MegaCast  05/10/17  “Happy Mother’s Day"

Wednesday, May 10th

This week the fellas attempt to call their moms to celebrate Mother’s Day…we also learn from Ted why we should take our shirts off, and Migs shares some great words of wisdom from Diamond Dallas Page! 

Mega Playlist: 

Push Ups:  DJ Khaled – “I’m The One”

Green Day  – “Bang Bang”.

Jimmy Eat World  – “Get Right”.

Florence and the Machine  – “Too Much”.

Avenged Sevenfold  – “The Stage”.

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Ladies and gentlemen. Steve never. What have these advanced. One of those shows Steve uphill pretty good run up against cal yeah. White skirt. One step closer to maybe making a baby's head and I'll hop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. Humble man knows the strangest text of the students were you at a loss Tuesday to talk to us how good he may be better than a cup. It's my aren't they dead from a collection. Collapsed I buy that the attic like. There Ivan took a picture decided it was my joints are Barbara Munson are what did seabirds game last night. And I says so in the picture and he's like her are you showed me a picture of you cranking it might low. That's before it just me or rice is self give me in the clutch your music is that brown bag where you gonna end up putting your stuff my yup yeah that's exactly where wham but ops. I don't want people do you semi messages. About that we've talked pretty freely about this that the struggles of a bringing. A future net beauty Ted Smith okay. Incidents were all childbearing kind of threat and it's been an up uphill battle is for him I'm not a bore you guys are all the details let's just say. We jump to another step. And it's an exciting step because stop both. Yeah certificates and it's an expression is that it. Sorry I should do much like an effective step one there's step to a step three. We're at stepped to actually step two works because if you step to doesn't work. I'm gonna have to refinance my house of who won a big step three happened to step three is the world of five figures. Yeah I'm in a local investments and helping out upstarts joining I don't know if I can invest in a baby down I don't know the out the alcohol the athletic prowess of this kid right part comes out usually I play hockey I don't think it's a good investment. What do we didn't kick starter and did the did you ever baby who put it did. Zero hopefully it means we don't have to do that but now we're out that the other step which is now like you know maybe they claims of sub that puts themselves in places and how is after all night from my stuff. Very weird. We need doing that. Because in my head a Mike while they're good when they realize that my wife we are ready the I have like a 24 hour window to get there it's like I'm Kiefer Sutherland all the summer running out of time so I had a canceled due in the making it makes cast because but you still get to have sex is time. We are we do all today and that's the best parts where do they do all that stuff the lady just nonchalantly and our sleaze that will make sure you have in the course tonight and also tomorrow I might call her doctor is my arm. And how it'd Hebert game last night's I in the home it's like 1030 in the patent in the evening gas and sids asleep now my. She's got a wake up doctor is right media is vitamin do you. It could be that fracture your right. You've got to get a you want a baby is bass belly got a ticket now straight to make it's not my dear child like that so anyway. Out for those jobs there you can just keep could Dotson not. Hopefully will have great news and a couple weeks if you don't hear any a couple of semi remembering he's not cannot come out at a good on the net like a bomber stop it's not that but dale. This would be awesome if it works out and nom of course. Because you know let's get all the stuff out of the library it's very exciting times I wife he didn't hear the mace Jess Jess today I kind of kept it may on the line because you know I don't really. Wanna get too into detail online and appreciate if anyone that's listening doesn't get into deeds on line because. This is not where I want things to live I'm not that kind of a guy don't do that kind of stuff on on social media. But for those that do listen I just wanna kind of give you guys who. The news because well you've been there for the journey and I really appreciate that. Yeah that's awesome but did I think you know it's different for immune sin here talk about it disk in this kinda elements yeah. When you put stuff out you sort of answer questions about them on Twitter is public and it's not the same and the number two is you don't know what's gonna happen. So let's say. Get out it is the worst case scenario and you can't have a child who he knew what you don't want that stuff out there right. He replying to that could I yeah exact that's why satellite and a couple weeks if I don't have awesome awesome news either that means were still being kind of cautious who released the news or. We don't have good news and remember. Not having good news is might the world coming to an end meg no one's dying nobody hurt nobody is you know assist this is would be awesome new chapter into our lives but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it was meant to be but we're doing everything we can to make it happen yet but that vitamin DJ. What do we get things rolling we allies about relate with the push of these guys are so let's get the persons under the way of course if you're new to the mega cats we do push ups because what's our way to get ready for the podcast and we expect you to dorm as well because you need to be a 100% there of whipped us so so what way to get the heart race in the blood pumping in the brain function name and this one's head is for you. All long journey into our number one on the billboard do you look at that isn't morgues and I am and if