MegaCast 05/02/18 "Elf Quest"

Wednesday, May 2nd

This week Ted & Steve welcome back Juliette Frette to catch up with whast is going on in her world.  They all chat about the Kevin Hart extorsion story (as it turns out his friend was behind it)...Juliette's Elf Quest days...and the guys share their favorite story...the time they went to San Francisco in a crazy state of mind!

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And gentlemen. He's welcome hey test me. And Steve mixed view on now entering. Networking out of 10 o'clock as we. Did del fi but if you get it done way not to procrastinate well I'm up near feet. Call it in the head for days in the noggin yeah didn't do bad things. Zillion friends today. Thank you know my friends and it's been a long long. What month tough month and a half or so really you on Monday yeah do on Monday. You're going to have a child on Monday night at least Farrelly autism what you could ever right now yeah that's what I was gonna say I can lay in a gray here in fact the wind copy great. For for the listeners. Fantastic I study we encourage it Ted are you able to deliver a baby I am but I take the rest the dale catches you just know I need to be robbed it happens and I if I squeak to during this whole podcasts like don't be if I mean sometimes and it's our. I am not why don't like nodding it's fine didn't you know so hot and humid out at my belly. Yeah so I'll try not to squeak. Every next level I mean what we've got scissors are you guys. No word hasn't gotten. There's a fridge we keep the percent to yes we give even a guy want that encapsulated. We put it in the privacy room though I always does he do ya totally deliver this baby not rates yeah. Really we can either do it I think we should do the delivery here in the studio. Let's get Cilic has some good spicy just induced this thing you know let go to we got us here like moves a lot site you sir I'm so stealing public rotations you know on the chair leg you're like god I don't shut me act out. We usually go to certain clubs out you know. Just confusing so I was like I bet there would be sexy if you weren't so pregnant. There are a lot of just make it Selig as sexy move to think that the Brady ladies trying to have a baby that's OK I know iris Campbell Humpty Dumpty expire in a how all this isn't just like an egg on a law like that on that share rose ran into the microphone now. On the part of religion. I I didn't hurry if he's so old and. Do you guys have like a plan as far as the birth thing I didn't like you doing in a death robbers or might have been a weird like voodoo woman that's going to be helping out. I always your stories. Yeah I think let's ask gain well you actually wanna share some stuff night and day in day your speech feedback on this on because. I've always found this curious wolf especially doing a natural birth with a midwife you know with witchcraft and all that mom. Probably like a home Burris come up and I got really don't look like you've heard banks yes so this is gonna be like a home birth are actually. It it's gonna it's the first choice is a birth son Turk because that's that's like a home birth but it's like it's like giving birth at a hotel with like you jacuzzi in and they clean up after you. I'll so the so it's like a homer only if I go past 42 weeks and hot via home because there's like state laws in Washington about liability but. So yeah but on the errands like what you wanna do water birth Somalia here's a thing like we don't know water drives us out RIE. Who wants to hobble watermelon come out win near dry from water sitting at top of. They they have some kind of notion that he gets using the situation I don't know like or else but I don't assays and in most foreigners sometimes. Yeah I mean yeah it all boil and co had all the things turn out like we don't know if the life and make fine react coconut oil. But I'd like Jesus for elbows Alia that featured a guy we just got to get this done I also due to got a special coconut oil jar in the bathroom all right. As legit. Any and it is used by I'm just thinking you and him have beat you guys of done stuff in back in terms right and showers were things like water gets out there right in its knots. Lube irritated here. Z I place troop jacuzzi jetted tub I feel XX is fine it's just not not not hot tubs to dry. I just think once water gets up there are two steals like you know the slip and slide in on Maine yeah. So if they like so does not ending my babies had a Dicey. Well yeah yeah I mean I don't know like how bright Red Sox who go low income before we. Yeah. In the blood pumping enough its risks. The conflicts. And so I got a song in honor of Juliette being here now into our production library in just type in jet music. I need music and I found this great song called acoustic kitty dot. Just gonna help do you. Give birth thank you might help they give guess it's good for those that aren't pregnant and goes to a public. Floor notice. There's us freedom matchups don't Malaysia. Let's try I had to do it really young I didn't hear I'm Michelle okay. They're filming of families. Pregnancy. I think there's some the most over there. I'm here. Take a tour so we're still hiring. He takes me. These Ted talk. Different but I think you've got a beast is really weird though to be different but just hang out with different people right you probably had our groups of friends and I do it you thought this lake lawless hanging out that law which used volatility. You hang out of the saint eve all the time. You probably agree a lot of seemed subjects this match so it's nice that some friends in town I don't see that often went down a 60 yeah it's good to hang out with other people too and we'll speak as a life. Mae and sprinkle in some different inspiration. I remember my wedding was a one and a few instances where I was able to have all the walks of life that are in my world like my hockey friends my music fresh and yes to me. All together and I think that's kind of cool like they've never all congregated together and I was thing about that recently and just like. I'm I'm just surrounded by we are people not saying I'm not I'm probably jump right right up there with them when they refer to we are friends like all my friend Steve but I got my wrestling friends they wrestle I am a hockey friends and my music buddies and I got some of the radio buddies on site there are also different. But I feel like every won't get along because they are also unique there also created you know I mean yeah. The merger wedding shock and Beers outside it was months. Yeah well first and only Allah yes right an out when the magician realizing he wants arrest in months and this mine I had a magician in my wedding for. That's app and there was all this oh my god and as they wanted to Stephen blame magicians so he'd walk around and I told him don't say your magician just com. Dressed nice site as if like you know you're just part of the wedding party or something. He shot. His side directives Biljana the times is he was a cop. I don't own side job as a cop. We since your guy did I think really her guests that I could gain what is your rights disappear. Our economy stops real terrible sure there's a bullet to Wear nick now have yeah you're leg so anyway if you. Welcome to rent it and like you as your card trick and any set these cards on fire and it would freak out like old people mime map in my wedding but it was pretty awesome