MegaCast 02/28/18 "Island Cruise"

Wednesday, February 28th

This week we unveil a brand new intro!  We also chat about putting ice cream on lady parts, Ted encourages people to actually talk with each other, why Migs hates whipped cream, and a strange endorsement opportunity for Juliette back in her Playboy days!  Plus we chat about what happens when your current significant other runs into your ex!

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Decent gentleman. Please welcome me test me. And Steve mix who are now entering. Oh my god when it was first rocket speed I don't know when you look at the water at. All the women I've never yeah. You mothers don't let myself down either of failure and I'll write about your round ball. Our water I don't know aggressive it's aren't. New intro. Hello Juliette. Hello who would just stop right when I said hello and you boom boom commuters stopped insure you respect that you deserved respect that's right. X I heard you had a fan of your shoes in the lobby today. A stamp my issues hopeful call Arianna or I heard about this too well. No I didn't know about this is there are some place finish just like you know looking in my she's not telling me about it OS had to foot fascists out I thought the guy was talking to your energy use one of our guys they are decision came up and said that they saw you downstairs and some guy was like. Obsessing over your shoe. All I'll get there OK notes he was of Cessna over everything I know he was very bubble me what's up. OK so that got Paula I have I know you issues aren't stimulates job okay. My jacket on. But you pretty bubbly with that we think I'd be you know the the guy who news stops the lobbies are used just kind of going on and on does to him and and I -- night and he ever and he's a NN don't like pattern he's just telling. And draws his attention over to me in on senior issues I wouldn't and whatever else he's asking me about reading this in mind you know I think you just like. You know he could've been like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or something. The site. I all remember. I did a whole different picture in my head I thought it was some weird foot fetish foot fetish guy that we had that make me conversational and no I don't. I guess he was she seemed like he was going off on on everything is like I think you should have a ring for everything third am like cool I mean I was thinking I have some some icky looking rings at home and my dealer parts that don't really wanna where it's like you know all drinks from my childhood you kind of but I was there's Bradley you treat this very curry needs very sweet view it. And you're just commenting on everything he did being can be seen just like in a bubbly mood may be on high end but again link on every finger. Yeah I usually is ideal of a woman Cleopatra. You just trying to be very complimentary but you started doing that like when I got up barely use Hughes he's already talking today it's an it guy you know we stops the lobby was just going off about something you know smile on his face you know lot of die. The next guy and a lobby now wears a summary for some reason this is like entitlement of race. Sex. Tyler down here and there. I don't know their names in Hollywood veteran that is that the got to the point tell ya I like him to dinner and I as home police tell in my head I don't actually say I'm pretty sure is a little parties now know yeah. Yes really some is music yeah. He's come in before belly full corn grows villages to the too big was stumbling down and decides of those are cool you know I you know actually I really going to corners against. Julio it. I don't I just don't want elect has guess I feel because I've and the like girl in my Harris then I'd just end up looking bald you know. All that big a ball pregnant chick is about the new look check out. Well you know that these very empowered as mean grace is he super empowered says I think in you know without be something I keep I have some my listing I wanna have. You know maybe even how some of the state care you know braided into my hair I just to pretend my hair is Aniston in it actually is. You know a pickle right and I'm looking like Coolio. I guess is they nominee thinning hair moon not get any imminent attack and I like brenly might have had a hand let's not get it twisted my hair isn't -- RA issues and did you yeah I'm not doing well everyone I'm not going bald I'm not you're so ball and don't ever tell yourself you're not telling everyone and myself so I'm not going bald Zelaya is rafter Franken should he Stephen Hopkins that's that's the third work. Is that all of the twenties eight RL Mary CI a lot of hair malicious very fine hair you know some very sick Blake you know aerial or you know mermaid Harry. Just you know try shiny hair then I I salute you got. The hair thing is just between you win yes but I would never be like oh just inherits us that his aerials exec yeah what these feel like those commercials for a pair. Restoration Murray take the woman is. I almost like they shaved her head import daycare honored just to make it look like she's as being there. But yeah have you seen those infomercials you know I know I had a loser incredible life of my for hair club for men but for women do yoga. No end in all the other girls in our group pro is going on and on about her hair like I don't know it's just Burnett like yes there is asserted is that public. I you guys waivers impair that sure you guys just appreciate that we have here in this town along you can Tug on it a little bit you know I think that's trying to write in my right. I'm right. You know I gather my wife Lotta times has been like an hour working on our hair we're don't want curl. One curl like that whereas I don't understand her and do and then I know the rest of the day wherever we go at some point is gonna do curled second make. How does occur only it's fine it's curled I don't know what you're supposed to do it curly hair like his was recruit the right way or the left why announcer at a game is not for you she's waiting for that one woman in the mall are in the restaurant to come up