MegaCast  05/24/17  “Moose!”

Wednesday, May 24th

This week the fellas chat with Moose!  Moose (Quinn Ojinnaka) is a current pro-wrestler, but played many years in the NFL as well…plus he went to the same high school as Ted!  the interview starts 23 minutes in on this episode.  Moose is going to be wrestling this Friday night for Defy 3 at the Washington Hall (featuring Steve Migs as the ring announcer and host,and Ted will be there hanging out).  The show is almost sold out – get tickets at  Also, this week's Ted Talk struck a nerve with Steve, as he conquered an odd fear by taking a wrestling class!

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What does not see not much good to see you again. Yeah man. I'm excited. I always says you know mega cast also. And a little bit soprano last break we're gonna talk to move stuff. From DNA that is yet to fire wrestling this Friday night I'm fired up and you're going to be there oh yes man and now everybody the defiance. Defiance yet fire wrestling is also an excited CNN excited to see a domestic guys and I that's why well when I was trying to the government we should talk to somebody that's gonna be wrestling and defy. I needed to get to defy wrestling dot com I'm Mike there's only one guy could think of as a men went to the same high school that the Ted Smith met his moves. What I can tell he's he's only four years behind so we got to know some of the same people that doesn't block. Who had to talk to about that because I feel like your. Whether you have mutual friend that big Japan has probably of crops in some way shape or form. Yeah I mean how windows already been a party together yeah I mean you're one foot out the door as he was one foot in the door yeah you might have exposed to marijuana. Alcohol according to ID so we've acted seat saw point solid point you might look at me it's just that. Six years nobody could attain. The senior class president when he is fractured homecoming king homecoming king not an all American athletes pulled off a solid car went to Syracuse. And then ended up playing in the NFL for a few years and offensive lineman and is now killing on the Indy scene and also TNA wrestling. None of that matters yeah. He doesn't know what he's getting into it doesn't matter now it's going to be great how are what are skipping drone real quick as a whole Lotta crap going on we didn't to a mega cast last week. And you guys let the cat and a bag gets in the men's room you guys are getting syndicated corrected very exciting congratulations to you guys yeah but that also means that Ted is being pulled in a million directions behind the scenes so. Between the two of us now busy we are we're doing everything that we can still do a mega cast. Yeah it's a million please don't get mad at us foreign guys about guys like how dare you guys not give us more free entertainment Mike thank you at least you appreciate. What we're trying to do my own cousin was like you think you got any different mega cast this week and ask all right do you double stress I'm under right now. We're doing the best that we can Logan was up Ted tonight and we had the time we went to a mega cast ever for today. Half percent that I pray that we cut out this or every data do it every great but you know. Like Ted and I were very Smart individuals will figure it out and sends its apologies or sometimes we missed on doing one during the week or there's a little bit shorter than they usually are. We're doing the best that we can. Chassis we liked doing it's what you like listen to it. I get a 'cause replace a loved classic as a man it's like state may get duke. Yeah when people find ever talked like the radio industry people might well that's a brilliant idea haven't merging the afternoon show hosted the morning show host comic. Honestly like dat dat is a cool residual effect but. We just wanted to make time at least once a week where Ted and I hang out and talk and we figure why not put a microphone in front of us yeah. Ever say that I've never busy. But I never like that time like we idea this we fix that Timex did enough just to eat they say it. I got you to atomic demand for rigs aren't aren't will be done will be gone when you need to do not trust him. Or as close as possible trust me will make it happen but let's get the puts a better way because we still got to get in shape we used to that you small. We gotta get a heart uncomfortable but pumping and the brain function and that I'm pumped to play this one I think you're gonna like it Ted because well. In honor of Bruce joining us on the show I figured we'd go to theme song. He's have you heard he's being sung and we've got to get ready because it defy. To place will be deafening when this part kicks in and you defiance goes it's. Moves. Blooms stick and make a family. I mean obviously volunteer extra I think he was the