MegaCast 02/14/18 "Vart!"

Wednesday, February 14th

This week we are back with our bud Juliette Fretté… and we explain to her why Portland is the strip club capital of the world!  Plus we chat about:  Sports coats, failed Valentine’s Day Greetings, and if a MegaFamily member should be mad at her boyfriend for how he reacted to her Valentines Day gift.  Most importantly… we chat about the other “V” word… VART.

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Sounds like your god grant when you're trying to get into meant a pack her. You know or is he needs to Madonna. I'm doing it themselves ally got a free can say is my dog's breed just won the Westminster dog show both part of her breed. As a sales and a half and it could be John part of the multi shot. Expect this Honolulu one shall hunt and did you see how the crowd be into the crowd reacted. The early legit pissed because the Pug didn't win. Pugs I love although there is so it's so cruel agreed pontificating stricken breeds like. Ladies and gentlemen. Ahead with a what's up. A hundred solidly all inclusive. Welcome back to the mega cast her off last week. We work yeah I am I leaving Somalia. Those. Things that means meaning to me it's big on meetings meetings meetings about meetings and then we have meetings talk about the meeting that we just that is always a good time and all day meeting affair back in the days we memos about the memo notes meetings about the meetings there really is still it's so ridiculous when you have a meeting to talk about the meeting there were about to happen thirty minutes and I wish -- the meeting deceiving you eliminate the meetings I think I would love to have a meeting about that but we need to set up a meeting to talk about all that are you guys free on Wednesday. Yeah yeah our idea except for when I'm in meetings specific. I would interpret our vice Stephen it is the same way you think. But to be much better without meetings that's only god. Can. Then we have a meeting to figure out why why people hate needing every Devin offline conversation about that meeting and then we'll circle back right don't you love how they say offline when really you're just meeting via email your online doing that yeah it's clear let's talk those offline it's like and then I am me. I almost catch phrases this it was a bizarre that we organic in order for us I had these meetings. I eat away at how we get on C I'm amazed how many things in the corporate world now. Come from honestly like burning man in the county cop in the counterculture wait are you serious. I'm dead serious gaming Dick Ellis now sample well every coming here corporate person talk about Tomo wanna puke. Oh Chris that's a burning man. Mouse there's a few of hair missing now but yeah I act legislate in Natalie the I think the other one I can deal with it now through the kind of backed off at the likes wag drew truly crazy forever in that and that's a burning man Canada am on December okay diploma was an easy one use an Israeli leaders sees little lake freezes Philly people pick up on. Like I like to see talk a spicier whatever but that'll be like an excellent. Like talking assets they do hijacked phrases and make them so early on interest and like well they are over mark to market them it's like you have a tech corporations like yeah. Just how did you know corn ever unlike ever and using were unicorn now snow and it's a rat's ass about your Carnes. Yeah I mean what ten years ago we care about the debris that is a unicorn. Yeah we expression there's Neil Patrick Harris he's the first to care and it took him taking MD MA. While going to white castle north press they care about you know courts yup burgers and other ruined forever and obviously corporations. You season that's right everything's commercial and actually do that it's a complete opposite of what that's numbers from work. I did look though organic lawn and organic one drives me nuts is like my biggest pet be when you're like a meeting. And I we need to do this and has to be organic among world. The fact we're having a meeting to talk about how we need to make an organic greens is never going to be organic. Yeah or like doing deleted the last time it's on its urgent we'll get is what it's. I think hey yeah impromptu CO that's what they mean they mean kind of like. The spirit moves CO yeah ours not nearly as cool yeah yeah no I doesn't say it's like as soon as you see a T shirt. That says that frees excellent Nordstrom target or average that's when you realize okay it's jumped the shark it's over yeah. I proposing new word for organic and we can use mystique a hole. This did you Tony misty holistic medicine start previous deeply. What started at the strip club and thought hey that's pretty well now establish you so. Hundred no that's all natural have you there in their natural outfits set for there are some clubs that are secure organic clothing over it district cabs cab and I have. Have to say when mr. go there into as the lead Chertoff and I don't know why snarled tiny in inhibitor and now it's just a fun with it tacitly you know you save begins strip club yes I know we are again but it's also got exists to support or let them explain this to me. I think Moby and a bacon strip club and open very happy that. And nor does it crop. Minnesota crop listened in Portland is famous for their stakes right okay now know this no memory of how and you decide and it Portland has an amazing strip club scene. And late it's late there's so many of whom I once it is more per capita than almost like any other city to put. Perspective I had no idea about Portland strip club scene until I've read an interview Marilyn Manson and he said the best strip club in the entire world. Is the Acropolis important. Sense to me the guy that owns the Acropolis apparently has let you assume lake Pettit cattle or whatever he's a butcher usually I don't you iPad hitting about debate in part no I had a bacon wrapped certainly marathons and a bachelor party it was delicious home that he he slaughters in cokes and does all that fun stuff on as another job. And that's why you that we when you go to the Acropolis the meat is likely to get it a state dinner is like five bucks yet it's like all I call a and it's not organic its whole list of ice and then there's this other place Cassidy download them. Head open governor elect our menus all beat him. That's no fun if you wanna saw Digi strip club if you don't cyan and I don't I hear you guys I want Jesse young women want is we had so much taught in the air dude I matter to you or not I I have only heard stories about casting problem I've heard it's impossible sometimes to get into the club because it's just like so. A line out the door because you've been the place is so packed. It's crazy. And then they hope FEMA trailer so I was shocked about this no I wanna know more then tested the album was always far away you have guys up there doing strips staffs calorie I was a leaf and I hope for the eight crop that's not feminist of them but then have guys. Now hopes to open up right next yea crop so now there's a go war resuming the beads in the media if so what is the custom compounds through to crack thoughts this photo ops. Hence why Portland is the strip club capital of the world but we don't have. It's like every other Jews should it goes up on stage dances and sometimes they don't show up so when Joseph isn't sitting nails and without that deet to clothing you know. What is it the thunder from under under under a piano and a that's actually edit I