I bring a child into the world I. And it's a pretty solid Z so yeah. And I'll let him nine. I know Pablo from me ghost chance no chance chances first day went into their own little way how to write the coastal areas here. The lawyers are trying to live mega scrambling lately it. In general. It's. Reasons. It's. And John first. Now they checked out of his mind soft snow line. That's actually listening to it and headphones in the spirit that I mean right now the excitement that's going through my body. On which it's awesome chances verse is so sick father reach out to go back and listen because Jess is person I mean we did down and old old episode a mega Kessler really geek out about arm action Bronson. And his verse on that now one songs pretty as it was pretty blue yes and worries they just listening all the things he hopes his. At scads yet Soviet fired U job of Fridays on a Friday couldn't that the before what is the others like you say that she put -- booty on a Gucci belt. I Taurus. Starring. He takes me. All right hear me out on this are all now how I'm not suggesting. But Jews stay out of shape I'm not in great shape right now all the work. Or we don't go to the gym in this and that I'm not suggesting that I feel like doesn't talk I need to hear joining us suggests the they've pitched a bit since I met somebody that met somebody I know somebody that I didn't know had lost a bunch await. We are talking Iraq going down stuff and they mechanic and fight it lakes. I'm a little a lot about my body. How host site. I guess my point is this isn't like he no matter what the shake your man it's summertime if you're dude he shared a slim man you can thinking lake. Except that he put so harsh on their own bodies or whatever like I just. I don't know it took me years to get over that and I distinctly. They just such just such a great feel it. Let I look back it fat kids at what I. You'll certainly surely more Red Sox followed Simon Murray you don't sort of shirt you don't really think about their side like what's wrong with this guy ticket damp shirt off nobody terrorists. Yeah that's just what that person said that to me because because they look they're fit now I was just like Hough and I just that's always my thing is late. I fat hairy dude like I'm sure it was like I had just you know does that worry it's a little flat on your arm. It's funny supposed yesterday I was walking from my car to me to put the boys before it's Hebert came to go eat some chopper know shout out Jay what about this cat. It's a whole whole whole whole court. He's in a bad place about the penguins so I must Texas you like what is number I'll give a GA I evaluation should totally harassed him because I usually touch with him during the games he's a big penguins in my body. Our content of course habitats and there right now in the middle of a massive. Playoff battle where the cats are one win away right. Snatch game seven tonight all you watch she did are definitely give use number which has been a house of horrors sort of sea floor it's an art always beats the caps Americans live Arizona beyond this group sad song created groups that so we're all on it but I do my part for you caps fans I don't watch the games. I sobbed watching the two neighbors games in Los institute I swear to god I got home last week. And they were obviously was like Friday lighter stuff that they were up two nothing with three minutes ago. Its first horse to holes the last three minutes just like turned it off a section you watch nip and and they want an overtime far idyllic it's got the point my cousin Tom Hutton begin tonight is laid out those caps are not watching he has. Deer Park don't watch Wednesday that. Not weird if it works. Hope fled new amid some walking to go meet governor I know we're gonna do all you can eat enemy eat like a pagan as I'm walking in ACA reflection of the buildings yet there. And I'm looking Imus and Mike almighty god this shirt it's too snug on me. You can see my moves are just like there are fired tonight my style make but I was just feel like a fatty as I get really bummed about it has gotten a little insecure and then recently have been kind of like going to a little bit of not the not massive amount of pressure but there was one day Iraq had a Roscoe and I had Indian food for lunch. And then soon after that I had teriyaki for lunch and then soon after that I song buying got myself frosty do you not to my wife I would get all deny any of this in my efforts if you bring the sucks yes to I had three launches basically for launch within an hour I was still hungry as they. That kind of a week I saw Mike really being bombed them a kind look at the mess in the US are paying attention everyone around me and my. My god looks kind of like a mess too I just I love like to be like party shaming carmike. He's got his own issues probably series walking around very happy. Tests are they economic nobody is judging me and it's funny to them kind of surgery just the other guy enough but I guess that I needed to see economic. We're all kind of have an art is she's probably with a weak or issues with whatever it may be we're all in this together like I don't need to completely crap all over myself. As I'm walking to go eat. And be bummed about it don't think you know what I am glam action we also so self concern I've got out of all the woman that loves me for who I am and my vitamin. Armed and chased away eighty pounds more I now and I get my nervous I'm gonna go back down that road you know. I can I I let's forget your act that wrote this man beaten three lunches is kind of what I. Let's just get it. Paying cash. There was also but the bottom could make me feel good when I'm saddened all you trust me that's our biggest issue I have full page I have a bad relationship some types of food is it's like. Let's celebrate let's look at some food from the press that's that's the food. Court