and say I love your curls all GAAP Aaron. All right I have a little time. Is that natural I can kind of dollar for every time zone as my life if her curls or natural law I wish I would not need this job are they natural they are yeah but she just enhances that it was a couple of good streak so she estimation they dated date on my with the rest of the car so she said he issue has like a bunch of different types of waiting curls her hair you're gonna blow. Well least she's got African girls I wish I had to Seattle and it doesn't grows once frozen every woman has frozen one girl's lowly you don't just. Aren't like you know and that is I think that women you don't want curls are basically crazy and and that's fat you know appears I think curls I mean make you look more like of a fairy princess William I wanna listen I I think his life with a guy Salter Trevor Ritchie straight you know play cool. Yeah I'm also sure to look I mean like I don't look like the crypt keeper right now I hope. You know what I hit my boy had a. I don't remember that in Robert. You're not I don't like Bart don't like the crypt keeper I think physically I just it just this is CNET you know but I think it is course in long long straight hair looks good too but I think like. Volume had a house is glamour as well you guys are I don't to American careless and my cousin Larry is apparent car. No longer I was. Don't think I only know why am I not attention and not do not Don I need you talk in the jubilant and sad we can break your hair your your chin hair. Yeah yeah the two would you like some dreadlocks and your chin hair under the adults who smoke plume more off to Georgia or just a corn rows on your Jenna. So we can figure that out how to percent. Yeah I used to have a longer too then you give me a co rapper Rick Tyler our friend that's got a 100% yes buzzes the only ever gets me is. I just wish some women would ask me for the ginger hair colors. Asked you moon nearly he's engaged it's now now mission or just generally a coworker you like to Aaron I'm still giving a crap like how do you read when you're blond you should stay blocked that's all I knew some didn't know how I can. I don't I don't read I'd just been an 88. People whom you are not romantically linked to. Days ago. Are not an issue of any go home and changes their hair color colorblind it's like slot you know miners to be super light bright blond you know an hour rain I know it's really glad Britain but that's because I highlighted my hair. Our I highly and then I grew up is it kept you know like the bleachers just I mean Kim has taken kittens are just tired of it being just brittle so. I grew this is my natural hair color here you know. But you know technically speaking I went from a bright blond which you would've really light Gary Merrill Lynch and just kind of how I want haired dark blond hair and like on your view loving you wouldn't pests like my last girlfriend has now mad at you he should be a dragon willing my last girlfriend had black hair so saying that they are she was hot and I liked her but then. It's made my day she shouldn't fix your current firm I saw the yeah well. They're like comment I missed solid Aussie greats have in the middle of the night you've got like the peroxide harrah's shelling. She's sixteen you believe this is just extreme. I think women was really really dark hair looks very exotic Danielle thinks solely the cap I dated Jones in her heyday count alone I hope you don't know all evil man that is not how sound like hijackers some things I just. I haven't personally shoot myself when I knew people was largely change it. State so stupid when I bring it up dirt doesn't even dumber bringing it up now no I'm not because they I think we're both like meat and potatoes kind of guys like Greg basic stop him part of that is to load the dude typical blonde bombshell of a woman. I don't feel when someone who clearly doesn't look good blonde based on their skin tone goes blonde does that mean to mean that looks like an ATB like yes she's better looking out all right. Like not not no idea what does this it depends on skin turn too yeah it's like pink. Leave your blackmail. I lesion wearable pink you want I think it looks great against blacks can't it does for white guys would stay away from the paint I don't know some like I am I paint I can't let up a shot blacks are some pink in it. But if I run all pink shirt it's has been just. In almost feel like I'm like well I bring it to skin colored shirt some guys like really good in pink some white dude slate I made very ten magnitude had to. And me and he. I think it dependents if and but I think is asking is can it mean look I'm wearing blue and no bits of guy Collor who now Barack and about time the second break yeah yeah net non apple and I will honor and recognize the limits of pink. My gosh you know it got USA is actually paint because NASA standout he's right he's wearing USA shirt. He's a good American Dad! he wants it how does that can't out animal and know that that's not why that's pink right if I if I just like cut a piece about USA out that's actually a light pink your Randy as a white distress to so donated it all malicious Colton who it's nick what are we doing. Hey I'm fashioned kind of mega can regularly showed off and we've become part ruined all of that push ups that would become a hit to the kids can be both of them are severe like I am is sealed and show what while hoping. Long story short of the big reason I'd like to do at some point in the futures you from time to time to a FaceBook live where we do the show on FaceBook live. And that's gonna get the right tech a technology and switch her for like an iPad or something along those lines so that way. When you do things on FaceBook like you can't use any copyrighted music so we're gonna start ditching the whole copyrighted music thing so goodbye. Winter or biscuit Imus to what's the saying it which well yeah I know he will you give him now look good lyrics right now oh my gosh you really are if you let. The beauty is we do you have access to music beds up the Yang Yang when it comes to our radio station we have