music. Don't kid pretty awesome. I'm ready film. So. Not Vytorin is a huge inventories are still hiring. These ticks me. Then talk taste need. It's not fear. Fear sometimes you scared parts of dobbs nervous yeah Oskar aren't. Maybe your moment the same day that your don't draw this indications I don't know the point is you stress to your little fearful of them but it's all right. Everybody scared. Athletes go through it people we give speeches go through it engulfed her right now I'm all scared but you know that's the thing about fear. Or any of that stuff just how you turn into a positive and you work through it. It's funny brings about is gonna talk about it during the second report may only be able to do to break so we might just. Go low long I know months is calling a one Africa pull this out but. I missed it never mind. 'cause like commercial science test this phone thing out right now. You talk about fear. Yeah I know your fears all the different in the Durham about to talk about Britain are obviously got a million things going on your moving yet being syndicated. Like his good but it Bayesian it's scary it's good stress but it's just do you have a do you have about the price tell you about my fear you have a fear. That you recently conquered. It's. Would have been you'd like to conquer will get the fear of heights or you know I mean those kind of things steer spiders I don't know. I mean. I noticed going to living in the desert burning bank yeah I think so that was pretty scary I mean at some that's a very scary thing you went head on and made it happen yet so my my entire life to Don Fehr. And you pray all laugh at me but my entire ought I've had the biggest fear being upside down. Okay that's my tip for one I was afraid of doing roller coaster roller coasters well eventually I finally had OK I'm not conquer it. And I conquered that but. So I was able to figure that out you know in the sense of I'm gonna go on and I love roller coast is not to point where I wanna go to like Cedar Point pursued a park enough I Ohio and all that I think people. Cedar Point your right. I'd love roller coasters perform along with him I wouldn't go on a because I was always afraid of being upside down reason being my brother when he I was will be younger. He liked and pretend that he was certain right now is no ice in Newt's. Now grant that was the reason. But it was basically a reenactment of the show it's. A great reference right Meghann about how CB on the Danny told the opting cannot hang the upside down another little kid who freaked me out you know terror from the blood going to my head. So for the rest of my life I've been terrified I can do a somersault. I don't do hand stands if I'm in the pool I get really weird whenever I dive in in my head's kind of if my head is under my feet I get muted out. Like I can't stand the water. How do it but I quickly. Finish it you know I mean like I'm not like Sony can just stand there and Scott and then flip over the fly overs a part that really scares me. All right more so than I guess stood that the upside down part so this is gone up my entire life. You pray all ask me am 42 years old I decided at the age of 42 years old I'm going to take wrestling classes. Well no kidding so on Monday night I went to of all fitness. Under coach Steele from three to one battle. I don't just say it's this late Olympic Greco Roman notice a professional wrestler I'd like we're going to be talking about what moos. So I thought ladies or regular round games are else I want to get behind a man crap false. Go Greco Roman check every Austria when I learned. You really catch are. Glad I learned that part yet just remember wrestling or jujitsu it's only gave you keep eye contact from right and if you graceful. So obviously I've been wrestling fan my entire life my body the weekend warrior Craig gum who is a 321 battle he's awesome entry to a muddy sandy got to come out and check it out I. He shot me a message about two weeks ago as a hit man. If you wanna come down off I'll cover the cost just come down and check out of wrestling class we do money certain days dynamic concepts. Many went on to what hockey season because I can't. I can't go out every night of the week doing physical stuff and come home tired just doesn't work for me and get up at 2:30 in the morning. So you gotta commute down back up. Right it's in Seattle sometimes a cocky season's done let's do this screw it I'm. See what happens I go down there Monday. And I'm thinking okay wall well probably learn is how to take a bomb. Because that's typically. The first thing that's 'cause that's it you learn that take a bump yes nice so you know about from Francona doesn't know the wrestling lingo when you're watching wrestling and a guy hits the ground. You've more often than not if you pay attention when they hit the ground their arms hit