let's let's put boot. Everything. Involves crude for me you're watching TV I she needs something to. Driving home kind of tired as he did something yeah. If you could actually say did you ever do it defect got big Jew or somebody like mention this city you like you know like the specifically pygmy goat. I can't this morning we're talking about a certain group to comply yeoman a Michael I got to go to mr. dogs all this it kinda. Yes I don't know real landmarks I can't tell you were like cool things are now like actually I have historical significance. But I'll tell you were attacked civilians in Seattle. Dude I had attacked Saturday. It's freaking goodness look if you had strong that I am I. He's that guy can't go fruity. But that's Textron he has so much what you record it's a good look at the minute hitch your mouth your dislike. It's like African food orgasm. Comtex early Saturday and was like hey man they don't have a looking night like ticket just like eat some pizza there are gonna sound there's game concept car had a couple Beers. At this I just exit back up the dude. I literally just mounted helmet a twelve inch let's put it now. I can live two hours across much. Hopefully this is the worst type attacks because I'm always stick up for pizza but I was like sorry dude like I'd just crushed us. You know before we take a break I wanted to calm about bottle like a jet talked yes upset. More leniency towards the end you get out of shape facility sale like. Get the beach it goes limit. Don't sweat it everybody's outlook and match yet. And to be honest if there's some teenager that smiles or something while it's a teenager and don't sweat and embroil you know not only about that maybe your neighbor's dog she. No I don't I don't have to include everybody has those things seem I had it like. Yes how about like god bless you like maniacs and be unhealthy but like don't don't beat yourself up I know I do it you do it we all do it but at the end of the day you know no one else is gonna beat you up Mike your beat yourself up and nor does zero really paying attention I give here. At a beach shirtless nobody's gonna be like oh my god I simply do. Guys shirtless put a shirt on man. Some tasty zoom boobs yet it's about a mayor just feel bad about it just so I'm on a beach or river somewhere fat with man proves it really scary. Yes you are right and I'm in my bathroom dancing watching my boobs jiggle. I'll do that hits it back to volatile session that beavers are. That's always freely do I thought well I wanted to do you I first loaded the song I was gonna make fun of you about it like I was like all man I can't wait I could. This is going to be the one song where Ted and I do not see I'd I this is not going to be our summer theme song. And then the more I listen to it almonds and it's pretty infections and Mike doing and working in my it's in my head. We haven't sent was right back out well how letter from world star hip hop. So I wanted to play one quick clip before I get out here rob for dinner break pomp and let's say or how I don't dog. It's also limited Ted talk us watching to Demi did you resolve. And in touch sincerity we don't have no life annoyed news watch anything that's on the Demi did your network obviously our boy diamond Dallas page regarded him on the mega cast I think UB an awesome. Awesome decimated Qassam two we can make it happen. Eat I mean he gave a Ted talk for his speech. And I and there are many great moments odd time I grabbed a bunch damages up by a couple amends kind of call of the day but I here's what worries talk about how he used to watch. He's wrestling matches with Jake the snake Roberts because Jake would pull no punches and just home when he socked tired and I thought it was a really cool Clint any. Me and it was a brutal matches yeah terror attacks but you'll move from winning you learn from losing. We're all now. That's how low. And that was a really cool one I think that some day I've always told anyone that goes in a radio don't be afraid to make mistakes in the way I've learned how to be what I am and some people look at me and high regard. Make a lot to do this and now Mike. I've ever stop a lot man and I learned from those mistakes. I just those same mistakes twice paint touch analysts say a dollar mistake you don't learn from outside. Ice time where street that you need Jim diamond Dallas page leads you to close a good speech. He's dusty roads jury was one actually when I first watched this I I tweeted it out because it just so like. It was just such a cool wanted to give something that all of us could learn a little bit from and let's let's listen to before we take a break but it's he's taught my dusty roads and now you're having a a rough time in probably in March I have hot times. Probably in. One night. All I I was like Joseph dream you know that everybody an opportunity and I know I'm never gonna be you're home or Rick I don't know that the world championship. It doesn't look real quick and get ready for the breast dusty roads impressions. Hi. But they won't get any burner. He makes my eyes. What did you just say. Now you're kind of smooth. OK exactly my known for being you know Warhol he goes no no. And some vitamin. EG. I still warm her around the world champion doesn't work. And what the hell are you doing before. You can make it. I don't remember when set after that but I remembered weeks. What I did it it was okay had an excellent club. In our. Proven over and Hezbollah. Okay I'm wrote our move be the world champion in five years. Okay. Passionate water designer. If you all its. And those are sausages and how likely that you have and ends. In less than five years and about four years and change he became champ. Nice how cool is that. That's pretty almost to the date night when he wrote the note. He became Jeb I don't that was pretty damn good arguing DDT yearly that he's more famous and neither of those