I thought it was great. Yeah and so it turned out months in my my you're Franzen now Ted's friend is while they were debts wanted to person yes Matt or the first and am I the first coming hung out and ended up that he stated you're in your room now home. Yes he did oh yeah okay that one nice transition yeah well the magician as you can imagine how great erotic cake was. He looks and the looks a month since it's like you're familiar in the months and just yeah a guy you trust me once for having alcohol possession as a minor. That's who we later against the greatest wedding ever and it's great but my team and I think it's good to have a wide variety of friends. Just even just review wants stuff to it who's the weirdest friend that you left. The weirdest friend. I have. First classic. I I'll. I surreal you know address the number. Do you ovarian that she's over in India hi think and Sheen I haven't like stayed in contact very well on the issues actually the first friend I had it like after the age of science. And it she eventually and she had a lot of ticks like she actually had some. Six yeah Alex she was known in our daycare as the girl who never cut her nails and talked to herself and licked her lips and it grew her hair out like him. Crazy person and on and that she is really intercede she collected. Like elf quest comic books which is what I start collecting and yeah and she should have found her hurt but her family that they aren't saying this is why isn't Daryn on this get into saying the weird restrain her family and it's it's it's it's basically a and if Elvis. And comics doing comedy stuff and yeah. And he could enable our products that are not. Some I don't I am not by Al wheezing like Al west comics everyone remembers her so if I ever run into someone for might make here like to hear you much. I know you remember that that girl at the long hair that never cut her nails talked to herself. And like I was her friend and look OK. Hey you know black Gina you. You hear she ended up you. No being super brilliant which are you knew she was and she studied like. She she was like a camel studies major which is this sort of fringe. Culture in the Sri Lanka in area and in India I believe I might be missed coating this but. Got in her spare time like and her young adulthood she listened to Sri Lankan rebel music and she went over there and a teaching you know she's just very I think she's pretty anti American national Clinton. But but yeah she's she's very just any idiosyncratic. And and she just like lives over there and and she's very part of that lake. Culture I don't think about that issue Lanka and he about a with like Pakistan. I'm not magazines sorry but these are just very fringe all night I or least that's what I was led to believe some people listening might have an idea what I'm talking none most who probably don't but. Yeah she's. I think are rarely got a hundred cents on revenue I don't know. Quest yet Elsa have been held classes gray and held out west. Yeah I actually didn't even read it I just look at the pictures of Miley captain perfect condition because I was kind of like or an order of things that what did you learn by looking you know Ted. I mean it's a very colorful cartoon elf quest fear dozens Rosie I was a kid all the OK if there. How does it always looks like lake old school enemy. Yeah need be I mean it's definitely. I wouldn't I wouldn't classify as and a name but they articulating got a big pads you know get the big heads the league rip. Johnny's daddy. You need that was that's super old scoring affair highlights the way of dancers are slid are they gonna show up they have Rangers moving from. Unlike. Doing business in the avengers were I've seen the one a long time and I'm not re not what you want out of anything war now you're Ted I had a but I know it happens every sentence. Oh do you yeah I don't know anything. I can tell it's a two part movie people around somebody dies. Whatever he's freaking out it's like well. It's a two part movie I know nothing about it but I know 52 parts the good guys can't win the first part why would you go see this get passed I. Roch do you win the first fight that he had an in these movies so people really don't like do you believe this then Billick yeah it's two parts. That's how they milked you for money that would Harry Potter and again I would Hunger Games you receiver irritating is that you didn't. To give your if you watched just say the first half a scar face you feel like I'm going to be a drug dealer there's no downfall to it right everything's great. The Lexus second half bugler to try pinnacle to check it at all. Read only beautiful little jacket you're like okay I'm proud to be a soldier and MIT and you're gone don't want to be a soldier Olympia typewriter. You know we're an archivist story gets cut off when they split it yeah flight back from out of there with a few actors can you believe what happens Mike yeah. Doubt you know what happened but I'm sure. I think super. Hero movie allegedly the superheroes were OK if it was pointing. I always went and always play a day about people leaving happy Ariane. Dylan when I once you lose once allows backhand. Of all the superheroes battle that he's Superman for me it's really just kind of smog. Yeah that means is that she'll mantra corporate America. Do towel. Well he's I don't know that that's your point he's got no business Lisa who is out there of late. Mixing it up and easily protected business property and stuff places of rich guy what is rich story cops have a sign forum. Maine is individually any urgency just chill man. You know I originally of the billions in baton in our some original last utes yeah clicks Joker kills you can guess. But he saw audience and they do crazy stuff but a lot of crazy scheme to rid there he makes you think sat back and as do none of that. Maybe when kind of adorable makes you wanna tackle. I may you Rollins called god the penguin. Well I'm not talking Lara yeah. I think I think I do get a great Robert strength such a gross caricature. And doing. You're speaking of friend we domestic quick break when we come back I've got a story about the ultimate betrayal of a celebrity's friend. We kind. Lol oh maybe we should. The congress does not it's yet we are getting into someone that just recently talked about Kanye without our cool man by the name of Kevin Hart. All right when the mega cast retired. It's music sounds like sixty days plunging into the microphone but I still tremendous cost will be back. We're marvel studios and weird super psyched for you to see avengers infinity war but it features so many super heroes people are already asking which one is that again so with every ticket you bond. You'll get as special fourteen page and educated program in seven point font listing every superhero. Appearing in the film. Including Iron Man. Spiderman. And man. Handyman star Lorie or regime honey badger room. Story tall chairs draped black widow slightly more they usually don't. Black panther like Santa gray tabby black panthers' second cousin little panther Captain America. Captain on your pain. Private Benjamin. Doctor Strange doctor Quinn medicine woman and Mike's Lindell TVs might pillow guy just like few I had problems. Sleeping so don't miss the fun and a heavy reading get your ticket to avengers infinity ward today. I do yes. The mega Constance Mack. New York. Verizon is very content that is now whereas I press