MegaCast 06/06/17 "Stay The Course"

Wednesday, June 7th

This week Ted encourages all of us to stay the course no matter what is bringing you down, Steve's body is falling apart as he learns to be a pro-wrestler, and then things get weird at the end as people are watching Ted and Steve as they talk about manscaping!

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Ladies and gentlemen. Are you know just life in the military loud yeah that happens beyond that it's. You can see you as always my friend stop its Iraq. Possibly just jump right into things and Nauru where a little short on time to reduce him to read we wanna do pushups just just all the all right I don't know if I can. Politics and he can't I heard everything tent always is wrestling yes team's quest to become a professional wrestler is a lot more difficult than I anticipated I like. Like your hurting this attitude of like your your other activities you play hockey all the time out if you walk around I opt out there it's up. I have so much more respect for professional wrestlers especially the guys WB's got a great training crew obviously have great conditions to take care of their talent. But for Indy wrestler is the I had I I've always respected them but. Knowing that they put their body do this and on a much worse level because I'm just doing training them up in matches and then getting cramps cars and travel for hundreds of miles to perform. In Spokane and go to Portland ending go to Vancouver on a weekend. It's unbelievable yeah broke probably even tri cities did that too I mean yesterday and well Monday to class and them. The nice seeing them improve and make him seem progress. But the bad thing is I'm also now testing myself to see how far can go some doing I can hit I didn't hand stand multiple times and them and from the hands and you gotta push up. Yeah yeah stand just in the ring yeah. Number a good I'm doing it you do that. Has drawn strength a lot of nice dude it's amazing how much more at the net. Your body's abilities are weight bearing in Europe but I'd I don't think it's up to most people understand but like. I didn't get overdo it and I'm not like holding him for a long period of time and holding along enough today and drop and land on my back for a bump. And doing it over and over Obama just put in perspective right now what encouraged are part of my practice Steve yeah. Dirt it's Wii I'm challenging my body. In ways that a 42 year old man should not be John to his body but I am loving it I it's good pain it's the pain that they should I wanna get better quicker. So you can do it more. So right now both of my shoulders are killing me by today to finally do this I don't put my hands up in the air could be doing all these forward shoulder rolls their bruised they hurt. My ribs are killing me from running the robes. My toe on my right foot I I don't know why it hurts a lot but it does I think I landed wrong but the adrenaline didn't make me notice it until the next day. Let me just like hyper extended it or something probably. Or the my butt cheeks hurt a lot from both falling. And make in the flips and landing on my ass and also learning how to run into the term buckles and slam my back against it on also my back hurts from that Bob. What else is hurting all my ankle hurts and I rolled it and the inside of my knee hurts to Thailand on Iraq. So why do you wanna keep doing this 'cause I love it I doubt it. It's so tricky and weird man I'm I'm addicted to and I went on I actually if I heal quick enough my goals is doing it twice a week could someone it's frustrating to meet them we do once we secular come. Beg new ways to get going it Sig you lose a weeks of practice amidst it takes a while to ramp back up so CAA first forty minutes of club of wrestling practice I'm sucking. More than usual. And neckties are getting a groove Dennis like class is over it's stupid dogs are wrestling class I would sort of 8 PM on Monday adding it until eleven. It usually you don't intend what we did get done attend but Eddie van glam and Steve West for hanging out compete to own battles. So they were helping me run through some stuff to learn how to do things properly. It's just fun man I don't I still nobody ever gonna get into in the ring to have a match. Invade some of those guys who think otherwise are even some of them are bidding on who gets to wrestle me first and I might be and none of you will. I'm doing it is a life experience and I've always wanted to do and getting to do would have been just. What I expected it what it is is it's it's it's like tripled the. I don't know if you need to wrestle now but I do think at some point. Got to get mixed up. Yeah you gotta you gotta mix it up with somebody just a little bit yeah I take a couple punches. Didn't actually rumble bumps every got to make sure you got to talk about it here so that it is surprised oh yeah yeah Dave Dave Brock tape parade. Aren't so let's try to do to put subsite I will say anything glam yet