guys out now yeah and he has nothing to do wrestling he judging people's lives and let me help him I I still swear by DD BO don't do it every day but I do it at least a couple times a week to secure my body illusive man if I do and I think I'll just be out. A a cranky old man complain about my back hurt my right shoulder my knees are certain to pick it. It's pretty amazing in diamond Dallas page is just one awesome dude we're renting a break you know we come back we're gonna hopefully do something fun Ted. All right we're gonna talk Tora mothers all right we'll see how that goes. I'm excited for the sake of the usual trepidation I do as I recall my father Jeff yeah I think your mom is all the less of a loose cannon an old app for how oh yeah professional Fatah in my mom's morally sad and in my dad. So yeah. We'll get the mine was a mega cast returns. Is life really hard is the world's full of things that are difficult to understand do you ever wish there someone you could just explain to you how everything works. Yeah can't you. No real issues here at Chevron missed in the army CNN I don't I read it and can class. Introducing the lens and new subscription service sends real life millenniums to your door you can explain or lands plane literally any. Things just a Mullins played so much to me about culture. She introduced me to almost every food AP fourteen links I took the job for twenty years but until image so people. I didn't realize how little I knew about my own business. And I'm pretty sure she runs a. You're gonna start a full of Grammy and I thought climate change was really bad and then some fashion moments clean teeth it was actually really. Yeah so far outweigh and from. I'm a tendency to get my. Back to the show. Cowboys so a lot of people always wonder what we do the making jets like are you guys prior record a bunch of things and you like piece it all together and create this podcast. Our tundra we have to record an interview but we. Demo inserted to make it all seem tough cycles of socked right right absolutely. But served for the most part I'd say 90% of the time that we do this maybe gas we hit record on the machine. And we treated like it's a live radio show including the commercial break so yeah you don't like pause tape. Edited or anything like we just. Back minute and a half there we take a break would take over headphones season inappropriate stuff to each other and we come. The life yet sometimes it's hard to sit in a whole conversation in that little break and did not like crap or come back we'll come back Myanmar commercial breaks that we need to sell more. Advertising to seek clients. Armed I got to save Larry my cousin is even likely that lake the makes cast in the podcasts to music I like debate cast just sounds let's for professional. But Felix watch is like a pot castle yeah I mean that's kind of how we do it. That's awesome here because I've been Tom. Dude our podcast is getting on a lot of pub in the industry is I'm. Is crazy like eight he got talked about I guess it and may be bomb I which is a big National Association of Broadcasters and yet brought up at the worldwide radio summit it was in a blog on XM radio trade in a Mike. This is all really weird princess shots are are dude SaaS he stood. Working Seattle and is now like doing stuff in the consulting brownies really focused on podcasting as being on a new medium and he's using us. As an example to be like hey you looking for. Angles on how to do a podcast with ten and Steve are doing is it's bringing a morning show host and an afternoon show host together to make a podcast and it's it's creating unique. Entertainment fur at their fan base and so on can now hit up by different people in the in the industry. And like hey Kelly about what you're doing because I imprint in the morning show person and I do nights and I like that's pretty freaking cool. That M one of the things they say they beat some kind of create structure pissed at least that way you have an idea what you're doing and then from there you go into whatever you want Matt's our structures to treat it like it's a radio show you exactly bring all this up because we're about to call our moms yup and we haven't Bob. Set this up and advance this isn't going to be like to do where we are already recorded it and we know what's going to be awesome. And we're just inserting it into this episode I have no idea my mom's going to answer you have no idea if your mom's going to answer. Yeah I also gotta say I was for Al I'm 36. Yeah 4044. CR I'm 39. Yeah I was forget you're blitz even though 36 of forty year old males so like. I don't know man connect your mom my first I got. They've done a great at lake monster you know you can caller Maureen if you want to might have to price is karma. My mom threw man you want a car that that's totally fine or local file don't surprise because what I would say that the course where friction adults. Like like I said but he's back easy it's just different. Like I buddy Bernie I've just never calls mom by her saying it's always this G news grid that that's funny though yeah yeah I doubt I'd. Everybody part of Iraq cause parents Suze and Larry it's stunning it's just you certain people so. Your old school Brooklyn due to the let me just make sure I'd add. My mom of the jet and and this is going to be fumble try my mom first I have to there's no guarantee that shall answer there's also no guarantee that she's not enjoying to Jack Daniels nice she's retired she loves her Jack chills or whiskey cokes. I'm so you know. Sometimes it. My mom when she is a couple drinks America which is awesome regardless but like she is how hilarious so college we're gonna call present happier I'll drop. Maybe like okay image of the system for stories on an up turn this phone non wounds you turn this guy earned. Yeah we got that Ali Al Arab soap are doing okay. That the that the winner people can