MegaCast 01/31/18 "Date Or Fake?"

Wednesday, January 31st

This week Ted & Steve welcome their bud Juliette Fretté they chat about how easily Steve gets distracted in some situations.  Plus Ted & Juliette chat about Super Blue Blood Moons, Ted inspired us to be like Kirk Cousins, and we play a fun game that a listener sent us... "Date Or Fake".

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Ladies and gentlemen. Steve I've got to think that water one day. Yes I am but your boy still thinking about. Large and in charge GM in the we should've done it really grabs you would like to. Some of the coverage Juliette she knows anything about what's going oh no I gotta like it is a guessing you're looking at all in my lap Maclin. Sounds like a focus on Steve this we could do this for a while all. I'm now wishing I had guy is this is this the water modeling question or is this this ain't no surprise be the one. OK god I I icing out on this water extravaganza. I wish she would have done it and has Julia had no idea that it was happening always and you just sprayed water and Pierre you're watch wrestling. Come you know actually almost try to join the wrestling team in high school that's another story so I'm watching yet oddly enough not so much but a little bit so would triple H that's his thing when he comes out east it's watered the air it's Iraq. To Steve loves wrestling so it's that a joke as we've been doing this a lake when that becomes him but the drums come in Africa Malick Tripoli just Stillwater spewed everywhere in the air math but then you'd on the courts may be on the receiving end of the attention of Ted's. Squirting water geyser at baseball and a half hours at a crowded I. Am I got a wrestling team to lose an entire Arab people do that whole spitting water thing and you get hit with this and the spit out water spat water whatever the word is. And I might you know I'm. It's really a necessary that you just did that. Or like SeaWorld or they relate to dolphins and stuff spit on you were now I'm not opposed to an animal spinning army as opposed to a human for some reason your headlined. It's been I don't know will not spit on me even like sometimes the case for wakes up but we'll take a punch in the face Johnson up on the hatred and you'll give blood sleek. All deal splatter on the different. Glad to. Blood are you know what we're talking how blood on eight friends you know we can transition to skirt so I mean it's can go so she eats Syngenta. Blood everywhere they're willing all different to that you don't have worried that I started on the blood track and pentagon. I thought we got resource as let's get things going with a push of editing job I know doing have you got to be a part of makes at some point you're gonna have to do to push a town of its after or before the Asia. But at some point you gotta wanna push us I think he's a chair I can you chair pushups like where it is like thing where I'm kind of like. And that all OK some biceps stuff so I agree I I settings and just be using my leg the whole time you know saying. And get that try shred you know while mommy give that a pass I think that's fair sure. Oh you're pregnant I think you plank I really plain pushups or flight just due plank in senate to push ups. Your Mike on top of both of us as we do push Jessica learn how to do them in unison. I do you don't see that she dates a ranger but that's a real thing that you in the military are not for people. Oh I don't like getting into someone's back I got out I'd vote on his back that was fun. Did you push have no problem with you on on his back gets not pleasant for an especially now that I'm like you know this bowling ball com. Found hiding her very mature the future kind of gives it away he's answered this is pregnant I asked yeah my friend Diana gave this mean and incidentally it's so big bill like a big man can where in fact my wife and immediately stole it from me is seen as I got it it looks comfortable. Is kid it's in your minutes they actually it's better on him horribly enough you know mentally tiring here. I can take it out oh and then you know about bellied man underneath in I can explain it. Listed unit this news plans to send out I don't Ali yeah I want to know the least about pregnant women is like yeah. That's better isn't dangerous world for Ted Smith. Why that David Roberts heads meant is I I. Still world that doesn't involve me so just like I I know my role dealer might and a halt to hit I always. Share for some reason I very much support the use of god I'm sure I. But I think they'd try to dig out of that area of the world afternoon. Turning he'd do if I'm trying to simulate a secret. And I notice you don't want to know my leg what did you see good no JSR. And they're pregnant claiming all rights. I'm I'm you guys will love it's okay now this is it genius in bench and Craig did you need to know. It is flurry also I I'd I don't go to maternity shops is I feel like you know that would be like letting the terrorists win you know so I don't shop there but the one thing I Dolly this band and so it does is it enables me nor my old parents but see how the palace and wearing a tank top renowned yeah. Well aside tank top ashe's masking a fact my cancer and debt. I need one and yes so bloated people can Wear it until I'm just trying to keep you guys tricks I say this after big meal I don't know what he needs is info you. Triarc I don't like you know I'm tell costs have a story about that compares since then I've actually let's get the push of I don't know. All right we got a lot of stuff going on of course Ted it is the winter of biscuits and you have to keep that going once again last week we took a little bit of a break when the winner of its people were background that it. So let's did the pushups in to get the heart recent blood pumping the brand functioning. Got to go to class it's not kind throwing out everything right now. It's different. More in the second half. Yeah. After they knew about. I don't know how I was. I was gonna we already know he didn't even see out loud like hey you know I'm just feeling like one point five times the speed that's OK you guys the catch you know. As a reward out for your word on T. Thanks. I didn't hear your yard TJ yeah contained in this series jamiat if you give you finish came up with a class. This is there we say Kirk cousins together at the same time. That's always struggle there's always that one person like Julia know what's going fast but the probably Steve doesn't really well some with you I got a will slow down stay with them. That was just like pac sister and I didn't let it got to let go. Taurus. OK. Ticks me. I'd like to actually put herself her sleeves up go I'll judge it yet you off my and I know small business in China shop my water retention rate now. Is this legal Ted told the sentence has never been uttered on the medic I can just look. I imagine if I'm taking. You miss from Kirk cousins who was a quarterback in Washington in now it's a free agent for her and will be in March the highest paid NFL player ever. So the point is is that Kirk cousins is in Washington he wanted to stay. They didn't want to give them a deal be franchise and tears in a row right in it seemed like he was just stuck there then you fast forward. He's gonna be the richest people here again in the NFL I don't easy even worth its nine point is in place from. But my point is late. But you say you work at a restaurant or whatever right you might not like your manager maybe you'll like what the companies doing whatever but don't be don't let that. Not let you do your job still go out there and give the good service gives you never know you might we're gonna different restaurant down the line or whatever the and Isaac Daniels the manager Daniels could be at that restaurant like you know what. You look like a Daniels employee let's go. Right and you never know the impact you have so this stuff around you don't care where you were to lose and stuff around you don't like it just concentrate on doing you can that in mid day. People we see what your doing in your job. Yet as to excel at that in for Kirk cousins do. How do young before we started this indefinite react to that you got to hear this break down what you were telling me about Kirk cousins for