think guys are better looking not show and then. How Dicey chip and else. I have not seen just the deals just seems dated Italy don't make Playboy club. Oh yeah. Oh yeah oh yeah I did try I worked there for those aren't Arne. Julio Franco is a former playmate and current front she's always going to be appointees forever thank you Steve you're welcome I freaked out by the shall not I look like a bowling ball hits past content he has preached. All before we get to and I think got I tell you and Lydia and get a bone to pick okay oh yeah so I have another friend it's pregnant scope. Yeah you're actually you're hanging up on them playing at home. Julian if the pregnant playmate third trimester you all so I asked her she had won a lose belt you were wearing. Oh EA had a belly dancing Nina and she was like. Why do you know that and that's kind of what I don't rob and I actually I don't wanna know but now I don't. Seen the ad spreading wisdom is it's good to see dies like for seeker it was out like I don't think. No she was just like why do you know that but there's no movies for me to know that to say. Because because time like magna yelling and it's you know that the professor know everything's going that's cool hat and see which I need another stellar stuff mommy. Don't trying to endear yourself and wearing one right I'm just wearing his parents' nice town ice cart path and Iraq anime cash and it's pretty damn awesome I probably take a picture of me before alienate keep forgetting that takes teachers who lives with a good team photo gaps here when you into the Graham. Yes having Graham in a while. I guess good guy you know why because I have a bone to pick would you tent alright I'll see our phone I was sucking your answer Rampage and I feel very proud I always say the tip of my best friend. Oh look on tips it's a Rampage now want to make Germany. Did all of these you're right you got money could go. I think for my dog. And I got to yeah. Your needs you're events yes but I think it's going to. Some companies say let me check big ones he's played all it takes is Stevens had a lot of fun pictures on NC Graham and I quote anti is he must be telling the truth that Ted is his best friend let me tell got presents a Rampage not a one. And that's your just a bunch of you doing ducks face self these talks. And each entrance German you know he's got a lot of digital lots of other for. My god you just Ding SR and let him means you're at this. I'm trying to think if you're in the post against a rare shot of all let's just make sure Ellicott the free. Yeah I don't care condominium setup really quite get my energy and why do get like why why my my arms look bigger than. I want Nolan you know OK moving on or use the Fresno Charlotte irresistibly. Hot. While Steve's right back. There's a lot of back I was just community now I have pictures my friend just that's. I think I am perhaps that's fantastic. Well you know what you got a big secret of the shirt picked up of a oh my daughter made the cut. You know what is it was good what is your girlfriend or your wife right instead likely to get a picture insulting and why isn't an idol you're my girlfriend within them. But that's a whole other cars I hate that I know everybody here and actually it might say that it's just do it be liking how I just did see Fisher this mom. And. I'm glad we cleared the air we got through all our issues that we have with each other yeah yeah things are better now I feel like you should all be friends again and say a new picture. What we need a text journals the mail us your club. Males just plugged. What we get sounded so yeah at the heart rates in the blood puppet in the grand funk today I rise are at this time you know it is Valentine's Day if you're listening when this podcast comes out on Wednesday it is had feared what better song since it is in the winter biscuit is while also playing nothing but Olympic skaters are pushed up music. Appeared refine refine our romantic song that Fred Durst once wrote about how op. Well he had a certain. Infatuation or Britney Spears. All right in the song is called eat you alive so go LBR push ups on ice I got to grace taxis. Audience to sing. Hope nothing I was romance more. They may have. Okay. Okay. Now Matt right you commitment to make a manly now pregnant pump it out tenets of breast Juliette did the pushups. Candy apple has my knees were on the ground and normally give military push us I just don't get you know like abdominal separation happens. If you all know about that. So we appreciate seeing you don't know what's been your abdominal wall separates poets hello a lot of women as you're probably with some of them went might be listening. Did it hit the east so we do attend talks China China's. At noon. Do you want to know I'm I'm I'm mortal kind of saying like you know a few if you're not careful if you're like mid section your abdominal scan kind of like open and Blake. Throughout the down the middle. That's called diocese is recchi silly you're in trawlers to approve jobless really funky. Lot of postpartum women deal that's just one and you know stress that area attempts. Well I've got to get the mega Stanley has. We're just Boehner right now. I'd sponsoring you want to. AFLAC god knows they have tried turned you on today. Never thought I'd be I appreciate the playmates. Does yeah some day I mean I'm really been such do modified push us and so she's dressed. He. Tore its. Name mom. You know to have faith whatever that rate there's. Now I wanted to keep jtapi stick with that a split of its push ups and it's the big cats I don't know what it is you. Who. I am it's their last week I I just don't feel like actually give people advice right now. I've got I've got I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll jump in the cowboys are patient and I got something I dragged you down. Doubt it this morning we were having a conversation about sports coats for some reason nice and I do not own a sports coat right either you like OK good I'm glad. So can read there's about I go to nice restaurants and again I can't go to camp less because I don't know a sports coat I can't beauty tourist Briscoe who go to air speed is gimmick. Who drew boos grew 43 years old who reviewed. Am I look I have no need for sports coat I don't do anything that requires now have a suit if I ever need to really get dressed up I have a suit but otherwise a dress a certain. Is fine for anything that I'm doing awaiting an answer that whatever it may be eight. So then of course attacks coming and people are mad at me I can't your forty broad dammit you should have less sports coat. What about this what about that maybe you should dress up nice for your wife when he sent a bit she would like that are both great you're thinking from my wife I think she's okay with. Mes she she decided to be with me because she likes me for why that. So Smyth Steve talk she debts and is okay you're probably less. EU talk doom doom. Is don't be offended when people don't like what you don't like. Are ya know ribbon it would people don't like what you like best and. Don't like clay you like my hair really like these awesome college flowers. And link those who monitor us is to. Yeah it doesn't say I make I can't flowers. They're the worst in its own thing you know I like my vote you suckers that. Wrestling is a good example I love wrestling yeah I don't get mad when somebody says they don't like wrestling it's an opinion it's okay I'm not telling somebody that if you were sports coat you look like a