MegaCast 01/24/17 "Juliette Fretté"

Wednesday, January 24th

This week we welcomed a new member of the MegaFamily…Juliette Fretté.  Juliette was Playboy's Miss June 2008, and we chatted with her about her experience as a Playmate, and learned about her.  Plus you will never look at a pregnant woman again without thinking about hamsters!  Juliette also binge listened to several past MegaCast episodes, and she shared what she learned!  Follow Juliette on Twitter: @JulietteFrette & check out her website:

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I learned teen stands and a nasty standards it missed the stand Miley to fourteen issues. Yeah like after the truth I'm out I was in a lot of rap site and I didn't know there was a fourteenth hole and went to thirteen. It and it you mean you can't keep track then that's correct and shoot talk now so yeah I think I have the thirteenth his late fortunate on the bottle. She's she's trying to impress on Steve the problem is cognac is running out. Okay we'll have to talk about this summer what are the podcast and now we've got lots of good stuff but thought about. Deal for three dollars and ash. Well among many I mean either until these drugs. Hey what's going on man put up Steve very excited for today's make your cast. You may well. Happy giddy here. We knock someone in a while we know I don't know when morneau hit feels like we have it we'll also take it live up. Friends during as I say friend we just mattered I did Juliette nice to meet you all nice meeting all welcome to get Fred Taylor thank you for pronouncing her Fritz Fritz. Who. But it's French it's it's French although I practice. Some kind of cut angry at the French right now so I kind of I'm not as proud of my last name is I normally would be. Can amount of Louis the fourteenth choosing a lingering French. I am pretty soon as I went there and I didn't like sue now is really really disappoint and Chihuahua guerrillas. Originally the food and free it's it's like the basis of most of the food we leak supposedly out and I thought it did having eyes and I don't know I know I've gone the furthest of what's America's Canada. I don't you have an idea what my movement who shot on him because our food. Look at how I've had a premiere in New Orleans than you would be did you come on the no go back rooms that location that they're not her own C. Some thoughts I'd be cultured I. Enos are pretty our interpretation or French is way better like I went there I swear to god canning an insult to stake latest is anywhere. And I can't and is his problem made it worse is that I can't have Guerrier gluten so no bread no cheese no water no cream. And it was great second drinks so I was just like. No fun in my name and yeah well you hit the front. Well yeah. You don't want any cheese bread might get a perhaps. Yeah it's hard TI mean it wasn't how I planned it let's just say that but like I tried to order other things and in their fingers is not very. Like I just wasn't. Sold it occur I don't know it's hard to say that's what do you sense. There's a snob mark Merritt podcast and he had of all people Macaulay Culkin on and I mean I just now I've no idea what they'll Macaulay Culkin and up to other than seemed like he was like. In the gutter or something like that but getting off heroin here's the crazy part he lives in New York Daily News in France and mikes and living. The home alone life prison they go to France in the and they left in the New York one ranked I think so yeah the first. That was the first what does it unresolved issues he just continues to compact important but what do you see brought up was that he loves living in France because the food is so awesome that he goes all these bakeries and everything is homemade from scratch I guess I know Brent have haven't. I mean it does I would eighty Weller the Chris Johnson things they have it's like you're like okay you can just have a really like nice peace and meet with some nice vegetables are dizzy then and and just like I was you know I spiel there's French in Gaza Strip until like I really don't want anything blend entering into a lot of Glenn Weiner like OK in the brain listening planet like asking you know I was so that's. There's just really hard and close well he's fear versions and my first trimester pregnancies does like. I don't know maybe this is par is partially just meeting needy you know bank and the asked me last name. His track cheer its first trip I. Threat to put it sounds good to see give people an idea who Juliette for Tay is a former all math for you will forever be missed June 2008 Playboy that's what they say yeah. Phillips Don Cooper bread I love I'm not your bios is valued and not a feminist I mean writer of being bastard cat mom of the year modern Gypsy. Angry Madonna's manager Ron. And hash tag huge set of ovaries and that's that's about right yeah also how we describe Ted. But I had to get past minus the cap party is like Kathmandu I thought you guys brag about size two it's ovaries aren't. Well you know it's really the a yes man I. Yeah I play and we aren't subtle breeze these days I don't resent you know it's gonna be able to come here today because of ma all the baby making stuff the science that's going on and it's been a dongle oh Eli I guess yes. So we're still hoping I think Saturday will be maybe a day that could be. The magic that I went out have a sex I don't know yet what are you doing on Saturday exactly going to a fertility doctor to hopefully. Create a baby. Powell how not to deny you licensing Turkey baster Matthew and Luke yes so are we were yet we still trying to do is done. Up and putting miniature I mean. That's getting Kwame RE RER is stockpiling it so it's like you have a lot for the Turkey baster oh yeah there's a thermos in the refrigerator I am not kidding. I don't I'm not I'm not something I'm on this note to insult he thoroughly try. I had to do it there except maybe old fashioned American way yesterday and our dog continues to make things difficult in the bedroom Powell duty Dickey was that way too man. This did the last sixers girlfriend had no title happy on. French out now I think you know tourists would seem to think you just sit in the corner. And I keep you turned around he looked like you were hurting play all of my home I'm well without. I wish I was accused Lucy male dog whenever we we did she would jump off the bat and sit in the corner and faced a wall like ads don't wanna see that's just that's respectful I I appreciate that blew on the other hand it's a small multi shot and she's like seven balance. As soon as you know we are are are are are trying to be romantic with each other she gets clinging so she starts lying on my leg. No Mike it's almost psychological person I can just egg that gets an enemy gain in my choice of Dell's going on in my it is stupid targets on lag. So it okay OT a minute I just on duke okay thank you. So let me try to get America have a break we got to tune I'm a big too much information but then all of a sudden mood inside understood in the middle of them. It's kind of works her way like next to us and then all I hear an historic and I'm trying to be roaming Antioch here's. A she's licking her chops and Mike. So look in my automaker incident because it's just like not we want to hear this is not happening is it a Mike it's now we'll have to fight another day. Yeah horrible. Dude everything's against three right now man. Oh my god yet EE near Miami my cats like a dog in fact they call my cat puppy cat because of the green and kind of revisit rag doll all of he looks kind of like a long hairs siamese and he's he's he's I Colin make out kitten because he will put his arm. Is I don't know cash should look I think I am so. I'd be on high alert and they may make a kitten yeah my friend Ted he's been make a kitten. Put all this stuff for me today how she ovaries on the make. Good opponents. Thanks I thinks now is I I think it's I think it's funny in a BI he will stick his tongue in your mouth if you let it. Just like I had a date and like all guys out there right. Like steel and I didn't like the maggot. He's hardly anything dominant pitcher does a small little I am. He's like a client that I mean and everything you know I know reluctantly get my phone now is cross the room so I don't know. If you want to let's do that and more to our Ted talk like we usually do and I want to do could you be listening to him he cast Sony get your perspective on it Cobb and we don't learn more about Juliette as well during this podcast have we have. Plenty of time to do that so. I'll I'll I'll fire up the Ted taught you find your phones we could see your lol make Al kitten. And we're getting its push ups and all we can do pushups. He we aren't doing I mean you have to OK I don't know it's completely forgot about that are you OK with us doing some push you as long as I'm on one of your facts so head. Ha ha ha ha ha I. Please flight out of it over to push ups I thought this would be a good somehow we still do the winter biscuits. You know usually we are but I figured with our guest here and I got to be a very nice thing to make her feel at home all right and I act on a Sunday thought fit well with that Juliette being that she was Playboy's miss June 2008. Fools we go back to 2008 in June no go into I'm not dude I'm sure you've heard this on a million times. Hope compact computer is a rough day with technology I. I could see that Maine is not stopping here remember that song. Yeah the premiere of the year song my zebra head oh. Still think he's got a pretty good that's very old school there any attempt to get the Intercontinental. To