those that don't realize. How much she's about to walk into that though that the bank is about to be remotely lock and key technology that. Great he would big deal for nineteen million in Washington's a marketing TV that you're not worth it whether it's on you long term. Then they end up paying a 20000001 year and 24 bit yeah ironing which is already more and then they sign Alex Smiths and now he's gone and he needs it. Prime his career quarterback let's have Sainte Justine is a quarter wreck now he's going to be it's been clear ever probably wreck everyone needs at quarterback and he's got a good chunk of the quarterbacks out there in Asia since seen leads you had a guy bigger. Which he wanted to stay. And you just sign are you traded for a guy who's very similar in playing ability to. But older brother. So a lot of ego is involved in this process all 400% but I did did you she's a good lesson for people look at lake is I don't. I don't when cousins he's late he's still went out showed out put up good numbers missing that. But he couldn't curled up in military isn't going to rebound off parliament gonna play art. Right I mean what would some guys who do nobody went out so play hard and now he's gonna see that paid. That's it that is a good lesson to us all like you have to crappy Voss who cares you know. Do it she needed duel and make fun of Abbas is necessary which is but I did touch apps. But you know even publicly via email at mass email he wouldn't I knew he read my emails so like I would make fun of him in my emails and people laugh and he never read them sit up and others I even though he's on the chain. Anyway yeah there's a ways you can stand out scene and even yes things are tough from I think no but it it sounds like current. This I silly the ego and sports like cannibalize is itself which you say this is again like a sample that ended up just paying more refer guy who's worked at the whole time and then you know. Now. Now that Washington just a master soc which is sad I I don't I it's likely other NFL teams maybe but since that guy took over that team I think he he's running basically it's the ground. And that's what he does he's a very good business in this and other general question about sports and business men that own teams rights against Snyder. His business practices aren't. Up to par my standards but he's a good businessman he makes companies tons of money ranked. So many buys a football team in insist on going down and getting into the football operations saying. Which is stupid if you would never know a football player come up to your board meaning to be like all I play for the time. Right I could be in play as a boy the people who know how to do that job from Rexall handled the business and you handle the football but there's ego. But he said yeah there's restaurants there's a strong ego and a sense like I mean how hard is it to run a football team me I'm yeah I got all the money in the world he's price a full on soft as you so rich days I guess I can do this anyone could do this yeah clearly he doesn't because you just. He just basically. Did make. They got the same guy but an older guy and older version of the same guy. You got seven million dollars guaranteed can you imagine getting seventy million dollars guaranteed unite even the best player at that position. As pretty crazy and then of course can get to the other topic of house certain things or when ever paid in certain things are super underpaid and that's just. Another ethnic radio personalities okay yeah yeah I heard their ego podcasters yeah I am here on Brittany if you answer about a repeat we got to start with actors. Oh why people always good athletes is beyond that such an NFL athletes they say the least of any of the top four sports Brett of these factored in the door about getting a concussion every game. And potentially getting nerve damage for their paralyzed. Let's go and ask us are like stunned the Nasrallah Tom Hanks who deserves all the money yes it's a struggling actors actually feel like. Get the shaft like mostly concerned the winds that light up delay could be doing their rat race from not audition audition and then of course they tallies tax deductible until recently is that's arcs. But yeah I mean big time actors for sure it's like we're aware of these numbers come from you know did you gender reacting then yeah I I didn't. That's a lot of people who did like Playboy and think our transition into the acting like denied for court yeah I had is that is at present theater nerd from from even in high school and then like. You know. Little did we all know that for young women remodeling opera she seemed to be more plentiful you know so actually a ways the acting first for me and then the modeling. But it is so hard for for struggling like actors writers. Filmmakers like they work their passes off. And ominous may lose a lot of money by any you know ones that make it really really big or who are he had the internal connections are the ones they can get paid that monstrous amount of money like you guys said. Of course it's it's like when I Wear these figures come from you know. Where's even distribution. You have all in the documents from all the time he went audition calls are certain gigs it was there one that stands as being really weird. Oh yeah I ask a woman in the entertainment industry had a weird experience did not dheisheh and yes things got guys that you're trying to do the whole casting couch had crap for Ahmet Enola. Not IE didn't casting couch. Now watch when the other night and I think ours is girl this is flaky isn't it tough for. It's not your first movie how last ruins and in the first movie yeah. Sorry delicious. Out we'll casting couch lie at that really got its true you know I think it was more true a while ago I Tilly. Accountability in public city which I think is it. On because we do need that accountability but Blake for me I think because being. I was I was very like upfront about being like that's feminist. Brighter as well I think people got scared off by that so I probably. Wasn't exposed as much but I also didn't stand as it is long because like I was also a writer and I would Trout for these things that just were very poorly written a microphone audition for this junk you know. But I did run into some really horrible odd experience is I will say. That you actually get more objective fight. Found that being like just a regular actor or even a background act her com or even just like a commercial actor then you do sometimes even as a model it's really weird. Yeah again I once had a situation where armed B it was the products and said some kind of spokes model for our product. There was an toggle as an accelerator and they had the finalists arms lineup in bikinis and I was one of these. Comment to be evaluated on you know who can go to the next step you know in this room of guys that were very out of shape mind you can't. And so let me just talked about it in front of us who like this one has bowed legs. Well listen serve out of shape or this one could be skinnier and they talking about his slate when her right there are losing everything and baiting. It didn't register this was like inappropriate and not okay you know so we just talking about it is if we were like furniture right now in this was not. This is not a modeling job exactly elysees as a kind of a commercial gay and I'm they've certainly not like Playboy or anything you know so it was just really. The strange experience for me sounds like you expect snow to. Are you ready now that I need to give I bet that's a new talk like zebra Carolina got it it got out of that from like my wife and I we watch side that Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show making me whatever. Whatever make him a cheerleaders or whatever it's called yeah and and there's potion S. Are vicious like this say to boost god awful stuff about these women and the women are right there haven't I was orbit and go. You're right my love handles have got a little bit bigger than last season I should probably I'm gonna go do other work out three times today is like. I maybe even do for and I'm saying my god I guess you're a woman and using it to another woman. And you'll once in that position as a cheerleader because they're all former