MegaCast 04/19/17 "Spokane Adventures"

Wednesday, April 19th

This week we recap our trip to Spokane for the northwest Classic Hockey Tournament.  Listen for stories of laser tag...edibles...passing out...and more! We also chat about Gronk doing Gronk things...getting hit in the "boys"...and Chub Rub!

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Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. And we're still alive. I can't believe we survived this past weekend. It was a long jobs. Today is the first day of the rest of my life yeah I feel normal again yeah. And that I am I don't feel a 100% I'm like 70% but. Monday and Tuesday it was like but there was like 50%. To assumes that 12%. Yeah late Monday Tuesday were tough really hard yeah we got messed up over the weekend. Separately we stretch it out a little bit longer till now we did you usually Wear home kinda like. Usually don't like five or six on Easter Sunday and yeah. Usually do Blake had dinner with people sometimes if it if we leave early and up which is I think we only pull off once in the seven years having gone to Spokane for this hockey tournament. I the only ones I was alien back in time to get to my wife's family's house to enjoyed dinner on Easter. Every time. I've been pushy but it was the very first time so I think that's still stayed that they that taste is still in their mouth like they still think I give me at all and I do I try to make it fair but. This year we got home late I think I got home brewers got home which had the bad news at 9 o'clock. Yeah I thought he got a car do you back up to Seattle like 930 tad yeah out. And we spent the entire weekend in Spokane and basically from the minute we got on the party bus at around ten at 9 AM. So the minute we got back at 9 PM so 9 AM on Friday morning at 9 PM on Sunday night. Between that boom booms. Hours we were completely invalidated. Pretty entire time. Yeah I mean like Craig wasted the trip started off. It is like that somebody gave us some marsh from Marshall race Christmas tree to shut up the James in the Merrill is laughing after marijuana did I think it's in Lacey I'm not positive but. Look up marijuana depot go to Heidi James tell him we heard about you guys in the mega cast in the donkeys at least you got guys hold it up she. It's 'cause that it will slam right. On the way over that was insane. Everybody enjoyed a little bit of inaudible and end. It was like old school doubles it wasn't like you're kind you get at the pot shop I think this is a wholly made me take somebody just made over. NATO Sears your outlook give up and even said these are very strong and I still assumed well I can still. A little pieces in and heard any of us I mean what would you say it was the equivalent of like an Andy's mince. Maybe double to end these immense doubt about as the thickness and the wind of this liver and it. My best picture everybody out they pick sugar rice crispy treat you buy in the store yeah you know what that sizes now cut betting that freaks yeah it's huge piece snuck. That's basically what everybody had just one votes yeah yeah and there are critical play a game. And the entire bus ride like it was funny to watch that people Armon they're giggle fits people are going through some serious paranoia. I think Ted and I were convinced that we're our our our bus was gonna fly off of the freeway even though. I'm rich was driving just fine it was just in our head that we'd thought this is going to be. A scene from early mid eighties Metallica on tore. I mean it was legit plate I was on the boxes here over the past. Trying to play it cool right running from second. Afterwards I just got that look coverage steeler you know. Is that sketching on direct yes or else we got now not keep this keep in mind folks it was not sketchy doll not we were just that hi that tightly jet. It's like worry but we couldn't really see what Richard's doing on the road like I mean for all we know he realized that I'm positive it was it is a great bus driver. We couldn't see anything that would make us think that it was a bad trip for a he was looking up and I had a Mike. I don't why explain this all the families that and then like why can't expenditures were all gonna be dead but I'm going to be the reason why I almost died. I got to the boss. I did this. We went here and none of us are coming home wise yeah that's good to crack that was going on in our heads oozing. Intense overload of paranoia. And rich can thread that thing with a needle yeah he knows he still has later that day. Right like everybody kind of comes down we get just okay and then check in the hotel and then got to play hockey game you got that he'll play a hockey game I think. So ho. So what we'd done different right which you guys out locker room to joy to see the push of subtle way. You know why don't we yell you visibly I would give him give a lot about the vote internment we got a lot of other stuff going on but who knows if we'll get to that but not. I feel like you guys are gonna enjoy. The experience that we went on because honestly before we hit the mikes I ounce I do not think we re able to talk much about this trip. But as you start talking about a I'm starter remember other things I completely blacked out for three days. Tell wasted we are. Just completely blacked out our culture is very good to jar ambler right so what else seven somebody else he would be like. November they separate act he has so why don't we get things going on a figured this is the perfect song for us to get ten it kind of became the unofficial anthem. Of our time in Spokane. I get an LA and gas reserves from the wall to Wall Street but it's out remakes. Dumb by Dmitri Vegas and then like Mike it's gone home. You know whenever you call the yeah. More than half the number there. This was the team hey I could not remember for the life for me the name of the song. I'm like so I finally. Except for Dini who was a guy who excuse that song to all of us because somehow we sir Tom of the wall to Wall Street that he put it on them on the speakers to. And I'm Mike. Pam Ellis limit how awful Wall Street EDM song music Dmitry Vegas and like Mike the home. And he does pod you've been just pounding your chest and humming it with no song Monica can make pretty much. We Wisconsin in. Mean. Take a tour it's tiring. Eight ticks me. It's still the dog inspired by the weekend have fun with your friends. I we did it and I am really not too much Sandra got low and did depth we have to try and we get behind never really I would say is. I act on it I'm not always the biggest at the end of like on laser tag we don't we do it's always thought so much on sometimes the people wanna do stuff that you're gonna drag your feet just gonna do with your friends. When nom I think it was monsters like you must do because our our our Saturday game isn't going to be it's like 430 in the afternoon so. Why don't we go