tell with a DR. I would remember when David Letterman used to like kind of like home over them and I always thought that he did that so that nobody could grow but what will always calling yeah. But fingers crossed my mom or my dad answers. The content at all. Seek again this is not to previously don't want our strategy hello we are not available now that your taxes I think so. Are with us. Boon docks at numbers out how she. Should be. Family would be that some collier says I doubt you write about Mary Mary. Please answer my home. An earlier answer Spencer Israel at all nervous. Tells audiences weird number and low we are not that there's there are no well. And it's. Well just what they do not know dude that's a very good points on the trying to find my dad's cell phone number and I never call myself I try not Smits and. Sounds and you. Can't you see him hit you publicize its broad flight it. Hit my mom I have she's is that the green turtle Eaton he. Do you wanted to Terrell it's a watched. Her own inquiry into an automatic voice message for the best artists is that a lot of these missed calls are coming from the studio right right they're gonna start calling this number so look to make. Guess Steve you know is actually SI ST you to another if you station so I'm allowed to have his. Forte which is going to be adhered to and he shipped to the public review Reagan it's gonna your parents there. And yeah. Why it's why am I not growing up now he's in my name attached how did you get hotline number who are you. Tandem also from New York gala bit of a New York where crowds. You know chances now part of the family he's dominant Thanksgiving at its heart while we try your mom your tickets in town you come into lakes. Swing nine grabbed me and I got to squeeze and retention of that war these aren't you literature. Actually. We like this can't guidance. How sad note Steve I just such a hole clear on the black and white cooking the other day you know each line and his hand painted the PI didn't. Where you want to know specials on the ice pick up the tickets like for repaired a certain moment in Poland starting world. Who we are divided. Your mom was an answer. Mom. Catching heat because of Steve this year you're on the mega cap. Son mom. She's not doing a great area. Say he's but we wanted to call there was you're happy early mother's thank you have a mother stamp out. He got it handed on get hit a very I'm and you see you. Out of an exchange and mob takes her answer because Steve's mom refused to answer his some calls. We are she she she tried home you'll see Colin now would you mind I tried to home I tried to slow no answer. Yeah I'll ever prop 200 restricted to an eighty that you can get by. I'll see I thought I might do that. That's a good point why also it's right. Our multicultural itself like this I'd put it on speaker on my cell phone for that reason and instill an answer and children do not claim they don't love means. Ball. I'm. And adopt and body count show your and I like the way decent at the rolls off the Toms Steve says sounds too. It was a great player for the Edmonton Oilers yeah I Steve Smith which is fast off player Jill and our football player while yes yeah. I catch balls and she pucks at CN Smith thank you could do you know and we make a lot of good food would you go BR Italian. I don't develop the. I have a lot of cut cut open and into a bit. I'll tell you talk you know maybe. This is how that I was somehow lessen my arms there she's not strategist at the eternal grant and Dwight. I pictured in my my clock Rocco Mediate trying to get a guy. Missed opportunity there now does is my parents are ignoring me and it took a while to get him to not answer the phone off. Okay check close race you're calling is out because Mother's Day is just around the corner ala Madonna would be fun to to get our moms on eight it was you guys are happy Mother's Day but also I've got a refund to hear your favorite memory. As being the mom of. I don't depends on the evening Wear out after only get it isn't clear yet sure I'm awful club I'll call when we're. Bob is right here in Seattle you don't call me a sign yell mommy your boy a I see Ted Smith immediately proceed with a double each song right hot hot hot hot hot checks out. Extreme skins for you know. All I put her in our own and are you from the governor rescue. And at a at a steady Brothers are brutal act of remembering your fighter. I'm nice memory could hit on. When he million Middle East to pick up tethered in the yard and bring an entry that was I pretend that fell for the third. Once one time he. They've adopted a big dog nick came in he didn't detect tub. And all of a sudden this strange darker yeah. That was his that was just think printers on the. Well they're the ones doing the little dog rain into the town and no one has hug in the giant dog and everybody is. I could die cardiac I knew we were all Prado and I would dog became into the getting where I go outside and I'm in the backyard hug in the sense of the home. I'll have a leg like this animal whisper and collecting feathers bringing stray dogs in and how six. Look he's gotten out. The top story it's hilarious there's a little talk stretch in front door they opening. He runs in takes your glove the left extradition to the we're out in the bathtub jumps and oh my gosh ancillary their dogs generally are fired up to go on the walker. What else arcade though but it can headed in the right confession because I don't even keeping younger though when he reached in kindergarten. We be Christian militia idea waiting outside news. It came in we can't want it taken so long to get out hawkish. But generally. It walked Rampage and chatted with people pretty much are sure he does now right aria. So brings he brings Brothers into the stations very weird. To be chewed them up aren't I I. Okay that's right Clinton she's the good people solid point pretty