cheerleader Islamic do you not think that this is going to be devastating to this person's psyche at some point. I meant to be able could probably make the argument that cycle they're helping them but I think in like certain like in most cases if it's just such auditions scenario that person doesn't need to know. What you think about and they just you know if they got the job or not like I like it's a job or doing I don't gonna next double level are doing not. We don't need to be like dissected like furniture like in front of everybody in front of each other like it's like so all of the ladies heard what was said albeit they're ladies. Nom and then of course ever and it was just really just weird and I feel like back culture hopefully is changing but I'm this is this like ten years ago outsell every decade you change. Have a hard time my news like right Abbas has hit young mentally. Burglary and Ari can I had no idea what that Britain on I actually happen I have a different Juliette. Yes and I hit the space bar on the computer items I mean that stopped recording. All right psychotic quicken so I don't think we've missed as he had a rough morning all of god dude you won't even preachy talk it would only come back pollution or take a break. I we got yourself an official Maytag sheriff today I got a all do it and then also since I you have a fetus annual medium as well that you don't box. Oh love lead counsel that I love it or you want to amend any you have this medium she media have carried a decision I'm making it don't have the titans to the tight pink Topper take tight teacher look yes causing muscles and your official you have a shirt yeah that's a I haven't we guys doing that we get back are out. I do wanna share why I had the worst possible mourning today won't one a really crappy morning. Also I I feel like huge huge you were gonna have a little bit of a debate about the moon I. That's highlighted a crappy morning and a superb blue blood and and are hearing now are welcome the men contestants back we will talk about all that fun stuff very disciplined political. It's. It's. Hold on these. And then get competency that. Okay. You American television executives your recent display of bravery and nerves began. The daring mavericks NBC and made that. She decision to bring back fueled situation comedy will and grace shortly thereafter the devil may care rebels and ABC announced plans to bring back. Popular ninety's sitcom Roseanne and now be artistic geniuses at CBS are bringing back another night's classic Murphy Brown what the next few champions of the never been done before a daring reboot of the 1980s and animal or perhaps dharma and Greg 2.0 whatever it is you unstoppable go getters America OSHA could tip of the hat for pushing the craft of televised entertainment into the future. You've got to sell out on your collective butts and played it safe but no no not you guys you've chose that path of the visionary in the years. The pioneers. Take your values stewards of creativity. Lot of reboot and Delis. Okay did today. These guys that person. And text you can crushing any time. Name that played enough sleep okay. And then it comes to that. I'm glad I'm like can get a flight. I cracked the top guns Philly. OK you know what everyone's allowed elect tacos. Hi. I saw this and I saw ads. The lock lock it loaded gun I don't know there was a locked and loaded kind of that was accused crashing a candidate all I seem to say and that's back through but away. I don't know much about country is Virgil just with Stapleton all the time now because they were together for both songs and that's an elf I feel like there was two guys like the only two like Omagh it's pure country artist right now so there really to go jars I would say I like it exactly so they kind of sit together for that reason I can we stick together we can win each understand base is over because I think most country fans. Aren't done like first able to elect stir so. And vice Versa as opposed site Florida Georgia line yet they clearly next Halloween a million a week goes Chris Stapleton. A bush turtle nice yes they're acting like the cable companies are Shia team up and have a monopoly yep okay. I'm getting now and ended the more pure than they almost kind seem like a more like Bridget country artists as opposed to the pop country. Yeah almost turtles another great story right but the guy paid his money to make that album is Joseph was about turtles all the way down for you bleached critics like three years four years ago and now we signed to a major label what Blake surge life like the kind of could it the other way he was some major label production was a sell out now is that that's really what it is now he's what he gets to be a sellout eventually that's who we're trying to get. Yeah we just gotta get there a sellout with integrity yet that's always roots yes street sellout that's entail exactly yeah reference sellout. There's so obviously there's no other way around it to be honest but you get to a certain level and Mike. It is controlled by those powers you gotta kind of sellout and lest you don't sell your stuff and and you just work until you try it which some people lay out idea. At the office. Those artists say if you if you just become so successful by doing your own way you have the ability just to go tell every record they would go after sausage that this is what I am unsuccessful you can have New York on Rod Stewart on my own yet. And I feel like that's kind of like circle is at this happening and we became so popular on his own that every labels -- cool we'll do whatever you want because you're so popular M and we're run just to would have you wanna do it. Agreements like that rain isn't she she cannot she shirt out like yeah. I think I think in a way that she had that same kind of power in a sense I know they weren't going to be OK we we're gonna tell you what we Timberland are some Mike Patterson you know. Used picking story Davidson Timberland I finally cannon yeah I'm glad we wanna buy that in a heartbeat. Somewhere missy Elliott's got a pop up a match Iraq. And tell you why did I hole like Atlantic group back together aren't listening if they're listening. Take her advice. Eight are you were huge and Atlanta so I can't imagine every every bit under Chris she's listening to us and yes I'll get RW Saint Louis. Allegedly written that are most do the same lunatics that's Nelly dues it's now any commandment I don't wanna you know let's work over there is mentally and eight she and he was struggling Saint Louis this. To right there are now all back guy yeah I'll look. There's a whole beef because Nellie screw the same mood 600 use and all the third and damaging mid song go over there is little be back in the day we had people with. Are you mean a stalled train now. They've installed for the times I'd be flipping radios channels like oh look there's song I don't like click. Another one click it shouldn't have to be great is it how endearment like that like I'm gonna Wear and compulsive wary you know when analyst and radio and constantly like oh like Ellison for like a couple seconds and I'll just keep lake. Clicking the next thing I'll come back eventually til like one thing. You know more forgiving with radio I think it's been driving more often and promising to radio I'm missing in the car and I just don't do they feel like just oddest five. If you set the negatives tolerate musically I'm like that's fine or talk show whatever it may be a make our Alison that television though I'm that way. Mean television is yet. Like I gotta be conscious stimulate put that drew motorway is I'll lose like twenty minutes is flipping around. Yeah I and in that time you had to watch like I shall all sun like you just spent a lot of time looking for something that doesn't Sok an and you have no more time to watch sign it does actually seem good to excellent. Hey yeah they go to commercials like all all right along side that I can't test for tomorrow watching this from the other night I down flipping around I just realized oh crap. It's now the fourth quarter of the game and I I went to change the channel in the first quarter might. Track of what you're doing it's like easily easily distracted by that idea televisions that way for me that's I love the