Monday, September 17th


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Are you now to stunning amount. I've been going on over here now back yet imagine. I got kind of sad but those big. I guess after this podcast. I'm gonna walk across the street. And I'm going to get some chicken teriyaki. And I am going to crash actually can carry out. There have those they injuries so stressed and you need that comfort food oh yeah got to eat something rule. Only unhealthy. And it is he did a place I'm going was deemed that third dirty mr. restaurant and all western Washington I'll let the other foods good that's got to be great for me. There are some Internet ass but I always thought their teriyaki was fantastic but it's one of those days Ted where you just need to kind of drown your sorrows. In some unhealthy for. Dude yeah it's weird with my like my food like that visits late if I'm sad I wanna pizza right if I'm happy. Consider a point into consideration your agents like both ends of the spectrum a good guy comfort with it then also celebrate with. I do that I've done that would big Macs. All right Tom governor of their work I used to crush big Macs and doesn't get to a home. And oh yeah gap big Macs bring great joy but on the flip side for so many a day too big Macs attitude especially when it would do you remember what he's doing to you for all of these new earth yeah whatever rather like why are you doing this to me of course somebody big like we don't know yet another one for free. And I all kind of the makah. Morning and you put it away for an today normally eat that happened and yet. Just a man I want to like at twelve year span ride did not leave Donaldson the least you sandwiches you have always I had to run where was big Mac. Meat chicken sandwich you know yeah Clinton's inner spicy a little bit. Fries. Super sized just Datsyuk and a hot fudge you know Sunday school which you on the way no. No I would I would actually Behari home. Purity in the freezer and be like I did later tonight though I Susan finish that last Frye I'll be walking right to the freezer and made it yeah yeah I hos okay. Sometimes I would get another thing. Because that would want you on the way home and I was like I don't wanna ruin my meal when I sit down and watch wrestling whatever it is I'm about to watch as him getting stoned. So I would get like a four piece of chicken tender chicken meat nuggets just to tide me over until I got home. You know that's always a weird thing about fast food to. It's like. Did you might get stoned or whatever you got the munchies but then you're stuck in a weird parallel is that you can't go out and get it. That you know. So it's like. You know to me like a pizza Arab delivery food generates and then you order a video fast food. That's what it you just say this he get over your eaten Acker I'll pizza too so awesome result ordered pizza and momentous for me and I always crush the whole thing. And don't get chicken wings. Yup we have to get from my Pizza Hut moon may end. Pizza crust hockey credit you just things that we delivered chicken eggs yeah they don't they don't. Job not ever I don't know Brad find what's that even dominoes like their chicken wings do. Yeah I'm just saying the dumbest chicken wings they do have like that like that fits that fancy really the chicken pieces now I have only sees a barbecue or Paris or buffalo saw Sodom. Now for those listening Renate try to give a while why do you need this comfort through Steve's why you so sad that you need to just completely go off the grass off the rails when it comes to what you eat well clearly. If you're listening. You don't hear Luke Wilson and I'm so said that Luke Wilson is not with us today because he was supposed to. Is going on Luke Luke Jesus he's you know it is. He's treating us like the women he tells us he used to treat me yeah I I set up plans and sometimes of this cancel a see how they feel. And get us he's just Leino he's following us every week he's like I wanna beyond our act was Syria. This time around in a business thing going on in a fire at a town for one day when they only in just so happens he's not landing until later on tonight. Is he still in the picture on Twitter. Yes we need to send a message Steve got a mouth you know what we switch into the Blackwell now yup it's a dark dank ya GAAP. Notably we need to send a message back yet we don't need to hit yeah he needs to understand idealized. Those coattails were just hot and I'm not writing on anybody's hotels anymore you're Steve makes and your. Yeah yeah. Toy with our emotions. I sure I trust a man named Luke never again I mean it's it's obviously when the weaker gospels in the Bible everybody knows that. I. And he's clearly the weakest member of the mega cast did not because he's not talented because he just doesn't show up yeah. You know what you're gonna start quoting scripture it better be from second corinthians. Or row means right or Mathieu or something more chatter Steve yeah. Steve weren't saints. Are disciples are now yeah crap we have to put a what a man named Luke who hit it at apple disables a soggy. I don't there is it's not I don't take the guy that this site although Fulmer has. Haven't had fragrant. Body I. Don't doubt that. Golf. Close enough good off pass tag off Africa let me FBI an episode title right there with all of the fund. Yeah duke. I think he see he actually did feel really bad and I think he'll be back next week we'll see if he is normal switch the picture back to. But until that got cut cut cut cut it to tell of that Steve or play. Target Dell and we're keeping it even if he does show up he's got to earn it back three straight episodes and then we get the picture back to us like a break up and then we get back together yeah this is like that test week right wearing condoms. Well pop pop pop pop pop pop I was essential signaled us that is. We're problems didn't actually. Throws otherwise we're wearing condoms yes I maybe I had tasked dirty hole where. I Tewell would do to push ups the exhaust the heart racing the blood. Pumping in the brain function Dave now I I did mention all seriousness and enterprise come up from time to time we had tried keep spirits up because you know everyone here at the case W family were dealing with a lot of BS. We lost a couple of really really awesome people. And in our family and it's hard