MegaCast 04/24/18 "Make The Bed"

Wednesday, April 25th

This week Ted & Steve talk underrated snacks, Sour Patch Kids, Battlemania, and The Rock!  We also discuss what celeb we would have asked to prom if social media existed back when we were teens.

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Decent gentleman. He's welcome any tests minutes. Sixteen minutes you are now entering. Otherwise healthy. I had whenever this song. The car. Good to see you my man you choose either you're alive I'm alive well one he's got broken no I felt good the next day. It's saying yeah I golfers are that after. Sir my big matchup battle maybe I was gonna be so war as ash that's that I thought to you and I must say I wasn't swore I choose not to three days after. Now yeah sort of joke because that the show on Saturday. And I think adrenaline the next day I woke up my I live right next up brocade and everything feels good I can walk. And then it played that show and that's also a physical beating with the way I play drums so then I'm stunned Sunday. That's I was like I'm so glad Monday off. Are yet to relax the gap to Seattle on my body chill for a minute Sosa a lot of resting. Yeah would you do on Sunday. Absolutely nothing nice yeah it was great all right I'm trying to think did I do anything now just it's insures a good husband does but it's a toilets. Vacuum that house. And then sat around and watch television. Yes and it was charity for me to death every Sunday's story in our household yeah I'm trying to be better about it yeah. Just say go to church historic get on a laundry done yep back you know dishes that kind of stuff but you still the have you moved yet know and I'll move in next Friday and always exciting it is yeah yeah a gap now. I can only imagine. Want to go to unicorn bar and hang out. Yes that's little farther down the street there's a there's a lot of bars up there. Well it was like the local bars by U. Latinos pizza Israel close eye of the medina's Pete's I got rates of Saturday it's so good oh my gosh I am excited to check that out yeah. I should show you pictures beacon of pizza. Armed what's up there in the hillsides up there. I don't know that one. I ask you quite much capital I'm just going to write this Tony Barca Tuesday uniform are. And all what's I'll love it when they used to be a job Bob Bob more or more that. The chapel but itself cause the thing at the time box buybacks are good you are there no because our friend Jerry had a birthday party went to both of those places are I know about capital will be. These days student would you be dealing either the part box yeah we have all these different pizzas yeah super good Josh would fired up and yeah and there's our church shooter you live meat cheese plates for YouTube they got that as well and stood the popcorn with a truffle are yeah also get up please give it thankfully god that I have Danny's mom is very wealthy. Because we know at this Paris twins in the box for apple popcorn. No or something like that there's a big boy I mean I. I know it's expensive to do is I didn't I do not pay 25 dollars up ballpark you must sit out of the juniors aren't that got the regular some out of drew got the adult sizes. Competitive if I would it was expensive all right it's out yet be mentioned pizza so after battle mania obviously I was. But Bustamante trying to stay somewhat healthy of course had amok an average eat perfectly frank we talked about this morning and a lot of people exercising can continue to eat junk food. I hit a seismic he continued to eat burgers I'm just never gonna be a guy's gonna your French Fries or burgers or anything like that so I bust my ass at the gym sick of breakeven for the most part yet. But I was like after battle mania. I am crushing. Pizza that's why I want and I knew for a site we're gonna order a bunch of pizza so I get back to a wall fitness after battle meaning is over we turned on the range what time is this 'cause I I I left after your match you know there's already like. 1230. Yeah I know I lost all frame of time when a when we were wrestling I just. All I knew is that we will leave being additional box area around 130. By talk that everything loaded. So they were still loading it got to apply rose like OK it is too many cooks in the kitchen while I just wait so. One I'd go back where a couple my buddies will go back to the gym and what ways for people. All right and that will be got to be able to be on the receiving end. And booed everything out of the truck will we get there it is already people there I realize that other people at the same thought. Nice and show up economic manicure which we ordered pizza I matches or night the piece is already here. Now I am like you are you kidding me so I go to the back of the gym area and do obscure issue you. That's what we saw I want kids there are you. Boxes of pizza Jesus that's awesome multiple she's won multiple pepperoni multiple like. Green pepper or something like three different tidal wave that order I'm I'm assuming job and I might have been Steve West I don't know that's almost whoever did it was my hero. And then I look around and I realize typically eagle eyed you're drinking you're out to party sometimes you double fisted PR Beers yes world double twisting pizza us everybody's. Every single person or people in good shape and me not in the best shape it's trying to get by England other people as well we're all talking and I'm looking at what nobody even has a drinking their hand yet. And there's bureau there there's alcohol did waters are so it is. Everybody's double fisted pizzas it was awesome. So I met our needs six to eight slices yak butter pizza party at Spokane was good but that's legit C eighteen pies dude. Staying out and made probably. Six or eight slices of pizza and I don't feel one ounce of regret from act now none. Net and on and off through an awesome but it that is awesome so I would Obama in Florida visiting your your place now so for cities like you go to Dino is pizza yeah you'll like it. Yeah I just an antibody yet there's a few cool bars up there if you're ever man cave. I know it puts a lot of fun and but if you're gonna have a man cave I always said if I had. Unlimited resources to have a man cave I would have wood fired on an amendment case oh really hell yeah. You know my fantasy is what sewed again. Oh good call yeah close to the couch. The edges are I would having a little bar setup but I just like the idea of PM Mike I need a scoop about a cup by a city up to two water soda water Coca-Cola sprite whatever orange soda I still be used to have economics or learn ya on the right by the couch. Don't know if you sit there if you you're out why give up. I say this it's kind of funny like piers I could Jurgen asks out of bearden but it. Charger gets how to sewed up. You're having UK and been playing I can't imagine drinking chains of Coca coerced sprite the way I would trickle light beer it's like that me matches sometimes people borrowers alike. Complains about having a drink the equivalent of six cups of water and a day has no problem crushing six Beers in one sitting right. What is it about beer I don't know you've heard this crazy theories you if food that you drunk would you eat after your fall. A cool. I don't think I wore it. I'm trying to think now what we need there's a certain point we've beer real Alec are thirsty to slate dot another beer right gives us something to do so through it was kidney John gill you'd like sneak get a shot syrup maple syrup. What we need to do is read your favorite potter. You Sugar Bowl what are our main then we can crash more water and be healthier I mean is that wouldn't alcoholic paper is a gas. It's always sit us Coors Light colored. People always say that I noticed is new or you would more I think yeah I like Coors Light is delicious. And now I'm looking across into the wall studio revenue giant coarse light cleaning. In its making me want a course like. Yeah Ivan had a diamond at pierce and Spokane to your voice your boys ready. We you have had a drinks and spoke to him now I really I think