that's. I am going to see Jerry I know that's my pride and all the advance for May 26. And our buddy Josh has band is opium former Tony v.s this God's goblins goblins. I love that name and I mean both names pitcher popping daddy's eyes I agree named Scotland's Scott I was all right that's called CNN the Al back yeah man I like that I. They Dallas Scott let's go adjusted net painfully two years and never seen what is Josh play in the band easy trumpeted. He is a brass musician awesome doesn't save you going to be doing god. I've thought about that which Roy got to be joining him the trombone. The trumpet. The French Warren. The tuba there's no two and stock. Slam and a search humans got I don't know this is the part where I live under Iraqi all he can I. Well Scott could be huge grant hello down I must let's say your good friend unlike this man by the name of GT AKA Jackson he's a friend of Kevin Hart are. All right. Do you remember the service Kevin Hart any I was of how many months ago and it was a video of him. Hang around with a woman and apparently it was a sex tape and so was extorting him for money and of course it's not a good thing because he's married. Boom all alone and they know that you remember all that's yeah I haven't heard this I mean I look I'm your updating me on culture south so apparently the person who was extorting him he'd just found out who was. And it was his friend Jackson. That's Dan could you imagine doing that to your friend. Outside his friend clearly what I'm according today TMZ story he was a close friend of Kevin's for more than fifteen years. Kevin put him in movies like swat naked and also and think like a man to. TO oh TWO. And up paranoid bunch of photos are met up there and salutes Kevin just we did mind blown her at a loss for words and simply complete disbelief at this moment wow. So apparently yeah his buddy Jonathan Todd Jackson. Tried to extort money from Kevin Hart even a Kevin did all these great crowd for him. I guess that's pretty bad I still think that guy is really screwed up with the money amount. Why is that. We try to extort him for like fifteen million or something crazy song each right army was a fifth I don't know but I would say it's Kevin Hart you've come out and like him though. Private par would have paid that destruction just shut you off. Feel about black mailer sent us are never been bigger never saddest I mean there's no rules without them right they can ask for than someone can deliver in the last for more and what it was a person unity of our. Threat that is right that is promise that type of person who's gonna do that is it's never gonna stop right but it. That's still sucks for his YEX one how bug so this all went down the likes the wife. Back to begin angle on this goal possible but you just tellem if you like the wiping it just like go right after the wife feel like I'm toner wife that you cheated how many go after I think any word and I sex. Some may have a good break so what are some movies you're a break of a marriage driver gets cash I think. It's that's one way to think about. No impact. I still say she asked for a million dollar happy well apparently that videos about five minutes long. Highly produced like that the stories of the highly produced does that mean that think. Special effects probably is nice lighting and stuff like daily to do it on purpose to do it and Michael Bay for some explosions. Idly curious during happy moment the whole room explodes. Slid it pedals like weird little ears and noses like a like has snapped shatter some staying on America remember. Riddles yeah I don't know I hate guys dude I mean that's highly produced sex tape. So why they could be some. I don't think you guys do so you both married we know what's architect Kevin Hart with drywall they exactly not with likely would do. Myself. Yes. Saves are meant to be enjoyed by the whole team that's fine after a few drinks they don't show it to you I had a great idea I love an energy is eventually find it would take. Fantastic for their psyches. Volleys is highly produces a somewhat weird. So old phone deal it's like look junior this was done in a classy way which UN minds back to literally with you market in fact I don't we need you pretty used to be grateful yes sorry man. Sad moment where the giant explosion happened last year so that is you. My big theatrical music. All right I wanna know how what what that means a highly produced. These if you Cameron I wanna soft core porn yes you know. Where it played right before you show the action just shoot site though the fireplace and the kerosene movies like that yeah or it's just like thirty seconds of action and she's just like it's like the most intense orgasm this woman has ever had her body. To China face you're just your face our our things happen that did a tech guy is kill it that's a biscuit Max movies. Is a death have big we have we remember those. You know what I sort of what I do remember is do you remember how the dead spice channel and not add any child or all Fuzzy your parents' house you're trying to like get on doing it to a hands and it AG Yasser slate you're just a block and exaggerated had three open. Or yeah. I injured VCR to get channel ahead and then put it on the spice channel. Yeah but you can't you have to be careful like if you know they can't be home or they can't be in the room and their common by legalities channel came. These days don't know the struggle. Oh and had to work for then we had a analog issues you know Playboy channel memory of those and until then you were meets June 2002000. May advance although that's not porn let's make the differently ever and Playboy would show adult. Films and scored a quote but they were soft core. Just like he acts. And they did it be late. Some famous playmates like he's. Yeah for about maybe marrying or some crap I yeah I watch rich you don't let the favorite yes yes with I was if Richard you're not her no Data Co. Oh and Kato Kaelin was in one already died in a warn ya get a soft core like he did of course he would stay in a soft core porn he's got nothing OK I don't know Kato Kaelin actions computer. Isn't this highly produced warrant. How about his wife was pregnant at the time only know. Older guys since you all why could your is this upsets me to continue Allen earmark. And then he apologized to her on social media like I'll get celebrities are now about Shaquille everything I I think she forgot it even happens personally. During papaya pregnancy now that's that's an offense he just ending yet of yourself at with a woman in his hotel room in Vegas apparently having sex. I suing the craziest one was Toby. After he had trouble and then yet there are conferences and I didn't rape anybody to sit sex Becker and his wife sit next soon I will kill you with yes it's diamond ring. You can tell like he Bartley the and they didn't get the budgets had to use right after that to. I guess whoever that is permanent press conference call home Maine and he bought her off. Still today's data I think that the one where it stand by your man to the extreme was boys. Magic Johnson that's no good and it go away if they succeed while. Magic Johnson he cheat on his wife got aids or something like damn he's fast he's got a chance I didn't have it right now so but he did a press conference with cookie. Right by itself. That's a Hillary Clinton and that we Kenya and how long do you stick around for for being treated