play laser tag after lunch in the mine had a billion I'd then like a map system lasting on Dugas. Most rewind let's go back to Friday so sure Friday we. We got a locker room that we can have and keep Greg winter classic works is obviously had to ice drinks that are in one building called the fuels like Serena and Spokane. And Democrats on a locker rooms. They also have a couple locker rooms that are just like reserves like there's a team golden grinder they like basically own the locker room so they've got a keg curator in there awesome at they've got it all set up yeah I think a public couple other locker room and decided this year they're like will auction off I think to locker rooms. That are like on the other senator wring better nicer than the usual ones. Whoever bids the most amount of money you put in your bed with your registration fee so. You don't know you're gonna win or not so we decided to pay thirty bucks a pop a couple bucks more let's bid 330 dollars. And we've lost a bid but the team that came in second. Ended up fouling out of the tournament so that we were the third highest bidder and we got the locker room we don't instead of go to the biggest of the two. We at the smaller it too which turns out to be there women's hockey. Locker room night I would imagine that the Eagles women's hockey team uses and yet so that was our locker room for the entire weekend we never got kicked out. We got our mock. Our I can't say the name of it because an appropriate we reach an hot showers gets hot shot and typically you run out hot water on the other side of the rank within. I see by 3 PM if you begin at 3 PM expect to take a cold shower because it's so much hockey so many people use in the showers. Apparently the women had their own hot water tank because we never lost power water and it was amazing. Yeah so you can how to. Isolate when they're playing on the ice rightly got this kind of run errands with rich the bus driver and Charlotte are lies in my in my I had music to you by lion in the whole crew rich. Thank you for getting us to and from safely guide you always do. Get so rich and so there's a trailer that we got attached to with all the hockey equipment engine but this year. Did you guys have a locker room. We can ditch the trailer and keep volunteer in the room right misery back to the hotel we just let it just left it out and it and the warm locker rooms who would ride for us right so now picture. Hours before Stephen highway to used to code on these guys vols I think the box is gonna crash right since I you fast forward. And Richard Pryor drop her off at our buddies girlfriends thousands Cindy's house then and there's like cars parked and everything anomaly there's no way. And I mean huge heat late as a saint he was threading needles to get that thing park it was on. Believe what I've seen him backup and out there's no rear view mirror that you can work with. And Dubai is in the side mirrors act I can park he could basically fit a party bus and it Trader Joe's parking lot and even you admit you were treated to a parking lot you know got an accomplishment. Idea yeah that was just crazy is how slate. At this point like I had a few Beers at a little drunk but I sobered opposite why was I so paranoid in the spots but she tuxedos and he still out. He was great. Always great. So we get this locker room that we can keep the entire time. Love his budget adds to the you know you never feel rushed to get out. So you just sit there and you're drinking and and your hang and now happen and man it was so much fun so Friday night then again giant bowl are. I think you and I end up didn't really responsible we were home plate 1230 that night right we did the rest of the fellas because they wanted to keep drinking and the Mars in ten averages like less is go back to the hotel we'll just get more wasted there yet like I didn't have any need to go toolbar and not try and orange six. And beat. All the alcohol in the world on our boss. Anything else you need is on the bus. The best sound systems on the bus blazers I control the music on the boss. I'm sitting up there and eventually before by hanging out coming on the boss you know so it's constant flow traffic coming on the bus and hang out on the bus yeah. Well we give back. I attempt to order a pizza and I of course waited very. Too late in the game at twelve I think 57 I start calling dominos and no one's and swimming doesn't match stop and look online music all they close at two no wonder why did not answering you I used to collect three minutes important. Sure we are hungry just see no idea like she order pizza which hang out I guess we should I just thought maybe you'll be hungry and a half hour when he shows up yet that it was like we can't another guy I'm over that already. And drop the entire time while we're partying in the hotel. Those guys are blown us up on the cell phone. Trying to get us to come back out and party with them because all they just so happened that they got the entire women's WS you swim team on the boss yeah. Denver Broncos. Cold and saying and doing all this crazy crap. And I didn't know until the next day when they heard on the story in a Mike wow dude could do a new guy is either did I I honestly I was just so so happy to be right back to a hotel couch in my sweat tea looks old candidate briefly for put on our sweats. I'll put out the music and says. Just be asked for about four hours yeah. I mean so it's like all are you guys went to veteran and no we weren't in our rooms and in my you tonight we always try and we've succeeded a few times. We get to the hotel. We request a joining doors yet. And I've never eat. Put a drain viewers to use until you're nicer to do in this and that's the greatest thing in the world because we could just got to walk freely in and sat in and out of each other's rooms I'm trying to think if I have either. Never yeah. This all of us some idea I've always wonder like two adjoining doors right if you know the people next store it's great it's awesome especially like you know and then again in ninety disclosure dorm like her the united Ted hit Cox. I don't even have to get up early Saturday. Might obviously didn't set an alarm is that mission guys' leave and yet you missed breakfast bridged I woke up at 10 am I got. I need to eat a guy has star suite and had dinner you and I chose to continue to drink and party in the bus and go to dinner at the Red Line yeah. So I'm starving in my house and I text a month's end and had. And months against graduates had the radio silence yeah months that comment from a great. So now trying to get him to respond to win the U wanna meet them where and it takes an hour before your back from him and that's and hear back from the rested team we wanted to breakfast to. Great so high time we go to breakfast it's lunch time. I was having you guys let's go left right before I got up I couldn't mission bat but