good about it I mean you probably DT. We are tired and they are tired but I brought us Brothers and oh yeah and it didn't turn. You can. You got to give them an embarrassing one to that I'll. I own. How much did you ever during the Romany thank. How are hurting one hockey at all. And it you know thinking about art Stanley I'm I illustrates fortune and all my brother and harder in my. Kids at all played sports so they grew up to and scorched a huge thank you all and you know we've pretty much if you need you wouldn't do wrenched ferry hit a ball pretty hard me straight accurate check it. New. Re young Amazon led to add it on your Iowa he's sort. Steve. Heard. About another resident parents not my kid out of our is a got to go oh my brother Chris likes to tell the story TO. But also in T ball I had an unassisted triple play third base again. In now technically Steve Begin got rained out so it didn't go to to officially in the books still do that there really don't know that part yeah. Yeah they don't talk about began to feel. I'm a hard drive bad third. Different sec was a moron and then am good I'm Bob goes into the internals. They're all like our own Chad mad unassisted triple play there's a plaque give maternal actually compete. It's pure English and only got an oil goes up when it rains. All of a ha are are. We account so you need to do out here and he's. And then picking cotton I'm not a component or group loses a I don't know this. How we don't director of our Mother's Day don't you auto brunch and hang out Chris and kids. They're human they should do content that they needed I can get tried to China what. Out secrets probably over the weekend and talked on that are. I'm going to be a weird when my brother is not eat anything outside his brand. We really need what's his world like isn't just accidentally break that hammers are. Errors gay tickets avalanche coming tomorrow from potatoes and somebody came to visit knives again as you'll get sued she's I don't eat sushi don't think. It's. There he did tell me heated I think you're reviewing it and he gave you can't just like him and he said that's what they have these drunken noodle sign and. Noodles are good was drunk removal. I have no idea. It's like that third lake generally are people gonna type treated like pat guys. Gotcha gotcha I saw the early drunken deposit SX remember rob madre in those all pay out now I got you. Well right off heat. A any kind she he went to Starbucks and it can work but still really strong stuff to some cops. And he needed like copper and for the rest impeached and they wouldn't Shalit Chong could play gets. The edge they think they're ruled like if you only. It could make you sicker I get a heart attack assumption he's convincing this woman pretty much don't march to Hamachi each coffee he doesn't drink it eight Varitek can never content should catch Starbucks and finally get the manager actions and Jody to predicate to that I thought that was a funny story. That's hilarious yet the price themselves or like I skip this guy had in his place not just on occasion tomorrow night about our policy should. Writing that I hate yourself by can I get a couple years reconcile. Any beauty of the language he didn't it would equality grow on day or whatever all you prices sixteen ounces. True truck packed academic. Cause them hard and applause thanks to the amount. Sure Jack Bogle will give Oregon not that will take a break and we'll try -- -- at least we got one of our moms on and the coolest one that's right yes you X. Template thank you all very much interest crony Carlyle did not talk to this weekend that he can't escape Italian Brothers that. Gay kid or guy let's. I will William take a quick break we're gonna collect some time tomorrow we get back we'll hopefully get a hold in my parents house lately I doubted golf with him one more chance or shot normally guys of course of course my starts are the ones at Dallas. Yeah. Or is it. I see your mom was awesome yeah. Too much is never enough. Especially when it comes to the hello oil and metal concert will be back. And introducing. Forward so they use the truth ever. The new floor and 8050. Three quarter tombstone pizza I had the new 2000 sushi is a one ton monster sushi no longer than any draconian rule yeah. Get to the car behind you you conceded two cars in the event alone NATO and let's not forget will. Army needs thousands choose to use so why did drives on both the lines of the root of the same time. Let's go to woman named. Ruth oh. Gas is cheaper again so why don't you own room at the new rude all 8050. There's no getting around. Literally. The hole you're. I'm sorry. Josie is a bench seven fault. Even if you don't Conosoga life yet they they just kickass slot that's right to debate and it seemed the most slot and indexing of seven or eight times this. I'm kind of enticing the most like might be Pearl Jam. I might just like hi Simon might lose local brands of dog program the local Rambo like I mean I saw I. I've played some Asian import of wood Harvey danger and then Death Cab for Cutie I've lost track like when we were first all new bands yet both of those fans are seeing. Twenty plus times because of either playing with them or. Or or or just going to see them yet. I've cited pro jamming Green Day might be the two bands they've seen the most for me it's events unfold and house chains. All thousand James is up there too I mean think about that deprive pretty close to those guys could come and double digits for Pearl Jam. I know I am in Pearl Jam. I'm pretty German double dues for Green Day and I am probably around like 98 or nine for Alice in Chains yeah like seven or eight for revenge like five or six rally outside every time to an end and I'll always go see them. Yeah I will have tried as former time. Outline a way through. My mom's send him tax. She forgot to mention she's going to the beach with my sister