for me because obviously an end to Ted two but two guys that are part of the B Jimmy showing no longer with us. On the soul lies. Clay is more employment and actually addressed at Kissimmee thought they died on by attacks to know like. Do what happened but I know there's still alive to success on the shelf right obviously we only hope for nothing but great things and end in nothing but love for top shelf and mono nick. I kinda you talk with top yesterday I talked with top yesterday we texted enough. You know he's going to be okay and asked everything's everything's gonna be five but it sucks and I know that a lot of people are upset and angry and there's nothing that we're going to say. To make you attempted to downplay how you feel because you're right you have every right to be and we were right there with you so I figure what better way to pay tribute. Through them the top shelf. And I am missing. It stands. And read entire league so topping. And that their loved it. I don't run. So I'll call the yeah. Yeah I don't. You're in the foot from the under the console him. Dozens of liquid gel okay. Pop pop. I'm just I'm dove right into the console. No make that not happen before they Martin. Doesn't feel we are going to be. And brain and can rattle. What are we talking about me well. PG. A tour it's tiring. He takes me. We're talking about proper head safety Ted. Facts. Ted talk today probably all shocked. You know obviously we talked about top shelf and nick. I mean. Yeah top shelf is a good friend so that that's you know not even for me personally like I get it it's business but yet it it sucks man decides are good for anybody. But this brings me to Ted talk. Life happens. Setbacks happened you know I mean you got a station wrong. Stayed true to who you are. You know it's a darn semi matter. I don't know look at an error saying did I do this too I do that you know our buddy AG France's got released by the CR ha Hines and just a lot of the stuff assay get a mountain. You know I've had issues before or were at different places in this latest devastation wrong stayed true to you and in the navy just remember. Like Spanish is he home loan journey ya get out today you know they're a roller coasters ups and downs which you know. Hell I always say there people always Eliza short sell a lot of my guess you know life is short I get it like when we think about it in the grand picture like you know we. We've everybody's just fly by years this flyby and tickle my gosh I can't believe ten years have come by their dump Bob while blossom yes slightly short but also. Tobacco use and it's also really really lost. Like his very long years upon years. How do you get through that. You know you didn't like no different and you can't stand a bad relationship Forever Knight and a lot of people myself included Ted I know you've been guilty of a tale yes and a member SI had this revelation as an awful relationship and Mike. Man I know everyone says like you short but it's also long into a wanna spend any more time. With this person. And that's a tough decision in life you know but it's nice sometimes you've yet to make those and and and obviously has nothing to do with. Top in their community demos and a relationship and I love being around him and I wish there are still here. Com but you're you're right now wearing this game for a long time. Take care of each other. Pick up now in just how to you know you be. Well sometimes bad things happen that things happen to good people like these things are gonna happen. But let's say at least you've heard the story over and over some cases allows my lowest point and then this happened no change in isn't it things I mean look. Obviously some bad things happens are weaker in Korea. But on the same token I think there's a lot of times again they can spur something else than you know joked something in Saudi and indyk go you know. There are times any idea I agree users are songs like. XYZ UN to begin. You know like go from a job or quitting your job or are a girlfriend or boyfriend dumping Eminem look deck looking back I that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I had that not happen this store would have not opened. You gotta hide that in the back your mind and I think a lot of people don't think like that because you're thinking well this is the worst it's ever happened to me in the world is crumbling. On top of music you know I. Keep your eyes open because there might be something better along the way yeah. No I mean look I. I didn't let you know Steve remembers Jersey guy that I got our relationship into it crush yeah you know I mean for years. Now at that tie unified said that was a good thing forming how did in Lyon and just trying to be a Smart ass to her. Rightly or creditors on seduced into Bruce you're gonna wrap DB except I thought man yeah exactly have a miserable on this and that it took me years to get out of that but also. It allowed me to build a whole different French structure in this than that so you know in retrospect Taylor getting in action was damn good thing. I don't tell those people that told you was gonna be the best thing that ever happened they don't deserve to be right oh so you don't just feel like you know I. Ethan could break it up with you was great for me is idiocy thank you try to stick it do you have an RS. That poll is all a place of Emporia. All right is that okay by the way that was very serious stuff this is a little lighter tax joked again. Dour mood. Yeah. I'm done I'm done Bradley my hands arms around teams because I think I might be the problem. Like others are real like the capsule and of course Ted and AJ their caps fans on his show some support they doggy slow though she off course yellow TJ no she local boy. A in overtime if I don't watch the game how sick was that all it was almost a goal and the dew on the capitol stopped there would his stick. It was going in the net I was like all they're winning they're winning this game and then like two minutes later they wouldn't secure and yeah. He's a beast hopefully he's all year long haul this could be just to soft goals just trickled but that's. You know and grade it I don't get a lot of so my brother and my nephew. Do you are to the ten year old nephew deficits traveling on a sports text. I love that dirty look at these eleven how do you live in my bat I forgot that he agents