we were probably ten minutes into our commute to the restaurant by the time you Texan said. Where you guys don't and I'll meet you there I outsells. Yeah so so we get up what is apple are called. The boy we breakfast and lunch are swing into work this slick indoor great food I love that place and it's always everywhere I go it's okay and I end up and yes we did that place for breakfast last year as well Elena what out to a real football game we went there and drank that's like arm. Early part of the day Plaisted to eat and drink and then the Red Line barbecue is our late partisan guy yeah like we. Debate going elsewhere but he ended the conversation we say skirt what we try to try to please go Zola GA and it was there's two like. My high pollutants but it was like a nice fancy your place and it was no big tables. We're running twelve pick your team like the red eyes perfect right go to backing get a table yet to break through and everybody likes Beers whatever. And then Austin Saturday after we eat we decide what's good laser tech. And one that it you are with us the way and it became. Donkeys verses. Anyone who's under the age of eight OK so I was up there when you guys first got that tiger hounds okay. And I fury declared when we were waiting we realized oh my gosh it's gonna be. Panama's and the rest of the people who are going in the play laser tag with us are all like he not as a an eight year old birthday party. Yes exactly so like well I guess we know more enemies are exactly children's rights are you guys were up there right as I was out there like. All four viewed got up there. For whatever is that I decided Avago keep walking around the laser tech looks cool and act. Oh it's great to music's going to get techno music we're feeling it I didn't put. Me. And then also were at the top and it if given the Spokane laser quest. There's like three forest practically but the robbed me you get to in my like walking these grants toward the top level were to snipe him people. And I'm just I mean I ended up coming out coming in second place over on a thirty people I can't really almost dead classes can't move around get shot I think you were thirty out of 32. Yeah firmer for months he came in first which is dislike of. Worse yet but let's also one point stood behind me shopping like five time yeah I think he did that with all ones yes so my point is you guys rock format tiger pound right. So that I left whatever to the other high granular side rated tackle up side that's her mug shots and I was like a what are those guys are still up there. So on the route to getting up there I'm just getting shot left and right I'm not look at begun to see you shot me so I thought it was you guys and I get up there it's not. Is the children the children went and asked almost right so that I walked past. Asked although and they all shoot me I'm a guy harms your back down the ramp I sort of got a seven year old Tuesday. Come up beer and we're gonna get Qiyue. Tied it at that point Condit gave up but I went. So what are you doing with your life is one in the afternoon a seven year old widget is talking trash a year. The children here just an adult in here. I had a similar. Among them are sorted trash talking a kid and I like stoppage Steve this is not necessary. I Wear goal when there were just taken these kids now but they're like growing them like Graham when someone's porn warm water on them in their dislike. Multiplying and Mike's son reds can't turn around and they're getting closer and Mike I can't handle Liz please somebody get it in the right thanks. Zoo renewed yeah. And then turns around and bump and then. All of a sudden they just took us over and we were like we got to retreat we can hand from being overwhelming he year old may have sold targets. Walker relative giant target shot I'll yeah. Smell down money and emits a knee in an exact in my and celebrities in. And I take got a kid and and now but he had his other can use our. OJ IBM UT game and I. Yes sir we get a couple kids and our team a buzz go to now ranks find that they've got dominoes I get hit on turn around like it's decade. And let them go. You mother and I almost called the F word. That's and that's the role so foul language there I understand and I did read. And recite the rules and I look demagogue you'll mother will not be happy with new caught our Papa good tiebreak. And now I made in my point to take him out I was hiding in just might be in this kid and only one doing. Why might get so aggressive towards his children. Aggressive otherwise gave up my right. When is that whatever this like song apart his kids yell and so much fun we had a great time to knock. I shout out actually one of our mega babes oh yeah got to hang out with our apologies at first I was so wasted I guess I came off rather standoffish at first. I was just because I wanted to get out of the bar and get back on the bus and beds out. Yeah and thankfully her and her mom and her boyfriend. Eventually ended up on the bus that we raise a Red Cross I'm so glad that happened because resolve them we got the hang out MBS and an and altar of a more super great people everybody thought. I felt awful that. I came off a certain way and I didn't mean to and I'm glad that she called me on it because I would have felt terrible tighten came back to Seattle on and I get a descent chat. Message that you were real jerk to me my boyfriend in my mom make them sorry. So we had a great time mitigate I mean had they wanted to hang on the bus strike a couple of hours it was awesome. So we get back I don't know we might have more stories from the classic if not I've got a great piece of audio from our boy. Rob Gronkowski. Set for today ass yeah solid ground rules. At the White House yet when the main Jesse turns. Demonstrates our. The minute concert will be back. So him. How was. Yeah. Just when you thought there couldn't be any new coffee drinks Starbucks introduces. New unit Korn for. And it must be magic because they've gone from plain black. To somehow syncing your senses we do is paint including Josh. Shouldn't save sprinkled live unicorn horn down. Of course they just left Coachella many if you love the new unicorn train you're gonna love what's next the bigfoot mugs still. Then they do when the darkest beans and darkest chocolate. Shouldn't natural muddy. And coming soon. Moon a lot nest monster coffee 72 ounces of under roasted green coffee beans and ground to do a fine powder then. Then brewed with all white whips a whirl on the top. You can watch that green thing that pops up occasionally we'll. We can't tell you but it's different in each state should try the new specialty drinks and we'll make you think. Why didn't I just get out. She's so we'll learn the starting these two guys are all about how you know Ahmadinejad up your own take his campaign. A year they hustled him. Does not good. And then you constitutes the. They all