MegaCast 01/03/18 "Need A Snorkel"

Wednesday, January 3rd

It's a new year...and new problems with our studios/audio!  Besides that... ted and Steve recap their slumber party from a few weeks ago...Ted talks about going to Ocean Shores, and Steve recaps his band's show at the Highway 99 Blues Club.  Plus we chat about Star Wars, without giving away any spoilers (we promies).


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Head what I have seen. If this deal CNN covering media please ask us they don't it's dealing with the I know feels like forever after to log in Michigan and fitness ahead finish your sentences. Because everything about your that we telecast since we did via hang out your house. And I don't know we have our haven't. I don't know because we were on vacation. Yeah he's got a lot of talk about that up on Mike will won't remember and I was credit he should hit. Oh my gosh it's got to sit near my great we haven't done one since then I Allah Lulu. We I got really wasted chick filet yeah. Audio we should start with you know what I wanna get everything out of the way yeah let's do it new year new us we're starting to push him right at the beginning says the chance for everyone thank you for listening to the mega cast if you're new to the mega casual welcome aboard what the hell took you so long or happy you're here and one thing we like to do was get focused and get ready get prepared especially with the New Year's everybody's trying to get sick. Says is perfect for because you know ten pushups smoked when he push ups in the course of an hour. It's really going to get you in great shape it is yes Lotta people are swearing by de ice the new work out yet. It's like the four hour now or a four day or whatever I damn 21 worked out is for our body that too. For forty workweek that he works of force okay. You must look for mega cash you're gonna be some ball each shred it like it costs Butler right the cartoon version of it took me about arteries and blood mother and a breath bug should be all right then you know what it is January which means it is still winter. A halt to the winter let's get. Gonna get a new water. And I know. They've kind of I don't know if I recognized this like old cold record near one of the I don't know what react Howell. And just like. We screwed. It all the audio get a deal I guess. I. I don't know why it's pretty got our focus is putting out little. Boy in my computer forensics resign. It's. Just the idea behind Missouri and played everything. I. Talk about. Like yeah it was they my kids. It sounds like were underwater as they do Finding Nemo me Max yeah. Wow yeah can get your wrist shot so let's go receive entirely and I'm back going again. Steve ticket to a place underwater. Grocers relive biscuit grains. Oh alerted through. Cuba. It was just a sore subject right now a regular watch new day northwest to understand why. Crude Australia because a lot of what is the standing. And I know we had a we I don't avenger what two weeks ago we did number we may sleaze so visit yeah. Yeah I did dealer right now they're out of grass. And there's no word right I'm. Yeah. I. I. Yeah. Yeah. I. Getting into okay what about the bridge on your computer now lives in crunch the court now. The momentum heading towards its regional wireless. And New Year's. Steve. Tour that's a good starring okay he takes me. Pets. Like always a lot of the Ted talks just me talking to myself cuts the barn for this for this the first really gate. Is consistency OK I know a lot of people either make like big resolutions are small ones or whatever. And Mike the personal ones I had last year were good until about July. Now fell right. So glad that that's I mean they don't tell really shares just you know whatever small step changer making just to try to be consistent throughout the year. I bet ya. There also like for people to stop though shaming people who do. Now people putting out their new resolutions on FaceBook but putting down whenever Twitter that would make a list of things that I don't need the people though who. He's she's really can use new reason to do with the you know make you find the people who are making resolutions and an end. I think I don't know which is more annoying than you were hosting about the resolutions. Or the people who are complaining about the people posting other resolutions. Are so the only thing that the resolutions that don't get to me is I just as I know some people they just. Like every January it's like this massive thing but that it never panned that right so sometimes. Actually I learned this from Ted talk about setting goals mood right now talk about this before. They took two groups right they're gonna have to run a marathon. But they told one group was that they allow one group to tell people they were gonna run the marathon okay and the other group didn't. So the group that had to keep it quiet just had to do with themselves they all completed. But the group did it and telling people this is what I'm comparing for each picture bringing a little bit. So they were already kind of convincing themselves in the and accomplish the goal thus doing less. Ha so a lot of hosting a day Fiona we had waited there'd be accomplished you know they look like Babbitt. Right in its other trying to its that your brain actually kind of tricks you usually to reward exits that you've told somebody. So basic to the point that talk with sometimes you gotta it's easier to keep that stuff to yourself. The least tell everybody you know a lot of we will say we'll tell everybody keeps you accountable right Britain IC eloped you'll we pictures themselves shortlist. Force and it's always dudes and it says it's gross and so it can be accountable. Yeah I mean I. I don't know I think he goes to probably go either way yeah but for me sometimes I just left for the people it's like these is not to have a couple threatens the slate. It was like a really go through this every January but this big massive mailing out completely changer and this is heavily. You should go back to their page find like every January post every New Year's post and just like screen shot a mile yeah. It's going to be different and these posts and see what happens he create drama. Theater that. Have you ever seen like the awesome and everyone the big thing also is transformation tees they're transformation Thursday or whatever it is