but I Huckabee go find the Smith memory podcast is available anywhere. And I teams. I don't know if there and I team jet might they do have a Twitter. I'll send and they they tweet of the links folk I also that out of my Twitter and Tagamet wins the may cast is not gonna get a major Stanley listening to the Smith especially if at all I mean mural is doing a podcast gets my brother. He's obviously. Mature adults. Right about thirty. The seven years overseas forged soup pot right so he's 42 he leads the podcast yup and then it's my eleven year old nephew my thirteen year old niece. We do parkinson's pigs yeah I love it I'm helmet I can't wait a lesson but my eleven year old nephew right easily go to plan for eleven years he's a massive sports and now but let's be honest at eleven. Probably only six years he's really been like zoning in on what happened yet the podcast last week he's like no look capsule when another game then they'll lose the series link in Asia is like dad it's the caps they always lose the playoff. But up let's take that did heavies right. Yeah he is the Sox and had sought to islanders got down some and pain meeting he removed from reality of it is a couple former T birds a play on the islanders' end. And they're fun team to watch they get found some like I just I I should say Gaza gimmick I should start now rooting for the the national predators are fun exciting team and you know that's all that we kind of cool to see him win a championship. I'm afraid to root for them because I know which is gonna ask them over cash I can't do it. We talk of laps led out of the podcast. Which is weird it's like taped before this that goes out after the ride out ad is funny. But it's like entities would be podcast outlook to the CT USA and I like how does nationally in the west. Right to know that this is it this. Did you look at the NHL the way they break up. Good have been north south east west by guy how they break up the divisions and psychic. Did David take a geography class. Now that's what is so hell bent on getting a team in Seattle. Because. That would help move things around some of those still be a balanced number of teams and all the divisions and you actually have a legit West Coast team. Playing in the Western Conference. San Jose vs Nashville. In the Western Conference playoffs just seems weird and how pester you if you're a player you like I gotta. This is good Rihanna go back and forth against this team yeah but I mean how they doing college football time yeah you know hanging convened. Texas saint tennis in the Southeastern Conference here right. They eased to be the Big Ten traditionally a mid western Nebraska is in there marathons in their sports sports does not like geography. Now and Jill a cultural fight to make the argument early traveler like once a week prefer hockey player and that's a lot of games each traveler across the coast. Payments because sports I've got a great piece of audio where as an announcer. Me a rather sexual comment during a playoff game all right so we'll do that when the mega cast gets back. Moon. And then it comes over to and Steve is here it's all Jay's son and increasingly had its. And I. You smell. Sleigh no not anymore. Marvel presents this civil war Cologne low. Each bottle captures the essence of the super hero one a few seductive and sexy spritz yourself with the black widow. Should I. Could you silt and this place is super rich and Smart with I you're in command. To plan. Captain America you folks the musty sentiment and take American flag. Brain wash your senses in the dark passionate confusion we've Bucky Barnes. He could see how. I was deals tiny blue Monday with an. And so champ types. And then there's the bow and arrow guys who doesn't have a sense because he's pointless. I hate the civil war room. I. Unleash your power by unleashing their roots. And who this man. Is Ted before we get to the and the announcer since have been completely inappropriate I know we get to that yes I'm gonna save my name and I guess what you say I'm Steve Biggs after an architect. Unbeaten at Smith. And I'm Steve exit together would the disciples of slow our farm fired. Does that mean. There were between the podcasting and inside all the fine. We will nuclear test days. I. Don't let us eyeballs I find do not. Deter multi on the DL last. Steps out so dirty but this week what are you listening to you to the triple ATM DOF. That's a. How hot hot hot chocolate though. The wind will take it sets these things like pull the blood is both guys don't care man there are there it's fun for all atrocity so. I didn't think you're going to be fine until I met up what dobbs and net you know what. And Texas Tech old and the a lot of fun for those do. Wasn't really let gay get off because it's a lot of thought I wasn't turned on by an additional fun. Big man I contacting giggled. To. The. Is a tough tough couple madness. Well tough call and let us is missing out on a good time off hot over enough I forgot even who wins. So. So tonight to tell you want to bomb on me right before we come not Favre but out of work. In the middle market commercial break are. You rent you rented an RV or you bought an RV I. I rented an RV OK I stepped it up Steve for what reason. Well I was on the fence about Maggette and have a ticket to burning man this year and I know I can probably find one as he gets closer. But like I talked over my brother and a few people. And I was just say can kind of wanna go to college football game with them again this year on. Liberty weekend right I don't know from your burning man some is lean that way and I said you know what I'm out. The burns out my big trips this summer going to be crater lake and melt down comedy melt down proper. I like. I respect that you just said you know what comes command except the fact that it's not happening this year get out of your system X you know acknowledged yeah political defeats. MM and figure out something else because that's only gonna be better for use psychologically. Right I don't sit around gone maybe this maybe battered on yet that is a good idea so once I decide to go full force and a melt down. Palace like casts a sort of looking around Gaza to know. I had a tent but I upgraded to a dome I'm in this year. I rented a nineteen foot compact Darby OK so it's got lake. The but it double bed above the cab yeah. And then it's