know. Oh I've learned quickly now and I'm wasted all I wanna do is listen to just please have your father. Yeah I did like Saturday night so you were his in the mid January you know all you. What a great listening party debt Greta we are really. I do I. I'm not a right and I think distraction and we are drawn to what we can safely say we're really sobered that's known otherwise it's assumed we were completely out of our mind wasted but yeah you're right do you Keddric and I listen to a yes there while vacuuming the house doing some chores and nice and it's just as good sober as it was we were inebriated TC gave us a shout out. Kendrick didn't yet know the obvious fancy agreed upon Ted talks. Boone he. Do based on the the other Ted tell Jesus is and I realized that talks has attack talked why he would then be very concerned to hear that we almost lost Steve heads beat Ted Smith on the bus ride back to Seattle. I've real results a couple of argues this past weekend and now you. Scared the entire team because I missed it's I was dozing off on the way back to Seattle from Tokyo is a long trip it's like you know several hours. And also I wake up to. And Ted Smith. Is out cold. I can win the buses that they hit it you know at some. The seating is around the that the boss is not like you know like a school bus it's a scum like whenever I Robinson or better yet when you sit there you're seeing their face it's up bright and you know we were in the medium sized bus so was in the big once a week we're not. Crammed broke. We were definitely like facing each other again there was a lot of roots like spread out yeah. And I look up and there's Ted. Still sitting in just crouched over. What is hadn't resting on our but he gives his knee. And you're out asleep and never once turning pal Wyatt like detentions die because you worked. Ted was you said there was asleep but here's the thing you usually fall asleep while your mid sentence. He passed out and I guess I was there which outlaws there but I wasn't awake but according to them. You're talking. And you just hunt storm passed on another dudes need. I mean yeah now. This is kind of woke up after its PRI doesn't get its foot is asleep for site and Ted had this look of pure and you know and look like. You looked like how I look when I come to a two passing out I think he just passed out by the body to shut down yeah I could steal a few of our guys are team text to me like. Command keep tabs on Ted immodest nosy. Kind of scared us. You know they were giving crap to me right this just looks sleek and you know you pass out I didn't go to sleep you hit your fast out you painted yet. I understand it. That was way it's I would say here I am right. But what does your ball wasn't nearly as bad as our boy's backs now Zach. One of the donkeys hit again this is Saturday night Sunday morning. 2 AM know how to be close at three because can't yet because we were on the bus until Ole. 2:33 o'clock in the morning and went to the hotel and everybody the that was still willing to keep partying went to my room and we just hung out listen to music and capturing being and doing and being stupid yeah. And so while we're just hanging out my door is open and implement my whole view that we're on the first rain on the river you can just walk right out and you see the river yes great so gambler so I'm looking out. And all the some icy and Boren and our boy Zach. Coming from might go left side. And just he's got his phone in front of so he's clearly like walking rather herb are frantically I'd be trying to find our hotel room. Like we were kind of in the corner so you worked the corner on the outside and and you'll come to where our back sliding glass doors are. He's just bites. Hall I fell from the second balcony right Ted was convinced he fell from the second balcony one guys committee died like everybody was freaking out. Right I guess is seeming that Mikey just got passed up late. See you walk over it was just like his body just felt yeah yeah he's got a very fascinating when he wasn't paying attention to what was in front of him he tripped on something. And just freeze planet and knocked his head. On the dirt or on the pavement I'm not even sure and so at first people trying to pick a mop he's like a dead fish and humbly semi to what do we do. I mean this is not good I troubleshooting wise I don't know what to do you at this point like is is he okay there was a guy always going to be fine in my he is not moving. Nobody can pick a mop he's dead weight. And I discovered a massive damper on the rest of the weekend's Stanford. Eventually he works his way out he gets up now he's like African zombie he thing. Covered in dirt. Walks into my room why exactly should go to bed so somebody walks into his room. You know they're under the belt that was Sierra was that he he he fell. And it was take. Panic for Ohio now that he's upright critics are you we like he can't stay here at Mel's got a gal he needs to go to bed yet he's in no shape he just. Nearly knocked it to about yet so he goes everything's cool rang and out. Twenty minutes goes by borrowing do my door to you Zach might offer can zombie is back he was back and you lose. 100% again yeah I mean I guess is just a drunk guy yeah I guess seeming ready Lockett did that day folks you got to drink water you gotta eat food. Do things that we do not do. Know is I don't Sunday after I as I say fell asleep for a minute pitch painted. Right I think it was like shortly at twenty minutes after that has behave rich can least we got sappy as a fruit man I got I am back here is great ho haw haw haw haw I how I got out when he pieces of chicken McKnight a Burger King tenders. And a soft serve no law. Ice component yeah it Cindy had made this is also Easter dinner but it's twelve dues ticket at a tea right well pluses of like thirteen fourteen people who are our team Accuray and his girlfriend Cindy who lives in Spokane yeah. Cooked up an insane. Easter dinner and brought it to our locker room yeah. So now would he be like cave man in the locker room was amazing. Yet but I mean right like that wasn't a ton of food so I like crap I cannot. Preferences like we upheaval passer out of Bosnia people pass out the night before the other foot stupor is. After Zach falls right everybody else kinda leaves that is just like me you months in. Losses in the price GMAC pride GMAC ya so much it keeps falling asleep on the bad right right. Haven't so much fun with Iraqi got out months the F caught asleep by U whatever he's given them the hardest time yeah out to finally gets up resumed on the bad like David set some Smart ass what are you know you were you were clowning on him the entire time right just given it told. He walks out of the door and I mean it could even be in a minute later I was asleep on your couch. Now I mean I'm like Ted. I and I let you sleep for a second on Mike no Nadal and it was like I