again once showing their transformation pictures. So I don't know which is the right make. Which is the current and which is just passed a dollar a minute or more in him one time where it's always poses something. And the past picture. I thought they were way more attractive and then the current and I and everyone's like oh my gosh curly look so amazing now and it's like now he looked like unhealthy skinny and I kind of liked it when you had more curves gallant do you know well oh yeah yeah I mean yeah at stake. I guess we'll just like the picture. As a block ads but the angry face on that picture. I think all right this is the type of kind of talking about that right okay so great console give Blake so who they did you semites. But you know anybody that was like super thin and then had a baby is that you release a party they know there are nights later we like. Couple extra pounds go Kanye yeah like I keep that baby weight yeah he broke just fold. Don't you belts but stay in there right everything's looking good did formula. Ivan always don't want Noah says. Fine thanks so I'm most women look really hot after they had a kid. You know I mean if they were hot before obviously yeah DIL a U I had a kid. Around him Tommy can command coming relocating patter. Cheer that that that certain glow that they have I don't know I like it. Yeah yeah. Yeah I would ladies get pregnant don't really get my daughter when you bring that combined for dudes is just pure jealousy oh but it's like to make our post a picture like how. Six months hard work and I got rid of the dad nobody thinks. Trying to had a six packed in like the cut going you're just really shredded now. Like all right how hot I desire on both had to do and it's in the military needs. And late last six months they deserve whatever what do you think six weeks yeah any edits before picture which I would be. I told the day might you might I have by Abbas and now is how my body was before and I got hit at nights I succeeded in life like you look good job like yours of shirtless picture and you're good shirtless and then all of a sudden now he's got like he's more ripped and it's like okay great thank you could kind of double dragon gets is an eye and somebody else Oreo its total jealousy at this late. All right you have a debt the funding would like to hold dad Bob thing. Is like ideally right it's a good guy who's in shape it has a bit of a guy right right that to have pride. But I yulia receipt on the extremes that are really fast behind me in the god dad bought her like a super shredding data Blake. But dad about it but I think either views with that term. And that's a dad bought I saw my dad's body. This year I finally my bottom among her dad for it's not my dad's not. I want my wife to get pregnant so I can sympathy with their right or she says I wouldn't be allowed to be you know what she's not always home when she's not home with the Ted Smith. And we dieted Smith we tend to go to tickling get a bunch of chicken just in case we get hungry later yeah. That was genius yeah I should answer it was one of its the smartest moves on the road so we had a big slumber party in my house and on December 15. On Friday night Ted this is a shift we get in the car and we get to Puyallup. And we miss picks up at chick filet just in case. It's right so we knew who played later in the night we'd be hungry whatever but we're not in order pizza went we we don't know what time are going to be up plus like. Initially I thought well we'll just get a pizza and having in the fridge then it's like your wife does not eat pizza now if we didn't eat it's. That patience and get report right. Some way doubt that there's a Chick Flicks we stop and check to any immediate two quarters the nuggets. Think basically we got home we had one piece I ever have a before right that's right welcome to the world of digitally nugget. And I have to say since then I've gotten them again. Oh no kids are I was Gary wants him today and I was gonna go to an airline was sonics' current takeaway here I come yet but I get the nuggets I ordered the twelve piece. And the happening give me I think it was going to be to box set to boxes and there and doesn't mean one box is a sixties and other boxes a six piece. When they must strip the order and I don't find it sounds like a home. Beginning to twelve who else. Is always on the net a couple of them through the rest of way and I don't need to eat all of these sets. Our store. I did I tournament site in my stomach he took a Malda he had Dyson is incredible it's so we stop the chick fil a we get these nuggets we have one apiece and then we put him in the fridge. Then he had a huge night and it was like 2 in the morning and I was like dude on the heat up those nuggets and he did yeah. It's like animals will appetizer and or delicious yeah. Ordering him for us I don't like there was thought you want nice Polynesian IRA. Polynesian sauce for one's it would it would just won't be out on a look internal Mike. I got. Well I yeah I don't have swings hours all us. So my sinus stress and Omaha then look at chemical star doesn't have fun looks at me and even the same time is of the voice through the voice box. You both go pop Polynesian is our sweet and sour sauce. I'm officially gone mass. It was a great night we had a great time and enjoy Sussex is a sad is that you could tell that we were not not sober. Jack that's. I'm sure the story I just don't remember it's been so long. Data I know we had fun it seems like over a month ago and I know wasn't canceled what happens is I haven't seen. Yeah and that is now we can happen between you just it's a little hole on I agree you don't have to work at stuff Leo it's ocean shores are couple days how that. Also are real quick so you talk about oil is actually got two brother segment to what you're talking about how. How you're like asking for the sweet and sour in and finally just like her that she's a kid that. That is the Polynesia insults yeah so we're sit in this hotel room right. Shiloh in and night it's a whole group of us right but Brad. In terror and her boyfriend right there and airing. So Brad doesn't drink ten enjoys about march so like some of the other people are you tops my heart he are not big drinkers either it's at a certain point guards they were there it's like. Think 830 at night we've been hanging out like so much who we're