got out one share and then a little dining room table small little kitchen and then what they call a wet bath which is a toilet. And then the there's the floor is kind of like the we take a shower OK so registering stem the drain to continue hook it up. At melt down I deserve now. OK so how how do you get water in the sense what hasn't it it has different tanks all Casey thought out yeah Bob Bennett be honest with you. Leg number ones and stuff like that like a Protestant needs support bodies yeah in out how to get how to get decent relaxation though my own. Interesting because a lot of people like bandits did the rule is number one's fine in the bus but number two never not never never choose right. I agree but you're flipping the script and in its heads are being number twos are encouraged. Well for me okay nobody else is just its use of them are playing out I would like to and I got to take a crap carries your RV out of your own. Well Steve you could use thanks he did let me take the crap in his house the other day if you twice highlights you could use it habitat I'm sorry I know that we have plans and we're gonna hang out with. I just got back from the meet the Rocco Perino got a duke. Yeah well and the goddess of the I might so you support vice the first couple days yeah so it is the only take wicket two minute shower. My main thing is I wanna save the water and a lot of the power flick the last day. Then I'll put me now are in there. Probably coupe but like in my wake up in the middle and I got to prove Allison do it in there yeah so it has enough that you can do some things. And then it has a generators internal and DC nice that the guy was saying just make she filled up with gas music man it's a small like close all the windows terminate the regularly seed and we chill down my calf now on that's awesome jets got a little huge it's got a little fridge that runs the whole time off a separate things that doesn't drain the guest Max yeah. And there's a Abbott and cook stuff coming mechanics. Odd man just a brilliant idea and your part yeah I just to be a little and it's a vehicle RV not like you're on the hook it up to a truck or anything like that that I now. The employee unions IRS 350 yourself that. Do you mind me asking what it cost to rent it. I'm written it for five days in I was like 850 on some bad. Right so what's that review heroes I tell them yeah yeah that's just like. As under 200 bucks today yeah reads I think midway through. It's gonna be like investment you've ever spent when you could take a shower you can get away from the heat. You can eat you do get away from people now in an outdoor what killing two was like yes hook of some whites may go light show for like an after party ul. RD August speakers like the first two nights Thursday and Friday man that places to be very chill yeah peaceful in my put up some prayer flags of Staten Kevin you have. Saturday night it turns into the late late late night party yes. Invite only did exactly only seven people allowed in here Padilla talked with little better be bitches yeah he says no my lap. Bitches. You're wiggle my test is if I am. The best side ball finds. This you know when you kids out there like Immelt Dow didn't go camp in the woods played the wooded area but we always care about like in the middle of a sudden you get despite a late night and so I can never naps there's as the sun comes up you're up you ask the idea of being hailed like shut the curtains in late laid out on taken that just seems amazing. Cool there yet not to be sleeping in the cold. The best comment so how how he and handle. Because obviously you're gonna want some time for yourself. Now I mean is sexual life right. But and those situations meltdown I would imagine a part of haven't I think what is the name their price that I'm a double giving to people lose their minds and short on him partying. Some people are gonna wanna come on that damn army. Oh yeah how are you and handle that. Very simple man like if the doors close. No entrance to be just the screen door in the regular doors open. You know given knock come on it. Okay you know you don't make a sign that says please not yes now and please remove your shoes dude I was sick of the same thing and you gotta be an Asian household there. You got it right now. But I bring a couple of pairs of shoes that Jesse could set outside of it that kind of set of the framework and say look. These shoes are out there yeah yeah exactly now they got get a pair house slippers or buy a box of Greece. Do you like do disagree UCL a the little blue one now yeah. Right exactly is another thing for four days that I got to clean it yeah you don't want people especially in the woods while before him on half dot brawl you know your friends are. In in whatever my body of water that's my bide some I don't know there's a rumor right. And they forgot to take their shoes off while they're in the river because of so at stop and you know I cool schools are dead and knock. Which was nice to them but then they walk in with their muddy shoes to actually got to know it's and it's disrespectful yeah and it comes on your wallet and cannot back away however my shoes in the river all the time you do yeah. Interesting. Most rocky and stuff I was out and you wanna cut you fight. Well not kind of I don't know last time you tried to walk like half a mile in the river. But hey guys this morning as I get to work at the Puyallup river it's slippery it might hurt your feel like it's hard I think your point so yeah like a lot of myself talking about the re right. I thought I. Slicer rivers you've got to Taylor every every year that I Wear to the river. And it is lead outside my tent out of them perfect military issues outside of your time. Oh yeah yeah day they'll now I'm glad you said that I was already thinking I gotta go shouted it's got to issue that's we got to respect your home. It's it is my home. And I've I've had that argument before people when I go to radio conventions and I've had dudes. Hang out in the room moral be gassing him eaten white castle burgers and he's got issues on which now carries a hotel. He's got his feet on the bed I don't his head he's thinking was not your room. But for that weekend that is my home to issues off my bad yes that's there. Right thanks get off my bet there's a couch. Bad dog and bad guy I like their dialogue