MegaCast 04/26/17 "She Has A New Daddy!?!"

Wednesday, April 26th

This week Ted & Steve rejoice that Ted has found a new place to live.  The fellas talk about times that they were jerks and wish they could take it back, and Ted has a fun "Old Effer" story!  We almost lost this cast due to the computers crashing...thankfully it survived!

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He says Smith. What else did you things are good I'm happy to see oh yeah here we are there today are you yeah Steve I have a place oil. Did. You know. Fresh off. That is great news man and it's. The stuff stuff stuff I just sort of fix these things I. I don't understand what that was going on I give up on this board. Is it something wrong now no I mean everything's recording five but I look at the W metres inside the little things that Telus and over in the red or not tell us since the needles the right to weasel its working just fine do you left needle is completely placid. Yeah I mean at this point they've just given out. Yet where we are about to move to a new building and it you. Nor did you wanna see the epitome of zero apps give him come better com Seattle because right now nobody gives a crap about this building. None did quit and matters it's falling apart oh well we've got new broke a waiting for isn't about. Months yeah I don't know three logs yet three months I don't blame on rolling it's the it's the right great just sloppy it's just lake. Yet negative emails like this doesn't work that doesn't work there they're there are over yeah I mean did you like hey man that's not working in response. If there was her response which usually there's not but if there were the response to be wood just right suck it up on top I think things in this dude you're so old school. That like two weeks ago. The Internet on the main computer Reza when you did you ever seen a picture of our on air studio yeah there's a person that runs the board right so in the morning time but it did he's doing it for you Danny did for us in their McGraw has sold does it ease these mission control the outbreak Terrence gonna be behind in their Robin's doing it for us. It's a dark castle shift. The Internet didn't work them now. I don't military about the Internet but now we just have a strong Irish junk touched the net cord strung up overhead and how wide that's our guests. And there's a good panelists and also did you psych. You gore tree hit it just seems crazy. Everything is weird I honestly thought we were building a tent inside of our studios and that was the quarter we're gonna use what I did honestly is just. It looks like as if we are working in a crackdown and the whole Lotta power as a work over here must run according to our neighbor's house or plug into their outlet and able to use of a surge protector and now we have electricity if it got up it is insane right and I feel bad as engineer Matt as a real nice to always the psychiatrists teach this looks social sees it because he's basically an engineer for the current studios. And he is in the middle of building the new studios and it's under one man operation yeah I know we have the magic man we hit it was something last week what we got a great idea he opposes it looks like. Thanks guys he's like always got a great idea can you see in my eyes the letter asked and one eye in the letter you in the other it's like Kirk did you wait like three months right there sure are you can be done in the news media outlets. It's exciting and I'm excited but I know some people stress out about change your moves and things almighty god. I love it I'm excited to have a new facility I'm not excited that we won't have an office anymore. Only thing that he's not that's it's dying kick in the balls pockets right now our morning show would Masood BJ and I we have an office that we share that we do is never there are so I have an officer myself. Yeah and you miles and thrill Sharon office track Robbins got her own office castle territory. Also right so. Between everybody on the metal shop they. Thanks camel area in an approach firm but yet everyone on air has their own night. Place bet they get close the door keep their stuff him. The new moves like hey great news Newark new facilities new building closer to downtown all these restaurants everything's awesome. Hold by the way all of you have offices you're not gonna have an office anymore. And I'm really bungled that comic you know I can't I have malaria. Yeah creatively I worked battered by myself Dan did a lot of hustle and bustle going on. And try to explain to our boss he's again I get it man I mean my office I'm getting is about the third the size of the office and I'm in right now I mean how much is that sock. And I looked down my. And the department has a few job contact lenses that are engineer has like you still have an office man but he's still out here or not they don't that they. I never understand LeRoy we like hey man I'm getting screwed on losing an office which is not in the world and not make this is not the biggest problem and that we're EL encountering but. When you're telling somebody that and they come back going yeah I totally feel your pain I have an office but it's going to be smaller than the office that I have right now. Yeah make banks. Yeah cool Brock. It's going to win like you bitch about renting some of these again how well the properties I have like different different right battle for Patrick difference are crediting. I'm having a hard time finding indeed it does a good girl I I hear you man the three women that I banged to live with me that are fine with me dying in the other two. Did there on vacation I can't hang out with them right now exactly it's it's it's it's ridiculous ballot envelope before we put a push ups and all the other stuff. You mentioned got a new place yeah Steve that's exciting this let's not dwell on the crap that is that we're losing our office is our studio the falling apart these Ted Smith is not going homeless. Now not going helpless it's still walked door knob to move the Puyallup reliving our guest bedroom now doubt be a difficult walk towards the top there is talk about it yes yes the place a little bit smaller than my place is now nude which that is an awesome. But it's still like I could still walk to work today selling our Boston all the sudden blood got a place but it's not as big as him all