing a leg right they require him to make one post today so he does but now he's a Twitter legend yes it's it's awesome it's my favorite Twitter page. Those social media thinks sometimes strange deal because it's like. There's some out. Athletes and then. And things you really don't have and I don't know that it ever kind of makes the can't get to see their movie or watch them play right. A bomb bomb attack I tweeted at him and he didn't treat me back I'm throwing away all my Limp Bizkit record stood. Right yeah. By having you youth I I think it's it's funny sometimes sues you also should mediation let it get tee and stuff it's like well LeBron James. To me is cans down the best basketball player on the planet then he won't even look at social media during the playoffs because he doesn't want to mess of the set. I don't blame a man fever heats ought to I mean there are times I homer might guys put it away somebody treated or in some grammar commented on something important in a bad mood just. It was affecting how I was being around my wife yes let's have a release Sunday what happened. Do you hit with let's take you back up Ted. Major said I want you talk about it. So I get growth I can sort of meet some friends. Have a good cook out this is sunny even rats spent most of the day kinda packet stuff. So go over there and then my buddies niece is right. The Debian nice Derek seventeen and twenty separate dinner they're like hey we're gonna bake a cake cool. They make a fund said he can't crank. On Teddy cakes are also even put too little American flag you know the blueberries in the raspberry is a delicate genius or raising the blues bear blueberries and what is in this for the flag there it yeah. There Rios gets that bus they were the only ones Alexi rat he's got duke. Anyhow since you look at nice kind of an allies in young MC and got a drama dude it's a cash machine. So anyhow so I get home. I'd been productive and Allah my buddy's family it was just it was a nice big kind of family estate I mean I just tweet out like. Lleyton bragged tweet et Al to take us on study. At fun city take tonight you know I saw a big labor retreated at Greg made it may test page at Izod said he could take is great this one guy just goes. Of course did you fat ass. And then he likes his own tweet and then reply highways. I do respect and like derogatory Baja. And then I guess is Marcus ridiculous Clinton or argue it's on by its distributed immediate that he goes. Many replies to resume tweet in its comedic goes. Love you bro funny show but you can't be talkative bragging about your fat bodies stuff that you like to dual Memorial Day that justice respect it was like. What's who you disrespectful to. XML was disrespectful to mow more it was just. I mean obviously like I could talk about it now but did Sunday night out was he you I would be too right I couldn't go to sleep for like two hours is but it's like and I like. We need to be more respectful. I gave him who's calling you a fat ass yet console immediate retrospect for. Exactly that's no problem to right its social media. I feel like I can't go what people the way they go and me because I would go right back out of but I couldn't we would be in the office and our boss people don't realize right. And that's the thing right I. I don't have to tell you would he'd had his profile this you know one of them was Yelp patriots in this and that and it's like he's a little bitch twitters his little safe space because he knows I can't go out. Brett NA news even if you could. It's not like a face to face interaction. But I mean so he can be mr. keyboard warrior all day and all night even if you did go back Adam but that's one of the hardest things with. Woe is us Bedard gave them my love RJ don't get me wrong you know one of the things I hate about social media is. GAAP Tacoma kindness you have no choice but to. We will get in trouble with our company if we snap. If we just and I have MM I think all of us have had that moment where we got talked to about that like look I. Those are customers you need to treat them with respect even if they're being complete and utter ass hats. There was criticism being ousted such a delay H mass tax. You have no choice C got a Graham buried but it. That's why I always say I'm not thick skin Ahmad bin skim it just depends on my African day and when you when you get asked if people like that. I don't matter of on the tickets can personal world hey you're pissed off and B you have no way to say what you'd think which reach even. Angrier yet writes I woke up pit stop I don't know maybe like one thing it's one thing you know like get it right the fat jokes is that I grew original. But then it somehow imply that I was being disrespectful. Did to Memorial Day out is it really you get off. No that's. Right it's. Just like the PR person who never gonna get down and that ballot can I got 11 last thing I've seen a lot of people they edit if you're one of these people that do this block. We want to agree to disagree. The cap for next thing. Came and met with the Seahawks meet personally would love to see him as a backup it way better it's an upgrade to any other back up we had I feel like that is great. Security forgot the remaining capital Russell Wilson. And I'm sorry this team has no problem but I love the Seahawks and a lot of teams that are guilty of this as well. No problem having guys that domestic violence issues but all of a sudden you've got a guy who takes a need to make a stand about something that is a legit issue. And we wanna blacklist a guy that seems ridiculous yes then I'm reading people onto baseball people I like. And that's again goes back to even as I'm a personal level I'm not going to get into arguments on social media to let someone a deal with it in government gets the it blows up as a direct to deal with it your work. But I see people going I will no longer be a fan of this team if he gets signed and is a Seattle Seahawks and all I wanna say to those people are. If that's the case. I feel sorry for you okay he's earned every guy DM Josh Brown Jersey when he was beat daughter's life for years as a seahawk thank you you