a website that our company uses. That has every genre of music so I figured it could be fun based on our mood. Whatever we do the mega cast. We can pick a song that goes with that boot Arnold and what are you feeling tonight. It. Is there island. I still drug money outright at sea island. Affected island steel drums are always fun. We just of the veteran and because of the weapons is never gonna get is this going to be eventually and face the Clive but faced a Clive we can't and in our swear words rate notes there's a lot of pressure on man. I assume we got a lot of swearing. She. All right we're on the island. Still pretty good news. Island atmosphere surprise coming out and Disneyland you know I haven't this fiscal island cruise yeah. I like okay. I'm not yeah. Do you need the Brady. I think he needs it reappeared when guys solution all of gray hair and I needed Tommy bahama shirt. Let's get ten million live up commenting. I feel like dancing more than we're jumping the yeah it's tiny little step. I wish they would like going really didn't see you yeah yeah. I know real benefit for everybody that would be. The family. This idea arteries in the book club and grand mom's OK let's go. OK okay. It was Juliette. Oh hi yes my gym doesn't work in my building. So I need the health and needn't need the extra. Don't know. Starring. He takes me. Today's Ted talks up pretty simple. Talk to people in person. I seriously am I have some friend that was visiting with some. Their political views are. Whole heartily different tomorrow night but some of the stuff you see on FaceBook or Twitter this and that just on social media but you read the words and stuff and you get real fired up. And you talk to the person they're reasonable person. Yeah I think sometimes we just get off the dean computer get off your phone in talk these people face to face talks. And have people running the social media this class I wanna make their point me you very aggressive yeah I did a face to face you private okay I see your point but let me explain my point and then you get a civil conversation. Yeah I think shows. The computer and our phones tend to allow us to dehumanize is other people really easily as you look at them like they're like an icon her picture you know more blurred. So I think you're right. Funny how like a hundred years till we never would have putted say hey I think we should all just talk in person. I mean you know get a lot of it too was like most people are reasonable ranked. But you're only gonna hear the loud factions that are totally writer totally laughed and then you know so he talked somebody most of what's in the middle Ramos solution some of their life. Right price hike have a family you're not you're have friends and stuff in my kind of go about our our stuff. Brad and I not losing our minds of our crisis actors. Content and answering stories not the same to sell certain types of Arianna take okay like do we need to get so pissed off about that they know you have a normal conversation people. He that's exactly it's very true and also I've this this plastics in my mind that even though it even though I don't usually let you know social media like. Ruffle my feathers and all I saw I was. Weird because like this one Dwight. Tom was like trashing himself and all their white used during you know and be you know that the movements with with with cops scene now in. But let's matter and snaps and course otter Buckeyes matter but I think it was just really weird how he was just saying that he was just and this is a good guy to slate just denigrating himself. As I was really unnecessary for him deed I never once like. Everyone on his little post was like broad though the you're saying horrible things about white guys well and he's an only dissing now you thank you for having the courage to talk trash about ourselves and up on MI the only voice it's like it what are not bad Perry you're OK you know just. And then Angela no response tell it yeah what are does take. Her real but it amazes me is just weird like I think people also just use FaceBook to kind of like feel righteous about something whether or not in their right you know I just think it's just a weird way to communicate with people. Well the onus (%expletive) me off and it's not very often ideally pissed off about charitable organizations. So I'm Obama I'm gonna tread lightly probably a missile but I. It's now than not everyone's got their birthdays on FaceBook you think it tells you may use is present America even now the new thing is. Would you like to donate to this person's cause they guilt you think. I know I sort of weighs in oh yeah are bad enormous and I have to now donate to a charity to let them know that I care about the. Oh my god yeah I think if you don't you're Shasta like bullies should be Tony dollar to it's like no I don't I don't pasty spokes or its services while and I you know hiker Idenix. Weird I don't know why I got no problem donating money to charity but I don't want to went overseas on a happy birthday and then also not to donate to charities to prove that I care. Somebody has a great line I think it's Mike's father by I don't know the exact quote but basically just a point of light. Yeah you gotta tell everybody Richard earning. Praise you listen listen listen up. Point my only rule focus I mean I I think it's great when people duty anonymous post cards anonymous donations uncle fun knees or are you caring or whatever those sites are. But if you're going to share a go find me and pressure people to donate. I'm the jackass is going to go to that page and look at the don't metres and if your name's not that. I've changed my opinion if you. Blood donor on ironic blast I'm not against what do fund means in all on the same night. It just seems like your tears my calls donate to it yeah it's a good idea but it's also kind of grandstand. I absolutely I think just peer pressure around giving which is part wide despise some parts of the holidays just talent it's arbitrary like give me something girls. Don't look to read you know is really just manipulative I think your honeymoon gives it should be of plays from