get the heart rate blood pumping in the brain bucks today I'd make a family let's get time. I've got to say you do a very nice shoes and I think clearly and you and I can actually had the fact you guys didn't push ups now live Brian yeah. She read. And cat okay yeah I can make a kitten Nate I can understand. It's. And he's in. And time and he's he's in though with the washing machine now during our partners and their own oh ice this is gonna turn and so I don't she's. It's like angels closer Todd don't close at. If I don't features people so pages their kids slicks and then came her hand and don't. It's an ideal I dot Tillman who you're gonna preview of writing and that's great you have a little white dog that's awesome. Show me more are not yet nobody ever says that if more pictures of you can on your phone. Occasionally I get that from cat and he's he's very and I like priests are you sure you really move cocaine and it compounds and didn't he get this is. 88 got clean I'm not the only strange tallying the world but BI mean it's. Sons Davey. I'm Howard off there it is a tour it's 663 minute break to go didn't take its name. Steve. It's wintertime. Break football's almost over. Not a ton going on. Tartan Hooper if the some does it remind people now how let's give winter ready. Okay you're a mean flicks ever been here before we know it. So the stuff we wanna get done let's get done in the win. Some of the summer comes around we can relax drink light Beers with some of the things you think you can put them all like Milwaukee mile checks out the days in a row some of them healthy is that. I didn't have a medicine Gavin and not in our bathroom seed was very excited about that stuff done big time and I even put it up I Docomo proud. Sin comes home to a dog thanks so much it's great nice little glass shelves it six. Cared for Mike I know I was hoping you wouldn't notice. I'm not a handyman dude that's like my TV. But it has the brackets you can pull it hopes but if you pull out all the way out movie you can tell it's angle just a little bit tough but it just keep it flush on the hall. Yeah David plants that did take care of things in the winner. Oh gosh we as studio. I still need to unpack I mean I just moved I thought it would be a genius idea to you know move between Christmas and New Year's snow out there still certain rooms that are like looking like. The airing of Howell but are actually say one out of two so there's tried just clearing up that room and some furniture just he's been purges like. Donut coffee table I broke that out of spite Mike may be couple weeks ago on purpose on army and we're not gonna go about I don't wanna you can gloss over that well it's OK you know I know I thought I was actually living in air being Indies and renting those out for awhile trying out different cities to live in an and I bought out Meyer being indeed. Elise. And this is what we talk about obviously yeah tell people what you do you mean when you say your mom Jessie when you're telling Ted about that before we serve in the pockets like. Unless you just kind of like a Martin Gypsy with Caribbean me. Yeah yeah I'm like I'm definitely get out to those water moderate put it out although less so I came to Seattle because like you get away with likely the living in different cities are few months at a time and so Seattle is my next stop and I came during the dead of winter and my air being beat host who's actually legally sub leasing its meat. So I want to see a little bit longer so I kept kind of putting it off not until. Our lease putting off my and leaving and then eventually her release was gonna expire so I took over. The lease signed on and she didn't like come back and all her staff says she is basically fresh by a key you know so. She sold her stuffed me for like 400 packs. And so have all this BI analyst stuff I normally when our own you know so one of those things is this class coffee table that is just a real pain and is constantly shifting around in. I just got tired of it so like I just extra rusher with that one name is not. Who want to have an inside moved it like this crash he's like us do it thing got herein are now. So like I don't know what it iTunes you could put in the free section of my FaceBook or Craig's list and it has a lot of yeah. Analysts aggressive everywhere wouldn't that dramatic but it storytelling there's already someone sharp corner in house like. After I don't know like I just look at it and. When I moved one time like eight years ago when I'm there from my Capitol Hill the delta mountain and his arm wall that we give me. But I want anymore. It was just like Mickey or whatever. To me in my but he bend to the sledge hammer to. She's she's just a marvelous cigarettes and I thought you'd like so slams somebody threw a ballot that's able. Sort of like pick it up and it stressed crashed together you know like there's one closings are are fully on its album like what would happen if I'd just put did dat deck in the keynote is it that topped came off and I. Then just went. Splat to gathering knocked off like one shard and now like there's one corner it's all sharp and liquidity is a agencies to have seen her. Excuse me I noticed it coming you gonna have a channel remove yeah except always had six happy so now I have to give you this they have no choice but to get risk horrible table I don't like. It how I don't weird thing I'm I'm very anti clutter under Ayman analysts saw how the strange creepy sense of glee when I accidentally break something you have to get rid of it unless I really love it and I'm really pissed but you know. Sure I like really light cutting student there at. James then imagine you have to be a minimalist appeared to constantly traveling months on end I mean I did leave this giant pain in the ass and otherwise. Right although I've been rather sedentary for the last two years or even though I did how some high uses among couple months away but I still maintaining the Seattle. Apartment that or air India became the apartment. So yeah I think and chilling in itself for it every year sort of kind of moving in Seattle yeah I thank my my fear is cities ever none of food snobs I really like the food here movement is you like going. How costs are so many I really must stand gastric clubs to meet gastric punish this code for really high quality food and drinks. Had no idea what Daschle pub means a lot of guys don't. Tell. You're a city and I got a what you do. I am but I'm on the other side I feel like Castro pub means you're charged up the assets to your rights if you're right I like kids could truly I think they got a Daschle button. I sent out there have been over there that's only when I know I was charging me help me get this thing you've been don't want. I have yet. Repeat I think yet we didn't get that I don't know I like dome and I get it it's a good thing I really only know what they are is a guy Dave Barr rescue but. I I'd rather go to like a our or like a state house or something like that. And that's that's cool that's yelled Sousa they just got high quality like restaurants per capita I feel like there. They're restaurants are just better follow it so I I was back and forth late because there's a delta or there's a bluntly some belt and I really like I don't know that Henry gas republic their food Julie do it. You really expensive for the arsonists yet we're talking like expensive wise like how much like just to say to you you're going out for a night out what's gonna cost yet. Good so think cocktails you're running. But 1012 bucks that's about the app that I yeah appetizers like fourteen or fifteen spoke acts out some like that. That's actually that's everywhere in Seattle that isn't. Yeah I elegant yeah right. Right ports far specifically you know but I think you know the problem I have a gastric the other portions of meat eater like oh great I have a handful of Frye is that cost me fifteen dollars. But at least they're soaked and trouble will yeah sort of. Namely different ways of thinking out and they have this cauliflower that is phenomenal Elizabeth Scalfaro had my life. Clippers snapped. But can be fourteen dollars every organic brew won a wise thing allele around I think one time a long town and they weren't the first and went to someone I was somewhat dance get felt fancy a younger take my mid twenties like let's go yes gossip I ordered the scallop some might so pumped and I looked at the price on thinking. One there's gonna back up to truck which scalp for me it is like thirty or forty bucks for the plate and they showed it take three scouts and guys who got a truffle oil drizzle on it and I'm just looking MI. This more come through her think that ridiculous. Don't go back Barry lets of course it changed your life to that plea and toll did totally yeah before that I was just a mass now and I got married then. Trying to make babies it's all because a dollar allowed at least it was worth thirty dollars to. Let's take a break yeah come back I'll ask the amount of pressure I changed my life. Newton who could less editing it for almost think of let's ponder on them come back and talk about what restaurant chain Ted's wife she provided. An American blood so I learn more about doing that we're gonna talk about what you've learned about us and your time off dreams and listening to the mega cast so. We have lots of fun someplace you've probably already experienced that the bleed drew people talking around us. Got me Mina on the funny guys get irritated with with the sound insulation issue it's time to come back we'll talk more we Juliette unit. That's it this works I'm Andrew. Oh how