like crap you know. I don't know I do I honestly do think some athletes and some people that make that much money I think they just had an agreement. But I dream if that's how they're -- great but if it was done in the abbey like I don't care about money if I did I'd be married to some rich old white dude who doesn't you know I got my attracted dude you know all I am I care about my people have seen out. Situations to me I would expect they have to have some type of agreement even if you're not rich yeah I remember as a kid a guy. The work to my dad and we get a certain events and abuse and you know this is a kidnapped she goat that's on his wife. It was like just don't say anything and that's just how they do now crazy yeah. Marry money involved I think like when you care more about money ending clearly these ladies are gonna stay in the when you don't give a rat's ass about money like that was done to me I'd be lake. OJC. You know and what the how we dividing the assets of about Hillary now and also I think has more than just money it's also political aspirations of the century dad you know it's it's her so it's career and money -- still at the bottom line was financial and and not we're not love based I got to ask them because. During your time of being a playmate where there are opportunities where old memory like yell. I'll I'll shower you with a bunch of money if you hang out with me. This you know what yes and no I mean like people didn't really come up to me in and asked me to make nearly times as an agent because well I I kind of I think I kind of intimidated. And I also you know the fact I was like pretty straightforward about like my style people like well they didn't bother may not but few times ME. Yet do not environment you know it's not uncommon for playmates to end up with super rich guys. I mean not say they are they don't love them but like it's super not it's a very very common and I. Had passed in the money oriented as like in real life that I had no money they would not be with so and so you know like it yeah. So so there's there's plenty of people I know hasn't had met her and her fairway that there would guys like I would never wanna touch with a ten foot pole you know like OK well you must beat and actually I have a playmate friends you got like her. By being with a rich guy. Unlike her allowance like his his family gave her an allowance and it was like fifteen grand a month and when he shifts hitting me. You know so it's like this is a real thing yeah yeah I might it be awesome. The exact I was just premiered to a close friend and fifteen grand in my teen GR month it was a contract he ideally they see and they signed foreign crap like god I'm dislike this is not. This is not a B Austin the authentic relationship I'd be looking for a buddy now honey that's not how much money it saves me how you very fond relationship though. And have Carter you have to bang mad guy a nice guy whoever yeah. From a ha ha ha ha ha ha. I don't know if Google moon I put you I I value I value Big Bang to not sit at a sellout knock me out of Britain's got yet. Now it's easy for one shot I think I think most women would be right back and I'm in doubt you'd pay fifteen geez I would pass tax fraud incidents Coco ho ho ho guy that's a prostitute I think pretty nuts and I would be awesome prostitutes you're horrors punter Chris yeah. Yeah assets IE you know no judgment you know it's it's it's freedom of choice is about choosing a prostitute yourself as well. Yes take the power back yet yes yup I support your choice to be hard. Hours Mauer does want to bring them honest yeah no kidding fence now Buford who feel that if we'd been in place so okay so we got this that's up. I obviously don't deprive him wrong like this when he come I think about one of my friends from back and I think about like you know how a friend has wronged you and remember in college and a buddy who I just broke up with someone he knew I was heartbroken about it. At a house party that. I may be a week after the relationship ended and I watched the two of them go into his. Room in the house and doll and I'm disliked. I've never been my punching in wall walls and items yeah there's some guys on. Full power punch the refrigerator it instantly regretted it after I did it but I as I watched her go into that room was like you bastard was that crowd of apart. I heard pretty decently so they probably thought they you couldn't see but I'm although any kitchen and make let's just say he. He's a hidden room in this house was may be out about thirty feet away I think if that maybe twenty feet away and I can see. Them both walking as a great a bad pitchers invited to the party in an almost and she goes off and that houses like and it looked takes two to tango I can't be mad at him I she's also. Mean whatever. What error nevertheless I. And it's like yeah I mean I was a break I was just about to graduate it just soured me on all my friends in politics as the son of a bitch and it was my you know how's how's the next morning. I live in that house are are so I went back to the dorm. Good I was RA the free. Yeah and trying my tears listening to Dave Matthews or correction to me are all. All offered that that's a terrible idea removal oh well why don't you about how are OK let me Elizabeth something that's only gonna break my heart even more so true now yeah but everybody does and then it's we're bronze the song I think we brought this up once like when people really songs used to like beat as he listened when you're upset. Yeah that crap. Or are they news of the song all the time. Yes just in some don't some ways to ruin a good song yeah sucks. It does after awhile you get him back. Native to wait years until yeah I've got to with late TV shows some honks handbags and yelling and walk all right and I think. Watch to see you know like this app is you guys have a stereo time that a friend bronze you. I think we all do it to so what's your favorite one out of them doors were believed beer or maybe. I got one it's entertaining OK okay. I once had a quote unquote best friends. In my eighteen year so mom and I discovered that she was kind of like that. Psycho. And in the weirdest way. So she came from a family that actually had money in I didn't it's not some back story heiress and she knows that our new diet and on an IA you know we have sleepovers and stuff and she and I were both only children or something about like only children return to gravity toward only children early slate the oldest I don't know what what the phone and it is but. She was only each child from from I was kind of weird so maybe that's why she and it being weird but. Anyways so she was sleeping over at my house I think it was my 1617. Hannah handling this chart where I'd just put money like whenever I just kind of squirrel away money here and there are no illusions. And sometimes yeah firfer my own just aesthetic enjoyment I'd change out like some like fives and tens into like a hundred dollar bills Agassi a hundred dollar bill in my car I carry it. And also I recently desist around the age and I'm like OK I don't wanna get like their dad. The mass produced underwear my mom buys from and the start crying like really cute little personal as you know it's only seventeen like trying to you know myself to. Designing neck and a man and like it was a point where it's like each. Piece of underwear like a lay out really nicely in my drawer and I