glam clams are what I say clamp. Broke but that's even redheaded man clamped to be adultery yell her hey let's every other cartoon character of him that he didn't what else like him to the grindstone clamps so I like him I like his Twitter. The other night in a dream and the T just on the me where this came from how he's drinking a guy DM caprice on all assets and it's this easy only against you said his name Ozzie down. That's why that was during the caprice that in my dream and it's from a pacers there is sucking on Capri sun it's so awesome and he's one of my favorites did and I was like that does yup. There's the connection I think that it. Horrendous at the heart rates in the blood puppet in the brain functioning hard this time around I went right back into the wheel house for you to add. Up the still like. I kill you need to address yes all right. Your kids a leg of babbling she. And I mean no match. Who's. It's. Good look at. Engines. I pulled it off. Until the more loose and limber and he didn't intend to let coach Mac now. I'm playing or not I also talked to my money. Easiest ones like Sony won seventeen Augustine here in like ice it senior high school in politics sophomore. Now we're at a barbecue out late. Am I wrong for doing in this is that the song with some other like your final dude it's a cool song ignites the validation any. Old dude is cool with the kids yeah that's right so. Tour it's okay. Contains name. Summers here. Go enjoy the summer and then. You know again this might be a little more personal attack dogs and stay the course folks. Say that damn course what the gores said. Just eventually that my apartment we'll actually be set up completely and feel like a home Steve. I'm tasks like if you lose up to finish off the issues that I talked about this money podcasts that. I had about an antenna that didn't Wear to own up on Smart TV I got under way even with the Cortes I need. Who's not that's one between Britain and throughout organ internment right and I'd been at work here on Saturday generally thought to come in on the weekends workarounds like I was. I got the word I was here for a couple hours working on a project. Got that done go to target it is in 10 am I guess. You shower curtain. Tenet doesn't work purpose is screw this. I'm sort of slowly put shower Kerr right there but who were a little while moral victory something's gotta give right. Steve out of you know they shower curtain some go straight on the rod some neat holes for the hooks and ha obviously. I have books ended up I want that has all slim. At this point a crumpled up at crosstalk. That's her curtain now just show our delight her the okay. I've met my buddy got its over the years oh wouldn't that Dennis snaps that I wanted to know what is that getting you to go to new apartment because you dress is that he's close man. They kept sound like here. I think that'll make you go about our own audit. The mall. Steve the look like the debate bill. So now it's like 66630. I said to help this my buddies down at slugger Israel and amend its gaming go to C they're some would alcohol kites are getting on an item veto and the bartender stint there just wasn't into that cities like are you doing man eyes and I don't know would you call the opposite of a year but I haven't. Yeah the cooler and cooler not eight you are. Don't forget the millions. There are strokes. Which are your alma we are home for those of inflation is currently nasty man. They're big and. Don't know. I think that you know I don't know you're right I did not handle myself well Saturday got absolutely state. You take us always tell I was supposed to meet up at some point like you're gonna yeah we're both enjoying time at the show box but a different show boxes I was going a window pay him. Right you're going to see there right Chirac's did you go to the men I was a bummer because both. But both shows I wanted to attend yet seen the show is awesome I love that any new record so dope. So I was like hey. I got through on the guest list so you're showing some time swing hum by hang out with me a window pane of blue figure out what to do after that. And earlier today you like that's right man majors make it happened yet they're perfect. Guaranteed ten and I add ticket to take a picture amend our Brian. Who's the guy you share rocketed you may catcher which is available at the rocks topic KI SW dot com please find improve everybody that we are important and yet people like our stuff. Brian is a guy who's working on the puppets. Of the UN me. Remember a while back you go hey man I'm back guys they had an idea you guys talk about how you can't be mean to people on social media. But can your puppets being. Are you send out little videos of the puppet sell people off and housing you know what breed terrible Ted literal migs can be the politics yet to be hilarious. So. Give back to the holding about you when your night. I'm fully anticipating. A text from Ted are my way or meet me here I hear