a place an abundance and not like this. Coerced in this cultural coerced and Sabbath so a lot of times all just out right you know. Just just ignore those well known all along I always do I don't think I've ever donated to aid donate to this random stuff on FaceBook if you care about my birthday. Stop no I am how I did a lot of FaceBook that they are I just sent Audi birds and what ever you need an excuse. Unless I'm glad I was in single back in the days of that happening because I probably would donate to everyone in my hot female friend's birthdays cause out of pursuant to donate. Maybe there's a lot on the deal with religious the next economic I don't know why a negative 700 dollars in my bank account. It's an economy that's not a bad idea Brad. I can only allies even our and that almost heard their name I donated fifty bucks himself girl she hit faster my girl I I don't you know I. I think from the woman's perspective we would totally know we would be like oh that's nice pack you know we wouldn't do it wouldn't work. In other ports. Are we come I speak of from a woman's perspective I have a question involves ice cream and lady parts and I know easy day. In the mega Castro turns out. It costs will be. Ladies do you know the dirty is staying in your. Houses I know it's got to be the toilet right no try again I know it's a disarray braves know well I did this is your husband. My dad Glen that's right your husband is covered in germs and bacteria. Think about where he's been. Sing about where his hands and then think about where he's always been more well that's why Lysol introduces Lysol anti bacterial husband wipes. Please let's face it your man is filthy and unsanitary he's probably covered in the loop. Towards war. And snot TV you can actually see all the germs and bacteria on them and you never touch him again you know you're right yes he's discussed today just a few seconds with the Lysol anti bacterial husband wife and you can enjoy your husband with a new confidence plus hot. Nobody what do you Dylan told zillion filthy paid. If that thing is all. But I tell you that still before you hold hands kiss or throw a leg up on her husband and wife and down with Lysol anti bacterial husband wipes from the makers of hard begun. Oh I like his feet. What are my mistakes. Well my guns and oh yeah. I'm just to revert to voice we now have party. It sucks. And then. The cost is back. The NYSE. Very non. Yeah. The ice this story I came across I say because they knew when the moon Julia was here right then maybe you can help and therapy for people to find you on Twitter that Juliette Brett take. Ads at art ET TE. And I know we always put it in the descriptions of people go figure it out from there any here's the headline. I don't even know how to wrap matter on this I don't watch any of those fifty shades of gray a fifty shades darker shows are. Seeming idea okay continue I don't know you know you don't do you apps we'll find out in what's don't know what to achieve their books. Well they're also movie's tag and that's trio GAAP. That's I I yeah I had a real I think your feedback on assess any delay straight here in Seattle at this gala that's true I'm a Christian grad know that much. I it's when I would BellSouth iiroc my better tell him what's he groups that proved no quick outs what was taken pictures of that film. There was dubbed him a Kabila and probably you could kind of pretty sure when she wrote the book the building was even finished yet. How funny and that probably has gotten now a massive that's hilarious you shouldn't use that as like your waves hollering at girls. Additional data they removed this French stickler is mostly lake 45 year old mom so. For this girl moms need some months in London tube street Lum from these as Maggie are. All right I'll get a whole generally gonna see a pregnant mom and I assume she's taken or like which your children under the gun. Out of it at a rally. I have a funny story about that I've had a that's assembled people have a seemed that I'm not taking an NY. Crane hit hit hit it. Like I losing thousands France actually several months ago by myself because my man conjoined because he wasn't able again leave from his job even though he body could. So I was there and I had at what it was like one day especially on l.s I just glowing that stairway has got like a lot of attention from a lot of light of like a handful of people and then the rest is known gave a brat task. But but I was you know I was it really showing you know or anything like that and along waste and so some payments mean like asked me if I hadn't wanted to go out with him are like I'm like I said I was pregnant in French. And and they kept pushing you know like I'm you know I'm pregnant not remnant. Jammed fatigue Denny and all that some and a boyfriend and there are like you do let us glitch that you want my number I'm like what your current play. It was just it was just weird I maybe just a different culture they're like I mean when you when you when you know girls pregnant and you keep on like pushing out it's strange is a culture I think it's cultured into hasn't happened United States. I wonder now I don't know I don't know French guys there hits it would. Apparently apparently bred Americans yeah. Yeah they daylight daylight pregnant ladies which I appreciate acting pretty well ladies deserve to do we deserve that attention and love and whatever else. See you know category and as Craig's list. Or lay Craig's list I don't know install searching for a woman which fetus had. They used to Craig who I think can try to go off for dinner for three of us the same thing. All right what is this the headline on it you gotta be kidding me it's his job. If fifty shades freed makes you wanna put ice cream annually eighty parts don't. Now I don't know IBCA apparently basing your reaction you have not seen the movie. OK so the books I have well I've read three of the books and I think they're all there and I've been I've seen some of the movies and the thing is this as a writer myself you know I do I do like the titillation that she uses so many words were done -- in this it's really