even showed her where my underwear. Is. And so. How will your underwear. Ye. All of those but the aside already learned that themselves are your sources we're so I blasts and I came back but. And then. That my hundred dollar bill is gone but it's this girl is hurting for money some like a case stealing from me for if I mean human right it's like not trusting the dog he's gonna bite you anyway when you let off bleacher run our run off yeah. On and then like I looked in my drawer. I think later an Amtrak I think I'm getting it twisted I think OK the night before I looked at my door showed the underwear. And I closed day and then later that night. She was where it looked exactly like when my underwear repairs and like oh that's just like mine she's like. You have these axiom one and she Shealy took a went on my joy your underwear like input in IndyCar he or she she put on in front of me saying it was her underwear. And I realize because over the years I had underwear missing any way but I never noticed is it was that mass produced junk send my mom would buy neat. I'm like oh my god this explains why a she magically had my underwear in her drawers and just said you know that she just happened how does seem jump Johncke underwear has a she's still in my underwear for years. We're still my underwear. And so then she starts stealing my songs some wearing in front of me telling you she just happened a magically have my same song even though it's now missing from my drawer and she saw my hundred dollar bill out of my jar. And I stopped talking you were I went to India with and with a nonprofit that summer to study. Some remote culture and Italy as they do I got back and I just said. You know I don't think we can be friends anymore I think used to my underwear and my money and she never she wants how you feel. I'm like yeah I feel that way because it's crazy hey yup. That's why we are starting a new man. When your underwear before you into the Himalayas. Now. Politicians city wants all okay we'll assembly area I think I mean there's I I don't enjoy hey Ted look we don't even underwear out there other money would hurt Steve. There's business stuff that Blake had now I don't I don't count them turning of the friend. I don't know not. You've got to have some dish. In your life we all finished. You know high. You know I don't know you're lucky well. Yeah or so bad you can't share it it's no rap act OK yeah. I get generous and I dig up some home for that's all I generally like what I was not Warren who like yeah like now to stop other typical balance the final we take a break now we do have a couple good email questions followed nice yes I'm not so much size shot really matter any home may be aren't involving some feminine products cool this enemy guests senators. Against either gonna take a break so go to the fridge and grab an ice cold I don't save up and get ready to. Royals some nets. Demanded cuts will be back. Because in new marvel superhero movies released in America every 37 minutes. It's crucial not to confuse pastor marvel movies we future marvel movies. Pastor marvel movies include Captain America the winner soldiers avengers each whole trial Dr. Strangelove. For the galaxy plug into your regular. And black cancer or future marvel movies include. The winters fighter avengers ancient battle line for a fractal. Cancer strange doctor may guardians of the galaxy pulling three electric blue. We'll take clarified statements conspiracy of the embarrassment so often suffered by people who can't keep your super. Street yeah. Still leads its. Students. Won't occur. This is from our production library having with the job over I don't know like a formula for a club I know what he lets. Barack met at his back. Before we get did he knows I Juliette was so kinda sent a budget topic ideas ten and one of them popped in my I didn't really like geez I was already down and get here. Guess my tax push analog style Ted right and as a sister who's starting this. Our one of them that you posted that you sent me died just. Got my wheels turning because I just recently discussed this on the most recent episode of the makes cats as a ball. It's kind of weird today accepting about in the universe is making you bring his son and already had this conversation and the question was what do you. Do when people ask you for money any unusual stories. Who are asking who stuck I didn't listen about when I just been with me your your podcast and I haven't been around and I won't like that bin at the rip anyone who listens I'm sorry I see here's the important role when you land a friend much. Number one. Do not expected back that's great Pollyanna and money and not just happy to be able to. In part with that it has to be gone and then I've only done with a couple people my simple rule is like. And it's very specific that I will lend them any money and most of all turned down like I had one friend I helped them out and I just said. And help you out here don't ask me again and I don't wanna talk about yeah you really think. I'm not gonna get up yeah you don't bring it up let's silent until it is dog and pony show where it's a good man and when you get your money eventually next stop bringing it up right exactly like I know you're not gonna pay me back I know I don't you don't currently have money. They're voting time and bring it up if if you're actually handing me the money back a little ever wanna talk to you about this again. So it did definitely get your guys is uncertain why you decided to read it never it's funny in a long story short I won't belabor I did get on the makes cats but. A recently met somebody through a friend. And music and more like an acquaintance friend. And then you're the person any excuse me too nice guy hit it off so many good dude he just was in town for certain tang and and he laughed and went back home. So he sends me attacks not as read the exchange and I want to get your guys is take costs I didn't just says added a blatant random number of texting me. I didn't give my number so you missed it got my number from our mutual friends are hey man what's up. My response sorry I don't have this number in my phone who wins this. So nice she's insane you phone buddhists yeah I was locals are more worried if I should add that person's number in my phone. And I may never entered in agony get offended some always super nice about that the dark. More often and as someone who shouldn't even have my number I don't like lots dammit why you have my number yeah. So tell me who it is and I came ma'am how are you. Any system great you a favor from youth if you can't. All right K I figured maybe this is something like he needs baby and audio clip from baby needs a picture or tweet me some some things can basic act. I was like of course what's up. And I'm reading this for me. I lost my credit card and wanted to order a pizza for me in my son's question mark if you can help me out I'll pay you back when I get it back PayPal. A. I was sent. That's realistic summoned on the street being like commute to be feared and some thing that he's an awful terrible lie that's weird. 