very out and don't need to go and look. Teens intentionally ingesting highly toxic tide laundry pots and posting the videos to YouTube challenging others to do the same. You've seen the news. Procter & Gamble makers of tide of tried to discourage this thread until they realized I had. Producing new. Xerox just tied the this thing tasty big tight liquid you already. Now with the plays DJ your Sierra Tucson. Burned so much going down you won't even known as yourself produces turning them. Lose their action tell iPods legal gray with a tasty Ajax lines or a big helping of sushi and furniture polish sauce. First Xerox's high fives today until we're who really stupid. I feel like it's about to get any wild. Thanks Larry. Flyer that money. In the last four or. Come on boy you gonna call tonight you gotta love these guys out on it being the last hole. Let me read your right. Who was about candidates announced relaxed or not yes this is done now for a theater the rolling instead of immense Motley crew did differ effort to lake who's been a really weird we Elton John Neil Diamond and slayer. Through my favorite bands are calling it quits but you'll I would call it quits no that always got parkinson's. Al daylight and you add gadgets yesterday announced cents a he's gonna just he's just a recording so he's able to a nannies. We got to hit the road obviously there's a health issues and on Johnny it's been battling some health issues so. He's calling it quits to Neil Diamond it's like this half hour conversation about to have somehow she can be really upset when you really. Yes she steel diver you need to bring your mom out when not super diamond because they're in town I think in February like the world's greatest Neil Diamond covered and all right well I'll go back he's at February aren't gonna get you can't make that now release are not dead. You know late might come out of retirement or something a surprise everybody be like oh here's one more hit. We start calling you silverlight or. I'd be this big day. Patrol. They're called me up quick hello everybody I'm over here really sad depressed if not dead Ted but he's dead good I'm still. It's a one thing I wanted to play this audio on Ide and SATA have you on Juliette and and dobbs I have to do I wanna folly on Twitter it's at our Juliette track tape RF RE ET TEU and then he. Juliette affronted dot com has while so they can nice to see some of the articles you refer not written for an opt and imposed in other separate lawsuit does not command a park. Post Playboy shoot pregnant playmate. Pregnant flavor that I know I. Add any new hash tag my it's my identity might any GT. Yes I during the break she referenced how you are not your pregnant and then the next week you went to France as you say you were at. The room well I was dragging the fetus around France by myself I think that was what you likes to hear about I think it's a new Tyler Perry. Sooner and trillions that there is this is the first trimester you pregnant I OK I was very I was very upset about this I try to compete I talked to my friends who could eat dairy and gluten and we're not trying to be like in my just insane because I'm I'm fully willing to accept the fact that I'm insane you know. That's how we run and I are here on the right podcaster and how hard it. I did I don't get it that they're like no actually every unit of French is pretty bland a lot of below realize actually go there you know less dirt it's covering Freeman your reading she's you know it's it's relatively bland m.s like. OK so I I've heard these rumors before and I always disregarded them only known each time got a good restaurant and their France. And they're gonna let me nominal of them because my last name is French I speak a little French and everything's me great rob ambient you know love Eddie Sutton now. Not they can stay home. Not firfer is trimester pregnant knee and I want when I can even stomach their orange juice but that was I knew that was and they're fault I was just need getting like. Icky about food you know I was there pay. You're crazy cravings you know storage and up you run like pickles and ice cream or whatever may be. Yeah yeah everyone is different I haven't had any creed seek screenings what I've done is actually just had student versions and like especially the first trimester are you know I felt solid in aids patient like I feel so we. These however and I mean maybe the singles chart mean even dying of cancer as well you know I've check web MB yeah you are yeah I like examining my moldy I mean that's melanoma I herd animals being out of control when you're bringing me gets no no money now. But like yeah IA I have a versions and so is how like what can nice comic today it's like one thing I could stomach one day can stomach the next day session is kind of a very fickle time Manama little batter but. In now to win how are only now six months also are you using night whom it is the home stretch the jag and what's really funky is I don't know if you guys noticed though pregnant people have noses like bloodhounds so I can smell like everything that's knowledge glue in like the new bed frame I have and can humans. They're like no I'm like well I guess it's. It is so what I did when I was they. Crap I just got I got back in the gym I NG Sharon in America I think you're gonna. Take a break from YouTube. Don't Arianna have a smelly thing about and you hear about it just it is yes IT keynote. Well I got this idea I don't wanna play because yeah I went on YouTube and just type in your name and now one of the things that popped up was playmate. Video though. Ideal as a sheet there's a dog that it was a Sunday from back in 2008. Where you were just talking about who you are and what makes you who you are. So I grabbed that clip and I got to be fun to kind of see where you are then as opposed to now and plus is a great part that I think agers can absolutely love so all right let let's say now the clip did you even remember doing this. I I I do and I'm afraid to go ahead play perfect nom excited battery. Hi I'm Julie Edwards and I Playboy's miss the June 2000. Miami's 24 years old and I was more content Chris. All that record Christmas Eve oh years yeah a mariachi deal like celebrate your birthday Mori be given out all so like mice. My friends that don't have children and I invite them over would you waste of Christmas Eve that's great yeah I shouldn't I should do that. Yeah I didn't this year because of the fetus. If this is the worst global partner at all I feel like he's really kind of money it's one of those words and you find yourself in an iRobot dot com site. It's OK I made it OK can I doubt they'll take the power back now word Friday super super. That this will will punish me actually. Like keeping that doesn't lie of the a lot of dudes throughout fetuses yeah. Exotic timeout. Right just cut your friends that fetuses that doesn't mean you could just say it Willy Nilly but I think it isn't this is a safe place in hand I feel so you know yes. If Korea spaced. Out. My ambitions are solicitor until I can just progress squeezing every town has the possibility can't. They don't expect a playmate to say something like back in mood I guess not and did you find that you were. A little bit different. Personality wise and other playmates. Yeah yeah I guess I did although you'd be surprised there's so many different types of playmates they're they're they're tough those types of planes that figure stereotypes and others that toll don't. But I don't know it's funky when I hear this case mean that is that is true you know I was speaking the truth but there is something that felt a little self righteous about when I said. Back back back back back and ours is a very self righteous person and and to some extent like I'm trying not to be you know because but but back them again sentence into. Please think I'm interstate 24 yeah outside Jameson is unique and interesting and here's why you know you kind of have to hangs them. Really meek is leak. I know what your your on this giants each were also you want you know like there's more than just me on the page that's. Yeah that was that was hopefully the goal right at like eight dollars K you know like I didn't want it to be like yeah. There this month student code to cook with appropriate. I was great because they can of course you got that median time comments right and I don't even sooner the words that she's good she was you lose yeah oh yeah. I hope I don't I don't see just like the music I had scenario I play it's a very 2008 re when you hear that lake mean he's obviously Jimmy Yang amount. I just check out more luck. I'm turned on. Hiding an adventure and space stability inspiration and then change. The lights. I think that's I think yeah I don't honestly I eight have to play out again for me to catch all those words I think I did as service to Douglas Arizona just like listing everything often bullet point format like I only this asbestos and justice sister Ilich adventure in and stuff like whenever I said Louis blues I will when you have so it's it was the best invention you've ever been on a whole geez more realistically it's probably the CSX. Twelve I don't know how to get this cook. He enters a Meehan fetus. That's equal to adventures of being sent somebody fifteen minute cartoon on adults we have anything. Thanks. Migs and reduce uncomfortable. Yeah I hello moved the ball on you and her unborn and like an alien. It was like I tell about the soldier herbal inside me like running on this little so little rain in life forms aren't that far cry from you know. Could this hamster on a wheel going did