nothing went dead Michael that's gonna do weird usually Ted's good again back to me. Fast forward to yesterday I see Ted in Ted like I got really wasted or lost track of why I even use a phone shoot I'm like okay. Seen her show was terrified met in my body jets as the GM topic Q nightclub for today and I was like man what's in there like yeah come out Goddard or did she do. And it was it was just a perfect storm right encouraging bad call. Yet they got the doesn't it off well Steve do yeah. Scenario yes it's yeah I mean it was fine I just when you play that song I was like oh I know I must implant metal muck so when I got over like 2 in the morning. Eat hot missiles my fingers. Not only enormous keeping eaten up your data plan. So let's take a quick break before we do I don't want to forget this huge shot Tora buddy out Cragg our email O'Brien's friend Craig on twelve. We've talked about how your cousin Davis TJ is that young kid huge shame is Dan because well they're intelligent jurors. As yet and I was talk about how I was on a quest to get Seamus autograph freak you you're you're you're nephew yeah. And an Emmy love when I was ever wrestle mania weekend walked Craig shoots it's a message on Twitter and says. Because he did a great wrestling podcast about stuff in the world wrestling people right now Verizon and those guys it is just awesome as they came incidentally get random promo stuff. That's autograph and I have an autograph Seamus picture. So thank you Greg yeah man make him Ted look like the ultimate goal yet. Out the middleman Leone Steve now non useless. Falling apart with my weird attempt to become a professional wrestler in my forties suits. My guess we'll be back. Guys on the profits of right there on the profits of being. The net income. I'm afraid I. From the producers of Wonder Woman becomes the less inspiring sequel completely average girl kiss completely average girl. Born and raised in the suburbs like typical parents look I got to see in my math. Completely average girl fights evil we deal like a large order Fries with that while hoping to unlock the potential of humanity. I'm disconnect this you rooted in Hershey store pick up some milk and eggs while wearing her plastic bracelets and they're on sale at target. They're whiny. Completely average girl. Soon to the middle of the road Cineplex epic commonplace small. We're seeing a few. Ton. Silver tongue yeah man. The bigger applause you ask. But for the Fed. Yeah apparently. I've got this is gonna be deja Vu all over again. Questions I'd be mad about something I. Asked. They might be a bad day I feel like Ted by what I heard somebody asked Stevie the so they don't last time I put a note up in a production of many many years ago and is it reserved at 1 PM for Steve I still have that. Coles he's the primary sentence of one road on the note which Steve cool Steve are old white Steve. Somebody here but they're talking about a different Steve I still question that added they're just trying to be a cop out kind of a thing but I could be wrong. You now. Now. Fast forward to this week I get email from the front desk that says you have a couple packages at the front desk to pick up all right all right. So old that was Monday yesterday I get in good news accent down like forty afternoon. Tuesday morning pursing the morning I seemed to packages I gravel bring him into the office. And I look at the dead the mailing label and it's from somebody Muller sending us a bunch of stuff. An assistant Steve makes KI SW 11100 all of weigh in on that kind of stuff right I did someone write something on him. That my name's Steve mix right next to it. And it says. Needs to look at is as Steve makes and then make add on so take part of the sentence. Steve Briggs needs to lose the ego. Why I don't know what that means I know you don't means and it apparently somebody bullies avenue ego I would thank. Was sick from the cart he's Jerry you was set from the person. It's it's from a company they're not trying to do not gonna try to rub me the wrong way oh no I Suu Kyi saying somebody wrote that in there yes somebody hand wrote. And you can't see the bottom Greg eagle cart peg I actually toward but it said needs to lose the ego. And it's not like I'm saying that we ought egos and been in anything you do have one you should have been a sense have a certain level of confidence. But I take a lot of pride in not being any statistical persons. And you know trying to always come from rather humble place not always perfect but. Did I'm wondering who your work has some kind of leg issue with me. That would that have you asked around I am I asked Dodd Jason to be like hey who could be no I got about the package ruling later in the day. So we had to be someone that. An after hours like new receptionist is not volatile walk up take my package or write a note on it without being my what are you doing it on him. But our receptionist and tonight I'm not that happened yes my question I wonder if this