aroused they pay me am I play a golf fireball at the cheeks of fireball cracking. So. It's neat and Terrence and on a couch and in a couple of her. Our bodies just seem to he sit in front of us James bring it to Jesus is raising just need Jessie. So it late Brad is next store with like Cobb so can we needed whatever so. There's a sound in this song that I guess terror and thought it was Bradley components and room it's a drug which is if I. A big joke hated that was just the song hall powerful pop. Familiar and a good night's right and I think it was just that reaction of late clearly brand new sleeping I Haiti you can look at it. You usually get drunk and like act like a rapid progress right brash arrogance I am. Yes she did this they look at her face with the idea that just the sonic. While you're there. I didn't miss out on the big coverage of British showed that happened that's right I mean NN blues have never been that club before M my first look at those kind of skeptical it's a weird set up a billionaire dude dude I've talked by and so I I've never been in. No we come back we'll talk Arnold and about that that would that we were still on time that's where you're high resolution data on time Scientology is a did CC consistently stay on time he's all right when the mega cast when I get consistently get this part holed up in yet. And I are great and they. But it's not all over just a couple of breaks you don't want to do today. It's my computer breaking. Look this is going to be interesting to get those commercials out. They were yeah look at incidentally. I. Have pills. Street sense and Cleveland Browns pull in sixteen importing seventeen season. See all the plays that almost word. That's the myths and they've missed opportunity. Or potentially a big play. Old silly game they were leaning against Green Bay within injured Aaron Rodgers. You shouldn't overtime. Plus montage is a head coach hue Jackson shaking his head in bewilderment. Along with Montel edges of the guy in the dog pound wearing that rubber dog masks we these head in his hands. Border now and get a free bowl captives is Cleveland we're number one in draft picks the Cleveland. Wind laid. It's. Truly. You yeah. And we got. And in color. I. As good enough green there's something back tees we tease. Each seat DJ Khaled Weight Watchers. It was gone off without noticing music endorsing or someone right yeah apparently I apparently paid him any supreme chunk of money. It's Canadian pop tart started now. Aren't they here. You. Is it just doesn't work with a starting Steve's been down this is my you have to fart my dad is what we do in the mega academy stashed. We Parton to microphones here we do it on the range wealth. Some people when did you go to all the time for my bad sorry old party and he backed it up it's rough and jobs. You see what it's he's looking his computer looks good dog who's that down my bad my bad I mean apart that you doubt. Sorry Amy and I have a question for that yes you're married yes I am I sect. Do in the morning when you have to fart. Bro it's a big problem with the current 90. It's about the problem Mike I mean honestly if there's any yet leads to. I first joking arguments and sometimes escalates to not yelling but like kind of being a new it is half with each other it's my party. And I try I do try announcing she understands a tower this. But now apparently doesn't overwhelm her head. I said like listen. Listen woman. If I authority if if you if I at least every fourth that was in my system. When they show up in my system. You would understand how much I hold back my fart it's yeah it is like I could probably part every two minutes at home. Anywhere like I want to bring in any given moment this is I don't know what it is I can't fix that. And I try and hold them in as much as I can but sometimes either squeeze count on their own or I just need to let them very. And it drives her insane. So I'll always trying to go to a little different room and I fart and then all she follows me into that room and gets mad at me on my blog I came into this room. So I kfar. So that you don't want to feel it and see it and smell it see it I don't know what can afford some thrown out there I've item up Ted I just make complaints from so it's it. I try and might get out of wherever I am with her and go for elsewhere unless she's asleep on my lap and I far all the time. All right. Well I tell them how she follows you around you're trying to walk way to fart that's is that rose just to realize into us to Washington a war zone now my whole what did you what did you think I'll bet you they don't have walking away from the conversation could I was done with the conversational mode that disrespectful. Yeah now I've done that before too it's usually eleven apartments or whatever of this open Mike the slider ya just try to stand there and far that's it what are you doing at home party and try to. My main issue delicious the morning I'm sick the other day you make. You know I went down my cats and snacks and errors and a stomach wasn't film the best in the morning. Site is usually like lift the covers of murder it is far athletic covers that I. For whatever reason the UN's gonna get another girlfriend like yeah can I just have to be that care about what I eat the night before. Yeah I wonder I don't know. That it's tough though I mean you know the hardest one for me is when I go to bathroom but the pooper and logistical. We don't peeing in the last couple triple triples. I got to push you know yeah here I get that last bit out and win and typically like I said I'm always holding in a fart so I pushed to let the free. I'm also pushing up the far and she's mad about that Carmichael where am I supposed to do this juridical. The reason we don't argue over this stupid crap literally. A plus side MP. But (%expletive) like that idea that is a neighbor's yeah yeah I really well last referred she's due to be far off before the sleep doesn't. All right but I try to be good about hold them in all right how far can sleep eventually. Let's be clique so party right I think so yeah America's youth you cheated on the menu in their dreams all had that happen so life yeah. It's I'm glad you brought that up yes about dreams what happened all right. Right okay so you're married he probably don't have these dreams as much anymore. Did you learn when you have a dream of how