008. Home luckily no one comfortable all of and I don't know how to respond of course not. Some might I don't really know now well. But I'm not giving him any money and I don't know if he wants me to thank everyone know exactly what he meant make two I had them over my credit card information. Or is he expecting me to go online to dominoes. And plug in his info and send a pizza his wife. To say I. Oh so what does he's our I will be discussed and you know I was being nice about it and would you damn IRS. That's word man sorry I'm on a budget until the first can't stretch my dollars out right now so much of my apologies I can't help you out yeah. I had somebody kind of similar to that okay like a friend Blake I kinda knew this person and around the way and lake. Somehow. He had eat the person knew enough that Alice lake all right. So we exchanged numbers and within two weeks hit me up for money. So I just said hey I don't lend money like that right yet and waiting same response using REI get it Bob Bob off but yeah same guy I mean is is. Then was a little more than just weird and then I try to get money for our pizza. Kick you out man beaten to death set that is something that is response is all good Sam. Poker I'm like I'm not now your fan man they don't treat me including lawmakers are doing to him and threw me tell you are right now I thought. I should ask for rotisserie chicken a senate at a pizza would have gone further. It probably for same price Friday some I just couldn't believe it up that's that's crazy all right then you my question then do why toe. My friend. Hey guys what's up with your dude yes yes especially if he gave the number he idyllic oh yeah he does solid time to worry about a messy thing I got or not dealing honestly we're in May guys talked to him but harder to reach out to everyone else who met this guy just recently. And I ask you to stare OK did you guys get it up for peace. Yeah how is such a strange ones I'm not getting any big Aaron deal you know can buy hey you said hey man I'm dumb hard up on cash. Can we go grab some dinner I think most selfish this test we beat me outside in my home I'll do it. And today I was trying. Dottie yeah I mean in there. Go chicken wings and pizza sounds like a great idea might treat. Always a reason why you through that's. A question on them with the topic. No interestingly enough play everybody like I said somebody attacks asking for pizza for me in my. Yeah I think my neighbors and comic you know what made me think about it was because like several weeks ago 'cause I actually OK there's a lot as people on the street and Seattle and down. I have to eat in the past. Made how to keep being like dollar bills on me just in case someone asks me for money because if someone. If someone asks me for money. I won't give Saddam mutually unless I don't have it I just have credit cards on me turn on the money for pizza from human ha ha ha. Or something like not got some didn't come just honestly asks me for money to say Haiti guy you know some spare change I will dig in and that's it's an honest question and if I haven't I'll give it. It's when people get weird and disingenuous about their question that irritates me and then on principle I don't give the money to them like you should just asked me for mature really wants it. You know on so like I was up outside a whole foods because you know if I spent emanating its high quality fish you know. And yeah that's a great call yeah on and so there's this lady is solid meets in my car. Mom who had this big sign which I didn't really care read but she said you know hey can I get you know money for food and I you know. Didn't house cash on meet. But I had at some are stocking up on those organic or to street chickens are so really they're good dealer ten bucks you now. And might not do you get. Just plain facts in his plane went to strengthen again limit. But the lemon thyme one or all don't take that it's always sort gang doesn't honey glue there whatever you know some like I've got extra chickens outside talk gonna kill me give her you know I would honestly given her anything out of my bags if she had. Been willing to take him like. Would you if you want food you know I have this. Rotisserie chicken skewer a chicken and I was giver chicken and I was gonna give her some strawberry you don't ever heard them you know and. Here's what she says a cycle I can't cut him like oh don't worry it's pre cuts right and she's like are already cooked dishes like cool awesome it just gave me chicken and selling it. Any she's a woman and actually looking for a look more like the teen who's means went you know I just. You know keeping really specific about what kind of food she wants a great if you had some potato and I didn't hammy RD and running Mac paid out yes. Twice speaks bitch yeah and I looked at my stuff from like honestly like I don't house deep precise thing that you're asking for you now. And. I'm glad to say no I don't yeah. I just don't want I don't I don't give out your streak at all I would imagine especially. In Seattle there is so many social services right now food banks in this match. And I would develop outrage years but it seemed junkies every week. And it's lake but you go you gotta be. You have the funniest now are you gotta be late the last are used ammonium history just is the guy had a Maryland had on music won't from PG county ethics. All right five Islamabad crazy. My role I want you all I know I need a weird thing is not funny anymore so I mean we've already seen it come open a new witty thing. The worst set for media is when some when you have sonus has come hovering in the gas station. In the area and an oil gas think how come up and it's up much gonna be rude but it's very apparent design a car. Comes up we think he can get some money any money for gas. And it all would wager car. He goes down that way I'm all current car guests and such overtures so you just want some money I do not it's not working out and buying a Monty you're tricks yeah I think it would head. In San Francisco. When a guy tried all man that's a great yeah I forgot about that you what are your crazy story yes the craziest story remind tight as anyone. Ever hits me up and says hey can you share the creepy story of your entire life. That happened with Ted and I in San Francisco's were wasted on a quest to get Wii U in the tenderloin and a bad area of San Francisco lot raining and then somebody hit up us hit us up. For some money. And then ten finally had to hit his breaking point. Easily rake is on the shortest one of the group rights easily really on me in my keepsake touching me. I'm playing in the lake stop touching me right aside no connection the other factor knows that going on and how we help. We are also on mushrooms at this moment okay say your your distorted vision of reality okay. There are laser focused they were laser focus that this was that greatly key for we delegates are going use them again you know east lake. Says something he's like what like you only because I'm black and I know what you think as a white I have money. So many are so is his dream I have a string list or else make up forty ounce bottle price. And he's got a like column apparently Paul now I just turned her house decelerate until we get that angry at this moment I'm thinking oh boy we're going to die. Yeah I look around Micah is there any content and of course don't cops like we don't need a cop bread that I look its economic. Ted's got to cut it yet and I can't rabbit shooter when Paul much straight Israelis are Disco throw it it's pouring he starts sliding down the street. And like loafers with no souls yeah. So it's is basically a crap kids are laughing matter of other homeless people are laughing at this guy is he