moron. I just said for me. I don't feel good and. I exported to describe exactly with sports coat looks like he's as well make sure I get the right. Image in my head to jacket yeah without with thank you genes are slack they were like cash there's a nice sports jackets that are like Seattle Seahawks and thing it doesn't look like ups and Halliburton did not mean you almost started jacket of course yeah I already -- spurt started are talking about MI and at K yeah I'm looking under rocks here it's funny how people. Get offended because I'm not a fan of something that there are a fan of or that they are they. Michael ware a certain thing because I'm not a fan that they canceled unheard of comic dude not telling you you shouldn't Wear and tell you look bad and I'm just saying that that doesn't that's not my world sports coats will never be my world. I'm 43 RB 571 day I'll try never won a sports coat fortress is stupid for me. Yeah I would guess how many Euro restaurant that probably is where suit writing but still we know the worst days. I'm sure I'm gonna (%expletive) someone or let's do ads selling get pissed off right now sports coats would teacher. Yeah that. We're like off luckily that looked has gone away are ready to just screens and do bush bag he. Sarah honey I'm pretty sure. Where TK yeah I mean it does the finish. Years ago another city we had a ball that was his only look now every data was always like Mickey Mouse underneath L kind of guy lazy. But he disk. He was a very nice how come on really I he was nice to clean when he was kinda like the under playing the news media. So he was a dish. Yeah okay you so works at anytime describes witnessing it okay for ripping on clothing. Guys wearing skinny jeans taking I just can't so anyone listen as I I I just aren't I don't I'm not Inouye. So let's let's this is clarify as I say my team I can't. These errors considered skinny jeans. I don't view them none now we're talking subtle like leggings could you know you go to Levi's like this is deemed a skinny Jean Mike as far as when they describe your put bears want to slap gotten there yet upsets so that looks now I know while I want to look like yoga pants. Yeah I can't take it I do an easy right I got a reminder to baggage. It's a parent I don't think those are finding those are currently masculine and I have I have weekend genes that are a little bit tighter thank you got now I like a nice I like and nice it'd xenon and minimizing Abbott if you if you go around like wearing light like leggings and trying to get well. Monday the attention is neither likes. No manly men and that's our new driver when likes the manly man look at that my guns on this podcast yeah yeah yeah. Now like that look like I like very even trick like manly men and just. You women you are not isn't it that is I am like I just I just don't like the skinny jeans on men and that's why can't send some guys are losing her honesty teens I don't feel like we honeymoon island that in our team. Population yeah I think you've got I don't think we have a fan base that's like the skin aging population centers marry like. Capitol Hill hit stirred type of us that I thought I knew I do any action rocket team much like similar fashion stuff flee back in the day like. To mean fewer high fashion because it was a status symbol rank is and you had to go to see it costs money. But now you go to HMS agent and program earthquake just because your tracks lake now it's just not the same to me to buckle you got to address factual listen that's a yeah man but I know what you do for a living late you're you're you're acting like you're something you're not yet but I'll. There's difference between fashion and trends I silly real Sasha and transcends like at passing trend like for one thing I don't like which and actually. Om and more Akerson rang out just because I'm pregnant I think besides a closer great for pregnant women is the empire waist I've never liked empire waist irons and an entirely that's like where lake over a case for for women they're -- in a note somewhere it's where like it's kind of sit up Topper on the deuce and then it just flows out right under the dude so looks like you got this you could have this enormous Tommy underneath your recent Selena several pregnant right only to easily. There was an Sunderland. Manager there's dresses like that they're not like that I just think it's super unflattering most of the time unless your ball pregnant like me I just don't and in any and I don't like the way I look because. And other large busted so when I weren't empire waist I just look pregnant all the time whether or not I'm actually pregnant rates so I'm just like. Like Alex so so I I need to somewhere and had to be perfect from dad my I don't like the ice for me but some other women can rocket I feel like it's just hang there's certain things like like skinny jeans like I have to be. Like super lean a pull out off most of the time just you know 'cause I just think that skinny jeans her you know even for women are tricky but. Bird the one thing I'd like I do you like that now he's back. I can get away with going outside like all day long just is like they're tapered like the slipping into other joggers yeah I love the joggers from recycled sweat pants the joggers is like the greatest thing ever and at first I was so reluctant because I always I originally thought oh that's just dues bag I. I thing like you've got your being overly Euro guy but meg there was an all my friends at the same opinion and then once all of us of at some point like you like me. Come my buddies say I think I would think to do the wrestling set to like I didn't wanna admit to it but I really like these joggers it's very comfortable and you get away with walking outside an emphasis super come to have a different fashion I just a repair joggers just like forget the other day. That pavlik didn't hit any patches on the knees hall uranium at the little ribs in movie. You. Did you sir Hillary Giuliani and son you gonna lululemon as I wish you guys are starring dues like shots and there that's Max yeah I haven't done it my buddy Joseph swears by that place highlight hit I don't bury dude but he loves is stay at. I go to to take up the ladies goods not go to my wife she's obsessive love is so expensive as Costa Gomes broke ridiculous. I think ninety pockets are locked in there for pretend yoga pants and and you walk by a known targets a different quality but. The easy targets except 1999 when there's a huge difference why there's such a big difference. The case you didn't insist tanker unbeaten and that of course asserts he. Killing on new money Geisel studies dig out my clothes like yeah I just what are our sweat is killing on me I AF fabric sabre to get. Josh being this fancy bags let Sanchez back I see Lulu lemon all right I know I I sat everybody uses this thanks my wife has a hold. Closet full bum I'm switching to present on eBay and we wouldn't have to work anymore. They tell us. Part of your quick break when we come back I did something rather embarrassing. Yeah all right I extremely embarrassing analysts see if you guys have done something similar at some point in your lives as well first I have I bet you have only please an answer for me. When the mega cash returns. Hello human my name is driver. Break you stay in my book. And when the cost is back. Valentine's day's fast approaching and you don't have a significant other. Or do you know keep the office busy bodies guessing when hot boyfriend will gain some real senator