he just recently stopped drinking for a minute. No no did this almost like literally like they've they've lake Spokane that last Sunday was Steve yeah million. Wow yeah that's impressive. Yeah it's easy during the week I'm alive Friday Everett's would bring. I was like he needs this being need to hurry this up high and get new drink in my you know historically stuff out of your perspective there wrestling and I've because I've got that. Yeah I'm just curious so I figured what better way to get our ten pushups and then two I celebrate my big victory a battle mania. So I just type in WWB. Into our music library and Thomas song called undisputed champion undisputed champion I feel I'm being perfect. That issue it's true or you're one I know of one and no one defeat you know what let's let's I wanna know you're undefeated nobody has beaten me nobody is even got close to stop no nobody is stopping me. No so this is the best way to get arteries in the glove puppet in the brain functioning. On a winning level. Great chances here. Services. I was just check regularly. I like to. Good filled out. I'm like yeah I think it's OK okay. That makes you feel. Good call do. Anything trumpet in the beginning a horse race and. It's a Roman king right. I think so I think that has to be released around are likely to English so Mitchell put us got a lot done. Or is about to take place. Victoria it's okay. Takes me. We'll see you kind of funny you mention about the pizza. How is going to be my thing today is consistency. Ores were saying only podcasts this year diligence. To basically. But nobody's gonna be perfect I mean Steve Driehaus you sum up my Ted talk to argue that terrain like nobody's perfect all the time right there's always going to be those. Fringes of society he perforation or just gym rats all the time but I think you do need me to live not live he credited. Askew but I do think you know. Protect me. They cut back back back back back back at. It slipped. I you know I I've been interest in the newer programs suffer and allowed a new research shows like you need to still have. Those times you're gonna eat like that yeah. Now for somebody like me it's got to be like don't turn this into a three food vendor. Dry lake you can have drew this Mueller this pay for her review and ended their president ago. Just stay consistent with the good things what does have its build on each and every can't tell I'm going to make his new thing are trying to learn habits. We just work on those haven't sent ordered his part isn't so easy right now but it was like. Stay consistent do this that's not Causley yes Sunday Steve I go to the store I do Marjorie and I clean house now. They're very chilly out there are certain day meet the bad Delhi at least you have one moment where you've accomplished something and that's a good way to set the tone for the rest of today yet. Maybe that Brad said do so bad it's so funny to read today I did all right what you need to know is it's always your voice I hear I forget to send data where you took it from him for some reason obviously if they had talked yeah obviously is against you straight nationally Clinton and it does bring back good I can tell you look like a winner of today's had yeah thanks Sam looked good yeah now that's of organic eggs are my buddies chicken I could see it as you meet the bat I did. But it's. I did a bad segue into this study I've found since. What are the most underrated smacks of all time doll coming and art that's us talk about that before we dig us raise the accident we'll talk about battle in India. I thrillers that you moved with the most underrated snack. Just real quick I love that website and use it a lot for elected me to take is yes. Through Ellis is a tough website to look at the if you're in the it would good if you're in Hungary at all your god heard about it. I take that back if your fall you just be careful that website it's no evident buzz feed if you catch but feel they're wrong they're like all right I want sincere right now yes thanks a lot buzz seat and I told him to emotions both Seif. No what are they I'd take a quiz almost every day and it's a cat does she knows me so well or it's a lay off probably just stupid while doing that's like corporate Scopes. Totally tell who I am yeah personal assistant all who believes it has cracked yeah. Right eating cookies same thing yeah like how do you know your future's gonna be good what so does he become dictators like I think. It got it. A master summit's success crooked it's ice rooted in anybody's. You know what I'm gonna say underrated it's just because I never eat them what I do or who is pretty good lord don't use more bases across Virginia Reese's peanut butter company kit Kat bar so what's not to like. Yet another sign how much go to cracker thing it's healthier. How about doing don's. You know what I did I'd say under rated but I don't eat a very often what I do collect these are great I love their blurred ho hoes get most of the host this love but Ding Dong should not be overlooked. Now I mean that they the king of all that's opposite chalk and out. Oh yes you're absolutely right. But the Ding Dong so oddly enough I had one are my weight to every. For our bruiser Brody show I Tony he's my body tab is picked me up and ready for driving these night. I gotta make a quick detour I gotta go visit my family members she's atom our hotel no place battle as a kind of sickness and she's in town and whatever Ares I am dropping awesome thing dogs. Now Mike. Is this kind of like euphemism for a drug transaction that you just are not taken up on you know. Long story but part of the story was that apparently. She got to experience. The comic homemade dig none of their made an Ahmad pizza. Hollow and it was in a life changing experience for her when it comes to eating. So he picked up a bunch of them for her to tell me it's a surrogate effort that you wanna Ding dynamic now man I'm good always to eat dinner. On the deal Ding Dong and they told me this whole story economic. Him I kind of changed my mind about all this guy have wanted to as the moms how was it incredible do you live frozen ones now. No yes. In how and Lisa that you have to see what did as good as. My pizza. They make homemade ones I guess I. I don't know why they're called home I guess didn't are they made at home where they made a mod pizza made a bright IC Dave Wright yeah just it's not a Ding dating just by deemed all right you serve it to you they rapid in the foil and everything but it's like it's got more Bob. I don't know how to explain it but it's almost like. But the good soft pretzels a little like hard on the outside and switches inside yes that's kind what they just they believe he did that it's come I cycle crunch when you first bite into it. In any insights is apparently does not the case and yes that's that's hotter but this. That must decide to break its phone over. Hawaii was so this could you know if you ordered Devin the app was acting we retreat to his phone against a wall only for them to show up and they were there. I have a crackle. Our yet a barn they they crackle mr. good bar and a hundred grand for some reason I put all three as number three underrated snack of all time aren't hundred grand for some reason I don't mess with. But crackle tackles are awesome and mr. good Barbie generally get a little miniature you receive a full month or so plays into. You only see them in miniature variety packs but they're good enough to stand on their own that's true yeah I mean it's chocolate peanuts hundred grand I never really touch either. Now. Bob bagel chips. Hey if I yes Zack I guess I got into the chocolate vibes from I would say. I don't think they're overrated I think their probably rate it. Well they say they're overshadowed by two tiered chip and pita chips but they're good on their own or addicted to spinach artichoke dip. What have you had the pretzel chips yes yes ultimately they're flattens yeah Sarah incredible also you would also have this weekend it was mine won't. What is the real good tortilla chips. Is it comes like the back