badly written let's face that you guys. So I try just and I agree we would talk about how you want to progress I would offer owners now that's why we're not during the third one yeah I think I think you're good just read if you really wanna read it read the first book in just drop it you know on that even first but is just filled with redundancies in the Younis who ice why take a red pending go through their mile and issues that you were choice her choice virtual place. On the but they yeah like I I just at one point just reading the books insulting my intelligence logistics. And not realistic cabinet you know on the body and then of course when I try to see fifty shades the first city shades with somewhat entertaining and in the second fifty shades I felt. Actually fell sleep through it not amazing play I'm very likely beat in this woman and I Seles a week. Through fifty shades of second movie right. Brevity to miss. Libby didn't miss that means I'm like a very likes frisky woman right you know and I sell us our our high and I must say that you know like I'm at a healthy we know red blooded woman and I fell asleep during this brick and movie and I lit match and don't. I was you know pay to see it again so so needless is I didn't see anything else after that. So I have I mean the idea that they would use ice cream and in the nether region area. Ali Christian almost uses some are spoon soon post a spoonful at a screen in that area oh yeah I am I. I don't know really weird idea. My my train a lake. And I want my idol and money to this and you're asking me if I'm open minded to this Sunday morning and this is the thing I don't know I know I have not purse like pro free eat the ice cream or else. I mean I was just thinking I can happily route or syrups should stay on the outside my. Right that's like eat my with the spin right Atlanta absurd as well yeah I mean I think it could cause an infection revealing the (%expletive) anyway yeah you know. Yeah that's I shouldn't I doctors like you don't go through with this because of the sugar. Big sugar might actually cause probably is in fact is it because there's sugar mill and that's not something that you go anywhere near that area yeah that's meaning you switch C having let's kick her Syrian re used to love that. I think its own right can disown and a follow up on the much in the sugar don't athletically he moost news and on Sunday makes an alcohol if they get like we could get some bread down there with that without ice cream as a starter you know. I hundreds sources says what can you do at least one time immensely citi's I don't know but in general I'd say don't put food in somebody's you know where ski. So I'm saying only what I think just keep I don't know if you decompose is slow here don't. It's had a question for you cannot because I know I were one time I was dating a girl I am one of the first times we hung out she came over she brought. Whipped cream. For intentions that were not for putting okay. And I was I shut it down Mike I maybe I'm just as boring lame guy but that just doesn't seem like it does nothing for me that you're gonna use whipped cream in that area like I. I've never fantasized about having whipped cream put in that area. We're okay you're up. He varsity blues yeah. I whipped cream bikini. No matter what I like area of. Oh now frothing at bat boy up call myself he'd go to town girl you know it if there Cinemark frosting ice you do this leads into another topic altogether makes you wanna Ted Cher oh ginger jerk. Like he maybe just really wanted to great taste you know it's just a great tastes. What right does the first time since there's no nothing there's nothing may be didn't do what was said no I shot it down. Why would you gotta get whipped cream under two. It just. See my you'll look weird but I. I I have to go with it was hit a high already went all right. So that changes everything has its ready went. We have ever cool web sheriff do all right yes I unclear if I would video cool whip that you just kind of like is trying to prevent this tip. You know. I guess wet cement. There is this reminds me of some. I think you guys might enjoy it I know that there was once a time like Lou brighter on the time my magazine came out a terrible and I had this offer and doesn't know me it's June 2000 eats a dad who yak and I had because a lot of playmates dead and we're not first to do like interesting things and most of them I shot down to say I was like this is not dead from our guitars and I don't know how to explain this my future feed is by ever outlined. But one of the come opportunities was to be a spokesperson for our products that claim to make men's. You know how a young man better protect OK they wanna need to be the spokesperson. For this product that makes. It's as it existed yeah I said no to it so on I've used it. For re those yeah let's see I don't even remember with a name was they it was brought up that like if I wanted to and I can have this gig and it paid really well and out and couldn't use the money back and I site now I can do it. And I said I'll tell you what if you can make it taste like synovus frosting Iman and I'll do it you know. I do affect commercial would sound like EU and I don't know you know everybody in the. Got a great need zoom. You remember I don't remember the name I'd I just I didn't even know it was sadly no brainer. The hole just a bit about late. Taste. If you meant it. Well produced seven crossing is set at what they produce I don't think anyone would ever get pregnant and we just never get there you know blanket thinks. Six Lilly's do you want your man to go the extra mile thinking thinking thinking I mean I will say this you can definitely heat certain foods and makes up taste better when. Good pineapple yeah supposedly dangerous ideas that I booze. Made us stop to this why I say I I enrollment is a mind I had I didn't her. There it Rick Perry answered that very idea that sometimes you just like man yeah Nicole Richie who just think deep fry it recruited either all or you know. All oh I didn't like by the middle of the week would you luckily he enormous regard you