late I'm only a famous actors or somebody a half you know largest pan out I it is just such a woman in your dreams for a guy. So late it's very hard sometimes like have sex in a dream yes so here's the thing up wanted to bring up okay. Running final whistle sound kind of sad but it's funny. So I had a dream the other day right like I'm just in this woman bit late. It's almost like a comedy movie kiss 'cause it's like there's no tong her age are you out of San learned sock Drew Barrymore ministry in. I don't know if I would lose out from oh I. 51 dates I was thinking more of like what it singer dumb and dumber where its mouth just let it our all all right. I'm like dad but there's no time right. It even like Kwame can helped the slick super hot chick like imagery of him like why isn't new tundra we just keeps like bush terminals the other half Steve. I woke up now. The slate kiss and a pillow. I'll call up like what I like tonnes are dry. Senators aren't. They oh what that adds up because he's the pill that doesn't just. So very happy. Yeah I have had happened upon her and I have to keep the heat. I'd woken up by dry hump in my mattress before France. It's so awkward 59. Much now but when I was younger I would imagine you as well like yeah I can write down formulated days where you like really discovering who you are you are out. All all the time and it sucks because and then give it a great session the nine sacks but I just hung out this chick and she's hot new wake up in a dammit. I'm okay with the fact that it's a dream and that was a reality that grows way to watch from my own you know yeah. Can I just go back and hang our there's a more any trying fall back asleep she's not coming back Joseph and now exe throwing Matty that you laughter. And not giving you a second chance yeah man unacceptably never come back now you giggle or whatever you have your dream would you try like obscure right back to sleep can be there. But now then when you try to get back to that dream state use there yeah out Schumer Gavin since. To that they're shooter. I told Joseph not into city new. We're not playing golf hockey. I almost contacted you while we're on vacation and I was going to invite you Wear out my lovely wife and I went to a movie we never good nights like we never I mean it's. The last time my wife went to a movie. Was around the Batman film when the shooting. She doesn't she she's is terrified of going to movies because while yeah I'm a roar Aaron. Are yeah I was yeah car all right yeah yes so since then she's never gone to a movie I think I've gone to maybe one or two because of work. But don't go to movies. Let out of go to movies in and I went the week before I took my wife I went and saw Star Wars is not Seattle with does go my buddies. And we went inside and four. I don't know if you know what that is so I don't Ted the man who doesn't joy Yasser herbal remedies from time to time yeah. You need to eat I'm not saying you should. It's it may be just time. And I'll make I'll go away if you if you want. You need to go see Star Wars in four DX it's only showing one theater and that's the meridian sixteen right by game works no kidding. It's there's only I think six or seven of these theaters. In all of the country and we have one of its 3-D X what that is you got the 3-D glasses yeah and you got you like going amusement parks right you can go to the inside to watch his movies that are fully interactive. In amusement parks relative chair move chair moves windy city you're in a phase watered kind of hit Uniphase. The chair goes up and down like a rollercoaster. It's like that's. Yes. Milk kids it's incredible it's a two and a half hour rollercoaster ride while watching Star Wars full three ED. When things from when you're going to like I see where you're flying in the air you feel airing your face. When not a big hit. Went into the water drip of water hates you and you turn to water off my wife ended up turning off the issues like too much water well the first thing they do was a kind of give you like a little testing. I. Your idol rollercoaster like hey get ready this is what this forty X is all about before the movie starts eyes so you don't on this who chairs a move and it feels awesome moron like GAAP. And then all of a sudden. You good do accident that words priest who want to take and it's a big blast of air and water sprays this in the face not enough to make you like what just like a solid list right right she's like where's that button turns it off. If he's got hair or about not us now but dude. It is being seen that good they. It's I will go see every movie. That shows on the fortieth screen adding Jurassic Park is a Max and are gonna be doing. I imagine morbid it's going to change my I mean it's brilliant on their part whose movies I'm Sharma the only one it says that you do stoop. Other points they come out on the man I don't need to dance theatre through you port. To be at vetoed a bunch of strangers yeah it's social wild card you'll know it sounds they're gonna make you don't know who's kicking your chair. In this situation things kick in the chair but it's actually meant to have meant to have an act but I mean now I'll go see movies where if it ain't it includes this forty X experience because it's it's. It's something I can't do at home yes us again at a fan out and missed her and my wife put it pulls the chair I mean we can't do that I could do it and it's a lot cheaper in 25 dollar ticket but it's 25 bucks to go and it's worth it. No kidding ya the rights it was that much fun you have a taker yeah so I went had a great time told her all about and she was like that's sounds like fun and make would you wanna go and say yeah. So we went down I was gonna hate yup I think you're still an ocean shores turned desert and it's like three days yeah but dude if you have a chance. Go get re stopped in check it out I wanted to best parts of the movie I'm not spoiling anything that she's so like did she doesn't partake. Right now you we sober yeah I mean I'm not saying tickets don't to a drama everything's awesome stoned but yes it definitely would enhance the experience they have been doing the whole time. They might do this Saturday. Yeah it's going to be awesome. On the depart in a movie and if you do procedure no department you finally get to reaffirms a cease to make towards the end is part wrecked ship goes