with the red on Red Sox job. Dammit I have no idea that comic guru it I figured out next one and I a 100% agree and I know it's very polarizing and Teresa series stand on this. Smart piece. Smarting Islam and I don't really care about it more rewarding retard guy this morning admitted I say I love you and irregular and on the air. And now to. That's about a year we were taught all love oh yeah morning show because they go on sale would be used to read different degrees of plummet what you can love your wife you love your friends are right on the regular will tell these judgment that I love him yes hello we had no problem with that either gonna lose students awoke college of ribbing good. Seriously just confused he didn't even know he whether it is I would serve he loves his wife he said. Yeah well here's the problem in America we only have one word for love right so so. Mean I love BJ but. Sorry to be a little more grown up about this if you can't separate love from sticking your penis inside somebody then that's all new car. Coming had a great analogy of like what it's like marijuana manage different strains but you know there are all doing certain things and L means something something. Bob according to the people at the rose said they're not as targets we targets but not his term was necco wafers. I agree and I just I love sweethearts to touch a great community. I was unsold bonds is that had a smarty I just love that low roll smartest man some about it advertising kid I know why aren't on what neatest receipt. All those are good yet they got they got amenities to get to read oh now. While they're not gonna tell what's in Chile yourself and that's likes that doesn't shots fired. Yeah I thought I threw away the last third of the bank. Exactly it yes yeah and half heartedly in my hand another side literally put an extra drag and walked down to the dumpster I don't know if you. Wrote a hero as eating but it was so debuts a bag of something Koch browsing realizing that if I can TV this on this drive home and I already rolled a link up. Honey roasted peanuts but it was a good sized bag yes. It was like price six servings or someone is like an army Yemen army memo I'm looking I'm like oh man I'm Mike almost halfway through this bag. Several up put it in my glove compartment. Hit traffic. Welcome more open up a couple more fired their courage to want to wait and hope. Tony I can do is any doubt that happened with those ships was much you know memento is marginal value slate they are broad they're out of my oath I've done that over articulate a bag of candy and threw it in the back of my car so I couldn't keep eating it. Billy ice cream for whatever reason ice cream and hang up my freezer yes and how massive. Put me in great plains chips or delay you risk your career seats sever patch kids. Grow some some guy gave me a giant bag that was big industrial bags of sour patch kids I think all that's gonna last forever. And unless it three days and our. And I got brought Tom might have basically just did this hour in the salt or whatever just sugar on there to rob might tugs a rod like I lost a layer of skin. Yeah yeah I did find out who we are we must be ends if you're with your body. We're checking out the storage needs Laguna canyon city don't sweat and and I know kids at the place. Kind of looks and if it's our pac sour patch kids. Who rewrote the record straight we come back delegates heads perspective. Of his first time going to a three to a battle of act and that was battle mania grabbed it by big wrestling debut solid stance oh it's just. Some meat to rest on the seventh day. Take them Stephen. That's different. Windy painful dust storms are hiking until your feet hurt. Standing for hours an extreme temperatures and spending outrageous amounts of money for food and drink then visit Coachella. Concert in the desert if you appreciate drunk girls screaming and savor the smell of Q did you aren't going to Coachella. You think you're attractive. Think again all the young. Own spell gorgeous rich kids from Hollywood with their point 7% body fat designer clothes will be there. And we will look at homeless in your T shirt and shorts Coachella Coachella. Because one weekend of immature amateurs is never enough snow and. Good luck getting home. My email because some more with two minutes from now Acosta is that I. Women of first time you have this. Our next big test. All probably doesn't might picture just. I'll just the first of a time when that was really sour. I meant this trailers are pats get. I mean I don't know I can't clean slate how much you are good when I was late. 1213 fourteen. There was like an arms race to see who eats a sour candies yes yeah I feel like him we removing a paralyzed because there was a candy store in Brooklyn New York right by our old like. How will be junior high school are stepping up high school. Because I was too far. It was junior high school we knew the place it was within walking distance of one of those candy shot free flow of bad. Yes thank sour patch kids just came out. They weren't even Mitt packets on their own little like key you had to go and school come out right yes so somebody got a bunch. And handed them out like deuce crack. In our classrooms and he'd try want because he knew that everywhere and no one ever experienced eating a sour anything at that time. Yeah I remember I will never forget it was like. It's out nothing was hot like the first time you tried like you know backbone of the drug days are trying Ecstasy. Yeah first time you feel as it wool and you'll never get that high again the Mac you know whatever. Cindy was sour patch kids but I am I didn't chase now drag in my whole life man but I'm never gonna get that same sour. Oh my god what is this and I'm out in my going to be okay this is incredible low feeling after. I'm with you easier to laurel mall which is now abandoned. Hand warm warm up British you can see photos of an all time. But we don't want to lose abandoned mall on how creepy looks like I'll assets laurel mall towns where we don't know the time give it thinking we went to a specific candy store that you and I it's got to be the same story it's in every mall and right. Yet we would scoop that stuff out and I remember going to school is like I got the sellers my cynical white bag yes. Still Bob Barnes is on the scene kick me and he still a sour candy we're always trying to find the most sour so sorry candy I live for an X yes our color our heads now. Bring it on dude I'll dude it's. It's funny how physical society. Rock girl for Rocco Cameron I we saw was caught the eyes sour patch kids got wrecked SPK that's who cautions are packets as PK posse all right so clearly knew him Barnes also members of the SP today. You're the first person to give me the giant kids. Oh yes yeah I think you brought him a meltdown this year and then forgot how men played out. Yeah yeah do any good hands and that's our press kits are dominant in this. They arming and your your panelists curse. You remember him you dress with the U with little watermelons. Oh god yeah yeah all of them the water runs alike. Technically are we hide. Oh I know the worst foreign middle of the day we're having these conversations. The watermelons are like put a whole bag of it's too much. I need variety. I almost wish that they were put the watermelon obligations to a whole through back all right here's a question okay what flavors of blue dude. Blue pants sucked is blue Jay but I don't think about sour patch kids and those positive regularly tell the difference in the flight nurse. I don't know either do sometimes I think I do but I don't. You know which ones I also like all right the it is like sour bright that brand that hasn't been gummy worms that are sour. All right yea I've yet goes yes ha the dead that the new Berry flavored sour bright. Dummy warrants to our next level. I look out there with a sour patch kids you grab them rainbow room. Yeah Sigalet that's a still I like everything is sour yeah. Did we even had a sour patch job flavored chewing gum. Yes which is great for about four