players are accumulates. But it's still walk to work then got wash your dryer in there slotted dec stuff and now have the gas fireplace. I. I got to view while I was in church. We have our rights shot. A new pastor and he receives he had a sermon and it was a part that made me think about the troubles are you having to their member of lassie descended there's a new place. Problem is there's a lot smaller than the place that you're in now and he shared a story about Moses and I all Moses. I one point I had like a palace. That is your living large right all right and many leads the palace to become a shepherd all the sun downsizing his life completely. Yeah going from palace to being a guy and it's just you know pushed the handling of phasing out of farm. And that moment when he left the palace in gave up all that stuff. The palace being your current apartment and became a shepherd and downsized to the new apartment is when he got closer to god. Yeah I mean I've downsize it. Coveted shepherd are becoming Shepperd good shepherd here at the shepherd he said shepherd while noting it Steve shepherd to shepherd. And Steve can attest to this you beyond as a won't be mean like. Actually say seven losing it's really productive space now she's got and also grappling in around. I think. Downsizing is going to be good for you Soto I don't force you to purge. Yes we shot earns necessary amount of junk yeah losing your home I mean it just clot. And it's going junk like garbage like plates may get dirty dishes it's got a lot of stuff. That he doesn't need any more like a whole entertainment center right techie guy you don't need that in the takes a big chunk of your living room you can completely wiped that out and in a smaller place you'll probably have similar amount of hermitage is ditch that. Yeah yeah. Exactly that's the sad Al ditch that there's no reason to have that giant stereo. No let up to subs get get it has Bluetooth get a Bluetooth rate came to TV on the wall yeah up less. I mean the only real fear and we'll figure out my said the downsize to treat but but. All the Christmas street yes some might have to get a smaller tree but the idea of having a fireplace actually hang stockings seems pretty awesome. That is pretty cool yeah and we. I feel like I deserve a stocking on their two. Are hard I don't doubt Bob why the stock and its stock ST Steve discovered a way to put Stephen stocky together can see it's. Seems intent to shepherd a hole. Cross and I'm happy that you've got to play our hobbies are really are stressed. Or you obviously there's acts but that doesn't mean I know like our boy climbed from a window pane guessing on a miscast and he's part of he was sharing his issues he was going basically going to rent to own the house he's renting he was going to body I. And there's a lot of like. Just like any time you're buying a home it's like all these weird curve balls get thrown your way. And the person that selling the home is like kind of being on reason most say what do you camp Mya by this point that I need you and thanks now he's like. In limbo and I'm like maybe cooler heads will prevail and eventually so calm down emulation being complete and utter bitch about this. And data realist I. Until you get this cleared up because sometimes a house by processor it's a lot longer and you anticipated but doesn't get that they're being denied a loan it's just they got a present more information. Guerin. Should US credit it's a so it's I just went through it's yeah I. I was not trying to buy gas off on the popular that's awesome. And I'm looking forward to celebrate and hopefully can fit me in there I mean I know he downsizing and I'm a big board. He gets up that much do you you know they did get out here and it just more of an apartment this before I was just living in a Condo that I was threatened yeah cell going to be coal. Must I just can't get over like still walk to work. That is nice and do Jeremy Todd no I don't minded Robby who asked not a lot of people talking like of them I'd like. Her I want people are asking Steve how do you handle my commute from Puyallup Steve Steve. Call again another person asking about it all right let me tell you. I don't mind driving into work is leaving. Any time after my 1:32 o'clock it's just I don't care how we haven't rush hour traffic generally. And it's like no those moments from white man it would be awesome when you do walk home. But you know what Ian and yet and that's a thing for me to placate. Clinton I and it's operatives of the tech topic for me I just know I am and how high up poorly budget times yes and on the site. Adding a forty minute bus ride I guess I was like I just don't know lake. I don't wanna do I Dickey can handle it coming to work if they admit that you're done with work the last senior reduced especially deal would public transportation. After back so I just know he's such as lake. All right it's a little bit smaller but still edit yet so I had all the things I wanted to and I could still walk to work as they come to. Yeah and now just like most it's you'll be closer to god she kept. Tended to shepherd the good shepherd I did plays Shepperd once she effort since and Chris distracted. More than they do it it's almost like the rules meant for you to be yeah that's coming your church on Christmas Eve. You don't know we awesome I mean great using drugs it's a birthday. But I live this beer to pull off real shepherd luck god you can execute and coming in Santa Claus hobbled. No John Santa M. The new group. Who wants to exit Almonte loud but it sure. Oh calling you what do you care is that your mother should. What C I got to leave your church and he's got here it's it's it's just drop you don't Chris Kringle where to go all who love that. Because you're young priests really were pastors pastor pastor. It took a hit that great Drake pastor Clarence Madera. Pass that's a wrap for what is. Our oil get our present great column widened yes Shannon knows is pass it over Fella because that put a Monday night's gold cups. Net coming up purple drank us. Dude yeah I know this and probably sat religion will be off in the we had chalice is completely sure of the electorate Catholic Church shows things are huge effort just Jewish light Peter how far. Only encouragement obligate Kurtz let's Ahmed and lose our lab and I. Are you get are okay and Ahmadinejad. Oh you prevent