MegaCast 05/16/18 "Sidecar Tommy & Summer Meltdown!"

Wednesday, May 16th

This week Ted and Steve chat about the “Yanny or Laurel” wackiness, magicians, and taking into account that someone might be having a bad day.

Plus they get ready for SUMMER MELTDOWN as they chat with Tommy Cappel (AKA Sidecar Tommy) from Beats of the many awesome bands that will be performing!

Summer Meltdown is happening August 2nd-5th (both Steve & Ted will be there) in Darrington.  Get tickets and info at

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And gentlemen. He's welcome hey test me. You are now entering. I'm doing that. Guys give me a mysterious dvi downloads lead vocal yeah. You'll be called Ralph may end but you never sing a lyric. Oh yeah just. Firm. Oh arm I mean you can bite you know be funny you just me growling sounds and in the lyrics. Are the most eloquent poetic lyrics ever and you re like how is this yeah. Secret Coca gonna do interviews him this song is not just about love. It's about sadness and the fact that we only of in the English language. Me like kick day. I just throw it out what what exactly did you mean when you said. You know that was not my relationship with my own personal cannot. Well. And there are during the bridge when UN. What exactly are you talking about right there. That's not the angst of missing my original copy. As you see your dog and he had dogs for a minute how Stella yeah yeah. But they use prisoners the Gramm. Is audio using that term the grammar that's just me you know I'm sure I'm so out of the loop with those things are still trying to figure out of the yen a year don't. Oh. All right I know it I knew it had to be a little bit tired this. Defense they've been around morning's. I view it and honesty you'd almost that a personal protest I didn't even listen to that damn thing oh my gosh. Everybody's give me a hard time. He's I don't hear it the way that they hear it. Hmmm now I feel badly Nationalists into it but I got it if you wanna hear well what would we will we hear the same thing. Well OK here I wanna know you year do you hear. You here I was it yet mean. Or do you hear more are you ready yes. I'll. Sorry how can only hear what our. You everybody here tomorrow I don't hear lure of one for debate even right then the old you still heard EA any. Yeah yeah. Yeah Andy he that is so insane out here and no I don't Europe or an army or an annual. I don't know what to do man but rarely have we are years. You're the only one on your show nobody doesn't shout thumb the only 11 of eight. I everyone else and I try and save this is how I hear a dike we hear you saying any over the drop but the drop is not saying any. Well I don't doubt did you hear it to them it's supposed to be one or the other bracket everyone else seems real moral. They know it's crazy some people like I was watching call more foreign news I heard it and I thought for sure we Jenny knows some years Jonas might know what's moral. What is singing with that stupid dress yet they the first set I sought it was something gold yeah. But then like the next semi solid team he was political or less that. That's the part down don't get back 'cause. IA. I. I just got distracted sir and I guess he had I don't know or paper to tickets are available at the front desk for this thing that's going on tonight and I've requested a pair tickets forever gone never got a hold you gotta be kidding me pisses me uneasy with the fourth David Blaine. Meant talking goats and I am tired. Did you get tickets. Joseph got your ticket. I wanna ever sit you for the puck gets the job go to magic tonight I love David Blaine. And a long time whether IK blowout home video care given way Ambien may though I guess and a little pared tickets and I have no problem. They have I'm striking Gannon now Kutaragi Adam. Scene it's funny I was like do it through the problem is I don't your morals I don't get tickets yet apparently not I guess Joseph Joseph must feel Laura perhaps you can but Joseph was like hey we still old zebra blade and I had a sort of like out yup yup we're Garland dude that's really awesome I love David Blaine you know what I've never seen musician. They addition magician yet life. Else. Mean neither I don't think some I just Laura my wedding. We could cough but that wasn't a big stage for not well read and seen which you know what I got I got gonna have to backtrack all right Aaron what I was like peak. I guess twelve or thirteen. Again in my class Docomo had they teach it I was at a theater Steve excited sister and asked. Why yes. Z the magician yeah. Oh he was he was legit magician okay consistently this to delete the greats who I want all I did a great schools students cut his sister and a half. No we're so sorry I thought he had a birthday his family I don't have very good hearing I hear yeah any I don't your full things that I'm sorry man. You know ironically it was near the town of Laurel, Maryland from. Of course. His family was a little more fluent if you well so. They have like he was like the nicest little kid birthday party ever went to they had at this there's a real magician that's awesome yeah yeah I would love to see David. Do you go compared to get Kelly Jo hi I would privacy my wife and my eighteen years so I Cowan has spent time with her tonight Perry told her I'm not gonna go to wrestling practice sites just her and I have been in the studio with abandon everything's going great with that but I'd like tonight is our night to hang ups and even on I am a neck and it's bitchy about being denied being invited to a party even though I can't go to the party I think the hour I'm back beef. You should totally. Forget that forget what forget your wife OK forget color girl yeah get some of those free tickets and then wake up when Mahi crappy and I'm doing OK out to your back hurt a little hung over from worked are all right let's academic. While this and