is somebody you know mess with. Forget about the old white steed had about one member of the guy who are turned some real quick. Yes so I mean. Track jacket is not the same handwriting. I honestly at first a dynamite you it's very similar handwriting to use arsenic always testing with me they should get stretched and Ivan right right at CNN Jason are. Production directors it would really fuel load rerouted after hours of the Tarrant would be Cody downstairs. And would be Matt. Common producer yeah. I don't see any of those three I know it's not Terrence not a woman's hand writing. I mean I could only SATA matter Cody doing it as a joke but when they let me know. At some point they paid you get my note. They did no guarantee I would even see this because you know who always text be returned Deng houses doing everything that make sure it was coming from the right people. It's very weird. And none like moved its own fed X right that you know open source Mack company in the mailroom maybe they don't like me get I was Monday. It would have been a Monday a good I got a DJ got it right. So I've no idea and now as I healthier or do you ideal what is it. I don't now I don't wanna get anybody in trouble OK let's just say. It took Mike off a guy and I'm sorry everyone who's listening. That seems a little rest and you're probably right stratex only Zardari out of that out yeah I. Could there received the I don't think the guys and thousands introduce that yeah I mean I. Yeah it was like I first just kind of annoyed quickly do we miss writing on people's stuff. Seems kind of passive aggressive too they give you got a problem with me you can tell me. They had a issue and take a guy who listens to the show at the Mariners game. And talking with him having a pleasant conversation days like. Getting weird like he's being town like insulting towards me about me playing hockey like you but I hockey player. There's drunk some idea. Whatever man it will bring original big enough to play hockey in my six foot three guy implicitly goalie doesn't mat like I'm not hitting people are huge goal right. You figure flexible enough you don't flexible my night and he goes you know I love your show I love you easily you know but you're you're stupid. And I'm like ha do you feel you know you're stupid I just stupid on here you're stupid guy. I know Mike Suggs looked I shook it and I hope you help I'm I'm Doug talked Indian man. We never talk to other people do what am I would not expect me to react when you call me stupid. I'm not that I'm not gonna sit here and and bite my tongue and you'll reap the duke got enough on social media so. I'm not doing that we do you not being rude but I'm gonna go and leave you go talk to somebody else I don't got time for this I'd rather spend my time talking to people who. Our happiness talk to me. You think I'm stupid and don't talk to me and be a real like sad about it who drove the mobile I'm Mike Richards is any gimmick but made no hard feelings. Good talker. Are really slow a mom's command and there any I I guess later on the night he was crying. Not to Danny's ex. HRA. Did you talk like why would you say easily they go ahead we used to it right right and even Texas this morning and they were Thomas amigos yeah you know I'll never forget the tone very irritated Steve I'll never forget that. Because I called stupid on my wall what do you want from me guys. I give you gotta say it that's fine but don't expect me indicates your asset do you say is yeah I'm done kiss babies and shaking hands but at this point where I don't given half and it's the company should be happy that I'm not getting up went on social media but I'm just sick of measurable laughs. Yeah it happens all the time so that I see this and didn't. It took me a sour mood and I can't damage should be mad about this well I feel bad eight yard. I don't mad about that and I had no way to find out who I don't midriff surveillance cameras a compass I got a might territory engineer may deserve. Can you see what are no orders I want to talk to them. A good and you got them also write a Mike's stuff. Bosses say it to my face that's sucks huge off dude I think sometimes it is. So be African human being women in this world. Trying to entertain people and any idea what jackass is dead just wanna take shots we don't have the balls to say to my face socially. So she's somebody that works year to write. You know I mean my eight and in which and they what's your what are why you think that. I mean I know not I can extroverted guy so maybe some people think that I just income. Too cool for school and I'm not a who's an introvert and I I don't. I don't like to bug people at work I don't work of idol and I'm not a politician and not work in the hallways and saying hi to everyone not good at bat. The doesn't mean Ivan ego alleges means I have some serious insecurities. And you work harder than a lot of people here yeah so it's like sometimes like Kelly yesterday mean you don't have