gorgeous flower arrangement to your office Vermeer quote unquote boyfriend. Complete with a romantic note signed by your choice of rugged Lee Hanson sending names such as she's wrong. Just don't price war Braden will include barely legible handwriting in no charge us all your coworkers and friends will think that duration was sent my as surgeon and professional athlete or astronauts and thanks to our double encrypted transaction technology nobody will know you sent it to yourself. Upgrade to a note written in Arabic and the harvest big diesel think you're digging in oil Sheen. Hot boyfriend who keys for Valentine's Day I ordered today. Taken Steve might have that have led. Okay they do but that's what makes them and we'll send you. And then it comes to big. Oh geez. That the and I've talked for awhile about the Jim guy the locker guy oh yes and how are you familiar with this I Chile we talked about is the first time yeah guy that is assessed with this certain locker by duty cop bad get a dad tuchman I'm BJ migs but now. He went into the locker room I opened up the locker that's subprime market because it's the locker at the end of the row of lockers he don't have anyone next do you see a little bit more space to work where. And I open it up in the towel hanging in there and Mike I'm not using this walker cups clearly somebody's got that tower there I didn't know or maybe someone in the pink slip. Whatever maybe I psychology Major League record yes it's nice. I'll let you make up my back and and that I went to grab another locker. And this guy the guy a locker room guy shows up opens it and just size. Like a new act of and there's another guy I know look in the room locker room that must work with this locker room guy. Any goods and he's here like there's like a conflict in his head like he is the son of a bitch who just left the towel in the locker Tuesday Mardi. The guys take this look this tell us locker room or at his locker. Marty's got like shrugged off I think Marty was probably annoyed by the skies whilst yeah Emma and he's not really and he blue Jay. And it was a damp towel he referred to read the dental and he felt the towel. And the food oh. X space like Laxman at the billion lockers or work when there's a lot of free lockers. He takes for Kim home wow antics so little soccer. Some talking about the story and I'm describing this dynamic is Danny on our show he also works out of the gym in in in our building as well. I'm trying to spend my guess is one guys you produce you looking. Volvo I try to explain it to him and I just kind of Texan to handy here is is this the guy that you did your describing. And I'm like yup that's locker room guy. Mecca is out of shape. She unsung. Yes. He's posing. The size and hence you posing for you we keep telling your tea nice shot chatting with some other guy that's over that guy like him and I've had phone conversations in the locker. Before so is lack. Locker guy has to be a boss right I got to imagine if they all seem to humor and ranked yes there. So he's got to be the guy in charge that everybody stop what they're doing in the gym to have a conversation with him Mikey. He holds court in the lot and in the gym and only do just worked out just work out. So walking around the game has to be able to use in the locker that you want a little while back I would have been destroyed by the real alpha male you know domain. All I'm saying dude that's like what greatly I feel good guy destroyed in the gym late generally. Only stop and talk to another do new GM if he's just that massive but I just like a little kid like. You need this machine parts get so big. He could and he didn't like this circuit until your muscles. So you don't like the top alpha dog driver for every really drew. Which are propped up. I feature we somebody's ball he's above you think is rolling blowing guys who did you did you kind of guy and there is. Getting pissed that people use his locker. Yeah he's obviously he's in charge you he's got a because why else I would be like dude stop talking to me who try to get my work out and I got to get back to working in an hour. It's just it's shocking because I think people forget you know that under our clothes for or just you know. We're just people and an end at net and in the fact that he thinks he's better and then everyone is is. I how I mean in this another I mean I'm I'm not a huge fan of hierarchies in general especially what this guy telecoms from which some corporate high hierarchy which makes and get the sense of entitlement and only see the top docking is office but he can be this way everywhere else and just like now. You're ear guy your guy is just a guy writes again. And it. You know if you win when he hit on this chick ever hear she probably light makes fun of you just like yeah you know I mean to say that women should treat men badly it's a hit on them I think there's respect and doesn't seem idea grasping don't saying like he's just a guy this and you don't know locker room make fun and think they're fair I was pretty good is it upsetting people assume overall in cooler here. It intimidating people to sand. As I mentioned I embarrassment somebody who's just recently I guess Ted knows a thing you've kind of picked up on anybody going to wrestling classes at night so I go in and and do crazy stuff in the ring and learning stuff and force haven't heard myself recently Ted's eyes happy guys that have been doing a lot of crazy stuff and I've been doing it safely and that's great. One of the angels are we just recently had was you run into a corner you jump over the rope. You jump back changeable the other senator wrote you just begging you dual role. Go to the next corner do that is why also take this crazy just trying to keep the boys try to teach us is bring awareness like okay you're gonna be born around a lot to you know when to plant a one foot in do this and do that it's been really fun. So everyone does it might turn. And I'm doing Najibullah winds of over the other get over to decide where my trainer guy is in his like eleven of us on line each person going one at a time. I jump over right in front of him and I just couldn't help it is written giant part. And it also adult murder her. And I might ever once or slapping a might annoy you go with my bat and as I gotta make you doing I nearly don't buckle my knee because I was laughing at them trying to door role. I can't believe this all of us I finish is eight. Did you have to do it right when you Joseph Brennan for enemy though Mike. I had no control over that minute and holy now fared in the last hour and a half this exercise is is causing it to happen but so. It was rather embarrassing even though he's like look man. It's gonna happen you can help me you can't fight it this is a physical thing you can't be holding a far way trying to hold somebody in. Yeah okay John just thinking. I'm ANSYS and dicing with you but I feel and obviously you know where I'm going you have guys on the spot. Whether it be the last time or winds when do you have a story of a time where you let one rip and it was the worst possible time an embarrassing is all I'll. All Jewish starting nod yes go ahead I have a newfound respect yes you are true member of the mega Stanley that you're not faculties year. Its range is is not a normal far let's just say this starts with a Z and ends with an arts okay yeah on saint. That's not the right path. Art it's a different kind of this woman's heart oh no yes this is one of those like here red hot I want enormous head