back to normal. Since she was she was it caught a source she's proud probably nearly a lab technician inconsistencies. They really credit yeah sense of taste that she's able to differentiate how long or news or something way different breed yeah. We years who. See. What CY young cracked a crappy diet when deleted the different consistency yeah yeah that yeah this insurance. All right when we see a break look at and I got to find any that product is I know I've used I got a sex dark. Competent head down really curious I didn't really need to make it taste like semi on frosting or I'd just I'd I don't think it it it's it's not didn't it night I think kidney I mean that would be pressed revolutionaries right. Liza everytime I go to the south hill mall him walk bias in the behind a minute to think about that night and I think that's that's the flavor which Julia wants. That's a Juliette what a tough day lysine. On huge sixty I'm joy and I and they made it very clear I want nothing I want to condiments on my. You wanna condiment stuff while marrow or even on on I don't know likes condom Sony's content what I magnet I think as a single person I like condoms. What are your peace of mind you talk me out. I see people don't actually like condoms they just use them. Now she's right I mean they just use and to say hi Steve. I mean you kind of have to have seen I like them because he can allow for a lot of fun trained swift zero worries about stuff I don't. Yeah clean clean up no weird conversations after the fact. Yeah like peso. Had a life phrases but how clean area. Did matter worried about like this and that and like that in the ice is for example yeah I think sometimes condoms aren't lake. I just silly they're not as bad as late I have some friends are called are horrible listen Malick RA world like everybody that has three kids from three different limit any bit of the U clearly does not like on the why you should stop did you not condoms. For him putt 101 guy get back. And senate senate set but are we take a break maybe Ted we'll find out what the name of that magical pill is yes there's an uphill. Yes OK and it was and maybe I think a little like a fiber of our men and out just like a little pill but I I mean I remember we talked about forever on the manager. Jim is straighter so pill for women slight change our substances. I think it's a little bit in unequal because we were all we all pretty substances in yet men are expected to alike. You know I think it's I think your religious taste winning taste of winter with you know beating involved rankings could. He is always give I think lived for a guy like. Gosh this is a very difficult thing to talk about it against you crap. I think the guy it's almost like a lolly pop up that makes sense. Whereas. For a woman. When she's getting you. It's more like a jello shot to squeeze through like wanna syringes is right in there but you don't have a chance yet of adjust to it whereas in its share your and I mean like. Yeah I caught the leaky faucet for women's it's like you're constantly dealing with a leaky faucet either way you know like. It's just. Aren't related to crack in that. Sure I knew this story I think a break my back didn't. Didn't have a mile hip a citizen magical magical pill. Well yeah I guess returns. Titans defense conceal. And have to drained an instance. And then it costs will be back. Now it seems we now know after watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. It's not whether you win or lose it's important that you show up without a church and oiled up. We still have no idea what a triple south cal is. The United States women's hockey team you'll get free drinks for the next four years. Shaun White won his third gold medal and with his short here it looks like he's going into the eight grade. And secure speeding is a lot more interesting when there are wardrobe malfunctions. This has been thing. Things that we now know after watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. Not you ready for some more books and went from the medical costs is that I. I thought I'd think his dogs. There's a bunch of join the community. We just continue like the VCR spokesperson for. I'm ready for college I don't all part of an on line by line we can't say. Receivers defense. It's just yummy. For killing her doodling. Oh I we can't sit it's on the numbers on the artist what I love the name. Horrible I never told an Amy guys on even know which I can yummy well they might it will mated Brian debate yeah me rob me if you know what I mean you have to replace the. Or yummy Rahm. If you guys. How there's a schoeneweis limits to drag queens ranked. Publicly tricks Ian publish now smell so full disclosure drag queens are really my thing but I watch the show is how relatively funny. Some Hebert texting or testing out sex products for Sri people ranked I don't. So one of and then mostly the spray you can throw it or spray down your throat to make you go like now we're still shot. That's truly danger and raise it is that you really super d.s usually dying don't even know you're like Candice being in pay you look at terrible idea bracelets for women that they were they relate. And I do this I would never use this for you guys wire so I don't. I.'s doing this to women I'll let him I don't I opened and has everything demand for that means anybody said we need to figure this stuff outside of opponents that I can imagine there is gonna say if you had a sprays for any other or fists if we know what I mean like and you don't you can't tell us there's pain you won't know if you're getting ripped up. Yeah right nice we'll give you the more he's like looms although it does feel like fire in life to steal US TD us. But yeah I stuck out does this herpes feels like she's suffered in light to light my genitals on fire stops yesterday and online she's I could be wrong thing I can take a shower my jobs umpire took her yeah. She never again. One just think about like your agent has to come up to you would say hey would you like to be the spokesperson for premiums are yummy roms or whatever reason he is a call up and running yet Miramax. Think