don't mind if there was like. If you like sharing a room with somebody in my there's no way Ted wants to sleep on this couch when. Fifteen steps away from the sky is his zags actual death like Ted as a kind of hit the a couple of time like get up to me like a book. Mike good to bad man unit on that pass some idea out your bed right there may you don't wanna. You don't asleep on his couch you you can ensure July exact topic you're like curled up like a law like. He just tell us that was in the fetal position now that I tell us what you that was made about a month and a member he left in those like you know would you like real tired you kind of dozing off now fighting. Moves I've never had that happened a couple times. Thank you sir for you like having your beds are then overnight and this is. Like 515 in the more mile circuit like yeah I mean I'm getting attacks my wife saying good morning. As I'm going to bed I like that debate of do I text her back right now. But if I don't want to I don't. I knew we had to get up early the next day because really game at 1030 yeah I might architects about right now. So what are you doing up and I'd like I want the heart to Harden up all night I know she's gonna be mad at me not like angry man but like. What are you doing yet Regina play he should get some rest so I gotta go Pete. That's Larry Bird attacks some going back to bed and I went to bed woke up in a panic. I woke up in a panic because well we had thirty minutes to get to the rank. And our game was like bright act that have been about 3540 minutes and I she's our do regularly twenty minutes away there's no way am familiar my gear on it was just like. Everybody scrambling and is nothing battered and trying to check out. Pack it. And get on the bus in time to play games when you have X amount of minutes to do it there's no like. He's take our time signal we got to start run and that's college yeah yeah we got a Gaza just go. Yeah zero like I'm almost ready in my we'd Ott and honestly I got out there. They had the warmup Susie if I'm in a warm ups on like OK we had Dexter find minutes to it I got on the ice with a minute left in the warm ups are you serious yeah. How tough was that game it was impossible doesn't pass up the entire time I don't feel in my played sober. And now my worst game. It was so bad are the blending I let and a goal and I just watched it and I talk about on the makes jazz it was pretty funny that. The guys on the far end of the corner of my zone and he shoots an ultimatum like that stock got hit me nose and I'm like oh my god it hit me I'm like that's not gonna go win then it goes in and my. While Mac guy. And it was the seventh of nine goals. And we lost 91. Yeah I mean I just know you just don't pick up the trailer just barely move in that seem like a struggle with is out of how the plant hockey right now I actually had to think in my head and a couple underwent dominant east and only if I stand any longer going to pass on that might be awkward. I think too is that which I idiots that we have to be up Saturday morning but yet we Friday night we. For stroke and went to bed at a normal time had 3 in the morning 330. We got me up Sunday mornings this Saturday let's rages latest again and stay up until we pass out of 515 yeah. Yes I imagine our Rob Gronkowski he's doing crazy they Rob Gronkowski will be a great addition to the donkeys. Are you going to. He would be yeah I just put much applause sorely needs somebody more and said he met us already know. This statement we just did her faith we thought that died we thought Ted might it got on the bus I don't how we're looking back on the trip like I can't wait till next Easter. Hall I'm not there yet somber and the countdown is beyond how does it come glad that Easter comes even earlier next yours it's less than a year away if you looked up what Easter is as I said I was. Like I gotta chill out for awhile before August of this summer's sucked spiritual pain and address in June Steve's RD look at what Easter is next year her. That's my account brawn a group touched all the donkeys. Barack Obama mover. I removed from my couch I'd been hurting Munson. I haven't stopped drinking I am afraid of my stop drinking now final rule your real bitch. It's right just like to see you guys on Monday that would delay each lunch had largely to retrieve Beers right. Gaza and allow the capitals unfortunate news and overturned biggest that was a tough one yeah. Yeah that's what happened I fell asleep. They were winning I woke up it was only the start of overtime are got to be kidding me. Yeah you and I doing what we can recover in the months and arms getting drunk Munson was right because I had those three Beers a launch and Alice like I I don't feel that bad. When I woke up from that map. Of what I felt awful the false hangover it sunk get an opportunity caps joked houses like Clinton got I mean this is like it what six and even as we. I might take another nap. I took so Leo's would you do on Monday had to uproot the lot nabbed a lot to put ransoms to Bonn I think you price summed up all the donkeys yeah I think Jana work or make you crazy media go to work now. When you're an idiot man sic damn day off I mean some years maybe for back in town but five or six amount that was that was late. I would never work on a Monday afternoon classic began especially now I thought this past one. Would have brutal all love. A pass on the air which could have been funny. Motivate. Her rumba me. Still ground today is a big day for the New England Patriots that they're going they went to White House yeah because it when the super mall and go wrong go of course there. Doing wrong things. Once again. And lock. I don't care what your political opinion is about trump whoever this is a funny clapping and involves Sean Spicer. Who is part of course trump steamed spice fans. The spice man that's right and while he's doing he's a Press Secretary he's doing some kind of a speech I mean every day right press Saturday goes out then gives a briefing right and Mora for the nice putting his foot in his Mao but this time around. He got in Iraq did the majority of the hosted by number 87 for the New England Patriots. Rob Gronkowski yet. During radiologists say we should also mention too that spice man. Iceman is a massive tax at all I know that yes also you I was speaking out about the pats being there. Oh yes which he is a massive teacher is another reason why don't like that guy. Anyway so he's talking all the some opening up a door behind him more like a curtain is Rob Gronkowski being like brutal man. I know she'll bring that sort sets like this Defense Secretary or like president Charles. And rock. Only person like you get a I think Tom Brady can get it we were doing that yeah like exist wrongdoing are honest I think you programmes like another man's woman's ass. That guy Derrick wrong consumed you're hilarious she had so physically