the ground as well and that kind of absorbs it did the brunt of the hit. On the Mac and get caught taking a buck. It's kinda gives an oyster don't Apple's Nicky and me I see no need even if you didn't do our part it's making noises mats. When you go column in your 215. Pounds and I am. It makes it sounds nice so I'm like I'll try to do that a part of on the ropes and some bad dads may be learn how to grapple you know nothing crazy to be low impact yet it wasn't crazy they don't get me wrong I gotta walk you know like Oregon atop term buckle organ and we're gonna work on these crazy hurricane on his or her comments you know. Now. With the first thing that we did. They get us on the ring and there's about four other beginners but David during a little bit longer than me super nice people. And I'm the only one that take. So. They ought we all went up in the ring and like okay we'll start rolls. When you talk about like somersaults yeah I put your head down for your feet on the mat and flip over yet and get back up on the ground football over again. Now Mike. You like. Panic dude it was praises you don't want to get this feeling right I'm terrified. And I'm freaking the half out I'm sweating and Terry it's warm and air because it's summer and it was like seventy something degrees by. I am now a new person in front of me stemmed she's like. If you're Mormon here I am I wanted to be like you're asking the wrong person I'm sweating my face off and has nothing to do with the temperature of my nerves or through the roof. But I wanna tell anybody you know I just kind of wanted to I don't wanna like be treated like a little kid so Mike aren't alone I've got four people and trying to meet. I gotta get myself mentally ready to conquer this year in four people. And the communities take some time please go slow get up to my point in my got to do it. In my hands down I'd say that it indeed it dude. Didn't do well don't get me wrong I was like a very graceful I'd inland on my feet a discount landed. I can do the flip landed and she was Merrimack at. Governor's slot to the side halfway through oral. And I get up and unlike you I was like all right nice job for your first time but in my Hammond so I did. He has conquered this monster fear right in a way I didn't die. I didn't die I don't hear Steve I know here unless this is like an alternate reality that we are element like a dream dead state. And that's how we're gonna talk to me. Moves the moves are moves. Barb so I love them like this is the start of class. First high brow or like paranoid with fear than you do it it's a guy asks when is he just like give back to lining keep doing them. NASA I go around again obviously I did not doing well but then the next thing they do is on Michael K conquered that. Now I had reducing kind of like where you put your hand to your ear and you create almost a bit trying on front of you. And you you throw yourself into the Mac. And flip around thank god I. Looks like how I don't know how to describe. Seeing its role it's a role I. That was weird. Because I'm I'm I'm telling my body to do some to my body's telling me. You're going to hurt yourself why do you wanna do this you dumb ass this goes against normal thank you just herself on the ground right so I get there it. A little bit battered in the role and who do the whole thing was the support. That aid coops could still had we get warrior and all the all the newbies but when I pull it off. That's good Steve yeah app and as a man Mickey ghost town like crossed it paying down not across a guy bud. And I know people get annoyed to have people talk about cross it by cross it's good and I think that's cool scene across is that team out it's a support system gets a beat your personal record being battered and what you were like you know even like Tom. Could still had a great line is they are not here to teach you how to be perfect at these things are not expecting perfection I'm expecting progress but all I ask you or get. Right just do Zach. So go do that then the next thing I got to do's and last version then that was really weird because it was. I couldn't do it I mean I did it but basically tell him look like a just like with a dead fish at just on the ground. Did you write that feels really weird way different than going right yeah. So go through that and then Nam collapsing is that I had I'd be. Facing the term buckle. Kind of squat position drop down him roll over myself again fully going upside down in house like on car. Now I'm going backwards. And I make sure you put your head a certain direction you go left and right but you know don't. You wanna jam yourself right don't go straight back. Figured that one out got the magic that was my best performance of all them all balance out the toughest track I think you're at that point. It's just can convince me and you wrestling audits