what else is that it may just proposing deal while actually today also either be like this vote remember like gonorrhea cream. You got girl and somewhere Steve that's right could come this I know prop mess here to make that the yummy rom but not the U gonorrhea cream. Look at there's you know I mean it's good to the landscapes change her playmates like back and Lisa have a lot more like Robert cheneys and now mine laying and Tom and TV and all that stuff. Now this is actually brought to my agent this was bought products he by a friend who's like a week to have this gig that we can make you the front. Person for. But even still like just you know at the time I AI didn't choose to work with an agent asked how agents before that I'd. Not I've decided to terminate my relationship with. But just dealing with even you know the Playboy agency you know they'd have all kinds it's. Promotions a pop eleven I it's it's a signing I would go do they you know like fly across country to do it. But there are other little things that would pop up like extra photo shoots. That I said no to or like certain CEOs. That I said no to because I just. I didn't see them is like. Bad I decency in his enhancing anything aren't spotlight. You know I don't trust the production values to be high enough to make this something that is. Class seat you know so that's a lot of playmates have done lake extra gigs that. I only I I will watch their extra work and I know that you know then his playmates produced it working if I see like them doing a data that. Makes them look bad I'm thinking on death Selena bale look bad like I'm definitely not saying yes to something similar Ernie right now so so it turned out like all kinds of like it's like oh well. There's this there's one opera cheated you lakes new AD Joseph guy and keynotes. It's spread easily Eller of the break in play in what are you like America did not of course like they hide those angles but I just in a one I. Hit me that I all I know watch new yoga I need. It's gone so that was sitting on Playboy TV I think that you know I just shows I know what she knew you know don't look like I'm sure it's out there did you. I wanted to wake up videos wake up what. Like I forget which can I may have an on demand or something but repeat it wasn't nude. But it was just like I guess a member of the synergy Underwood won. Until we yeah it was Aristotle a lot of stuff it's like they religiously video of them in the morning they just feel like her and Mike. I know mainly cute little boy shorts like wake it up and down and those guys to exercise that out of all the drink their coffee but it was always like and semi nude or whatever I wasn't huge but it was that we was there was a lot of skin yeah I some of those I am David you have for the fellas never made magnate Ted Steve when he do we can show. Imagine us WikiLeaks get notes does look like crap Spartan Bob thing about this morning hey at least you watch him walk or an opportunity to stand there watching sports there are open pit because he did. So I wouldn't let me do I don't like that nothing but boxer. I'm not sure it's OK I would love to do scoops like bat like I don't US groups like outlook and weird then I think Abby more my style and Steve are waking up. Exactly we can post. Making it. He. Is clearly some unlike the videos I've already done just for like in tandem & Associates I find super corny and they embarrass me now mom. That's just because I now runs and the public don't do it. Come by I'm just saying like if I'm Marty embarrassed by some of nick corny videos I've been a part of as a package deal of rather work with value like I just didn't wanna. Do more of that yeah that point in now. So around but yeah I think I think there's humor involves a more likely don't wanna participate. You know which feeling better be looking drew immediate losing a fight marina just. You breath. I'm out twelve what are people. Awesome though there was but yeah yeah there's character and that's. The view gloomy passing out getting in my eyebrow pierced oh yeah yeah it's really about that do not always fun stuff anywhere is just piercing on your eyebrow I take get out of that day I don't -- any piercing we did see what it would feel like as well apparently makes me pass out Tyler really saying oh god yeah fall now this annually to the the YouTube page it's it's pretty awesome what about like that fake cartilage and singing getting this like thick piece right here but and I saw this would hurt like hell so Ali all Dudley putting maniac yeah I thought I'd be like pretend to be bad ass to get an extra piercings I don't think I was crazy you have to take all the crisis is downstairs wouldn't. Hot and right it makes everything Julia it's got like a brass knuckles on in two guys did I just follow his advice he gave it to me. Either do they send me an email with us some cool ideas obviously were almost and so we'll get the most but I wanted to get to one of these. Obviously there could be an interesting conversation I'm curious is it happened to you Ted I'm I'm assuming it's happened to you because you sent doesn't. I on this list of stuff and the top of it was when your partner. Or are white for a girl from boyfriend husband major acts does that happen to you recently. Yeah had to sue. Yeah I just because I went to California all my stuff out of storage and so I'm not acts on the storage facility while it there was might this storage is otherwise known as my ex is derived Soledad a story storage unit where you can give me your civilian axis garage he was using a lot of my furniture so there's like this sort of mutually beneficial bombed arranged and sop up where he got to use my stuff and an exchange I got to put my extra stuff in his garage not pay for unit how did the train killer AKA your boyfriend take this. Do you use free and I heard it I mean it was a little bit awkward in just because. You know. I guess during the I didn't find this out you know until after we're leaving that during the trip I mean I was just how often mounting like. Being pregnant person wrapping up Blake you know art that had been raps getting married