in light speed right. Oh yeah dale well it is our horse in this scene it goes in the light speed and then everything. On the screen audio wise it's silent as its its cut it makes sense during a movie that everything's a tick foolish. Men. Is that. What's going on outside of our building. Summer is playing. Super how music for sec. But there is a resolution of doing highly produced mega cast. Anyways so it's super quiet. Cindy European drop. And you know my when my wife agency required your group to Google. Whoa like cool it's cool yet is on stupid people in this country that apparently would complain to theaters like. Movers great book who's part in the movie where the sound dropped out in a not happy about that you know I know dumb ass that just goes to the right is it. We've gotten so stupid that they now have signs that say pay it's our 57 Mark Kirk there's a scene where the ship gets goes through something gets quiet at intentional. They meant to have a doubt got to be kidding not kidding mediate these to give you warning because there's silence inning because some people are just that stupid. The best parties him to break it silent. Some people don't expected to get silent so did the reaction that some people hat is I wish I was recording and this is my well my body's. Ralston there were watching in sync the new shelling to an afternoon so by that point when it happens. Lush quiet and religion I heard a man has an orgasm. If it's great not really radio as it moves. That was the sound this grown man two or three seats away from me made. We were in tears men think. Idol experts will be sent to a guy I don't know receiver going. Now an awesome quiet it was great it was it is it's well worth it if you have a chance definitely go see it. Our but I missed referral to a break down let I went and I'm Bruce up never been there before. Good or bruise a pretty tiny show Ben Smith who's a drummer of heart he puts it like an all star group and a jam and John this semi ten miles wide you are doing increased stake I would Islam girlfriend whose awesome. And that was really cool. And so. Is it almost as they normally someone thinks on net and I think Chaz is working on something with like. The exception soundtrack cease its yeah no I'm sure nobody years despite us but anyways. So. I was planning on driving to the show. I will always goes go to party boss part of us. Turned out I felt through just because I have enough my home he's ever going and it wanna waste. Lion pride out of my name of the demand it and yeah it might turn out that you just driving me Allen really when you do that so while we kind of for another show make it more special and there's like a few of donkeys were gonna come and it couldn't have been worked out so. Other LB DO almost contrite myself. So our plan driving weird too is like I can say it didn't dawn on me when you invited me to that was the Saturday night yeah. I think you could use lose track of base dude did someone posts a bit like that weird window when. Christmas and just. And for a New Year's that you're like in this weird. Time warp of not knowing what time and its NATO attack and as you don't know what day it is now not at all exist with city stadium I don't know it's just needs every day's Saturday right now there's a ball game on behalf. That's all the matters and that means every day's a Saturday's. So other all right screw our drive earlier that morning I'd never think there's weird pick up being thing with my car. Any gap worse and it was like. Sort of rattling the engine. And it support turned around for went to church brought it home just does not touch my car touch my car luckily my body Travis he hit me up earlier today man Tom coming to show you know I don't drink so if you want me to be your designated driver take yet. And a further leg not now then tied him up in my came man it's. I'm not jury if I can even get to Seattle with my car. Catching you up and a dvd offer picture or die just needs to spark plugs everything was filed my car drained get that fixed until the next day right June gazing at that later. Are so now it's all bets are off I got wasted did you just wasted playing wasted up on stage having a blast just. Great time. Aria yeah and is just an awesome time that Ryan castle shows up and it's very rare usually he's always sort of feed me shots and I can't. This obviously shocks like yeah I think you're not driving I don't know. So now doing shots whiskey in that fire that she starred George shots audit John this shows up I he's like hey man. This guide are pretty big rig arm. He's been pointed to a shot a fireball with you forever but you're always driving or this or that he says he said though I can bring you over and you do with a shot a fireball with them so give me forty bucks. And I really need the money so can you come over Jewish out of fire Mike I would have done a shot even without the forty dollar incentive. To make it eighty did you tell him he needs to give you assists 300 dollars so. There's got Canon I just lots of Maria and stuff going on we play we have a great show not to fund had gone. I guess so rest tonight ahead of us. Travis is an easy is doing his bank he's like got a lot of friends as well there are so we're hours but as yet Iverson's everyone he's a great dude. Deceased drum tech for everybody at me jump take for me and I also I even needed a high similar kind of got weird so he picks that. And it was cool to play with like Ben from Ben Smith from heart and would agree drummer and he complimented by drumming which made my night you know I was like a cool thing to have a guy who's accomplished drummer. Say nice things to me and something on the backstage room. And Sean Smith is our shot is moves in pigeon had sacks all and you also he's the front in a brat. They're down oh yeah Gaza right exactly and Brad is a huge stand for me and my wife as I think you'd want Rivera yeah. We use a lot of music. In our wedding so I never talked to its end result of yes and and did the monologue on that yet again of the night which is incredible what I've never met or talked to Sean Smith all right and now here I am. Wasted and I walked into the backstage room there Sean Smith. And I did and nice leads him Steve tickle me yearly super nice I don't. You're gonna have to bury me I'm going to be a fan boys for just a couple of minutes and I'll shut down I try