saying this over and over. Here immoral and even with like the dress a eventually in my eyes change I saw both versions. You know I mean yeah. This book I don't hear that person and I going on on the Internet and on TMs because is the only top story. In the world is says yeah any moral Internet mystery solved. The debate is dying and spoiler alert for those that one and no argument is so funny series everybody's taken freaking crap. Corn a guy who recently posted the audio some guy from ready named Roland Tamarine. Not roll more and Camry. I hereby I recorded a robotic pronunciation of the word moral. From vocabulary dot com. He recorded off his speakers which cause a distortion. And then image friend resist turnaround and one friend heard the any and that's very posted the clip online to spark a conversation. So you're right I'm wrong now. I still think. That the dress I still think are some. Control thing. In what way you can determine if it reminds the robots yes. I'm not I'm not I'm not opposed to that the dude I mean did he seem a robot in the Japan air traffic out to say in Asia that shoots basketball now no. I mean he can't like whoop right he's dealing move around but late. Male like me dynamite guy did a pop which I was a Molly basically yes hello yet it looks like robots the mile. I think there's a epic. Dutrow myself freaks me out I'm we never had just talked to Mac cross about that but Matt. Wrestler he has a body that's big in the tech world I who left these job and went off the grid. And these are why do this he was I saw the future. And I'm terrified. Yeah I think Danks Matt appreciate that like the Boston dynamics one. That dogs are like those robots that are opening doors all right now you know it's serious now and others there might. Cartoon replication of what eventually they can do but eventually they can do that. Yeah we're screwed man ever to slap on this is awesome we are robots artificial intelligence we can talk to throw myself soon be able. They'll be able to do a high school essay and an end in one go tell that the robot the road it. Ams that you've got to be freaking kidding me which is handing over our lives he's for it not only that but what about the jobs. I don't people understand now robots can drive in truckers don't have jobs yet. There's a lot of jobs are going to be gone but the problem is it's not a big deal because at that point they're gonna kill us off this time it went on the worry about jobs I worry they're gonna enslave us. Yeah then yes. And a legal B is kind is just kill us off. Mail so screws to where do we go. Underground I mean I've seen the matrix you don't have to live underground removed to Darington. Whole core golf it's only a matter time. I bring that up because. Yeah next reread it tiger and Todd Tommy capital from a beats antique. The generator ready for summer melt down we know we have a lot of people listen. That are going to summer meltdown including Ted of course yeah and this will be my second one coming up in its August 2 do the fifth in Darington summer melt down fest dot com. That right. What second do the fifth of its first we get August alternate art are trying to count how many have been to. Feel like he's like number six for you right. Now I think it's. Seven or eight. Well maybe eight doubly fun to talk to him because I watched it in every were Tommy and in some really brought up bottom operating man. Through the owner of those also are you burn area that all. Revenue of seventeen times only missed it once federally view myself there's a turner out of that was the funniest thing. Yet as we might 808. Here in her out yet. And I see them twice I sold years ago they were displayed a beer garden Michael Friday's east man now though I went Ameen headliners yeah exactly and and I some on the main stage two years ago on Thursday it was also will listen we have fun interview because now he's got a burning man obvious he's got a couple more times in a little bit yeah yeah so but he's also are a result from DC. I I know that I did my research and then I hope you get ready for this interview are I have some questions prepared and he's a fan of have been music to go go music that your Diana oh yes so did the radio. It is all yours now how to bring that all together. So my buddies just seen Jamie you are our bodies yes so weak they any element to burners they've been burning in a bunch of time so much as one guy's house no like a month or two ago must in two months ago. We have a bonfire. And I got kind of drugs are talking about cogo music can do in the but ranked. So then I think you go to this Saturday is that was added another event. But they were like oh man though this sound nice of this Jewish community are there like you know made a whole playlist offer dual in the butt. In May remind our own to recover back over you let them down. On a lot of downs he's sorely let them down. It's got to do with a black jokes over the there Maria then obviously we're very excited talked a lot a lot about Mel Allen and not act. Atmosphere there I'm really excited to go from my second time but of course we got to get our push on Samantha got to get a man it's going to be tough because it's warm as ash in the studio apparently had conditioning is broken so we feel like we're moving a little bit slower we probably are. Yeah our police our fight money and yes but we did our shirts off and sweat. He will be in town and out maybe too much of this office. While I feel like this is the perfect push up music for us to get our race in the blood pumping in the brain's functioning I just saw on the main homepage our trucks library to said party time all right I'll read it as like you know what I even know what it sounds like downloading. Yeah. Homes so sorry and this is not 1983. You're not watching ghost busters. Okay. May have just look jam band and you read too hard you need to a. Here you can. David