right now. Because it reminds me of. I think the most embarrassing story I'm out of markets on the eve party and Mateen with a and cop yeah okay I got your nursing though I just. But Blake Foote still artists and down leading a fire to cars lately that aren't aren't. It's chilly start I like to call it is Bartz mama I ain't my boyfriend and he adds disabilities episode name is part of part two of the gazette also like rhymes with beef. There's not yeah that is ever comment well it's this. And I parent can then anyway and I boyfriend hates the word RS isn't that the word. Yeah and all right can I say got on the air. I don't know no okay well art or Barbara say it's of martz run to beef I'm sure ensured my boyfriend otherwise known little code name mister ax murder hate hearing. This sport but okay 50 is that you are we now referring to your boyfriend as an axe murderer out that's a code name. Now completely terrified the original story you wanna cheers of the virus are OK the cards right on target RA or target. So this governor was such a long time ago RA to sues like when as a teenager but it was so bad that it reverberates in my memory Tuesday. South. IE mom was a rather let's say virgin esque teen teacher. Believe it or not I was a virgin ass teenager and I was and ask for urgent oh yeah. Can't and it S. Doesn't importance. Of this so I didn't. With the wind I try to you know try to gin and my mom in town and and it is just kind of like and insist yoga class filled with sun. Older women it was just quiet it's. It's. And I didn't think there is music playing and nothings and and we are doing some kind of weird like put your head feet over your head tiny bugs in the air kind of situation and somehow this never happened in my life force I'd never. How to frame of reference for what this would seal like or sound like or. Yeah. So somehow air dots got light Unita. And know that air and got a new team my body to right. So high powered fans really now I don't know why doesn't it 71 of those weird little kind of pitched you know like. Dick into portion is positions and then I got out of his position and it was like a whoopee cushions like. Like that so loud oh my god and in a minute stoppages tablet into a shooting and shooting continued it's. And it's. It was just me no one else and everyone knows me. And it and I just don't like pig that was actually if Eric I know it was worse you know I say I didn't actually out of fart and allow something else. You know jokes are new people that was yet as far as government far. Even if you know and then Ilie I never I never show my face there again you know hole I just never back plus just. What are temporary membership any way I think a seventeen you know. But but it just using words like I just my little Eden young naive self had never how'd this happen you know I never had this air bubble situation. So yeah. Yeah I guess that's why my wife quantity and any of her yoga classes not that I would Bart that would be weird that that would make things weird about. But it's because he's like eight you knowing you do positions that were and you can't control it and sometimes people do far. Yoga I've never heard anyone even a fart. Fart louder than my fart ever ever in my life like it was bad. It was just like I'm African bull horn and it won't look at you. I think people are too ashamed to look at it okay yeah I I don't know why I would if I wouldn't I wouldn't know somebody who look anyone in the IE you know. I would look and Ewing are so what's your story ten to. He twelve putts so now imagine. Was I 2526. Tanks. But I. Full disclosure was a virgin until then so I get this girl friend for have a sex I find my new favorite commission and our group. How simple. We don't let on you're Jess I'm your version when you cannot hear. Yeah it would act or talk to people yeah I mean OK yeah I'm kind of a little more sense now for some of that person like someone is I'm a burgeoning new to Seattle how many letting tiger top kill for that and get a lot of attention from men when you say that anyway continued since cold very very very ironically I was living on capitol and ask -- how this is probably like the third or fourth the Great Lakes so we're having sex you know you have exactly twice tonight. So after we have sex. Like that sound comes out and I leaned over in Europe are honey you don't have to worry. You can always hard in front of me on the moon and she Unix and what you timeouts because you know that wasn't a far right's hot. I like black could look at me like I don't care. It's easily do you. Do you understand hands the cup this works for a while there. I technical idea but I would still like you you could far in front needs you think you idiots I tell you they both come on the sensitive new age kind of guys. We're in the two thousands you don't need to be embarrassed about that is sweetheart who couldn't get her baby wiping everything to help her clean senate right now actually I really aren't a minute conversation explain how certain positions or push a lot of anger and I was like go low data from the Canadian. Let's that's and I'm glad and I read this kindred experience behind him in Martin talked on Dario pass parts cartel invented the word. Dimon these up money however be any great school doing the president's fitness tests in Fargo people there stood up mud. I didn't that it was members and not nearly as cool as a serenity just stared at if that's quite Noah knows it happens. The amount I'm looking on credit they did out. Oh what was it are we telling you someone else's ST yeah and the other route. What is going on here. How class. Columns on Valentine's Day together so. It's. No no it's to say I guess you can hear us I don't know why but I think the thing is potted up whom we can hear her little weird it's. I think we have another voice we should crank call other radio stations. Scared us like they are real and the war for him for. He. I just thought this comes just days. They bear individuals talking about when they are referred to as bar it's pretty sure. No with the participants. Well look at them read it then open up about what's the word worst place that you ever started and some of them are just incredible numbers I was in class and were at the topic was the Holocaust. I really had to go to the bathroom at the teacher yelling at us that we were taken the class series and outside thought it would be a bad time to ask. I try to release a little bit of the pressure by letting a small part out turn out to be allowed part everyone cracked up again. And class but all costs Andrews teacher took me aside but the other kids where high five me that you know I did that on purpose. Clearly needed break attention you know whenever and a room like that you know. Members of the worst reserve fighters during my cousins wedding they were doing 600000. Dollars and we asylum once I was wrong it was the mother of all far accident happened at the war. Time. Actually it's it's probably good omen for the for the marriage. And I mean. Salad when a bird like craps on your head you know are nice and heard on new. As you know that the fart was a good sign that we can just the transmitter right now make a good thing and make it make the Bart actually did as well Savard won't make valid a magical like god is blessing from women TU. When you hear it you have been blessed art life. These shots these clubs but very little. It's part lightly you guys like to see her a lot of. I think a quick break when we come back idealist beat him feel like