yeah. OK I nor the subject of my wedding Bo lot is that it. All right dog being a fan boy you as well where's my money for the out about for the music being used. Our PayPal TS. Texas you're gonna fly him a foreigner there but he's got a fresh forty on her staff doctors describe exactly. Since then fast forward to the end so he performs a little bit with Brad with job with Ben Smith in the in his stand in and he sang on the back room again and I'd end up in the back room without without John this is girlfriend in star. She's there as well buying and you are the people of the big rig was active season but let me and a bunch of people. Somehow we come up with a title to a song I Karen was they did off this bitch or something behind and instead she started singing it. And then Shaun Smith there's a piano in the back room search. Laid off it's created this ridiculous song. I I I I blow my phone recorded it and so I hopefully that's our deal work but I have played reason this is our new song. There are rogue in the back room of highway in and I blues club I. I mean is okay. Okay. It's. You. Yeah. Yeah. Are you guys need some way to I don't know Ted I don't know if they were still playing now Al therapy or what was going on. I owner out there remember recording this until the next day. I did I would notably already tea that's our new single tibia coming out on never that are. About Mike. Our regular the microphone a Mike wow. I got a moment where is John Smith a guy who I truly truly idolize yeah and he just. We're got a jam called ghetto bitch about stuff all the computer now he's never no never knowing that I am glad that we got a committed to tape yeah we'll press on to some final. Did that collector's edition actually Ted Tom afraid to take a break why. Well because we're going to be going underwater. They're used to it by now I get the circles out yeah get up bitch it's Oracle's. The Rio. Early batting. I'm not. Aaron OK I don't think. I'm not alone. And that you can't. I. And I mean. I love him. And. I am and then we do. All the debris do. Here is officially here. And it's time to keep your New Year's resolution so introducing their hippos system weight program give both system. Where you mean what you want when you want and as much as you want. Fresh veggies disgusting you're reading today. Forget that until flu you're having pie life here hello leave us your golfing mudslides. If those system weight program reporter today and receive a coupon good for 25% off your first day angioplasty. Get close system. Order now. Hundred for his close. In. That. Town and yet I went and. I. As bad as you guys are circles offer if sorry sorry sorry. To any team. Did you expect anything better from us. 2018. Fell prey. So obviously. The trump tweet about how big is button was fantastic. Right I'm just like come on dude which you're the leader of the free world pervert our member treaty about the size of our Biden and how much it works. What was inside the Secret Service are on choice it's. I was also blockade of helped. Did you see that exchange between late Christi T yen came. Chelsea Clinton know. So. Chelsea Clinton or Christi T get right. Weeks of evil guy who basically are using pictures of her and her baby as like all there and a pizza ga there and it had a file thing in this and which again. The amount that some of those people talk about pedophilia is really alarming tests right hate. I really think you people are focused on it and are into something weird non. So they kept Blake like they brought up it's a so she went on Twitter she was a K lake houses person verify they did is making up BS claims or whatever. So somehow. It got tagged until late. Do you support this in the Chris CT images like eight who hurt or Hillary or Chelsea Clinton hop Dan I now. Somehow hooters Gotham hall all of it careers a slate. Focus some guy they had a face scooters account has played. Christie TV and we know you're into teaching KUQ Chelsea Clinton make show up. So that somebody else's they hate hoosiers did you know who this guy I knew exactly do you guys and in polluters is like we have not managed to witness here I try to Christie dieters is like high suitors. And then it was just like this is this is like the first day of torn eighteen McDowell Detroit seventeen was not. That was not a bad year this now this is just our lives now. It's almost like you're there like we are you guys dot Twitter and social media was crazy last year we're starting off with a bang. The yes button. I think the horse that it just. Jesus there I saw a couple friendly I can't believe our president making penis jokes or making cop comparisons to appeal to make you penis. Referenced saying you know using. Innuendo innuendo yet penis innuendoes. Add my on my headphones can quite a scenario. Candy was personally headphones on and restoring we often. January anymore I just I could hear me are your deck Jackie G despite he's moving your mouth at ten a Monty by the detective sergeant Steve Jobs. Give us pitched it up there GPS fox put out I might do what the hell okay are we overreacting you know Oca sometimes I think on both ends you know we liked give dove go to those of the conservative side a hard time. But it does liberal side can be just as equally annoying and ridiculous is well short my first instinct was our what are we jumping to conclusions about. Thank you on Twitter and I read service and other tweets government in my head scratched moments you know. And I come across that wanna make our right yeah they have every right to me if I'm for this one this is ridiculous. I mean he's threatening nuclear war on Twitter yes like I don't even know lake is that okay are we allowed to do that. No apparently never won and I agree with a lot of people like Twitter I think his violates some your terms of surface to play you can't threaten people on marriage he's threatening nuclear war. And number two is slate that's icing on their beat you up quite a flag pole tomorrow right it just like somebody in the GOP and that White House take that. That god damn phone away from him. Or I'm late just don't let him have the app lake again this is the president of the United States making Dick jokes yeah right let's just let's just say April okay. It's wallop. While threatening to blow other beat up. We greatly this isn't in the in this type deal like I'll Wear Americanism that