athletic shorts. I Demitra had some sock shoes and have much on the bottom not not much tread side that he's a grizzly is sure yeah I got a political. Long story short I'm gonna do it again on line zero intention of actually wrestling. May be in the future I don't know. My only intention in making pursue legal there's no guarantee you're gonna get like book to Michelle and I am I here to do that I'm just here. AIG's conquered a fear and I wanna keep that going and B it's great work out. And I love doing you know mud wrestling Meredith was so much fun to learn like the inside stuff its worst case scenario if you learn just how to take off yeah that would look awesome as you be in the announcer when I got to know where somebody just. Shoot you got to take off do we were talking about that like with how active I am now we're doing some stuff yelled out excellence of 20321. Thing out there announcing and then but the defy stuff who knows like there might come a time when they need me to do won't take a bomb yeah and our men but still it that FiOS so I see you change it she fought breast slow. I got to do there's too and I watched those guys I would kill myself but. The PLO like learn how to do that stuff for the wrestling geek was pretty awesome and and and that's why it's funny when you brought up the whole conquering the fear yeah and it was. That was a pretty jacked I had to do the barbs. First summit in a popular they tell you everything now Michael can you do they shall we arms together because your first NC would be a wanna put your arms behind your back and that's a no no mystery kind of blew landed more towards the top of your back like on your shoulders. To land on this middle did you feel it. And most importantly top your top your head like it's into the chest. Why did that but when I landed. Other did it and I slammed my head back. That hurt. Hey Jason you know they say I get want to go all the Matt's not that hard or whatever that people have been and ahead at some mattress or trampling it's an opera which. Yet there's a puff foam padding and managed ward. It's yeah you're landing on the ground. And the first time we that was weird second time Nelson told you makes you breathe and to Tom harper brought to breed yeah it felt like somebody punched me in the gut and I was like boot Dow's worst him banging my head against the Matt. Third time nailed it plays not. Then comes running the ropes hall brawl is all about running the ropes yet figured out. Once I got to kind of gone they can keep going keep going now I'm running on the right look like a fat penguin running but I don't care I'm doing and I'm leaning against the ropes and get a really like your hip. And urea I'd like to rip into it. You realize how hard it was ropes bro I want to waste or just wrote what led to what plastic covering yet succeed if it's tight and I mean I bruise on my arm I I could feel it out but ma'am when I was gimmick on an enormous sum my part of him trainee is a typically count utensil. Neo once I'd once I'd won once and once I two I obviously I was already doing a few times and co steals like 54. And saw it was a more on a number didn't even more due to people like. I'm getting goose bumps throw folk. I felt there was there's also on the on cloud nine Monday night I think good events like me next I was lying in bad taste jacked up just jacked. And can end. The local wrestling community I don't know how quick why and how words spread so quick but it did. Hi I woke up the next state up onto FaceBook messages and tweets like somebody maximum it and live Kevin's duke of dirt bags 321 and a few other guys like can grad. That's a patent. Takes a lot of balls to do what you did you know a lot of people say they wanna do it but don't don't actually do wit and you did it can grads in that please come back hopefully you do more. So good to have that kind of a support. But man oh man. Revenue cities like you're gonna feel like crap later. And how might that come to fill it pretty good read on all day FL great but it but because I've. I like 8 o'clock at night last night that they all hit me hurt. Pro even today I feel like I got run over by a truck. And my neck hurts my back hurts my hip herds. But it's all know how it is a good pain right analyzed positive yeah but you start put off. I'm glad you're in every week I try and it's not like I said I'm not looking to become a wrestler on this is a fan of it I've a lot of I walked away and I we have so much respect for anyone it will only get in the ring put their body on the line but to actually feel what that feels like in my and we didn't. The easy stuff in their world and it hurts. I have so much more respect for all those guys have put their body on the line yeah. A lot of could learn if they took just a class like yeah I ended honest I want to it would just. It is humble yet been