it's Valentine's Day and not somebody said there's actually something pretty funny a bunch of odd denied. Valentine's Day greeting cards nice marriage act we'll get back we'll come talk about that stuff. That's what chickens David going to do another call will be back. My mom always said black with a lap. Chocolates. Never know what you're gonna get every Valentine's Day millions of Americans exchange heart shaped boxes of chocolates to show how much they care which is where the American institute of assorted chocolates comes in. Because of our tireless efforts to tricked into seeing you chocolate lovers never get what they expect. Burning down around little wonder is filled with tasty new hit I'm Kara now. No we actually killed within unidentifiable orange pace and also doubles is a dangerous to forcing a change. What about that tasty looking rectangular cube we dark chocolate drizzle. Think it's filled with the legend delicious butter cream. Oh we still there was something they can only be described as something used to beat chairing the ditto for this square shaped one next to believe that wouldn't contains a reason we won appears to be protruding black hair. So this Valentine's Day and be sure to give your Valentine the best. Give them heart shaped box of loan that there's a stamp of the American institute of assorted chocolates. We're looks are only deceiving their outright. Lie he's allowed Dalian. Please take the stage for something my kids. This has stolen my fear Red Hot Chili Peppers Andre Barrett had success. I get. So I can't sat sounds you are you just cracks yes I never knew that once the new original sit. Sheer sort of got all have you and so you try to never heard blood sugar sex magic the entire record. Now I should get you a copy of that I'd that is the chili peppers at their absolute best aren't they were fire and also news Rick Rubin was our producer. There's a great but not yet yeah dude. They're okay that this great songs powerful east it's Dem ads under bridges on their of course right given away. But there's song breaking the girl there's a bunch other songs on there that are just. Every song is great on that record if if I was gonna it's on today. What would be the one representative that is a Red Hot Chili Peppers that records off are you copy. Yeah break in the girls is tough on now you don't like that no and I I can't even remember why I have that tied to a bad memory I just do. And her come I do about all the foreign maybe it was playing while you're unconscious and being beaten while being unconscious and it was in the background and you never now. Not that bad he just he just never know about these things I think I just heard his colleagues on the way home from what I grew a mockery innumerable or something that's simple I just don't like this everybody here I can actually do you do as we obviously turn off makes you sad I like my affiliation batter. You're writes I surely you know. I have like a met them a big day Matthew Henson him. But that's a crash into me yeah. I hate that song because I'm a right just got dumped by a drunk college and that song came on the radio they once I left the good the apartment that she was in in my live. Get in the car turn on the car radio and that song is playing image is that Mimi morning crash like the main wanna crash into all I was trying out a mass. Everytime I hear that song now just triggers that like borrow I hate that he. Sort this Sunday used to like that someone rowand that's another one that lacks. Or let's see you really really like to song did and someone ruined it for you by being a do you strata around that time you are liking that song and now you associate the song with pending addition a return here to science employees like to sign rock out to hit the notes into Philly. You have an example god and probably several examples but like one actually just die grass is that on the you know how laid. I. I don't want to tell I. Yeah I know them personally know exactly that's our strength and know what you're talking about that a gap if you listen to Blake. If you listen like helping hand or like watch a show with somebody menu breakup we keep it took. Took me a long time certainly watching auto data Allah the backwater there is like it's like everything goes directly to congress. You muscle just given your Dresser in your couch in kids seven you know now especially for pictures you have to manually sit there while you're crying and rip them apart soon. I don't know if you forgot he was what what those photo albums you trying to find a picture I gotta find that picture I once took with Eminem and might slip into a photo album that I had where the picture was in there somewhere. Oh there's a picture of me in my accent broke my heart. You know like why don't I have this picture still I'd throw that picture away or throw the whole food while more and I realized I threw away the photo album output are really at a particularly Lenny Kravitz. Yeah I don't know what you're like actually ask yes. You early parts your life is that person stuck in there's a couple how to honor my lie is how quick memory in my life. Without legs remind myself of that in now and stuff. Still to this day is over and an extreme of a example I can't I I had don't like 311 anymore I used to be the biggest 311 fans Solomon Vermont to. Other places in New York I love their music and then I was dating a girl and it worked at the end. And we are backseat let down the hall ball and who does that actually knew it. Oh you mean form a member of 311 this warming at this show and all of a sudden they just disappeared I'm Mike what that after just happen I guess you just love a bad guy. And I might. How why do lists and I wish I still had the audio I've. Those legs and not that long after enemy be a little over a year after that I interviewed the guy in 311. And told him the story. Well a very awkward dialogue newest release date August oh I know what goes. There was and those are nickel back where Nike I am exhibit they don't take all not only do that but I'm really sorry that that happened to someone on those lines but like you mentioned you go hook up and she's well when a friend to go on their bus because a friend wanted to meet them and that was all the store and only forty guys put out but the 3111 amid huge is like man I'm sorry am I know I'm not mad you mean you're not here all day here we need to know the precise he came up to me today AM with this other guy in a minute completely Iraqi in my leaving with you are you cool with that. Yeah yeah she does she want to set that I they'll jam too much spelled you probably work just like none the wiser yeah so are we guys. I know I've heard it's a terrific job that is brutal I would do anything to find that audio of that interview could lead I did have a neighbor who three point moment at the end I could end. I don't have any issues towards eleven of the band I just can't listen I'm New Orleans yeah. All the drama lifts storm and are now owns a beautiful disaster man left to go home throughout almighty CDs. Poisonous all of zero and above all right well. On not a beautiful note it's Valentine's any valid holly my day any big plans. That was my question ya all. All right this is weird but I think we're gonna do something Friday night oh no that makes sense stamina and go home I got flowers or card. But I have wrestling class tonight is disrespectful for me go to wrestling class. Tonight when I know I mean we have a nice plan for Valentine's now but would IP in the doghouse