would let's. Honestly I mean ray didn't write if you're GOP person who. Reagan bill Reid is live or read the quotes like he said it like look you fire one of these nobody winds right break his image in the whole thing is if you keep threaten somebody else. They have to fire first but he'll write if he is only goes elders and a new car way. You're gonna jump and send it. And the guy obviously gets worked up about stuff and like so what happens if he's in a bad mood one night I mean per I'm sure there's extra precautions that like. You hope I am running its huge hit just he Willy Nilly (%expletive) off nukes they compare them sites are beta since. Hash tag read button scan. X I couldn't believe it I come. And god forbid let's just say and I hope it doesn't let's just say all of a sudden some kind of a nuclear war war against. Fast forward. Twenty years from now. The history books are gonna say it all started on talk there. Yeah it's not not weird that like there's a form of communication that did not exist. The last summer out war and that they granted detecting we weren't at war very long time ago. Americans everywhere war right now yeah you're right. I can read quite possibly could see the beginning of a war. I gotta look a war war war war war war. Right world war three yes yeah that starts because of Twitter. Imagine all the times you've told your friends or anybody you know. Don't get upset it's social media like just let it go blah blah blah I think we're that's our Brooke just massive conflict because of Oregon is ocean and you're gonna laugh if it's a screen shot this and I almost posted this before that we went out. I had every intention to post this goes listening to the David Brothers. Aria yeah. They have a song that is. Really freaking cool and there's a lot there's a there's a part of this and I I that was really amazing and I it is if you look at Ted topic what are your talks on the ice had talked. Where the wife says. Decide what to be and go beat. That is in that you know I found out the edge to for the BB wrestler and cope yeah he said that it is how all things speech to came across this past last week. It says there's a song I wanna quit and he's a big fan of rock musical as Pearl Jam Foo Fighters neat and he quoted that line as being like. That's vague words of inspiration if you want something do. Yeah video if decide what to being go be it whatever it is you dig you wanna be the sign on it and then take the steps to become some like. That is a great day I was in thrown out there on Twitter of all places and say you know great words of wisdom from the David Brothers. And it's crazy but this passage from their song. Was written in 2009. And I feel I still applies now in 28 teams. And the rest of the line I think I was gonna include the whole verse. And says when nothing is owed or deserved are expected. And your life doesn't change by the man that's elected. If you love so if you look by someone you're never rejected decide what to be and go be my dad is so heavy imperfect and cool what what a great New Year's message. To drop on Twitter screen shot right fancy like that some type it out yeah. And your life doesn't change by the man that selected. I don't know that's necessary feature can be more man I think our lives are going to drastically changed. If this continues. Right so. Right so this is always kind of a part practice in you know we talk about. Gun laws in this and that and now we're kind of getting to that. That tipping point right. Seriously you need guns protect yourself and I've always said like OK but which are talking about it with the fire profoundly Fowler summons a you're talking about raising arms against our own government yep from led with a tiny aerial or did touch. Tight pack tied tyrant. Higher ranked Mauresmo worried that makes a tyrant yeah yeah I don't and so it's like now we're kind of that breaking point world thank you for like a vote for trump when you take the whole system down on this and Alec. OK well now we're taking on the system and we might be a nuclear Orson. Hannity started because of its three. Right in like we know Donald Trump in this country right and we kinda give it a green a slate you just on Twitter he's just talking trash America. But the rest of the world doesn't look at it that way Newton right they look at it I think we kind of crazy you'd be sitting mayor making Dick jokes about nuclear. And. You know I had but there's also part away just for the record okay I'm pretty sure there's not just like a little plastic place Kasich you flip up and there's one red button. I sure hope not like whom he's up for when that somehow little bit right out there and I hope that's not the case. Jeez it's like. Put the needle thing right like I never go out and here's the sideways like Jack king five's coverage down the space Tino. And they always interview the guy that sets up the fight over our office so we watch it all the time to really good we have it on DVR resolve to watch his own spoil it but I imagine a fireworks written so it's it's sink Brian and then using other guys it's always with whom. For all credit Kim Holcomb great but Kim's there all. Michael Black. I think it's I beat him via some lake. Yes the fire or guy like you sites and I like that guy and I but just like Soes are one Digg button or whatever the (%expletive) were God's got a looks and his. It's our computers man had a backpack basically I'm just there to turn it off of something to go for up up up up. Or here's the trees as read to us by Anderson Cooper. Responding to Kim Jung on the president tweet did and I quote. North Korean leader Kim Jung on just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. We'll someone from his depleted and food store food store verging pleasing for you in the eye to have nuclear button. But it is a much bigger and more powerful one then his. And my button works. You have the reason. NI CEO Schwartz is in previous month. No let's see how where you and I know that. That's for space all yes. I think I just particular favourite for re compete just give my daughter. I beg your pardon my cucumber. Strips. New movie that some. Lady and patent. Find better. I beg your pardon. Much to cover. I don't brands which animals Ralph's. Shrapnel schrempp's mr. rhymes with shrapnel smashed. I don't know how that's not correct cleverly got our our chemistry in the lunch