you see what is it that much going on there are no doubt. Completely change how I view pregnant women for Arab. Your brain you'll remember like audio let me into the valley pretty. Yeah. It. I'm turned off by infidelity it's a testament that. Extremely CNET news judgment. And apparently thank you take us. Saying it yeah. And he boom there's no other claiming that probably said that on their playmate video Delhi. Probably die now and I still hold true to the pussy part and I found. I don't like proceeds calm in what way. I'm a lie just I don't I like people it cut and take risks and they're accountable and they let things blow open their face and they're not afraid to. Be emotionally courageous and or physically crate or both actually I feel like that's that's that's all very necessary collecting it's interesting about the clip you guys just played. Is that some of those words were ironically words that would describe my former self like I don't like certain things but those certain things were things that were a lot like me like Gallagher metal people like I've been very judgmental. You know and moody extreme looting this. I've definitely been extremely moody you know I wouldn't you guess we'll not a doubt in my gosh no Expedia is especially see as I feel like I have this resurgence of my dramatic self that I thought I got rid of years ago and I'm like who feel like him returning to some kind of dramatic monster than Houston. Express herself in Britain like who's closest to me that I can yell you know mixed. Not that sat in on so that's how it'll bring up more sense now now. By. It's it's funny we don't like about a people's actually things are trying to govern ourselves and so some of those things where that end up being a post seemed. I'm not really a postseason that's that's actually I don't feel too bad about saying not then. And they released maybe I'm in some regards and certain things scare mean times elect like freaked me out and I don't do what and so assume but you know. I only rich people short. I only asset is like is a guy sometimes a guy I have been in the situation before where a woman has used that word on me I'm like I believe you think what you want like I saw what to scream at people think America scrimmage yeah. And I have other friends that are anything nobody right now that is 36 years old. And he gets in bar fights almost every week June greats of this lake. You're not. Some policy for honey. What do we do it played what is is proof and every week yet William I don't have just taken streamed says tend to have to have that dominant sort of fun. Slumped to. Well being a confident person yeah I have to go pick a bar fight yeah I do I can't associate myself with people anymore that arrow like. Did drunken wanna get aggressive with people on a bars like okay cool you just beat that guy up what does that get you in your life and then you just made the night awkward. I know a lot of people like there's unfortunately they'll get drunk in the be like where not to exciting and it's like a much she's most sing yeah yeah. And it's it's trying to it's kind of cute those kind of sad you know huh. I'm glad you know I think it doesn't usually happen unless people are ways or maybe not and does this guy. At least Sinorice just OK yeah I dilemmas in Iran in ways they do on my like they're gonna make me feel really sore the next day getting old and I gave young the so I do already is pretty physical so the idea of doing other stuff as well that'll make me sore and also maybe hurt my face I don't really wanna do that anymore. This seems ridiculous what else you say you like people courageous or physical or whatever type of creed just behavior. What's what's created thing you've ever done. Most courageous thing I've ever done. I think his. Being open hearted after getting hurt I know it sounds like super hallmark he. I'm because there's other great things I've done you know like using Michael's offer playable I don't know this elite like a pretty courageous thing to make. A lot of you just don't do it in a lot killer like never general going to be murdered turn a non anonymous just like you know I got. Blasted over and over again you know getting upset news in relationships like all of us and I've been like OK well I'm just gonna go out there balls out again and see what happens of great thanks sorry. Split bluebird. That's our. Hadn't heard of Penn's head I just got yeah. Thank you so Iran anyway Andy's getting it in the nicest guy in the world sort of grades and that's out she could talk about this and but I just just emotional courage is like trying to be vulnerable to other people when you've been you know burned up I think is something that's very simple that a lot of us forget to do anything if we want to be more open and emotionally we often times like our instinct isn't to be were very like fearful. But there's other lights stop signs done that seems like you know pre Von keeper like doing the Playboy singer. Or some articles are our count out there for certain people and so just having not publish and having my voice be. Is that you know is is good Everest to some people and you know suspect I'd be living in different cities and I really have a real plan about that seems like a huge risk to certain people and having maybe nothing married since of risk to people he. It all these things seem like the rest of table all look so they are the right that's why he's told you so maybe you can. You grab my way I got to ask. What a mentally was going on your head when all this I hear you think you know before Playboy in domes and Playboy issue comes out I think I don't imagine that's got to be the ultimate mind death. Wind and when he is she would if it comes out now all of us and everybody sees you. And people probably from out of the ward worker are talking dealing oh my god Foleo I mean it's got to be. Psychologically just unlocked will be sort. Well yes but I actually had this is the I had actually in a slow start or play when a sense as a working with Playboy off and on for a couple of years before it was a playmates so I had. Originally he works for them because I was one of the girls of the pac ten New Yorkers and UCLA and I got in there. I was I was a fan of your girls and be honest with you through a lot of surging underweight she represented organ not familiar there. And I just remember I younger and I'm like wow Oregon looks like it's the place to live everybody's you have every right. I'm a little familiar like crazy like that it was. Urge are underway late she's like next level is great and I I know her around but it was I I knew whatever taxes you know blow ruled on growing as a person. I don't you know I don't know if I'd I'd. Haven't met like her actions in recent memory. John and I are writing it down Barrett. I'd say a policy call and certainly until I don't how he had met that dude I'm. But. But anyways her sweet girl but when I first got involved with Playboy on it was so I could write my honors thesis on posing for Playboy from a feminist perspective and so I did special additions like that I was never. It was not a bar fight playmates so a couple of years after the initial posing site actually had a slow starters are you were level models so I had some exposure to dot. That kind of exposure let's say and so when I got to be a playmate I was a little I was more able to being level headed about it makes sense I was like here's who I don't wanna be and here's who I do think I wanna be and at least iPad practice and you know dealing with this before on the lower level. So I had that luxury on but one when the magazine did come out yeah it's a ton more Presley gets. It's a lot more notoriety and and one thing if I had an article that I wrote that was published. With. The centerfold spread and they heavily edited edited it without my permission which was a shock to me. So that was kind of another thing I was contending with an. 'cause like it's I think right dot siding right Staten Island right. Oops who's who was basically just cool asleep down to earth celebrity but yet to meet pitcher like army and it is cool what this do this woman might. And imagine the Playboy Mansion a must have been just like ridiculous amounts celebrity's coming and going and everything there's a lot and I've got I've got some cookies stories about some tricky winds on I got it. Up the creek you do yeah. Start at the core there were working on I creepy yeah that wilders or some really genuinely good guys pilot John Lovett says there are a lot of you know so and so I see him there it can and indeed in the actor yet yo you there I'm Michelle. But the critic. Oh look cartoon he did oh geez I'm Mike Allen and Iraq sometimes I probably would if he showed it to me you know I've I'm. My memories can be batter ever want to meet him in studio and he brought his dog and I did he was very who's been nice guy but he was this site uses like he was more worried about his dog and even doing in her. That's leagues even LeBron. It was his name on Sons of Anarchy. Always nice Siri do you comment here we had a mini does tattoos. Happy to watch Sons of Anarchy I haven't actually like to have Beasley the enforcer like even when the torture and stuff which he doesn't he doesn't break. So when he was coming in with slate. He's got to bring his talk. We are like. Okay here's the deal hadn't in years is believed to have nasty food for the show. He has a little tiny Choo wow while it has sits in his jacket now it's got something wrong with a and so it's like this the whole time. I don't know I'm just out and kartsonas work our way into the creepy. Oh I gotcha