if I still go to been married for seven years is even. Right if there was any I know I mean some people might not like I I think. You're doing something and by the way it's a hallmark holiday I need Graham prayed in my life but she's not like obsessive Valentine's Day we do some -- it's it's it's like I say I'm going on Christmas you think anyone's salary it's my birth Bankrate I don't mean I will this year because I'm like feminist Jesus but you know. Well freshman Chris here. This idea weighs on Christmas he was smarter better pray that you mean like I like for for some like me use you really never getting to celebrate on the AM 97 Marlins feminist Moses. Yeah yeah yeah you can be how you can be. Yes can right now I happiness with her and she doesn't seems dangerous. Yeah are learning even in his best interest in mind to your feminist Moses yes. To deal with are burning bushes and it's. Pertussis is medication for that the heat and navigate in case in so. I have two things around and say number one I'm going to Nike town to buy two new pairs of air maxis developer maxis. Self flood and equipment and hurtful gossip going back east next week's gonna start to my body was fresher kids. The real thing dude I don't gonna hang out a DVD Aaron like I gotta have fresh picks I only other thing about 30% of that sentence. Seven seriously earmarks. And then number two is just for anybody any duty and I've been there hundred times as they get a newer relationship and she says she doesn't care. You're listening to my voice by a car. Adelaide in my hat minerals like I know who am I I'm sure she probably doesn't deep but like you gotta get at least a car dude you've got to get something it's five dollars. And and it it's conceived you so moment aggravation yet as I did it one yet you didn't get anything now geez. And that and your neck clearly not with this person anymore no it was horrible and I was sleep did you say you didn't want anything and I found that excuse is that that. Doesn't work and we want it to be inspired on your own it's like wolf he wants me asked guess it's like well don't tell us not to. Yeah all that that's no that's don't get mad but what she can say is. If she wanna be settled I should be like you know like. What every want you know I mean when every you know I don't I don't mind you there would be you know. All of lot you know to see Yiddish stage she's probably wants hits particularly is ahead don't go broke army on on this day and then yeah leave it got that way so yeah. I spend money on me but don't. A friend or spend consideration and time and being delicate if you're not spending money can't just time and care is really we we won us feel like. As women we just wanna she'll lake where the most important thing TO. We want and we want to believes that that we are like number lagging you know and if we don't believe that if we think that your behavior indicates that. We're not a priority a will make your life hell for sure yeah and like I've learned over the years would you indecent and simple. Late go to the mall early Godiva chocolate store gets six strawberries. Right before we say they're guided chips whatever hits you know. He leads into the just a simple flowers you go to my place really come down is that you know pro flowers and I was part of my whole thing is it just get some flowers menace and no it's it's a safe bet. No I was really mad at flowers ignored the dictate the Mars hate you and ahead with theater some like that was a hit. Them along the roadside such what axe murdered in for me and one of our probe for a one of our dates. I feel that he might contain can be crazy and blue yellow he he went to pick flowers by violate the roadside which I found infinitely like Q dirt because. You know I mean it was just it just so there was wasn't ready to grave site that be got fooled me I'm cool that the your dad. We'll see Joseph I am doing about flowers to please everybody get them on Valentine's Day go once a file not because you're in an argument not because you did something wrong we just send her flowers to. Dude I had known as and the more time and is a once in awhile it just just be nice. There and so on I've always said before it's going to a safe where wherever it may be. And you can get a look ridiculously nice set up I give you pick a couple things that's a hate you arrange it's a put together for me a little babies recommend the right thirty boxes it's great and I'd done that before but it's always awkward when you're leaving. Does the store every woman's like. Poll who's the lucky lady or what did you do wrong not like I did nothing wrong and you're damn right she's lucky like. I'm going to my mother's funeral alone right. Right wanna cashiers there what does an unusual group which I had a man like you're like guilt thing meal with Chrysler are you do we need daylight go out on a date can make you feel better now they I was wondering you know it just keep on I'm get another sat. A go to the other store. Let me look did you just dudes we get to act do lockouts or the cactus you know I think so there's really live for awhile you know some people laid don't want like cut flowers because you know they're dying Cyrus a decapitated murdered flowers and just. You have one of those ladies in which is how I used to be actually anti like just possible hopeful thoughts on your little treat although I'm in that's an option does I don't even care flowers you brought me death. There are dying yeah I've I've finally gotten a half but I see you Juliette speaking. Senior potted tact is that will live a long time the minimal maintenance. More than here's. Your questions so you reduce Ayman sometimes cause should I be mad some of the IRS success actually got the email today and it's a love the meg has been loving Juliette eliminate I'll ask. Yes thank your own and she's like but I wonder nobody should be mad about this I bought my my boyfriend and iPhone for Valentine's Day I gave it to him before he left for work. Heating care for it yet she said quote I'm not an apple guy. Then we it was awkward. And I just kind of looks at him and he looked at me I didn't know what to say so he had this confused look on his face he also added that I should've asked him since it was so expensive. Should I be mad at him. It should be although around a circle and get our reply is yes my need a first. Yeah I think he's me mad at him I mean that he could tell you a lot more tactful afterwards and be like look. This is too much some are really about played around with it. I just some not real phone the way it is I think it's just a waste of your money when we bring it back follow a law I think you do attack flee and not keep the phone but it's only kind just. Came off a good day. Know what if he's like me and talks and how much right he's not the apple Coulter she was like here I got to an apple code I notice and be mad. In this case. I don't know it's tough I don't know how long even dean how well does she know him yeah I'm right this is a three month long relationship vs a couple years generated this just a few months in I'd like oh my god this is so nice like. I realized she spent more on her boyfriend and my wife has spent my entire. I sincerely doubt about that exist yeah you're saying I can't I never got and saw what was never give me give do you get card and I don't want more than I'm not complaining but like. We don't do big gifts for Valentine's ASEAN ridiculous. Noon one man Bieber both you coming from an N I can actually speak today just sits