it. Winery owners should clubs out right hit it a little sands Bethlehem. And Shelby the last time that it is invited to my church for Christmas and Stevie Flemmi to. Stacy kicked out and Baghdad. Maybe you need to make a little more room that small apartment now have a roommate it's now have a new roomy. Back. Fire does get are raising our blood pumping and our. Brain fog should a very special. Heart song I did hear a pumped for this because this is a song featuring argued AJ Francis. The former C op current Washington Redskins go terps future hip pop star. He goes by frank and the sea is the sense a sign. And so I grab the song off of his upcoming record old TA which is great yeah he's got a son already on an apple and Spotify is code European. All I was gonna go it elbow we let the talk about my dilemma behind now one part. And a little rim and as time in this break but only kicked things off with a little music from our our friend AJ Francis I'm really impressed by the music that he's he's he's put down I learned yesterday that he record this. He taught me recorded this record write it looks at the audit a cool studio. I find out that the studio he recorded that. Is the sausage castle. That's saying Mike do you see turns out we in my PC on the economy sketch yesterday turns out did you our mutual friend is AJ Francis and an agent I talked for awhile yesterday about using quest our record of ever economic. Why do you tell me that reason you click all the songs. No that's your record it our best territory the studio. Orlando has a weird place it is yeah kind of wanna move there. Aren't let's get things going is AJ Francis AKA frank. And the song is a key YED yeah. It's all about money through yeah and dollars francs yeah. Sun at ten mega family. But it's really OK I know. Gaming and bonus another day against looking all right scrimmage. I'm sure it's almost no time to save. Jewish banking and I'm in school plays right it's. Okay do 'cause. Colin thanks mate when they don't even know where it's fascinating and thousands. It's good news we know it's. My daisies live by a big lake I was there I saw it. Yeah that's pretty good luck I like that to about the francs tell ya think about the and it's his best friend best at what. Yeah that don't beat. I told us her okay. Takes me. Today's Ted Ted talk comment we're talking about earlier before the cast and stuff. They have undermined you'll XT charity yourself. Now I don't mean run and pound. Jogging forty say NF the world that's why am I got used to threaten the very Mombasa. Right after the world. Seemed stage are you in the sense of flight. You know that you have a gut feeling like I this doesn't seem right played you don't have to go along with it you know you always. It sometimes to the other sings it all happen and manage your personal life for working you just gotta gotta go through it. But still be you know I mean you make change you know you should always be change in but I just won't be like in just stayed true mainly geek you know what your packet. Make it change is also staying true to who you are. You know I mean because I think the people who stick with how they. Did they created who were not created but they are some some sub type of a person. And refused to make any changes because it doesn't fall in line with that and they'd they'd be more about the expectations other have armaments like no we were all adults. Over the course of our entire lives we're going to change yet as we grow older. Embrace it make the changes and and now what do brow I read it's fine lurid but it went a little bit of attention yesterday. Are about that because EMI you see on a lot of people seem to hate my PC. Because of well you know his his the way he looks the parties that he throws but when you talked a really nice guy. Super nice guy and new year about I mean basically all he wants to usually live off on life and make the most of his life tonight. And what I liked about him and I like about a lot of people you and a lot of people in my life that I think are awesome is that you're an apologetic Lee who you walk. You don't you don't try and be someone that you're not. Obviously there's times where we ought to kind of put comic maybe like you are corporate hat or are. Now. Thank you know less offensive pat. Whatever I don't know what an Asian guy going go to church I gonna show up drunk a Santa Claus yeah world lasting and seeing how posse. Put you know I mean like when I'm with soreness is who they are. And aren't like trying to be anything other than that. I have a lot of respect for that. You know it's late. To me the greatest compliment passions of the greatest one of the greatest compliments will we do. And emulate you know we can be funny on the radio or say something people really liked our dad and I know what you want to say it's when people say wow it is a lot bigger than I anticipated that. The bigger picture now they're starting right. He doesn't talk about this later when Wayne. I love it when people like oh email intercept an ambulance yeah I met Steve where I met Ted and they're they're like what I expect Philly they're nice and stuff in person to like right to me that's a huge compliment you know. I'm with deduce I was reading about something going on Laura the radio and I was reading a bunch of comments about a certain individual. Yeah and there are few people a lot of people like we're like very complimentary towards this person but there are few few like look I'm not at all. Going to say nice things of this person I met them there are days there at that they Jimmie this tournament gosh. I hope I'm never going to be accused of something like I know we all have bad days and sure I tried my best I am a couple in the back I mean. There wasn't a quick break we should talk about this I sobbed. I think it's an interesting conversation about those times when maybe you did not give a good impression to somebody M why why aren't the enemy cash returns. These two guys can handle their own thing. Thank you and you need to. Play yeah. Mine and then it comes will be back quickly takes me. Okay. Yeah. We. To me. Do okay out. Me. OOT. Is going there is no one goes unicorn drinks idea. Totally had a last week I don't know I ask for a unicorn drank and this is what they gave me. For those little brown sprinkles floating on top not sure but they keep sticking to the root