cheered for. That's a suck to average is not right simply mandate they live what it's a make a point about something. And and look let's talk about the team right now. I don't think Ross stupid that's not be able to read on the Internet and read the news that hey frank Clark had issues in the past he hit whether or not he's changed his wife proud I don't know I hope so I hope that the team. Has helped him become an a mature adult. But if you're okay were cheering that guy when he sax players. You're not okay with a debit and he has had a history and get in trouble for hitting a woman. Yeah and back to you is okay. You can still root for the team and made. Christian cabinet took a knee. And then make your gonna we don't put that team what happened what more we MM yeah and he never. Crap on the contrary it's not even saying I hate this country I'm not. Standing up because I hate America and it what it stands for our men and women that have died for this country he did he admitted appoint this say I have nothing but love and respect for them. He needed to make a big statement to point out something that was bothering him and that was a way to get people talking I have no issue that. Bro drove me nuts and I saw that I I was so it didn't like. My one I don't what I saw the just and I don't think you'll realize when they do it sometimes is the subtle racist mess right. So it's like if Katherine gets on this team that did their Litton inmates run the present. What is talent Catholics and that's not bad dude. Not saying that's why use Josh Brown all the time I think yeah I mean there's been numerous. Other dude to dude terrible stuff and we don't label them as thugs are inmates mainly due to the black roots. Argued. Our body G Scott who home but he wasn't ever on our podcast you know yeah I met him would progression I wasn't him but it was someone who played his part. I love my time's over. Point out things on his FaceBook page and it's like hey everybody's talking about what happened though is a baseball player just got into a fight Bryce Harper Bryce Harper he's like. Let's replace that moment in the MBA finals. Do you think people are gonna have the same opinion and the same statement that they're making. If there was the NBA finals and it's like man I I need to I guy guide totally get what you're insinuating and you're a 100% right. UP light giddy about that fight did you hear the announcers who loses a good one. I gotta you're right in baseball you get cobra politics it's a big thing up I would. I do backup Bryce Harper on that one. I need you could you'd tried to tell me more all know Barbara Starr bright I didn't see it. I know is that he's he's he's against participation trophies are is okay in my book her credit. I thought about it yesterday it gets an outcome you wanna check out my blog. I am basically in the in the in the playoffs in 2014. Right that fall. Bryce Harper hit two home runs off that do in the playoffs aren't so now but that was 2014 this is 2017 writes it's like two and a half years later. So he decided upon come met. That was uses for some we've seen them and they didn't hug and a receipt that wherever there was no there was much for my Bryce Harper I don't blame him at all like like I guess they saw like this up auto pilot there's always unwritten rules he did applaud the guy. But fights even my brother set it to you like if you're potentially talking to somebody you've hit them right in the ass like that you did. They got courtesy like that won't hurt as bad this and had no don't ever go above the waist so it credit he pumped in a fastball right don't but any hint. And writes like I gotta blame harper for that all you it was kind of half the best part is Buster Posey doesn't even move the catcher. You not seen that I need to go back while I haven't no I think eventually comes down to one harp usually when the batters chain it charges out the catcher's right behind them food and we key charges out Posey just standing there. There imagery Robbins is watching job in watching that Brock Meyer show you watch that men don't keep her in half. I've anything and I got there and so I NCs roadside Hank Azaria. He is I baseball announcer I had a meltdown when you work in the big leagues in Kansas City I deed goes off about his wife. Basically being the town bicycle. And you know everybody gets Iraq yap pretty much it I won't ruin it for you but he's now back but he's working like some. What's up above a rec league baseball team in my some small town and he's basically incite a riot amongst the players on both teams. With what he's saying on the microphone it's. It's good timely we've done all this of this going on street unfunny. This is time we have a couple minutes but it's a ballot that lets its. It's always time for Owens still alum was guys yet job Johnny Depp on a show off a little while back and asks a bunch of law. Yes this year. A bunch of hot seat questions and I don't be kind of interesting because each yet she calls it. Hot seat eyed soul she's gonna ask that question I feared we can give our own answers to get the question is so it's almost like we're on the couch with Johnny Depp. All right are you real what is your favorite part of your body are Ted. Beers. Nice bet my a favorite part of my body. Cool. All my arms are not citizens and it was a natural. That suits what are you look at all the big things that weren't given to west and why else is a cap could scrape cleared. Currency which I don't try to say boo. But there. Back at your head yeah. That's been your favorite part your body for the moment com and you drunk you see right media strange I can't tell he's always on drugs or was kind of messed up for. Such. A drink shortage is believed his own character. Yet you want to about him being weird and it's almost like he became the weird version of himself like Billy Corrigan at neo he sings super amazingly. And knows any sort of singing super duper nasal way and it's like odds are you just being a caricature of yourself. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. We had a show with this guy I forget his name he's a little person is only the original Star Wars or whatever all that didn't willow yeah. So part of that show is is he's always trying to get worker whatever and one of it is a deal with Johnny Depp. Depp plays like Johnny Depp to that the turnpike weirdest agree it's one of the great is that it's time in my favor the nursing died active. Architect took down the price harper video easing uses the hot hand like we guys take an umpire itself. There you're more Rhode Island off and you CNET. What is your favorite swear word. Oh. But I think as far as my fear when to say and I don't say it I'll send this call somebody SEC under all. I see you next Tuesday all right I love that word I know are urged talk about that a common miscast for your driving is trying to get as worked up anymore but sometimes you drop out of C were to let. I double zero I don't cure your gender is amusing it all the time in my car by myself yeah music legacy is in my dad docked yeah soccer. Coming soon from doctors should. Their new summer line of talk suckers ho ho ho ho ho. They ride highs of something denied slow pace Iraq doctors outside. OPEC Jacqui well that you have back today I had the imitation doctors did it yeah. LaMont who wanted splurge on the doctors did I remember not having a polo shirt I had one that was called knights of the roundtable. Yeah. It's clearly our families not loveless didn't. Bought Lex. What is this greatest place you've got hooked up with someone who. All man I got a great when I go first. To be a tough one to talk about. Oh do say many many many years ago a token I would district many. Friends of benefits gonna thank. All right she worked in non medical world all right and hostile I don't know at an aids clinic she. Pujols NSR. Took a return. And let's just say some. Eyes glowed I told me eight Spokane where I'm gonna meet Whitner. An M in the basement of the clinic you let sex and the girl in the basement of aids clinic and have sex. Little let's just say we were working on the karaoke room and you're singing. Game on. I mean I did I would have probably would've put this shut shut it down to go further. But it seemed like good idea at the time yeah. We are paid she asked its Allen's fault. It's racking my brain have a weirdest place. Now I haven't been too adventurous. Like backseat of a carton. And issue vis. China I have something like that. We are part was with that one was that. One and the patients I guess army is is that it's been through I worked at the end of the time and it's just he's the producer. Tom on the big fan. Common guys not only are we get kind of sort of busted. But it's so it was at the top aides seem there's. So we use you got to meet on a hook up Brett. I think the oddest one probably was a few years ago. I I was date a girl. And then I had family in town armed. So I couldn't really we could really do much and she was leaving that night so I was in the parking garage of my own building inside her car like you know where that Doris mood like people careful combined suffered same thing there's a slight. Try and pull fulfill. All well and you're gonna hear it worked. Now it's always been one I would love them I know my wife would not be in an idea but that's always been my cup. And that it. The window is closing because we're not gonna have an office at the new building that were moving to get it's getting I mean I'm not that I BIK miles there'll pad. Look the other way. My headphones on news I appreciate that don't let me I respect you forgot the creeks. Try to Cyrano RSS Max up with someone called me here's our agenda censor this the change of heart truly but the show little girl I kind of your beat course. What part of your first celebrity trash who. Man maybe Paula Abdul. Ball. MC scat cat video now just two steps forward two steps back yeah Gutierrez and this is checked it out. And that cold hearted snake Powell was caught she east's McDowell and really was the hot one. But the does alluded to step by step where that term. We opposites attract the best news on. I think you're put up with a cartoon cat because you knew how sexy she got with that. The coal yard sneak one yet turn right Isa I think was earning yes we belief always like I'm Baywatch. Melissa long now listen a lot of are got to put Suzanne Somers up their 20 yeah step by step step by step I just outside master commercial acts proof. And at the daughter on step by step. Stay C. He blur seen men and a spinach oracle haggard. Later here but mine was. Alyssa Milano who's the boss again mother daughter I also like to the flight moving my guess what the million mom who's the mom. And the house yet. Yeah I mean both of them where my girlfriend at times when I would watch that show we'd all cops say Tiffany amber CC two yeah I about the belt lowest auto especially. When net that they came back and like she fully developed this around the same age so are going to puberty are on the same time. And they came back injured it just agreed to she's girl but like it made sense to be crushing on errors at my age to. And then. Do they come back in and the first episode was like she was in a bikini and it was like four on Moroccan body in in my. Aluminum aluminum and he hit there an awesome now wonder Johnny Depp has designed. For assists liberty approach. Carol Channing cut. I hear know read this game to out of all your costar says the best kisser Javier Bardem I don't know. It's OK of course yes it's a question. Tomorrow through almighty Robin. You know this'll shock a lot of people with thrills of very gentle kisses. He seems aggressive in this matter and have you guys talk or write your podcasts so gentle. Just to select products aren't. Hey yeah. Eliminate the mega man and that's how we're ready to. Hi everybody DNN there. He'd better come back. Golf. Thank you know I think did a mega that you love you guys can appreciate. Everything that you spread the word. The review was given five stars and help get the word now for the mega cash CNN's Reza love. And not citizens we've got the mega cast will be back next weekend my shirts available and KI SW. It's an intent was to. Got a minute whoa whoa. Move wolf yeah. Guess who else. You Terri anymore.