in this and what tournament. We have. Margaret Margaret. I think so because I have experienced being a complete ass and actually being a diet like this because I can be insensitive. Peace be married and net some one idea yeah tell you yes I'm divorced and intent my guy he's married now. I dozens are great guy you know and and I was pretty hard on him some time some times you get me like I can I can't remember times when he would get me against an I would criticize against an I. Looking back on my former self. That's that's that's behavior you know like so so I can admit after eight. Gap and Marriott Sosa so I will say like it doesn't matter if you were the sky for three months or your married. To hand. If he's just being ungrateful that's something to just address because like when I acted like that when I was ungrateful and I said hey. That was really expensive might spend so much money were trying to save money. You know I don't even really want that thing or how every cent it's it is I mean I can series coming from because I use bit tight ass like this and I used to be critical like this in. And it's not coming from a good place you know and it sees he's knocks that self aware. And now I'm more somewhere than I used to being I I'm just EI it's it's it's. He sees. He's digging himself a hole and does words and he doesn't understand Blake when you know how kind hearted you've been. So it's it's worth can training for sure and in only people who are unconscious say stuff like that I don't think he was trying to hurt you and I just think that. He. Is really just being selfish because Ann and self centered and yeah and that's how I was being. When I was like I can I change my answer not yet felt that. She should be mad that as a whole. I did a Juliet you explain that approval all the popular look at our economy here right now is Mary and I voters of every you know way. I couldn't be a nice way of my late there's the ice Stearns is a great gift I'm just. Not here it is there is and like because I was I said mean things like this when I was married you know mom are unconscious ungrateful things. If I had to go back and say hey you know you bought me this really expensive watch which I mean now really ultimately love for example. You know and there there's a better ladylike what I really really love this. Kenya's foreign tourists you know or like now or pay are really really love this. And then maybe later be like hey you know I was really I just think it would be too much trouble in exchange this for like an android I mean. I really love that you spend all this money on me hey you buddy you know do you think it would be better like I can send if she had you know maybe she bought on the iPhone because it cannot have iphones now you have to have those broken up text message interchanges. And a few they're trying to communicate with someone you're saying well I thought incidents BL OK I have an I have I Sonnen and my boyfriend has like an android when I sent a text messaging gets broken up and attend tax because all you know that's free irritating so maybe that was her intention. But anyway there's there's there's nice ways to tiptoe around this and I just know that there's an insensitive way to do it there's I'm grateful to do it and I'm a pro at being insensitive I'm grateful I'm just telling you. Yes address. And before we go to they did mention it I do wanna give Jeffrey diseases due his his moment in the sun a mega fat may make a fast may Katz family member. I came up with a bunch of ideas for future greeting cards for valentines are doing our our. So that these returning us. Our here's his first idea. Darlene and I love you on never get rid of yeah but I like some relief from this nagging chlamydia. They have really want Omar apparently yes I so far Roque junior about a week and by addicts their brother has told the source from around my day. I know you love a new beamer. I hope we settle for a hot Cleveland steamer can get a Julius. Like yeah yeah Spencer's gifts. I read why they'd know getting hired by Spencer he should get these made you laugh about this month I love the way you are but I wouldn't complain if you got a huge. Job Buddy Ryan and dozens of the car and dialed all right so far ails you surgeries he's got to be clever and cute. Coming out of this I barely had time to get you discards those busy burying hookers in my match and are carried out is that Brian's. Here's does that make you unhappy and I can be even though you gave me hepatitis C. I'd. Yeah and my favorite brew of us look me up like some kind of twister which is why I got confused and nailed your sister. Include a Lawrence I like crimes though. You know what do you like the mall today but the one I knew I think it should BS Spencer's gift shop card selections stands we've been using Mercedes seed. Girl I love you name much movement to my place I can blink or you'll face. And now I'm really got to come up with. Treating. We should also not hardly move your hips and your music like this I know I greatest talent with a. Don't turn the lights off and maybe we should all around that with our own card ideas like heavy legs why you come home and nice yeah. Do things for me and then I'll be happy and maybe a little too. I'll stay it's coming really see I'm really not the only nice iPods are the one that we do I go online okay. The mine or meet kids I don't know are busy don't ever ever. I was wanted to be interested in a threesome with his poker game over. How did you see a great yeah I picked out you better words missing meal like I I take a long time to come up with my words next thing you know my writing. It's really right next year Valentine's Day. You gotta have some I have to write this ahead a time I'm not a man Trenton, New Jersey I came up listening to silly purely an interesting free ice. Not the most impressive thing about user class could honestly I was low. Beautiful dinner on highways people this intense. You guys have been yeah. You need another lender will you please keep stay Malaga rapper. You know or exceed if you want to chime in with a right see I'm just feeling creative Reynosa just want you all think and think bad. I'm mark my began. I love you so much your my favorite chicken nugget on the beast. Yeah I like your mind and I don't think Harry yeah. Keyword so so so something to. Yeah. Yeah who came flying com. All I can't yeah you can't make something Brian barker means. I love you so much I've given you my heart and then. I don't even mind did you Bart yeah who carried out there we go. No he's become open. Octavia still worked on now on how this goes against god. Yeah I second what we get into this bill had a about time they make a family how deep down. Yeah. Okay. Eight or not. The I hope this Valentine's Day mix. Those sexual healing. Kinda because I'm we're just not returning your knees. The followers on Twitter had to make bad sides really impressed say hello FR EGG. Yes on Twitter actually a great day Julian Wright did dot com. India tonight. Jane it's. I didn't know ideally in the light. So you want and that's secure yeah. Thank you are not having downtime and everybody be seen by some because they are wider back cars and if you need us suggestions use some of those nights notes that are. May catch him remember roof candidates new relationship do not use them. Yeah ask you don't know her that well. Probably I'd say three years in the totally yeah that's my jokes are. Yeah I enjoy your new phones. Call call call call call call no problem. See you next time.