for my mom hopes. Introducing the new unit browse crappy chino only at Starbucks. Kind of like that I ever fur ball or something. The new unit brown fraph the chino from Starbucks. We're raising eyebrows was. Oh yeah. Now I'm in I'm. And then it comes to. Okay. Please. So before we are doing that see how Florida Georgia line admits Lady Antebellum all right I'm pretty sure it is that. So my hero and I kinda like goes up Florida Georgia product they write catchy foreign songs. Are among the BR are rooting for Florida Georgia line I feel like the FDA. If blog today. Oh yeah right yeah. I mean. Sorry you go to lake US CDS and shows is a ton hot chicks and stuff and you're not wearing much they're not wearing which is offensive that's why don't go to those shows yeah you go you know. Rap shows rock shows a big rock shows and rap shows had the fewest number of chicks yeah but there is some awesome dimes in the crowd yup but. For me. The country crowd Michael Hart. Like they're not just is nearly as Saudi is EDT young girls now but just stay up on here in the winter boots in the short current site from its God's love Jean shorts and jeans shorts and cowboy boots. With Tom. A white tank top or black tank top man whose marital status and hobbies or and a flannel either wrapped around wrapped around. All right I'm always had some white but not to some urban and creepy but I'm about to add some what you need to take that off around your waist and Arnold your boss. I well you know what I like is when they Wear the flannel that it just button down enough CT to clear our country girls just they have or whatever that's time that I don't like country music I'd. I now I would go to all the concerts even just sleek. I just I'd like girls out looked at the birds that are. But SF all night Tacoma. On Saturday out of the south and girls just more my speed period south and in general is so much and no offense and the other area but I've lived in the north and it wasn't very exciting it was a bad this Lynnwood was kind of boring yeah this prop you're inland like right after you go out like snohomish average as any in either start to get more of the comic that country girls again but man Puyallup Tacoma. Click we'll trappers the last time. Like I mean who I even said Steve doesn't wily sort Nazis in the city be seeing Russian mutual helpfully he's. I don't much better chance of girls they're too yeah you would have a much better yet did any I feel like people are less standoffish. Yeah. Did you make you wouldn't be very happy camper OK I was out all yes I know it's great I love it but rob did have a country girls. Call our attorneys. 888. Yeah at Twitter meets at Smith to ease the desert guess every account you'll notice I didn't need Ted shepherd. The judge Jeffords. Do you accept we have an event to overcome dresses shepherd got the awesome right just a big staff and then never explain to people why. Well I mean I guess is the mega family and help yeah but other people won't. They walked. Let's record for winter break about Vail you always try and come off to the best of your abilities when you meet people and you mentioned how like you love seeing the text messages and people say you know I met you or Matt Steven and it was a great experience yeah have you ever had though an experience where you need cal look back on and you know we she could have done it again. Oh yeah they got yeah count a few more on hand the one I ever the most. And I. And it's these years ago I. Has extremists. Either way it ended up late we are at a rock show then there is it a girl photos issues occasion come over there and meet my friend now. This night did turn out wells ended up meeting a very hot girl out of it a guy but we went like that clobber some then and look all right look full disclosure I was not a great places years ago right somebody may have give given me something and I said all right Al Sharaa tracked okay. I ranchers. Now but still it was a pain pill RI that's never really did my thing no wires in the years ago. I never known you to ever. Brian yeah you and I both were not I I get to meet you and I take them just for like the right reasons. Yes I wanna go Muir wood alcohol but I was already cottage on the ship is really not think short maturity yet. So then like we went back to the lake her neighborhood and stuff there was a hot Teva basic I wake up on a couch parked in like my boxer shorts a white yeah. And like the girl and her mama like all your pretty wild last night a little handy and I'm like oh god girl and the mom and the model warning and then like outside luckily the neighbor had left like my shorts my wallet and everything. So then write what well Robin I. Dude I'm telling you that that that this is like my one tying trying to campaign trail while drinking and I was like I'm good luck is music to plead blackout why. I'll see you fast forward a few years later right and I mean I felt bad about it now they are cool there it's like I hear crazy. We've just short years later I've dornin event at a car toys. One of the guys who works there goes. Hey man I met you before and hung out with few and I go oh yeah where videos. The got a hot tub and after party cowboys and Renton and I just looked at Sydney and that is not normally mean I was so it he has he had the girl explained that like. That's not normally you I mean I felt that I still kind of feel bad about it I don't touchy Feely with him to know. I don't expect it got linked to smack it passes or not when I was I was that I was a complete age old Newt. Having known him pop video so it's right it's pouring sent the web check. And popcorn bottle nobody's ask it for you know. Are hardly the supposedly had joked I'm not a club yeah we're losing the Pink Floyd and this guy's what the Al bottle LaMont brands brands with them. Yeah so late yeah like that's legally do you like yeah like. Or like one time I ran into a dude its founders came. And I am like he's talking to me and I just ready in in my X I hadn't seen like tar ball. I've ever just be like I could even talk to overnight it's kind of like a Sar man and walked away then he emailed me like emailed him back like I am so sorry there are several emotional moment I didn't know what did you say it's walked away it's tough millions I remember and I feel terrible. I am the same way I mean how we talked about the last one even in