Blaine ten. And you know any day. That's six make the family. Yeah. But Collins. You can shoot. I told her the okay. Takes me. Today. Let's keep some perspective. When it against the our debt on the right it's warm air is only our Taurus. Sorry. It takes me on the balls and Ted I don't I am not let him get back in the east let. Let's keep a little perspective here today that would be my new bird. Unfortunately I had to get economists welcome Mary sentimental on Saturday during the day coworker Morris. Lost somebody very close that often the minimum. Our service and you know. That's one extreme example of keeping perspective in which you know things are getting it down but sometimes too like. You just don't know what somebody else is going to ya you now to give a little perspective on your own life and incidence of problems too late it's so easy to do last fall into the trap a bitch and bitch and invention it's an just keep perspective seems you can do. Outside of the problem or inside the prom that you can control and work on them but also you know AK. Who knows you don't know what that person so maybe maybe things and he's been any holy yield yup just kinda. CD in letting go with who knows what that person steal a. I signed Thomas of allies even like the world lose service injured industries like we're wages is Jimmy terrible service if somebody at. The same target cashiers is kind of being abrupt I don't know what yet. I in the past have been like asked this you should be a good mood all the time like customer service man flip you off yesterday in my Mike. What are some awful as this happened in my they got dumped by before they. We're going to work there shift right for yours of death in the family and I loved one or it's a death of an animal on that salaam one of course beat on any night. It's maybe they're saying Annie and everyone else is saying moral you don't know what's going on the internal struggle. There's always. Beth this fresh pioneer said. Until battery had to do this interviewer Rick. Me. Tommy so we're real excited Siobhan I feel I got a pass out and out. Man we had a couple minutes note refreshing this take a break in and we have time afterwards. I meant to do this last time it before I forget. Quick congratulations and I shout out to our friend. Totally affect take. Oh yes sure the baby she popped out the baby on Mother's Day. Oh she had it on Mother's Day I think or maybe the day before cardiac it looked pretty new defeat this has been born yeah. It's attack chest good Airways helping video the cute nice I mean maybe you'll find two and it's a tactics Jack okay. You know what it is roaming yeah buffalo and I don't feel. Quit daybreak when we come back we're gonna talk about summer meltdown. We've got sides are Tommy and b.'s anti Tommy can pick apple is going to be joining us on the mega cash. It's music sounds like Steve I's and crossing into the microphone. Grimes. And then it comes will be back. Most people say they just don't have enough time to get things that come. Now there's an app that can actually help you find a lot of free time. And it's free. It's called the mind your own business out. The next time there's a situation and you foolishly wanna get involved go to the absolute answer that quick simple questions. Is anyone directing this towards me do I have anything to do with this situation is there. This in any way any of my business and. And if you answered no dole then go on what your day and mind your own business. The mind your own business apple also tells you about community fundraisers in you can volunteer your time and something useful instead of something that doesn't pertain to you. Now you'll have a lot of time. When you and mind your own. Oh I like his feet. Where my mistakes. Well my guns and oh yeah. I'm just right or to voice without a body. It sucks and then the cost is and I. How and why about a great command you'll be with nobody. Will be doing the podcast. In new kid and I doubt we'll be doing the voice is brilliant so yeah five hours straight is never great great. Saw some. Otherwise immigrant at all when our strong arms and Amanda titanium and then a subsite and are robots let's talk about some amount now whether or get robots there could be people dressed as robots yet you could call high seeds a robot people. So. We're call Tommy chapel and they've pulled this up. And rock humming along with it a parent. A look at the area clearly sees it that's that's the middle school and he's a little. Oh. Well hey Tommy. Tommy assess Steven ten from KSW Seattle. Well you know we're doing great how they don't manage. Your world no we're excited to get to chat with you I was just how would Ted I've never seen beats antique lives in my first time at some amount down in in August. Tennessee knew a couple of times already yet Tom asks are you guys a few years ago we can of beer garden Michael Friday night and isolate two years ago Thursday night kicking it off. Yeah. They're a few times Walter great is it a longer. Yemen it's a great line and Thursday used to be kind of a quiet nights that years and you guys are there on Thursday we're all like all man this and we holy war. Well blah blah blah blah allowed Olympic. Well he did the little X or YO yeah. There was this there is like for you guys into being an artist is different and thoracic being campers you know we're going around observing everything you guys have a chance to enjoy the festival wife while doing festival shows. Yeah I didn't like you're obviously not though is that result the robot arm depending they're really good friend I like the size in the comfortable that the big. If you're the big credit commercial but the wolf it's really fun to be in the background of all that up you know and there's a lot of stuff going on back there whereas. You know out of smaller deductible the smaller backstage area you know others. There is not like isolated