time to be yes people are gonna go home medicine for a forty minute drive without traffic yeah. So the later I stay here sometimes takes me two hours to get home when I am being sociable and leave after two. It's not sorry aren't there I got a much lighter why not present either. Our side meet these three guys outside maybe Soviets and I was so could lead made allegedly allegedly. So one high tailing it shake our hands that one got key shaking my hand. Is that why should I can't shake very whiteness from that and like I had to drink tickets at tonight Chicago white guys of beer whatever you know I don't drink tickets. And it. Tied to the big big spender holy roller he keeps shaking my hand so much that is what do food. This is why you come off super awkward and white if you're wondering if you wanna shake hands school are you shaking my backhand like it was like every thirty seconds a JAL uterus and I know people she Kansas much he wanted her action. I think Saito wasn't like he was merely. Celebrate so this is not cool we look like. Look like the cheesy is one guy in the world like a great like are we did is shot sugar and everything you've aged but you know. I'm hitting really listening interaction that may be under Babineaux not biased. Us. Do you do to exploit. Where oh good the window page oh million Al I was in great spirits bright and hot had a good time staged announcement you got to do it it's either right now and yelled give the people hugs one guy you're you're due to pro how you kind of grabbed a hand you've got to pull each other and little bit of a we all moved just bombed a move on. One guy came at me like African defensive linemen trying to sacked the quarterback man ho ho ho also we do weights and he just like. Eyes into my chest and we've got to me she sets up just lapping up like. Well out there rather extreme bro hug and just because my bad round drums of I spoke. I wasn't expecting you to smaller guy just came out electric and mighty mouse. Did last week Alice Walker from belt town to my new place the first snow and I mean a small dude right. I think he was already kind of drunk but just a small wiry guy any as the Ted Smith. He grows up a high five I had five home it was the hardest high five I've had years but I was like I was like don't look at your hand but it was likes to get miles they how. Have little you have that power people say yeah I hit rapids adrenaline and adrenaline brother eight. Our guys did a good brave and get back. Have a couple things that we can talk about would you talk about not my experience yesterday haven't put a band you know my testicles or you talk about Alan and a burning question cool. Or both are right in the may tests. Returned. Guys now. And prizes. And that's fine that's sexy. Are you ready for the best part about summer it's not the beach. Or the nice weather isn't it gives us. Did you use most are gonna be reduced its two lanes or less road to those we've got to detours you bet Jesse don't forget the speed limits have been reduced twenty miles an hour if you're lucky. Leaving a busy five or six guys and hard hats standing around doing absolutely nothing well you wait in traffic. It don't you dreaded. Dan like Joe's traffic ticket stuff money is doubled in this summer construction zone so enjoy it now on the floor is god. Even though. It will be back next year video Internet likely in the same tonight summer gets trapped kids. It's it's. And Steve will make its. Mentioning when only. Yeah. Minutes. Ten out. A break you know alien couple minutes. I Ellison's. Any I would. Turn dosing could talk more. It's. I love him and I. Little did and their little horse hates everything you're crazy. 'cause they are now. But you didn't see him as somebody to get out of here. Tell him about US the last night lights yeah. I takes a long time for a mic on your balls to deal. I've been there Steve. It's the moment of its about enormous enormous is not a good time word to use and emphasize discuss in my junk you carry ladies. I hum. Nick my nuts shape yeah just first yeah. It will make them but maybe like let it almost as much to pick up pinned in and just poked bit right now nothing accessibility I compiled a deep wound that needed stitches to at least. It didn't stop believing yeah it was. Terror I mean so I'm like OK it's gonna stop for a second there I try to pull like when you nick inactive. The U credible peace it will take care put it on man put on there and try to use Boren. Put on their digging Oak Hill maybe we'll stop working its way out of that and this is a leaker yeah man right to delete key spot. So Michael what I got on the automotive panic dinners almost ready I got a I got I got corn on the forgive barbecue and get town there in time. So Mike Moore who I got got him desperate times call for desperate measures and grab band aid. But band aid on it put a double branded that way. It stayed there. Yeah I just tell us any good I crossed it by one and one of the big ones was