red zone. Eighty. They eat red zone too much for me. Red zone I do I do Amazon prime Netflix I just deliberately picking she used cherry pick at things I wanna watch and and not frees me from the whole commercial sphere of watching you know we are somewhat site sports that. Like well you know unfortunately I am privy to live sports has my boyfriend likes that so we're not or or not he had just watching games like that or you know I'm just like hey is urinating contest I can watch because I'll be really fun for me. I'm usual for this culture here like Julianne. You're your weird out because why haven't really met a Mariner's game seek US citizens. Have finished. So it if you guys don't listen watch sports all have occur Cheick Kong to contrast Terry now some might I'm I'm actually really good at crushing an inning to send him make him as a Moody's. Moody's. I don't know how to knit batter crushing that I should learn down and you may just released on her ability all the probably is a tax cut that Howe hat. So that I got assignment Sonya I know I actually had a good few weeks to make this happen Kenya. Tenet had bad bad morning everything was going great until our show and its nightly our show and slow that's good you don't work out the way yeah workers could go pretty economic all right cleaning everything up we we were down one person Dickey who debt helps us out vote on the air and the behind the scenes wasn't there are so I was. Doing a little bit more to clean up and take terrorism stuff but I felt good I we got everything taken care of nobody nothing bad happened. As a picking up on my paper so we bring you studios. And we had these headphone boxes that have been a source of issue and are billion re say they were these big team called speed bumps there were in the way. So we had to have the complete studios redone says there was big lumps can be removed. And now they're kind of set in size they kind of make a little bit of a while but the big issue was we don't wanna do that because well. What if you spill coffee and everybody and our crew is always like gonna spill coffee we're professionals nobody's gonna do that. So sure is ask the guy who is the most vocal about saying hey you know would get his Bill Cosby. We're not a bunch animals were filed this is you say no reason a so called yes so this you are the covers back on board done. But during the show you now resolved none I don't keep any liquids and you were in here at TP CM the other studio in the US is that Beck last play. That's OAS UOK so and so if you open up that glass plate that's real like our headphone Jack is our microphone button everything's in there so. Cleaning up. I'm reaching over to grab that glass plate that you put over to protect those boxes as some reaching over. I did not realize that the cup of coffee in my hand still had a bunch of coffee. And I just built it into the well. And now I'm Mike. Poll asks and of course when that happens everyone else is laughing because it's funny because it didn't happen to them Ryan's laughing and they all you're really after that opera might. Some of a bitch some of the basic quickly dried up. Now I know it's like Bud Light won't call off. And make crap I cannot tell the engineer who's going to do me of that guy and the guy who says no one ever does is I just don't like export. Port one for the homey right into the well like I'm Jessica my alma asked so trying to fix it turn it off. I am plug it a Michael Cahill maybe I was led drive for a minute yeah I get back in now won't even go on. Now my old. Have you told engineering yet. No of course not trying to fix this myself so we can act like it happened today and I am a diver your way out this sounds like a very astrological event to me is when it sounds like what are you meet her means like you know it just sounds like it's in the stars that you know use spill your coffee and too bad credits you know like it was that. Blooms are not wearing my right crystals and have a problem I don't know I just you know the spirits. Syndicate is does superbly blood man today. I know my feeling Mercury retrograde have you ever heard about Mercury retrograde campaign know no okay so well all skip that but did. Ferris says superbly I'd rather great. Not anymore but this in this not the whole Muller a member what's yeah always you know about this how how did everything goes I I didn't. Yeah it does I still didn't like where identities Augusta notified. Probably yeah so blustery short. Trying to get up and down like I have to doubt tell the engineer and he's going to kill me I'm already preparing in my head how to defuse a situation because I'm legit thinking he's going to yell at me. But I've been yelled at by a boss or by anybody. In forever so much how we gonna handle this I ask him not to yell that loud size. So I just could completely quiver and apologized recorded as he yells and input on the air I'll be honest I was Mario things I thought maybe allergies I like Jim Rice so I'm like what do we do what do I do. 6% of the masses I try to go find him he wasn't there I I find our buddy Jason who helps us with some stuff his wife say eight to seventy Mel. Yeah we have actress he's speaking it's cool it's fine I'm like all of course is cool trying to decide you. And now so I send email to our army engineer and I'm like waiting for the replies you do retire him like he's going to kill me. I'm thinking the worse only rights is that's why we have Baxter's no problem. Think Ron can be kidding me saying the super blue moon is working to my favor. Needy you know like he'll create a calamity and then miraculously. Saved you from your own fears about act calamity now I feel like you're all about the super boom like you've got up early. Pretended to get up currently okay what does that mean meaning I was going do that then I didn't did you rise out of bed. Well I'd I grumbled and iron. And I probably said some I incoherent things steal my boyfriend he'd actually did get out of bed and only came back to say that could be. Blue moon was obscurity by all of the overcast next thing is Seattle this time of year. So I mean you're saying earlier the blue moons aren't that special because I happen often with this one was a superb new dad moving in now with that means is exceeding clips is a lunar eclipse only happens once every. In this particular configuration once every 150 years. So every other month we have a story about something only happens once every like hundred years that we all need gloves I look at. Yeah I'm going what everybody is right it and I miss it every single one of them bright even they want remember that solar eclipse everyone you know got on their Russa got the cereal box and it's shown there I'm like I'm not prepared in. Iran's been through some cereal box got new glasses on disallowed they're being like maybe I should look at it directly hit you know. Yeah I didn't wrestle that step to note. And then you become an abrupt wind pregnant and I believe it and enables me to how to match comparison and it directly descended that's my priest nobody if we'll tell you power from the moon is gonna look at it very right couldn't see it this morning now like. I believe he I think I know putts governor they ever seen the blue moon to me but it's been over hyped because it just he just the second one month. But I understand with the blood new means that the new direction so I don't read on it so if you get up and eighty like an idiot list that now looks like they do there's like a clout late. Your blocking in front of it right. So then that she'd. Like it's a blood moon because now has a reddish hue. Okay so. It's good for pictures. Yet they look awesome that's that's that that's a big deal and everybody has not a moment merely an awesome picture for their NC Rampage you're right this the last ice sensor problem in the last eight months of it everybody you know what you you obviously like that stuff. But like I know people that have no idea and they keep telling me back I didn't Reich is it this fall we had a autoimmune and harvest moon people like Alex are sort of soccer sort of what job. I think that we had eclipsed. As the region's second that's what I feel like we're getting inundated with murder. Crap which is probably why a lot of weird things are