but he was drunk. And they you know I give people on life there like a close talker yeah he was a close sitter. On the bed that's even creepy and I enjoy today and eyebrow. Set the edge of the bed you are sensitive to bad within twenty minutes he's back like basically hip to hip army. Not meg trying to put the moon. Do you sit with your head with your back against had bowl and he keeps skipping down yeah. Yes yes Dennis O'Shea gossip we're right yelled at him and I'm kicking you out of it and ironic to me like I was crazy but I think Erica I am. Balaguer you didn't I'm kicking you out if you don't get that half off of my bed. You've freed up my bed and stops and so close to me. The music while Stevie get mad about like do you not see what I'm dealing with. Data so straight thank you thank you Dennis who we're especially have you made a point to say get to the edge of the bed it was almost like you do imam purpose. It was just like a slug just like sneak in down there. He would laughing kind of scoot back. But I why are so how bad I'm sitting next to me. Yeah how are you a little weird one in this without anyone paying attention Iran's wasted. So I'm noticing that I'm having a struggle with another grown man about Satan too close to make. That's a shape that's why. When you bottom. More reduced donkey trips and and you sell meg in my own room I don't wanna deal with it. As I noticed in this is obviously this is a different story about radio the radio do you but you know same thing like. It's nice to know at the end of the night. You don't have to share your bed with anybody. Well yeah for your room yeah but in some instances that is welcome sometimes we were trying get like 56 guys in one room and get to double up. Alia are preset it's not that we are waking up going to bad in bed by yourself. And it waking up in the morning and there's a drunk make it months and certain sleeping right next the FL YC naked. You thought that was a question and everybody ask but you're right. Alex why do you make you proud because these drugs. Yeah that's there path a path I thought I played any and then been a cycle model we always joke around about there's this one night we got waste in the sanity. In eight years ago or something was systematic that he didn't communicate wins woman yeah because I was with you guys that night. I dropped you off that you're op apartment. Do we take it a little. I was with you guys in the limo that are otherwise we went to that bar and like rented all right see you know it's I was with you guys adding get drunk because I had to do their rivalry got a little free agency you can drinking all you want to go to C to bar tender. And I'm like that's great. Did you have a limo to give me back to Ted's place but then I had to go from Texas plays back to my house in Lynnwood. I forgot sure they are us and they were so aggressively trying to make me drink it got so bad that I price of five. And new kid we me shots and I'm not a full disclosure around a veritable Judas and we'll get I'm sorry in her after story now I remember to renew shot. And spit it back in the empty beer bottle. And I can't call and I did like six times that's how bad it was a big just refused to understand added drive home so I do the shot speed and beer bottle. Eventually go to the bathroom and it was it was really killed us right OK sorry. Blog also writes the whole story that was when we got there. They're like how will Joseph would dream scenario things I bought around for all the workers yeah and then they also like they need to fire around back. But there was like ten dam workers yes so it's like ten rounds as patty outs an inning I didn't wake up making a but I woke it was my being sued on. Could remember that I remembered like seeing you guys and I remembered and being that was a drug user to have ever seen bad job. And remember we're insane like I'd I think I even said that if you want I'll drive you back to your place. Because you resist I god is that to make do you need me in music now find everything school. The benefit of the next state that I guess is woman who's just like where is my man yeah he never came home I never heard from him. And it was all because. Nobody would Madison say no to a single drink at that bar. It I can't write gag order remember right of course don't remember you were so bombed off all land that was unbelievable I never been more. Peer pressured into drinking and that night. Dude the ultimate peer pressure is seen and I'll leave the names out of it OK good post. A friend of mine used to play for the Sanders in another except under. We're all at a bar hop and everybody's doing shots and he. He had gone through a phase or you didn't see any he would like put it in his mouth and then late go to the bathroom instead analyses yet so this one guy who was an ax slayer doesn't. Is that the biggest strength Germany eastern him that night so he sees our friend put it in his mouth. And anyone who were behind him he's a big strong dude. And like put him in like a chokehold. That popped his head back a bit chart it's like yeah. How depressing and I go black guy. I was tying him with five out wasted it instead of a state that's what happened and I left dumps after that point. It was like you don't realize it was the apple cup battle Aaron was so fired up and it was all down essentially I did I was about one yeah I would view around my wife and her cousin and it was the complete opposite. There's no alcohol being consumed our man yeah that's that's brutal. Those are talking about talking about I don't even remember how does that humvees RV yeah now assess weirdly with the RVs to you on our look at data online not always wanted to do see I. Killing me because we've talked for years I've been wanted to join the meltdown crew ya because I just know I know a lot and of people. That are part of yours you know little talent show and know that this to be like the sovereign nation seats sorry I'm not a member of it I can say I want. You're talking to the deputy mayor well I know the matter and Merrill primed to be a pass. That's true the mayor really election irony like the mayor I would like to be deputy deputy mayor. If you're an opening for laughs. There is now and then now you know elections are held every year. That's funny you should talk of the mayor moving on obviously to a governor in the eighty EB