cheers in the news no flavor yet that die quickly but it was good it's good for fortune and it's really it's a warheads to Bakken heavy artillery OK I guess and about what is it the sour sprees. All. I forgot about those first reason one's ideas yeah time more yes united snell should have or not and are right state of mind but he really came and heads up as we really sours do whatever I like candy to me sound and there's a small child were all across searched her. So I cut open my eyes. Throws our. Today I went to an entire bag of my fruit snacks as well two grand street sense Scalia which are ID three servings or four servings I question and one sitting. I just can't help it. I would. There's a lot of reasons why wish a little bit closer but the number one reason why I wish I lived a little bit closer in Puyallup is I probably wouldn't. Would have lost so much more weight. If I do not have to commute and I hat. Chris I'm always tired I just the hours that I worked device how that I live. Yes so I just don't like to blow it by 2 in the morning you are supposed to wrestling class I get home late and I'd play hockey I get home it's on tired sometimes driving home. The only thing that keeps me awake. And is do do do number one reason why I'm not able like nod off while driving is candy yet so I that the word voters Carol mall. Can these are hard candies oh yeah that's my thing right now that lasts for awhile those are great for that reason I'm an eight year old woman how much I love those things Illini land. Have a way this pick it back act sour patch kids though the though could sour rights. All that stuff you should try some Farsi but it's not my thing I and I like chewy or are they just sucking candy yeah. Man I'd like to chewy star burst yes does supremacy replaced those are sued chewy like. Till you just rifle throw. Yeah yeah that's probably those first acts of delicious but that the the pop into an at a time yet and I'm Michael may have a little bit closer I wouldn't you know on this crap. And I'll be put all this candy my system and I probably would have lost more weight I now. African Q all stock and that's it's Jillian attribute so it is secure utility for that reason are as a little bit of about battle mania all right. Ted's very first time going to a 32 embattled and its us sold out show box. And you get to see me wrestle for the first time yeah as awesome. It was well and when we got there too. It is can we just have to show the same time your wife and her family until bum because of that it was a can overwhelming moment you. The bat. Joseph Joseph I think glad taught me from when they walk in right when we played it we did not plan that we all this happened walking into like the exact same time. I get it's my wife's sake we're walking are now my perfect so I come out and at that moment I might de LA. And it was album awful at being good hosts like. I don't know how to juggle multiple people's houses and oh my god this is too much arena and all my favorite people just showed up at the same time. So what do I do hope so I'm trying to get my my in laws in the right spot because they have reserved seats. It was just chaos and in the late the guy giving us the bracelets as acting weird because not everyone in our party had brought like. I only bought tickets firm reserved seating for two people neither would not want to go and I'm like that's fine wall Harvard near them you can't go another I can add it. But just give us their bracelets and shows where the pill. It's just too much for me right now man I'm already nervous to them wrestling is super nice again did I keep dating wrong users try to explain it but I'll orient nervous racked comic. Just didn't bracelets to yeah. Kessel tallied and obviously like I say hello to you definitely I leave Steve alone yeah I'd like edit I'll find you later gas and then we always go what's that seemed bar any challenges you guys attack Libya there's an art design perfect tea NIC JD there are getting a Q is there Nicole they all are worked out. You have to think who else right and then Thorpe pin Leslie should keep showed up yadier to see those guys but I heard that they were there yeah Richie from under beast was there. Yup I saw him yup. Green is from my pride music craze is down there yeah. It was so funny to a busy FEC rules like everybody's debate ended up. Yeah but we just I'd say it's it it's out there because we got the VIP table for my in laws and angry is told me there was a whole row of tables behind him. Today is that. Kind of like to decide like where demands back to miss yeah so I was a less perfect decision in her cousin Caylee didn't have seats so they will this week perfect as a the most seats for all of them. Which worked out great it was a a perfect spot great view. A lot of wrestlers came over there to watch and they weren't wrestling so I was able to hang out Daryn. Now only see my family but also broke down with some of the guys got to get mentally ready for the Mac so it was perfect spot and I love it was the worst thing in the world for her parents not to be like dead center in the bark. A grief. It's funny everybody there was very nice to behave but like. I don't know there's just some conversations things that go on that my heart I use like. Leslie desperately could see stocks than ever that I could find great hero loved my in laws we obviously very Christian family. And there's moments during make that first battle royal where Ronald fund those hitting people over the head with his giant testicles. You can get a discovered bill paying and I had a skull back into the locker room like and I doubt very much am I doing great and now I think the super Christian erotic. Ole hole and I was at the big bite running joke O Joseph and I talked about if you try cry if there is not a very Christian like. I don't Christian dude and I know you are like it but yeah. I'm not on not on the outside looking in this is definitely not a place where you would think someone that's very religious would go see go to an event not a cursing Lotta drinking not out. On really behavior but it's all good fun. It is generates very nice rate I think it's kind of the opposite of going to a church daft has its and I shouldn't scenic is there charges that are course homosexuals and stuff but I mean like there's. Right it's very Seattle it's very bath. You know open everybody going to punk rock very everything friendly yes yes. So Gregg Joseph and I don't that's it's like I will but there would go through their pets and you don't get their heads. Pure bliss my brilliant step dad and I said that my father in law is taking pictures the whole time I'll biodiesel by my mom in law is like saying I guess was I yelling solid steel all night ice. They got they got hooked into it I don't always and they said for that their perspective before you tee to yours was. They're like it's too long for us. There's a long night I mean it is estimated that three or four hours yeah it is I get that but yeah. My wife and everyone included in the party right we had so much fun yet it was and that's gonna do I Norman 0321 battle. But he did we talk about is a bunch on the podcast last night but it's. It's fine. In it's pretty easy to learn what to say yeah just got a yellow three C one. I'll I think in the sixth but the solid steel a whole lot but he was for joining us a drink Guinness deathly sort of agreed Selig the first leg three matches I just. I couldn't get it right it's going to be like. As good art I got this time and he'd say it an area is solid steel I'm like yeah I miss I miss it again so people always ask what's the story behind that. No quick story from what I know I just jumped in and I was also confusing wires are known solace still on somebody explain to me that Bob. In a world wrestling back in the day whenever so we get hit with those stairs that lead up into the oh yeah and today they just got here what does solid steel steps but then the deck you watch a match one time and the steps got flipped over and you realize are hollow. And that was a big joke out of the summer slam yet and