happening of course like I do think January a lot of root things happen murder was in rhetoric like through weeks. Was I think but we're seeing was not in December and we have to Google and the other is resent but I feel like whenever like. Star. Sort of events happen and things get weird not to say. But ultimately it's spooky desire to be in superstitious is I like to be. Bottom line is we are free will and even though the stars stage. You know that the day's going to be bad for tapper currents can that's what you and IR ranks. Not ultimately that's my decision you know so it's like I think it's our job day to transcend our limitations to transcendence. Forecasts that Sackett I think that's why we're here are so ultimately it's like it's almost like okay. I'm looking up the weather forecast I can't take that seriously or not in its poster rain so I mean I can't go on a lark. You know it just means I might need an umbrella or may be. It's not really a Reynard and or something but but ultimately grain of salt. Yeah yeah. So do you look at the horoscopes and and and say okay this is my challenge for today and needs but I need to prove this wrong you know what I find it interesting at least about my approach used her politics actually grew up with a lot of kooky people aggressor on my site gates and astrologers. Who had. And momma and to some extent you know I believe in freedom left at the doorstep of a Psycho I had read. Might as well then my mom was sort of Snooki in Seattle these friends see down and that's about those are my guys always look to beat Seattle a couple of but I think I know shouldn't even. It's on the vast pitching your mom like and a black down and pointy hat off. Making snoop putting the bigs that would stir like we got some sort sweetie I primaries he made him I hope you're in the. Simple open she is dialysis I was Susan Ichiro issues and do astrology issues under reiki she's an all these are basically everything at Seattle answering to him you know. But match. Which is sure it doesn't enjoy sitting in the country elements you know everyone who likes to shop atop hot topic and but QB Alex I grew up with our regular wrestling shirt so mocked and yeah hands got some good stuff everything in their smells like plastic it's been a long time seven in there. We took aggressive employees so keen night. They hey man what's going on you need some help. I want to get 150% off didn't get pants academic OK I get it I find enough that no those Mumbai make you aggressively we got these we know like I don't need your help I see everything on the wall. Let me go they are kind of intimidating right animals like you know. An overly aggressive you know worker in like a sack shopper something selling toys yeah it's Jack. You Brad isn't okay so I just trying to loot with a X. You anyway want to be soiled decent something different. But yeah I just. But that I decide how to for any sort of section oh would you tell him how was awesome he didn't but yet. Did you receive one of the Taurus late. Parts of like the female actresses all the tourists does the other torso almost Aurilia and see how tough you are under really I don't own one and they bury you they feel so real. You're noted how they feel this tape as well as I was in a sex shop. And they have a little tester I will they pull one out there like you gotta like this mad. We got fingered liked you so I can exactly what I yeah all right we were talking and I wasn't paying attention and everybody would you do between now the sorry. It feels good and it out there are so that you dude you're like touch me you know like it's it's almost it's there it's their freedom to attend attached I would love to go. When there and get one of those with a look at them straight BI without even trying to break anyhow like carriage and say what's your return policy or something like. I just see what they say the ten year return. No you know can go she's now you that you insert your penis is he can't return. Well law. You know I promise you didn't they don't wanna take it back but you think Jeanne back to eight apparel underwear back from guys that never try and actually I think Nordstrom you could take under Bacchus marsh well there's takes its act which is why Michelle Bernard and. To get my sex stories that you go to Norah Jones. Our ground for years text on the grassy pond their guy playing the piano they may have slipped six to. Oh this Rogers every hair I have. What's going to be a weird segue it's out of my out experience at the collection room for the nobody making for us an agent outlets ready to its inspiration. So last week we talked about it you few people wishing me luck and appreciate all the nice messages that people had so it's. So on Sunday we had to go and it's a lot of pressure on me because things are good for my what night you're good everything's great that was gonna get your husband here. Says do what he's got to do. And you don't try to understand this to save up. The last time member Doug Bailey. Thanks to lock file I save up in internally like night after bait before like a couple of days where you know they did they sell again big they have like a box you can take off had it between two to seven days been a week. So I figure there and our box there is an hour are frustrated you are the batter yeah I. All right imagine constitute a seven seems to be a mad at least give us a couple days of pent up excitement all right all right yes all right okay and that's interest I don't make you look forward to going. Non. Soda got their first get the torso and I'm just wish I could have used it map from my own. I've come prepared. CO I mean cause our chief. So you go unmet into that room and incite a honey reality and now let's take the pressure of end and it was when he gets in your head to head you can attest and I'm sure that. Once once you start over thinking it it makes it a little bit more difficult to do what you gotta deal. I'm there I'm like OK got to make this happen yeah. My wife outside waiting there was another low waiting in the waiting room so Mike on this is we are she knows what I'm about to do the leader brings me into the room and shows me how where everything is. We know exactly what you're gonna do serve it's it's just weird it's like I don't know why but like the idea of everyone knowing about the crank it really makes me feel uncomfortable. So but I got to do mail us. Let's hand holding they have to give you just like leave you alone be like over there. You know right nobody and I mean Lee but you know they have to spell it all out for you because you know obviously you wanna make sure you you have this properly labeled you put this in the right thank you put it in missile thing you turn it. And it's like everybody Nasser rates but I would never late everyone who's happy does I would never like making a point I would never like tell you like -- youth. Tomorrow morning hey gentlemen back right like it's weird that they know you're going in play we don't know people do it. But it's weird to know Alex is a good putt dudes they're player of the program I. I don't read to know that when I come out they know that. Things have been ST yeah like that all that is weird it's like I never called a Ted and I hit as a morning yelling out rabbit in there is good now. I think it's just that the conversation you have your friends you know we all know we do it. Yet at the same time if you put this into perspective after you leave a bathroom stall people know that you probably. You know how to movement of some kind is not okay. I felt very good point it's like case something came out you know us otherwise you would have gone into the stall out but ever went OK or acts are. Saw a slight amount of embarrassment when I walk out of the stall knowing that I can I just destroyed this Herman. And there's somebody else in the room and I'm like hey it's nice to see. Oh yeah public saw a gap do you guys get quietly say you're the only one in the bathroom and you just ready gallon in like one other person like mark since it's either for me it's like it's super busy not a problem if it's super just mean not a problem but it's like Neiman some some remarks in I'm just like Elvis and it is all hold my breath deal. All went out I'll Duval flush. Or it will cost lawyer