room. Obama are you know what you think you mine's bigger than yours is right. Isn't enough there. It. That is I've played a rumor time are you know what you think your mine's bigger than yours right. Isn't enough there. Every shot give you the movie at the nuclear reactors. Think eighties action star are you know what you think kids. I knew that voice. Mine's bigger than your Israel. Who is it isn't out there. Stevenson golf it is Steve it's a golf is that hard to kill yes nice period peck items may is going to be hard to killer above the law. We asked our undersea under siege on the good news is my favorite of all that the students are now films we're just fishing ops and I take. Now it's pretty awesome and Ozzie just beats asked at a pool ball. Yeah right that's all we added that people want a sock desert swing and if I remember correctly is that this team owners I'm wondering just Alaska they're Joseph for oral you know I don't know now. Under siege every just the cook yes. Stevenson. I don't know man. Who's it Conan O'Brien I think shared a funny story about Steven cigars hands. To hear that what the they're big in leathery. Debris from the big buttons that uses. She's going to find it I probably won't but I don't yourself I want you bought it back at all. Right time right Todd can't do it can't do it we gotta go if Sheen it's unfortunate. Fortunately I hope we enjoyed this podcast is pod gets is bigger than most podcasts it is yes and it works its right. But the white suit and it works how did you know there's doesn't. I man I don't know if they just wishful thinking. If I could draw cartoons I would just draw a cartoon of him sitting at the Oval Office desk. Would just like a massive pot went to the point you have to like get up and break. Rick. It's couldn't resumes to speak. Means. Yeah I mean guys are somebody around him at all times big I you sure. Yeah obviously not watching over his Twitter making sure like be free it's the send button where it is facilities around him he's like. Begin to think she thought tonight they mammy leasing going never moreover buttons are. I still say and I was wrong because I originally I think he made its December. True that he's still city on some level I'm not sure he wants the job he really wanted to win that election that I do not doubt. Right he really wanted to make a point to Barack Obama yeah I'm just how positive he wants to do Cha. I think we consider a sit about the golfing thing would demand doesn't drink he doesn't smoke I really think on Saturdays. Even though all week they said mr. Charles Mr. President probably SEMR president yet but you can't do golf and this weekend everybody's all over us about the golf and then. And I think what's Saturday shows up he's just like I can't take it I wanted to blow for. I gotta get out of this room I gotta get out of these decisions. Are gonna get up Twitter everyone's writing mean things to me. Always trying to say that big buttons yeah and I went and ours are bigger I don't it won't be toll down without comment. Our table we see daddy here yet man. To be flying back a bomb on and Wednesday because from PGA myself. Are we going to be going to see yes could be c.s are you going this weekend yeah we leave on Saturday. No kids yup go to Vegas and 85 back Wednesday fired back Wednesday. All right yes so Don is gonna have a good time learned about some gadgets. Palm in the world to see yes. Not my world. Our browsers I'll try I mean there's virtual porn apparently who aren't. And machine that will fold your laundry I wanna check out how to check that out all 100%. I might even invest in that aren't aren't trying to think what else. Vaguest of time it like it just did you DJ Chris Wright yeah. So trying to think of where I can send you guys that all three of you would enjoy the same amount of fun I don't hurt that it Roger Sherman China could. It's it also arrives this friendship this is it's just a trooper put up about it. You know a club the limp biscuit songs are my computer so at least you could sound somewhat decent this way. Scenario I just don't run the water now now kids. Watch drive Jeff Flock. I applaud follow us on Twitter at the mega fascinate gets violated shout out how to make traveling that showed up to these podcasts get together. Oh yeah that's anathema to bring up an hour sic machine I'd be mad. Forget that and even though the party was happening I mean a bunch you know. Jesus Christ I saw the picture. Oh you know people ask another got a note Stevens busier juries do itself that I wasn't doing anything to fifteen minutes. You are the greatest. I was there aren't I said yes the answer is yes I should be match how did you should they get. It is I mean usually just. Super pissed you dividing he did not make you look I'm not I'm not I'm an insecure human being but I'm not so insecure to think my best friend wouldn't invite me to a podcast party. I was like we. I would way. I go every guy as much as they cannot always trying to support to podcasts out there were like where Steve and like I. I was text you like live in urban this time planning this all out doubted me and I. I assumed I had and why did you I had no idea you guys doing it. Thanks Bob was there how much the town like a week I know that guy could have a helicopter. Galveston repaired the Medicare came by Tristan. Somebody should know Eric I decided Justin Hannan. I saw everybody there for all the people are life. Call one rooms it was a fun. Then looked like it had thanks everyone who went. That were invited I guess it's my fault for not listening to beat my dad's more. The lesson learned. But somehow my development appreciated its defense. Sorry 10 my you can push us with me thank you Steve okay it. We'll ask our friends invite friends and things I. And if he's got it won't run. Grade. Thought. Winter biscuit with your business daily podcast party. Exclusively knows you that's right remains do you get the after hours. Us is fun man CNN had a good trip tied off. I'll get back to. Let you know how those things he village. Yes good how we're going to see escapades for Vijay makes no pace. They come up with some names like hero and a bunch of them like an adult couple ridiculous ones in America. C escapades is the most ridiculous when I came up quick tonight we love it or not but using yeah that's just good to call. I take care thank you for listening.