from you know people like. I took a lot more shot at the smaller ones to go wander around plot to shoot. I don't know it's more intimate settings such as culture that you know we're near where you're like of a bigger unnamed trust double maybe it's about us on the walker out of these people up. Heck I kept back if you say our I got to ask you guys have played a couple times and you made down the river like on the day that you're not playing many of you yet now. All right. I assure you absolutely. We love to find any of that nature spot around any in New York sure cool what are the side of the road or you know out of possible. You can Jimmer tomorrow gonna hang out us write our golden swan inflatable floating if you ever want to you have heard dole and want a little more closer look at somebody Ebert can't it's yes. I think it'll pick you up on social. And I are good players are part like our community thought bubbles that are held water involved we've fought many different. Play towards floated floated click close. Are you at all that we had to actually reached out like buried deep in our media. You Erica returns later to the next us war like so big we don't need this huge raft. Her head Korea means it's time to promote you floating in the Sinai yeah exactly yeah it's loud speaker I would owe a lot of I'm on the lookout for one today Mexicans go to a late this weekend in my wife's legal grab a couple float he's give me a pretty when I'm like I'll get you pretty ones and I'm going to find out mode seek. Yeah well you know. Did you have I wish I'd seen them at the airport they have all of you know those Bluetooth speakers. You can get out of a group emerging Bluetooth speaker Sorgi jab fighter rapt. Jury how one of us that is that's a good option of both ground. Did you feel like for real like this obviously yes. Or intensely played bad music does the crowd abuse music I asked the Honda must that the. Yeah yeah girl who says those the so they don't regard for years on it but the clubs that little thing came out a little upbeat. And I think he he said back well I doesn't see the other thing about the flowed easily. Every year Hendrick you know I'm a chilly Gavin I'm always like look there's a doughnut look there's a the dogs to sleep so. There's every kind of food now the blood so one. I'm really get on the kind of each person that likes the sound of on the water and are there on the beach and Mike watches everyone Bolton and all we hear. Yeah I'm I'm a little bit more about our. I gave us. Are you shooting great and our party candidate on the river. Hello hello how I think they're pulling out there and give us the swim everybody else it on the sideline after. Look at golden applause the a plus eight I don't feel an American murder one but I could be wrong and a half hour. Hey look you know don't look at yourself open duster to create. Yet the goldmans I'm and then it's like Mike and hikes is like a look at for Stephens says. This is Dick costumes and Mike and ice but it's our face is not enough weight Tommy can find all the way. And I feel partnership. Tommy writ so I grabbed PG county senior from DC correct. Yeah our Northern Virginia I know my Brothers it was over and turned and so. Steve because we were talking earlier he used Tommy's actually afraid of that music you're always talking about public I'll go though we use. Our yet pressure. Sure you do you say do you take some of that influence in your stuff now. I definitely I mean a bit but then that I loved about go to music so much and I've drawn up was it will loads. They would like DC's music for the people. It out and I think that got chart that's sort of what I've always err I mean it employs ten aware of site game like. Like Europe wherever I would let. Garden tool box standard of living in New York current Colorado. It would like try again what is good. The people's music wherever I doubt that's like what I wanna know about you know so it a lot of parents directly elect. On the B critique is influenced is that declared Waterloo it looks to me they include people in all contracts you know just. Not necessarily like what's popular bootleg. More. Culturally like where we're good people find themselves gathered together and what do they listen to what they got secured what are their liked. You know Kelly Clarkson is da yeah. Greg you know growing up in that area knew you know are out there ventured down south into the mountain then into the Appalachian region. And trying to dot music and all of our generically. To me it's it's it's never ending and Godard is just one of those then that is it sort of reminds me a note. You know. The Orleans music secular music video the vote. All the people on stage at this stage or just outside it's just a group of people jam and you know. All. But it there's like not only a specific live and rhythmic structure around it but there's like. The way that you do it the way to get out the sounds that he's been leakage of it it's one of those local music. Of course I was informed by an old beat plot to have like you know at any given time like ten drummers that bought the I was happy Latin. Almost all of a fellow dumber I dived pledge straightforward basic rock Graham and sometimes they get easily distracted by some gets going on the crowd and you have so much stuff going on stage in addition a year playing insisted that the visuals and an extra precaution and then also claim the festival shows. They tend to be a lot of interesting stuff that's going on in the crowd have you ever been so distracted that you've lost place and what you were doing in a song. Well. Oh. Yes. I don't when I'm. There will march out there I mean whether it's you know I mean I've my favorite thing to do honestly do you see all the trade do you like totem pole people have oh yeah you know like. They get there it's slow malaria and so creative what their people are doing. And to