doing some things just like up didn't hear that's we didn't hear that occasionally I'll be quietly leave but I got as soon as he walked in making noise that they know like say. Duty in here appropriate. Let's make this week I try that in times it is rather empowering yeah. Really how will we turn he's my son is a light that goes outside he says are there the degree of like you go into what you see on that toilet seat. A little would you show. A we're just in a totally disentangle that whole idea that we have to lighten worry about yeah yeah I like it didn't do you. Today I was in there and I was talking to finally music do I can't group with you win here yeah. And I was extension Pena's you have to watch your I guy got what he decided to seriously get out of here and hookup I. But you gotta joke a new series of I respect that he's got a lot more issues and we deal with the situation. Comfort with the bodies so when you're in this room well see how she's a moto G wit like maybe like maybe like when you know without water remote gene that sort of legs or like being in debt and plan to mode GE or all of us. Saying hey yeah it's the pass through the ice plant and Helio why you know it's one I'm talking mare that's over and have a proven Naji for the bathroom for this why don't. Titles but let's let's just I can't do Ted did and they article I didn't like what they do approval doesn't give us an up the eight bit of water to still be blood master made up. The point all right I got her car chase starts up with the I kind of mosey when you first walked in and when you lead to another old wood that the water drips and has signed and we know what stage your grandma dot Ted's what needs to be brought to. God's Barton and I saw anyway so I mean there. And now it's in my head I hear people outside making noise so might my gosh that all I thought was. How can I look in my life to say everything you've done you've done if you give yourself the shots you've put yourself through the wringer I do dealing with that. This is so much more than I'm having a deal with it. And all I have one job and I couldn't even complete that job like that that was my biggest fear so make trying to get out in my own head. Allied OK let me just grab my phone let me go look watch a video might screw it you know I'm bottom Null you know watching him do yeah. No started to resolve the bank I just wanted to get in get out and do yeah well you know me I like to watch the story lines in the movies I like to know why they're gonna have sagged. Appreciate this about you as women and or even is not what I didn't mention I mean I can be speaking for men and women. I don't wanna offend anybody resume however I don't and some are getting hit like god this stuff was getting men getting done. Like do you cared he wants to attachments and emotional all that that's like dead but if it did. Eroticism he wants of products is on I don't know what the fourth I wanna know why you see docking on your door. Why anyone care about you might not be on right Dolores get a fix the cable box but they also facing something else and he didn't review. By the end of a guess. And cares about you that I'll do okay and our usual why. She's critics. It's so gratifying as you watch let's go like hot blonde does it. Big boobs look like it if I look for repairman since you since the lonely housewife and falls in love with her and he can't play well. This Portis a little look at. Some looking at my phone I'm like OK things you can ramping up again everything's good and economics. Text message from. Monta all. Vijay is a guy do the morning. Ernie you text message from god citizen named DJ the longer the front door don't look. And now I'm Mike Huckabee won. Our son of a bitch now might ignore it just ignored the tax is just so they have a text. And typically. They'll say like hey give time to check if he says that at least some serious conversation. And that's can't wait any going to send me down the deep end zone now romantic YZ texting on Sunday what does he need. Crap I'm over thinking like what is the world falling apart is he mad about something. My wife is waiting for me the room had a wife and defuse the situation and and still leave without a a jug and a revolving door thanks for them to take. So finally has like I gotta walk into with the Texas. Is little migs in your hands wholesome and oh I don't Ming. If you remember we get it gets distracted by the dog remember the dogs Sosa's dog like ruins it for him. I love cars and light greens sweaty city and they're like yeah. How hot irons or are derivatives and what do I do you know the great artistic shot to have like die with Sony and handed looking anxious. Left. Why it anyways. And artistic to meet this whole situation and thank. Really it was just I saw there was a video attached remain quiet opening up the video right now but at least I know if he's sending me a video it's got to be something fun yeah I mean I can't. If it beckons me a video of himself I ad called me you know we just as it turned Adams is it was actually pretty funny video later I watched him take him listening to my band. While he's clean house article that's really cool. Well. Finally get it ought in my head take care of business. Open up the door. This guy coming on the other door I'm Mike why don't have this slot is the second time around leaving at the same time as another person. And I quotes whatever see my wife she's looking at me and she just has that look like. Well where have you been how long this week nearly twenty minutes boom. He. Now conditions doesn't seem that long to make it look like when my wife knows I'm always in my head with everything so might notice she knew that whatever was gonna. And she would sets that I was scared and worried for you I'm worried yes they get to the tens or not. I got along with her who think that I'm about how. It. Rights. She does unusual for you plug the week I now know. Go longer. He's PM or 8 AM rice is try to get up at 330 tomorrow because tiny divot kind of thing to you all minutes that we weeknight it's a ten movies too tonight. It's my kind of movie that and it it it like gates I like where this is gathering is the best. Are so leaving its thing blows and you're on your head not if she knew and yet the DJ Texas at all did you do not answer did you Mike. Mel and I told her whole stories uses cracked Jessica of course it's gonna get in your head what what are you doing and my idol now. Just damn mess so fingers crossed now everything works I don't know wolf I I yeah. And two weeks we'll find out if they view your nothing on the cast him he's nothing happened so bothering. OK I will tell you guys vowed not to be IK you'd emerge again yeah. A couple of other all that well opt out are always go back to know about German hopman put the right emote Xian you know I think it sets always feet. It's an illusion don't look at what's he doing there I don't now it's my support any plants. Somehow he's missing its I'd plant yeah right back after. Maybe he's making eight may have Fries he you do have to symptom cold water overnight that they France properly. I don't read what I am saying it's restricting Waterloo who each egg plant mind you know like you end and kept exempt member John thank you see if delicious OK I have a case clean I planned all admit it. It's always talking about the actual. It started out to the great nanny and another. It's a good break got and the throughout the globe it's only listens to make as part of our make a family said there's a game that we can play and that's the update or fake. All right Mary so there an element that you two against each other OK all right like w.s and it'll all fall or. Went to make necessary it's. Thanks to those guys. I have seen better days. Many cubs will be back. Procter & Gamble makers of the suddenly popular tide pods are pleased to announce their newest line up household products that Canadians will decide they must be. Enjoy the new dessert sensation don't need dipping dots that. And would company drops over unexpectedly. Bring out Pampers pastries and regular Ford chocolate filled. You see if your dumb enough for every household product is that a wolf coming soon from SC Johnson and son. Lemon fresh and pledge for drink yes that's fatal but at least