a good while yet it can he conquer fear humbled yet you'll learn. But a new found respect about some familiar already loved that so much about it was awesome and I guess. Didn't I got piggybacked your Ted talking mouth forever about it my apologies but I don't know I feel like socialist you don't see if they did it did a really good man and I hope anyone's listening who has that in now whether it be like a skydiving that you're like I don't want to deal. Just did it make you jump and try it. You know what ever it is I mean don't force yourself to do something new you don't wanna do but it did something good like I've always wanted to know what it's like to do a wrestling class and now I finally done it and I love it I'm gonna do it again. Man I would never if I would've listened to my inner voices Tommy don't do it don't do it. I would have never known what this was like in man I'm so glad I got to experience it even if you don't go back to me she got a call back yet. Now I got to be ready for battle maniacs brother. Well it's going to be a lot of rustling top and now we get back we're gonna talk to. That's right. DNA it's going to be at the fire wrestling this. Friday night. Join myself out of the ring announcer knows he's just looking to get drunken crowd yes there will be back with the mega cast and moves will be joining us we. A little. I didn't want an honor to talk tends to do during the grange do you know and then you're constantly that. No no no thank you long long long long time. So zone's own. Where you. I can. Okay didn't. There. You know when I did 50 am my body went to a big change and severe red tile dysfunction alas my doctor about centrists and he's had since tracks what the hell is that. It's the strongest male enhancement drug in the world and it works. He never heard it plugged pulled the center's website showed me too he started laughing he's an argument saying man you can Benjamin junior Bob. Yeah I think. He says I think. That web site just froze my computer. Are hurting me sir. That's what. Following decreases seen increases seemingly. Tears and since it was kind of energy and those are just a side effects could tell. Get sweats my bones are cold front teeth loosened my heart gives we. Hi I can read minds and sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car. I erections are fantastic. And I Wear gray sweat pants people across the street. Smart. South Africans enjoy it today. The hole you're. It's not your mother. Reds and braves how far from the Rockwell. On Saturday Night Live last week he killed and he did yeah. And that that's it was great like that very hard weird when at the end of the robot but all I miss that but I heard about it who. I had to go back to watch that's one of those later that show's sketches. And I love when Dion sob out but he recreated the debt debt iconic picture of him internal Mac OS and back down and it's just going to break. Bob let's go let's call moves up it's not Isabel with a talk because said the 53. Is gonna be happening this. This if this works. All that string and boom. Oh sorry I got facetime I'm sorry I secede from gas WR's. Steve from KI SW. The sorry about that I'll put you right back and it relies on stop facetime video going ya. What do you think moute who is calling me. It's running into your fallacious pops up I don't. Dude Bob real senate talk do you weird we're pumped about the fight to read it's going to be over the Washington mall this off Friday night and not as an ice break comics and our guy Ted on our show. It's it turns out that you and him went to the same high school but Matt there. Yeah I grabbed his I graduated class of 990. Europe or America yeah lets us Steve like housing I'm not sure how. He could already graduated and well I think he. Yet here's a question did you have bucked up there are no hope but are better but golf. But it was always the toughest do not mean when I was there for senior year all do more or what can Isa smoked what. You're are you old armed ball ought to. There are. I was talking to smoke breaks there's still a serious guy with Robert Guerrero hit a man sits. It. I do you know what I don't think buckets with us anymore are already here cardinal and I would beard looked well what are your children in Britain. I mean I was living at. He was old when I was there but you'll remember prominently. When I was a senior the the football team won again but I graduated with Brendon looney air armament and a whole whole. The size and efforts brother pat. Like give you the de merits if you showed up later this of that. Well look what I look pretty tomorrow. That's. Sox are well eighties and might. That's. Got standard and not put it couldn't all which correlate editor at all be urged him to meet our comp or who. The bush what he did a pitch tomorrow. You look at. Welcome brought light to go over all