you know mayor Larry is our governor. Well. There's a lot of rumors. That the deputy mayor wants to make a run for the major shift. Maybe not this year but eight years to come. The mayor course is a little worried he's talking in my office it don't we know we're talking in the mayor's office and I assured him if I ever. But the saying I would put as the deputy mayor was ever steam and again mayor Debbie remains tied. It's been obviously I was fully support the mayor in his campaign to be the governor. Is our current governor there isn't okay. So it's a market that is what I coming on ice in year one and I say I'm the governor. Wow that they're trying to be an overthrow the government. A year why did I wanted to be governor what are you look at Dockery RS. Help pirates a little while kids in ravaged. And pillaged and you all your boot today. Steve shows up the first zero and a thirty foot RV like banging music had a crazy set up or it was like. Did you see the governor. They're set up. At that make you got our candidate barely been a part of this that I yellow dog. I've been a member that FaceBook message group for a long time I'm and I chime in but I am aware would go and are you see all my god we message a lot I know. And I don't know anybody know like four people. And what. These days I've been doing at one time I was wasted and so for those with Ted's group that goes to do meltdown they all have like a group chat on FaceBook. And it's constantly very entertainer and then it carries an eight our spiritual group. Johnny Mac's tea cops from the pot guys to Bob Bob and TTP Zemin now. The big governors and it MC TPC took a while yeah yeah now you're short terse and Alex let events and she's allowed yeah. Well somebody added me to and I picked it might have been the mayor that makes sense mayor added meat case you know do you guys have. Which is very flattering want me to go to melt down a slow sad it's the same weekend of our radio con convention every year. I mean sign indicating his every scene weekend it's always dissect it we get August right so I've been. On this thread for two years now. And I never once China did economic I don't know everybody I'd be weird if all of us and I just started jumping into the conversation but I wanted to aloe leaves the group. Good I feel like there will come a day. I'm gonna grow to melt down and I'm already in the group not to worry about being added tomorrow the end I've a grandfather then I'm a part of the group. So why I was a waste in one dynamite. There's a good chance at 85% and the people that are part of this group had no idea who I am. Stay jab and totally on the same side of cop it's crazy. Three guys do it tonight highlight just maybe 100 uniter how good the British monarch yes you rule from a far. And then when people question how can you be the governor meg missing son I've been a part of this for two years now I can show you the track record. And Adobe actually how I not be commenting on asylum war here. You know we never got to that audio. The ball we didn't that take a break in do or die I will do it for sure the may get analysts had told me and other awesome thing that he just rented. The mega cast will be back. Tendencies need like great to get a game. Remember come. Now you can see now just like the last guy. Inviting lives and nobody wants to make you want to jump onstage and what. Now available in the foreign. And eighty bandanna and welcome to them but overall it's always tired he went through it and hearing. Junk food super size me. I'm glad you I'll. Smell like go. It's still. Nobody play. Axle and DC marriage and I feel like this is about to get any. Thanks Larry. Holly animal slayer doesn't hurt anybody now. But that's sparked tapper. Love. Isetan I heard the last several weeks. And I just now come up with a plan that we're gonna do attendant Steve camping adventure we're gonna rented RV at some point what those are not too busy. And just four days ago down the coast to back. I mean what is he just turns into my thing. Yeah and you know all of a sudden it's like where is Ted Smith which you know where he has he's got his visor on his Fanny pack any doubt RV and. We will hostage advisors and Fanny packs ought to percent of for this trip and khaki shorts. Call I also protect you should OK then your eyebrow but I did I have some myself. Pot and flip flops. Aaliyah write for I don't know. Not flip flops. Crocs rocks dude I got. This is the best thing ever my wife and I would go to bell be right I always choppy right anthropology because my wife likes expensive things and so while we're very her. Think positive I can ever step foot that's north. It's a beautiful women ankle and sharpen that stories it's extraordinary sort no clothing it's like a dog make the free peoples think Baghdad that was like. Nordstrom's like hippie section but not hippie stuff I don't know how to explain it but yeah I shall never get women's obsession monthly expenses super nice clothes like that right and I only criminal ever grasp the concept of flight. You wait did you just went to your buddy's house set afire and drink beer to a 3 AM right we ya like I. I guy I know like no different and we don't send them. I'm German or breaks away you want to now. Go away for four days in an RV which had in his report or again and back. While wearing nothing but Crocs khakis a Fanny pack and advisors. Yes yes. And that's not weird to you guys now O which is normal. Seems I'm Mike now we need to like maybe set some time together and figure out a date in make this happen. Dude you know what else we could do what we did do what he. A trip to Spokane yeah except we got the RV yes we testify in lake now like we're spend a night Moses Lake yes put some Reagan town in the middle of Washington sat. Absolutely yeah. And anything that moved to a one time just you and I write yeah. In the next Tommy will encourage mega family you like. You get your own RV and we do like a motorcade Arby's. Yeah we could meet at some can't crash something right leg we we mop trotted out NB a book everybody. No one's obligated to hang out the entire time. But at some point at night we all get together and eat since Morse. Yeah gas that's the only bummer I'm pissed off about the keep looking up RV recipes are allowed have to do with a campfire you have to see about 10-Q and a fire. That's a good point it's