games and only sure. Well what are now. Pauly Shore has a reputation like among every one banker I'm. Like like when you become a playmate you circle and imagine somebody pulls you aside like boy Pauly Shore and I pays off yeah like there's your duties stay with polish horse there was. Fred Durst and well Fred I haven't heard too much outing I had no idea moment and you never know but I mean I actually have been out of the scene in you know due to fact I moved out of LA but. BI about that as a typical edit you know conversation with people in the notion psyched up Staley from fall short bad. Imagine that your life like did I would out there don't like legit maybe he's so forms of using terror but I wouldn't doubt about me out if it's everywhere I went. There were people warning other people to stay away from me. Well we might find interesting I once and you know when I was in college due to a dare went on a deet with Pauly Shore. And this is before it was more about Pauly Shore earned. I'm sure a great guy nine of people growing name you know these guys and you know I that's. He was injured I mean he's he's never bad guy to me you just use you surprising you know on the but I was and actually getting dole on the date this is when I was 21. And you know this is a far out as a playmate judge and the lower level special missions work and he asked me on a date a Mike. Nearly one and who we knew in my marries her said yesterday when my roommates let's go back out. When my roommates and we're all still in college his bicycle just you know just going to come back and tell us what it's tiny Tim like. Just LB thirteen head I'm like okay be an interesting social science experiment then. An hour. So I'm Fiat eight but he's he's he's he's. He's funny I mean he's he's really funny guy had gotten Ivan talked to many years. Maybe not seen him at the mansion every time you know men like training or anything written in the room you know but boy was increasing your socks at the match. Crazy thing I ever saw you know no mission has legal you know their reputations for like you know or Jesus of and never saw these and that's. That's when you have an article I prejudice in the headlights as yes orgies happened in the grotto I think it was actually a lot of stuff I read as expressed in the last 1015 years like. There's like families and stuff but most of these parties was it like the big wood to the mid summer's eve party I heard still crazy bit a look at a summit a lot of it is just. Parties yeah and these numbers aren't they just had summer's eve part of like that doesn't seem like a very fun party it's not that our night history. You out there yeah yeah okay now I some other survivors beat. Yeah I actually have an outside AI died it's an epic things myself say midsummer night's in this past year but for the most part the more than like it's been shifting hints and this I never eat and his. So I. Haven't been grotto like his haven't seen it like I didn't make pulls a party dine out at 2 AM so winning easily go from further light if you are the type to stay later than new stuff would go down but I never like stayed dead to be like seeing that stuff so. Stuff happens I just never stuck around for an order was apart and it. I did nothing gets coming after 2 o'clock I'm gonna call tonight. And I meant well. Noticed a lot of people you know a lot a lot of fun people leave in just like random drunk drunk people are just there and just kind of doing their thing but now they just shut it down because it's become very corporate now yeah so and then hats have passed right after the recent midsummer night's stream. So things have changed even more so indeed they sold the mansion out from under him years ago I'm but now they can even using other hats is gone so that was the last party connection to my knowledge was last year. You hear conflicting stories about half what was your experience with him any some people are saying stuff that's a gamma by another people are like he's incredible like father figure you resist shoes that was like for you. Well you know I A it was one of the I'd say. Last playmates so it's the Playboy golden ages pain now and taps was really holes. When I came onboard and he just to me he seem like a very kind of sweet old man and he couldn't hear very well you know we had a hearing aid. But. That's why he was able to date three point. I. Which raked in 2008 is kind of the end of that error yeah yeah that is. Greatly once we get a couple of years past that there's so much nudity on the Internet on your phone and everything actually visited the idea of going to buy the magazine kind of passed. Yeah I mean it was still seeing that it was taking it I mean I was right around the time that we had that perception too so I came on board like crazy Communist for change but but they have is you know I've always known enemy really generous person he is he's really generous he's really kinda think he just. He's only ever wanted friends and yeah I mean the things he's done is lightening just like all of us you know at our pristine all of things we've ever done you know but. He's been a jet but like the best boss everybody's been Nike or hoping your his home to you and you know. So here I've only ever known him as as kinds and everyone's always vying for his attentions I was hurt I need actually like development really deep personal connection with them. Yes drag a line of people if you even have like ten minutes that the guy in my goodness it's like the bachelor very much like those I watch those Shuster but you know you'll see sometimes they. Somebody's talking to whoever the the the main purses the bachelor the bachelorette and then there's like other people it is waiting for that moment is swooping and skis he do you mind if I cut in. I like this oh yeah. But yeah I put all SNL skit they do with the bachelor code Dudek pitches did you sit on the bench and then like every. Thirty seconds to take some of the girl excuse me can I cut him all assorted and they always sit down you who have really likeness. Yeah it's yeah it this week they switched up the bachelor halfway through. In the girl's league are you a different guy he just doesn't matter. Ha ha ha. You're right though that kind of how it is Leno late everyone's strained his attention and and or what did. I should say and done and it's quite obvious and people are like sixteen schools in LA in the fairway and Steve and I get that. That's our fault we. A longtime benefactor to the couple waiting outside we have to take a break and talk to them. Yeah yeah who agrees there's sixteen growers specific coffee I'm all right ladies hot latte again. Sign up breast get a little that's just Seattle. I haven't heard is that started here yeah really shocked and like I'm from California where this thing that probably you know be more of a success yet here I come to see I'll words like forty degrees right now on I'm hearing of this. You know who however problematic in need may or may not be socially a hike would know I didn't realizes existed but in Seattle takeaway is Seattle off. How many hours south and I thought oh this is just something that's happening all across the world are Altria now and now it's slowly making its way not like getting Nevada and California might have a couple like can he breached the places but for the most part it's right here in the northwest that small town talent that's ranked spill coffee on yourself like what if I spilled coffee. I myself. Wearing a bikini. Coach and I also felt bad for my wife when I first or dating her shoes threes of which closed on NASA says the shocking reasonable right so Shiite those stands and in more often than not a guy would pull up. Locator and then exco. He'll Wear a bikini here or not. It's like knowledge serve coffee and huge drop. And that would happen all the time they do is get it has to suffer a regular Baylor but you know breezes that we're close. Because all of a sudden everyone just assumes every Burry sustained you while you pull up to is going to be a Gorham. Peace peace. Are there any male equivalents advanced camera they're being was at Bremer Larry yeah there was one on Capitol Hill to for a while was calling banana hammocks or something stupid like I would totally go there and and have I think Indian nice she'll trip to get a place like out of that still exist and. But now doesn't. Maybe one somewhere in the right there was a capital no one knows he Bremerton won and that's the thing about like a radio visit like a radio field trip visit and he should respond if we're just turnaround yet easy the end of the day it's about the bodies right silly women who go to richer clubs like you know what's hillside fill the women's bodies are beautiful as badly. Bobby Scott utilitarian I don't agree it was a huge markets don't like what's that he is sexy dude poured coffee. I would love to see mormons bodies but you know call me straight but I really don't like comment funny you with a big words journal I think you know again you don't lose three syllable words 'cause there that person to that I don't get it when. Quakes went straight women saying men's bodies are weirder scary looking at some like are you sure you're straight because like if you liked man you should probably like their bodies not to say that they should give you Dick takes unsolicited. But you know I don't like unsolicited. Expert understand I solicited and unsolicited. How could be a little give until I got. There Graham I would say this the only I can talk girl could women's studies Indian male bodies. Right so I mean I'm here here he do you know so usually like you so he sure