slides and then tipped over. Yeah it was yeah it was insane and many serves calling out for a bunch of random people help him out BR ask as we know Ken black people white boys got there racism card. Oh yeah so but I mean yeah nobody was listening to not ever do is laugh and he was making up big names nor is saying attention. And so that now goes on the personnel were wet it's completely like thrown off because he doesn't expect any attack and keep in mind this guy I know he's he's friends with my meet her early age you movie series is he's the middle of the year if we are not the brand I like five times we show up on mushrooms I'm getting in fights on the street ovals people were asking him to take us. Round to go get we can we finally finally got its like poll always IDs and we'd just follow me into the Alley and we're about two and and finally a moment of clarity hits me delegates I don't know now there will wait right here you come back with the wheat. Because I think we're not going in the dark out. Perhaps turn me into this forlorn looking bedroom with two red on the wall miles west of corpus all class produce get back in a conversation he. And you know we we were so jacked up this morning all we're running right I live shots are going on people's girlfriend we go go bar words. Pounding shots there's like. The minute we want him secure mediator Meissner consider the ball or shrinking its kind of bars and big circle on the other and there's this. Too cute girls and a couple guys. We didn't even care. Texas like hitting on them from across we are you say sit down and and what's what's your version of game be hitting on someone because there's so many ways to hit on so after we asked. I'm telling you each rears its early us like this are you are feared when we were on fire we like century I don't ever I started but I citrix over and they like receptive like banks will Fiat her grave and under free drinks. Well. I probably there's a lot of Latino jurors can explain to you okay Stephen items on your it was all right yeah I think these dudes are getting pissed yeah. They were just going to play you know my cinnamon buying a drink that they're so worried anyway I can't even playing along just kind of turned a way to featuring similar wanted. And eventually I think drugs over to the dudes do yes we finally we had a moment of clarity right okay were kind of being do you learn how to be man. I was kind you all know we are mostly more often young black in that but the best marvel hi Amy back to reality was I go to the bathroom. And Elvis and I hear moaning sounds in the men's bathroom yeah I and I'm like ha. It's on China. Oh yes so either way it's like in knots and you wanna come out tomorrow and know almost a year or two different land grounds and final rounds I don't still riding high don't like them. It's a fearless yeah. Mike I know you guys aren't doing that a year like no no no no no finally I goes you're in San Francisco honey get used to. And in they're a sandbar but I got the app on attendants got a good word does a lot like Seattle sorry smoke on the word of bar on the edge that Castro something that I was lead they were probably more in the bright that we were just we are being disrespectful. You do well I don't know if you mean you're just being surprised is is not used to anyone banging in the restroom no let alone. You know so many are expecting to be banging in the restaurant and a peak yeah I mean rest I mean. Now I'm not trying to be all high and mighty is a fight to get away with it a restroom in an I have sort of actually it was caught a long time ago in a restaurant who. And in college hanging images singing. They had in the Himalayas not at this US. Hey Wesley I was trying to get away with murder in a bathroom and and I would do it again if I can you know I'm so I'm not saying like unlike in on on one of the level I'm liking Gaudin is taking it away with that but on another level I totally Sealy known wants African here at bat crap. You know but this sounds like a fantastic you come out. Other restaurant and I go to every easily and then asked how this quite rightly the guys across the way now it's like funny everybody likes us Stanley one ounce. We kept going and then finally our friend you're your acquaintance he finally got uses like you guys too much yeah like I you guys are saying they resent in my it was like Harold and Kumar movie but instead of white castle we were trying to get we'd ending if things got really dark we almost got murdered. We're in a bottle and somebody may have been out of your used to be a racist and I'll be your cup car. We say that this VP on a cop car yet at some point I started urinating on a cop car while yell what part of the cop car was at the high it is the front like how I went by the wheels. Kind of like on the hood. How what happens them all the time with homeless heat sink Protestant homeless guy probably pee on my car well while I'm usually not homeless guy while doing I just had. We found this said he couldn't. They're really Smart do you like a dog marks a fire hydrant so it's grade and then the next thing he we had lunch with the reports. Kind of stone from that we we got it up so bad ass of rainforest caf today. They're heroes or any chicken wings and every first down names awesome and they went global game. All I did that night I I but I hurled so bad because you drink so much. And woke up in the middle of the night and I just hurled so much I I didn't realize until next morning I would just like. Drove two black eyes but I broke every blood vessel in my face. Beating get punched you were just getting crazy and probably distress like burst your vast also is. You're you're getting from you Kim GUC yes it is ridiculously awful now go to a bowl game and we're going to go see I don't know I'm a big university email and finance their way in boulder team Giants Stadium right to baseball's. So there's is awesome bar across the street I would. Meet the mailing people I saw right when Beers again. He drowned or he's just a not for Europe by Unser won here is different and familiar with all the I told Steve McMahon I'll buy tickets of the game out of the hotel you just pay for your flight and get down there. So let me get to the kids are brought mushrooms as a guest yeah. We get a game grew wide side we're in the front row of this massive mail and section halfway through the game I'm leading cheers yes right to present either here or there must still very just in heavily. And he greeted as some might have been all right I was deathly waste all died and he's got the whole place chanting and you've got these like like panda eyes either. People call like dude didn't fight lest I make the I think that's a question you said yes there's sort of an await cooler story how do you burst blood vessels by throwing op in your eye area I don't know I don't know we drink so much we itself the other great car was really admitting to someone did beat their release somebody did I don't rap guy you and I don't remember it in and how to and I stood up on the on the approved of what. That's our first sat there a bit why. Everything he made an announcement for everyone yeah I'll my guy and then went home I called my buddy I do know about this a year later everybody else does Damien. You don't you called in late pocket Al menos I don't know which you and your body were talking about me is. You gave more than twenty minutes speech