probably a Smart thing that you can't. It is yes it is but I do have a two burner stove. In a microwave the amount in this idea more more we need to get together September in the long run we're hanging out tomorrow night we were regular schedule and kind of mapped this out. Yeah it twenties either in late 2016 or 2017 days we do this I got it I got it right now okay. We rented RV. We drive to Pullman retail dating game. And rights and I've always good to tailgate RVs. And I highly doubt be so awesome holy Shia so we planet so that we have a good couple days to get there. Yeah and then maybe I'll be like our our pinnacle moment nearly 100 day like trying to get a four day full ninth trip. Yeah 100% and and we're those guys it will fine apart a trailer park close by. So we get my plug in or whatever yeah but game day. We're gonna be the old school guys that are parents like. Lead to 7 o'clock game like why you're here already clicked as you gotta Harvey yeah wanna get a prime spot until it's 8 AM my team Gracie remain not even make it into the game probably not too now if you pass out early and look. How to husky team two years ago I got a battery RV I remember that story yeah on the podcast oh yeah yeah for the insanity his wife it was her birthday she got so wasted she took it after the game Jiabao are gold and that's perfect one lesson that have to sit next yeah I'd also been watching our V shows. Are you are you're so pumped for this RV I don't I love our I love the RB restoration might one make the trip down an RV and they turn into something insane but I I love those shows I watch the one really go to lake like these two big RB salesman who's one of Florida. There's an Arizona. And they just three different groups of people come it. Yeah and they needed they wanna via RV ER rented it. Our men do I am. Let's figure out what they to do this and we're doing it are we have to do miss you up man how it. Dobbs I'm glad your fired up till I love this idea is that first I thought maybe I was a weirdo we now come for our. He noticed the destination. Did the RV you and I traveling. Tickets and pit stops I love everything about this. Best present wife and husky who want nothing to do with this trip because they're going to see the cougars. Yeah certainly overlook something fun to pick wanna be a part of some guy knows sounds weird but just. You do what do together moods. And any other instance you'd think it's weird but we view and I she completely embraces the weirdness that our relationship is. And like I've done this before I got once I'm on the tailgate trip I flew back to DC. And then we rented an RV and drove it up to Penn State and I mean my dad he doesn't drink anymore so he drove it we just got wasted the whole time. You have a couple buddies that further maybe we need a draft tournament I think it's in July this year is nom pins in Bremerton if you play hockey. Just type in draft tournament dot com couple of the dudes that play and it. Get an RV and they just post up and parked it at the rink that's awesome yeah that's a great idea now I'm ready not sure he does it. Yes I'm afraid may not just. Just kind of wanna do that this year you should. It's obvious I can't play hockey like I was at a popular party man. Do it yeah yeah. Yeah ash crisis to talk about sports it's actually get to this audio clip. I. And now so I just recently the NBA playoffs of course are going on the cavs beat the hawks to sweep the NBA Eastern Conference semi finals where the cavs playing now. The cavs are currently playing. I'm sorry ask a stupid question I don't know. I don't know why they're at a play in the heat that's in doubt in my first gas but I I I don't know. Ted act I've insults you may actually haven't fired up but the NHL I have I watched Jeff curry because I like Jim and he's destroyed in Portland he's so much fun to watch and I don't know I'll watch them but I don't really like. Have a hard time checking in is just like. But here's a random NBA playoff game I don't care do you see all around Cecile and think that was awesome hallmark job that the severity that was beyond awesome yeah. The cavs are playing the Atlanta Hawks finally well now a very beat them yeah the remind. Come on the Internet be my friend. Art Miami Heat or the Toronto Raptors. Who knows they don't have an eight days they swept. Now see real value for the this is nor any minute to attack right they're so anyways. We tax yeah I think the excess I can't just off and I just hope it. When you look for and I certainly do not crowded just tickle us do this doesn't furlough move. It seems like something a weird characters Zelda which I guess when you don't have the information statistical seized. It is the Princeton's Pete installing that. Pinch. I'll let you can't prepare for the new. Okay thank. Maybe isn't the best during 2.2 after this conversation sets so anyways I jetted Jewish before. The final game where they swept the hawks. An announcer actually said this. Now that you can you shirts off the defense there. I look I know what he's saying I'd be we all view but it sounds that in the audio clips off today jerk off the defender. Sure talk a defense dare. At noon pick up on the first part where either your right handed or left handed and then you do that to the defender. Have you ever heard the old clip from Monday Night Football or maybe a Sunday Night Football what was his policy might pack your career in the daddy used to announce. Some innate football audience can't a guy. And it's this is lake six years ago seven years ago. So the patriots are having a bunch of like people are hurt in the cement so its attacks the parents ladies putting different personnel whatever they've got patchwork. Defensive back field. So one point he's describing and he just looked man. Yeah and one of the players last name is day Annie get as you've just got to get in that huddle and USA the other guy look I'm getting. She's got to the don't even know each other and you know. So the guy who now we talked for a living. And many times you say things you don't need to come out of their way I'd get it now yemenite. Oh yeah now. Do the last summer I got dumped on the air I dropped to see you hurt pa. I don't know why I was trying to say country all you out and it just came out wrong and I pollsters think they care. Think that which is what they ignorance like I