Spokane where I didn't realize. Nawaz being standoffish and that that I felt awful about that the onetime night there's one that I remember that now I get it happened not too long ago and I. Today's day aides say it's one of moment for you like I didn't control my emotions I should just. Walked away from it but. While sometimes people that are trying to. Be Dicks DF. We get to you to a point where you you snap and we and more often than not. Then they don't they don't ever bill ever owned up to being the jerk that led to that moment and probably share that story with people. And and and leave out the fact dead while they were poking. Poking you into these final bear out there right for our. So it was at a charity show for one of our former rock girls who was battling brain cancer Alia. Great girl. So I went there at ten A should support. B I was going to play the with a band I was playing that night as part of a the fund raiser and my Durham rotating members of different people Zaza played drums on song and all this helping raise money for her caught us sweetheart of a girl gets a chilly at night my fiance and yes absolutely. Great time. Met some sauce the most familiar faces. So I was catching up what a couple of people. That it's you know walkers a lot of former rock girls and people that are like boyfriends in the rock girls and over the years you kind of get to know a lot of these people insurer and away the rock girls and their significant others become. Part of your family that sounds like part of the cast to be found right you don't even if they're no longer robbed or their always welcome yet so BSE with a few. Drunk guy who is friends with someone that I know. Our friend we don't know which of the super well but like every time I see you dude I'm most happy to see him he knows you guys your kids to view as well. So his first line does first probably I think you madam turn off. OK so you these great guys in the count about him it gives a friend or roommate whose drugs. Okay and as I'm talking apparently this guy I don't know why but besides I'm going to bother Steve. They go your radio guy like Dan and say something funny. And they knew what he was you're not funny not like Q Bob why did you soccer. The mics cool man they're just trying to blow it off right you know but it's like. Not getting into an argument would disguise that benefit show and all this so he's keeps going and going size homicide a look man. You wanna be a loser gonna be a loser. The go F yourself I don't need to talk to you and and I started on site are basically talk like broke down why he's a loser and then sit by me too much money. So a deal with the media like you. So you'll become funny but I'm getting paid to listen to usable. Blank off like just going off on yeah I mean I guess I was just I just snapped and I was like comes gonna go for whatever I think once worked as Scott yet. And then his body why do light comes or ma'am I'm so he's kind of like the guy eventually kind of walks where it was tail between his legs whenever in. And I want to tell them pretty passes not a ton of people watching this again three or four people. And the guy. In the departed I feel most bad about I still feel very bad about being addicted that I could see was just being my prom hair for African charity thing. For my friend. Ami to justify whether or not you find me funny or entertaining or anything along those lines I'm here for my friends so we'll leave me alone yet on the bodies and like him I'm sorry human remains strong economic dude. Our anyone talk to you right now. I got your remain. Thank you can you need to control that guy because I don't need to put up with that kind of crap I do like Q but I don't wanna even deal with you right now and Stacy told him to go. You know we Milano and him by until the last fop doesn't just leave me alone man I don't wanna talk to you and he's since Sam never been an issue that I he's put. The other guy do still feel. I didn't handle it right. Joining me is closing from icons and need to go off on the guy. And it's funny I went timeouts I wanted to dudes that works journey mentioned something they have never like gotten pissed off and I just went off on some comic. Yet you know the person yes. Yeah. There's a one of those things and it's funny that guy. Recently commented on something on my he he sent me a message on McPhee spoke to said you suck. And I just like liked it right and I didn't realize it was him at first and I clicked on it I like our remember that face I'll never forget that face and then. I also saw all of the mutual friend is black one guy yeah might okay this stack guy whatever size you liked it coming among the main gauge that this guy. So I click on his profile. And there's a ilbo on FaceBook we have. We give you hit side doesn't friend you can and anyone else so I can't understand I have a crap ton of people I can't add I wish I could but I just FaceBook won't let me. And apparently he's one of those people. Also maybe that's why he's fist I feel like I was like it. I've never get that and I've I've noticed that from time to time where I do you know so what's comedy about another station was like yeah I don't like music in the mornings it. If I did I listen to stupid BJ and Steve in I'll click on the guys for coming we're friends this guy request me to beat tiger. I like I. I don't reach out and time B frank people on social media that I don't necessarily like but that seems ridiculous like one of so part of me think in this guy's pry but her because I never was able to ask him and got drunk and decide he's gonna show me. And it's a girl I would add everybody if I could I can't. It's late it's like being a fifth grade you like a girl see your mean to or not and I'm just like man. Bro like if you hit me damn much why I have did you request you to be your friend. Yeah I wish yet the shadows weird does that mean there's certain eight. You look I'll be dead honestly there's certain radio personalities in this town that I kinda no not really care for. A dominant event were at the same event like I don't talk to. It's crazy it's not a big deal I just don't approach for anybody for that matter if I go to a bar and I see so why don't necessarily like unless they come up and say hi to meet. Gonna go buy them much of the colleagues don't like like I might say hi Jewell just because. There's society's