the big joke Gerhart who go there are deputy parliament joke or are there to throw. Okra Coke I'll give Saturday our own country. Yeah I was tied with mr. Burke CEO we Allison goes to merits or old. Arab. Yeah lol would you noticed he was sick you're on the buildings that jail with a one of the guys wrestled his and a map thousand you gotta be kidding me that's unbelievable. Oh but I can't hear you are like quicken up a little bit you can we just call you right back out play from a restricted number it might be a better quality phone near bigger brother there to really ought to go to court yes sorry about that I'll tell you right back Arco will get this stuff and Steve got. I'll get to wrestle sop oh yeah. I want to. Hello here it goes way rather our you have good chance of doing its new technology nude men in this image it's a complete. Forget disaster so now warmed our game we can hear each other the year that nuclear broad strokes. However another asks us to reform we are Bob I definitely want to hug Greg Mathis of I love hearing these stories but. I gotta say I didn't realize you wrote the team for your entrance the moves song and that's the best for him demon wrestling man. Oh yeah I may not get better development. It. Well brother actually pay their own 30. He made it for me Armenian roots. It's been a Pittman and our effort might not being bowl mark being muted mall all wooded are. Such a country and I have to. Mark mark being relocated there from Joba compel them to be. Over her. I could come under Russell I think he boards air. You're right in Europe. Automated mode when you get here just yet on if you've got a chance to know I'm I don't know file it seems Strickland delivered to a member of talk and enemies that you got to relive any gathering. Guys like god Davey Richards in and Leo they've all been to Seattle for a defied. You are you're gonna walk out and want that music kicks in the entire Washington caused no lose their collective mind. I'm positive and there are metal so much an hour ago probe. I want to bog your brother then you do anyway that it it my name Steven incidentally you're doing and haven't paid big didn't move didn't. I'm maturity date might charge you or go. They need to carpet beat you are the only important. We really eerie trying to regular American morning. Or Margaret did auditor open for your world where there with a mean her. Blue and but it prior to be a pretty you'll. Are we. Okay yeah you wouldn't. There are not more important it important to remember when heroin being ever take a look again. I. Yeah. Yeah I'm excited and I'm excited improper. Purpose and a problem. Really the part that are mentally grade or he could or would it OP. Opponents aren't breached the NATO. Yes my Santiago he'd been he'd seen in Puerto Rican. The Arab world regular. Slash summit to fly around the ring announcer read the fine if YM ET Graham I'm Mikey got in my face so I don't know Manama on your side band. You know what we did a year ago and are currently marketed guarding didn't. Or rocket. For me that he always going to be great. And that's how you're just talked to guys like Shane job Al what is like to wrestle here in Seattle we give you any idea of what you're about to walk in on what we're. Oh yeah you say there are made up our record overall they're buddies or they didn't eat certainly people eat. Well Martin here at Bagram what Jim Carey Earl yup he won't eat well yeah. Yeah and you didn't know you oh. Not Pierre and Murray. Not only that lake. There's a lot of guys who do all the streamers there like that they were hard and it's on Twitter site really got to correct about the colors were too. You have heard earlier figures here and we're gonna go look. What code moral weren't there when Nicole and look at the Carla. They ask me I literally just sent to a picture of the Damascus lectures which hears the call he's going to necessarily. Not up to the streamer club they've got an awesome group of guys I just I'd come out. Are drawn. Our way of Marmara. America being here. Over in Iraq airport where there. How tough a tough do you have your domestic here's just played football too over the mat there yeah Alex let a couple of years I you know I might have an old school to back the basketball Jersey maybe I'll break it out I got an old school Joe Forte practice joint. Well you gotta put that out there and after the jump up what you would be crazy who is boot them graphic up on the all right are you that there are not order the purpose here green at one point yeah you're right you're right. Hi new nominee is February I would never being over I would be at the met the guys if the other. Lose honestly it's insane like one day I was at the at Costco and I'm walking in unaware just old school late navy blue to map the hoodie and this woman runs up to me she's like did you go to math and I