figure out there that flag. A cross between India where an expression of themselves but really it took their other Trent can find them in a few particularly if it's it's awesome I love doing that that distract that is their distracting and when it. All right you're out of the ball. You know click walled what's what's the state of the audience yeah right I mean. When you're playing. When you're playing like the last slide out of out of more like grassroots kind of dropped the ball but people are very and thank you very very patient today. Thanks wolf well the fact you're blood it's just an average way to put it. Yeah I don't wanna you know auto auto implicated in more birdies. When you. Fall. And add that at brigades there I I like. A look at over the audio to he would have Dylan looked at all you know so for instance like we played a really fun show. In Florida are who we. And it would like ours that was just hilarious I mean it was full res image out there and the people again Merrill we gather it was like. It was just it yeah there's nothing that you can change. The strike that you just have to fear and be there so yeah I get very distracted by the audience. Hopefully that doesn't lead to too many mistakes but if you're it's well worth their. That could be here is I have. I have definitely been putting your shows and just to make that it's really intense right now. So don't concentrate just watching you can I ask. New variants and like about it I think that the answer is so attractive. There is out there there is like what they're doing is like huge inflatable thing images went up from what is this supposed to be neat and ultimately they're the group what. What are they doing flyers say why did they won't. I. Well fox. They did they go last year I went to mount up and Fred lebed to item we've had a great afternoon or in the beer garden in the Whalen implying up Bob Marley Spain right. Trillions and like his music is way too intense right now for you and I. Of all man to consider intense the whalers would not be one of the past. Joseph I was cool vibes didn't. I yeah I'll go to our guys won't. Sure they're supposed to bring it yeah I can bring about that it would be awesome by these awesome Biden too aggressive for me right now. I. You're getting your and play at a ball long armed and shook a little loose. We need for it also want to advocate a lot to do with what we thought our footprint at. Someone who didn't go about with the music do you have a lot of citadel individuals' lives welcome that's what I love about the video that wise that's why can't wait to see US summer melt down his sister. The visuals with the music just adds so much of such a fan and a great lighting great visuals great. Steve set up an end and that's that's what beats antique is to me at least from what I've seen they've come. I mean every every show every show the little bit different as far as like what we can during Q where you know depending on how we're getting where what scherzer going Bob since cure all the production up. But generally what you can always rely on without it's there's just so well word com. The former cart element along with the music all of whether or not. YouTube video no war. You know dynamic lighting and or actual human culture war and then all doubt she's there's install and choreography and then you know and the confidence and so we go along with. You know there's always just something else and I. And I think all he got sort of been our. Are amount you know keep the sort of damn ball. Been maligned perception sometimes you know I think that's what makes such as usual on the bench staying in. An open to a lot of people you know I think I think a lot of people come through our show here on the now you know their friend the ground war. Or there waiting for the next dam to go on them. They just see bill like whoa what is that you know I'm yeah the attention won't. But. Clinton says it does stick to people on the kind of let it kind of a thing and that's climates like it to its function key part of it's punched it straighter and yet we all. We all live I mean they've been very all. You know somewhat of the sale a lot of the men and we it everything you're not obviously he's so you take care like choreography and and you know singled out of the performers nature and then we we take care the music side but. At the same time it took fully collaborative effort and we just kind of go toward gutsy Chad preached saying here. All but yet give them the visual element is definitely a part of that. Nice well in the near think two is like I use you guys almost is like my baseline for like people that say they go to festivals or whatever they're like what kind of music usually do you know beats antique. And like going back tutors say about go go music to the people I feel like you might need another person knows your brain and his senior brand like we're gonna get along. I'll do we lose them. Now. How Ted write you (%expletive) them off man ha sorry. I mean there was going good you is I try to get serious questioning at the hands go let's go back. They're an easy you know. I mean it. Sox goes oh you're just as awesome yeah. Come October I talk he's cool yes we have legal we sort of of them because we're so do you. They are paid silent somehow we lost Jeff. Yeah I lost both like yeah well like we're just in the middle of that incidentally a I'll eat. I don't I got a dead tissue off and yeah decorating no Ted asking hard hitting questions now we're never gonna get to talk to Tommy again yeah quote saw mark also quite. What you all know how I've got a whole lot yeah. I would just say and lake with you guys who like my baseline. Are your saying for go go like. You guys depth we have music it's for the people and if I mean another fellow fan but it's like an instant bond. Yeah I think there's I think you know amid. It's funny because Donna technology and all