the way they become lost my right know they're sure home dudes and I thought oh no I'm still are unclear at. So is it a running joke at three to a battle that everything is solid steel if you just believe. All right so this Arabs are solid steel chairs solid steal though the railing solace the aluminum cans are solid steel knife I know Boca B solid steel demand subpoenas could be made of solid steel yeah. Well that's the only Jewish you hear people in the crowd is there's a decent amount of people that there'd you'd ever like me was their first time I heard somebody Buick this was so it's still managed just aluminum. I could add to the public dude. Think it's looking pretty sure I've read penis is not made of solid steel partners like fly she blog break and I. I don't know this duty just come to see you were so different he puts it to get serious hits. If she does use aluminum cans ramp. Agassi the Yelp review the president Dobson figure remain at a solid steel doesn't tell us things like. Joseph hi George drinking it was also the fuel stop drinking like you get. Fired up ya wanna yell south Steele I guess it's contains a first ever person when my god it's kind of what ever. And nobody economics all of us do our quits or gets it in the Weiner it's he got hit straight into. There's pretty stuff are being hit him for the women now and they wrestled they got it straight and not tee shots. It's well I like the intermission we integrate so circle and out there Vander because involved all the heavy hitters drop there including Cody the voice one of the blue that come through to a battle yeah. I think but I won't while I was getting very paranoid doesn't commission thing yeah it's a generally else it encircled forever Raza are we got to go in intermission and and soon. And it was like our it is is it. Ours and automatically match you up though this is set couldn't make another batch of clicked it and I can get knocked them down kind of soda bodies are saying and I'm nuts which feed a lot of heroic wins men's rustling. And every customer base we just call it awesome. So Johnny early used to work here I saw him until yeah yeah he he goes to a lot of rejoined side as yet cool to see him from time to time yes yes that's of say it was wild billing running commander we can so there's just it was it was a ton of fun. I I gotta you've been telling out of for years I got to go to one and a ball yet comes if bring side with me right in the front row and it needed to like have guys starting over your toss off really always had a good day they dive literally right next I would say that's the crazy thing too thick for my party. The one thing everybody was so impressed with is how athletic and how real the wrestling laws yeah I think that. I don't this ad and it makes an insulting how real we just know I'm on those guys that's why I mean not just into the ring don't the sort of push box a lot of those guys really brought it at battle maybe she. Hosts of the they were doing I. I hadn't seen some of those guys do and I could tell that everybody was really excited about this opportunity to perform at the show box. And man I I shout out to every single person I wrestle all the men and women that Russell and I thought they eat they delivered in giving the crowd a fund shall. Yet it was he was great man you know loved it odd and then just. Men and as I pointed in your direction that know where you guys draw athletic guy wrestled police SuSE most of my boys in the back. It's taught manners is. Unreal experience dealer wrestle in front of friends and family and haven't not fail. I mean I gotta say it was a real watching it awesome played watching you come out as a guy he's been practicing and I know he knew the interest entrance and stuff. And then a couple things that play. When you sort of pick and dudes up the body slam and I was like damn. And then I Hewitt show me some your practice highlights yes but Meehan leapfrogging people instead I mean it looked Frick and also. So I just interviewed on Mick Foley. For my wrestling podcast majors are the rest think is my town next week furries are nights coma cop comedy club. Spokane comedy club on Tuesday to coma Wednesday that cryptic our next weekend all right so he's in town for a lot of stuff and I am I mention I'm a first match or does he remember his first match he says yeah I'll never forget. Me in the Gaza wrestling. Who won it was supposed to LeapFrog over the other but we both ducked down and and Hawaii Bowl and he's engaged they didn't go well after that but it. An absurd laughing and Mike man that's funny you bring that up because my biggest fear the night before I knew I was gonna have a spot whereas could be. God throw guy gets the ropes are you gonna go get strokes he's gonna come at him and jump over army's gonna duck under me and I know LeapFrog. Well the night before a battle mania got in my head I was like. I was tired out there to fall asleep and know some this'll bevel mice brain goes. If you trampling each apple. Hall. And that. But kept me up for our worst I'll note I got two hours asleep when I could have easily I went to bed when I suppose I could accommodate seven hours sleep for battle media. I got about two hours is all I kept doing is what happens if an example for him I don't clear him I fall who had a wide had a white handled what do I do. And it's kept. Playing on these different scenarios Sonoma African rack over routine thing that I do all the time without a problem and that's how they that's LeapFrog over ice. And now your tires now the next morning her aides dying and asleep. So luckily after work I went right home and fortunately the stars were aligned I passed off for about three or four hours all nice Arizona trying to get down their one I think your standards like 439. And I. I was a payments I was not earlier and helping our rule was like no you were up in the morning Mike we're glad you slept like it's more important that. You're opt for the long haul and help us afterwards as opposed helpless before she thought yeah cause that would of sucked. But I'm so scared of that man I was like that would be the worst pressure on you jumping over the guy to get low. You know. It's a little bit of both. Because I've had during practices where I've I've try to get under that's always on the litmus test her in our training so if I can get under somebody. There's no excuses that anyone else can't get under somebody. Because on the tallest OK so tonight looks 63 Europe 58 or whatever and you're having a hard time getting a news person jumping but Steve didn't. So wrong with this man you're not getting low enough. So examining you it's so that guy do you live and that's part of me kind of weird to be run green and then crouching. Yeah it's like as you've got to time it just right and you get it basically taken two steps to most steps and then pop back up. All right but there advertiser during classes right guys a lot shorter and I'm taller and I'm trying to get under him and I just. I can tell I can feel it saw Mike I'm gonna fall before he lands and I had yeah I was kind of fallen crawl. Yeah. But yeah it's it's a little bit of both but. I got over saved as good as he gets down low which is nice but like I barely got over him because it was in my head. Brown I got programs all guests like. After that moment when I got over him. Everything else was easy in my head but Dallas I was that they know stressed about the night before so once I accomplish settle Mike I'm good. Yet all got to do is do things that are asked of me and I know I can do them. The jumping over him part was the scariest part. Yes that and also the sidewalk slam to uncle muscles. Because I never gave him one and that that he's like. I viewed student but he's bigger than anyone I've ever done sidewalk slam so I was afraid that I would be able to pick him up and hold them before dropping him. And do what have put up. It's amazing what adrenaline will do. Like he was lighter than any today. He did it look seamless I was like that's how every little challenges every time back. Powell but looks to