standards of course the right like I would sit there Billy Kidd remind you why you suck right hate to say something funny. Do this dance for me. Yeah. Yeah I'd even though he was completely being a decade. So part of me that really it is still eats me up but I handled this poorly as they did. Yeah I think. Hit you're right I mean I had one. It was like two years ago but a sounder is taking off and weary king street right just jinxed you know look to the three barn out into the world share. How about little barks. And shockingly good pizza and zipper competes in the when Obama really. Alter their phones groupings and had pizza. Oh man my bad yeah and instead it's an Exxon she's not consistently funny and you know you're got in there. My oh yes sit loves you. Paul. Yeah sit and their man our love her she's about Charlie Gibson yeah. Yeah those guys are great I got guys that got it on skin she might have forgotten that he's super nice site immediately guy his wife is also mean she listens to the station stuff. But I we go back to the NBA's she's been listening in has been a sweetheart to me since those days she loves Steve -- so I have everyone should just funny Woodrow is really gave her mom and I 06 fighter its up and I was out. Sorry I'm not Steven G. I don't see the vast. Right. Sewers and can she write to get sheet before the games it's really crowded rock solid this girl ordered batter in the air right. N sync thing like the girls lake are you to answer it might get your jets are a threat as a death. In the data is just awkward right it just starts in with late. Jokes. Like all they zap is probably your pizza right and I like what now. I just assumed it and it finally. That is looked at a relative paradise it thank you for listening that is walked away yeah 'cause it's like. I get. It that you're uncomfortable and that it is like doing this too is like no miles in thrill I know BJ migs ref bus eyeball. For my chops like it's your ball's low income people Dixon told oh yeah like all of a company like. I don't know you do. I don't nobody nobody else could Madera jokes you can Gerry dear friends into condos here were different I would never joke about it it's a two I don't know. Right right it should so like all pizza dough by so course I want it has as the number one it's not that funny number two you want that woman to another topic. How would you think that's us is I literally just gave disrespectful like. All right facing BJ you know I also wanted to be like come down but she's just a sampling cannot broke late drama trying to hang your daughter connection of your daughter really relaxed. And haven't shown him out office I should just like are you uncomfortable could. No it's not my pizza and I put a burning a few calories when I plow your daughter is now in a real world. We also lucked out this pizza just slash sites. That's what it creates a scratch and taken daughter and leave home again got a new daddy. Yes Pelfrey and I've ordered crushed and you just. Stocks. Got a new daddy now so devastated I zinni doesn't I didn't. OK okay petrol. Now that needs ahead. That action sausage. I you deserve decent and it's meat lovers. Iraq tired just. I won't get them regularly about got a would have targeted it'll be something. I got a good no answer sorry I'm. It's. The whole time these. And then it comes back. Get ready for one of the most explosive movies of the year. Her that was complete distrust. March the furious and really nothing I can guarantee. Can change fast starring Vin Diesel I'm not sure Charlie's TR and should be interesting. Dwayne the rock Johnson crystal hey Joseph what they do come away. Now what's our. And featuring special guest starred Kurt Russell. That's a longer than expected that he himself pointed out it's march but still furious her. Hello human my name is driver. I see it stay in my. And you know the cost is back. Never few weeks ago this is the song I was shocked and it's oh. No doubt that. Get your things when they're. I forget love missile dad I. As I like Beirut summit. Bring me back to like Paul Ross nine. Are you have music which is my favorite hour of music arm because it's kind of guy like that. Kind of jeweled first and then it just blows up on the course depicts these method of writing a song yeah I I love that song they're playing by Amber's shoes are. Maybe we do another one of our things elite plus Guns 'N Roses weekend Ali I'm out of overshoot. Why. Because Friday. Of Labor Day weekend I drive and Pullman Saturday embassy but first David Coleman go Kooks on the ice and then Saturday and Sunday on the way back. This topic the gorge let's get the girls okay. Well hopefully we can figure out who nearly coming out at the gorge 400% men instead immortal might lead to the common thing that we've talked about this before let's find out about it. Well it's not my policy given your heart what I don't hang on here we outsource content so the idea eight was and I came up this idea that we're looking over our brains aren't out yet. So I Iranian army which parent. And we're gonna have. Where another idea comes from have Brad her boyfriend driver sorry I drug the colts are even matter now but then they told inaudible and their friends thirty owed a massive larvae. From what I saw some I'm not real happy for you guys are all right plus UK yeah they're dozen roses lock bags into a mirror ball why erratic but all right you go to torment. I did invite you did not. Bottom. This and every any idea I have no idea give you crap and then you reluctantly said come to pitch. Show your wife would be talks quickly could you which corporate people Dodson with a lot of traveling and I give you a hard time but that August is going to be not soon. Yet if ever shoot. Really crazy jumped out of me about charmed I'm I mean I like Odessa. But to go to bomber should see Weezer to follow Mort I now look easy lord I think boards amazing I don't wanna do old former shoe crowd to see lord. Yeah like last year. Odyssey Billy's just because I hadn't seen from jewels yet tells it we gotta go see that an hour's worth it and that was perfect because we went when it wasn't crazy meg yeah MEM once it's getting pretty to a tackle more we glass to. I which. A bomb we miss Michael Moore put on not bomb that we weren't add armor issued to watch tackle this should socks I'm sorry I. I used to love going to bomber shoot