this these these changes in the bar nonstop. It still Harken back to community and what you're you're what era do what you like you know I mean. I I find all. I find a lot of back you know there's candidates who are really connected and to graduate school and I think that is. It's even more possible now is the public technology how ball. It's it's it's on the multiple and then on to arms see what we can come up there too. Engaged people even more off and get the get I really like the idea although ban. Didn't bears fans to enjoy each other. You know our. We try to do so without the tune. I I think it's just a great opportunity to all. Connected and then make your legs and being weird one yeah all that stuff. The other guy wants an interview with you were you mentioned that you went to college I think Berkeley with guys as an M lettuce and they're also be playing over its arm out Don so it's kind of cool that you have sold your old college buddies playing music at a festival with you as well. Totally and it and it's really cool to see how those guys are still together those small. And bad you know we we get these are all the time you're you're more comfortable together and and our own. In Tampa day you know like you did. It is still cold like it's funny because I didn't see them to like ten years and then all the side and Adam I started playing pretty lights. And on jobs and so then they'll move would you know who we know you're you're always taking all my all the things that I wanted to do yeah. They're more you know more popular whatever inside the skills they have a big guy is like. Are you better than they thought I think you're better he started by a pretty light then one night. Actually end in Richmond Virginia there are so promoters the local promoters is two different promoters got. Sometimes what they would do it this is that the Specter hellish. They were both pretty lied to the other and you are and compete and so. You're now which now is totally weird and apple. But so what what Derek and Lauren did was they decided they were all. They would do get appearance is that each other's shadows. Nice yeah because they knew they had the same fan bases in Austin like that it would kind of like one of those. Always a lag ought to get pocket promoters looking like are you separating these people you know and so. We were opening up for days worked there enriched mall near David worse. The problem. We are doing well DJ assault and Derek from realized came over here you are play after us in before the before the margin back and I'm actually standing there and I'm like wait a second follow god Mohawk yeah like what club now. Let alone tiger we just gotta have this mama world. You know we realized that bothers some you loose on him and we just started seeing it's all the time we have got to do all we did it all go. We as well as a home. All it's been an LA long time and won't give either and like. You know we have we have got a little bit drums all you won't be at his side intrusion solved this is in double drums and loud super Islam. Are you hopeful one often. I've person get whereas things do we who maybe we can invite Adam to our gold sponsors are some issues you know or not. Even more of it is the how and welcome to applaud smile. How I don't hold any you know I don't expect this I have most lead three different has done. I have to caution image you like you're going into this long and white men. All not that you keep in mind to invite someone seeing but I would definitely initiate all the holes are a good. I don't know like him and you guys you guys seem pretty. Hooks. Well and then yeah start this is Steve and I we have a group of flake 25 of our 130 people that are now there. Arizona Medicare's total worry top you'll be fine if not much in the nail of your group are camped out at us. All my golf left here on Saturday we ran like had little that we ran a campaign rally corporate box to get a they are only the slip the blue. We just you'll never liked the old school late 1920s kind of campaign rallies so lake one couple always goes to happy hour on Friday afternoon high so our buddy he's. With Steve shows up public we've just got to keep. Our buddy Joseph busy you need to get back. It's red white and blue everywhere we've got like posters up like vote for jokes and like people thought he was the jet running for something. Are. Oh snow duplicate all the credit I think have these running unopposed but we have a campaign going on there will be the only the Golan swan it's all good now. I mean that's not I mean about that great there that's just examples shows you exactly what. The bad are those we like it is because this is it like OK you can go to a show on pleasure you didn't go good. All of the lord to go to the show them watches and hang out his friends all on have a blast. Or you need to create an alternative reality is that like you guys have a quick so far war yes although I don't really care for anyone get that and I honestly most the time. It's like nobody else gonna get that and that's fine. You know I mean I'll wanted to say on a par showed up like if you get it cool you should tell us that we obviously it's. Yeah you're you're going to be good because he can it doesn't matter of anonymity do hope people come over to come along for the ride but if they don't that's okay. Yeah there's nothing wrong I mean you know. Recent celebrated everywhere. Where does an auto well. It's time we may need to tell you about our latest idea of bringing us. An easy bake oven June the river and then selling cupcakes it's by selling just gimme noise for freight. Right telling them where all the air you can deal barter system if you need any. Got a bad call yeah they're not what what do we know he does that put on the beach we might just need hugs cupcakes for huh huh. Obama will be a little weird though if you just let it out there that's good call