normal size on why try to be like I'm thinking long term what's gonna happen later so I cut most of the adhesive part off to slip a little bit higher. But general Mike it's not sticking with fully. And so and how to grab a full band aid regular size flexible you know it does cost you flexible ones yeah. Put it on there to make okay mom you know my tummy go to bed I would hope that it's going to be fine and it was. Taken at their band aid off. Was one of the worst I've that is it still hurts your area. While we sit down visitor yes that aren't far apart Ted between pro wrestling in Mickey might not so I don't know what to do. It's funny you bring up shading how sites pressure on the opposite of here. I don't shave off tonight set to shave my neck then hey I think from our shaving cream. You when you hit the button and it just has. For that one for a mosque there aren't. You know otherwise I at least have a plan B and I use my wife's like smelly coconut resented oh yeah editing green. But I am a desperate times yes we are you don't want that now. Why do you married now does that results. But I didn't cross my legs and Herman balls Murat as are parts of years ago when my house living in Baltimore city. We get this one guy and there was a buddy of ours and he was just. So strong right it was a super cool do and stuff you know when you're like Tony line needed drunken kind of wrestle on south. Soared to 142 you just are sobering new one Russell Shia. So are wrestle around or whatever kind of fight and like not serious now and I mean I still had to be probably around three bills this point. Ed picked me up like a wedgie in started picking me up off the ground that's how strong he was in my underwear snaps. Those wearing tidy white piece and saint that is an aggressive wedgie yet any nicked same thing heavily to lake. Like Alex. I don't know what you're accusing her of it to nick put it back at two cuts then on lie on the on the on the change curse or whatever the truck loads on the truck that's. The same thing you know I remember China sit down specially elected shares those working at a studio at that point it sucks it takes forever for the eagle. It is the worse. And it was like a crime scene no mega store. I think about next time you good to trim how scared to going to be a mother returning any and ever known as yours is just gonna have to be like the Mets could mean jungle around there. Yeah. Well it's weird to Asia probably the same way like with the clippers. Right above it's fine yeah you know I mean you just Democrats but yet when idea that man it's like stretching out the bat wings yet and I try to get as close I can't. I was Bjorn it was I just don't cocky young Yemeni it's just to look Red Shirts terms cocky but. Physical guy. I don't know I think I got I got this doesn't live Matt Bryant yeah -- that ego brown yeah I need to moon I need to movie I'll write. Well they are easy easy attachment everything's fine in a duel might tank of course you were just staring at me as compared to mining Stephen my balls. That's weird good weird fish right now. Who even knew who these people Barbara surges staring at us. I think construction guys I think some are you due to clip on there's a guy and the other window now staring at us like some second yeah. That is us Jesus play the meg doing the shaving the debt that is in my head. It's important that it's just a row but I think steepest quarterly pair them up thirteen pitch good evening and Christian aren't. And rolling smirking and staring at a guy and really they are construction guys there I know who may know are we ought to have their jobs like are all these even tighter one room and looks like Steve masturbating in consent why shouldn't I don't favor like that. I didn't put dinner and now we get their chemistry yeah disciples a slog by but telling a couple allowed us to. Pay they heroically. I believe Andre don't. I look at the times we got to arrive and you got meetings to get in these otherwise. About it do to put up because it's really pretty weird but there's 12345678. Another then yet it would ten dudes staring at us right now like we're forget fish you don't like Steve you you meet our vehicles they probably don't even know they are good prices like we need to get that studio and rarely arrive we you know we need Billy's ego. You lose the audio. Susan didn't you also whoever did this idea better idea they did last two minutes. No cabana this video you really had chances the last off cook offs and bodies falling apart. Smart harper heads are falling off right and might I might add an X but there's a time where rabbit out are able to get out of there policy on Twitter at the mega cast by our T shirt please buy our teacher and I am sure you rocket didn't. Show it off and let us know and take pictures and treated at us at the mega can't discern available at the rock shop. IK ISW dot com beat its it will be back next week yet meant I'm on it as always loved doing the show with the.