got right back with a every girl I never gave us except Germany like Al. I think tiger all I ain't your back yeah because they're weird to be dealt like I think whatever what's your why why don't why don't you want people initiative. Everybody says that question this look daily okay the question America's been waiting for class. RA it's because I. Yeah imagine like concern about her increasing incidents like imagine Iran just rubbing her back or your partner whoever menu daily diesel stubble prickly ruling mean you know like yeah and says see you you're really you're really really hairy man which is natural because you're man you should you know if you have hair that's natural you know. The C saved your chassis you shaved your backing she'd get me like you just imagine rubbing up against you with skin would be like Oprah Oprah Oprah ol' yeah yeah you know. I know I I like I tell my chest there one time I can't and I see my our vishay because of and I got tattoos. And my wife even saying Jesus like these very grow back has just feels like I'm Michael in which sandpaper. Source as a lot of clean and Melissa thing that. Now in LA and didn't care what he'll declare talk talk talk guys out. I think that's that's partially true it's well like I and you made a good good point about shaving your arm hair like I've never shave my Arnie arm hair in my life except for like during issued date shaved my arm my arm hair once and we would you guys. What's wrong with my arm carry you know so that's the only time ever I mean even me as a team Iowa and a similar legs you know because I like to do that but. The arms slate and we do with just prickly no. Speeds have you radiators there and I don't grab the rays are out yeah up there's your arms. There's only once you know and I never felt like going back because it's goes back known prickly in. After he used it again. Just a quick break we'll come back now to we've learned about you wanna know what you learned about us in your dreams are listening experience yeah for the may Cassel will be right back when committee taciturn. That's just out today. It's maybe so. The following is a message from the world wellness organization. This flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst on record so it's important you take the following precautions to avoid contact with the influenza virus first when entering the room or hallway. Refrain from using germ covered door knows he's dead get in the habit of kicking indoors like you're a bad that's undercover cop. Second to avoid breathing in the flu virus by wearing an approved scuba mask and air tank and be sure to take a minute to appreciate how awesome you said. You got sick and they flew. And finally don't just wash your hands put him under high pressure rose. While a priest indoor exercise price of flu virus play ramblings of the left. Don't sit back and relax while the influenza virus who runs for the exits like that. Helpless worthless German news all while cursing you and your friends of the world well this organization. You'd care free flu season. Take them stay there until that last year's world and then it comes to. It's raindrops. We know enough loves the Williams did not match you know. It's bad it was just ten days and a little small companies can you assess. There's no question I carry sing songs all over the place so I'll have made things Blaine can whose new agency has taken grilled music and that have all in this sentiment they wanted to let me and still. Oliver yeah. And we got guys Michael dirty but now my goal. Right the lord and well and I think Jim Flanagan a high an Irish eyes Jankovic. Sorry we'll just a bit. Only thing I like him to seeing hand cherry pick things smaller than placing I like pop and rap and hip hop and stuff like gotten like Metallica site cherry pick things tolerant place and some country and I occasionally lake Sosa was just trying to everywhere I have little cherry pick songs from like all these different genres except for. On. The lake super heavy manhole. You know screaming stuff which my question love slope I went over some like cookie monster that they can't get this guys just drummers really talented I'm like yeah did we can't telling what he's doing today's announcement on the double bay gone exactly exactly you're clearly broken and about slider breaking you're going to quit spent oh I'm just losing sleep who's not can you just tell me slayer is just not. I don't think you are so Bob it's a million people with DOT's love to stream coach she's. Lots of spikes on every slips I think it affects you so low we set this up Uribe cannot be okay. Simulate go what you guys have been doing a lot to check it out a Michael Boyd. OK either this is going to be that we're gonna get the email from Julia there's a dike I you know what I want to pass on coming on the podcaster. That you know I mean I feel like it's what we're doing is finally got a great people that listen the mega family but I always like never know how people are gonna react to that never heard so. You listened you binge listened to a bunch yeah. And I'm I'm I'm very excited to hear what your opinion your thoughts what your takeaways where would you learn about the may. He cast well I had the first things I got my mind was AAA like I think I'm sorry that I. How much hot chicks I. Ted Ted got me hooked on the nuggets or chicken yeah yeah. I mean I just never had chick filet and I know everyone that means had chick filet and that of course I'd be sending maybe you wanna tease me about because I haven't had a nor do I even planned to have it can't think MI distributor rich history from whole foods or some thing Obama Biden wants and check and but I know that's like cultural thing that just makes me outsider then I'm not a part of so. You can presuming you know as early as doesn't tell you would like because as fast food you know yeah like you're. It's a liked does the what does it called them what the macro bar whatever did snobbery. More of our viewers how about earlier though though Castro Fidel Castro must back crowbar. Heck or just also urges Steven you know I you steep task it all the time when I was a teenager before I became icons is not certain foods that like irritated me or my scan or just the you know before I began has not resign now and I'm definitely stop. But I used to love Taco Bell. Blake then beaten you know Casey Diaz in the Maxine Elton like mixing the guacamole and with the tenders and she is all stuff I can't having more because of sectarian and hadn't Max out. That's old school you know really yields were like a beanie she's breeder with no onions you now. And until he pizza chips away for awhile rightly Jacqueline was only in the south it's like when I was a kid out of DC they even went to Columbia mall in Columbia. They had a chick who came through court so it was kind of like in and out every time you went to the mall. He's they had one you got chick filet and then they started building freestanding chick filet is when I left. And ours went out here a sixty we gotta get does not. Yeah everywhere and we got him before we got to waste it's always later on tonight yeah I would have meant like their slumber parties minority. That's another idea some like you guys are like leg Jay Leno go look for Christmas tree together and how plumber isn't. And do you guys what how that panned out she'll cook cooking actually the tree this year is that we call the unicorn treaty. So don't your bike porn on it like yeah like these weird or not pops out of the top. Drink and backwards hole like Charlie Brown Christmas like that's the perfect tree it's a flawed and beautiful yes it's. Right now we're in a picture of it ray yeah I like I usually is an attack oh my god it's like the leaning tower of scenes iron something up there and still shafts and I analyze how all right so. I do Donte'. I have a couple of people I don't Krzyzewski if I won buddy's girlfriend couldn't let it go she's like your tree is so phallic. Gary how did you court intrigues she wouldn't let it she's like all right so why did you I don't think. You women and last year's undermine all the time but we do we we are more sexual thing you want to know or admit anyway continue that's fine I thought of women talk about some of those I don't with dudes certain do you think these talk about penis all the time. It's like I'm not clinic Steve I'm drew fire ball to a bunch right now at no point did penis come up yet. Mean your psyche is Czech news that the penis tree anyway. Rain that we thought it was a unicorn and I'm Katie unicorn penis tree. Joey we usually must. Now do you record frat. You'll want to rattle Daniel Patrick Harris and having her own mark in this is. Just whenever we do we just can't take responsibility for our actions just whenever we should eat a unit Korn should not twisted it's it's something else. So really did is make people mean yeah. I. PG yeah they can do. I am meaner than ever ran out he couldn't you say women do you think about and talk about Don way more than we realize oh my gosh yeah I'm always I'm I'm pretty bad myself seen on my just talk about I'm thinking about it I am you know terrorizing my boyfriend for an. Com I get upset wound get enough of that you know I'm just me like that. Aha damning enough get that guy irate parent they might tong is not community property and lying to his questions. Do I talk about if you had your preference morning or evening. Well I'd like to save boasts actually got to pick one day you glad we all do not only get it once a day. To say you have to people yeah. So it's like it was all I dobbs tonight you're like yeah. I