there recess make it yeah. At all. Didn't give it does dude who is simple where did you elect well. Until then maybe this time go to the cup gate slow law and do not consider it. On a muggy. They don't want your little heart trouble with their hands together that's even better then you can put the cupcake inside there and then you can view on the war. Cupcakes for love I'm glad that we work these things sank into this chat with you Tommy I appreciate that also learned in this hall wolf. My dad he. In my all small the ballot this should bomb them. I. Who'd who'd crushed jokes involving sudden heart Tommy and I laid it is I expect all all all. You know asks albeit controlled situation. Oh yeah idiots out here. Oh okay. Once I'm gonna stay at duke he had no idea we set up the hole played to that he was kind of tripping out my name in Vegas he's like my face is everywhere here. Right what were we were all they're talking about your channel yes. So we've always remain a blanket and you don't treat plumbers there is little more than that we're gonna go laughter. Under all. Everybody loses and a thirty minutes. Breach schacknow right okay good visitors like two minutes on good luck he would never meltdown in law and you are the mid November OK you have welcomes the next largest. I. Over what I think is that because I we do have a lot of new listen Ned battalions of their plan on a meltdown for their first timeout what advice you have for us to someone that's going to a festival show off a desolate spirited campaign. Music. The river all that kind of stuff will be a good word of wisdom for somebody is gonna be doing it for the first time. Ball. It won't. All. I would say definitely bring sun during an. We'll again it's like yeah. Don't forget about the actual things like water. Yeah and like. Then like taking care of yourself than eating food and being nice. And making sure that you don't chair. Where you end up when you end up there you just there. I mean I think that the most important thing at a festival is. Is Colette the festival guide you instead as you guiding the festival. Because you kept. The terrible gonna happen if you do it then turn me I love just like not knowing his flag and wandering around beating people that have those people that I connect your. Tell me what they're obviously all know anymore. You know albeit some of the does not give a damn good break so many other things on our. You know actually it's really not it's not just about used well you know you have to take yourself out of the equation and find out what the court didn't do it and then you. You know does seek other then I think I think I learned in place to experiment with other ways to bid at all. You know it just got out of your daily life some engines also mall different purposes you know. It's funny I excessive jurors. One of venues some amount down wanted to spot we could take out some music is in the woods and I just don't know the band but they did the acoustics the views the viva just. Everything about as I wanna go back there and every once logs pop back in just to see what kind of music was going on you're absolutely right man like I was. When the biggest takeaways I had after my first meltdown was just. Kind of throw away the playbook in just in in just kind of go with the cloning can enjoy the experience. Exactly exactly and I think that that. That they're not that former pupil than natural tendency that I present time to implement its worst possible band. Maybe they're not most people you know maybe they're maybe there are a little bit tense. It it always did in the first timer too old old. To try to hook up with some old timers you know to seawall. Does he won't look dialogue that was good you know that every thought the world there's Waldman. There's nobody knows about whatever I don't know because you've been there are just muscles and tendons and solve it all themselves. Like Daft Punk yet trash cans. Exactly exactly. Yeah actually wanted to do all all the George all got its Walsh wants to do you should there. We're really good it's good. It could be that as like. Won't like it and all we are thankful that I'm playing it just it's like it's. Let alone is not so long doesn't know you have it algebra an incident that you get to charge them tonight. Or tomorrow. Call. The main big ball well you know. You're. Oh yeah of all it I don't know probably go. Charles spent huge huge or a ball I never made out. I'm not there. When I actually have gone out there employed at all there's nobody there. Like I walked around when he deep fly ever think I never made it all the way to the feds. Is not as small as long as themselves. Very long lived on him you know illegal artists. Tom I you have to say it just our group obviously like we don't forever. And I sort of garment melt down and hooked up with a bunch of older dudes are mayor that helped us out but I would just be remiss millions everybody in our crew which they they love via marriage they're pumped to see yet. Or who were excited did summer melt down I think. On my million very. Then before you bet she called the yard dog George. Played years ago. All about it it's include near the beginning when they started water tank and all it. It's always so really we. Place you know the players themselves it's really beautiful it then it's like. Perfect elemental you know once you leave this city than Stuckey get out into all of you know considered more classy guy. It's so beautiful and so perfect and I and I think that's probably my favorite. Then a ball and also like I've I've been onstage and played ball would like the full moon install them just sort of core it's like. The outline of all the trees install I mean. It's beautiful it's cool that then and being there and just let it'll be a really emerged in one would ever want to put a bit but just sign a plot to crawl has no interest until. So all. Keep our local postal