video but Richard doesn't soccer. Being old and impatient sucks. I have the energy to deal with minds and on energy to stand in line for six hours ago hope we get inside the electronic. Arena. To see some media and action but we I don't I don't have enemy it's and it's definitely nothing against number shoe bomber should hasn't changed it's always been. Elbows to blowing calls. And in the crowd I just don't have the tolerance for anymore. Well and let me ask you this too do you think over the years because there's so many but he used to be there was like Barbara shoot nerves or what wallop to lose than Mike can Chela. Err what's the one in May out it the court shots just aren't right but you can only be one night but now there's just. There's all these festivals whether it's down in the south or this or that it's all the time Mike. I'm like I like festivals but I'm most are like I might just go under a seat. A shell again now but what I let's zero in the jewels it so dolls like this is possibly try to find except I feel like eventually we might get back to that but. I got excited just go party watch Guns 'N Roses and then party get yeah I have to run around from place to place. Doesn't that leaves a little bit of a a dead heat I see as nothing to do what does that do concerts to festivals it has to do with us I think we yeah after all we got all and I think he'd come to a point where it's like the idea of seeing thirty bands in one day is not as awesome as it was her twenties yet you're exactly right I make an argument you're and we just adults so Bob bomber shoot I apologize I didn't mean to say that you soccer. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings you know you can kick me out of the charity event that you're doing it that's fine. I'm sorry I won't say eight the I spoke at a tour and this is a rating and one for Barbara shoot the that was the first time in this. Never did you adjusting your girl yet I was dating that other blog girl. My first day official date with the stated words Stone Temple Pilots at number she all right so that day yeah. Right I remember that was the first time sounds silly. The first time I had to pump could spike slots. Couple suspect. So good what is this syndicate of it is perhaps not signals. Also they like it's all that's how I look back on the first time first of yours and my wife had looks back on that show as the first official time yet a pumpkins when he's not thank. And I would also this year I got to do to staged announcement for her onto her while yet. We don't wait forever because the ban on a court laid. It was ninety I played before them yes TI that I'm losing key should coal. Should note cash occult now I don't remember. I've ever she was boring and also I want this to be over ten minute which is weird CTI in the middle of the dates you more Sadie back I had arm bands do not Dick do not armed. Don't seem to translate well in the sun. That was a thing I gotta give membership critic for a on the jewels I don't know if they time that perfect as they started in the daylight and it ended in the nighttime and it was like a move. Best dug up the loads of bombs or experience right introduces us to start to a hostile my theory because I created a point while I was on stage. To give a shout out to. Yeah she being his big girl at the time I was in the pumpkin spice latte now that yes she's a serious they try it right it makes Steve text good did you hear the shout out to her car is like. Like. No I didn't odds like when I fear Ramona gap so I I I put it totally manipulated mice stage presence in front of 20000 people whatever it is to say hi to my friend Ted who I see all the time and dwelling you'll never get up there again after years. Described as hard fast. To your point I don't know I don't I really born Richard sox' sight and out of whole obviously the organize Merle grade. The line of these why aim. I'm old and impatient I don't deal with that eye socket that looked just like you worry towns right if there was no Guns 'N Roses we'd still be there this highly suspect. A highly suspect I wanna see lol yeah opposite from. It's just strange how like. Yeah com I wanted to ask you for the the whole well all offer. After rights says she's just a quick court that's OK so I don't know if you saw like which is funny is last night I was. At home thinking about maybe caste I go we anti Obama because when I cast again and we got a call old effort. I'll AD popped out of always gonna save itself. He knows who they don't Twitter College Park was trendy. Don't park Maryland is where I grew up termite my dad Solis in the house later up in so it was trending. Because of this massive five alarm fire Trojan that was going on right and I think five is is a high as they go right. But it is when it comes chicken wings. I'll sleep. That is a good way to think about it but I'm pretty study. I guess is that what you gonna have a real firemen you have daylight while chicken legs it's not a new tire prior they should Dallas and ranch students should have. Or yogurt cream. And he says oh just some talking to my dad today you're taught you know you wanna earn my cousins for Easter my uncle Phil had been towns are chit chat. He has did you hear about that fire. Uncle Phil. I know you were related to the fresh prince yeah. There was no Ireland born Iranians on the playground return it's been what convinced smuggle fills the man's. Wednesday's New Jersey Jeff expects. Six oh. He does Tatum does not every time to him pitch moved so I'm talking about talk to my desk at today. And I goes where. I DOE AS always trend in that massive fire. And he starts describing you as a member of that hotel Europe and last time and yet you as well trait dare cross the street you never of that again yes you this. You know it's right next to this and that you remember that again yet he is. Well trade deficit I got ivory and whoever it is six foot. I. Didn't write a reason that we do not need step five except since I was pretty important step one that's three times. I think like any dips in the Borough and height you know that she's actually gets I've lived there for 21 years. I didn't let the place and daddy remember I used to live there. Perhaps my life has brought it. I wish just back here in February when I was driving on route one and comedic college hard like etc. remember. For religious and I am I