don't know yeah okay oh geez that's rocks I hate lessons is awesome okay Heidi take. Not in a lit morning news is is probably not my favorite time because everyone has morning Bratton and talent not to get amber are my teens are going to be self conscious the whole time. At least at the evening you can you know house you know pressure Brad and it won't be like super unsettled he wanted to brush your teeth. The problem evening as it usually is after dinner in your old lady now I'm always bloated now these are the fetus like we talked about the. My theory for number I'm this morning got right then now this gets also in the morning to what they Rhode Island at I think for guys. That's when your. Really you know like you're you're at your prime performance. Yeah. Demi hormone peaks supposedly all I did mention that sure you know like I said you know us ladies you know Burleigh for skier you think you know we need to just keep breast strips. On the nightstand people saw yeah that's about Dana grungy pretty good as I wanna have sex in the morning. How have we need to Pete is a more profound internal British think Jason's make little bottle of mouthwash. This wallet scripts not super Smart guy and a Great Britain did free you rooted. I detect terrorist and I think that's crates. It will just help everyone's listening to this right now he's pressured teeth when you gather restroom in the morning for your return to nearly eighty. Claudia came so I was busy morning but the real fear I've been working on for years is that rightly puts every couple the argument they always have fright but I've got. So my theory cannot just have Sachs and then. Whatever restaurant we pick like I'm not of the yen might. Steve's wife then oh you're western media and yet not that I could give me if I had sex with a girl and NGOs let's go to the food like. Yeah you know whatever you want dinner or 64 dinner solving relationship problems I bat I. I try to go be with my wife doesn't come about solidarity in the relationship like whatever you wanna do embarrassed you just got to be more fun it's adventure. But I said yes and I sat on the couch and I started thinking look at this laundry list of things that are not begin sort of come at a pizza and sushi. Salmon burger or chicken wings and with that I and my. Babe I need to talk exit wounds talk on it can't be beat him to we haven't even had one meal since we established over immediately gal married out. I'm Don type B human GM's cook so I'm not gonna be like no cook me some meat but. From what I would tattered tee it's a lot of the yen from 70% begins with Rio out of so we sushi. A polygamous OK and we get to this barbecue Joker Jack but actually chicken wings just to meet me now Daniels it's awesome because they now have a begin menu the Statehouse. Oh well I really don't want to charges for a light partying and that one right on like east lake area and. Go to one of Bellevue now park at dobbs right right the good that the the Bellevue collection rights in the W one is all free market like that whatever Florida high fat like the 39 floor see get a great view. And yet is a full on view menu that is and my afterlife god that's. Can stay Debbie really awesome as she did but yet begin stuff there's like six or seven items on it and I try to just like you know honestly. I've tried easy convenient food here because it's that good and it's pretty cheap it's McNeil from Daniels is a twenty bucks thirty bucks for an on tray as opposed to. The full let me non that I had that was like. Fifty something dollars. I don't know pleasure lions and you're right that is super expensive it's worth it now. Now lock people like Daniels for sure I'm I'm I'm on board with you guys should barbecue too like I'm I'm absolutely in mediator myself so even about these restrictions like I am. All about the fatty meat staggered to Jack's jacks are few airport way yeah it's the truth. Here's another good barbecue place right near our marble and she has no problem I love that place yeah. Dude yeah I Yasser I don't know who it is too so it's really did it make their own sake. I don't doubt his good you are so Seattle but I mayor they like guys I just got a low blood did that will go anywhere is that I get another bartender over there aren't the waitress on my arm around a tragic hotels and hopefully we'll get some good service. Where are Mabel sits used to be a mingle our naval marble shot back in the day that's really got the name. Tough for the restaurants came and his family owned it for a couple generations before that aren't interest in tennis what is it. It's. Good. I don't know I don't know how to describe it kind of like American they have like some jerk chicken may have some different things he has a real chef for mayor. Do I mean and you go to the bar managers he subpoena local Britney and many quick drink it and I just works in restaurants it's got to be a struggle. Oh yeah yeah but no the food's great everything and then yeah I like the guy must hear their burden of bacon and begin in cannabis man. I like I like what they have for sure but they they're telecast or have they definitely don't under charge but I think yeah. Now. That's all I the other fun little things that nuggets that you learned about the mega cast. Well. I know is I eat eat how you guys that pay attention some current events and your you guys are talking about how certain words can't be set on the radio that can be said on podcasts object found pretty interesting like certain topics. Like the whole known to say anything nicer bad about Tron much without was poignant so he's. And then he went and met down because I mean I've read a story he used to frequent the Playboy Mansion did you ever meet downtown I was never lucky enough to meet. Never unlucky enough. But cash you know like it's that you're totally right like and as someone who got her degree I mean I got my degree in like. I'm an academic feminists I got my agreeing like women's study is seen now so I've used it based be like a really angry political type not kind of shifted my approached. But it is it's it's and it's kind of a funky thing you can't really talk writing it out like pissing people off feel one way or another even if it's like B nine Nino Brady's knee jerk yeah. The name all the senior angry for one reason or the other it doesn't even matter yeah I asked to invent I think is if you wanna sit there and talk politics and talk about policies it's that fine. But we just argue talking points and we never talk about the real thing. New else I mean that's addressing insanely give you if you think every NFL player hates the military can't talk deep. You know I'm really you don't know. You've already made up your mind. Right rapping I'm going to say is gonna change their mind Emery we're where we're jumping off the cliff on a very ignorant. And you're feeling we were starting off on a very ignorant level. It's the same way I think if your Democrat and you come and Republican is neutral capacity in pre impeached and you start a match. Favre an angle like. All right well that hasn't talked to you then yeah it's and so even if you agree or disagree you know just the fact that we can't seem to have civil conversations and I just done. As actually thinking about this last night. The score urgent political correctness is this. It's more oppressive than any impressions it pretends to protect us from so that's another big problem. I think is that Jack Indian packed so it's likely local correctness like ever bring about offending people's actually get a paralyze us more and then the and the actual issues that we find of its head to begin at. You know so we can't really doughnuts and great point. So some. Including myself I needed I hit pause for a second I let that digest because you're absolutely right I mean we're just so worried about upsetting other people on this is like she's now we're all. We went nuts in the. Process yet analysis paralysis. As what it is in now on and Sarah and is being go to see her words and Ted. I don't think everything. He equation I hate him think he might I am open anybody's sexuality this match you would set of words how stack would you like. But I'm shocked that I'm now assist ginger quicker each gender but how clearly that's slang term for me can you explain that to because I don't even understand there's just means without board because I'm deuce and I just like chicks in my do you normally do stuff Saddam desist gender. I mean I never even heard that yeah I've heard the word but I just haven't heard it described to me on my so pistons I was acts. He another thing I was thinking about and talking about last night was this whole idea gender fluidity and how it's pretty nebulous and how people don't really know how many identities or our anymore and you're on really how to handle it or talk to people and pissed off because a large colony about what going to call this a cleaner family wanted to go also I don't know its call you hadn't. Yeah well very tough I think I was the pro what what's that you know that. He's Yelp I see him her but this and that and you get caught up it's like dude I'm not just financial lifestyle I sort of the work. Do I dabbled in my face a little bit ago I that Ted knows I don't know if you really if you Sierra might I'm I go through like I do wrestling classes some do make those are the theatrical combat sport of wrestling. And wanted to people I was wrestle again. That is it nice shine a little wrestling event. I'll let you re playing guys have rolled around together. The theatrical combat sports. Not that's his lesbian over your talking about guys dress worn