gotta dumped us. You know you're insane. You said it yeah it has snake wanna Paul straight there because your brain needs you Shihab well but. As any more the last couple years say at that clip and then today I come across his audio of a woman that's on morning TV. And this was an accident this was not an accidental. Slip of the words like she actually did a tossing the salad joke on morning television I have you heard this one now. My idea. Joining us this. Are coming out to enjoy some ally in my dreams you have not even been very impressive value Jason and Jeremy London and then relenting on the ground adjacent Nazareth. Then you monetize its. Sorry about that now. OK I get all. I was very sexual about that he knows she's a star bronze girl everyone wants a yellow girl. And we are here again because there's a commission said at the end. Wearers like OK even if you thought I might have accidentally said that I'm confirming to you. Our viewers that I purposely set a tossing the salad Joker yup. Oh I am right yes. Joining us this. Are coming out to enjoy some ally in my dream you have mostly have been very impressive had to holes watching Michelle wears a truck I had no idea. But this sounds like a terrible shall. I you know we've said this before I feel bad obviously for some of the newscasters on the morning shows you regularly at a bank admirable about the dumbest stuff and they don't play early let out a report news anymore what they do is just fluff stuff that's labeled this crazy to eat. Teach. To what he eats it. I need Jason and Jeremy London seven relenting on the ground adjacent that's around 209 you monetize your sentence it's sorry about that now. Okay no I get all. I never gets old. Profile like this woman no she seems so you're really confident what you want me is on a younger girl and that now. Okay no good at all. The nine you monetize your sentence. Yeah the one more piece of idea for you Ted I write this until he goes with remember how we were having this conversation about. Girls that put on glasses that had no prescription and then all of a sudden I'm American nerves right salt he almost snapped had a lot. I'm Steve megs if you wanna Don pic let me know five bucks on skipping. Got to sit on some money for this RV trip Ted Teddy are they slid amid Voss we expect expect an app after app. So I I I follow a sad sad feed. And probably perverted. Maybe a family people it's like called dimes DI and easy takeover. I believe. I was just dimes like hot chicks it's just they they they import they they ask hot chicks they give them their username and their password. And just let them post completely raunchy. Very the how wrong that. Depends on the girl. Some girls are right it's so funny to some girls are just like where like a bronze pennies you make on some senate seat and in other girls and just flawed and tickle the peach. You know when I mean. It's. I'm hopeful I have it's the essence do you I am easy underscore takeover. I buried that ethic. A nice. I so that's basically what it is budget grosses post better than you what they're doing their open and you'll follow they're snapped Saturday are integral to get more follow us and I guess now the new raids for these hot chicks. They give you you can purchase their premiums snapshot where they might do even some more raunchy things and you I don't know how much it is. Maybe 1015 bucks or some I Dow now but you send the money and then you have access to their dirty stack attack each team. So are on a sound stereo and some of the girls I think it's fine you know like. Dole talked to you might ask me a question I'll answer and then they give you answers on there on their slaps one of girls well a little bit of a snap chat like. Tirade from my Arab that I could diatribe Cadillac you know what it was like it. Right in line with like I am a nerd potentially completely contradicts it as she continues to talk throughout this match at feet and I grabbed the audience. You can you content that is purpose excuse me. I hear this. I I'm Marky I'll be taking up there's apps and I'm a little bit about me. Isn't one info I live in Florida. So of course I love the beach my loved being outside. Anything that's like new adventure and us. I'm sort of an hour because you know I stay home alive and I read a lot of books. But you know here comes on she's a nerd because she stays home appliance books and read books does that makes you a nerd. And now she can truly. Who's a word. Destroys it it's you can really contradict yourself. But I also love getting death and I love partying. The right yeah. I loved it each time I love being outside. Anything that's like new adventure NS. I'm sort of an hour because you know I stay home a lot and I read a lot of books but I also love getting death and I love partying. Yeah I mean that. Right they're just not there it's no we don't even like parents but I'll defend the nerds right to be a nerd Yankee nation we're looking at you. Been looking. Mean every book that I make me a nerd I think that was so fun of America but Els again hammering get rattled. Yeah yeah or else it. I know we got to go but the other thing that drives you crazy is slight. Oh man Saturday night crazy Saddam in its late so one Saturday night this month you didn't go out need to post like your home body right. I got home body and the reason why don't Jimmy posting about being a homebody because I'm doing homebody things I eat sit on the couch with my wife and my dog watching television waiting for her fall asleep so I could change the station it's a wrestling. Yeah that's a homebody and he's not. This sort of been married because you know I stay home on and I read a lot of books. But I also love getting dove Vanilla partying. Mean I bet she's not that. Really hot yeah she. Anyway yeah. Cries and I think is necessarily what I homicides and it seems nicer in general I think. That you aren't a guy who thought from you about him into your head down tonight I'm gonna. Hart said we'll hope we'll get hurt once again I don't talk del mono nick it's good for you boys we love you guys. And I remain intact. And. You know contends that. I think you have family molesting a Phillies Marlins on. We'll we'll CNN XT. We might be wasted. Say hi. I'm sort of an Eric because you know I stay home a lot and I read a lot of books. But I also love getting death and I love partying.