you just slave but that's only do you walked around with them hold a number I don't know whether the plan I'm glad about like I milking this moment. I don't want did make a big drop it's going to be DOS. Arlo ideas quick break when we come back pattern oriented now we'll talk let's update these often find things steps up and fund it doesn't fund things enemy taciturn man. Texans defense conceal. And have to drain any instance. And then the cost will be back. Ladies and how many times does this happen. You'll wander into a dark bathroom in the middle of the night only to sit down and out. Time. Yeah. Well Bob McDonald sort of seed is now all burned together thrown products present some dumb man Jack and you guys who don't men stand means you'll never have to lift a finger big Tebow ladies happy just stepped on the pedal and the man can silently and effortlessly embraces the city. When you're done step on the middle again and a man can gently returns the seeds into a down position. Themselves symbol is just stabbed uncertain and let it risks and throw. That sticks out. Take into the ready to. Police. We're just about wrestling and throws during the break as saying now in my opinion the bird at bats and throws into a battle. Yet everyone knows about summer bird for Earth Day and everyone's ice dancing. What's your middle fingers going out and bird flipping the bird and he's doing it he's so damn awesome the bird one of my fear wrestlers at three to a battle in what happened so bird. Comes out there up front foot and records are there and look over there's a security highly wiping the floor. We're like mad and Tyler stand in. I'm like right and Joe's the only one in our group drinking and just have a two drinks he thought about religion thought it was a weird. Intervention all night. Who's going on why anybody jury can. That's about it and typically you guys are out at a good time put pressure Beers. And we have I got up party of what like 65. Rig is he left the dinner beforehand are one friend Janie is pregnancy she was drinking. Tyler really just doesn't your painted Matt does not drink get alcohol and actionable as regular salt water. Since he joked you can talk like it's just like what are fair match I think I went. Mean this is the recent invention ever is at a sort of slipped outside the league is that an intervention perhaps movement were talking on her getting stoned. We're really not happy with the way you act when you jury didn't like preview stuff it's so the burden comes out every two minutes security guards clean up enormously what is going on mats that I had to drop my waters. What's. Dropped to music I got is he just what it got so excited to flip birds they just like drop water on the ground that's funny yeah she exerted its water. I need both of my fingers I also forgot sometimes I won't say which book or is that that night when you order pseudo quarter. He'll let the bartender just gives you that like it's cool man I can match. I think so I can't drink I'm just not drinking. And yeah I drank things aren't. I don't need your not an improvement write an improvement. Approval I just made a word but here's they should be offers and you for free. Yeah who doesn't realize that I got you. Hello ought to write off ideas die co come of tees around a bunch strong people and I'm you know that's made meanwhile not a just one Diet Coke at a red ball I get a little tired. I sat in your wings it did give me some winks at a red border for our match but I think it's gonna make sure. Then I think you're about are we are to unseating like this peanut butter Snickers bar. Could be generated voted for the ecumenical for fun sized bites and oh yeah I do that once some offerings that everybody Ryan was the who's with me. There you know we're good wiggle room I would you can only by 8 I am a rookie. And enter the malicious. App. I will see this man if you're sitting around a bar for hours mr. de Soto waters. I don't rebel taste of forgive delicious all right let me just the excitement of having something else to drink detestable acts as saying to the free lessons at all. Yeah and for whatever reason I'm sure thing I know people offer to buy me drinks often. That you like everybody at pass we doomed to drink yeah I'm good I'm good it's always. Either way it's. Thank them for once it finally worked my advantage when it went and did the show over and Everett the nightmare the next night altitude and I was driving my way to have a who's driving supplying of those sweeping don's. And people like Goosen shot a Mike. I shot with a yeah I'm not gonna worry about is nice to say yes set for change. Although boy I've made him not misstate what kind of the mystique of ought asking for a double vodka tonic at that place Tony he's yet those ladies that worked there pore stiff drink. Yeah and I just made it I just basically challenge sort of make it stiffer. Yeah exactly and challenge was accepted pain and tucked right that there's still don't still don't so don't I'm sure about on the makes guess Mike I'm pretty sure she's still pouring the vodka in my drink right now else was Tony there. Yeah I was out I was out was like they just Tony and Tony is awesome yeah. That is great security staff there's great like really had a great time over it and Tony these aggregate their friends forever. Could spot I'm going up in some. The enemy. To see this goblins in cherry topic daddies that's right Eads has already Josh is in this album is the same night as a defy shall Portland. So oh yeah yeah otherwise I be going there with him. Yeah I am I the only for the U Collison to have to. I think I gotta get out of state are dynasty and CNN city then I wish I can. And it damage to rid you know I'm more shows we communicate now come to an excellent you know rights comport with me. I'll set the component to it I was haven't heard that you details which you'll I would bend but don't go to bend because they still orient prosaic. Bush is go to Portland by myself Mosley can you take a vacation just gonna strip clubs give waste it by yourself had. Could you creepy and it didn't do it more like I a vacation to address some of the finest steaks important. Lets us that god go to bed and you know do like a brewery tour this and that the metals like they serve use some I'm doing something I'm not a signature club by myself. I'm getting wasted minister club and I was doing something capsule look. Lay it does you being proactive cap and what way I don't know super proactive state. Had a question for you somebody did got a match as this is question is all based upon if you saw the the girl that asked out the rock. To the prom I did not only didn't now okay box outlets some of the audio that that way he can get an idea what I'm talking about and it is Eric to say you have a little bit of rock overload right now. You know I feel like a lot of people do and I like campaign just to. Thank you it. Beat him in Timberlake are probably the people like the most but I just ideal time out. Well I think is his box offices social and then other people do as well really well I mean I guess sergeant Monti did really well but I was an ensemble especially recently his movies ever bit as awesome as they used to be in my case is seeking more roles. Yeah I'm not positive. Ever are I think these do better overseas. Would you like the rock bottom of the rock you get excited the men really Baywatch sucked nobody had sought. I may want to call my neck no nobody I don't see why everyone else thought it sucked it was not and it wasn't his best yeah but I alma rock guy Iraq apologists on Barack oppose and I love the rocket to say and I and you come out. Well this one girl she might not eighteen years those just from Minnesota she does not need a timeout now she claims that she's the rock's biggest fan. And her name is Katie and she put this out there are issues dress of the rock from back in the day when Iraq had a black turtleneck with a gold chain already stated and desires she's just like that when she decided. Make this proposal to the rock. How are Joanna I'm Katie concentrate. And