you'll have a nice finish. I. Mean. These guys still love you whoa that's for me. I'm still in contention out team. Man I'm help and then it cost is that. The yellow caught up talking nods aren't that great and I welcome back to make because of bread or that's not that bad. And we've got a different take I don't know I really effect today. When I see your last name but you're on Twitter insides of the threat today. Act two different day in and also much of the effort to dot com. ES I don't know what I description turbulent Don Imus fellas that's obviously it's up it's a little bit different I was thinking really quick. A home mostly about Jeff. And not the collection so worried I. That's okay just business as usual for me. Confuse you always have a feminine Millard you rim Playboy you right now resident yelled at frankly lights. You say it's on your book and are they notoriety that he was not a wheelchair now I know I like seeing now I feel like now I know that I can kind of show you allow let's see I I can't I trust I trust that they're. Yeah that's been. I can't are not dip every one and I met can't term falling off the kind of. I now have a couple pairs of jeans and I don't Limbaugh and physicists my I still have this also there one day I will be able to button them but you will we know and you want yeah belly band oh my god you want Herman elegant. I'm not try and tell its side just put the belt. If I've rebelled on any news that the buttons are these are fine but it's a good for holding up loose pants and pulling up your pants in your she blurted to button and say they have to. Chris is perfect for Christmas and thank thank you get out now Catholic Chris as you navigate through Thanksgiving you need us but my question was about job if you are feminist is it. Could I can't imagine that that that would you becoming a playmate. It's like almost like you get heat from both sides like hardcore feminist I don't like you because how dare you mean Europe feminist and then you're in Playboy eight. You know and then you got people they've been yet the women that are in place where I sound like he pitcher feminist. I see you Kelly getting a weird energy from both ends so you take stuck in this weird middle I would imagine. Yet that was set more the case ten years I feel like cap and the kind of feminism that I able had ten years ago is a less common and it's way more common now and it's it's called look at sex positive semitism time I guess that's one way of like kind abbreviating it. But. Here's how I see it. To tell women they can't Blake you know express themselves. In terms. Those they're sexuality their glamour is just as impressive as saying that they are defined by their sexuality and her glamour and her looks. So it's sort of like this weird middle ground where it's like we need to be. Even consider you know like free to sort of express ourselves but not have that define us as people and and we walk a very. Hard line for that so yeah I mean like I I think there is at least back then there's a lot more like on the more radical side effects Imus like being like. Well that's not very send this if you're gonna yes. Mr. going to look good senior not going to carriage everyone thinks you're not going to care how you look in your going to is like not enough. That's how it works and it's also deny how we're still like overly care how everyone perceives he says sort of like this beat you wanna be and don't. Mean I think there's like an every benevolent movement salmon at the feminist movement. Didn't. Just any social justice movement there there's like these sort of dark underpinnings of that and likely just be careful that. We don't create the purported leave progress is. Rules are actually just as impressive as this stuff for trying to get away from you know and not something I've really had to contend with as an academic senate has been like hey you know. Accidentally got it out where they're like okay we'll adapt. It's not encouraged her for me to be you know over Lee notes is care about my parents or care about you know lake. Fashion glamour while Bloch and then I'm like no that's that's not right you know so so there really it's it's complicated it's quite simple it's. B do you wanna be and I'm in don't let some entity whether they're supposedly progressive or re grass says tell you. That's not okay continue now. And so it's yeah it's it's it's easier not specially Seattle until like a lot of people are sort of on the sweet length. Yeah I call call I was thinking about an hour and you're right there right now am I stretching back a minute but 2000 a. Now what I just got out every every decade I feel like it changes like every few years of Felix our awareness especially thanks to the Internet you know we it just sort of keeps. Going exponentially sound. Happy about that. He has made it fellow games let's do our pay I saw you made birds and you've been so listen to a few episodes and make it I don't know if you've ever heard the episode where we determined that are whenever we play game. Super America. Right. And any tree out of any. Patriot. All right time to play. Dieter faith. Now so instead of some estimates hello when you queens Ted with a game like that game fireworks or sex Toys. 'R' Us off what does the fight game. Thank you mode when you guys can use it queens Ted it's Juliette is there ever played two yea. I may have a bunch of crazy feet services and makes them in with a pretty crazy but I. Cool real TV services all right CN determine whether and I think it's. You harmony a real dating service through the knock on Saturdays every other back and forth whether tiebreaker just in case. For questions each. Kind right so once again this game is called according to mark to meet or face. The first one it's called happy ending social network. Happy and means social net where people with terminal illnesses can still find love their slogan. No long contact look pulled no long contract. Required. That is a real thing my friend. Ted you're wrong but that's not happened it should be. Police said Todd maps dot com but it's going to be what terminal illnesses. I mean it sounds real enough to me I got actually I thought that was real tears you up to be fair I guess that now Israel and we've got until we no longer contract required. All the bull maybe they've seen it got a small ones don't sweat it. I was gonna like everyone will be dead there's no like hurt feelings if repercussions until the doomsday clock. Gaffes and Ted right now you have no I don't know Troy thanks next one. Sea captain Dave dot com. The only place for sea captains to connect with men and women who share a love of the ocean it's their slogan. Find your first mate feet dead inside dating site or takes. I think it's real. Jillian you are correct he had a hotel and just say yes to everything. And I think you're seeing can contend and think man found she's Hillary faculty we have got out I. How she got her first acting job you know hey Kevin King. Business and these. Are area. I had your next question for data taken thanks again to main cast member mark. For a sop. Is I just love this music out there are. Database Ted. King of the road dot com. We're truckers who they're need schools. Their slogan. I've got a big break for you. Are right. Now while cutting its face because truckers use a lot lizards. Edit the familiar logic confuses me and you are correct. And probably rest stops mind you they probably use those as well twelve rest you know the rest stops or more for your. You sure about Hayes he's six foot what was thought worthwhile lizards and remember what mark your big break. Hunker down what they had a woman with a few teeth. Different comeback victory what happened in your life we decide you know what I need to be a lot lizards. You've lived you live in a flyover a lot around third I you know actually I don't know anything about lot blizzard this yeah dude that's the that's weighted lots pretty nasty happens for Chris. What prior. They're nasty ass in the best guess truck drivers home yeah so it bathroom area did I played great oracle of turbulent few Williams. Wow I've been educated to gate yes that's any good to a truck stop. Be on the lookout maybe I should like you know get my hair looking like a rat's nest and like blackouts