dig what do you tell her here's how it all went down after that I guess. How. There's probably going to need some help or dispute him as hot out there it's. I think I got this thing you maybe. I'd give my thanks to calcium and the moment. That's cool about. This turn into a fifteen year that would school's hockey because all they have so much weird stuff. The crux say I like Q. I don't know I DN that is last comment like aren't like you are only there blowback from the sink this I. Think I got this thing here maybe. I'm here by accident Aussie Amazon and those are like you doesn't look like they argued that. Oh maybe maybe I don't I don't for a summer heard you say are all right do you see more believable. I'm here by accident until the Billy Bob and selling what I'll like you emerged prompt traders. Are why do you maybe. I'm here by accident or Ilich Q basic bike accident you rightly states. I promise I'll just say what he is just that was cool ass just like. And I know it is sad that your Fanny is just kind of the whole thing is just weird that something that you and I who are not politicians would say. It's problem busted our studio. Think what I've what I Q busted in surprise you have a measure. I can understand why you're like that old school right and it's like he's hit into that secretary eighty. I don't know what's going on there be more not like you and I do too. Let's feisty an apology to girls obviously I'd I know people odds. They hear the word trump and he's just start there but talkers out. Whether it be for the fact that you need that we're talking about a more that you hate the person. I just so this is so insane in Oregon woman did you hear about what happened with this or even woman and her dying ex husband. Oh yeah. So she wanted to end this kind of cool like it so often you hear but still it's a beautiful story of two people who are no longer together but can still be. Amicable amongst each other. So my husband this is no longer were they broke up more often than not you expect OK well they're gonna just hate each other but no she still has nothing but love for him in our heart. And apparently she wanted to make sure he had a peaceful and hats. So often and he's been like super anti Donald Trump. Soul no right before he died his ex wife told him quote Donald Trump has been impeached. The news is according to be obituary. And then you obituary continued by saying upon hearing that he took his final gentle breath. His earthly work included any passed away. Make it was almost like that moment brought him peace that he can die knowing that tunnel trumpet smoking pot critic of president. I mean I get it right of the guy doesn't like trophies die you cease and make them feel better so why it's such a big story. I think it's interesting. How I don't don't. I would think he'd say stuff to some might die in all the time that might not be super truthful or failing to mention or something right you're absolutely right I guess meg maybe you would still like. Yeah don't worry Bobby. Scored. SATs oh good I can die in peace. Not very often I think dope so what has to tell this person who's dying met the president of his country got teacher got impeached in order for him to leave and go to the afterlife with a smile on. Yeah the irony story is extreme I don't now looks IDs. It is socio win for either side of this now. So like the more easy it circulated obviously on social media like people at H Robert Bennett jump wanna be likes the like this and that like. I'm out Heidi should he struggle played the storage is trouble for everybody nor does it isn't we can't just take historian and enjoy the story for what it is not a magic you're right. We're not enjoying the guy who died of course but up like right it's like I look at that storage as they guy advises the story is gonna have people all fired up now. What we're fearful of and I think you probably experienced this when you guys are doing the men's room if I've heard the conversation of trump comes up or Russia or North Korea. It's not so much said. Think I know from talking about any of that stuff none of it bothers me whether or not your trump supporter or you're. A 100% opposed to the point where you need to die knowing he was impeached yet. I can have a conversation with somebody I just wanna deal with the reaction of the texts and emails the people who just. Refuse to listen to a story. Demi don't agree with or they just. People just they hear that name and is an act like it doesn't exist anymore and it's like what we what we can't we can't tell interesting stories and tell jokes. I mean look I don't TV segment everyday rank him like. Bill O'Reilly is in the news on absorb about last week in some guy email was a tennis talk at all fast and loose about bill O Reilly and it's not like. Actually I'm not me a look at this from. TV right. There's they've paid out millions in settlements like I get the jewel like the right in. Maybe your dollar Riley fan to like this you talking that's on the Dubai. I like today we tried Gallagher about why you're Raphael I barely did. Did you think I was so fired up and legislate relax I emailed today I think that was a good talking about COLT. They look I didn't say anything ally. The the cold. Mobile hug museum is run by solar power. When coal is a dying thing I'm sorry I get the China stopping coal would go out to be great for America but it's it I think it's off in literally itself he's. Not freaking fossil fuel or there's always ready to avoid another stressed that product. This late. Come down it's OK before we get knee jerk just listen. Right when he jobs that'll come on GW just like. Relaxed you'd you know I think stuff about people I like that in politics all the time they go Brian while the jury that guys you want it. I'm not going to side with anyone just because they fit whenever I don't have a party line but if I did like. I'm not gonna just blindly. Support defend it or hate another party just because they don't. You know because not a Democrat or Republican it just seems so ridiculous that people. I think people are acting like they're running gag as like you know it whether or not you're. You're gang of member. Could that have been rather questionable but you'll defend until he's dead and it's like I don't really work that way like if somebody did something stupid I'm going to bring it up including if I do something stupid. I don't expect people who just blindly. Support. What I say and do. Like right we're humans now we all make mistakes we all do stupid things we all do great things but had to just blindly side it's on because they have a Dior and our. Attacked semi so ridiculous. And get mad at somebody for talking about the person that you love because well there's an a nurse and serve on a dying man who would like to go to. His death bed knowing that that that president is not our president anymore I find that fascinating. And