believe me I. Hey guys drums and home watching the couch applauds him on the crowded. And he's standing watching the couch he give up I mean credit quality dramatic upset. The red bar so did not do remember that read that Madrid since it left the kitchen remember the catch. Oh old school member used to be this Lisa did. He know although blocked you're speaking out. All parents have the same capabilities for small talk good don't tell it to the surge deserves a slight wind comes it is like oh my mom my mom. Every year. I talk about something that she remembers it is not true. But I hit the point where I just given up because every year she would bring it up and forget that I correct and it's at that never happened. New Year's Eve we always around that time either that night and next every call bush mapping New Year's fresh and every time she's like I'm watching the ball drop in. I'll half. Mad time UN and it was really cold in UN didn't watch the ball drop in New York Kim and I know mom I. I've never. Been to Times Square for her New Year's Eve night. Take nine married after college volume and no I may French picked me up on New Year's Eve to take me to a house party in Long Island but had nothing to do with. Anything to do with Times Square. Every year comes up 2.0 one wife I laugh every time could say at first I Wessex. Why you are you remind her about this link is not true is sure price is like why does she think it's drama I don't know why correct every time to find stuff correcting her. Susan meg memory ad time in a Mike. Why I used to MI you know so called my wife is every time like that never happened why he now agree with her right I don't know which is batter. Either to just agreed to get. Over with this story or a habit that you really argument. I yeah I did somebody a that sometimes will add themselves. The hottest stories that I had a heart and my eight it's a weird thing is if there's other people rallied do you lake. I'm now why did you shut him down he just go hey Brooke you weren't there. You're gonna need courage faith went down right it's kind of laughed because it just wasn't the environment to just shut somebody out there are. A evident I'm kind of go like you you're there. We years. It's funny how things and that we all do it I mean that's the beauty of you share stories over the course of your life. Sometimes the stories morph into something else are aren't exactly how it actually happens but I don't know somebody. That would always share a story about and think Kara we have with the celebrity and the whole encounter with a celebrity. With me in the celebrity I I said some things. Because disorders being terrible. And I called him out on it in and it didn't know I was calling about on it and it led to like to cite a dramatic I kind of weird moment. Well now that guy shares a story any site. It all happened with him not me. Yeah and take. At first I would correct it and numbing now about the play where it's like that when ever I know would I know the person is not intentionally. Turning it into a story about damn I just think over the course of however many times she tells the story. The story changed a little bit. Duty and dudes are the worst aria Billy stories it was it embellishing this imagine you'll notice a lot of times when I tell a story like outdo it what did had a hat. All right it was probably ten minutes I try to catch myself and wouldn't you know it goes fifty. At a strike 25 people that. I don't always practicing now might understand that this is from fifteen years ago and I was really wasted and so I'm not exactly sure of all the details of what I remember. And now going to historians say and I need to give us hope. Preamble before sharing a superstar let me determine who myself whenever you know ranked. Yeah I Imus I try to be conscious of late over extending the story or I mean so that's on the air for funniest like Al Dallas a little bit are now or maybe say something stupid that I normally who can say yeah. But lake. Out of my dad did for years activity how many times armored driving home from what's up there and be like the gas in my mama Patton like meant that that. My parents didn't 90% of the stories that they share to sit over the course of us my wife Kim and my parents. Like I would have the poorest I'd have to distribute it did not happen that way. JOC didn't curse on a mechanic when your car wasn't working we know do you really think I would curse not a mechanical on the go after himself and sticks disk by the time I get back. No my dad has created this but I get aggressive solemn. That is yelling mechanics to. Dixon's vehicle yet and then my mom's on the other side sometimes she'd tell stories of puts it so rosy. Light on it right to go now mom. I was a hole that story in the bad person like it's OK right. Now that must obtain your friend Haley now know that was me how the jerk I was a jerk that day sometimes the manager mom for I think it's okay. I've been armed I dug dudes daughter at a listener party especially the face of pizza and and I does that eyes she's got a new daddy now. Could still sounds reaping. No I don't get adhered to fund all right. I know do we yes I mean everything to promote right now now nothing's going on next week you know we need to get back on the podcast I don't know what he's up to I haven't heard from them and I about a month. A friend Luke yeah where's Lou pin I don't know I know you re signs and I feel like in his new contract he's not to talk to us. No no personal stuffy nothing I haven't heard from will make a month they would still make a family to me dad called data as no don't know our go to our targets are. Without jobs don't need to. Hey Ruth Stevens said I haven't heard from new nuke is like when your mom's like have you called your brother. You see collier rather got your prospect. All right us. I had no idea where this bar segments and stop because. Our computer just crashed on us yet have that and go fer I have a second I mean big we're going to be able finished the podcast or even have a podcast I don't we just completely wasted 45 minutes of our dike up now now. Tell him. There was an option. There was also eat but we did it. I suspect we took a chance and we succeeded I was gonna and the podcasts now in fear of losing everything so thank you for listening follow on Twitter. Action mega cast will be back next week it's.