on the track and stuff. And I guess like wind when my ex was handing items like Wilfred try to isn't staffs. To my boyfriend using. Yeah I remember getting news. Like this who came Julie did the same thing when he was reminiscing. Roberts and I didn't even know ID you had no it's wrapping it and that's existing up her resigning is trying to like make conversation. You know but I didn't realize they use essentially blank and I got this for you for Valentine's. You guys enjoy this you go you know like it was sort of I don't think did I mean. I didn't hear it go down this is how it was translated to meet you know so is essentially every item was poised and knows the track. Hits me you know you're cardboard produced purposely crashed. I saw a light out is this stuff on fire yeah. And so Mike but but it doesn't think like I Elin not table when I was single for and that you know my accent now your taxes tainted by creating a story today goes along with that Garcia marking it's territory. I don't I don't know he did it on purpose I did you know but otherwise it was a decent exchange and they indeed it was it seemed fine at the time they bro hug at the end. Sarah how firm was a handshake no they seem they seemed all right Soledad is that okay. But I think business this is on the drive back to twelve hour drive back from California the next day and on one night I. Heard all lists I'm like no you know this is happening you know I didn't I didn't realize he now and I think and a hoping it was intense. Shall then how could not be awkward. So I'm would have been more awkward is if you it's a case stop bringing up stuff so while I. February just removed for. Furniture and silence is how would have been world isn't vast majority in the right stuff you just mind you know like a lot like me in my mom's plates laid I was my mom's plates are stingy radio altimeter Ebert W. I broke up with my accent I'm not my ex husband so all the guys ex husband. He's almighty god ask gag could be awkward but it is what it is shoot a hundred per attachment you have you. Rather than since very next you you ran to a next with your current polling. Are the best one was way catty girl the night you know who broke up. Crushing this and that and I hadn't seen in a long time and I went to a bar in my neighborhood that I want to all the time but I was going to make some random award show later. I was an attempt suit regardless with a friend like a ridiculous strips like six inch heels and like Paris it was just funny we want to you'll probably was Buckley's rocket about pleases the court. And that aqsa sitting right dad is kinda like I had like. What are you doing here she's they're waiting for you Reggie is what you endured another why would across the street but you're just use it. If you look good enough Zynga thanks to at least heels looked pained him that the city was late perfect. One time I've but I was I dating somebody and it took her out to dinner we went to a place and I know this. My big server was an ax to all the some Ramone now I think that moment of like that spokesman Mike got snow and I'm thinking what there's no chance but she's going to be going serving us. Yup sir that's out as we're on a date my axe is serving all had to know how to handle as I was kind of kept quiet about it like going oh yeah always to hang out but didn't make it into. I didn't want to like we used to hang out the most it pissed her off you know we hang out of course we hung out but also I know when my car at the current girlfriend at the time I go who would that make all these thing up way back haven't seen her forever chrome off a gear fast forward many years later I run into the ax again not without person and we were just talking. And NGOs yet that night when I saw you I got so wasted when you left. Amid what he means like you know how heartbreaking it was to see you on a day. Would somebody. As I'm serving you make more than the drill my immediate and Corzine is that I'm I'm your server. We here in new girl and I'm watching all this up bringing you drinks and I'm bringing you've rooted is clearly a romantic dinner to think it was devastating elect all. I didn't multiples in buildings and to get up and leave the shoes of the different girl not my problem. With an added I don't know what the feeling I've been with girlfriends who might be some due to come over and that's again we still hang out like she doesn't have to say it I parity now I obviously you guys had sex before. They should not hard to tell lawyers argued envision that you know and want to feel it there but it's very I think it's hard not to tell too. Yeah I mean but it you can did you pick up and advise. Yes this is a different reaction you're gonna have at an epidemic she just different you give me like them and has hung out how to invite. I'm of course you get questioned later like on the have a person that you know ask questions my boyfriend says I I ask questions I want an anti cancer are still. A lot of credit Jack has grown praying. Broke reverse something that makes us feel like clean of the world but we don't usually get it. Or they ask no questions get no lies a sentence I would say if you don't ask questions you don't want it to steal that's right it's true if you if you that's. You don't live there. It's time to get out here and I'll write more. Back to get on an island cruise Ted I don't and the other thing is huge guys didn't see this tonight. I was worried I was in Egypt and I noticed that well sorry offense I don't ask you ran out of what guys. Don't get developers she's until my dad no lady never tell minute Stacy it is time. That's how I daddy we should try and I hit tennis well yeah. It's. OK okay. Okay. Hey. Unlike your old time instead yeah I did that's what I was doing okay. Obama win as you know I get them Fred Jackson may really end. The primary idea that he's always very Israel by Juliette no show on your calls on Twitter at the may cast it will be back next I think next week and I have a doctor. To the web site will be able to make its. Thanks very seldom seen a couple of easy and it's made it cannot. Our time for the water splashed.