Melissa sure to put that out there Jim Weaver out. Pick. It up but you that you. That's awesome how. I love coming out so. And it. It caught cannot be completed and stabbed. Samba and try your call again. CC 001. I know. That's on the number you. But it's what is my mom know about her why she answered my dad's cell phone a little worried parents OK I don't know me and they don't. I know my dad is okay because last night you like about earning in my pictures he's. Emeritus out of retirement oh I was. I'd bet I give up. Its that would anti bomb podcast tips we're wasting your time. We do not. See this week's episode guys out numbers the last ten general pat pat pat cash app. Are pleased that answer. And now it's going to be make up uphill battle to explain. Why am I going through like number will own dad. Yeah our guys are calling from either radio station that's why am I I'm a call from an unrestricted phone number. Always wondering who'd do who who are you know what people everybody you know. Said Stevens and I merely god Ted member tell when my grooms and pro mod the wedding out details on the career. I event. Aren't Eric yeah you are doing when do it would really doing a podcast we. We will because Ted's mom on the podcast or I gonna Khalil we do and the Mother's Day special one of which. I'm happy Mother's Day to mom but also a wanna call and begin to touch yes have been happy had a Brett back. Anke Bernanke grandeur and we went in the botanical garden yet it was earlier who here. It was a very nice in Brooklyn is a nice Alley got both up. He's an air yeah. I'm. A happy early Mother's Day mom. Yeah and we heard Sydney in the background and it you know not mellowed out. That's Ted that's just me Ted laughs and I know granted to him about your name you broke born we don't know all. Six so I thought I'd like that doesn't sound like cigarette. We do recognize bad laughter everywhere her Teddy bear celebrity changed style I gotta say thank you again for all the leftovers Steve rehearsal dinner. I hate great three day it's. Eight yard Sherri you have an. Long live we're wondering though like goods that we had died Ted. Mom on our podcast and she sheds some fun stories some embarrassing and some just fun about her favorite memories about Ted and we got her rude. Get my mind to see if she has any fun or embarrassing your favorite memories about myself. Well I'd be reported to the point do you and your friend you're great you're curious chair. That's right. Our hall that's right annually and while you're marketing you Ollie kind of an Angel the whole time. I've turned my regarding Britain Groenenberg. I would agree you didn't look. Like their both their parents are selling out are simply. That yet and everybody could play about a brother. Com my anger in his own mind. Please see if there was any of merit being true to you I really think that would be embarrassing all of our country and yet another time musical. Suddenly your patience. And it would be great in all we can it be makes me remember that many years ago. And they end memorandum bird dime even when candidate. Here is you and I hey you and I and I don't like Fred Berlin hampered our programs are achieved that beat you up. And I can't I think fifteen. And you did not NRA life that I wanted to let the whole world know they do all of us. And got a big laugh from that remember that payment. Like duke. And all of us like 25 and still wait a minute or maybe. I should be greatly need right yeah UAE. Or eighteen or nineteen yeah right around that time. She. Redman yeah I mean they got completely ignore it well yeah you are at the derby how all of look forget that. We had talked bad about that. Are connected through stronger you know our poor Michael are you either caught I caught it and maybe it might have a golden ready put it a mechanic. So are you show a boredom up ground to root for the Motown who entered student I'm battered home. Nobody it is summer time newspaper browser. Well we all are valid and experience to prevail lost their lives and to package could feel stale beer and liquor. I got over that. That we didn't get hurt your credit score while you bird woke up looper who what bit. Are no problems on sound asleep but also in the teaching jobs in honor guard won't know I'm real security at a global oil. It's not a big no no no word on their meal would go thirty to get he's. I'm Bob got to begin big gap between god would you call despite demands. Don't want to putter for a probable case. She's the kinda nice to fire escape latter. Are now we have a fire him like he club might do it of that on the patio jumped up until like that led to the patio pulled himself up that's how we would get in every Turkey's. And and it thought nothing could try to scare the irrefutable. It's everybody everybody had us scared out of debt as you know the toy no I don't know. So. These are all this is a white upstate New York you have five murdered pop up bubble but I'll throw. And this fraternity was such a great fraternity that why the county should condemned it and who. The paternity. Shut them down they did spraying it sounded good to be torn down maoists ended. She schools or any old that there Victoria about two beautiful Victorian house where DJ didn't do it. Did did the newspaper and the mayor deemed an animal house the whole hole I was part page headlines and everything in -- thousand. Pay its back don't they got the charter back in the good attorneys writing again. There aren't you. Where they gotta do I go to right eye out for sure status stay here dad don't we sign this. This that you actually enhance our kids are not not not embarrassing but I don't what is your eye out for mom for Mother's Day special what is your favorite memory about your son. Angel the Angel. I guarded. So many album produced Peter you're big jamboree all of the blue logo are pretty even the 4:30 in the morning hockey game since it