on the seniors still an area high school in Minnesota. And I would like to ask you to in my senior prom isn't a fit at the myth in Maplewood Minnesota. You may be wondering why should I go to the from a parent. Well let me tell you why I am indeed biggest Dwayne Johnson and I looked. All of your movies I even dressed up ideas for how long me in and I have the biggest. Dwayne Johnson immersed collection. They are quick parts. I would keep hands over to what she calls the biggest. Dwayne Johnson rock collection right it's two T shirts a pillow into action figures. That's it that's my thought. But that's selling your stand up near the biggest fan and you have hello. To T shirts and to action figures. Katie Katie Katie. So doing in that I have just one question for you to bully you rock. In that promise me. All right well the rock responded. He basically says no. But let me uses as an opportunity to moma in new movie rampaged just for a very special young lady her name is Katie kills a murder. I hope I pronounce your last name right Katie I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to Europe from unfortunately I can't make it that weekend I'm going to be in Hawaii shooting jungle cruise I just wanna take a moment to let you know how awesome might think you are you stepped out of your comfort zone to ask me to the prompt Katie. Girls and women they get shot around me high level professional women get very shopping around me and they don't. I love the humble brags the rockets' thinking of the humble and I think it's like all these hot. Important women are scared of me they did you weird did the night you eighteen year old Katie which Ford things and just think that's meets you'd biggest fans. Anything until I believe and here you are you'll like your rock of your biggest fan I love you tickets are the problem. I love that about you Katie in my view all he's doing is not the gym and he's fully sliding because he's got to just work candidate. Surprise because I can't make it this weekend on the rent out a theater close your house. A Rampage on May invite your friends invite your family soda popcorn candy everything free everything's on me enjoy Rampage I've got you by the way you made my gym wall right there when you make did you mall you know you're special in your coins and a good chalkboard as his Canadian and under rampaged. And do intelligent life lessons Rampage she'd go real real each. Just got out she. I hope some super sport takes you to the prom you know what you thought you might not even need a boy go with your girlfriend have a blast enjoy rampant only love you for being an awesome bad. Zeljko I don't know I mean look. Let's be honest that promise next week. Like how worried Katie isn't halftime didn't find a mega act like a rock realize that as a I think says that other I mean how would dude go go with what your friends are your friends I can't make it probably got another friend doesn't have a date. Here's a piece do you think OK that's pretty awesome the rock did that that's great right. They did he sends an audio message to the school. And they played over the intercom. At the school it on the public address announcements. Placate this is the rock Katie asks me I can't go. Arrives let's start this Friday morning announcement off with a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement. Good morning to these Stillwater area high school students you know this is as you might have guessed by now at least only Katie at this moment. So she doesn't know 99 toasters playing on the loudspeaker are. Right Dwayne Johnson. Also known as the rock. Also known as the big ground ball tattoo guy that's. Who's running around movies such Jumanji. Fast and furious and the new movie I have now called Rampage. And to. His movie at least you didn't. Even hit. Oh good question what usually adds he's seventy say it's like rated. And word what is the rock two and on our intercom system well yeah pending a movie that's what he's doing. And sending a message to a very special young lady and her name is miss Katie tells of her. Just kind of hit me he not only shot her down and in so Graham did you decide to send video and audio message stood there can be played for everyone at the school the year of him shooting down. The goose him a movie. I'll attempt. So like I can be in this kind of black cocky about everything you know what ever ask you about the prompt. I know others like him because he's really over delivering. Well maybe I'm sure that you are so embarrassed right now and effect but at the but I just had to let you know that I appreciate how cool and awesome you are for inviting me to your prom and I also want to tell you that unfortunately. I can't make the prom because I will be sure you. India Hawaii. Called jungle cruise at halftime edge however Katie because we are now best friends and I have so much love for you because you're so awesome to. I don't so sincere. Pan am afraid. 'cause it burst into it she's eighteen man. Just sinks. Don't live in her likeness. Did you feel playing. I don't know if you decide this announcement over the loudspeakers good or bad. She seems to be enjoying the high being played ladies I can't go to guy that's fine I don't care does is awesome so I think she likes it. Made me that makes it iron right at rapid and yeah. I urea the rockets we still look we're given the rock art I am I know giving a hard time but obviously it pretty awesome that he's doing media special guest. I have rented out a feeder tomorrow and the theater is Oakville cinemas. Which I believe is very close to you so the gift does this I want you to grab. All your favorite friends and your closest family members and whoever you want to bring Katie because tomorrow at 445 I'm showing you. A screening of my new movie Rampage. And all the popcorn and candy and soda you can drink it's all. Everything is three feet. They better have pizzas and hot dogs as you know I go buck wild I was just thinking that man but I get a lot of candy and ice cream who to invite. Who. When you don't well yeah I mean I'm what you what did you think. Not be jets. Do roof which is Armenia. And that place holds. It I think he's in the news of the holes like 230 people there's zero and I credit. I see it up with the others are a part of the court and spoke at it they hit it well you see we put a popcorn bucket. Large sides on every single seat mad theater. And Ted and I just wonder Donnie. Hell lets you go have the greatest time I read it out 232. Seats and so to all the students there at Stillwater high school area. If Kate is Dell will then you guys talk to your teachers and your school has all the details. It's a pity. Have the best time to thank you for being awesome. Enjoy Rampage and I think after this because me and Katie are best friends now I think this would officially make me a Stillwater area high school. Owning. They are the ceremonies right. I think that the particular part of the big six in a virtual hot cold Brody. Is a panel. It's what it is. Yeah. More on the road they weren't Brodie he's always wanted to be opposed to I think the rock that was a pony no subject lines some cops aren't so rare now which started last a Maxwell JRR eighty. He was sure let's continue mind. Any say wipe himself off with the sweat and everything that this town breakdown in the crowd. To be just like how deleting in the face it she's a character. What I thought tool. And the drummer. Yeah I Danny Carey because drugs from a bottle of Gatorade closed it up there's still left in there and you threw it into the crowd and I caught it does that show me. And I caught it now Mike. What the F in my going to do with this so I think it's it's now considered assuming you're. Becoming ever in his home and I frame and says Danny can I caught a drumstick too. A different show I have had a lot of luck when he comes to Danny Carey throwing things apparently now might some arguing target took a big kids like me. Rednecks in the front row again. Itself because that's there for fifteen years from Seattle city to show what I've copied its garments. A leader