code crowd to pull all his fault. Can't wait man voted with Dyson got to take some time out an absolute. Blast in the chat with you and looking forward to seeing you red summer melt down again how people of good new. Some amount down fest dot com to get more information and not take up beats antique desk gonna be a great time thank you Tommy. Logan on I also all lord all all that's at least a bit. Bring some love for those cupcakes if you walk all the little guys are considered good zip up. Blossoms. Right now it's funny we've poured in the dude dude the podcast audio blade to 1015 minutes and I'm sure I'll be more than often. Moves joke goes and Maxine you know it's like thirty minutes chatting when this guy. You talked him forever I think he religiously is this a real interviewer. I can just tell me about your gap. And I got hit me and I appointed ligaments are doing the interview right I guess you don't question to trust. I gotta say I know a decent amount mega family has been to festivals are cubs priciest literally melt sound like. If you have a big professed only being so deep stuff about the little things you boot camp. It might not make as much sense really I think he got it in summed it up perfectly like yeah like. You just show up and go to the shows and eats food and drink some Beers or he could. To be part of the festival yeah I just kind of like he said I just don't have a plan and just go and go check out things and don't be. Caught up in it being about you have to be about the festival. Exact count that as a Fung had talked it yeah. As awesome as freaking great so again people. Go to summer melt down fest dot com you know Ted's going to be there I'm going to be there my new friend Tommy's going to be they're playing with beats antique terribly their parents going to be there I am Matt. Mary MC TP up not top cop. Yup cobble out there right out and meet podcast will be there yet. And and all of the make all the mega cap all the may cast all two of us as kids Steve makes a big step it up. I mean you can go wrong. I mean gold ones now like the celebrity. Yeah I mean are we commit to the cupcakes now. Quite possibly all right well we could still flesh out one out yeah I always tell instilled OK but he's expecting the goings on Fridays and you love the beach looking for much even when he walks up to us more on the golden smiley are you guys. Are you guys the guys you talked him. We also have you hilarious she cut but I do love the idea of having him run for mayor also aren't so I had done a. Stories of two years ago when they're playing it yet Thursday night was a which is kind of like they had some bands like no late night and this and that. So this was two years you was the first Thursday like beets antiques in the main stage okay there's gonna be a late night ten it's for real right. So him. A few of us get there and get fired up real early adding this is also maybe the first germ rob RV. So anyhow we can you coined. So Tara decides O'Hair a Santa calls one easy right. But within ten minutes of either in the beer garden right she has it on zipped it just has on lake a swimsuit topped yet. And then so from them hard and we have caught her Malibu Barbie her Malibu Santa. And I kind of forgot about it today we were Texan who do you think that was sale loves that bad mouth like oh my god I forgot she's now at San yeah it. Honey. Re the ones these. Now it's too hot for two hot yeah that night. Yeah I mean some people Wear make Matt always wears his and I think just sweats through it yeah I was ousted clearly content and not a tank top. In shorts the kind of board shorts the entire time yeah and then like I think Sunday morning this year's little chili supper on sweatpants yeah but generally I'm with you what I like the idea being that comes normally minnows once he's quote it's too warm to warm not nine not for us. Bigger yeah it's only Hanson has and I tried on when he's. Not the biggest me template. You definitely tell where that the berries are set to. Kyra. You're that is all. People in this political book and it's like the board members missionaries Barry's (%expletive) every ten days. Then you'll verb that is all. You've figured Alex you want to get your loved ones for her birthday. There you. Talk straight from the source we said that if you are gonna get it. Top eight. I'm her credit yeah what's written out I mean I don't have always given to a woman I I I can give him the actual interview part to give the lake city area. It doesn't worry comics that goes up before and after that I Sony is coming to a that's like how Big Ten teams fanned you a podcast searched and they find. Mild. Tom he's on this pod cast and we spent the entire time doing pushups and talk about random ass. I'd like Danny or more old topic for what it was really a said he could only get Danny yeah any curse. And then they would listening to some weird like Muzak easy easy listening Disco song I'm pretty sure they made a soft on the hot gas. What's up at ten and they made a song out there yes we did. Hello whereas times thinner. Boats back there's a weird hiccup I don't know what you're talking about and minus ten minute scrambling. Okay. So again us a remote does happen in the first weekend of August Darington we're gonna be there. Go to summer melt down best dot com in addition of these fancy feast next here. Big gigantic five alarm fund called cat five of our phone is also more better all throughout Gladys. That's pretty I would you have NASA has a lot of great stuff electronic music. Cool funky music. Weird electro pop stuff going on like it's antique. It's going to be a blast yeah get your tickets again it's a remote down fest dot com and it's gonna follow them on social media. Summer meltdown. Live music meets and now he has yet to find us on Twitter and the mega cast. Thank you since day. I'm Ted Ted. And we diamonds. And it's me. Ted's batteries.