do you know why she does. My husband went there and he never shuts up about it that's the map that the so we do her. Or girl hey I want to ask you bomb because just we're talking before we John it's on ten about Mike's different for someone like I conquered fear and I went to a wrestling class and and I took wrestling classes and just started this past week. And my body feels like I've got run over by a Mack truck and what was the first world for you when you first decide you know what I'm doubles Obama to do wrestling. What was that experience like the first time you learned was it frustrating was it easy to pick up and how did you feel after it. Create our own luck through Brooklyn dream really deep or really really really eat all expo or. I will put you rarely been under applicable default all that worrying through dope what the rule book yeah broke her broke McCain became grew read regarding. Our own remember the first the looted everything are really pro weren't going to get there roper. The recruitment or the war in the corner apparently broke yup well they kind of fuel Opel that. It's really record book over there very light. I would think. You evil Russell on her which could tell you that they. Something bad or reflect could've became really really really really he's. Was it weird Al going from which he played football pushing people over day have a fall backwards. Yeah editor treat everything like that discipline or Brooklyn and at this plane in to uncle was really the heart lake. All it will or you'll always call the fight against that guy currently. Where in the wrestler in Europe sort of white with the guys up front that you like you don't go to the number of you are going green paper and reported. You don't report remember they remember trip. Where in their full bore right through quite. Negative for what part of their order Brooklyn apartment but are there there are between thirty or liquor never curtain metric rose. No pastor is that they've built from a weird for me her urban murder could department we are who we get that occur that. For you mean you just been carrying out both on indie scene and at TNA wrestling and I loved your interview with dot. We Jim Ross on the on Jim's podcast because I didn't realize how big your wrestling fan you've been since you're a kid as well. And I would think being interviewed by a legend like Jim Ross and having him just glowingly. Share his love for you wind and I had a feel good. Our men out. Praise be Marty I remember that remember doing that and if you are doing differently and Jim was somebody that I with a big fan of watched in the on TV it a little cheated you know players and him and communal I don't wanna put trump kept them like you renewed. I think I like. That would move that would weren't blue the little things that happened in my career were probably American made it parent or you. Jim brought extra media XP growing beyond Parkersburg. Where are bin at big strategy and all right duke and I wonder that they edit your role because he would probably beat oh are we don't mobile span ever beat. Without Jim rolls. What you got or understand how much are playbook they can't pay their hopes red. It makes that Arabs to wash it being all that much to bet you don't put into the match. Well how they call him and how excited they don't want to call it ego aren't. That won't make a huge payment chair man over me and I'm not like to Eric Rivera got caught and pray and by. I don't remember it now aren't. Every once in awhile ago Egyptian port of mobile ready to do. Had a big net benefit and and the murderers are great pair according pepper him in my corner of. Why are you lose a cool easier giving user feedback about you know I mean disturbing do music they yelled pull back in and an end. Pick your spots when you wanted to semi Murat towers all hell like you're as out does I got a 150 pound wrestler out there in a way that you're moving in that drop kick from. We sit Arizona top turmoil because there is Adobe's move I love it but. Data feel good just to be able to have a guy give you words of wisdom like that. That it definitely it meant their own Jim Jim is Jewish girl from. Everything you've told me REIT thought Carol because there are light. We don't plan and imagine a bit like you real people Indian. Party and not think about what Jim Crow numerous where we're historic error for the governor worked at Arnold and changes McCue learned that. You don't put any troops who put in trauma no porn as it came in Oklahoma. Great to have given me York. I wanted to I ask you presume we have Bob buddy AJ Francis said you might know who he was in the world of football is big wrestling fan as well you have in the Orlando area he's unfortunately it has to do tell you exactly yes and Ted doesn't matter Cochran never actually met Heatley put a goal from apartment yeah