what's her name what's that Tommy wearing or whatever all yeah yeah I mean she's just a prime example first of all. She really late. She's just she's just to stop an attractive student and wanted to get a job in the media right which used to do a college show this and that like there was really nothing special about her. But she just talk so much trash talked angrily she says that we want this and that bright she's right she's honest and she said she is pro choice I got it. Completely. This person you love. Loved and it's all about talking tough and we don't play about the rule that out right over the rules would like we know what your PC crap right she's going to do you think she could. The crap out of her what that doesn't agree with us you're out yeah go after resolved. One beat. Dom dom not know whenever numb skull. Dim wit it's supposed to sort of broad launch six innings Altamont that right and other side is stupid is the Democrats haven't got a big birdied. Let thousands of people that Israel rally and went. We're gonna take up another god damn Clinton that nobody likes even our party. I could call this work great for everybody. And it just normal people I got stuck in the middle but got his. Maybe the worst human is that one of unions social Democrat not a NASCAR bubble again. Mays get married and I have some money. John leads at the magnets are gonna work done. I love to tell me analogy is great I'll let them their right. She thinks she just respect or for that. All my guide server conservative French radio mullah constantly she's making homicides in the world. This is the future I'd love this girl who not only is she hot but she's Smart and she says when she thinks. And she'd watch. She believes that no woman should have her own choice but golf a woman to speak on a woman's issue what it's hard yeah. Elected congresswoman in did Texas that was just like. All right you ought to regulate what are we gonna do with the ice you guys get vaccinated even. Yeah I felt just like. I get her point people. Are already agreed break we'll be right back when the mega cast returns. No need to bone. By now you know that over the weekend April little giraffe. Had her baby however zoo officials have ended a live video stream after April suffered a minor leg injury. The birth of April's maybe it was witnessed online my millions gives you two work cheering April on mute now belong to a select group. Called watching April chairing the excitement of the incredible maternity experience otherwise known as a waste of time. As an official member of a waste of you will have contributed to make financial decline in the workplace productivity halls across America. Fast deadlines were ignored meeting's delay. Projects I'm finished as a baby giraffes came out of its mother whose rear end one leg at a time. Google says April's hind quarters. Been viewed even more times than in car dash it's so congratulations. Waste of time member. Sure mouse clicking finger ready for the birth so maybe giants lost. Bonus it's a breach at the Cincinnati zoo coming soon in 3-D. Hey this song is my identity and its hottest tour. And then it cost is that yeah. Aren't you. Are tired on. Top. We ought to go I was up a good time everybody thank you guys are listening. Did technology can. Our top. Ted is going to be a weird question memo basket idea I remember oracle can you tell us in Jarrett that's the worst time. That you ever been hit. In the testicles. Old. You're the last time you hit animals. Yeah I don't really yeah. He won't you print soccer didn't give him a man match a couple of times like making a save. Maybe not maybe it is better your angles and I am. They're writing about like just two weeks ago I got hit pretty hard got a picture of actually gets more. More after the puck than it is a soccer ball and a couple of my friends purposely aimed for the balls when they shoot. But I don't even Ron played indoor soccer has taken a lot of ricochet is off my head yeah asked which kind of sucks yeah height but China faint. I had just. Haven't had a good crotch shot so why well we can fix that we don't see we do not summer meltdown she free kick intent in the balls like the last couple that that we're kind of suck for just crazy first. All those are sometimes worse than me. Before on kick except that yeah yeah it's like oh I just like it is at so sharp. It's the worst pain materials. I don't know what you can premise of be oh you'd like pregnancy it's impossible for me to compare to pregnancy I don't know what pregnancies like I know it feels like to look like a pregnant woman that's me every day. But I have no idea what it's like to be pregnant by a it's it's the worst pain it's like getting punched in the gut. Would a knife it sucks it's terrible small dog stepping out of button. Yeah I'll lose out big enough now today there's just like every other dogs in the blue. Was very happy to see Ted this past weekend yet they're not ready yet because we achieved. Miss you so much Ted you're so happy she. Crushed. All you can eat. At the Puyallup trappers and shout out to the entire crew there. The guy who was a sushi chef. Once it I think as a report I can remember into human or call them yeah I remember. Once he'd like got comfortable with us and realize oh were ordered a lot of food were in good spirits they sort of making his own concoctions yet and it's not here role that's better maybe that was on the menu terrorism it was unbelievable who's so good. But all I bring up this the testicle story because I don't know if you saw the video of this guy that works for the New York Mets is a beer vendor. He was doing his job like I think kind of towards the left field third base area you know work in the aisles selling the beer and while he's doing it. Somebody. Just crushes the ball the baseball. Low line drive. Square in the testes you know we have the audio all right art so here you are taken out. We're always. Parker may notice additional talking a bit of foul ball they have no idea at first. What happened but the camera still on this guy who's now hunched over will be used utility cracking here ready got to go. Oh right good the baseball hit his baseball I have bring him back. Class do. You're gonna keep. Your guide to the brunt of that foul ball. Hole. Yeah I mean I'm third base thought it hit a few times all yes even Wear a cup when you play baseball I know I guess a lot of baseball players don't. It's like when I was a little kid I was workout as I would catch select athletes first say. Or cup but there is deathly. I guess anywhere at all times I remember he jumped to one of the greatest things I'm and I think we talk what Luke about it Luke Wilson from the Seahawks and other players in the past. My football players to do not where cops thought I was crazy like that blew me away I have high school nearest psych guy like I'd never played football before I saw it played a couple