my teeth. Feeling pain. I'm waiting for days you have happiness he's got to see you got to not shower and do reggae you went out and well that would help while there's a lot of good. I'm basically a selling point for them I don't you need projections even better football but I'm. Easiest. I've got a big rig bring you. All right so dead now we game's tied 11 night next question this next one. Her some old dot com it's you are aren't you. If Gingrich can't mothers and greet and meet. Their slogan the cat lovers social network. Take your date. That is tough to get like it seems it seems like slumming it probably does exist because of trying to catch enthusiasts come but because it's just so simply eat. Marketed. Wondering if he's there just battling marketed ask. It's cents on the Israel. Real. The room after four questions Julia takes the lead to Hawaii and I thought that I had to be real people look at dad. I I I agree diverse and I certainly don't just seems to basics the gaffe hurts so yeah I can't. Gotta catch up. Next one. Date of state. Spinners dot com. I guy I get with the web's latest mobile phone I just don't I just a little bit. I felt good time bidders that down I'll write something like Ted did in the meeting place for super petite women and the men who appreciate them. Their slogan. I'll love you to your head spins. I know that they take only because of the slogan. Way to go take your breath yeah they recited to a piece. That's why. It's Julianne are you ready know OK perfect candidate and if at first he singles dot com. Meet other people to understand the world there's slogan you'll feel the burn. Peter chase then what that's why. Birdie singles. BER and I eat well. I was just just like a really bad name Brad. Yes some brand down so random sounds like it would be real business at hand. No. Now hold the same state well it just if it's real they're not gonna make any money like no I mean who would join and it you know. And let's I'm just totally wrong which happens often she. Suffered during this game apparently Paul all poll that's great seats to presumed. And I'd say the answer is. You are wrong in Israel our Bernie Sanders stay at. So what are hernia okay act. And that's I was like no that's got to be new ideas and my seven wood rarer my had a team and begin to act like for some reason I didn't like kind of coming up. Brain fart but I was distinct feel the Burnham and Zetterberg Sears just Bernie singles. Alone a UK. What a guy dating site even if it's a play on words where their slogan is feel the burn there's a lot of burning people and I really like perfect not you would hurt resale. I could. There is like gas DD DD dotcom or something yeah we talk about this week I think unless you're gonna show and apparently there and fight for people who have some kind of an STV. What do you get to click what you haven't and they filter is based on like I have gonorrhea I don't want people will gonorrhea maybe it's always syphilis I don't care. Yeah that's actually kind of songs you found about how things get I don't know if people are aware of the fact there's several different strains of the famous CD's they're just like. He basically every infecting themselves with just another variation so it's like there. There's doubling down on a CD yeah I had to give us like like everyone has herpes it's like come once strain on her reasons not the same is another one and now you're just gonna get new outbreaks from this new strain not the start at just doing your other one and going to the door. Mean you know whatever whatever it does get together you get to enjoy it getter get should be covered in its gas or so okay. Our guys get that's a shooting movement to the slogan for one of these kids governance Dow to governance so trust chocolate and all right Brooke tag game is tied sourced on our post dot org I got belly dance was probably got a I got him I was down ahead. Aren't. Vampire passions dot com. It's a daily safer vampires. And vampire lovers. Shockingly their slogan is. Quite pleased. You know what I would say that's real. Did you are correct yeah at least treated to Sonia and I hope it's like Tom Brady over here. Come from behind I tell me from the hit its. Defensively because that's the slogan to aren't. Final question unless he knew tiebreaker. Rich men dating. It's the hottest spots to meet real millionaire singles they're slowed him who's your sugar daddy. Nancy probably broke him didn't speak so I think is probably real. You are correct data out there are shooting you know being tied. OK I we have one last one I don't it won't work questions so let's see how do we want to do this I give you vote Shiites at each got a 106 not a few. I've had practice I've got it down where I think it'll be and commissioner Pete Andre he's been really a martyr. Even as cable under the Taiwan the winner would ask the same question to both of you you write down what you think it is. Create its fair way to do this all right the question started the last one it's begin match dot com to my life. Life is better with the media minute and their slogan. Fruits and nuts welcomed. So now write down what you think it is do you think it's a dating site for is a fake site. I think goes tension and anticipation more than a flute solo. We get the other includes a vacuum it all of the. I mean. All right are we ready I'm ready okay Ted would you write down I wrote fake it. Irish banks do. We're not from wherever I I give both write Hillary's I put fake and 2018. You couldn't put fruits welcome. Wow yeah that would be insulted no sex that's if you want to hit it out very easy to offend people these days even with jokes yeah oh yeah yeah. Obviously in my. Yeah I could feel webs they feel like any fruit logo like he's gonna take that really wrong yes. That's true and adults the peace deal police will be after them. So I guess we'll just have to accept there were both geniuses what can do and of the game and if you Jefferson who may yet to find a true winner right now that he did you guys are tied. Yeah sure I guess the seamless naral have just get us another quiz know that mark your true mega family member you'll come up with a new game for next week. I think that wraps up this week's episode of the mega cast fans have been fun. I get tired arm you guys yeah I felt all right I mean you know I didn't lose you know I huge high guy. What I'm doing a flip a coin if you wanna have a winner. Not so I am not my ego is on perturbed by that fact that I can't I'll take you right now they want and so it's okay you know I find every took now. Nobody can take and she now knows that a bounce back. I'm Orson you think in the playoffs you can haven't determined the winner. Doesn't like final winning here is we define what to catch. I'm mark happening. Well let's get on Matty here in this that the. Good thank you for hanging out west again loved it cobra golf. My dad always find you get it done Juliette red tape on Twitter more we have Fred. And makes the follow. Yet but are now insisting that follow every playmate who has started to leave a ball into the final filling in mixed up the good. You know I cannot think so resilient followed. All they're cracked the the cover of Playboy and more ball. It's super true I'm kind of wishing I wasn't on no list of all holidays are gonna get a lot of model eyes are followers are just waiting for like you know like sixty they'll be done everything. So it's like yeah. Got sucked your favorite TV news. All the trouble that we do away. I love you let's go to Twitter I don't know yet you would think like sometimes I'll follow player from the team medical care for crimes like to do the right to connect team. I think it's just like everybody else there you look at how to follow that could happen to me was Presley and I don't Jimmy northern following a certain wrestler and into Graham and also like. 300 different wrestler sort of a Mets know it well and I just follow the ball chorus is I'm just a loser like I can shut down. As you tell I Matty here. Redding probably about as easy now. Let's quit and I knew my back which I don't follow your relief. How that's out I. Yeah. Read take on the world now. I've always that you listen to debate that's the ones on Twitter after a mega cast your shirt. Right next week.