in the first in his second or now want to make their drugs that he caught it. Next I took I have drank a bottle of Gatorade he caught it. What's it gonna take the biggest critic keeps you in the teeth of it's still open looks I'm Hollywood issue. It's like catch it tonight. I got to ask what flavor it was yellow online dilemma lies yeah original goat cheese and I'm looking at a might. And a good guy next to me music to mood Wohl. Rate do you want it easily yeah. Here he'll have to penetrate get open up the bottle and took a swing and who was once so my number and I couldn't. Yeah I mean I didn't do any just jumps I do I have gone area. To alcohol. I don't know if you can get that from out of say where he rose to. The like I meant jokes are near Murphy I've got hurt me mouth methane that's ranked. If you're the first joke it was nearly as kids. It's gonna have to volunteer eight. Although there's a lit her so many yeah so I happen. You know I saw the guy drank it might lose again and it's another can now not the play drums. Right the magical power I would I would pay the T that this guy's dog over his face in his me and gave me like. Syndicator final. And then if you lie and say I caught it or does he say these deer caught it and use don't know they give it to me that's probably what he says yeah. Operates the rocks a pony now does Iraq have to show up at this movie theaters this weekend I've. Feeling that he's not going to do all right but boy oh boy did he. The head of that right I mean think about all the free publicity after the movie Rampage just hear that mega cast yet now. Dick when you were younger. There's somebody that that's really vibrant some somebody asked him what would you guys when you were younger. If it's social media existed would you ask anybody who would you ask got a problem thank Hoosier crushed when you're in a TUT years it's. Blake. Well I guess celebrity. Try to remember I really like Paula Abdul for awhile but I think that was Eileen I was almost you know like a prompt anything at that point but by the time I had to prop I mean. May Mariah Carey which is the tops that honey video. Just come out and yeah obviously doing something bad boy in. Who do you remember him right carries a great pick do you remember I was at least afford it was definitely one that popped in a moment would you member Savannah fox. When the rest was yeah wrestler is okay the singer and make sure that some might one have some fun work your butt all night long. Receiving a fine them iPhone really quick I don't know she was hot as that. I think that that are Bret Michaels poison because he was pretty hot looking at. I know my first look or monk from the Redskins. Mariah Carey was up there. Can't it was a groan he watched only she's even famous anymore and she's kind of cool haggard now and call eight years I like terror. It wasn't I mean cleanly Anderson obviously was hot. That's a tough call I'm trying to remember there's deathly women I had a my wall like cut out how I really Carmen Electra for awhile till Paulina purse cola. School nerve holiness should make sure that Cindy Crawford. All right our ears Savannah fox this whose. Got to play after the dad we have to wait fifteen seconds ten I don't know if I had that kind of patience. Fifteen seconds redo its Brett nine. We'll get there it's. Taken to Plymouth Tiffany yup Tiffany was not. And it's neat it's. It's. A good moment again rural town but anyway yeah maybe it could happen. Tall while this. It's rumored Taylor King yeah yeah I like her to work. It's. Definitely seeing that written on the ground but yeah anything like that. Back. Yeah. How hard how maintained so yeah yeah that's your pockets yeah. I'm still wrap my brain I guess. So you can record fast and they do. I would think by the time I got played my senior in high school like Britney come now it's. Just use all got in Soledad S consular Britney Spears has come out The Spice Girls are huge maybe baby spice. Boom. Baby spice was really hot yeah I was like the bond fund I wouldn't I I we're back important stories bison baby spice still Asia X forty spice the last exam. I know everybody was forty slice. Now to the other melt yeah I didn't know what that's dead why everyone else fights over the other four. Her and I are having fun I was posh and the nicest legs I take great like Siena bout. Exports and yeah hey stores like I get it don't judge me maps are hated and your friend she's. You know Schneider Christmas she. Or my movie theater when I watched rampages. By myself stood on the popcorn and I can me. Actually get the Disney knew we invited nobody else. How I would like to know how much of a bill they run and run bring up. I mean for the rockets probably nothing but that's got to be expensive 230 we BC 200 seats when a 3232 seats to our thinking on average for a tub of popcorn and a drink and that's just. That's so what's the ticket. Eight dollars. OK yeah right to 232. Times it's just say it's a box sets. 18100 that's just not at the 2002. Disc format for so beautifully just wish you see toward any. And women what number was that choose to 32. Know how many thousand. But 2002000. Iron and then just due to 32 times Tony too much just say they all get twenty dollars worth of stuff but they're kids. They're teenagers right you don't need to worry about calories yeah. We're about 4600 bucks to that 4640. To these type goodies probably eat so bright for. We're 600 post 2006 he's probably ten geez it. Of course you just up from six friends attend she's for the kids and a lot of candy do you what other. Winter can't be more sodas and candy thank yeah. Yeah it's a movie theater I would imagine he knew at that age but I'm getting not shows available pretzel by beats you up. I'm not even see the movies I might just keep going concessions. Yeah I mean it's definitely one of those nights really you so you get home and it's like oh my gamma I feel awful with iiroc. Mom I need to wonder yeah what's your fate would you go to. Movie theater like candy I love the bomb bonds Medicaid all right. I loved the ice cream or or they didn't did did sorted through that that is. Snow caps. Neither rental we always got Reese's kids all year like chocolate covered ice can I bomb bond but not dishonest and CA yeah those are loved of course pop Warren. And as an adult man I do love Pete now a movie theater pizza. So we defeats. I love pizza I don't feeds it to you there's I have some I'm like little dinner preach the good odds to get that Neitzel can that no obvious that they put him in both Steve's site have a hell with the man. I had a pizza opportunity to take and I Athens. 100%. Right every right united here to ask yeah I guess we should. You don't have to there has to do some work I got a group. Half of. It's typical for music we asked. Score I thought. It. Yeah. Thank you know it's still listening to the mega cast I think next week are gradually different tape will be coming back then you know what that's. So all right I just saw a picture of her belly on the Internet. I know I did two we didn't talk to her about that give out right. It was weird thing a mom bragged they did dad think Rocca pregnant women. Caller that. But I know what you went crazy like oh they're the rock of regular women. It's for her do they go really well really fast I didn't plan on next weekend I'm tired we don't upset as she refers to a man's. The axe murderer yet turn. It's like a not guilty to see here this week tonight but Diaz murderers that I didn't sound good touch you might not join us on the podcasts I. Really cool that you call him an axe murderer we don't let the candidates and the boyfriend for the for the call my bad. It's always. Well we got every starter. As everybody a little bit of data every yeah I guess detect. It's yeah. The true. Finals on on Twitter actually against grant. That's not podcast this week headed to the podcast that may have cast I've gotten me to know that I didn't make chance. I did up wrestling podcast yeah. This my dad's side kids or even on a pro Deb podcast. All at podcasts now we're done until next week.