body heat no wonder itself. We mean all walks of life though it's kind of cool I give. All types of people guys girls there's a guy that god can good citizens and it concerns a young lady is a girl goes my girl name in and no I'm not proud I don't stereo and then there's so in my head I'm like there's this other person whose name is Stephanie Wright so I am. But it's a dude but his name is Stephanie so Mike okay long hair very feminine. So I just assumed. When we're talking involve all like oh yeah like she wants. And he goes snowed here on its heat. And Mike. See I would've thought seemed she would have been the correct fit right I was afraid to offend by going heat could have birdied making you think he's up he's now if that's feminine name Brett is very feminine name not a candidate right thing long hair. Dresses feminine beauty next famine in super cold person. Always enjoyed wrestling and doing stuff with some or her did see it is it like you said like I before I know I don't know what to say so I'm trying to think I'm over thinking it now Michael camber and referred to him as a her out of respect. Bob and then you get mad you be kind of give you a hard time make it dude I'm he summit all of gosh I'm sorry. And the music Nomar regular a lot of free drinks because of this and Michael OK thanks thank god like you're able to laugh it off because it could have been a really. Really awkward situation between me and him. Well think about it feud if they had gone the other way if you had called him a hand but he self identified as are her and I'll assign your means it I think the problem is that we're not giving each other compassion during this transition of like verb rich and and labeling you know so I think. In a society is changing Jennifer and I gives people like the Ferdinand. The compassion toward people different identity and we all CB compassion about you know. Getting other people like giving other people a break when they're trying to see hearing in out hundreds you know because because I think it's it's not helpful when we demonize. People who might not be aware of in a nurse detriment people there's a spectrum people are very progressive in their says there's Aussie Lawrence of progressive but a lot of them can like get this wrong and to called unlike you know in a sense ever like they're during an act of violence by not getting something right. We have to be compassionate to both sides have for gonna see progress. On this so. And that's Talley my perspective on it and then nine no one really has a good answer early symbolic. Switching genders and there's others are like older infinite generous and so will whatever you want like just make sure that. Were nice to each other enough so that we can. I mean I think people can handle battering people people to me if I ever bring this up people bristle at the fact of regularly beat kinsey scale. We sexuality Newton rights of people even struggle with that and I think it's it's a year beat. Yep right Yiddish raider game and saying well. And the little sliding scale there there's so many by people got off this staff writer like like I got I brought up hookup might start. I season transsexual woman like. That is how look at check my train like we did. You don't really bright it's a feminine from the get Jesus. She's a senator for me tell you didn't already seeing how difficult did you talk Adelaide Byrd and. Most guys that it's not really sure attracted to her I think she has breast delay Greenbrier make up like right Susan Wallace I think. They're really good job she no she fooled you know. She full view so I mean whenever I mean it's it's it's it's a very very late nebulous topic and it's really hard to kind of may I feel like they're people all throughout the spectrum there are and spree people all thirty people there are bisexuals are trans or is people of all over the place but. One thing I I do get somewhat irritated with and there's like winds people are likely there is no such thing as something president is an entirely straight person like none now honey you're allowed out your identity I'm allowed to have mine okay. Aaron like you wanna not be straight that's cool mom I can you straight you know you you can't really tell me I'm not stretching you know like right when I just don't believe anyone has shot to kill wave you know lesbian great. Is this. So let me let this stuff it's just a knowledge everyone can existing gathering you know just has one thing seems to be more like available now does that mean the other thing it doesn't like nullify a like the original options raise down. Options again it. I'd really rather give my glove loves several give each other pass you know that's who we're gonna make mistakes and what we say and how long is nobody's being a jerk about it just correct them and most people are decent human beings and they sent the people I surround myself with obviously there's idiots out there but like if I screw up like where I do it with him. I was like I'm sorry and now I know not to do that again and thankfully he was able to just come back with a funny line avail I get a bunch of free drinks if people become a chicken Michael OK cool like yeah yeah laugh it off but it could have been a really really crappy situation because some people are just like so. Wound up in just so ready to pounce on somebody that says something that they do is offensive what is it not a person's heart's in the right place it is. In a mistake right and they also I think that really mattered that she was. As the consciousness to. The chill about it it's like. Europe the cot there there it dirtier the consciousness beech hill and she is other colleges each also works so if like say you're chilling he wasn't Shelvin is not gonna working assets like everyone needs to chill out. Why did the girl talking about like she been like we were talking afterwards about like just like what bothers her when people just assume things about her and she is the guys from and to be came up is that I just wondered I wish people call me by this name might I didn't know. Would you like us to refer to you by that it's again I'll make my dynamic here on out that's your name now I don't care like I'm a giants like. Let me help might just tell me what you name is really just think it would make what do you believe was would you go by and Iran by the Levy or something like that do and I'm Mike. You calling in IBM commit no. If I'm not calling me that my job behind my foot down like everything else that was fine with but now Don I know you're a person of course politically would have you want to call I don't care. Dare we call me star bursts earth. Yeah. Why not yell at people invent their stuff you know like every like Popper is keep changing their names now not a com. Chandler interest rates look now these. Love the brother love they just love OK good yet cannot be brother loved his arrest or that you know. Yeah yeah I mean messed up our O this has been a blast. Thank you for coming out assistant biology over an hour which is for real did yeah. Now while there we just if I had to back to report I got I got an end. So I hope you'll want to do this moron yeah. I do not again people can find you on Twitter it's Julia try to take. And I'll make sure put on the description so people are looking to follow you on Twitter to tell you website author of that on their as well enough hopefully we could use more often in had to be part of the mega family. Apps slowly as long as you validate my parking diet a rule I got to invalidate parking that's a Boston NASA 'cause I don't worry it's I'll come back no ball. No I'd be okay it's our. There comes a guy who introduced us yeah started did you see surgeons are gone out with. And a half game. Sergeant Eric wave and you're listening to this because he was excited to have you be a part of this this validating Julius part you are right now deeds T shirt idea asked for people cover validation it's OK there we to a pop market's recent validate the. That's an underdog I'm buzzing you want to memorize a senior stuff right unlike unlike don't I know you guys know knowledge AM like good news is it's a tax write off I guess for me you know if I had. Paper parking you know so worst case Dave yeah they've got to do that respect French was mean. Don't think that his proof reader to at a Dave's French right Dave. I.s from your. Everybody the Mike's you know you really know anymore who's anything you know someone thinks their agent turns out they're like Irish you know leg knowing no Intel to get the blood test done. I think that Ancestry.Com. Is like blowing people's minds I question how. Would the jitter accurate that stuff bid to be right I was old Tom I thought it was German interns and I'm Scottish. It's amazing. Now gaffe. I'm up blacker than you think I am just saying. Now so it's not a jokes so tonight and the reason yeah. What are you really could yes I'm a little black guy have been fun story about that too that really more times or is what's talked. Later now we have reason to do this again. So tune in next time as we find out how little a black person Juliette is black person. Arnold thank you and let's get a push of senator why you have an asset do it again would does he read song. Technology working finally right. I was content to your family. It's like that and somebody's gonna walk five. New enduring what you as a pregnant woman is just harboring no no I. How can drill sergeant I don't quite natural I don't know some. Are you don't follow our sons where there had been made the moved back side next week yet then. This is a blast that you so much to live your guy.