about light because it got me fired up. All I don't know much of the funniest moments there's some reason so we're all on the same night as is almost denies this and again was the next night yeah. All like two days all of this track is going on this is like a movie you know about only 24 hours of I am kind of like down in the bachelor with a hangover hangover on the C my my memory is is fine I'm just having brain fart sounds like Harold and Kumar gas super bad meets the hang over all on one weekend for ten culminating in a Rainforest Cafe have all epic things. Which is one of the best parts of it Steve was late. It really should it was the best at the time I was fresh off a break up the boys are ready to party. Oh yeah we were going hard it was a blast and then I'll never forget though as he's real he's chance so. It's raining at two games. And today handed out is up promotional items it gave everybody these Marilyn ponchos. Which are really cool like they're like you know people onto the hood CI way you do get wet. But here's the profile. They were white ponchos. So we're gonna sit Turks and read just the low turnouts overall she's a white puncher so it looked like we were gonna. Slid around. A little pointy. So all that's fantastic outlook so you been accused of racism once already and I leave that now donor list. Now you're wearing tents on your head and now all fairness if I don't really zone did on this book wasn't at around wearing this well if they're giving my offer free everybody in our plans. And thank you could probably did enough on her bed is black or white you were all wearing someone knew that would be a funny joke and they dumped her I think he's big didn't really. They didn't think about how it's going to look when everybody's act you know these powerhouse Harlem right at what he's barely more daylight that night and I won't handle quite punch Jerusalem majesty wreck and Perry sure that's all they thought. As they didn't put hoods on and it would have been a great idea. You know let I think the kkk is ruined white robes for every one like wild what are we did it take. Take back the white broke some point need matter hunts. You know because like why can't that like the day they they messed that up like it before early kkk that was on an offensive side right they messed sat and sun. I don't do you really say cheats. Yeah in general. I have I have like that she's designing and racists probably cash every Susan tell you what it vet that worries me of Seattle looks like Iran all pass so I showings racism and state and I'm. I guess it remains in Seattle again in the social justice warriors alike to pretend to really make issues are issues you know we'll take would be. I can't that's probably has appointed. What do some down sides some girl was wearing it for up from Arab thing she's wearing a dress that was up Asian inspired I wanted to. Blurted. Typical I don't know I'd have put their deal with that just looks like your camera. It has the cut some Mona I don't know you don't work at trying to hole sat me it comes outfitted. All look at plan. Rightly. It's been in video gaming use everybody see you see excuse of a cultural appropriate since that's crap I had not sewed and we used began to be multi cultural now people are like if it's like you Wear something that's not of your culture your accused of you know all races and I think this is just it's being taken too far their people their speed extreme in their. They're they're hostile they're trying to shut down like free speech by carnival races and I've. I've not seen an are not racists Nazis like car. If there they're crazy people of this girl clearly wasn't doing it to be funny or anything she just she won like the draft yeah I had people just beaten her up over that's so awful like it ten years ago would have been a good thing it's yet to be multi cultural and now people are accused of racism for wearing something that's new and different. Yellow weary and draw a line for Furl is slaying white conscious what does not out there's not a distinctive line it's that easy but I think there is lines. Against a lot of people around the world that wouldn't dress you know. Rank and less is Halloween which I think I fully support Halloween I don't believe that's where I was saying there's certain religious the the only one that I I'm. Then I'm I'm kind of thinking of is the biggie. Which is a religious. All kind of thing and then when you go to festivals have you noticed rocket them I can tear people coming. Quite assault yeah right I mean I really cheap cheap I remember right how to grow and impeach his wife for awhile is the drop in one person ever mattered she had that indeed. I think glued to your head every goes on I knew it he sieve or something else like. Scum kickers thank. Wasn't expecting that the and you think with mostly sings unfortunately it's kind of like dealing with the FCC you're not gonna know what the line is the across. Yeah but really some people like create lines I agree and that religion be there they're like. You're racist because of this like the other day you know axe murder was accused of being racist he told some guy stopped coughing on him is that what you racist. It's like no you're pretty Costin on meego and hoping go over Larry you know like. People jump right to this kind of like you're not tearing those giant home ax murderers her. That the united yeah that's right that's right exactly it's a given name birth given an axe murderer got that this code name for for our purposes I just I think like it's just it's being taken to attend like ridiculous extremes and it has been easy as people to go like freedom of speech is like. You're racist so you don't have the right to talk now it's like first I'm not a racist. But yeah I mean in Cano you guys know on March liberal feminist type person and even I'm like super you're only I was social and health Questar NL west are right and I'm I'm irritated by the social justice warriors might really yeah Leno leave the girl with the dress. It's like a couple of harmless probably got a look at the clock go it's off to yeah I don't know work we have some pushups and do we got a jet bound to have some fun again to decide awesome song yeah. We muses on in San Francisco. As we work. Bullying the city. I don't care that's very before battles there it's so great so and I've among my favorites or did I am afraid if you've ever heard how was he tonight that is not our and no we don't get in fight for the homeless people. I know you're around people when they're with their significant other that's ridiculous. And I usually am OK it was two men having sex in the bathroom. Just don't wanna see it as well as entertainment life here wash your. It's an average PGM homosexual men desperate to Atlanta with two years ago I can't. That's a whole other so and so they Damon love you know I want to give me hope that their penis it's it's touching the flag is das. And I want to give up my I'm getting the women's bathroom. I can be fun I. I'll save I don't hear that stops choose your pronoun room for one more. Hey hey hi I'm sorry. Also on Twitter at the may cast Juliette fret take Ali AM that's that's me I'm tiller the baby yeah us. And I'm really disappointed that you give birth to him during this podcast while we still have another men nets. So I talk a spicy. I can start doing that held occur occasion I was talking about earlier. We'll see guys chip and.