he faced the Redskins right now and I'll miss him and I we went to wrestle mania gathering and covered by did wrestle mania around did interviews and when in my favorite moments was he shared a story. Being in the locker room with coach Belichick when he was a patriot. And a few players or drink intimate act Cobb of that that the Hawaiian drink that kind of relaxes you and he talked for sure he was gonna get cut when Belichick walked in and saw that they were drinking it and instead. Belichick just sat down and had some with lemon and shot the S and the guys and he was like that was an eye opening experience of how cool coach Belichick was. Albany if you had a similar story about coach Belichick. There our local folder both of experimental. Arm could not only protect our preparation. Well remember what went wrong we went Federer we played buffalo Republicans who are open there and maybe end. Would boot there will be multiple right like porn McCain. Oh all they're all all like our camp but we had a Betty and Barney in buffalo and I'll market ripple we electoral are iron. Belichick would do would agree he got hammered with confirmed else. Pretty cool moment it went Belichick in our Brady Jim camera with word what's Tom Brady Eli eagle on what's Bill Belichick like also when they're drunk. I remember remember what everybody implement our group. Are correct but let us some well there have been drawn some guys a little bit more aggressive some guys are depressing I don't know about our are not there may even need any more Lugo corporate or maybe project. I'm afraid if how far above all an attractive and Luke are you there would be. Well on the field seats all the appropriate. I I got a question if you're stuck in buffalo. Do either of those guys you chicken wing. I don't. Of course. Aspect or that may look buffalo chicken and reward our good Russ Heath yeah I gotta match I imagine if you're stuck in buffalo the best idea is to get drunk she's got a bigger risk not being got nothing to tutor. I. A lot of you'd be you'd be chicken wing you could drop to drink beer. That's something college and I'm seeing New York for me so yeah I understand that there. Well moves I would really pumped about seeing you override I defy wrestling this Friday night again go to defy wrestling dot com news just a handful of tickets left him I'm imagining. Before Friday it's going to sought to get your tickets now to 53 at the Washington hall you're gonna take. Now they cannot RBIs Garmin GPR girl. And and after the match alone in the pool my air guitar world. Being in the span becoming ever read our. Dude I wonder if we can get Tom Eddie van Grimes on independent wrestler in town he also does. He is just one air guitar championships in it in Seattle for the last two or three years somehow we gotta get him involved on this and I know he's gonna be at the event already referred yeah he's look he just wrestle would Joey Ryan a couple of weeks back cannot. Great wrestler in town. Over it may be utopia redneck expect it apart are all of duty he actually he has a move called the guitar arm bar reports a guy in an arm bar. Pretend to play the guitar and a sound guy plays like a guitar solo wise he's doing OK okay. Blow tomorrow markets aren't the only play my guitar. Or rap group. When our refs blew the DuPont who know we're. Well I think I. All we are more Iraq's powerful pool at Edmund running on all on the game group that broke our. And then you're the only two mikes and Tiago I'm gonna keep my courtyard earn their apple could happen after the match and our poll of art in Qatar. This guy is awesome I can't wait again defy wrestling dot com this Friday night out one last quick god bless selfish thing I am the ring announcer is typically a buggy guy and I know be a price to be super busy. How do you wanna be introduced on Friday night. Are grown wanna peek at new permanent from a nation that impact branch can't bridge and oh. Can't wait Menem is important senior. Aren't pretty cheap yemen's afterwards it would yes and did you console art acrylic it took our children are very hard until your credit or. It is awesome if you're not Vodafone saw him I don't know I got Melo this podcast hopefully will be up by Friday with all the bleach I gotta put them. I feel like he's just like how I lost all inhibitions man to talk to anybody's ever got it. I got around you gotta run double BO we will get the due to push just but you know will play the music out Todd thank you guys are listening to him I guess like we said we're gonna do everything and empower every week to make a podcast topic but. Please understand. Once you get all the atmosphere at the new routine AM will will get yet and we will but until then. Thankfully they both on the Twitter. The mayor cash and followed moves but I know you love them and America's past time moves nation. Yeah.