is and that's what. I don't know that you felt I don't know I don't know if you are not mission managers lost. The very. Thank you should they hate. And Auburn parent that I began. Re good EU two goal lead lead and damn good goalie. And his defense memo like skating around talk to each other so you know who can't do bleeding on the on the ground why me. Well meanwhile my Brothers fight bird like keep the golf do DuPont Canada and and handed I think you are talking about a catcher. See you Judy and I checked I can call glad it didn't work at all my cap that would be different goalie. Yeah I mean god forbid somebody backed Jack right. I give Mac trickle alright for those who had the I don't embarrassingly bad and really don't you want. So you're killing you don't 200 from the back. So it appears every player wants to data be hitting his teammates have been flattened college I took. You wanna hat trick Austria had Jerry. I think I don't even I don't look at. Oh we love you guys and mob boss and I would give your call later on tonight to catch up but I doubt I appreciate it shouldn't these stories and thoughts on our podcast. I would Narayanan. Starting today we did yes you do. Really embarrassed. Maybe we embalmed and you'll do what. Clay says he used to collect feathers or music and bring him into our house would stray dogs yeah. Our partner unit back. But it's all you guys still talk allergic. Category that is very good he can do dot CI as excited backed out last. But always go well and imagine. I wanted him. If you don't try to convince you model for quote country trip cock what they aren't are not yet quite angry reply I admit that's a doubting about it. Yeah I don't know mom's gonna go for that. By either side about the car get an airline and flight Stuart's stick. Either way the flight travel and there have yourself. Gonna get recap nominated. That I don't know I've really got you when we had our our. It's not a great nice. Mo will we Bobby got it when I mean you know who is our energy and it didn't run out of my dad did I. The imam told me in America story. Well Sean. I like that they're like he is an Angel Jeff curse that. Let's believable. So specifically if that's your story from because I don't see you out. I can tell you because your dad be more from New York City YOU wanna catcher Doug give your I have picked them. Oh. I don't know why you were embarrassed about that sun auto that your breathing up my teammates. That might you lie. I you know what I look at the time I got a double to a meeting and a couple of minutes and I'm not go to another collection room this is actually a meeting so. I haven't told my parents yet about. Us going to have fertility doctor. Yeah I that's out of let's conversation you wanna have them. Not you know why because like I know likes it let her damming up her mom and dad knowing it they're very excited and it's like you know I don't wanna get my parents their hopes up. And then nothing happens but again that we are so that they are actually planning a trip to come out they might be you if they planet right there might be come in my when maybe he'll meet. A good kid I don't know. Nice to be pretty awesome to come out Minnesota. A lot's coming out yet looked a lot rug out the good of what any size we should timed it so that your mom is out when my parents are out and we just. We just like rent out like a back room of a restaurant. Can just sit back and enjoy the show. You and I mean even at a boy to. And you sit back and enjoy bush my dad and remember the part of also was just in time bomb sitting right next storm and make I don't know if you chose to just leave that story out but not a frat house because the guide and also sort of smoke him part of my father also. The what I specifically toward a run and hide the bombs my dad's comments and of course when alcohol is involved the bombs come back out. Every time. That story still tells me don't I slowly got your Craig breaks news on house wakes up such written dinners or in front of a record of Oreo. So we get my hat put your hat trick. X hogs that I was bottomed out we're able to succeed. Those are worth it a 100% other we wasting anybody's time now tell your next season editing. Yes I'll do when you're back from Miami and show us. And this is coming out later and usually get it that's why thanks mom exact stats. Aren't let's get our final ten pushups before we get out of here Ted this is fun when I'm home. Little. Looser jam. It does and as the great summertime sauces and I feel you will be listening to this line. Summer in essence I can tell meg a family. Am really looking in coming over year do you live. Another wounded. Don't choose. And she's. Followers on Twitter at the mega cast. Your parents saw a Twitter okay. I'm glad my dad doesn't know I've known since I got my dad doesn't neither would be not FCC friendly. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and listen to our podcast oh before I forget. Once again I almost did we have T shirts are right the T shirts are available. There are mega cast T shirts and they were very strong feeling that nobody in the station believe that they will sell so prove them wrong right turn. The rock shop cast every dot com we also tweeted out on the main cast Twitter page what if if if your fan and you got some extra bucks and get like fifteen bucks improved. We definitely say keep them as low. Of a price point as you possibly can because you know I don't believe in charging thirty dollars for T shirt and that silly but again after I taxes and all accredited twenty bucks. Get a T shirt. Sure some support for the may cast. When you get the teacher Richard between that there will be treated in most Sheridan now we'll hook you up possibly with something I don't know yet when you see somebody else and may catch shirt shall make a lot to you on the mag the at the mega Kasten by our teachers please thank you. I.