of years school quit. But it amazes me like no I got I was doing our work cut I don't get that I even like and hockey most of the guys were cops but you know he had a hockey pants and is the place to put the cop. Our boy Munson. Refuses to Wear a cup. And number one timer to screw around playing at a drop and hockey were you a break off and two squads used are playing game and keep score and all that crap he's coming on a breakaway. And this is what I've learned that months and does our cup because he had a good hair in his hockey pants. And as he's gonna break when he starts to Canada with one hand and holes his hockey pants were the rapists. And just his his fruit basket is now just hanging out in hockey pants she's six. I started to control we laughed and and of course he's course. Never had somebody come down and a breakaway shall we they're boys and then score goal it was the greatest goal ever. I do have a good cup story that yes so what you're on plan right and if I was a short fat kid. See after get a lot of stuff there like you know like at a delicate extra large jock strap a god but the cup is much too big your form you write more. Yeah the compass like massive. So. Psycho like a practice and then I get lake. Like Kate like a rational when like your skin kind of rubs a way out rights had been rub it against the side of the cup so bright Halloween. Like my two lakes right. It's just like raw skin and red red right I called the job rob Chubb rock that I called in football guy yeah. This is I'm only like thirteen to about going high schools are not quite familiar job Brooke yet. Right so then you know my brother played sports an area they are you my sister play on teams there's always like athletic tape except my house and there's that first aid spray. Some like all. I'll just read that on yes I mean the worst burn ever had as I that's I realize that stuffs for like like a bruiser so it's not for like. Open wound though it's like rim we get a sunburn and you put that stuff this was to help cool the suns off of what it does is actually just burn the live and how idea all. Do I mean I remember that she beat so intense Rowell yeah. Arabs that hey Joseph rubs or zero memory tasks are going to Disneyland. And he moves with says it might have been a mop. Yeah cause disaster boxer precise way. Kind of put an end to Joseph broke right this is before I was doing though the boxer briefs and bridges boxers and we win and we gotta walk a mile. To get to Disneyland from our hotel right well at this time I was probably at my heaviest a close Miami's lead to seven the and I'll walk and dyes are a lot thicker and they're still thick from Plano on hockey so that there's always been my my legs is always didn't really lose a lot of the weight because a lot of muscle around their Ted yet man maybe not but there's a law muscle com. Total walking. I'm like oh my gosh I'm burning down there by the I've just completely did what you did like you know just rubbed raw yet so we stop at a store. And I get some Vasily. And all right a Mike all right amends put a little old jug and Emma put it on and just got to help. Do the gliding sites and come stuck in a corner and put it on him but the the jar element but the darn right my cargo pants pocket I don't refer to cargo pants for cool. Get to Disneyland I had no idea the time the did you security check and get to and get your pockets. Well you know how weird it is when you and deal you talk oh she doesn't know you have to Vasily and argue what my wife does hot guys are girlfriend at times but. The employee does not so poorly in ally. Terms like looking at them and I'm like yeah on the died as. A mover and in my pocket. And sometimes explained it I don't know why am I why it. She's dying because she's like if you need to volunteer this information to them like I mean I shot rut right idea and you know my guys are really thick and this has been a mile walk in the late Isaac Newton. This is not supposed and so embarrassing yeah. And that's one of those things too like there's no way to explain to people it never what it's embarrass saved for Robert Stewart hurt so bad rap I'm no good I'm Chuck Robb lady. And once you've got to the point where you run the kind of raw you have the job rubbed. There's nothing you can deal and it never got better and Disneyland because you're doing all the water rides. Up I think about that stings city. Yeah sometimes dude likes or does it melt down what's on the whole day. But hours on end on the river didn't and out of the water is like crazy just have that little catch staying yup it's not like boxer briefs. I guess relate back to camp and like I don't put orange regular shorts a boxer briefs I need to feel normal amount general idea are we hurt tomorrow exact I don't need the job rob freshening JV football before hurt it's two days before practice. We had to choke amber Kramer used to make although products back in the day like Kramer tape enough nuts I have on just caught start very ointment. And I would have to get Coke in the morning time we get it timed oppressor follow this shrubbery ointment sucking go press this. Sense of. RO we're gonna get that here let's get ten pushups and you guys have though is glistening out next week I believe will be. As close to a 100%. Mentally as we can yet so it's a matter next week it's pretty good I thought we got through this yeah I I'll be honest yesterday and I don't know if I could do a podcast. Congestion during the makes gas was impossible. Like I actually got out in the middle the pockets of meat we gotta bend in two and a half a second term would take a positive tariffs and stuff down. I left the studio to sit down because like I'm positive I'm gonna pass out if I stay in this room any longer. Did I had a local fighter and how was a scene that Coble and so he came in people here mr. Parnell. He is awesome sir Richard C do a hundred barter or anime got to make fight nice right so yeah we we finish the same heavyweight or 1225 aka. He's like I did talk too much and I think your perfect for today I mean did you yeah exactly kind now I know that you know I'm glad we had a band for that reason joined by the play what are your songs huge and it makes it yeah I'm a zone out of lesson is that it was a great song but I was like I need to zoned out and just listen talking is difficult. All right you know what also is difficult pushups. Morgan a dual gas and still make a family could find us on Twitter had to make a jazz gen tend to get your heart racing your blood pumping your brain function they forgot to do not really variations that. Yeah you're right we're not out of this thing yeah we're not inside in the thank you for listening we do appreciate that. I'm meg a family. It's always fun. No this is not a good song if you push ups or. Thanks for listening and but we mentioned last week do you savage savage we read this past weekend. Okay.